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If i hav a published instructable how to i get it to show up on a group?

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Sorting confusion...

I'm confused about the sorting function instructables employs.Today, (jun5, 08) 11 of the featured instructables are over one year old. Two or three are from 2006.With Zeitgeist, Random, and Popular being less "temporally ordered," I'd have though Featured would display the most recent featured projects...

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Confused Crocodile

I'm a confused crocodile...I wanted to compete in the 3d money clip challenge and will still design something for it :) . After numerous times of trying to make the software work it just didn't so I'm going to try to use some other CADs that I have. With that being said here lies my confusion about this contest.The prize(s) for the 3d money clip contest is a $100.00 credit for five winners. I went to the website and there's a membership fee and if you aren't a member then the cost of services is higher. Plus, there's an hourly charge for the services and I'm basically confused as to the benefit of a $100.00 voucher/credit. Would that be enough to make a 3d print of the 3d model for the winners of the contest?

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Favorites confusion

I can't "favorite" any more 'ibles!  I have 80 already, but I can't find where there was a limit.  I also tried to go back and clean out some that weren't so favorite, but for some reson I couldn't "un-fav" any.  Help!

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Copyright Confusion

Hi all!  New here, first post.  Hopefully I'm putting this in the right spot and it hasn't been asked.  Was wondering, so you make those little magnets with a picture glued to the back but is there a copyright discrepancy with using images that aren't your own and making it into something that is your work?  Crafts like that are tedious but not hard though it seems like if those selling things like that in shops wouldn't be making those magnets and such if they could do such great art.  Thanks for any info 

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MOT confused?

Been watching a lot of videos on youtube about increasing the voltage on Microwave oven transformers!. what i cant undrstand is when people take out the secondry windings of the transformer & replace it with a few turns of 10 gauge wire to increase the power how does it work? as from  what i've seen the 10 gauge wire still has the insulstion on it so how does the current cant get through to produce extra power?. Also what do the shunts do in the workings of the transformer?. can anyone explain this to me in laymans terms!. Thank's, Tezza1.

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Headset Confusion?

I bought a turtle beach cable to use my x31 on my pc. I managed to finaly get the mic to work but the sound  quality is less then that of the wirlress one I bought the cord to replace. Im not sure if its the 3 different levels it go's through or faulty cord.  Any suggestions? I allso have 3 audio jacks. Anyone have a clue what the third could be for? 'Info Gracias

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What is love??!?!?!

I have liked (and been liked) by the same girl for over 6 years. I am currently in 7th grade. I am just confused if I am actually in love or not. I don't really know how to tell, is the problem. And anyway, am I to young to pass judjement? please help!

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Confusing randomness

Something has always puzzled me - what governs the order of the comments in the email alerts?My most recent alert is typical - this list is the dates and times of the comments, in the order they appear in the email.Date: Aug 26, 2009. 5:29 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:36 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:36 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 12:59 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 6:53 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 9:51 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:32 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:05 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 5:25 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:57 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 7:42 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:43 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 9:35 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 11:20 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 6:33 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:09 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 5:10 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 11:20 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:23 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 9:30 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:00 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:23 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 8:08 AMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 10:05 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 3:41 PMDate: Aug 26, 2009. 11:18 PMWould it be so hard for them to be in chronological order....?

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Global Warming Confusion

NOAA released this a couple of days ago. Global Warming effect on Hurricanes. This is not what Al Gore told us. What gives?

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This forum confuse me.

What was wrong with the old one? It didn't work well on mobile devices? Why do you make me hate people with mobile devices? Some of them may be a good persons...

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I'm so confused

How many erics are running around here? I count three: This guy: guy:, of course, plain 'ol EricWho is real and who is not? Are these accounts all Eric? Or are the others fake?

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I confused the bank...

I just got a call from somebody claiming to be doing a survey for my bank, and he asked me to prove my identity by answering some security questions. I asked him; Before I give you some personal information, how do I know you are who you say you are? It was a remarkably short conversation...

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Simple, yet Confusing.

I have this Soldering Iron. It takes 4 AA's @ 6V, and 8W or 11W. My reasons aside, I want to make it into an AC Soldering Iron now. I have various Plug-in adapters, and the one I chose Outputs @ 9V, 100mA. So sticking with the 11W setting, the Soldering Iron: > 1.83 Amps; 6 Volts; 11 Watts; And the plug.. > .01 Amps; 9 Volts; .09 Watts; So, what are my options? I got one.. find a plug with a higher current output :P

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Legal and copyrights confusion.

