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No cookies?!

I made an account two days ago, but can't sign in at home. I'm currently using my college computer, which logs in fine. Some other login problem posts mentioned cookies not being enabled, however Instructables doesn't seem to be trying to set any cookies. I set FireFox to auto accept all cookies, but when I check the cookie log, there are none from Instructables. Other websites work fine. I checked this computer and Instructables is setting cookies. I also tried IE7 and same problem. Anyone have any idea what's happening?

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Whats up forum,  I need the best cookies recipe on this site, Think you could help me? :) Thanks All  Bye!

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Cookie, cookie, come and get a cookie! CLOSED

It's not a big secret that I really like cookies. I often make double or triple batches just so that I have plenty to give away to friends and coworkers and neighbors and whatnot.But hey! Now with patches I can give all of you a cookie! It'll be a patch, but if you want one just make a new comment below asking for a cookie and you'll get one! UPDATE: Over three dozen cookies given out so far. If you want one, let me know soon as the cookie jar will close at 4:30!UPDATE 2: OK, since so many of you asked so nicely after the cookie jar was closed I opened it again this morning to give out some more. But that's it! It's now done for good!

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The new advertiser tries to give cookies when its ad is shown on the page

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tracking cookies

Suggest that you stop using tacking cookies, your site URl now shows as SUSPECT!!!!

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cookie tracing.

Can a cookie be linked to my ip address? i kow my ip can be traced but can i be linked to a cookie placed on my laptop by a website

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Cookie Contest

On the prize page for the cookie contest the third prize is listed as 3-Piece Stainless Steal Mixing Bowl Set. there is a small spelling error. i do believe that it is a  3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set. Homonyms will get you. Or am I wrong and these bowls are "Hot"? 

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Favorite cookie?

What are your favorite cookies? I like chocolate chip cookies without chips, they're great! Include recipes if you want.

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fortune cookies

Does anyone know how to make an origami fortune cookie...I don't really want to buy a 'kit' just to know how?

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Cookie jar is closed! Cookie patches delivered!

The cookie jar is open for the next day and a half. If you want a cookie, just follow these instructions: - Make a new comment - In 10 words or less write what your dream project is - Submit it before 4:30 pm PST, July 21.You don't need to ask for a cookie, you just need to put out your idea with 10 words or less.So... what's your dream project?UPDATE: The cookie jar is cloooooooosed! Thanks to everyone who posted a comment of their dream projects. It's always fun to dream and dream big. All of the cookie patches have been given out. I said 10 words and I meant it. I'm a stickler, I know, but I will be giving patches out again in the future 'cuz you're all awesome and it's fun.

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More FREE Cookies!

Aha, now that I have pulled you in here, its time for me to explain exactly whats going on.Fungus Amungus, has been giving out alot of cookies. Hundreds almost. Its easy for one person to give out lots of cookies. But it easier for loads of people to give just the one cookie.So here is a call out to all you people out here able to give patches. Its a simple task.GIVE FUNGUS AMUNGUS COOKIESHis profile can be found here - Fungus AmungusCookie pictures can be found here and here, as well as hereI have already sent mine his way! Lets see just how many cookies we can give him.

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Cookies match with coffee

I want to make cookies that go well with coffee, with flavors that don't ruin the taste of coffee

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Cookie jar is closed!

What's this? Another batch of cookies? Sweet!Well, I have a fresh batch of cookie patches to give away and to get one all you have to do is make a new comment asking for one.Act fast, because the cookie jar closes at 4:30 pm PST.UPDATE: I just gave out a batch of cookies at 11:00 am. If you did not get one yet it's because you didn't ask for one. Yeah, I'm being a stickler like that today. Still 5.5 hours to go!

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diet cookie recipe?

 I am looking for a recipe that duplicates the one on Good Morning America.  I think it was a  Dr. Seigle talking about the cookies.  Six a day and then eat a reasonable evening meal. Supposedly this cookie contains amino acids and is the weight loss answer to the universe.  I just want a reasonable facsimile to make for my family.  Anyone?

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wierest fortune cookie?

Following its wierdest fortune cookie!some of mine were"you are wonderful; just be yourself"and"be generous, you should pay for this meal"

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why do my cookies rise and fall while still in the oven?

