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Speakers in a couch

 I was thinking of putting 16 4-inch kickers in a couch, on the back side. any ideas on this?

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Cardboard couch

Does anyone have instructions for an origami style cardboard couch. Or any easy to build, durable style. I saw it posted once before and now I can't find it.  Maybe it was another site, but I know the instructions are out there! Help! 

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Couch Car

Had an idea about making a couch car. Since summer is starting to end (DEMON WORDS) i thought id better slow it down. Ideas, plans, diagrams, places to get parts would greatly be apreciated. Best of luck with your summer!!

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shelf couch

I have a fairly barren room with two windows on one wall, and I would like to make a low bookshelf underneath the windows that will also be wide enough for a pseudo-couch to lie down on for reading and other relaxing activities. I took more time making the paint drawing below than this post, so APPRECIATE! Thanks 8D

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Change in the Couch =)

So recently, a friend and I decided to set up a website with a forum and a community - we want to create something pretty special here. We decided to call it Change in the Couch, because, who doesn't love it when we lift up the couch cushion to look for the freaking TV remote, and we find like, seven dollars in change? I know I do. If you don't, then you're a fool - or just really tidy.Seriously though, we could use some members and fun times, so feel free to sign up and discuss :) Maybe you'll meet some cool folks.

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Huge Cat Couch

Huge cat couch is huge. Gigantic, even! No info available about this one that I've been able to find, but it looks like a lot of fun if you have the space for it (yeah, right!). Huge Cat Sofa via CRAFT

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Does anyone have some simple instructions for recovering sofa cushions?

I have a rattan furniture set, and I would like to recover the cushions.

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How to clean microfiber couch?

My couch and ottoman are both a light brown microfiber/faux suede fabric. I need to know an effective method of how to spot clean this fabric without damaging it.

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CPA(couch potatoes of america)

If you qualify for the CPA please join my group. reasons to join the CPA might be(but are not limited to): 1)watching to much t.v. 2)spending extended periods of time on couch. 3)haven't changed you shirt in 3 days 4)having t.v. dinners more then 4 days a week 5)having more then 15 pop cans on the floor right by you. 6)you almost have the t.v. guide memorised 7)you do have the t.v. guide memorised 8)you havent cleaned you room or house in 3 weeks.

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Hi! My couch needs a face lift. Does anyone know of a cheap way of changing its colour? Apart from draping it? Answered

My couch is Kermit-green. I would like to change it to something darker, like burgundy red. The only thing that occurs to me is to dye it. Is that possible? And cheap? I would be grateful for any suggestions (apart from setting fire to it, that is!) I will upload a picture to illustrate the problem. Thank you, anthill52

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I'd like to make a wooden futon frame that will convert to a couch, how do I do it?

I'd like to build something that looks nice as well as be functional, any ideas? Thanks!!

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Is it possible to mod a traditional sofa into a sofa bed?

I have a traditional couch and a pull out couch (sofa bed). Both are great, but the traditional couch is more comfortable. Can I take the internal part that is the sofa bed and put it into the frame of the other couch? Anyone have any suggestions on how I can do it if that's possible?

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how can i fix a sagging couch?

I have this awesome worn brown leather loveseat, but the springs at the bottom are warped and i wanted to know if there was a way to fix that or if there was a way to make a new spring supports for my beloved couch

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Murphy/Wall Bed Over Couch

I am looking to get or make a forward facing full sized make bed that would flip up over a couch.  I see, and also I like the idea of a couch, and like the simplicity of flip up/down "next bed" - where there's no frame around the bed. Does anyone know of any plans or where I can make or get a reasonably-priced "flip up bed over couch" like that?

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How could I pimp out my shed to hang out in?

I have a shed that my friends and I hang out in. So far it has 2 tables, 2 couches, christmas lights, and a radio, and temporary lighting (I have to run an extension cable to it). Any more ideas?

