would this work to create a 3d display?

okay, I saw those video glasses devices they have, and as many have two screens, one for each eye, I was wondering if you could process a 3d signal to each eye, and enable the glasses to show 3d. it would be somewhat like those autostereoscopic and lenticular displays, but by separating the left and right channels and sending each to the screen for that eye only, the device should be able to give 3d without polarizing or shutter glasses. is this possible? how would one go about splitting the left and right video channels and feeding the split signals to each screen? my idea here was to try to create a simple cheap 3d display for people who use 3d video cameras and camcorders, as this would be an easy way to view the 3d images without dealing with headache inducing lenticular or autostereoscopic displays. thanks for any input.

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Is your local shop ripping you-off?

I was vaguely interested in wholesale prices for shop products, and managed to find this price-list. The wholesale price is WSP, RSP I guess is the Recommended Sale Price (I think there must be tax in there somewhere), and whatever POV stands for would be the margin. If you think someone's expensive: either they've got an expensive supplier, or you don't know WSP, or they are making the most of you. (But remember, 8-'till-laters work hard to earn a living, they do need some margin) P & H price-list - as a major distributor these prices will be around the "good as one can get" mark. E.g. Haagen-Dazs 100ml £23.99 for 24x = £1 per tub        Hovis Soft 800g £1.14 ea        Cheesestrings Cheddar 21g £9.24 for 24 = £0.385 ea        "What not butter" 1Kg £18.14 for 12, £1.51 ea Or just marvel at what crap you can stock your shop with.... It's only a bit of searching, you could check your prices (different country) by searching specifically differently. (Look for who is delivering stuff) I do remember a local shop which was regarded as a rip-off to the extent some of my friends would steal stuff by way of compensation... not much though, Pot-Noodle here & there... L

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Convenience Winch for use in Home Loft

I would love to get ideas for making a winch that I can mount as needed on the railing of my home loft (without damaging the railing), for use in exchanging cold drinks, snacks, office supplies, etc.  between family members on the two levels of the house without needless stair climbing.   Apologies for my terrible SketchUp skills. 

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Convenient djvu to anything readable conversion?

This is a problem I've been trying to solve for the last few weeks. I've finally been given a kindle (New Year presents), and it is great not to have to carry three or four books to school every day - usually it was the thing we read in Literature, some novel I read on my way in the underground, some Physics I have to read and understand and some Physics to help me understanding the first lot. It's been doing a great job, except for  not liking in the cold and getting a bit mad outside, but most of the Physics books I have and can find are in djvu for some reason known only to people who made books on Physics and Maths, so they can't be read on it directly. Is there any way to convert the books to something readable, and better not pdf, because it shows really slow and small and moving around the page is very unnerving especially early in the morning... I'd also love to save the pictures. Any ideas?

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Do you want to use Skype out more comfortable and convenient

Inside 128M USB Disk. It can be changed as the clients wish 128*64 Dot Matrix LCM, it can show multi-language and information of calls wonderfully It can show the date and time Compatible with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution such as SKYPE It can make a PC-to-PC calls for free and PC to PSTN or MOBILE calls through Internet. Echo-cancellation for better sound quality Can set speed dials, design as mobile phone There is a DTMF dialing keyboard, can dial on the phone as normal phone Can make a call to SKYPE by using SKYPE software, or make a call to normal phone by SKYPE out Professional processor and special arithmetic for high timbre quality Use I2C port, more simply and convenient Inside LED, shows the statement of coming calls, calls, silence, dialing, on hook, name list It can save the received calls and the dialed number as many as you wish It can make a call through SKYPE calling list Several types of ring tones for incoming call alert, The display of USB Phone and SKYPE can be concurrence As a speaker to broadcast music from PC No need superfluity power supply Can adjust the volume during a call Connecting statement auto-checking No need to bear the ‘earphone and microphone’, just answer the phone when it rings One phone for VoIP, make it more convenient Can use as the earphone of Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, MS NetMeeting, Talk and so on, supports dialing by USB We can exploit more functions according to the customer's inner information about the operation details So if you have any requirement of VoIP equipment, please contact us. TEL:+86-755-27918959 MSN: cobbyzhou@hotmail.com Skype: cobbyzhou Yahoo Massager: cobby_zhou E-mail: cobbyzhou@hotmail.com

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How can you find the voltage and current rating of an LED? (without the convenient little slip telling you) Answered

A while back I made a batch of sun jars that stopped working after a bit. I think it's the LEDs, but I'm not sure how to go about testing that, or finding out what to replace them with. I used this path light - and although I could just replace the light, well thats just not as fun.  

