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Does anybody know where to get cheap parts in lakeland florida?

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Component Compatibility Answered

What do I look for when trying to find components that work well with each other? For example: If I have a 120V, 6.5A motor; how do I know what type of on/off switch to use?

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What component is this?

I have many of these components, all different sizes. they always have Numbers and letters on them. this one says .22K 100SC It is green. what is it? thanks

Question by madman11    |  last reply

Component ID Answered

Can any one ID this component?I'm just really starting out and going through a few boards to try and sort out what's what.But I can't figure out what the cream coloured component with the black band is.

Question by KTM1290S    |  last reply

What is this component? Answered

I am wondering if this is a special component or just two diodes, and i am also wondering what the "Si" means. Thanks, josh1324

Question by josh1324    |  last reply

What is this component? Answered

I've taken apart a LED lighting panel and A have some resistors and LED diodes. BUT, I also have this other component that I don't have a clue what it is....

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Component identification Answered

A while back a bought a bag from a thrift shop that had all sorts of components in it. I figured for 50 cents it wouldn't be so bad especially because it had a bread board in it. I can figure out what everything is but this....I thought it was a photoresistor so i tried putting it in a circuit like one, but no luck. Light does not seem to affect if...What is it??

Question by Jaxon0077    |  last reply

Identify the components....

So... I basically broke open a RC toy car.....  And I'd really appreciate if u can tell me a lil about the components that you can recognize.....  Some more info: The four LEDs go into the translucent wheels RF module: 27.145 MHz The DC motor has a magnetic case and is attracted to the armature on the axel of the back wheel.

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Electrical components

Is there any components that set the minimum energy to pass through? When the energy is lower than the fix amount , no energy will be passing through.  I'm trying to make a project. I'll put a dynamo on my bicycle, and it will be connected to 3 LEDs. When I cycle in low speed, only one LED will light up. When I increase my speed to certain level, 2 LEDs will light up and if it passes a certain speed all LED will light up. Any idea?

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What is this Component ??

I cannot find anyone that know where i can get this. It is a CAP i guess a dual but even the number 107K and 10K what is this ?See pic

Question by mrnils    |  last reply

what is this component? Answered

I opened up this toy (Homer Simpson Talking Eight Ball) to circuit bend it, and found something odd. The  board has a strange-looking brass (?) ball soldered to it. It's attached to the board with three prongs and is soldered to the board at one point, soldered to the wire for the play button. It is labeled S1.

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What is this component? Answered

I recently took up an interest in selling kits for my instructable "The Light Theremin." However upon ordering the exact parts I realized I still don't know what type of capacitor I used! When I built it I assumed from its size that it was 1.0uF, and judging from the lack of complaints on the instructable I must be somewhat right. Here is all the information i know and can provide... - its marked "104" on one side - It is a ceramic disk capacitor. - light brown in color. - and seems to work well in an experiment around 9 volts direct current. Here is a link to my instructable: Thank You!

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component identification

Hello, I am Trying to find the name of these types of connectors . Any information Would be help full.  The first and second Pics are the Sew on Type DC / AC Power Cord Port ?   The 3erd Pic is a different type of AC power Cord Port ? The 4Th Pic is a 3.5MM Stereo / Headphone Jack Cord Port ? on the Top of the strap  With Sound , Play Pause , Skip Back Buttons . Under the Fabric ?   Any information on How one can Get these types of connector would be vary help full.  I am planning on making a few different types of Projects , I need all the different Types of the connectors ,  When it comes to the stereo Buttons, Can one use the Sew on type of computer chips ?  like the type used with Conductive Thread ?  Or is their a Better Way to accomplish the same goal ? Thanks for your Time ,   

Topic by Paladin_Ace    |  last reply

What kind of component is this? Answered

I removed it from an old broken toy laptop a few weeks ago. I thought it was a capacitor, but when I took a closer look, I was unable to identify it. The lettering says "4.0 MG". 

Question by b-stro    |  last reply

Component AV to Bluetooth?