They go flat and look kind of gooy and form 1 giant super cookie I make them the same way I always have but I still get the problem ime also kind of new a backing so pleas help

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Girl scout cookie recreation help

Hi, I'm trying to recreate the girl scout cookie called "All Abouts" They were discontinued some time ago. I'm sure the cookie bit is a form of short bread but I'm not sure what kind of chocolate or fudge to use or even how to apply it on to the cookie like the image I attached. It doesn't need to be 0 trans fat like the image. Any help would be appreciated, thank you so much.

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Not accepting 3rd party cookies at preventing commenting

I've turned off acceptance of all 3rd party cookies in my browser. Because of this, I am not able to post a comment to anyone's Instructable. I get how analytics help drive your business, so you need to use a server based solution vs using client-side (using 3rd party click/data capture) to do so [I'm accepting cookies from your domain]. Blocking 3rd party cookies is pretty common.  [Mozzilla was even considering making it the default, before enough lobbyists have complained that Congress sent a letter to Mozzilla asking that they not do that] Accepting the quantserve cookie, as a REQUIREMENT for commenting is just not kewl!

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does any body know how to make cookies with instant mashed potatoes? Answered

What i need is some recipes for cookies, using instant mashed potatoes

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I want thick cookies not flat, like they get deflated when cooled. HELP! HELP!

Why do my cookies always flatten out.?  I've done everything from room temp butter,room temp eggs.  left batter in ref. over night.  beat with  my kitchen aid and also by hand.   I've used real butter, margarine and butter flavored Crisco.  My sisters have watch me and said I do everything they do and can't figure it out.  I want thick cookies not flat.

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Someone Pinched My Instructable? What Can I do?

Someone pinched my instructable ( and put it on their own website as theirs! ( What can I do about it? I want it taken down!

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He won't give free cookie

He won't give free cookie!

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How to make crispy/crunchy oatmeal cookies ?

Hello & Thanks , I love oatmeal and I love crispy/crunchy cookies , not too sweet . But so far I have found only chewy oatmeal cookies. Anyone have a recipe for crispy/crunchy oatmeal cookies ? ..Thanks..Vern

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can I make cookies from instant oatmeal?

Can I make cookies from flavored instant oatmeal packets?

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Why did i forget to close the cookie jar? Answered

Just always wanted to know... Coz now my cookies are stale :(

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how to make millefiori cookies/?

I want to make cookies with a particular design on them, but I'm not sure I can figure out how to form the right shapes.

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Cookies? Patches? Cookie Patches!

So, I have eight patches that I want to give away (I'm saving the leftovers for a different time) Simply ask for a patch, and I have one left you'll get one. Patches left: 0 Sorry, all gone.

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Bug: "logout" doesn't remove I'bles identification cookie(s)

I was trying to reproduce an error reported by Adrian Monk. I followed the logout link, which took me back to the Home page and removed my "You" tabs from the masthead. However, when I then followed a link into the I'bles Web site, my "You" tabs were back, and I'bles thought I was still logged in!I had to remove all I'bles related cookies by hand in order for the logout to really take effect. The logout action should remove those cookies automatically.

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Making edible cookie dough?

I am trying to recreate ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream. But I am not sure of a good recipe that i could use. Has to still be soft when the ice cream freezes. Thanks in advance.

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Cookie jar is closed! Thanks to everyone who came and got a patch!

OK, I have more cookie patches to give away! If you want one, all you have to do is leave a new comment below asking for a cookie. That's it!I have lots and lots of cookie patches, but the cookie jar will close at 4:30 pm! So let me know soon.Patches will start to go out around noon.

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I need help coming up with an Arts and Crafts entry for my local fair, any suggestions? Answered

ANY kind of Arts and Crafts or cookie item is acceptable, they have all sorts categories. I just can't decide which ones I should pick. I also have about a month to do the project. Thanks!

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i just published a instructable and when will it appear on the instructables pages?

It's April 5 and I was hoping to show my instructable off tomorrow. Will it be officially published by tomorrow afternoon, 130 EST? Thanks.

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Does anyone have a recipe for torrone, a tradional Italian candy?

It's a sweet, sticky, meringue-like candy that's made w/ egg whites(?), nuts, and honey, I think.