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View All Steps

Hello Some of us like to view all the steps on 1 page. It would be very convenient if this was the default option to view all instuctables instead of having to click on the button for each one. Thanks

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Magnets and Microwaves

I'm planning on setting up a kind of utility rack in the kitchen, and the top of the microwave is the most convenient location. I was planning on using neo magnets to hold it all in place, but does anyone have any idea if they'll affect the magnetron?

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How can I play my PS1 through my laptop screen?

I want to use my laptop screen to play my PS1 rather than a T.V. for convenience. I hang out and play games with friends and would rather not lug a T.V around.

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Resistor Calculator for electronic enthusiasts

Hi to evebody. I would like to share a tool which was developed for my own needs. For some time I recently need to obtain not standard resistor values with rationed precision from standard E24 series of resistors. Unfortuantely I don't find really good and convenient tool to do it. Finally I decided to made Resistors Finder for iPhone. I did my best to create simple, nice and convenient user interface and fast searching algorithm. Resistor Finder was just released yesterday on App Store. If you want a  free copy please PM me for promo code. Only 10 promo codes available. It will be nice to hear some feedback from you all. Any suggestion, critics and feature requests are welcome.

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Toxic Waste* Barrels Answered

I was wondering where to find those multipurpose metal barrels like the ones you find conveniently scattered across landscapes in first person shooters.  They also seem notorious for holding toxic waste in movies.  I was thinking it would be at some kind of surplus store. Can anyone help?

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Current challenges not visible on iPad

Until last week I was able to pull/view the current challenge on the home page (using my iPad).  Now it seems the only way I can view them is if I log onto my PC and click on "contests". Is there a way to view the current contests (that are still open) conveniently on my iPad?  Thanks!

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Organize favorites

I'd love the ability to organize my favorites into categories that I choose.  I'm a science teacher and use instructables for various lesson ideas.  Some are for physics classes, biology classes, chemistry classes, just for fun, etc. This would make finding my favorited instructables easier to find and also convenient for sharing groups of instructables with my students.

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AR-4 v4

I know I posted this on KI about a month ago but there are people who don't look on KI, so I thought I'd re-post it here for convenience (to you, not to me) I couldn't think of a better name for this gun anyways, don't call me out on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtPvzJMSz18

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How can I collect and melt large amounts snow for drinking water? (solar, not fuel based)?

I live in the woods in central Massachusetts.  I collect rainwater during the warmer months, filtering it for drinking water.  I'm looking for a fairly convenient, low effort way to melt snow using the sun.

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Dead PSP (Dead battery)

Ok, so im on vacation for 5 months. With my PSP. Conveniently, the battery is dead, and i have no charger, and i dont have my soldering iorn to fix it. I cant put it into USB mode without turning it on either, so that wont work. Does anyone have any solutions on how to charge the battery?

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Looking for Makers to do Research Interview

Hello! I'm doing research on people who make things (artists, hackers, crafters, etc.). I'm a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon and an intern this summer at Yahoo Research. I'm talking to people about one of their projects where they tried to make something new, something they hadn't tried before. The interview is about how the project got started, where they found helpful information, interesting things that happened, how they felt about it at the end, etc. The goal of this research is to understand the role of online resources in the process of making. Would you be interested in participating? The interview is about an hour or so. If you're in the bay area, we can meet in a convenient place for a casual conversation about your work and experiences. If you're not in the area or that's not convenient, we can chat on the phone or over IM. We have gift certificates to thank participants for their time. Contact me via instructables or email me at goodatmakingstuff@yahoo.com with any questions at all.