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does anyone have an instructable on how to motorize a couch?

Any kind of motorized couch would work for me, just something simple using maybe shopping cart wheels and a chainsaw motor or something

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I have a sagging metal futon frame that I only use as a couch.

I have a sagging metal futon frame that I only use as a couch. The mattress  is a thick one and it always slides forward. Is there a way to fix the sagging frame and keep the mattress from sliding forward. Maybe even create a cheap couch frame but still using the mattress as cushioning.?

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How do you reupholster a "click-clack" futon?

I have a very small, black click clack futon couch. Its almost exactly like this futon at target I've tackled very small reupholstering jobs before, but nothing as big as this. My main worry is that it has moving parts(back rest folds all the way down, as do the arm rests to create a platform bed), and the fabric having enough slack to do this on a regular basis. At the same time I don't want the new fabric to look saggy when the futon is in the couch position. Also I would like to add more cushioning to make it more comfortable, but don't know how to. Has any one done this before with this kind of futon?  I appreciate any advice, or suggestions.

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Who in the Denver area wants to build a bike couch?

You might've seen the CouchBike online before, a great contraption made in Canada a few years ago. Well, I would like to build something similar in the Denver area, maybe for bicycle cruise nights or parades, or just for fun.I don't have all the resources available to build something like this, but it's possible that we could get a group together at the Derailer Bicycle Collective or other bike shops around the city and build something cool.I have a lot of ideas on how we could build it, from a light-weight "road bike" to a heavy-duty off-roader. If we get a few people collaborating and contributing to this project, it should go a lot quicker.

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Post-It Origami, Bean Bag Couch, Make Plaudough

Post-It Origami Box Bean Bag Couch Make Playdough Munny Speakers T-Shirt to Sexy Top Remove a Tick Get a Free Yacht Build Your Own Guitar Bread from Scratch Cheap Art Cheeseburger Dress Memphis-Style Brisket Paper Walkalong Glider Eight Cord Flat Braid Reclaimed Wood Table

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How to repair a broken spring on couch, the seat is sagging.?

Our sofa sags at middle cushion. I tipped couch over and one spring was broken and the other came loose. I wrapped wire around broken spring and around the wood it was attached to, the second spring I reattached and wrapped wire around to hold together. Now it’s back to sagging again!  Is there a better - more permanent way I can repair this? 

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Homebed help. Looking for ideas on how to create this.

Hey all! I recently stumbled upon a picture of what appeared to be a homebed/ daybed piece. I really want to build one, but don't have the slightest idea on where to start. Here are some links to the specific bed: If the links do not work for you, just search google for "homebed theater" and you will definitely know which picture I am talking about.  So do any of you DIYers know where to begin on this project, or would like to build and post an instructable? Thank you!

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Building the Couchbike!

I am just starting an AMAZING project!  I am building the Couchbike.   Take a look at the original: I am wanting any advice or experience or ideas about building strange bikes.  This is kind of like building a recumbent trike, so anyone who has experience with that particular thing please chime in.  It would be great to find someone to collaborate with.  I live in Portland, OR.  Don't worrry: I will definatly make a how to on this one!!  

Topic by kayperson  

Fabric spray paint

Has anyone used this stuff before? I found some at autozone and it would be awesome to custom color old couches.

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Anyone know how to convert a sofa bed into pure storage?

I liven SF and am completely out of room at this point. The bed in this hide-away-bed is so uncomfortable, guests don't use it anyway. I want to remove the hide a bed portion, leave the couch and, reclaim the area for storage...  ANy ideas? the couch is the ektorp model from ikea and has springs. this one: i am decently handy, can get wood, have a drill and jigsaw. thanks for any ideas!

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Is there an instructable that shows a laptop cooler you can put on the couch, lap or bed? thanks.? Answered

 i use my LAPtop on my lap a lot, but it gets hot, so i would like to have a cooler but i am not sure how to make one

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i want to make a chaise using my old sofa?