How do I make an adapter that takes an AV signal and transmits it via Bluetooth to a device such as an iPad or a laptop?

Topic by moonman239    |  last reply

Sampling electronic components? Answered

I can not find on websites where to sample stuff! can someone give me a link to an online component supplier that has all kinds of electronic components that I can actually sample?

Question by Adum24    |  last reply

What is this electrical component? Answered

Can anyone tell me what this is? and if so a good site to by it. thank you!

Question by nfarrow    |  last reply

What is this electronic component?

During one of my part harvests I came across a rather odd component. It looked like a black rectangle with steel pegs protruding from one of its sides. The part's etchings are a white dotted line followed by what appears to be a mitsubishi symbol followed by the text "E 27k", an ohm symbol, then " 9428". I found this part on the board of what I believe to have been part of a tape recording machine. Attached is a picture of the component. If anyone can identify the part I would be eternally grateful.

Topic by fdsafdsaqwrewqrbsafdsagrgew    |  last reply

What is this component called?

I don't suppose anyone would happen to know the technical name for this type of switch? I'll be using one in an Instructable I am currently making, but am unable to find this kind of switches name (if indeed it does meet the specifications of a 'switch'). Thank you.

Topic by PocketSized    |  last reply

Replacing IC's with components

It it possible to use simple components, arranged properly, in order to replicate the use of a simple IC, such as the 555 or LM386? If so, where could I find diagrams of the internal electronics? Google has turned up nothing so far... Thanks!

Topic by jeffconnelly    |  last reply

Electronic Component Identification

Hi, I found a capacitor in a old television set and I need some help figuring out the value. All I know is that it is rated for 2KV. What it says: MDC 1000K N3300 2KV ~Thanks~

Topic by qwertyboy    |  last reply

Component Amperage Rating

Hi! I was browsing through an electronics retailer website looking for components to buy (particularly a LED) and i was wondering what the amperage rating of each component meant Does it mean: 1. the current flow across this component shouldn't be more than the amperage rating as it will cause damage? 2. or the current flow across this component should be equal to this amperage rating? please help me I'm really confused :(

Topic by La Tour Rouge    |  last reply

What electronic component is this? Answered

I am not sure of what this is, but I think it's a replacement for 5 turns of 28 swg on a intermediate ferrite core (ift) which is missing from the kit.  I have this kit for a fm transmitter circuit and I found this in that kit's components. 

Question by akki5230    |  last reply

What are digital components?

I want to sell digital components, and want to know what to sell in the digital world.

Question by dalfons856    |  last reply

Buying components for the niftymitter?

I have the skills necessary to build it (from a digital electronics course at school) i just lack components... Whats the best place to get electrical components cheap with a low shipping cost? I have searched and searched to no avail...

Question by quellek2    |  last reply

What is this Circuit component? Answered

What is the circuit component covered with a hard black compound? It is circular domed and I think it might be a microcontroller(?). I find it in some cheap toys etc.?

Question by phillyj    |  last reply


I need help with few things and the main one is that i need some electrical components which are not available in my locality.If anyone living in india is ready to help me i will  be very thankful.

Topic by pranjal12    |  last reply

Electronic components store

What stores do you recomend for electronic components? Must ship to Europe at a reasonable price, and don't have 7 weeks delivery time to Europe.

Topic by chr    |  last reply

Strange Looking Component

Hi everyone, I was canabalizing a old RV power converter because it had died and found some strange components in it. I've seen these before in other power supplies. The component in question is the blue one in the centerof the picture. Please tell me what it is. ~Thanks~

Topic by qwertyboy    |  last reply

SMD components codes

Its my first time using smd components i bought some transistor but i dont know how to identify itcode written on it is 3ft22what transistor is this and how you read code like these ?

Topic by DabuHackker    |  last reply

estimate weight of components??

Im working on the conceptual stages of a weight sensitive project... but am currently away from my tools and components. So can anyone help estimate these two component weights:Electrical hook up wire per meter eg: 5mm and a 10mm LedThanks.