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Page redirecting problem?

Hey, I'm wondering if anyone else is having this problem.  I use Firefox 3.6.16 at work, and since last Friday have been getting this message on the main index page: The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.   *   This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept           cookies. I have all cookies enabled.  I've disabled them, refreshed, logged out, rebooted, and reeneabled in so many combination's that my head now hurts and my computer is dizzy.  I had another tab open to an 'ible, and am able to browse through various forums that way (thus I'm able to post this), but whenever I go to the main index page I get this error.  I tried using Internet Explorer (shudder), but it just gives the ever-helpful "can't connect" standard IE error message.  I haven't tried using FF4 yet (I have that running at home). 

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Website doesn't recognize users never recognizes me from one visit to the next. Every time I click on a link in an email (unless I already have instructables windows open, and I'm logged in) it doesn't know who I am.   Granted, this is bordering on a feature request, but I do think that it should be considered a bug.  Since pretty much every other website that isn't a bank account recognizes the user, I would call it a bug unless there is a reason for forcing the user to log in on every visit. Thanks EDIT (Aug 21, 2012): I was using Windows XP with Firefox when I had this problem, and it was consistent for at least a year across different machines.  Since posting this question, instructables hasn't asked me to log in again!  Maybe it's because I switched to Chrome a couple of days ago, or maybe it was just me.    Since this is not a typical, please never mind.

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Instructables Statistics

Monthly TrafficPeople 4.3M (US 2.7M)Page Views 45.6M (US 27.1M)US Demographics55% Male, 45% Female82% Caucasian"This site attracts a less affluent audience.""There is a high index of College Graduates here."Audience Also Searches For"instructables""how to make moonshin" "how to kiss" "make""mouse trap car""how to make a still" "origami rose" "potato gun""how to draw graffiti" "homesteading""adio""how to make a bomb""how to make a bow""how to make wine""how to solve a rubix"All this and more statistics here.By catergory Global People Global People %tech 1,490,650 32.90%craft 960,306 21.20%offbeat 604,246 13.30%index 476,859 10.50%life 444,854 9.80%home 440,639 9.70%green 420,722 9.30%art 409,729 9.00%food 386,673 8.50%games 324,747 7.20%science 269,921 6.00%ride 255,199 5.60%outdoors 234,394 5.20%music 139,924 3.10%kids 108,103 2.40%photography 106,470 2.40%pets 87,112 1.90%sports 68,147 1.50%knex 45,614 1.00%holiday 25 <1%

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What are all these cookies on Instructables, etc?

I don't know if most people can read their own cookies.Today when I signed on instructables with a clear cache , I got these GANJAUSERSETTINGSApparently ganja means smoking pot. Why give me those cookies?Here are some other cookies I think stink.ACIDBASEROLL (< who's being "wicked ... in High places"? Everybody must get stoned?)doubleclick.* (tracking cookie)hitbox.* (tracking cookie)2o7.* (tracking cookie)KIDYMD (when I haven't been there)RU4 (are you for... as in RU4 86? what are you for?)test-loyalty (do you like Bush?)lucky# geoinfo (where are you now?)FLASH9 (hidden)I will post more sneaky looking cookies as I get them. I can't remember more now.If anyone is a truthful expert on cookies, share more clues.dttd://CMD MSG 41387 04551.70280 ETX (user defined protocol)

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Hot Cookie Lava Cake Dough

I've been making chocolate lava cakes and they start to get boring after a while. I'm going to try to bake soft cookies now to see if I can find a cookie recipe with a soft cookie texture so does anybody know any things where instead of just pure chocolate I can make a cookie crusting for the chocolate lava cakes? Just a small amount to press against the sides and bottom. Usually serve it with vanilla ice-cream.

Topic by rexdino5  

Can you make no-bake choco-oatmeal cookies without peanut butter for those with allergies to peanut butter.?

Can you make no-bake choco-oatmeal cookies without peanut butter and have them turn out good?  My daughter is allergic to PB.

