I have noticed that on Instructables, I seldom see anything relating to computer programming. I'd like to change that. I would strongly reccomend adding a tab labled: Programing under the Tech section of instructables. To clarify this, I am referring to the sections under Tech. e.g. CNC and Microsoft.  Thank you.

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programing in comupters

I am working on a rc helecopter but need help making a computer program for the sensors

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Instructable program stability?

WHY does the screen jump up and down when trying to read an instructable??? Its almost impossible to read. It would appear to be linked to the "adds" that are loaded. "Adds" meaning links to other stuff. Debian 8.4 on brand new G750JM completely stripped of any Micro$ software. Single boot. i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz 3.16.0-4-amd64 (#1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt25-2 (2016-04-08)) 16 G RAM with 93% free Invidea GTX860M video Joe

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Computer programming help needed

 Alright so since it's cold and impossible to grow my vegetables in my garden outside, I came across The Cheap Vegetable Gardener and he gave me the idea to use an old pc and turn it into a grow box. What I wanted to do was put a webcam or a camera in there and either  a) have it automatically take pictures every couple hours and stop when its lights out time. b) have it "streaming" where I can check it on my computer when I'm on the go.

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Computer program learns physics

From Wired:"In just over a day, a powerful computer program accomplished a feat that took physicists centuries to complete: extrapolating the laws of motion from a pendulum's swings.Developed by Cornell researchers, the program deduced the natural laws without a shred of knowledge about physics or geometry. ...Condensing rules from raw data has long been considered the province of human intuition, not machine intelligence. It could foreshadow an age in which scientists and programs work as equals to decipher datasets too complex for human analysis."LinkThe software has a long way to come, but apparently it's showing a lot of promise.What do you guys think? If computers can do physics better than humans, does that make human physicists obsolete?

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Radio frequency program for computer

I am trying to modify an old am fm radio, so that it can pick up transmissions from a walkie talkie. I know the frequency at which the walkie talkie operates, but I can not tell the frequency of the radio when I am adjusting it. Is there any computer program, or something that can tell me what frequency I have?

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Programing languages

Hey guys its me again, i have been hacking for a 2/3 years now but only physically as for code i only memorize certain commands like ipconfig, (otherwise i use you tube) and some other commands that are basic. Today is a new day and i have chosen to learn a computer language for the purpose of hacking and making programs and my first thought to help with this delema was Google but it didn't help so i am depending on you instructable members. What is the best program for hacking and writing programs?? please respond

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Programing (BASIC) , Want to learn

I would like to learn old school BASIC. The parallax basic stamp uses it's own version of it called PBASIC. I have not found any current books that will teach you a foundation to build on. I looked into programing for the absolute beginner and programming for dummies, both books seem to treat (teach) Basic as an object oriented language and jump into making window with buttons. That's not what I need right now. I want to start BASIC with the basics (forgive the pun), i.e. loops, if then statements and build a foundation . But I really need to start with BASIC so I can get the best use out of my BOE bot. PLEASE DON'T SUGGEST C OR SWITCHING TO A DIFFERENT PIC, I don't have money for that. All the parallax labs are in PBASIC.

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Programming a microcontroller?

Hi everyone I have got a MICROCHIP - PIC16F616 to play with, I am going to write a little program and load on it. However, I have a few questions before I do this. 1. How do I know whether language I should write? like C or Assembly? does it tell you in the datasheet (link above), because I don't seem to find it. 2. What kind of program do I need for loading the program into the chip? is it also an information I can find in the datasheet? or it is really some common sense between programmer. My supervisor doesn't offer much help... Extra question Here is the link of open programming, I am just curcious that if I build this programmer (I have one for my chip, but just wanna learn something), does it mean that I can use this to connect my microcontroller and my computer, so to load the program into the microcontroller? Many thanks

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Computer Control

I would like to know how to control the speed of a small DC motor via serial or USB. I have general electrical and programming knowledge, but I have no idea how I would do this. I have found help?

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share your computer programs, Batch, command, notepad, ect.

share some programs you made up, and give or get tips on them

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Why Isn't Computer Programming Taught In All Schools?

