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keyboard conversion Answered

How do i convert a din 5 keyboard to USB?

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Computer Keyboard Purse

I recently came across this sweet keyboard purse by Portguese artist Joao Sabino. It comes in both white and black. I'm not quite sure if it's actually manufactured, but it might be nice to try to make one of my own. Link

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mac keyboards

Can i use a mac keyboard on my windows computer

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Make a compact keyboard? Answered

Hey all you tech gurus - I want to modify a full-size keyboard into a compact one, i.e. chopping off the number pad area so that it will fit into a small case. Alternatively, I have a couple of old laptop keyboards - is there a way to wire one to fit into a standard keyboard connection (not USB)? Appreciate your thoughts.

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A computer problem

Ok. We were troubleshooting our vonage internet phone service when mom disconnected the phone and then I plugged it back. then, the keyboard and mouse failed and I had to reboot several times (wireless keyboard and mouse) any idea?

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Supersized QWERTY keyboard

Im helping an elderly fella with parkinsons. Communication is difficult. sometimes he can type.  if the keyboard was huge, it might help. Huge calculators have been around for a while. I cant find a huge qwerty board. id rather buy it than scratchbuild it, if possible. scratchbuild if necessary. Help?

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Manually controlling keyboard?

I am looking to control a keyboard using output from another computer. The output must control the other computer by the keyboard. or send keyboard strokes through the wireless keyboard adapter. I can not control second computer by a program, ethernet, or usb direct cable. I might be able to use usb if the imput show as if its a keyboard. I can use old style keyboard ps/2 or usb. I,m trying to control a computer that is on a VPN and it wont allow and connection or programs running like I mentioned. I could get by only controlling the mouse of the other computer from the frist.  

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Computer room keyboard light

   I want a dimmable low-wattage led lamp to mount to my computer desk shelf. It will sit above the keyboard, shining diffuse light down but not directly at me.    I could mount it underneath with screws, or have it sit on the shelf above, looking over it.    It'll be powered by 120V 60Hz, so no batteries required.    I have two design problems that I need to solve before I start.    First, I need a diffuse light source that will light up my entire keyboard without blinding me with a direct view. This should be a warm white rather than something bluish or cold, since I don't want to lose my night vision. (I watch movies and do graphics on the computer at night.)    I haven't been able to think of anything that will fit back far and high enough that my slouched posture won't cause a problem. I thought of an opaque diffuser that the light would shine up into, but the geometry seems a little tight.    Second, I would like recommendations for the dimmer control. I want to dim the light right down to nothing, and switch it off, easily and quickly for when I'm stumbling off to bed. It needs to be a bit sturdy to handle my fumble-fingered ways, and quick to find.    I appreciate any suggestions anyone can come up with, and I'll be glad to gab on more about what I want if you have any questions.    The shelf is 28" or more from my eyes when seated at the desk, and about 30 degrees of it is currently blind to me at maximum slouchiness. It sits 6.25" above the desk, and I can easily spare 4" of clearance under it; the only other thing that has to fit there is the keyboard itself with a little wiggle room.

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ideas for an inventive computer keyboard

I made a rollup keyboard by just taking the plastic and circuits out of a keyboard and it works very wll

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Computer Accessories

I was wondering what kind accessories i needed for this computer i bought, i was thinking more ram, indestructible keyboard, an external hard drive later in time, maybe a different graphics card but not for AWHILE, please comment on what else you think i should get.

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What can I do with an old computer keyboard that does not work? Answered

I got a keyboard that my school was going to throw out, I asked if I could have it and they said yes. I have spent much time thinking about what I can do but came up with nothing.

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CTK-4000 and computer?

I have a computer with really soft speakers that are up all the way and i want to play all of the sound from my computer out of my ctk-5000 keyboard, how could i do so?

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Antiquated keyboard conversion

Alright so, I've recently aquired a  keyboard from a desktop computer made in 1983 and I fell in lovewith it at my first sight of it. However I am a lot younger than this keyboard so I know nothing about it so I was wondering if any of you could give me any background info on this  keybaord and and any thoughts on whether it would be possible for me to convert it so i could plug it into my slightly outdated desktop computer and how i would go about doing so. Pictures  below.

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Where can I get an old uesable computer ready to be discarded - Springfield, Va.?

I am a senior citizen and a Army veteran (Vietnam) in the metro DC area and am in need of a functional computer.  Is there anyone out there planning on sending one to the recycle unit?  If so, I could use it! If not a total system of monitor, keyboad and processor, any single component will do to start (e.g., keyboard or processor or monitor).

