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Inappropriate contents

Hi, I think below user's contents is inappropriate. Please block this guy or delete contents. Thanks Jinbuhm Kim

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Sponsored Content - by who?

Whenever an instructable is marked as sponsored content, I would love to see a small notice about who the sponsor is - or am I missing this somehow? I get that based on parts list, sometimes this might be easy to decipher, but other times I am left clueless.

Topic by xGrape    |  last reply

The kind of content to post

I am trying to find out a little more information before I post something. The site doesn't seem to have a page telling what it's all about. Do you have to post about something you made by hand? For example, our company helps customers design woven labels for clothing. So, can I give examples and step by step instructions about  how to design a woven label? Ultimately, they'd have to order the labels with us after they design them. Would that be viewed as poor taste, like we are trying to promote our website? If you want to see what I'm talking about, you can always review the site and see if it qualifies Thanks!

Topic by ashleyhudson    |  last reply

Spam/sponsored content

Where does the line between spam and sponsored content go? I'm specifically thinking about instructables like these: They are fairly informative, but also contain advertisement for a company. Where does the line go? I see a lot of these ibles.

Topic by jurgemaister    |  last reply

A new feature: Membership Challenge for the Members, by the Members

It could be another Go Pro incentive, but have a space where members can challenge others to make a particular item by a given date, then let the membership vote on the winner. Similar to what is done now with contests except it's hardly any work for you guys and increases the number of ideas pertinent to then members themselves.

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Intro content replaced by code

I tried to add new photos to a published instructable and now the text for the introduction is replaced with code that starts. {"context":{"footer-robot":{},"you-image":{},"spinner": Is there any way to get the content back? I'm Using Firefox 42.0 on Lubuntu The URL is Thanks

Topic by huffee    |  last reply

9gag is stealing your content

Your content, hosted at Has been misappropriated by the website at They placed it on their website, which is monetized with ads. When downloaded or linked, their watermark appears on the image. They have clearly not asked for permission to do this, they have not given any sort of credit or attribution. This is a clear violation of your rights and of the law. Kindly sue these buttholes, I really dislike them. In case they take this page down(which they like to do after they get caught stealing), here are screenshots:

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the requested content cannot be loaded

Ive been getting this error message on step 2 photos 8 and 9 on my instructable when using the arrows. As I use this to teach kids they all get the same error, around 20 mac laptops running, safari, google crome, and firefox all do the same thing. this has happen for around two weeks

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New contents - email alert

I hope, if such functionality appear. When new contest is started - to be notified by email.

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Start Menu Contents and Programs

What are the usual things on your start menu? What is under All Programs?

Topic by puffyfluff    |  last reply

How to change a memory content

Hello! Ihave a singing toy for my little child and I want to change the content. I want to insert another melody, some different songs that my child loves a lot. How can I do?  There are little pcbs inside and I haven`t see any pin or microcontroller. Yhank you!

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Are you allowed to copy contents

Hi, I just glanced through the Terms and Conditions and I am trying to understand if people are allowed to copy authors contents on this site, to published on places like my blog. Or do you need a written consent from Instructables. Thank you

Topic by Genstry    |  last reply

Content Management System used

Hi Team! I'm a web developer and i'm commited nowadays in developing a online science community in Brazil. It already exists and you can take a look here I would be grateful if you tell me which CMS (Content Management System) are InstructTables using. It is a widely known system like Joomla, Wordpress... or did you have developed your owner content management system? I take the time to congratulate you all for the work done. Thank you very much in advance. Francys Pinheiro,

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OLPC call for educational content

Can you think of something useful and fun to teach children through the OLPC $100 laptop? We've created a group where you can submit Instructables for consideration to be included. Instructions for how to do this are here. Feel free to submit both old and new Instructables!

Topic by ewilhelm  

Getting Views on Unpublished Content

I am editing an unpublished Instructable and am showing a few views.  I deleted that one (assuming that I had accidentally published it somehow) and the same is happening in a new one.  Right now. it is just one on the new one.  I don't see it anywhere in 'recent' so perhaps these are not real views by other users.

