A cordless mower made from a 12V DC starter motor, mounted up with a 12V battery mounted on a junk mower frame

I'd like to try mounting a car starter motor with a 12V battery on a rescued-from-trash mower chassis. Has anybody tried this?

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Anyone know of a take apart guide for the Black and Decker CMM 1000 Cordless Electric lawn mower?

I am trying to fix one that has a bad circuit board. And I want to save the batteries because they are only a year old. I'm not looking to fry myself in the process, though.  Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

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Harvest Grain- with a Hedgetrimmer?

Has anyone tried cutting tall grass with a hedgetrimmer? It does resemble a sickle bar mower, at least superficially. I've never quite gotten the hang of the scythe, and although the gas chainsaw does work, it's an awful lot o noise. This year, the slender wheatgrass, which is usually xeriscaping and erosion control will be harvested for chickens ! I'm thinkin of buying a Ryobi cordless trimmer. 

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Electric bike from spare motors

Hi Everyone, my first post here.  I've been thinking of making an electric bike. Now there are bikes on the market that are $450+ and I have a spare one that I haven't touched in over 6 years lying around. With the recent improvements in DC electric motors, I think it's about time I gave it a shot at assembling an electric bike. The motor will likely come from an electric lawn mower, the battery will be a lithium ion battery rated for that motor (I can attach these into series or parallel depending on what motor I use). I've been looking at electric motors from Kogan.com.au (I'm australian)  Either one of these http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/18v-lithium-ion-cordless-garden-tool-set-3-piece-set/ or http://www.kogan.com/au/buy/recharge-mower-electric-lawn-mower The cheaper one more likely. If I should source a motor another way then I'm all ears.  My questions are: Would the motors in the first link be powerful enough (they use the same battery as an electric drill) How would I attach the motor to the bike so that I can ride and engage the engine when I want? How would I mount it so that I can use regenerative braking? I was thinking of using a clutch sort of mechanism attached to the wheel axle, again I'm all ears. And if anyone's done this already, what type of hazards am I going to face? (that probably aren't obvious, safety first!) I also thought of using a petrol engine from a lawn mower but an electric bike seems more appealing to me. :) Thanks all

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