Hey everyone, I love instructables and I've been working on my own tutorial for the last few weeks. I am not far from publishing the instructables. Recently it came to my attention that I might have some legal/copyright issues. I built my DIY using some parts I took down from other products that are still on sale. One of these parts is copyrighted but not patented. I was wondering, due to the DIY and instructables nature if that would be an issue for me? I am not reselling the DIY or pushing people to do the same as me and even give indication to future makers about how to obtain that part legally. I cite all the sources of the original product from which I borrowed the parts. Would it be ok if I publish my instructables like this or should I avoid talking at all about the "borrowed" parts? Also, if a newspaper or magazine wanted to publish an article about my instructables, would granting them sole publishing rights interfere with using the "borrowed parts" that I talk about above? Would I even be able at all to grant them these rights, given the general terms of the CC license (Non-commercial share-alike)? Does this CC license allow anyone to publish an article about my instructables without my written consent (print and online), so long as they cite the sources? Thanks in advance for helping me out, I'm a bit confused!

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Confused College student

Hey guys, I haven't been posting alot lately, but I remember whenever I would post you guys would have the nicest and thoughtful replies out of any forum I've posted on.... So I was kinda wanting to hear everyone's thoughts on college, careers, etc... I'm 20, currently in community college, have been since I was 18, should have my associates....but no, I don't. Honestly, I haven't taken school seriously at first, haven't applied myself, just done whatever I wanted, and I'm just now getting serious, and the last two semesters, GREATLY improved my GPA and definitely taking school more serious. At the moment I just keep taking general courses since I don't know what to do. I've wanted to do things from fashion design, to web design, personal training, massage therapy, but mainly what I want to do is have my own business eventually. The best case scenario, would be for me to have my own t-shirt line that later turns into a full fledge fashion design. Problem is, telling the parents I want to make t-shirts for a living doesn't always go over well as most business entrepreneurship programs I've researched require calculus...andddd, I'm having trouble passing college know? And then part of me is in love with the idea of being a musician...I love to write lyrics, and I've fooled around with recording at home and etc....I'd love to travel, even if I didn't make millions, that's fine....just even able to make enough to survive...I'd be fine if I could pursue that... And thennn, there's all of you! I read books and magazines about DIY and sites like this, and they always have stories about a bunch of young people turning in a empty building into a super awesome music venue, or some other artistic place... Or people that have started new unique businesses and ideas. I mean what the heck! I don't know what to do...I'm about to turn 21 this summer, and have no idea what I want of life, all I know is that I want to have fun doing whatever job I choose, and be able to live comfortably...even if it takes me awhile... And I have no idea how to do that :(

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Explain the comments achievement to me?

I am confused. Is the comments achievement for when I commented on other people's instructables a lot, or is it because other people commented a lot on my instructables? 

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Will he think I'm a creepy international stalker?!

There's a guy I like, and we have a weird chemistry, but I don't know what's going on with us if anything. Will he freak out if I send him a text message saying I miss him? (I'm currently in a different country)

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Heatsinks and Peltier Chips-WWWWWUUUUTTT?

I need a peltier chip for a project and I'm a little confused how they work. I'm pretty sure I got it right, but not positive. Can someone tell me if this is right? The hot side of a peltier chip is attached to a heatsink with "grease" (can someone tell me where to get that?) then a fan blows the hot air away from the peltier chip from the side and another fan blows across the side of the peltier chip to its intended destination for cooling. Is this right?

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Laser Cutting Help!

Hello, just wondering if anyone knows how you can laser cut an engraved image (bitmap) which you have taken off the internet? I am using Coreldraw, Corellaser and Laserdrw and don't have much experience at all with it. Thank you.:)

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Can't comment, can't reply, can't vote!!!

I can'r reply, can't post any comment or vote! this is really confusing me. I replied every comment on my last posted ible yesterday , but now they're all gone. I've been trying to vote but that's not working either. My comments are not being posted as well! Oh, one more thing, my ibles' status are not being updated...... I feel like crying right now :,( Just found out that I'm not the only one having these problems! please, this needs to be fixed

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I have an imitator. But clicking on their name takes me page...

So "Adrian+monk" commented on my orangeboard. My first imitator! Nice. Guess now I know I've made it. Imitation being the best form of flattery and all... But when I click on their throws me to my page...which is creepy. I know it's genuine, because it says "member since Feb 15, 2007". I'm so confused. Is the staff playing a trick? Or how is this effect produced? Has someone hacked the site? Or did someone join right after me and replicate my every move? Clarification would be exceedingly appreciated.

