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Complex whirligig?

I want to build a 7 propellor whirligig, but theres one catch. Each propeller sopins in the opposite direction from the one before it.Simple enough, Except for one catch. I want all of the propellers to be conected to a central shaft. I think I've figured a way to do it , but it may not be the most efficient way. If you don't have an idea for how to get it done, here is another question.The way I've figured, the propellors "float" abover the gears, but that way they will fall off. Any ideas for securing the propellors for minimum friction?

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complexity gaming contest!;=1269You have to check it out, just look at the great prizes.Read the rules carefully and participate, it's easyThank Jason Bass for this awesome contest

Topic by josh_rt  

complexity gaming contest!;=1269You have to check it out, just look at the great prizes.Read the rules carefully and participate, it's easyThank Jason Bass for this awesome contest

Topic by josh_rt  

Crazy Complex Balloon Art

I came across a few of these rather complex balloon items. I was astonished at how detailed some are. Just throwing the pictures out there, and I thought I was cool when i could make a dog...

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Most Sophisticated/Complex Instructables

We recently compiled a list of the most sophisticated Instructables (based on the number of steps). Here's the top of the list--now you just have to read through every step.Animatronic Lion: Weighing in at 117 steps, this is the longest Instructable.Reduce Your Impact: 100 Ways to Reduce Your Impact.Elvis Alive: This project is much more than just a hound dog, crying all the time. Travel in Toledo: A winner from the recent Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest.Butler Bot: A robotic butler to serve your every command, in 58 steps.Wall-E Robot: For all of the Pixar fans out there.50 Handy Tricks: 50 of TimAnderson's useful tips.Nut Sheller: Remove the shell of any nut, especially helpful in developing countries relying on nuts for sustenance.Ambience Enhancer: Give any area a touch of ambience.Bicycle Power: Use pedals to power your home electronic devices.More Handy Tricks More tricks from TimAnderson.Chopper Bicycle: This bicycle will definitely turn heads.Rainwater Collector: Reuse the water that falls from the sky.More Handy Tricks: The handy tricks keep coming...Even More Handy Tricks: And 40 more from TimAnderson.

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building a complex amp simple cheap

I need to build a complex amp for cheap and as simple as possible i need it to -run speakers at differant ohms safely -have left and right channels -have little distortion -have 3 inputs -have outputs that can run at least 6 speakers off of each channel -have volume control -off/'on switch -portable and have to run of of 9V batteries (as many as it takes) so how can this task be compleated

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The Incredibly Complex Do Nothing Machine

AKA: Midnight MadnessI've been telling my friend for months to post this on the net. Well, he finally did! His description:AN ORIGINAL KINETIC SCULPTURE THAT IS COMPOSED OF HAND MADE AND INDUSTRIAL PARTS WHICH RUN AT RANDOM TO PRODUCE SOUND, LIGHTS AND MOVEMENT. 25"X25"X35"HIGH

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Why a complex circuit for Simple amplification? Answered

Why does a amplifier need so many different parts (like capacitors and chips), I understand that some amplifiers need to amplify a certain frequency but why couldn't other amplifiers just use one transistor or one FET with a heat sink?

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Casting a REALLY complex HOLLOW shape with metal!?

Exactly like casting a 3D print out of metal; I have a airsoft upper receiver which I want to cast out of aluminium cheaply. Made of polymer and quite complex.

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2D pattern from a complex 3D object

I am trying to make a piece of cloth to go over a complex 3D tool, see picture. It has to fit exactly over all the ridges. Does anyone know a good way to make a pattern that I could cut the cloth from?

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an extremely complex situation with a girl, read the details.

 okay. this is gonna be long. theres this extremely pretty girl i know. shes like helen of troy. and ive been in love with her like ever since ive seen her. shes in my circle of friends, though we're not that close. we're still somewhat close. however, we dont talk much in class. on facebook, i always start the conversations, and she replies with one word answers (she does that to everyone). shes the only remotely hot girl in like the entire school (what a gay place). but quality makes up for quantity by a huge margin. i dont look that good, though i present myself well.  so basically, i want to get closer to her. like real close. like extremely close. close enough to ask her out and expecting an unconditional yes. i want to be like, her best friend. thats hard. HELP.