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Add feature : move step to another 'ible draft

I like the new interface, but I have a suggestion that could make it better. I often work on multiple projects at once, and sometimes I move pictures and pieces of the Instructables around. It would be really convenient if you could take a step and move it out of one Instructable and into another or spawn a new one.

Topic by JmsDwh 

Stats Suggestion

Are there any plans to update the "launch stats" feature?  It looks like the default is your top five based off total views even though these projects could be years old.  I know you can click on any project to see current stats but that isn't very convenient.  I guess I'm looking for something similar to youtube analytics (overview and realtime).    

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How / where do you store your kitchen cooling racks?

I'm looking for ideas for storing multiple sizes of cooling and broiling racks.  Ideally, they would be within easy reach (like not in the garage) but not in the way. So I'm asking the community in hopes that someone has found a non-tangling, space conserving, convenient method.  

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How to fix Window Media Player?

I try to launch files that would autoplay with WMP, and nothing happens. Not even an error message. The same thing happens when I launch the exe of WMP. However, it will work if I run it as administrator. Then I can just Ctrl+O my files. It would just be more convenient if I didn't have to do this every time. Any help/idea of what's wrong?

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Remote Control Backing (Missing, best solution)?

Hello, I have a remote control that has no back to it as it was damaged at some point and discarded. Can anyone please recommend a neat way to keep the batteries in the remote, as sellotape ismessy, not particularly reliable and leaves a nasty residue/mark and isn't particularly convenient to remove when replacing the batteries. Thank you so much for your consideration!

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A visual timer for kids

I would like help figuring out how to make this special type of clock.   I need some for my daughter, but don't want to shell out the $30 plus dollars for each one.   It is basically counting down time in a visual way for children who are too young to understand numbers counting down. I know there are computer based ones online, but it is not always convenient to have the computer on. Thanks for any help! Karl

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Can we make an Arduino based ebook reader?

E-reader is convenient. Pay for an E - reader is consider paying for thousands books. But not any body can afford a kindle or kobo, and geeks won't satisfy with them. So, I want to make an Arduino based ebook reader myself. The parts must be the cheapest (such as Arduino Nano...) or the recycled. Can anyone help me. (My English is well, so forgive me if you find any mistake)

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So one of the ear muffs for my Skullcandy Grind Headsets , came out and know i have no clue how to put them back in.?

Https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/302189702189023232/303703496589443073/20170417_182814.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/302189702189023232/303703495675215893/20170417_182805.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/302189702189023232/303703495674953728/20170417_182816.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/302189702189023232/303703407015886858/20170417_182801.jpg Sorry for the Dis links it was more Convenient.

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If I made a small wind turbine how much power would that bad boy put out? It gets rather gusty here. Answered

I was working on my car yesterday and i noticed the doors getting blown closed constantly. I thought how might i turn this unconvenience into a convenience. Well since the price of everything is going up cutting some costs off the bills. Help please?

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Door Peephole LCD Monitor Project. How-To & Ideas?

This is the premise of my project: To mount a webcam to a peephole that will display the video feed to an external monitor. I am in a dorm room at college and my desk is far from the door. It would convenient to see who is knocking without getting up - and to see if someone really is knocking. (Since the doors are close together a neighbor's knock can often be misinterpreted.) I have sufficient electrical engineering skills to carry out the project. But I was looking for insight on how I could potentially wire a spare USB (UVC) Webcam to a display. My intention is to use one of the several spare laptop LCDs I have and mount it in a convenient position.  The project by no means needs to be wireless unless using an A/V Transceiver offers simple integration. If anyone knows of a medium I can use to directly pass the video signal from the camera to the display without use of a motherboard, please let me know. ~*~ANY ideas on the matter are greatly appreciated and I thank you all in advance for any help you may have on the matter ~*~

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A visual timer for kids

I would like help figuring out how to make this special type of clock . I need some for my daughter, but don't want to shell out the $30 plus dollars for each one. It is basically counting down time in a visual way for children who are too young to understand numbers counting down. I know there are computer based ones online, but it is not always convenient to have the computer on. Thanks for any help! Karl

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Please explain Theo Jansen Mechanism?