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The worlds most confusing album?

I have a CD by the artist Styx. The album is called Paradise Theater. Read this confusing puzzle thingy:A.D. 1928 = Rockin the Paradise introA.D. 1928 = The Best of Times introA.D. 1958 = Variation of A.D. 28A.D. 1958 = Outro to Half penny, Two penny.??? Why ???

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Confused about the Design Contest?

Hi Instructablers, I'm a bit confused on what to enter for the design contest. Could I enter a video project I made in Final Cut Express with some cool effects or something? I really like doing video editing and effects on my videos and stuff so it would be great if that would be eligible.

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Confused about air flow Answered

I wanted to make a DYI cooling stand, but I'm confused about air flow.. fan for bottom laptop : flow in or flow out? and then I wanted to add an additional fan at the back.. ( at the heat-air-out ) same question, flow in or flow out? : sorry, my English really bad..

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Pro membership billing confusing

I'm considering upgrading to a Pro membership. However, the chart for upgrades makes NO sense, that I can see: Monthly - billed annually is $1.95 - x 12 = $23.40 Quarterly - is what $3.99? is that the QUARTERLY payment? x 4 = $15.96 2 year - billed once - $39.99 - best deal - I don't see it? What is the quarterly payment? Monthly? (that doesn't make sense). MJM

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Contests; they are getting a bit confusing

I am a bit confused...I got the distinct impression that a photo contest was a photo contest, not a 'best instructable' contest; hence the camera as a prize. Almost every contest has been based on the subject matter (and that makes sense); submit a new i'ble on how to make a better cake and win a kitchen device; submit a new i'ble on a good way to use LEDs and win a product that helps make things with LEDs easier. Therefore (for some odd reason) I thought the object of this last I MADE IT photo contest was to enter a really good (possibly award winning) photo of something you built (rather than enter an average photo of something really good). Don't get me wrong, all of the instructables entered are good, but submitted as award-winning photos...not hardly. Was this just another popularity contest? How did I miss the mark here?

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Hard drive price confusion

Looking to create a small form factor PC to fit on the back of a monitor and while searching for a hard drive on Newegg noticed that the lowest price 2.5" internal desktop hard drive was $120 and not even 150GB ( ) while a 2.5" USB powered portable hard drive that is 1TB is $90 ( ), these numbers just are not adding up, couldn't I just disassemble the portable hard drive. Not sure if I am missing something important, Help is greatly appreciated!

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Halloween Contest Submission Confusion

I suspect that I am not the first person to contact you on this. As I read the instructions on Make, I didn't see that I had to post my videos on Instructables. To me, it appears that that was only one option, as was posting to the YouTube group. Are videos posted to the YouTube group exclusively (or the Flickr group) being considered? I posted them to the YouTube group in time. For your reference, the videos that I posted are as follows: MUTEX Labs (2008)Overview:;=18Tech Walkthrough:;=18 Monster Machine (2007);=18 Please help clarify the issue. We put a lot of work into our display with the notion of submitting to your cool contest!

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CCTV power help (confused?)

HelloIm a newbie to this forum and electronics. I have a question for you clever guys.I have a mini cctv similar to this: my problem is, the wire coming out of the camera has been cut and there is no adapter of any sort at the other end.How can i power it up with the mains (i have a suitable mains adapter)? I mean can i simply join the ends of the wires and plug it in to the mains?THANK YOU!! ***********EDIT***************I hooked this up to a 9V power supply and tested it but didnt get a picture. I know why, the cam is 1.2GHz and the receiver is 2.4GHZ!! AAAGH!How can I go about getting this fixed?? I don't mind if it is a wired or wireless solution

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how do I cut out a stencil?

I have an idea for a Christmas present for someone. I have done this before but its been many years ago and I don't remember how I did it. Anyways I have a pair of sparrow birds I obtained from a search engine. I want to cut this stencil out but leave the birds on the printer paper if that makes any sense. Then that way I don't have to line them up even. I don't no, hope I'm confusing anyone!! the stencil is for a glass etch for on a mirror. any help would be awesome!!! do i cut out the white or the black I'm so confused.

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confusion over forum thread chronology

Sometimes it's a bit confusing.  It's kinda good that one can respond to a specific post, but...

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A little confused about the Halloween Contest

I was reading the Halloween Contest rules and it said that instructables posted before the contest start dates are not eligible but there are a ton of entries that were posted a few months ago. So I was wondering did the rules change or what?