Topic by annahowardshaw    |  last reply

Questionable content of Instructables - Questions

I've got a few recipes for such questionable things as making a powerful poison out of cigarettes, and timed bombs, etc. Would these instructables legally be allowed to be posted? I am a firm believer in knowledge for knowledge's sake, and don't advise actually carrying out certain experiments like these, but I think that if someone wants the knowledge they should have access to it. (I can certainly see this liberal thinking backfiring in the case of a terrorist wanting to know how to bypass Pentagon security, or whatever other dire situation you can think up.) So, allowable or not? I don't want my account deleted because of my ignorance of e-law.

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Overtly sexual photographs.

Smart parents monitor their children's internet activities, but they probably never thought they'd need to consider blocking Instructables due to overt sexual content.  Is a woman groping her chocolate covered breasts really considered kid-friendly by this community?    

Topic by bajablue    |  last reply

Instructables not family safe any more

I was disappointed to see the repeating ad for the AXE Undie Run. I was browsing through Instructables with my 10 year old son and the ad kept appearing at the top of the page. I actually DO care what goes into my child's mind.This is not the kind of content I want my son being exposed to yet. Come on? Women taking their clothes off? Headlines that say "Sexy"? What does this have to do with instructables? This just does not fit in with the otherwise wholesome, educational nature of the site. This means I cannot trust the content on this website to be safe for my kids any longer. If you cannot maintain higher standards than that, then I am forced to boycott this website for my family's viewing.

Topic by capacitated    |  last reply

I can go to bed now...

It is 01:29GMT - I've finally caught up with Questionable Content. One thousand, two hundred and ninety-nine issues in a few days.I came across it via [ XKCD], and it's rather good.Sort of like Friends, but interesting.I like interestingly-insane people, and happily-psychotic computer hardware.(UPDATE: Than you to everybody who ignored the appalling (now corrected) spelling. It was very late early when I posted this.)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Halloween contest 2008 my items not showing up

I signed up for the DYI Halloween contest through Etsy and flickr way back and my stuff is not showing up. What's the deal?

Topic by simplysavy    |  last reply

An error occurred while loading this content

The nice new tabs seem to be broken - when I click on "more", I get the message that entitles this topic, then get presented with the default list of forum categories. Q&A; is thus inaccessible via in-site links. Sorry, no screenshot, the message only pops up for a moment. (Using Safari on an iPod with up to date iOS.)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Instructables content - moderation and peer review

Following a discussion in this forum I thought is might be a good idea to create a new thread.Adrian Monk "That's one reason I'm a little apprehensive about the future of Instructables-you don't want a police state, but if it gets humongous you start to lose control unless you moderate well. It's quite selfish, but that's why part of me wants Instructables to stay (relatively) small, and not become a phenomenon."Kiteman"That's the thing, we aren't heavily moderated - there are no people who have a specific moderating responsibility."LemonieSome time ago, people were talking towards things like peer-review (I can't remember who). Allowing anyone to post anything does have some drawbacks.As a suggestion - new posts would submit to a "review" stage, where administrators and their delegates would have the opportunity to click "publish" or "reject"."Publish" would move the new post to it's normal published state, "Reject" would force a comment to be added to that effect, leaving it in the "review" stage.It would mean changing the system, but a group of people would be filtering new posts.It would preempt having to flag things and post comments asking for withdrawal or fixing afterwards.With a group of people having the option to publish, no one person would be able to hold a new post back, and the group would be able to see "reject" comments and add to them. Users posting would also be able to see comments against their submitted posts.By "the group" I mean people who are flagging and commenting already.Safety catch: after X-days with no action, posts publish automatically.Forum for general ideas, do with it what you will...RegardsL

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Content goes POOF during an edit! Then--->

A couple sentences of the disappeared content appear in a whole NEW, unpublished Ible that I never created.  I lost A LOT OF WORK and I want to cry out of frustration. ;_( btw... I did "Save" changes a few times during the edit, but 90% of the content is still gone.