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Advice needed for complex project - "digital typewriter"

I was browsing kickstarter recently and I noticed a really cool new toy, called the hemingwrite. It's described as a "distraction free digital typewriter". Basically, it looks like a keyboard hooked up to an e-ink screen which lets you write without distractions. Sounds pretty cool, yeah? But for $400? C'mon... It got me thinking; surely you could build that for way less. So why not have a go? It seems to me that it would require just a few simple components: - USB keyboard - E-ink screen (from an old kindle perhaps) - A controller to run the software - Some form of rechargable battery - A printed case from shapeways - Wifi not really needed, but I do have a spare laptop wireless card sitting around I've built a kit keyboard myself before (Ergodox), but I don't have enough experience to do something like this. Basically what I'm looking for is someone - or preferably, multiple people! - who can help me to work out how to do the things I've never done before. I need to know which board to use, how to hook it up to the screen and how can I design some software (or even better, find something pre-rolled) to act as a very basic text editor which could save the files to a USB drive / CF card. How difficult would this be? Is it even possible? I'm really keen to find out if it is. Any advice appreciated! :)

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Can arduino handle this much work?HELP-First time maker

I will make very small robot with wheels+ display + color sensor .Wheeles will be remote controlled and I need to manupilate info from color sensors and write it to display with stopwatch . For example robot goes and stands on brown surface and displays "You are on ..brown.. surface for ..10.. seconds  " or  when it reaches to 1 minute it displays "You are on ..brown.. surface for ..1. minute and you should leave  " Questions - 1 -Can arduino handle this much work ? If yes which model should i prefer? 2 -Is  raspberry pi a better choice? Again if yes which model ? Little note  Coding wont be problem .I have worked with c languages.Im  just inexperienced with mechanical stuff. I want my robot to be fast from all aspects( obviously) . i might add some features like voice or camera in the future.

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What is the best way to cut a complex design into sterling silver?

I am making a gift for my sisters for Christmas, and I what I want to make is a circular pendant with the white tree of Gondor inside(for those of you not familiar with said tree, it is very complex, google it for further clarification) I want to get it cut out of sterling silver because: it is shiny,won't tarnish,is white(ish) like the tree, and is cheaper than platinum. But I can't seem to find a place that can do that kind of cutting. And though I grieve it, there is not a Techshop anywhere around (I live in Los Angeles) does anyone know of a way that can I make such cuts?

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What resistors do I need for my complex LED cube?

So I'm working on building a LED cube. But just to be completely different I'm going with a complex design. Overall its a 5x4 with 4 layers, but its not a perfect cube and has only 2 or 3 LEDs per column. I know that I'll need different resistors for the 2 LED and 3 LED columns but how do I calculate what I need from the IC chip to the LED and with the Transistor? I'm using white LEDs (3.2v @ 20mA) driven by 74HC574 ICs with a 5 volt power supply.  The transistors are 2N2222.  I will do the math if someone can give me the formula or calculator! (I'm using this a guide

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Are there any linux distibutions that can be used for a supercomputer without complex programming?

I am building a supercomputer and i am not sure how to set up the os. I know that i want to use linux, but most sites I've seen have linux using complex programming. Is this the only way to set up a linux os? Edit: Rather than changing the original question i wanted to add on. I have done more research and i have realized that the proper term for what i want to build is not supercomputer but cluster, though supercomputers do fall under the cluster catagory. when i say cluster, i still want it to act as one computer though i am not sure if that is in the definition of a cluster.  so, what i really need is to find a linux os for a computer cluster of 4 or 5 computers. is this possible without complex programming?

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How to operate a brushless motor (without complex systems)? {Sea Scooter Project} Answered

I'm trying to make a mini "sea doo" sea scooter for under 100usd.  Im wondering if its possible to run a brushless motor with a simple switch rather than a complex arduino based system.   I will probably enclose the project in a 4-6in diameter pvc pipe with end caps and run the propeller shaft through a smaller pipe with 2 bearings on both end to keep water out.  I would prefer to have a hand drill style switch for variable speeds but if that's not possible single speed button will work also.  Also are li-po batteries a good option for this.  

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What would be the easiest way to hand-make an enclosure for a neon sign with a complex shape?

I want to make a rather small (less than 1 ft/sq) neon sign with a screen-printed plexiglass front, in the style used on the outside of stores (see attached image). Initially I'd considered just making a simple wood box, but for what I'm going for I need to make some more complex shapes, such as starbursts or clouds. Would I just get a strip of aluminum and bend it into shape, then seal the ends together, then just glue in the laser-cut piece of plexiglass? Thanks!!