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Where can I get one of these? Answered

I saw this picture online and wanted to know if it existed. If it does exist and someone finds a place were I can buy one will you please post the link?

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Does anyone think they could make an instructable on making a hidden desk

Here is an example if what im talking about:

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Is there a way to turn a computer keyboard into a MIDI controller?

I've seen this question before, but what i'd like to know if there is a way to use a USB computer keyboard as a MIDI controller while still having other keyboard connected at the same time which I'd use as a regular computer keyboard

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computer desk

Anybody interested in an instructable on building this desk that I'm going to build in the near future, it takes 1 and 1/2 sheats of 3/4th inch plywood to build. It's wide enough to hold up to 3  21 inch monitors. It can hold just about any mid tower computer  nicely, and under it i will be putting in a drawer but these aren't the final plans so I don't want to design a drawer just yet, next to the keyboard pullout would probably be a place to store documents, or in my case drawings. and on the right you'd have your multi purpose shelving may end-up making the spaces non permanent. Dunno we'll see how things go, I may not even use these plans.

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computer playing woot keyboard roleplay

Right now there is a sudden wind storm. once in a while electricity drops out for a split second due to shorts in wires outside. after each of them you look outta window and see total darkness for some seconds then flicking sodium lamps trying to restart on the pathways. one of the power falls made my pc shut downwhen i powered it on again it got really confused . . all the keys in the print screen / insert home end / arrows area are kinda playing a roleplay where they are each otherctrl + print screen do deleteprint screen do nothingup arrow do print screenctrl do page downpage down do menu (that key to the right of the windows key)page up write a slashother affected keys seem to do nothingthis happens only in the desktop. it does not affect the login screen or the command line. it remains like that after power off and rebootisnt it woot ?video clip (there is some really nasty noise in the soundtrack. you can mute your speakers)

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Connecting a computer keyboard to a guitar amp? Answered

I was wondering if anyone ever did this, and if it is possible and also if does work what kind of sound would come out?

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remote control for the computer

I'm wondering if there is a way to use the usb as a input port for IR remote control with the instead of using an IR through the serial port. maybe modify those cheapie keyboard/mouse combos?

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I Need help with taking my Keyboard apart..Sony PCG-7G2L?

I have a sony Viao Laptop,At the bottom of the case the model number is PCG-7G2L. My K key broke and i ordered a new one but no instructions came with. I looked on sony website but no luck. Can anyone HELP me take apart my latoptop and get the keyboard out to replace the key.. thanks so mush in advance........DAN?

Question by danthomas28  

Is it possible for any one to make keyboard letter light up while typing them? With the LED lights?

To make the keyboard letter light up while typing and pressing the keys. Is that possible to make or has any one made one? :D What I mean: Pressing a letter on a keyboard, then a LED light lights up while pressing the key.

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How stream video to computer or mobile? Answered

Hey so I want to build a tank but I need to be able to have wireless live video streaming from the tank to like a computer, laptop, mobile devices. What's the cheepest option? Thanks!

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Replacing keyboard's ps\2 connector. Answered

I have a very good keyboard whose ps\2 connector is missing. I mean that where the connector should be there is now naked wire. I can't find any ps\2 connector but have a spare mouse. Can i attach the connector from mouse to keyboard and if so how?

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How to miniturize a wireless keyboard?

There is a certain individual who I enjoy playing practical jokes on. I came up with a pretty good one but I am not sure how to pull it off. Here is what I want to do. I want to connect a wirelless keyboard to this persons computer in addition to the wired keyboard already on it. Then when this person uses their computer I can sit in the corner and type on their computer and flash the caps scroll and num lock lights. The problem is that I can't hide a full size wirelless keyboard. So I need to either make or get a miniature wirelless keyboard. I also don't want to spend to much money on this since it is just a practical joke. Thanks.

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I Need help with taking my Keyboard apart..Sony PCG-7G2L?

I have a sony Viao Laptop,At the bottom of the case the model number is PCG-7G2L. My K key broke and i ordered a new one but no instructions came with. I looked on sony website but no luck. Can anyone HELP me take apart my latoptop and get the keyboard out to replace the key.. thanks so mush in advance........DAN?

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Is it possible to rewire ps2 keyboard to 5-pin DIN connector?

I have an old 386 computer which needs an AT or XT keyboard. Is it possible somehow to connect somewhat newer ps2 to it?

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how to replace keyboard letters on sony vaio?