Topic by bajablue    |  last reply

/You page not showing content or notifications

To my great surprise getting on today, I found my /you page is no longer carrying any of my content or notifications. Can someone tell me how I can remedy this problem?

Topic by OrigamiAirEnforcer    |  last reply

Again How To- Stolen Instructables Content

Again How To Hi all,  not sure if this is really the correct place to be raising this (and can’t seem to find it mentioned elsewhere), but a new website called again how to has appeared aggregating content and reposting on their site, along the lines of ehow. It does appear to be pulling a hell of a lot of Instructables up on it, as well as off peoples personal sites (how I have picked up). I hope the Instructables legal team can have a look at this. Superpants

Topic by superpants    |  last reply

What is the oil content of Eurasian Milfoil?

I would like to use the oil extracted from Milfoil to produce biodiesel. I would like to know what the oil content, if any, is of milfoil. I think it is great because it is unwanted and there is a lake near me that has two giant machines whose sole job is to cut milfoil. I could collect it, dry it, press it, and refine it for next to nothing. If you have seen anything like this let me know.

Question by jack.h    |  last reply

Option for Flagging copied content instructable

I opened up the site and saw this great looking lamp instructable on the homepage ( I really liked it and thought of putting up a comment when I saw that in a previous comment, another user mentioned seeing the exact same images and content before in another place. It's nothing new that people are blatantly copying content(which might be copyrighted too) for winning prizes, but these appearing on the main homepage is a little disappointing. Another example of such project getting featured on homepage was a 9V-battery top spy bug instructable some time back. I understand the instructable staff can't keep knowledge of every project ever posted, and to feature only the original ones. But can we have an option to flag as "Blindly Copied" with link to original work, so the instructable staff can check and remove it? None of the current flag categories match the requirement,

Topic by Antzy Carmasaic    |  last reply

botherd by content of ads on instructables site.

I have not been to instructables in a while, but now I find that you have ads all over the place.  I am fine with that, everyone needs to make a buck... The only problem is that many of them have hot chicks on them with tops hanging out.  While I am a guy and generally ok with this, I do not feel comfortable visiting the site at work or while my wife or kids are around.  Please be more tasteful when choosing which adds to allow on your site. see attached image to see what I mean.   It looks like it is intended to look similar to porn,etc...  which is from your site. Thanks for your time. Nathan

Topic by mrshirls    |  last reply

Did we get it right?

An article on the BBC is predicting that large swathes of internet content, starting with news websites, will soon vanish forever behind paywalls. Content that is free to users, funded by advertising, will (apparently) soon be a thing of the past: Rob Grimshaw, managing director of, says charging for online services is inevitable, as online advertising is unlikely to deliver sufficient returns. While it is still "swimming against the tide" to expect payment, he says it will be recognised soon that "the oddness has been to give it away". In the long term, he says not charging will come to be seen as the aberration - and he imagines future business students writing case studies of how publishers were wrong-footed. So, fellow-pros, do think (as I do) that we have got the model right, with free-to-access content, plus paid-for benefits?

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Poor punmanship

I finally got around to really reading through the new ibles blog. Seems you need to log into facebook to post a comment there so hence the posting here as forum topic. I was interested to read about the ice cream gathering, the one promoted with the "nitroglycerine" ice cream. I get to the part where you have the flavors listed. I see: Rum Raisin (aka MADD About You) Now, that is questionable on many levels. If that is the name of the flavor promoted by the ice cream vendor, shame on them. If that is the name of a flavor made up by the blogger, I think they need to have a look at the Be Nice policy. I am not beyond reproach but I do know where not to cross the line.  

Topic by caitlinsdad    |  last reply

Many instructables pages are served with Content-type: text/plain, including the new user registration

Since the registration page is sent as Content-type: text/plain, at least Firefox doesn't render it as a form, so you can't even create an account in order to file a bug. I eventually had to install an add-on to force the Content-type so that I could register...