I have a six ft. couch and a tiny space. I want to take off one arm and cut off part of back to create chaise. Can I do that without trashing sofa?

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Winamp wireless remote controll

Ive made a winamp remote controll of a wireless was quite easy.take out the printcard and hotwire the chip :)Controll your music and video from your couch. Ive made mine on my living room table. Here`s a short clip of it in actionWinamp remote controll

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Scat-Mat for a cat, made from scratch -- suggestions? Answered

I'm looking to make one of these myself. Any suggestions as to the power supplied to the conductive surface?Obviously, I want low enough power to not hurt my cat, but enough for her to choose not to sleep on the couch anymore!Thanks!

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Folding coffee table?

Hi instructable community. I am currently graduating, and I own a 484sq. feet (45m^2) apartment. I have the basics and am quite grateful for what I have. however, I belive that a coffee table is almost a necessity. The problem is that if the table isn't wide enough, it won't be of much use, and if it's too wide, it will occupy too much space and will be in the way. That's (hopefully) where you brilliant minded people come in. I was thinking about a folding coffee table that will be thin, and when I have company over, I pull on it or something and it widens up so it can comfortably hold a few glasses and maybe a book or too. I have added a few images of the area that the table will go. The couch is 2m in length (6.56167979 feet) so you can get a generall image of the room. The couch is on a slight angle, so the small plant can fit behind it (it's on a chair so it can get sunlight),  so I can move the couch around a little for a bit more room. Please keep in mind that I do not have many tools, but I know how to work with raw materials, It will just take a little more time (instead of an electrical saw, I have a hand saw. Same job, takes longer). Also I don't have alot of spare money and I can't find "special" items (for example, ball bearings, and pivot and swirlly stuff are out of the picture). I know it sounds quite bizzare but I would like some help. It doesn't HAVE to be a foldable table, but I would prefer it to be, because the couch is also a bed, so if someone comes over for a couple days, I need to be able to "hide" the table to open up some space.  Worst case scenario, I'll make a small(ish) chest that will double as the table. Thank you for your time reading this message. I will be glad to hear from any of you!

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Creating a Wireless Keyboard or Mouse

Hey guys, i was looking about the internet to find a wireless keyboard and mouse to use while I am relaxing on my couch and it occured to me there has to be some way to hack a keyboard or mouse I already have to be wireless. I think RF is the best choice for at least the mouse (quicker speeds) but have no idea what to do or what to use. Help!

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What's the cheapest place to buy vials of tritium for earrings?

I was sitting on my couch today, thinking about ideas for birthday presents when I had the idea of making tritium earrings.  However, I'm not sure where I should obtain the tritium vials, and what size I should get.  I'm looking to keep a low budget, $25 maximum.  

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desk for lounge chair arm?

Looking for a way to mount a small desktop to a lounge chair arm WITHOUT altering the chair.  Have seen things like this... ...but prefer something a little larger, like the tablet desks you find on lecture hall seats.  Any ideas?  Or if you've come across an Instructable to that effect, please post a link.  Thanks!

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Maker Faire 2009: Sweet Meats

Wandering through the Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire, I found the awesomeness that is Sweet Meats. Who doesn't need a plush porkchop on their couch?I escaped with only a button reading "I love you more than bacon" but the plush meat combo pack was near-irresistible. You can even get your meat wrapped in butcher paper.

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How fast would a wheel with a radius of one inch powered by a modified servo rated at 0.16 sec/60 travel?

I want to build a remote control vehicle with enough torque to carry various things but with a very low profile in size, weight, and battery size to the point that it can be tucked behind a desk or couch for storage. Any recommendations for the strongest servo you know will help too.

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does anyone know how i can stop biting my nails?

I have tried the gross nail polish, i have tried not thinking about it, and i have even tried to put sticky tape on them! i even do it in my sleep, or i would sit on the couch and watch tv and do it without noticing. PLZ HELP ME, IM DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am looking for a simple and easy way to make slipcovers.