We all have seen the Theo Jansen Machines and they are JUST AWESOME! I'm trying to build one. What is the the theory and mechanism behind Jansen's machines? Please explain. [Unicode Symbols for your convenience: Degree= ° , Half = ½ , Third = â��, Fourth = ¼, Three Fourth = ¾ , Integral = ∫ , Differential = ∂, Delta = Δ , Square = ² , Cube = ³ , Square root = √, Cube Root = â��, Infinity = ∞, sum = ∑ , Therefore = ∴, Because = â�µ,]

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Recommendations for good "watch the election" Web sites?

I currently have a browser tab open to CNN's election Web site, just because it was convenient. Do you all have recommendations for good Web sites to keep track of the U.S. election results (both Presidential and California in particular)? Update 4 Nov 2008 23:39 PSTThanks to y'all for the recommendations! I stuck with CCN for dynamical updating, and I'm going to check the CA State Web site tomorrow morning for the props.

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PLastic to oil converter

Hello, One year later, I found that video on youtube about a japanese scientist who converted plastic back to oil : Source : http://ourworld.unu.edu/en/plastic-to-oil-fantastic/ I waited for a convenient version for home use but still the smallest system weight 50Kg (100 pounds I guess). For what I read on the subject it's a kind of catalytic pyrolysis (whatever it means for such a non scientist as myself...). As any of you have an idea on how to make this kind of system for everyday use?

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Would this switch plan work? Answered

I found this online. It would be convenient for switching central lights from two sides of the house when the main panel is on one side.  It's the only diagram I found with the feed coming from the switch, going to multiple lights, and ending at a switch.  I'm having doubts about whether or not it would work and meet US code.  The black taped white wires seem only to be taped at one end, but perhaps I just don't understand.  Any input?

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Steps to setup routing for VLANs of a layer 3 switch connected to a home router for internet access? Answered

I have been searching the web for detailed steps on how to setup routing ( static / NAT ) for vlans ( Virtual LAN's) created on a layer 3 switch that is connected to a wired/wireless router at home for internet access to all the vlans thru the switch.   It would be convenient if it includes detailed explanation combined with diagrams, IP address information and steps to followed on each device and troubleshooting steps in case of issues.

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A Search in Your Favorites Tab

I always am favoriting new instructables to come back to later, and I have around 500 favorites by now. This poses a problem when going back to look through to find the one I want to view. If it is way at the beginning, it is hard to find. I end up just searching the site instead, trying to find it, but it would be more convenient if their was a "search your favorites" button under the "you" page in the "favorites" category. Other than that minor suggestion to the site's layout, I love the new layout!

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I'd like to see someone make a lawnmower that doesn't use a large stupid spinning fan, I'd like to see someone make something that uses the same principle as a harvester and makes little convenient bales or little grass blocks that could be easily used for other things. Its 2012, for gods sake, we should have some cool shit by now, and make it robotic too, where you can walk around your yard with your smart phone to let the mower know the perimeter as well as any other points of interest, like flower beds or dogs.        

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How could I convert a physical book into an ebook?

I have some books that I would like to make into ebooks so that i can carry them around and read them more conveniently. I would prefer not to use a scanner, partly because mine is not very good and also because a few of my books are somewhat fragile and I do not want to damage the spines on them. I do have a very nice digital SLR camera if there is something I could do with that. thanks for the help

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Top iPhone Instructables

Apple has released the new iPhone--and there are Instructables to make it better. Check out these iPhone-related Instructables, some of our favorites, that can make your iPhone better prepared for everyday use. Retractable Headphones Headphones are always getting tangled up in knots, but these recoiling headphones will keep the wires conveniently curled up and ready to use.   Business Card Stand Using just a business card, you can make this simple stand on which you can watch movies or just let your iPhone rest. Handgun Handset By talking into the grip, listening through the barrel, and starting and finishing your calls with a pull of the trigger of this modified airsoft gun, your iPhone calls will never be the same again. If you get trigger-happy, though, you might end up with a bunch of dropped calls. Book Safe As long as you don't choose a piece of classic literature, you can safely conceal your iPhone inside of a book with this design. Car Stand You don't want to be talking on your phone while you're driving, but this car stand will keep the iPhone in a convenient position for music and other purposes during car trips. One-Hand Use A simple loop attached to the back of the iPhone can make one-handed iPhone-ing simple and secure. And these are just a few--there are plenty more great iPhone Instructables to use!