Topic by agricocb    |  last reply

Instructables can not be updated

Hi, I'm new here. I had added some text to one of my instructables, along with another rendering image. I published the updates yesterday but could not see the updates today after logout. I use Chrome, and cache is cleared. Guess this is a bug ?

Topic by 7PLAIN    |  last reply

Breaking down the Rating system

I just read one of the recent Answers, and it was asking about how to get ratings. That got me to thinking. I like to think that Instructables is a more useful sight than many others. Given its "usefulness," it follows that each aspect should be scrutinized for said usefulness.The usefulness of the Rating system, to me, is unapparent. On a website, I usually measure usefulness as how much something affects a decision I make. Following the mentality of the day, I need to be able to make such a decision in a millisecond, or else I just opt out of making the decision at all. I see a picture and read a title -- I click the link if I like it or move on if I don't. The problem with a single rating system that applies to the entire Instructable is that if I really like one aspect of an I'ble, yet don't like another, I'm more likely NOT to rate it at all. This saves me the internal struggle about what rating to actually give the I'ble. When I internally rate an I'ble whilst viewing it, I look at two major categories: Presentation and Concept. Is the concept amazing? Is the concept old hat? Is the I'ble written well? Is the I'ble unintelligible? If the Ratings were split into these two categories, I think authors would feel more empowered and would be able to focus their energies more effectively in their quest to submit better I'bles. The Rating system may get more use, too. I see a great idea written poorly, I know EXACTLY what to rate it -- I don't have a lengthy decision in front of me. High on Concept, low on Presentation. Rated. Done. Bam. The author can then easily take this feedback and do what they need to do to improve their contributions. Given the current system, I have to debate in my head whether or not I want to rate high, or middle, or low, because I like the Concept, yet dislike the Presentation. Oops, decision took too long. I've moved on. Didn't rate.The current one-size-fits-all rating system may be simpler to implement, but provides much less function than a slightly-categorized rating system. Readers will be more inclined to use the tool, and authors will be provided with much more valuable information.Ok. I'm done.

Topic by BeanGolem    |  last reply

Are you able to download content from the online ? Answered

I am going to buy green day rock band but can you download the rest of the content? Remember for the wii!

Question by mrelement    |  last reply

eBooks only contain table of contents and comments

Hi, The ebooks available for download only contain a table of contents and comments, but not the actual instructables.  Not what I would call an eBook!! Is there a problem with the eBook generation or is this on purpose? Cheers, Shauno

Topic by shauno    |  last reply

Issues with text content not updating to the web view.

I am having an issue when I update text content it is not being updated to the web view but when you create a PDF all of my changes are present. This has happened on my last two Instructables. I have tried ever browser I have and forced refresh on each with no change. Same result from my iPhone X for seeing the changes in content.Please Help I want to make sure my changes get through, Thanks

Topic by twhite101    |  last reply

Instructable editor pastes content in the wrong place

When pasting content into the Instructables editor, the content doesn't always get inserted at the cursor's location. To reproduce:  1. Start a new Instructable, and edit the first step.  2. Enter some dummy text, followed by a newline.  3. Use the "formatting" menu to change the current format to "code".  A grey box will appear.  Place the cursor inside the box.  4. Copy some source code (from a separate editor or a separate tab) and paste it into the grey box. What should happen:  - The content on the clipboard is pasted inside of the grey box. What actually happens:  - The content on the clipboard is pasted immediately after the grey box. A partial workaround is to paste the code first, then highlight it and switch the formatting to "source".  Pasting the code when formatting as normal text causes the code to be modified, however (whitespace and newlines get mangled/combined).  Aside from being annoying, this can break code in languages where whitespace is significant (like Python).  The paste function should work as expected, and insert the pasted content as-is at the current cursor location. I am currently running Firefox v52.0.2 on Windows 7 (64-bit).