Seriously, why isn't computer programming taught in all schools all over the world. I mean, people that want to learn it have to do it the hard way, at home. But in America, they are taught it if they want to. So why can't it be taught all over the world. Is it because not many people know how to do it. Or is it just that schools don't want to.

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Computer Help?

Though I do program and will take the certification exam in a few days, I need some technical help.  I drew a picture in charcoal and though I don't have it any more, I do have a picture of it on a digital camera.  How do I upload the picture to my computer? (My computer is an Apple MacBook)

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Petit Computer Dsiware

Hello, I made this fourum topic for pepole to share qr codes and programming knowlege in the Smile basic* programming language. You might  be wondering, what is petit computer?  Well, petit computer is a dsiware(downloadable software for dsi or 3ds) in which you can make programs, and edit others programs.  So go ahead and ask questions, share qr codes, and collaborate. *Smile basic is a programming language that Smile Boom(TM) created for thier dsiware. The site for making qr codes is: Smile Boom will also be releasing thier new version for the 3ds only soon.  See this page:

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Women in Computer Science

There was a great article in this week's san francisco bay guardian about the interdisciplinary computer science program at mills college. the program is aim at students that would like to pursue a masters or phd in cs but did not study cs as an undergrad. link to program to article;=4&volume;_id=254&issue;_id=276&volume;_num=41&issue;_num=15

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Batch Program ideas

Hey everyone! ive made only two batch programs, as you may or may not know. i need ideas, anything that you suggest, i can make!! (no moving games, cant do that) but anything else you want me to make, i can and WILL program it. its your chance to express yourselves, i need ideas!!      *dont give simple ideas, i like chalenges ;)

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how can i make a computer program that moves and clicks the mouse for me?

I was just wondering if it is possible to make a program that moves and clicks your mouse for you and if it is, how to make it.

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Is there a way to transfer a program to a new computer?

I have a copy of Liberty Basic, Gold Edition, and I am getting a new computer. I would like to know if there is any way to either a) Find my registration key (I'm not sure where it is), or b) Transfer it to a new computer.

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Is it possible to program an Arduino without a computer?

Computerless Arduino from adam kumpf on Vimeo. I was wondering if there is some sort of way to program an arduino without the use of a computer? I have googled it and found a few videos but no explanation on how to build such a device. If you have any thoughts, it would be much appreciated if you left a comment. Thanks!

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embedded computing system and embedded program?

Embedded system is combination of hardware and software that perform some specific task I don't understand what is meaning of embedded computing system design 1)both embedded system and embedded computing system are different or same ? same question 2)both embedded software and embedded are different or same ?

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controlling computer with a infrared remote program?

I have a dell latitude d410, it has a infrared port, i want to know is there is a freeware program that lets me take a universal remote and use it on my computer as a media remote or a dvd remote on my computer... i have a ''on Intel(R) 82801FBM LPC Interface Controller - 264"infrared operating system is window xp pro

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Universal Remote or Program

I need a remote or computer program to set up lights and music to go off at the same time and some lights to flash what remote or program would you recommend and if its a program do you know any good tutorials!

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8051micro controller programming

Hi friends.................... i am working with 8051micro controller programming,I have created HEX file using  keil C compiler and proload to burn the HEX file in to the micro controller .iam using serial communication BUT ...........MY computer is not detecting the programmer nor micro controller.........why? there something wrong  with my PC ?

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Help Programming on an AVR

I am looking at getting an USBtinyISP to start programing ATtiny 13's. I plan on using avrdude. I already have some experience with the Basic stamp, arduino and c++ when writing computer programs. My main concern is how to state and use an input or output. In examples I have seen I do not understand the inputs and outputs.

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how to crash a computer

I have gone to notepad and typed the crash code but no results  (start>all programs>accessories>notepad)

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Which program do I need for this file? Answered

Facebook tells me that before I upload any new picture, I have to install their new plug-in, so I have saved the installing file and everything is fine..... UNTIL I try to open the install file and Windows 7 doesn't recognise the file format, and I am equally lost in this matter. Can anyone tell me which program would be suitable for opening this file in? And if you know of one, is there a way that I can (Legitimately) get hold of it? If you need any more information, please post a response below. Thanks :D

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Is there a good word processing program out there that is also FREE? Answered

One that will also do things like columns, bullets, and let me add graphics?