I really need to find a way to make simple but nice looking slip covers for my couch and matching chair. The inexpensive ones you see in stores that you have to fight to put on and again after someone gets up, with just aren't a bargain. I can sew simple strait line sewing like a small square baby quilt, however, I'm just no good at much else. Any suggestions?

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Recycling Industrial Air Intake Filters

I have access to some used air inlet filter cartridges soon to be disposed from a gas turbine power plant that I work at. When in use, they prevent dust and debris from atmospheric air from passing through to the turbine....I am thinking of cleaning them using instrument air, and recycling them as furniture parts of for bookshelves and other upholstery furniture’s...does anyone know if they are safe to use for the inner frame of a couch for example?

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What is the best way to control a computer by mouse from approx. 10-15 ft away? Is it possible? Answered

I've been looking for a way to use my mouse to control an old computer that I was looking to hook up to my tv. I had taken a look at using the mouse over ethernet cable, but according to discussion on that instructable, mouse won't work at that distance due to a timeout issue. WHat is the best way to control the computer by my tv, by mouse, from my couch?

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What should I do to the bare light bulbs in the basement to make them pretty?

Its a very low ceiling. I have some translucent colored vellum (8.5x11). There are several bare lights. My housemates and I want to make a living area down there, there are some couches and a carpet. The walls are stone/concrete (unfinished). General decorating tips are also welcome. I was thinking about star shaped covers, or pin prick art, or something.

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My 11 year old cat is acting strange?

My cat is always up on the couch or on the table he is never in the ground. He won't jump down, only when he is eating or going to the bathroom. I'm scared my mom says he might has fleas cause that's what he did when we had them. But my mom bought the stuff just incase   He did, but when she put the stuff on him he still is acting  weird. Please help he is my best friend I have had him since I was 4.   

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Mancave help

Hey forums, im new to instructables. I really need some help and ideas for my mancave which I am going to build. It's going to be in my bedroom, which is now just a room with a bed and some desks, but it has the potential and largeness to become a nice chill loungy man cave. I'm going to get a bigger 2 person bed this summer, and i get a tv for my birthday ( I hope). basicly the biggest problem is the construction of the room. I have a big shelf on the wall but it is occupied by lots of books from my childhood and from my brother(who is moved out already) and my parents. It's really annoying since we rebuilt the house and I got that room with a brand new shelf but my parents filled it with their stuff already :P. The majority of this stuff is moving or thrown away so its not a big problem. I will provide a plan of my room now and how i plan to make it. Basicly the things i really want in my room are these 1. tv 2. couch 3.speakers ( i have them but i want marley bag of riddim) 4. coffee table 5. mini fridge 6. fan 7. ps3 8. hookah. I have most of this stuff (except for the mini fridge, fan and couch) but the main thing is the way they are put in the room. Again i will provide plans of the room. Sorry for bad English, i'm not from England or US :D Terribly sorry about the pictures being reverted, i dont know how to revert them, so you have to do it if you want to see it :((( so sorry

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Pre-historic Video Amplifier Antennas useless?!

I've been learning quite a bit about video amplifiers recently. And it's brought me to a question. When antennas were the source of video-signal, you would often hear horror stories of people having to get up off of their couch to adjust the "bunny ears", to get a clearer signal. I'm just confused. Why would they have to be adjusted? The signals, if my understanding is correct, is electrical signals sent through the air, and the signal would cover thousands of feet. It surely didn't matter if the antenna was all but a few inches from one spot or another. The signal should be able to hit it just the same no matter what, correct? If you are in a car, it's one thing - you're moving. But in a house, you're stationary. Any explanation?

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how to house train a doxie?