Topic by sparkchaser    |  last reply

"This video contains content from SME" message

Hi everyone.  I have an Instructables I recently posted which contains some videos. I've never had trouble with people viewing my videos on previous instructables I've posted, but on my most recent one, E4-B4 Astromech Droid, on of the videos has the following message... This video contains content from SME. It is restricted from playback on certain sites. Watch on YouTube." So first off, what the heck is SME? If it's such an issue, what does it leave a link to view the video on YouTube, which it plays in anyway? How can I get rid of it? And why is it that is one of the sites that has this issue? This particular video does contain some third party content which I do have their permitton to use, so I don't see why I get this rather annoying message.  Thanks guys. 

Topic by steve-gibbs5    |  last reply

PDF downloads differ from updated content

The problem I face is that the "download" link at the top of my instructables does not download the most recent version of my instructable.  In fact, it appears to download the original version, as seen when it was first published, even after many revisions have been made. I use instructables to host instruction manuals for my kit business. When the instruction manual needs revising, I update the instructable with the necessary information. This is a huge problem, because many customers want to print the instructions from PDF, and because the PDF is not the most recent version of the instructable, so all of these customers have problems assembling my kit. As an example, look at the instructable here: The "download pdf" link at the top of the page clearly downloads a file with text and pictures totally unlike those in the instructable. Please fix this problem!

Topic by jackzylkin    |  last reply

Content being deleted, despite saving! Nnnoooooooo

I'm on Chrome (34.0.1847.137) on a Mac (OS X 10.8). Here's what's happening: • Editing a fairly long draft instructable, which I created last weekend. Adding pictures and text to steps. Saving religiously, despite the 3-minute Autosave. • I start noticing that pictures are disappearing from previous steps, when I work on another step and come back. Then, realize that text edits are being removed as well. I re-add the pictures, comments, and text and begin saving even more religiously! • Nnnooooooo! It's still deleting stuff! A lot of work is gone, and I'm pretty distressed. Searched the forums to see if anybody else has reported this. Not really, but I find a tip about the new "History" option ( • Click the "History" option while editing a step in the new editor. • An alert appears, telling me to send in a feature request. • Wat Updating my browser now, in case that helps. I would REALLY love to be able to get at the history - I can cobble together previous edits to reconstruct the 'ible, much more easily than rewriting everything. I'll add an update here after restarting/updating the browser. Thank you!

Topic by alexglow    |  last reply

Offensive (at least to me) Titles or Content of Instructables

Thank you to the "powers that be" for removing the "Instructable" on how to snare cats that I flagged a few weeks ago. Though my comments were perhaps a bit coarse (considering your Be Nice Policy) watching a video of a snared feline swinging back and forth by the back leg, desperately trying to escape, should shock and anger anyone; cat owner, cat lover or dog owner or anyone else that possesses the tiniest smidgen of humanity. To address the title of this post, I have counted over 60 Instructables that either have "Ghetto" or "Hobo" in their titles or text. I'm not only quite offended by this practice, but find no excuse for allowing it continue; and please note I'm a middle-aged white guy, raised in rural North Dakota and a small city in Minnesota! The first clause of your Be Nice Policy is - "We expect you to respect the rights and dignity of others." Any Instructable that utilizes low-cost, recycled or repurposed materials; or low-tech design and/or assembly methods should proclaim and celebrate those qualities, rather than denigrating or making insinuations about the less fortunate of our society, falls short of meeting the expectations of that clause. I'm fairly positive that you wouldn't publish an Instructable on how to "Jew someone down" (bargain or haggle) to get a lower price, just as I heard expressed by others countless times while I was growing up. It was offensive to my sensibilities then, and even more so now. Thank you for providing the opportunity to address this matter in your forum.

Topic by Hoard-n-Hack    |  last reply

We need a music contest!!!

I think that we need some kind of contest involving music! Instructables has had contests for photography, robotics, baking, biking, yo-yoing, and many others... so why hasn't there been one about music? There are many aspiring musicians here of Instructables and I think that we need our time to shine. That's my two cents.

Topic by sk8bordgeek    |  last reply

Instructables - Finalist for Best User-Generated Content Award in the Crunchies

Feeling like your Instructable was the underdog in our Laser Cutter Competition? Check out the blog to see how Instructables is competing with the likes of Digg, Facebook, Geni, and Yelp. Or just head straight over and vote for Instructables: according to the rules, you can vote once every day until Thursday at midnight.