I have an old sony vaio laptop. My toddler son pulled out some keys off the keyboard. Where can I get the individual keyboard letters? Is it possible to replace them or should I replace the whole keyboard? Thanks Satya

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Touch screen Keyboard

Hey :) i have a sweet idea of building a touch screen keyboard that's separate from the monitor. i kno their are already some on the market but it be way cooler if i could build one myself. after doing some research i found the easiest way with the most versatility would be to have a touch screen ontop of a display and have the display then attached to a chip which would relay the image of the custom keyboard. the keyboard then would be hooked up to the computer and would function like a normal keyboard but soundless. :D the problem in all this planning is 1 i don't know how to put everything together, even though Ive been reading up , my knowledge of hardware design is minimal and 2 i don't know how to write programs, but if its any consolation im teaching my self simple programming like C++ but i doubt that will help. anyways , any suggestions Thanks a million Justin

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How can I connect USB (for computer keyboard) to MIDI piano so, say, the letter z plays the note C1?

 I want to assign the keys of the computer to the notes on a piano keyboard, MIDI or otherwise. How to do it? When I press a piano key, a chosen letter of the keyboard is activated. I have computer keys assigned to play musical notes. I want to drive that software with a piano keyboard.

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Can I cut the end of a computer keyboard power cord and connect a USB cord to it?

I just got into electronics and I really like LEDs. I started looking around the house for some, but I might just go buy brand new ones. Well, I still have my old computer and I took apart the keyboard for LEDs. Instead of trying to take the LEDs out of it, I decided to keep everything together. The power cord is connected to the other board thing (a motherboard or baseboard?) It is one of the kind that have the 6 long pieces that makes a circle-like shape. I want to know if I can make that end a USB. I see that in this image this is something that I want to do. But everything from the keyboard is still connected. I hope I am explaining this clearly enough.

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How can i make a rc care controlled by a keyboard?

Okay so I'm making this rc car/robot, decked out with the works. Right now, in my design plans, I'm planning on it including a webcam (with usb adapter) a Walkie Talkie system, so communicate is possible through this, a flamethrower for self defense, and yeah, a lot of the works. ANYWAYS..... I need to be able to control all of these functions and its mobile stuff from a distance, and a keyboard is the only thing i can think of that would have enough buttons to do this. Any suggestions on how to wire all this stuff to remote controls from my keyboard?

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Keyboard With On-Board Text Storage

Here's a thing I want, but have no idea how to build: THE INDEPENDENT KEYBOARD It doesn't care about computers! It save to itself! It's portable! There must be some way to build a keyboard that, once you turn it on, saves whatever inputs are typed to a plain text file on a thumb drive or SD card. Ideally, there'd be an on-off switch. When it's on, it's "recording" all inputs. Then you simply pull out the storage unit, plug that into a computer, and have your raw text. Any thoughts on how to pursue creating something like this?

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How to remap a key board key?

I want to change what some of my key board keys do. (I have a Windows computer if that helps) Can any one help?

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What can I do with a keyboard from a broken laptop? Answered

I recently took apart a broken laptop and salvaged some of the parts. I wanted to convert the keyboard into a usb one to use for a raspberry pi but I was told it is not worth the trouble. What can I do with the keyboard. Any ideas?

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How to use a USB keyboard to simultaneously send a keystroke to 2 computers and flash a light w/o modifying computers?

This project is going to be used in an experiment for time syncing video to computer captured physiological data (heart rate, respiration, and galvanic skin response). Basically, I need to press a key on a keyboard which will start a video clip that participants will watch being displayed on one computer, simultaneously trigger a keystroke on the second computer to establish a timestamp for the physio acquisition, and flash a light on the video so that we can time sync participant behaviors to patterns we see in the physio data. Preferably I would like to assign different keys to multiple different colored lights to allow us to signal all of the different events in the study (3 on/off events, so 6 keys/lights). I should have USB keyboards at my disposal that I can hack, but I can't touch the actual hardware of the computers.  I've read the only instructables I could find having to do with something like this and those projects used the Caps, Num, and Scroll locks.  Although that solution would work for controlling the lights, I don't think I can easily assign those keys to the software programs we're using to control the needed functions on the computers. If there is a commercial product that will do this and that is a reasonable price, I can probably buy it rather than try to build it, but it seemed like a fun project to try to tackle and I can't think of anything commercial that would fit the needs I have without being way overbuilt and expensive. I can solder and have plenty of tools at my disposal.  I've worked with an arduino one other time on a project and got that working, but I'd be at a complete loss for programming the thing for a situation like this.  I'm guessing the solution is going to include one of those... Looking for links, ideas, etc.  I may be in a little over my head, but you only learn by doing, so I appreciate the help! Thanks!