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How do you cut t-nuts/slotted nuts with a router table?

Y want to use finger joints with T slotted captive nuts like this https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-your-Everything-Really-Really-Fast/step4/The-T-nut-Crossed-T-nut-Jesus-Nut-Slotted-Insert-N/  I only have hand tools and a mini router table. ¿Is it possible? ¿Is there any other convenient joint I can use in Acrylic with just this tools? (with screws, I don't want to use glue) Thanks

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Cheap Auto Range Multimeter? Answered

As the question states. Anyone know of a good, cheap, auto range DMM? The more features and higher ranges the better. I don't need true RMS, would like capacitance checking ability as I reuse a lot of used electronic components from stuff people throw away, and I always saw auto range as more of a convenience, not a necessity. I would like to spend as little as possible, as I'm sure I'll eventually burn it out on one of those used components, like I did the $20 harbor freight clamp meter I had.

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Easy Computer Mouse Modification / Repair

The first time I did this modification was about 10 years ago, and this is my second attempt. Both times it was done as a repair and not strictly as a modification. There are actually many advantages to a newly "rewired" mouse such as the mouse button being easier and more convenient to press.  (possibly an inexpensive and simple method to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome?) Anyway, the modification is located on one of my website pages: http://www.1728.org/mousemod.htm I've seen a lot of mouse modifications on the Internet and I doubt I was the first one to think of this. **************************************************************************** Edited to Add I finally uploaded a picture to this posting.

Topic by wolf1728 

best way or method to activate LED lights from a maximum of hundred meters away.

I have this project study on how to install, LED on a board as an indicator that a machine in the production line has fault. Since the production line has many machine and cell, its more convenient to install a wireless or activation through frequency. The board will be installed at the Techinician station then a switch in the production line that will activate it. I'm here in the philippines and in our plant we use two power supply (110 v and 220v), its better if it the switch will be plugged to 110v. Please advise for any information how to do it. Thanks

Question by zalcruz   |  last reply

Need Help With old PS2 Parts!

OK, i'm like really good with fixing a computer but i'm not that great about how parts work. So, I was wondering, see, i have an old (Slim) ps2 that doesn't work anymore. I was going to throw it away but decided i should be able to make something out of these parts! Now, i'm wondering if theres any parts of convenience here what can i make out of these parts? I should be able to create something if i fiddle around with old ps2 slim parts long enough. Any suggestions? I have attached a picture of what i have to work with.

Topic by rgibbs 

How do you look up Instructables Answers now without manually typing in the url?

Hello something is deeply wrong with instructables. you cant search instructables anymore, nor can you search questions, not without manually typing in the URL. what is going on? i dont understand how removing the buttons to allow us to view instructables or answers makes it more convenient, if anything i just see the site stripped down to its bones anyway, what is the new long route to finding the answers and instructables pages without typing in the address?

Question by oldmanbeefjerky   |  last reply

iPad Smart case edges too sharp - solution needed

Hi guys I just got a smart case (not Smart Cover) for my iPad. It's awesome and it's pretty convenient. But the problem is, the edges of the case are too sharp and this makes it VERY difficult and painful to hold for long durations.  I was kinda hoping you guys could come up with some interesting and easy DIY solution for this. Other people  just tell me to get a new case. I simply can't afford one. I'm willing to try anything. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks in advance guys. :D

Topic by nithinthomas91   |  last reply

DIY Stage lighting - need help (pics)