Topic by ewilhelm    |  last reply

How do i display HTML content in an instructable?

I have tried to display an arduino program as a preformatted HTML tag and it displays all the   s and the tags. Any ideas?

Question by red_green    |  last reply

How do i list folder contents in php?

I have a folder that i would like to upload files, edit files, and delete files on,  i would liek this done in php, and the folder that is being edited maches the name of the person logged in " session_register("myusername"); "  How do i do this?

Question by comsa42    |  last reply

Apparently no direct relationship between Brix and water content???

Could anyone explain to me why there is not a direct relation between the Brix scale and the water contents scale on my honey refractometer? At the low end of the Brix scale (60-70), the match is perfect, but not at higher Brix. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that there is a non-linear relationship between sugar concentration and density. It would, however, be very nice to know the proper theoretical background... :-) Any help will be greatly appreciated, as I have been unable to find any information at all on the web. Thanks!  Best regards, tome

Question by tome    |  last reply

Exact contents of Arduino Contest second prize pack?

Hi, I'm a second-prize winner in the Arduino contest and recently received notification that my prize is in the mail. I'm trying to figure out what exactly comes with the prize pack in terms of accessories, if any. I don't know much about the pcDuino but I know the Raspberry Pi requires a power supply and SD card to boot. It's not totally clear from the prize page if it comes with these, or if I'll need to get them separately. It looks like I'd need to buy them on my own, but I want to double check before I spend any money. Any pointers would be appreciated!

Topic by Ben Finio    |  last reply

Can you help write a video game?

Do you want to get involved in moving an internet sensation to the next level? Webcomic Questionable Content are looking for a video game developer to push forward the creative vision of the comic's author. J Jaques says; Today, I had an idea. An idea for a video game. A video game about WEBCOMICS. I passed this idea around to a number of my colleagues, and they were very interested! It then began to dawn on me that this was possibly something I could actually make happen. But obviously I don't know anything about actually making video games, so I would have to talk to a developer about it. And while I'm sure there is nothing video game developers hate more than a Normal Person Who Thinks They Have A Great Idea For A Game, I am pretty sure this idea has legs, both in terms of potential audience and potential funding. So if you make video games for a living, shoot me an email. I would love to discuss my ideas with a professional. If you don't know QC, you should.  If you have a couple of days spare, start reading at number one, otherwise pick up here.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Urge authors to make better project summaries

Hello! I see these neat projects all the time in the newsletter, but when I click on them I'm often bewildered.  When I see an instructible  want to know one thing: What does it do? Maybe it's my own shortcoming, but I wish that people would say in the first sentence what the point is of their project.  EXAMPLE 1: This project is super cool and the steps seem clear.  However, what does it do?  It says in the title "facilitates DC restoration".  I don't know what that means.  It also says in the link "PC Sound Card Oscilloscope".  Does an oscilloscope somehow facilitate DC restoration?  I probably don't know enough about electronics for this to be useful to me, but it would be really nice to understand what he's making and what you'd use it to do.  EXAMPLE 2: I'm sorry to pick on the guy who's apologizing for his English, but I wish that it said what the robot does.  EXAMPLE 3: This has a great description, and this is what I'm talking about.  I can't imagine what you would do with it, but it clearly makes algae.  Cool, if I want to make algae, I'll know where to look!   I think it would be easy to encourage people to include the purpose of their project in the summary, and perhaps it could be incorporated easily into the submission process (although a simple suggestion might do the trick).  Of course there are times when it wouldn't be appropriate, like when posting art related instructables.  Also the general purpose stuff, like how to make balls of ice (although it would be interesting to know why someone would make an ice sphere maker)!  Also guides, like "Plant Terrarium Basics" don't need the purpose spelled out.  But, I think that lots of other things would really benefit from it! Thanks, Gene

Topic by geneorama    |  last reply