Question by davivid    |  last reply

component recognition software? Answered

Finding datasheets for stuff i have lying around is a PITA!!! i also can't find datasheets for some stuff i scavenge because i don't know what they are. is there a sort of "facial recognition software" but for electronic components? also is there a program that indexes the characteristics of components i have, kind of like mouser's or digi-key's website?

Question by the judge    |  last reply

Sourcing Components in Canada

First post, while everything's feeling all shiny and new. I was wondering if anyone knows the best place for sourcing electronic components (basic stuff like resistors, capacitors, relays, basic counting chips, motors all that good stuff to instructable with) in Canada (Ontario preferably). I used to use Rapid Electronics in England ( and have never found anything to match (in price or quality). All / Any suggestions welcome. Look out for a couple of instructables coming later in the month!

Topic by AluminumFalcon  

Wholesale electronic components???

I was hoping someone here would know of a place i could buy electronic components at wholsesale prices. I'll buy bulk. The reason i say this is a friend is setting up an electronics store, but at the moment it's looking like he'll have to buy-in at retail, which'll leave his sales prices very high. Please help me out. Tom

Topic by lifelong-newbie    |  last reply

Which components to order? Answered

Hey Guys, As many of you may know I just started electronics (reason for annoying question) and I was ordering stuff online and I couldn't choose. (Crappy grammar in previous sentence) So I  was wondering if you guys could help me by telling me what components I would need fo some average projects like LED's, resistors, transistors etc. I would really appreciate it if you could help. Thanks in advance -Prickly Potato (Oh and once again sorry for the grammar I don't know whats wrong with me atm)

Question by The Prickly Potato    |  last reply

Standardized Electronic Components?

Hello all, I was just wondering about finding electronic components. Some parts, like resistors and capacitors, seem pretty easy to sort out as long as you aren't looking for something out of the ordinary, just find the values you need rated for the wattage, etc. However, in the case of transistors and things like that, I am always seeing many different numbers (people say "a such-and-such transistor, like a {serial number}". Is there some general standardization for these parts? Or at least, some nearly universal sourcing that is considered a "standard"? I only wonder because trying to find components can be a real pain. I have a transistor, I know it's an NPN Darlington transistor, but that's about it. Others that I have salvaged I don't even know that much about. Any explanation or links to sites that explain these things would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help!

Topic by victus_maestro    |  last reply

About the components of light ?

I just learnt that light consists of electric and magnetic fields oscillating at right angles to each other . Now my question is that why can't the electric and magnetic components of light interact with matter. For example why does not the magnetic component in light interact with a external magnetic field and bend toward or away from it. Also how do we tell the direction of magnetic and electric fields in light . I know that this question might seem really dumb , but i seem to have a great difficulty in understanding light and would be really satisfied if some could give or direct me to a detailed explanation. Thanks in advance ..

Question by Strontium    |  last reply

Which Components to use? Answered

I want to make a circuit that is powered by 220v ac. It consists of a cooling fan that requires 12v, 0.7a, a  PCB with 10 LEDs in parallel that requires 0.25a, 3.5v and a single led that requires 3.5v,0.025a. I know how to calculate resistor values but it would be better if you give the values. I want to know which diodes should I use to make the rectifier and should I use a capacitor? In short, I want to know  how to set up this circuit, what components to use and their value and power ratings.

Question by Ahtasham Ahmad Mohtashim    |  last reply

Extra Electronic Components

I got an old DVD player, opened it up, and got: -11, 10vdc 47uf caps -6, 16v 10uf caps -5, 10v 220uf caps -6, 6.3v 470uf caps -2, 10v 1200uf caps -2, 16v 820uf caps -2, 10v 1000uf caps -2, 10v 100uf caps -100v 22uf cap -25v 220uf cap ( why is it brown/gold colored?) -Power regulaters (?) *says:C3852, 96 *says:C3852, 95 *says:C3852, 94 (has a heat sink) *says:STR, G6651, 95, 06 Thats about it. What can I do with these?