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Do you want to tell the world cool tricks you can do on a computer? Enter this forum to find out how you can contribute!

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HP Laptop Keys Not Working?

I recently bought a HP Pavilion dv7-6c27cl laptop and half of the keys on the keyboard don't work or are very unresponsive                            Any help would be greatly appreciated.                                                       Thank You

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laptop Keyboard problem - I can not make a capital m,j,k,i or < with left shift key.

I have an acer keyboard and the computer was opened to repair the speaker output. I did not do the repair and I wasn't present when it was done. Now several keys will not work with the left shift key. The m key does not work with either shift key. When I use the left shift key on with these keys nothing happens. The only way to make a capital m, is to use the caps lock key.  Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this. Buying a new computer is not an option. By the way, the original speaker repair sounded good for only one day. 

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Laptop Style Keyboard to Use with Desktop Computer

How hard would it be to remove the monitor from an old laptop and configure the keyboard to be used with a desktop computer?I am a touchpad user. I recently purchased a all in one computer. Now I am having to use a mouse. I love the computer but my arm makes it very difficult to use the mouse. I just knew there was something like this out there that I could purchase but I cannot find one anywhere. Any suggestions would be great.

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How do I turn a keyboard into switches for a computer based flight simulator? Answered

Yeah, like, I want to take a keyboard, and turn the buttons into switches, oh yeah and I want it to be out of the keyboard, like in a box or something, but more like an aircraft than just a keyboard, you know what I'm saying? like a cockpit, but from a keyboard yeah you know what I mean

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I want to build a super computer.? Answered

I have about 20 old ps2 keyboards, How can i build them into a super computer.  I've aslo got a bunch of old video crds and some memory chips.   Help me I'm in a hurry.  I need it to design some other projects.

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Can I build a bluetooth keyboard?

I need to build a basic bluetooth computer remote with 4-6 REprogrammable buttons.. kind of like the ones out there for powerpoint presentations... but I want to be able to assign new functions from within the target computer. I'm not sure where the first place to start is... but I do have a bluetooth mini-keyboard that I could open up for parts...?

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how do i skip a disk check on a computer without a working keyboard?

My new(to me) computer keep wigging out on me and does a disk check, but i cant skip it because i use a usb keyboard, and wont register until it boots but i cant boot because of the disk check. i know how to fix the corrupt op system by reinstall xp using a different disk, then go from there but i cant skip the stupid disk check. any help?

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USB to ps/2 keyboard adapter

I gather that computers that only have ps/2 sockets (no usb connectors) cannot simply use a basic adapter for plugging in a usb keyboard. I have never tried. Would it be possible to create an adapter to allow a usb keyboard to be used with such a pre-usb computer ? I found one arduino project that converted ps/2 to usb and I imagine that to be more difficult.

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Designing a Contemporary Computer Desk

Hello everyone in this wonderful community! I want to share something to see what you think about it! When I finished high school in February last year, my family gave me some money as a present. I put all that money into my new computer. However, I had no other place to put my computer than my work desk. I need this desk for many other things, such as airplane modeling, drawing, designing, soldering, and such. Therefore I have to get a separate desk for my computer. I always enjoy making stuff myself, so I thought that I could design my own desk. So, this is what I came up with. The desk I have designed has a contemporary, extravagant look, and is NOT designed to save space! It will be made of MDF and have a dark glass top. No drawers or shelves needed, except for the keyboard and the mouse. It will be wall-mounted. The MDF will be painted black. I have made the design in AutoCAD 2007 in 3D to see what it will look like, these are the renders I made, of the complete desk, of the structure, and of the pieces needed.  --------------- I am not sure of the thickness of MDF and glass that I should use, or if the structure is too heavy or too weak. (I have a desktop computer, not a laptop) Please help me with this part! --------------- If I ever build this, I will make an Instructable of it! Please take your time and say what you think of the design! I will greatly appreciate it!

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is there any ways to make the computer recoqnize the notes recorded through the microphone?

I would like to record what im playing on my no-midi-keyboard and further arrange/mix/correct/improve the sounds on the computers. but then if thats not possible, how about making the keyboard into a midi device. please help! i dont want to spend a few hundred B$ yet.

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Can you use a xbox 360 live messenger kit on a computer? Answered

Its made by microsoft so it should

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