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Creating a USB program

Hello forums, I was wondering if anybody knew of a program that could do the following via USB. I have pet chickens that need feeding multiple times a day. I wanted to make a USB device that I could plug into my computer, and when I push a button in the program, it activates the USB port which is connected to my feeder. I don't need any help with making the feeder, it's just being able to run it on demand. Thanks in advance.

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Building a Computer

So, in continuing my series of stupid newbie computer questions, I present: Building Your Own Computer!-The Computer-As you've heard, I first had a computer that messed up, then I took it to the computer dudes, and they said it was completely FUBAR, then I asked how I should salvage it. Now, after laying my eyes on the beautiful Linux-running $72 Computer, I said to myself that I should make one...-What I Have-I stripped my computer tonight, and I came up with a CD drive (doesn't burn, just reads), Floppy drive, hard drive, power supply (how the heck do I understand all those wires?), nice looking heatsink with matching fan, and various other parts from the Windows 98 computer. -The Problems--I checked the links provided at the link above, and the prices had either raised, the item is out of stock, or the item had vanished completely...-I would like to buy a minimum of parts because I am in debt with my parents, and being 13, I don't have a job to pay them off.-I would like to run Linux, as it is one of the coolest things I've found recently. -I do know that the link above is thumb-drive booted, and I would like to avoid that, but no biggie if I can't.-I also don't know that much about computers, so I want to keep the computer sweet and simple. -The components that I salvaged might not work with the new components (I.E. Motherboard)-Maybe more.-Pluses--It will be cheap.-Case mods should be easy.-Mistakes dont cost much.-Linux is free.-Linux looks very nice.-It shouldn't need much RAM to run (Am I correct here?), so I can run more complex programs without it costing me.-I have extra parts from the old Win98 computer that died.-Probably more, but this is all I got right now...First postSecond postI am saying this right now- I suck at understanding computers, and if possible, comment to me like you would your 93 year old grandpa.

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Program a flash drive

Hi everyone, I have a friend who have helped me to attach some components on the chip of the flash drive to make it possible to select some LEDs to lid. So with this new components I'm going to make a software that changes 4 LEDs in the flash drive. This software that I'm going to develope is going to be on the flash-drive and not on the computer, and when I press a button "turn on green" or something similar the green light should led. Now to my question. What programming language should I use, and how do I make it possible to "talk" to the leds? Hope anyone can help me with this, Thanks in advance xddx

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computer controlled relay

I want to build a SIMPLE computer controlled relay. Not where u have the relay that is on when the computer is on, the kind where u have a program that has little buttons that u click to activate a relay. Please help me!!!!!

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Computer controlled crossover?

Hey guys, I've been wanting to ask someone about this idea for a while now. You know how you can get programs like SRS Wow that's built into windows media player? There are also other assorted Equalizer programs (with sliders) or for effect, to change how your music is playing. If these programs can do this merely with cpu power, is there a way I could have a source from the mic/input plug on a soundcard in one of my spare towers, and say, re-route it to the speaker/output on the card, but say, have a subsonic filter in place between the input and the output of the card, using only software? I'm pretty Effin sure this has to be possible, and yes I can take into consideration that there could be some considerable cpu usage for realtime playback. My goal would be to say set in place a 20 or 30hz cutoff point and then run that to my subwoofer amp, or use two seperate towers, and run my other subwoofers I have sitting around, but they need a higher cutoff point as they are only 8-10inch woofers. Could anyone lend a hand?? I know this has to be possible somehow.

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Micro XP computer?

I want to make or buy a small, single board computer similar to gumstix, capable of running tinyxp. if this is possible, can i make it run a single .exe program at boot, when a command is entered?