Topic by John Smith    |  last reply

electronics component question

So i have these lcd monitors, and one of them started behaving poorly. it would black out for a few seconds from time to time, and the power button stopped working. after looking at the board i noticed that one of the components had exploded. i rubbed away the ash and took a picture, which you can see on the left. on the right is a board from another monitor of the same model. i am want to just buy a new component and replace it, but i have no idea what it is, and the information printed on the top isnt helping me any. as seen in the picture on the right it says 'c u 7 A A O S' but again, i dont even know what it is. some kind of amplifier or signal processor? i also noticed that a similar but larger version of this next to it, which you can see in the picture has a slightly differnt number on either board. i will just assume thats unimportant. i did some heavy searching but came up empty handed. if anyone can help me identify that chip and -be still my heart- where i can get a new one, i would be indebted.

Topic by polkadott    |  last reply

what is this electronics component?

I am trying to repair/re-create and old Tandy music/sound device. I pulled this part out of the circuit board and I have no idea what it is. There is no number or letter marking, and no color code (its all black). The only clue I have is it is labeled "CR 1" (or possibly CRI) on the circuit board.Here is a link to a photo of it.!!

Question by enigma42    |  last reply

What are these electric components?

Hello guys I thought you could help me out with this a little bit. So I went to the dollar store looking for some. I'd like hack some to what I want, but first I need to know how it works! Um want to know what these things are on the board and what it is. So, I want to know what that black blob is on PCB and also that barrel shaped thing and why is the siren hooked up to that barrel. Thanks guys!

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Small Musical Components

I've got an idea in my head, but there's one part that may unravel the whole thing so I thought there would be no better place to ask than here! I'm wondering if there are any tiny devices that will play a given song (on repeat likely) when power is supplied to the device? If you've ever seen one of those birthday cards that plays music when they open then you have a pretty good idea of what I mean. I'm looking for something that would fit inside of an area about half an inch deep by an inch across. Something like you'd see inside of a music box (except scaled down) - does this sort of thing exist? Much thanks! - JM

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Scrounging Electronic Components

Old PCBs (printed circuit boards) used to be a great source for electronic parts. Especially if you need a power transistor, MOSFET, voltage regulator, big capacitor, or reed relay which is not available locally. It just does not pay to mail order small numbers of parts, so having a grab bag assortment at home is handy. But I have noticed that the some higher-quality PCBs just loaded with cool parts can be hard to scrounge from: 1. They are double-sided, or even multi-layered, with copper plating right through the holes (vias) so it is like pulling teeth, only harder. 2. They use no-lead (RoHS) solder which needs high temperatures to melt 3. They use surface-mount components and good luck removing and using those. I use 15 watt, 40 watt, soldering irons, solder sucker, solder braid, flux, and a soldering gun. And for some items, a small windproof butane "jet engine" lighter as a mini torch to remove multi-pin items. Just heat-sink the legs and bang the hot PCB down to remove lots of solder at once. Of course I use gloves, safety goggles, ventilation, and proper recycling. But the main issue is that it is getting harder to scrounge parts to build up a pile of useful stuff.  What resources do you use?

Topic by iectyx3c    |  last reply

tiny addressable components

Hello everyone, I've got a question and am hoping someone can point me to the right places to figure this out. I am an avid r/c tinkerer. A question I have though, is: Is it possible to take your standard r/c servo, and install something into it to make it addressable? Why I want to do this is that I want to be able to control things from my handheld radio system beyond the 6/7 channel systems I have now, but not have to buy a radio system that will cost upwards of a thousand dollars to do more with it. I know, it will probably be easier to buy the uber-radio and just shell out the cash...I'd rather learn how to create something like this myself and learn some more electronic gadgeteering along the way :) I don't even know if thats the right approach, so, if you have ideas on this I am all ears and would love to hear from you. Thanks so much for reading this and I am quite looking forward to hearing some ideas! :) -Mike