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Confused about making iron oxide? Answered

I am making some iron oxide using the method with the 9 volt and nail in saltwater. Im a little confused however in all the thermite instuctables it says that the wire that bubbles the most is the positve wire. When i connect the (what the battery says) is positive to the nails and insert the negative into the water it seems like more bubbles are kinda comming off the stripped negative wire. The water is turning a little green(update-its not to green anymore) There is brown stuff floating at the top of the water.which doesnt burn my skin and smells like metal. I am using copper wire. Any suggestions?

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confused about LED drivers and current

Confused about LED drivers and current. thats the driver im using and i want to have 6 1 watt LEDs attached to it. I finally found a 30volt power supply but it puts out 1 amp. from what i understand i cant put that much current through the driver. i was reading around though and it looks like maybe the driver is only going to pull what it needs from that amp. I dont want to blow my driver and i dont want to blow the LED. i would probably just try it out anyway but am still waiting for the parts to come in the mail...

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Help!! Im confused with contests eligibility

Hi i have a question and im sure others have the same enquiry, as everyone knows, instructables does not have a wide range of eligible countries for their contests. so im wondering if im from Malaysia (which is not an eligible country), can i still join a contest but have the prize (if i win)sent to an eligible country? Because i have a relative who is currently staying in Australia(eligible country) and i really want to join these awesome contests. Thank you, Sean

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Secret Knock Detecting Coding Confuse

Can somebody explain to me about line:int secretKnock [maximumKnocks] = {50,25,25,50,100,50,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,}this is the initial setup:Shave and a Hair Cut..Is it mean that I can only knock using this type of knock?Then how do I record new knock...Else,is it really matter if I use any type of program button? I mean NO, NC?It because my reset button went crazy each time I try to record other knock, it only listen to Shave and a Haircut knock...all the master please help me...?

Question by ElectroThinker  

Some confusion about Elitebook 8540w

Hello,Everyone. Recently I buy a HP Elitebook 8540w with ATI M5800 graphics, which is not in the HCL. I tried to install v2.1 and it will only boot into safe mode. When in safe mode XenClients correctly reports a ATI M5000 series graphics card. I have looking some solution  in replacing the in /usr/lib/surfman with the version in the techpreview 2.0. Now it seems to be working fine, but why isn't the 'normal' v2.1 not working? It is kind of strange to remove M5800 graphics support from the released version.

Question by bestakkus  

brushed induction motor confusion? [answered] Answered

My father and I are currently restoring a metal-working lathe, however, we do not have 3 phase power to power the original 0.5HP 3 phase motor. We do, however, have a slightly smaller 0.25HP motor. At first appearance, it seemed to be a simple AC/DC brushed motor with a field and winding on the armature. There was no wiring diagram supplied with it, but in one configuration (what appeared to be the ameuture and field coils) are wired in parallel for 120V operation. This did not seem right, since the field coils will be simply shorted across the mains, but I assumed that since we are dealing with AC and inductors, this is OK. It works flawlessly, but reversing the polarity of either the fields or armature would cause the motor to sit and buzz. If started manually, it took off slowly but sounded awful. I need the motor to rotate in both directions and do not have enough materials to do this mechanically. On closer inspection after dismantling the motor, it appears there are 4 brushes, connected together in 2 pairs. They are not directly connected to anything. The 4 wires coming out seem to be just for wiring both field coils in either series of parallel for 110V and 220V operation respectfully. Perhaps even more strange, the 4 brushes are mounted on a centripetal switch, which disengage the brushes from the armature. I was able to make out on the rust that it said "revolution induction motor." So I reasoned out that after the fields are energized, it will induce an electrical current in a few of the coils on the armature, and the energy would flow to the other 2 sets of brushes, causing a different set of coils on the amature to energize and this would initially start the motor. After it gets going, the switch disconnects all the brushes and the motor operates as a simple induction motor. My father used to rebuild motors for a small company, and this is in fact one of the motors he repaired. Although he is skilled at this practice, he does not understand the operation of induction motors and can only figure out wiring by strictly following a diagram or trial and error. I am curious about what this type of motor even is, and how it works! In th meantime, I will research induction motors and how they work, and see what I can learn.