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Instructables in the New York Times - In a Highly Complex World, Innovation From the Top Down

Instructables, and my Purple Shoes got a nice mention in the New York Times here.In a Highly Complex World, Innovation From the Top Downby G. PASCAL ZACHARYUSER-GENERATED content - from Wikipedia to YouTube to open-source software - is generating waves of excitement. But the opening of innovation to wider numbers of people obscures another trend: many of the most popular new products, like the iPod, are dominated by a top-down, elite innovation model that doesn't allow for customization."New technologies are becoming so complex that many are beyond the possibility of democracy playing a role in their development," said Thomas P. Hughes, a science and technology professor at the University of Pennsylvania.Consider: Electronic implants into human bodies; gene-splicing as common as cosmetic surgery; computer networks mining vast databases to discern consumer preferences. All of these innovations are the result of corporate or government initiatives overseen by elites."The process of innovation leaves out a huge proportion of the population," said Daniel Sarewitz, director of the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes at Arizona State University.To be sure, experts like Eric von Hippel, a management professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, argue that the proliferation of "user-generated" designs signals the "democratizing" of innovation. Armed with inexpensive digital tools and networks, ordinary people, he says, can band together to push their own innovations. They also can hijack existing technologies, taking them in directions only dimly envisioned by the original creators.One example is an electronic community called Instructables whose participants share methods for customizing standard products in unpredictable ways. The chief of Instructables, Eric J. Wilhelm, who earned his doctorate at M.I.T., where he was inspired by Mr. von Hippel, has posted a clever means of turning a white Asics Gel-Foundation 7 running shoe into a purple model. (The $90 official version comes only in a white-black-and-blue combination.)Today's Web-savvy consumers "expect innovations to meet their needs," Mr. Wilhelm says. "If innovation isn't tailored to them, they expect to be able to tailor it to themselves. That is a big change."But does this really mean that elites no longer sit at the top of the innovation food chain?"Elites have a lot of leverage but less than they used to," says Peter Leyden, director of the New Politics Institute in San Francisco. "More people are getting their voices heard." Mr. Leyden sees an emergent American "republic of innovation," where growing numbers of people influence what innovations are made and when.Skeptics, however, say that the rosy scenario is exaggerated and that user-generated innovation is merely a kind of "democracy lite," emphasizing high-end consumer products and services rather than innovations that broadly benefit society."Difficult questions are going unasked about who is participating in innovation and on what terms," says James Wilsdon, director of the innovation program at Demos, a think tank in London.In that scenario, needed innovations can be overlooked. For example, huge amounts of money are spent on improving Web search engines or MP3 players, while scant attention is given to alternative energy sources. Battling diseases like AIDS or Alzheimer's - efforts that lobbying groups in wealthy countries help highlight - attract legions of well-financed innovators, while big global killers, like childhood diarrhea and sleeping sickness, are ignored.Popular pressure to pursue certain innovations sometimes gets results, of course. In 2004, voters in California passed a law lavishly funding a stem-cell research institute - in a rebuke to the Bush administration, which has banned federal funding for such research. "This was a great example of a democratic adjudication of an innovation issue," Mr. Sarewitz of Arizona State said. Even so, bureaucratic and legal delays have meant a slow start for the San Francisco lab, which has not yet received approval to spend any of the $3 billion in promised taxpayer funds.The California example suggests that the balance between expert leadership and mass influence is hard to achieve. The underlying complexity of many innovations demands an ever-rising technological literacy from the public, and yet such an outcome "is a dream that will not likely come to pass," insists Mr. Hughes, a visiting professor at M.I.T.For all the hoopla over the power and promise of user-generated content, consumer-directed design and other hallmarks of our new golden era of democratized innovation, one of the iconic products of our times - the iPod - can't be customized (no, I'm not counting putting on different-colored protective jackets). There is an unbroken line between Henry Ford (with his Model T) and Steve Jobs. The new iPhone similarly reflects the elite, corporate innovator's drive to find one size that fits many.The cliche that committees can't create great ideas, or art, still seems to be true - though whether or not that is the best way to innovate remains an open question. Who knows how much longer?

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how do i build an amp that is very complex and still have it simple to build and cheap?