Topic by Ravenseye    |  last reply

Refurbishing machine components

If you are in the maintenance and repair business job wise, then quite often comes the question:Buy a new replacement or refurbish the broken part.In many cases it simply makes so sense to refurbish as there is no time to do this sort of work.However, once replaced you are left with a part that might only have a minor defect that is supposed to go in the bin.Quite annoying if we talk about costs in excess of $400 for those parts.When it comes to electronics it can be as simple as a blow fuse that is hidden inside a controller or a cheap varistor, relay or such.For example, we had big issues with failing control panels.The most used button simply did not make a contact anymore - $2000 a hit to replace.With the faulty ones piling up I decided to have a look.20 bucks later for some tiny push buttons and a bit of soldering all up $12.000 were saved for future panels.Another good was a drive assembly for a valve.Over $500 for one and it turned out the only thing that really failed was a $15 DC motor of the 555 type.Well, and about a spoon full of grease to lube the gearbox again.Back in my younger years there were lots of companies offering refurbished and tested spare parts for machines.Now this seems to be reduced to car wreckers only and even there you often struggle now due to the recycling crisis.Are we really already that far advanced that it is no longer financially viable to repair things in other ways then by replacing them?All those costs cut the profits and with that either increase prices or reduce hours of work.Recycling is reduced to exporting our waste or sending it all to landfill sites.Is that really the future we want to leave for our kids?

Topic by Downunder35m  

Safe component sellers?

First off a Question for site/community, then I will lead into the reasoning/need behind the question. Do you or someone you know in the community have kits you put together to sell yourself or do you utilise a site, that contain the major orange bold parts most of the robots require? If no are there any the community would recommend that are reliable for multiple purchases. For instance I wish to build a Autonomous turret, is there a person who collects the parts and makes kits in this community, or a site that does this?  The kits may consist of things like 1x TTL laser diode,1x LidarLite V2,8x XT connectors  and 2x PWM driver board.     Or do you have a affiliate you use who do kits?.Are there any specific sites you have given on the orange links that you recommend or trust? In the sense that my overseas purchase will be as safe as if I made the purchase from a local retailer from Australia? (eg if a incorrect or broken part arrives they have a system that overseas customers aren't going to be held financially accountable for return of incorrect part or for the replacement/s?   For instance, the  autonomous sentry turret will cost 240euro more buying via separate websites as a  part by part job .Essentially adding $600au because I have to get 8 companies to post 8 separate items with 8 separate international insurance and postage costs added., Clicking external orange links leads me to about 7 or 8 different websites to purchase these items, so I would like if possible a list of those website you trust and recommend for the purchases, or maybe even a site that if kit's are not available that if  I give them a list,  they would be willing to put the effort in (after i prepay of course) to gather and send as one order, rather than what i currently will have to do, and purchase from 8 different stockist. When I say parts, I am referring to the orange parts on any given job, (not the grey ones you can pick up from local hardware/electrical store's but the orange ones) I can go to Amazon( Us version of the site not the Australian version) and make a few purchases for items in bulk, but not being the Australian proxy of the site, I may end up having electrical items disallowed because of local restrictions( eg I have been warned that the  purchase of lasers for domestic/personal use maybe illegal in Australia, if the laser in question can be modified past a certain power output.) REASONING/NEED BEHIND MULTI-PURCHASE/BULK PURCHASES. I have selected 15 robot/autonomous type projects, which I intend to put into one drone of sorts to make myself a remotely controlled android/drone for specific purposes.   it will be a slow process as I teach myself, enlarging power supplies for multi purpose drones, learning about multi system networking instead of expecting one system to control the whole drones etc, it may take me 1 year, it may take me 10 years but the idea's I have can't ever eventuate if i don't begin the journey, so for now, this is the first step.  Essentially I wont need to purchase  every item from the 15 task's( overlap double usage items  etc) but there will be allot of parts which will be single use parts, and allot of parts which I might not even need later on to multi link, but to make the original robot/design I will need them.

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Can any one identify this component? Answered

I find it a lot on sound enabled electronics PCBs. It is this black circle on the board.

Question by Zem    |  last reply

What do these things do?

Question by yonch    |  last reply