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Question about a flyback's polarity Answered

Hello, I am confused with this flyback transformer I have. I have a pulsed DC input on the primary coil (pulses from 0 to 15V) and that creates high voltage in the secondary coil. When I connect that input in the opposite direction (wrong polarity) I don't get high voltage any more. The possible explanation for this is that the primary coil has a diode in series with it. Now, I'm confused by this because I tested if there actually Was a diode in there (by connecting a DC supply and a DC motor, in series with the coil) and the motor always works! (also tested with a halogen light) I put the coil in series with the motor to test if there is a diode inside. If there would be one inside, the motor should not work in one of the two cases, when I switch the pins of the primary coil. So, as the results of the test tell me: there is no diode in series with the primary coil. could it be possible that there is a diode in parallel with the primary coil? If that's not possible, how come the flyback is not working when I connect the polarity incorrectly? Could someone please help me out with this? Thanks, Electorials

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Hi everyone-I am confused. Are the voting buttons underneath the contest entries good to go now? Answered

Hi everyone-I am confused.  Are the voting buttons underneath the contest entries good to go now?

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Confusion about ipod GND connection; how many?

Hi everybody :)I'm a bit confused about something and I thought some of you might know the answer. When looking at the ipod pinouts at there are several different GND connections. The thing I need to know is this: are all these connections the same? Is there one common ground?ThanksDaniel

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I am confused about making iron oxide?

Vinegar + Bleach + Iron = Iron Oxide? Bleach + Iron = Iron Oxide? Vinegar + Iron = Iron Oxide? 12 volt energy + Iron = Iron Oxide? 12 volt Energy + Salt + Iron = Iron Oxide? Hydrogen peroxide + 12 volt Energy + Iron = Iron Oxide? Can someone clear me out?    I am trying to make thermite but I have heard that you can make iron oxide using just bleach, however, there have been claims that bleach can actully acumule impurities which makes iron oxide impure which means that thermite will not have the same "performance".    I found a 12 volt supply in my house and i put a steel inside of a glass, i put the negative and positive but i found no evidences of iron oxide.    The only thing i accomplish was the glass full of green stuff in it.

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m confused how cum 80 leds would work ok 6v battry for so long as shown in STADIUM LIGHT by dipankar ghosh.?

M confused how cum 80 leds would work ok 6v battry for so long as shown in STADIUM LIGHT by dipankar ghosh.?

Question by japanjot  


Would it be possible to have a board where contest applicants can post their entries. It gets VERY confusing when they are mixed with the general instructables. This doesn't seem too hard to do.

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Confusion about transformers, specifically planar ones and how they work?

I'm trying to eliminate the need for a large coil transformer (120V, 60hz, AC to AC). Now I know very little about transformers but I've been researching planar transformers (for their low profile nature and weight savings) however they only seem to come in AC to DC variants. All of the reading I do about transformers state that all they do is change voltage through inductance. Why and how does a planar transformer change incoming AC to DC with out a separate rectifier?

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Confused: 12V AC to 12V DC, simple bridge rectifier? Answered

I have a 12V AC power block powering some lights, I want to take one channel off that block and power a 12V DC strip of LEDs, could I just use pretty much any single phase bridge rectifier? They all seem to be rated in the 100's of volts... I know I could do the same thing with a bunch of diodes, a zener and a resistor, but I'd like to just use a packaged chip (because I'm lazy...)?

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Switch buying confusion. What is the difference between On - Off - On and (On) - Off - On? Answered

I am having some trouble buying switches from mouser. I need a toggle SPDT switch that has an On - On (on a different line) type workings (like seen here under SPDT). The problem is Mouser has so many different options in their "switch function" filter. Which one(s) should I use? What do the Parentheses mean? Does it mean Momentary or Something else? What about the "None" seen in a few options? What's up with "MOM"? Here is a link to the page I'm talking about.

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Adding headphone jack to stereo bluetooth headset - Confused by wiring

I have a stereo bluetooth headset which has a right channel earbud connected to the mic part and a detachable left channel earbud. I opened it up and found a green and copper colored coated wire going to the right earbud then another set of green and coppor coloerd wires going to the plug in for the left earbud. Using a left/right audio testing program on my phone I tried wiring the wires up to a set of headphones to test which wire is which. When I wire up the green right wire to the right channel and the copper colored wire to the ground I get sound through just the right channel as I would expect. When I add the green wire from the left channel to te left connection on the headphones both channels play through both sides of my headphones. When I did those tests I was assuming the copper colored wire was a ground. I then reversed the colors assuming the green wire was the ground and repeated the same test with the same results. No matter what combination I connect the wires in I cannot isolate the left channel to the left side and the right channel to the right side. Anyone have any ideas?

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