Question by ten77 


I would like to hear your guy's batch replicators, here's a really old replicator that doesn't work from me: move "name of program" A: move "name of program" B: move "name of program" C: move "name of program" D: move "name of program" E: move "name of program" F: move "name of program" G: move "name of program" H: move "name of program" I: move "name of program" J: move "name of program" K: move "name of program" L: move "name of program" M: move "name of program" N: move "name of program" O: move "name of program" P: move "name of program" Q: move "name of program" R: move "name of program" S: move "name of program" T: move "name of program" U: move "name of program" V: move "name of program" W: move "name of program" X: move "name of program" Y: move "name of program" Z: if (A:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (B:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (C:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (D:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (E:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (F:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (G:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (H:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (I:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if J:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if K:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if L:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if M:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (N:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (O:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (P:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (Q:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (R:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (S:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (T:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (U:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (V:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (W:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (X:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (Y:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (Z:\My computer\"name of program") move "name of program" desktop if (A:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (B:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (C:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (D:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (E:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (F:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (G:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (H:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (I:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if J:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if K:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if L:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if M:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (N:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (O:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (P:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (Q:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (R:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (S:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (T:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (U:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (V:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (W:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (X:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (Y:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer if (Z:\Desktop\"name of program") move “name of program” My Computer "core" exit

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Computer controlled switch?

I am looking to close a circuit using software on my pc, and if possible through the network but worse case I can connect to a specific pc. I have a door mechanism that opens when a certain circuit is closed, so I want to be able to control that door from my office.  I can do any wiring or add a circuit board to a pc that about 15 feet away. I was thinking some kind of circuit board, or even splicing into a serial port or parallel port and connecting that to the PC.  Then on the PC i would need some kind of program that all it would be is a button that when I press it, the circuit is closed, either for the duration I'm holding down the button, for a certain amount of time after the button is pressed or anything really. I'm no electrical engineer of software programmer, but I have a base understanding.  I am in IT and know how to solder and basic programming. My ultimate solution would be some logic board that has an RJ-45 connection that I can give an IP address so I can open the door from any computer on the network and two pins/connections out to close the circuit.  Sending a command to the board from command line would be just as well as a small program that displays a button. Thanks in advance.

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Computer question?--Solved--

I was cleaning up my computer the other day. In My Programs there was a folder called Common Files. When I opened it it had a lot of the same things under my programs and was very big in size. should I delete it? I don't want to hurt any programs that may rely on it. Another question, when I start up my computer it takes forever! (about 20 min.) but thats if I don't go into the process tab and end a few things. I know Doscan.exe hogs up a lot and I've been through the msconfig stuff. Yahoo messenger always starts up even though I have it un-checked for startup. I had some really bad trojans a while back and never reformatted. I took the offensive and got rid of them but I think they left a lot of "leftovers" in the registry and system folders. I also think thats whats making the startup slow. All of those viruses trying to launch but cant because their main files arent there. Of course once its up its speedy it sometimes takes a while to load things but once they're up they work flawlessly. Anybody know how to help? Please? --I guess my problem was not having enough RAM. And last night one of my friends gave me a gig and a new video card. Now it runs a whole lot better and the start up only takes about a tenth of the time it used to. Thanks to everyone who gave me some tips on what to do! Thanks, Rockerx

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few days ago i opened a program in my laptop using word wrap but it had change all the document t

There was a document om my laptop desktop which i opened with word wrap but it ended up changing all programs to be open in word wrap even on my start menu everything is opening with word wrap which cant word what do i do?

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Create a program to run .bat files? Answered

Hello, I want to run a .bat file when my computer starts up automatically.. I made a script in wordpad, saved as .bat to try and open the file, but I recieved weird error messages when trying to open the file, the script worked on other things such as opening microsoft word ( I did this to check if it was working) I would like to know if there is any simple program I could write or download that could open this file (like your clicking it) Many thanks Oscar

Question by oscarthompson   |  last reply

Is there a program-able push button, or can you make one(real life button, not a computer)? Answered

I am wandering is there anything that you can buy a key-chain looking thing that has multiple buttons on it, where you push them it makes a program-able sound. There are things close to what I'm looking for(, but I want to be able to use my own sound files from a computer.