I play in a three piece sludge metal band and I am in the process of making some portable footswitchable stage lighting.  I want it to be safe and convenient, however I'm not toooo knowledgable when it comes to electrical wiring/ideal parts for ideal application, etc... Below are two images of my plans so far, but I could reeeeeally use some help in the issues/questions addressed in the images.  If anyone can shed some light (no pun intended) on this I would greatly appreciate it.  Please be as specific as possible. ISSUES/QUESTIONS? Portable footswitchable Stage Lighting for my band. I think we will be using 65-100watt incandescent lights. 4 momentary white lights (2 per side) + 4 on/off white lights (2 per side) + 2 color lights (1 per side). I DO NOT WANT TO ELECTRICUTE MYSELF OR ANYONE ELSE. I WANT THESE LIGHTS TO BE BRIGHT AND EFFECTIVE. CONVENIENT WIRING/CORDS WOULD BE IDEAL. - What wire to be used to connect couple labeled sockets? (two momentary, two on/off in each side box. both sides triggered at same time) - How do I wire the labeled sockets? Are they connected just like how it’s drawn? - Can those footswitches be used with this set up/light sockets?Or do I need a different type/rated footswitch to do this? - How can I connect and disconnect (for transport) RIGHT BOX to LEFT BOX and power both sides to one footswitch? ALL help and advice is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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Always buy the warranty.

Don't listen to all those "experts" who talk on TV about not buying the 3 year warranties for computers. I've just been approvoed by BestBuy to get a replacement laptop to my replacement laptop. It was an HP DV2100, I think, and replaced some other COMPAQ. Long Story Short:Bought a laptopSomething went wrongSent away for repairLostOffered new, better laptopFound, offer honored anywaysReplacement laptop is accidentally damagedApproved for another replacement, to be picked up at our convenienceI've been saved countless times by those extended warranties. Once, there was actually 9 days left on the warranty for something, when it broke. Brand new one, baby =]Note: Buy it within reason of price, of course

Topic by Weissensteinburg   |  last reply

Soldering Iron advice?

Hello, I'm shopping for a new soldering iron and I was hoping for some advice or recommendations. I'm a professional auto tech, and do plenty of soldering there, but I'm getting back into electronics stuff for a hobby. My butane iron is fine for work, but I need a better iron for boards and the like.  Do you think its too early to get a temp control iron? Would a nice stand alone iron suffice for now? I'm not afraid to spend some money on a nice station but $100 is around the max I could budget now. My tool guy at work deals with Weller, so that would be convenient for a tad pricier set up. I'm greatful for any advice or help, and hope to have a project on here soon. Thank you

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How to make a vertical moving shelving system

The wall against which i will install my kitchen has a niche about 1 mt wide X 0,45 mt in depth going from floor to ceiling. I would like to install a 2 level shelving system that moves vertically to hold conveniently lets say a coffee maker, a food mixer and other appliances. Any suggestion about components to make a durable thing? I am thinking about a counterbalanced braked manual moving system with linear gear, chains and weight or a servo system with integrated gear reducer, 12 volt motor, stroke limiter, 220v-12V converter and command , plus a linear guide. Any idea is welcome

Question by adyx   |  last reply

The reMake Lounge

I would like to introduce to you all and welcome to the site The reMake Lounge, a new local DIY Maker space whose mission is to inspire the maker spirit, foster community, and keep materials out of the landfill. They are looking to provide a center for makers to be able to drop in, use their facilities and resources and socialize.We enthusiastically look forward to partnering with them to bring Instructables themed build nights and workshops to the Bay Area maker community. They have a pretty awesome and conveniently located space located in the heart of downtown SF. You can see some of the photos below from some of their past events. The reMake LoungeM-F 10am to 4pm at Crocker Galleria 50 Post St. Suite 9San Francisco, CA 94104

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Want to feel *really* small and insignificant?

Maybe you have heard of the "Tree of Life"? It's an old idea, with the first version being sketched by Darwin. There's a new (ish) one out.  I saw rough copies last year, but the reference pages of Dawkin's latest book led me to this web page. The image of the Tree there is, officially, "simplified", but still contains 3000 species, so it has a convenient "you are here" marker (second image, plus PDF file). Apparently, to see it properly, you have to print it out at a size of four and a half feet or more... The tattoo is on the back of Clare D'Alberto, who is working on her Ph.D. in biology at the University of Melbourne, but I'd love to see what the Makers here could do with the original image?

Topic by Kiteman   |  last reply