I need to build a complex amp for cheap and as simple as possible i need it to -run speakers at differant ohms safely -have left and right channels *-have little distortion -have 3 inputs -have outputs that can run at least 6 speakers off of each channel -have volume control -off/'on switch *-portable and have to run of of 9V batteries (as many as it takes) so how can this task be compleated could someone help design this?

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What determines the most complex thing that you can visualize and manipulate in your minds eye? Answered

What is the most complex thing that you can visualize and manipulate in your minds eye? I have been asking around, and have found responses to be quite variable. Some people have no problem with complex images in 3-dimensions, others can't visualize in 3-d at all.For example, I can visualize, rotate, and manipulate molecules in my mind's eye... but only up to 4 atoms. Sure, I can imagine things much more complex than that. I just can't "see" them in their entire complexity at once. So, here is my question: what is the most complicated thing YOU can visualize and rotate in your mind's eye and what do you think determines the level of complexity you can "see"?

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oschene - The Spiral Data Tato -- A Curiously Complex Origami CD Case - Universal Laser Cutter Finalist!

To see who won the VersaLaser, read the announcement here.oschene was a finalist in the 2008 Instructables and Universal Laser Cutter Contest for:The Spiral Data Tato -- A Curiously Complex Origami CD CaseShould this project win the grand prize VersaLaser laser cutter package from Universal Laser worth over $15,000? Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Audience votes will count for 20% of the total. Check out all the finalists, and vote for your favorites!This is a forum post created by the Instructables staff on behalf of the finalist. First of all, let me express my delight to be included in such a group. That something as ephemeral as an origami model should be considered alongside phaser pistols and solar furnaces is, to my mind, an accomplishment in itself and speaks to the breadth of interest of those who belong to this site.What would I do with a laser cutter?. Well, after cutting my initials into every metal object in the house, I would use it to score crease patterns. That sounds not so interesting, hunh? I am a paper folder and I have been investigating curved folds and twist folds in the past few years. Laser scoring makes it possible to dream up and realize models in minutes that might otherwise take hours and hours of precreasing. Perhaps more importantly, you'd be able to identify a blind alley almost immediately. There are things out there on the developable surface you'd be amazed to see -- well, I'm always amazed -- and the ability to laser score these ideas as they come would be extremely freeing.You know, unlike every other schnook in the modern world, I maintain a blog -- come visit me and learn the ways of Open Source Origami. (I'm not the only one, you know -- there's lots of us and the idea is spreading.)

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I just don't see some of the data.

I manage MySQL databases. And this was not difficult before. But now I tried many thoughts and ideas how to solve the complexity, but didn't correct the problem. I can't access the amount of data due to the complexity of the program. And I can't understand what to do about it.

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flowchart tool?

How about adding a flowchart/diagram tool that you can add from this editor?  will really help navigating some of the more complex ones.

Topic by chand22  

Is there a Portable Door Lock that can be used for apartments, hotels, etc. that can be operated from outside the door?

I live in an apartment and the complex doesn't allow me to change the locks or install something permanently. What I would like to do is put something on the inside of the door that I could operate from outside. The whole purpose is to secure my apartment when I am not there but still do it within the apartment complex's guidelines. Any ideas?

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attiny2313 question?

Is it worthwhile to make a timer for hydroponics watering using an attiny2313? What level of complexity should I take it to so that I can use it's full capability.

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Experiment For A Science Assignment? Answered

For my school assignment i need to design and carry out an experiment such as testing diferent ferlilisers on plants. I need some thing like that but it needs to be more complex. Any ideas?

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Help with a coilgun

I recently found four 500v,37,5uf, 10%mkp capacitors, and need help in making them into a coil'railgun. I have done complex electronics before,but never a rail/coil gun. Help?

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How to build the LHC

If you found the Instructable on operating the Large Hadron Collider a bit complex, Ian O'Neill has provided much simpler assembly and operating instructions. Thanks to Physics World for posting this where I could find it!

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How would you define the term 'Development'?

The term 'development' is very complex and confusing and I'm having a little problem defining it. I wanted to know, how others define it, what are their perspectives on the term 'development'? 

Topic by Muhaiminah Faiz    |  last reply

Piezo Disc

Can anyone enlighten me on the uses of the flat bi-metal piezo discs that have two leads (red/black) ? are these only good for more complex circuits or is there a way to make them create noise like a piezo buzzer? Thanks

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How do I make a support that can absorb as much noise as possible from playing with the DDR dance mat?