Question by bmesch2k   |  last reply

Why won't my computer open programs? Answered

When I try to open up almost any program (Firefox, Project 64, Etc.) my computer will show an hourglass cursor for a few seconds and then continue as if nothing had happened. Control+Alt+Delete won't even open, and the only way to shut it down is to unplug it as the shut-down button does not actually shut the computer down, the only way to open programs is to get them right as the computer has just been restarted.     I really need a way to fix this if anyone has any ideas. (As this information is probably essential, I am running windows XP Professional.)

Question by An Villain   |  last reply

free computer programs written in C and Assembler

I have a number of free example programs including socket and web page programming. Help yourself by going to and use   ian   as the username. There is no password required so leave it blank. I hope you find something useful. ian t.

Topic by turnbui 

Do language learning computer programs work? Answered

 I decided the other day that I would like to learn a second language, but I don't really want to pay for and have to commit to weekly lessons/classes. There is a used book store close to where I live, and they sell language learning software for pretty cheap. I'm not sure what language I  would like to learn, but in general do these programs work?

Question by noahh   |  last reply

AVR microcontroller programming help? Answered

I am about to start programming AVR microcontrollers with a USBtinyISP programmer from The problem is the computer I use is running vista, and the fact that it is 64 bit doesn't make it any better. I tried WinAVR but it didn't seem to be working properly. I happen to have a bootable linux CD, so mayby that could be used with my computer.Should I run linux or can I find some other software that will work with 64 bit vista? What software should I use to program it? Please explain in detail.

Question by dark sponge   |  last reply

Some of my computer programs aren't opening?

I try to open some of my computer programs and I get the same message every time. The message is "(Application name) has stopped working" and it's looking for a solution. Also it says something about Microsoft client (I think that's what it is) has stopped working also. It's been doing this for a few days now and I don't know why, Here is a list of all the programs that I noticed it with.  1. Itunes 2. Sims 3  3. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD 4. Sony Vegas Pro 11.0 That's all I noticed but there could also be more, does anyone know why this is doing this? Could it be virus related? I just wanna know what it is and how I can fix it..  Thanks,  Also I can't uninstall Sims 3 and I was wondering could this have to do with it too? Maybe? I don't know that's why I'm asking.

Question by vincentkolpak   |  last reply

3D Computer Modeling Answered

I would like to make a short video with some basic CGI in it. Basically I just want to overlay a moving 3D model (Possibly a flying creature) onto some prerecorded video.  Can anyone recommend an easy program I can use to make a moving 3D model? I tried Blender but it is too complicated, so if you could recommend a simple editor that would be great.  

Question by physics_dude   |  last reply

Good starter programming language?

I've got a friend who wants to learn some computer programming, to make things like games. Does anyone have a suggestion? A language that's easy to do simple stuff with, and maybe some medium stuff would be nice.

Question by geeklord   |  last reply

What do I need to do to make my own computer PS2 mouse from scratch? Answered

I want to make my own PS2 style computer mouse (so I can learn better how one works, and get my own personal style, hack able computer mouse), but I frankly have come to a stand still. I have searched the internet and found things explaining how a mouse works, which isn't very helpful in building one. I have been able to find pin-outs, which told me a mouse runs on 5 volts, has one pin for data and a clock pin (as well as a ground pin, but what don't have a ground pin?). I have also been successful in finding the order in which data was sent out, but the way it was said and displayed wasn't very helpful. What I am asking for is the frequency the clock runs at, and a more usable code explanation (what information is sent, and if I am receiving any information, what can I expect). Source code would be absolutely amazing (just specify the processor), but I don't expect anyone but the one who programs PS2 computer mice would have it. in the end I just want examples of what comes out the data pin, and what the numbers mean. This is ultimately going to be applied to an arduino, if that helps with anything. (I know an arduino has its own clock, but I still want to know the frequency of the clock pin just so I could figure what data I should send)

Question by GenAap   |  last reply

Help! First time using Arduino on Mac- Serial Port not showing up?!?

After installing the Driver that came with the install software...I still cant see the proper serial port still. What am I doing wrong?

Question by techiekat   |  last reply