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Varnishing, shellacing, or polycoating sugar cookies

What would be the best paint-on preservative (some type of clear coat; varnish, polyurethane, shellac, etc) and the method to use to seal a frosted sugar cookie so that it would be durable, colorfast, and not get moldy or crack? I'm not looking to seal it into a block of acrylic, I want to keep it looking like the original cookie.Yours unpreservedly,- FP

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Cookie jar is closed! Thanks to everyone who commented

OK, it's been a little while since the cookie jar has been open, but it has returned!Want to get a cookie patch? Follow these simple rules:- Make a new comment- Answer the question, "Who or what inspires you?"- Submit it before 4:30 pm PDT, August 21.OK, that's it. Share with us your source of inspiration!UPDATE: Wow, that was a big batch of cookies. Thanks to everyone who left a comment. It was great to see all the places and people that provide inspiration. If you didn't get a patch and should've, just send me a PM.

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Non Stop! Caramel cookies recipe

Hi! About 6 moths ago I was visiting family in Germany, and my uncle had these weird cookies (well not really weird, unusual) called Non Stop! Caramel;=/sweet/&f;=all/ Now, I live in Finland, and these cookies aren't available here, so I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to mimic these or had some suggestions what recipes would work. I don't have a lot of free time, so trying out a hundred recipes is not an option. There is another thing. Since then, I have also become a vegan, so if I were to find these in a store, I couldn't eat them, so I sorta need to do this myself. So if anyone has eaten these cookies and knows a recipe for something in the same direction, or can make up a copycat recipe, it would be much appreciated. The recipe doen't have to be vegan btw, I can convert it myself. Thanks in advance,  - Kalle

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Tasteless, textureless chocolate chip cookies, EVERY first batch I make? Answered

For the last 3 times I have tried making chocolate chip cookies, the first round that I slide in the oven has come out completely tasteless and textureless. No light buttery taste, no vanilla taste, not even a vaguely burnt taste. And they aren't crispy or chewy either. They're definitely cooked all the way through, and I follow the recipes exactly. The 2nd batch normally turns out slightly better, but I couldn't tell you why. I am a rather bad cook, but that doesn't explain why all the cookies suck. :P To quote one of my friends, "This will haunt me for the rest of my life. I don't know how to even describe this cookie, as there is nothing to describe about it." My mother once made a vague comment about the temperature of the oven, but I'm still not sure how to fix it. It's probably not the recipe; I've used several different ones that are all fairly standard and similar. 

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&quot;Repeating Image&quot; comments bug and a workaround

Several regular users, including myself, have noticed an annoying bug in replying to comments. The two comments before were copied from the same Forum topic, and were made about 1 minute apart. As you see, the second comment has the same image attached as the first, even though gmjhowe did not select add image the second time.This bug is easily reproducible. Reply to a comment in either a forum topic or an I'ble, and attach an image. Now scroll around and reply to a different comment on the same page. You'll see your image appear when you post the second reply. The error, I believe, is that the cookie(s) created by I'bles to save the sate of the first reply is not completely erased when the user completes the posting. The information about attached images is preserved, and leaks through to a second comment on the same page.The workaround I have found turns out to be really simple. Leave the page (for example, by using the Back feature of your browser), and return to the same page by following a hyperlink. Don't just use the browser's Forward feature; that will preserve state and the bug will occur. By following the link to the page "fresh," I'bles will erase the previous cookie completely, and create a new one in anticipation of what you might do on the "new" page.It would be good if Rachel or somebody could fix the cookie-handling bug so this doesn't continue to happen. It's a real pain if you've just written a long second comment, possible with formatting, and then find unexpected images attached to it.

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Party Contest Entry

I entered two entries into the party contest before the deadline, May 1st. When I looked today, I couldn't see either entry. I am getting worried that the entries are not in the contest ! Please help

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How does the taste compare in Flourless versus Flour recipes? Answered

I see recipes once in a while, like this one, where they don't use flour.  I know it is easier, but does anyone know the taste difference in flourless recipes?  Is it not worth it to do flourless?

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How do I permanently delete a tracking cookie? Answered

I use Internet Explorer as my primary browser and Symantec Endpoint Protection as antivirus. Everytime I run an full scan, it says it finds the same tracking cookie and its primary action was to be deleted. However, it appears again if I run another scan even though I don't use the internet between scans. Is there a way to delete this cookie and is it possible it is a threat to my computer?

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