I live in a multi-story apartment complex which makes it extremely difficult not to disturb the neighbors.

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Messing with bismuth. Can it be done easily? Answered

Is there any inexpensive (eg. <$100 US) way to make complex shapes with bismuth? I'm hoping something along the lines electroplating will work. I'm kind of hoping for input from Lemonie

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Engrave,Etch, or Emboss Silver?

I want to imprint the white tree of Gondor on a silver disc that is 1 1/2 inch in diameter, given the complexity of the design, what would be the best way to achieve this? and what tools would I need to do it?

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I have an arduino and I want to control 16 leds. How do i do that?

I'm just starting with arduino and i dont know much. I was thinking about multiplexing but it seems to be used for more complex things.

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Knex Wallet-Gun

I'm really blown away by both the volume and the staggering complexity of knex guns on Instructables. I'm almost equally blown away by the proliferation of outstanding wallet craft. Has anybody brought these two remarkable, and inexhaustable, media together yet, in the form of a KNEX (GUN) WALLET?

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How can I make a wire frame paper lantern?

Does any one know how to make a lantern with a wire frame. Additionally does any one know how to stretch the paper over a complex frame?

Question by puregoldner    |  last reply

could i make a transistor by stacking 3 silicon wafers, N type P type N type?, and soldering wires to them? Answered

Was reading about homemade transistors, but it is really complex, so would this work?

Question by pwnag3    |  last reply

i want to make miniproject using microprocessor or microcontroller can you suggest me some?

We have a subject microprocessor and microcontroller ,i want to make a miniproject which would be quite diffrent and would help in clearing our concepts ,it should be simple and not too complex.

Question by khushboo    |  last reply Has anyone used this?

Has anyone ever used Its a site where you can set up a fundraiser. I'm trying it out and will post results if it works for me. I'm trying to raise funds to set up my workbench at the Santa Fe Complex

Topic by LinuxH4x0r  

Active Noise Reduction as Software--possible?

While on vacation last week, I was trying to watch a sophisticated, complex movie (something with Muppets) on a laptop and was having trouble hearing the audio through headphones, due to the general loudness of my family.Is it possible to actively reduce noise through computer software? I assume that the programming itself would not be too complex, but I don't know if the time taken to process microphone input and use it to modify audio output would be too slow. The only place I found through Google that discussed this was a forum wherein the members couldn't get past the concept of attaching a microphone to a headset. I also found a schematic with instructions for building headsets, but I would prefer a .exe file.

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Simple revolving floor plate for a human to stand on and... rotate like a microwave plate? Answered

I'm making a short film where I will be wearing some machines I have designed and I really wanted to get a shot of myself rotating 360 degrees whilst the camera is static on a tripod. I'm trying to think of something that would be, I hope effortlessly simple to bash together, can be turned either by hand (out of shot) or on a piece of string? I've worked at auto shows in the past and seen just how complex they can be when done rite... I was thinking a bicycle crank and chain setup but even that is too complex for such a small shot? Ideas appreciated... James :-)

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How do I throw anything far and fast? Answered

I am building an artillery, and I need any method of propulsion, may it be electronic or mechanical. Only don't make it too complex as this may be my first (or second) instructable. Please post any answer.

Question by tanyutsharma    |  last reply

What kinda project in assembly should I do ?

I'm studdying Assembly in 8051, so I need to do a final project about this microcontroller. Don't need be something complex but that be inovator and simple. Show me some good ideas. Please. Thanks. 

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I am making an autorun file but I can't get it to work right, I need to get it to open sketchup -OR- view files,  I am using this page  HELP!

Question by furrysalamander  

Contest Idea

I just saw the rube goldberg dog feederand thought of a great contest for a couple months from now...rube was born on July 4, 1883....instead of a plain old 4th of july bout a rube goldberg device contest? i love overly complex contraptions that don't actually do anything

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Sugru Contest!

Hey folks! Here's one we've really been looking forward to.  The Sugru Contest is set for  9/13 - 10/3!  To enter make an Instructable using Sugru, simple as that or as complex and interesting as you like!  Check out the Sugru website if you need to get some for the contest! 

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We live in Mozambique, internet is an expensive, complex and unreliable problem as it is, but -+$2 a month is a hell of a lot of money for us out here. Is there any way we and others in 'third world' countries could get access at a more realistic rate, after all we really need access to the brilliant ideas on this site. many thanks    Jonbon

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