I have had doxies (weiner dogs) for about 10 years now...I have adopted a couple that had bad habits.  Of course they were too old to try and housebreak by the time I got a hold of them.  I have a doggie door, so they have free will to come and go.  Presently we have 2 girls, one is very polite and will get up at night in the snow and go outside.  The other is a couch potato, she will use my carpet if it is 80 degrees outside in the spring.  I adopted her when she was 2 years old.  She does not urinate in the living room anymore, but she does the other thing and also in my kitchen.  I cannot crate her.  Any suggestions?

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Discharging high amounts of amperage in a very short time.

Previously I asked this question, except I wanted to build an electromagnetic dent puller. But no one gave me specific ideas or instruction of how it could be done, instead everyone told me different ways to pull the dent out, or how the metal looks.. Anyway. I have a lot of copper wire. And I have a bunch of magnets and ferrous cores, iron rods.. etc. I am wondering if I can create a very powerful burst of magnetic energy with a few winding's of copper around a ferrous core. I'm talking enough to push two very heavy objects apart, such as a television or couch... 1) Copper will be wound around about 40-60 times 2) High amperage discharge from capacitor bank 3) Possible explosion or melting wire? Thank you... again

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Lying down may make you smarter

While at MIT, we used to mercilessly mock my friend Sawyer because he would always start a problem set, and then lie down on the couch to think about it. Turns out, he might have been on to something. Although it didn't help that he often had a pillow over his head... recent study by the Australian National University tested peoples' problem solving abilities while standing up and lying down. They found that people were slightly better at solving problems while in a horizontal position.This difference in cognitive ability may come from the varied release of a neurotransmitter called noradrenaline, which is believed to interfere with creative thinking. When you are lying down, your body releases less noradrenaline.So, if you need to do some serious thinking, lying down may slightly boost your performance.

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Tick repellent spray for dogs?

My dog and I go out geocaching often and it brings us to many locations deep in the woods.  Naturally, both her and I pick up dozens of ticks along the way. The dog takes a monthly dose of Frontline and it works.  The ticks bite her and die.  No problems with the medication.  I spray myself with bug spray and there are few issues of ticks getting on me when we're out. The problem is, when we go home she will have ticks on her that I missed and they will crawl off of her and onto me or my wife.  I'll find myself sitting on the couch watching TV or driving to the store and I'll get bit by a tick.  My thinking is that if I can repel ticks from the dog, we will bring less home. Is there a temporary spray that will repel ticks from my dog for 3 or 4 hours while we're out hiking and is compatible with her Frontline medication?

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Putting an LCD on a stalk

So thinking about ergonomics, I have this idea in my head of computer monitor that's a really light-weight screen on a stalk, like a bendy metal thing that you can position wherever you want so that it's at eye level and you can type without bending your neck all day looking at a laptop screen. The monitor would be wireless and would have a heavy base like a microphone stand so you could position it anywhere and then hang the screen in front of your eyes, whether you're on the couch or a chair or bed or a desk.But then I was thinking "You know, my laptop's LCD is not that heavy. I wonder if I could just put a stalk on it." :)Seems like the main problem would be lengthening the LCD cable. Does anyone know anything about the cables?Better cable pictures at (I don't know why Instructables imported them at such low resolution without any descriptions.)

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bar fridge and footstool in one?

My husband really really wants a footstool for his potato couching comfort. He has also always joked about wanting a bar fridge in the lounge for keeping his beer in close proximity to the TV. (he's a lovely but lazy lazy man). I am NOT the 'handy' type, but I do know one end of a screwdriver from the other (just). My first thought was just to tip a bar fridge on it's back and cover it with fabric so that iyou would lift the 'top' to get to the fridge part, but the 'what-cha-ma-callit' at the back of the fridge (the coil looking bit) would be on the ground.. now I am a natural blonde but even I know this is not a good idea! If anyone has ANY ideas on how to go about combining the 2 I would be very very grateful, and my husband would have the best christmas present ever! I am especially looking for any ideas using the KISS principal. thanks!

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