Maker Course

So -  I'd like what basically amounts to a course of things you can make in an evening, starting from near scratch in tools, materials, and skills, gradually building up to established in tools, materials and skills. The format would simply be an ordered list of things to make, each of which take an afternoon, that when you've built them all you've built some cool stuff and learned to make stuff. More importantly, that you really can "just make something". I think that I can order the list, but I don't really know good things to put on it... Is this making sense? The idea started when I realized that I could, in fact, just go make that thing I thought of a while ago, and that maybe there's something in my head that makes me think I can't "just make things". So - what if I got up every day and said, "I can!" - and then followed through by doing something I didn't think I could just get up and do? That would be awesome! Alright - now, what could those things be? Prominently - made things. And that means (among a few other places...) Instructables! So - post things that take an evening to make, and what kind of skills, tools and materials they take, and then we'll worry about putting them into a course-like-order PS - Suggest tags, or a better place in the forums? PPS - Or I just didn't pick good search terms looking for this, it already exists, and here's a link....?

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ROV's of Course!

Post all your ROV pictures or ROV's in progress! I personally am still in the planning stage for my ROV but i'll try to post pictures as I go of it.

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pc based digital clock via parallel port using C language ?

How are you every one?     I have this project and I already have a code and the circuit but i studied assembly language     it's supposed to display the hours and minutes    do any one know assembly and c language so here's the code: TITLE CLOCK.ASM     DOSSEG     .MODEL SMALL     .STACK 0100H     .DATA     PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS equ 378h     .CODE     MAIN PROC     MOV AX, @DATA     MOV DS, AX     CALL RTIME ; READ TIME     CALL DisplayTime ;DISPLAY TIME     MOV AX, 4C00H     INT 21H     MAIN ENDP     RTIME PROC     MOV AH, 02H     INT 1AH     RET     ; CH - HOUR     ; CL - MINUTES     ; DH - SECONDS     RTIME ENDP     DisplayTime PROC     push DX ; was DH     push CX ; was CL     ;     mov AL,CH     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,01h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov AL,00h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL     pop AX ; pop CL (minutes)     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,02h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov AL,00h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL     pop AX ; pop DH (seconds)     mov AL,AH     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS     out DX,AL     mov AL,08h     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     out DX,AL ; enable display     call Delay     ;     mov DX,PRINTERPORTBASEADDRESS+2     mov AL,00h     out DX,AL     ret     DisplayTime ENDP     Delay Proc     MOV CX, 00100h     X: PUSH CX     MOV CX, 0FFFFh     Y: LOOP Y     POP CX     LOOP X     RET     Delay ENDP     END thank you for your time and this is the circuit diagram

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Courses in San Francisco

Hey, i'm an Mecatronic Engineering student from Brazil, and i'm visiting my brother in San Francisco for a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if there were any cool places with interesting courses about electronics,  like arduino and different electronic components and motors, or also about building different structures, basically anything that could help me build a remote controled car for example. I have an open mind about this, i'm not entirely sure what i'm looking for, but any suggestion of places with good courses i could take a look would be very much apreciated! And for those who read everything, a treat: "What kind of ears does an engine have? Engineers!" Thank you all in advance!

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HELP (study courses)

HI im fujiapple this might not be the best place to post this, but i need help in choosing a suitable course for my studies, and whats better than asking the pro's themselves. I'm interested in arts, designing, electronics, programming and making things. im sure most of you here share the same interest. I would like to ask, 1) which would be the best choice 2) did you all study courses like :electronics, designing 3) or did you all do this during your free time thanks for helping.. Fujiapple

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Microcontroller crash course!!!

I would like to build more complicated robots but am seriously lacking knowledge about microcontrollers. Does anyone know any sites or books that explain buying\using\programming these? Thanks!

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Course for 3D pen

Hi,everyone:I am a teacher in primaly school in china,work as teaching 3D and arduino . Do you knowing of the course for 3D printing pen and arduino for primaly school sthdent, where can I to get it? I would like to make friends with someone who works as a maker education. if you do so,please pencil your contact method to me.Thank you!

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School course of study?

Hello everyone, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not, but I am looking into going back to school. I would like to be in an industry where I can learn how to make things like robots, and electric cars etc.. I am sure these things will require more then just a basic degree but I would like to get started in the right path. The problem I have is, would these fall under mechanical engineering or would if be electrical engineering? I like the idea of building something from concept to final design where I learn the hardware as well as the programming skills to make the device do what I want it to do. So can someone tell me what course of study would be best? Thanks, Jester

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Lamp class lessons not working

Hi, I am having troubles with two lessons in one class (The Lamps Class). When I am logged in I can see and complete all of the other lessons but when I look at lesson 8 or 9 the website makes it seem like I am not logged in (my profile disappears from the upper right hand corner of the page) and so I cannot complete the lesson. This problem only happens on lesson 8 and 9 of the Lamps class but I have not seen this problem in other classes or other pages. My browser is Google Chrome(Version 56.0.2924.87) which I am running on a 32bit Windows 7 system. Thank you, Justin

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PS3 programming course @ MIT

MIT has a playstation 3 programming course: Learn and Compete in Programming the PLAYSTATION3 Cell Processor This course is a brand new IAP 2007 class offering open to all MIT students (undergraduates and graduates). Students will spend several weeks learning about new multicore architectures and parallel programming patterns, and will design and implement projects to run directly on the new PLAYSTATION3 consoles. The course will culminate in an exciting competition at the end of IAP, and prizes will be awarded to the best projects. The course will give students hands on experience in parallel programming in an exciting and relevant context.All the course materials (lectures etc.) are online. If you were curious about programming the CELL processor, this looks like a great intro...Access the course here

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Im going on a LabVIEW course!

Next week Im going to the course, I sew some awesome things people made with LabVIEW. And I also wanted to know who is using and already done things with LabVIEW over here.

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Free Design Course This October

I thought this looked like something that would appeal to other members of instructables. This coursera course  "Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society" is run by Professor Karl T. Ulrich from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. It is totally free and runs for 8 weeks from Oct 21st 2013:;_nottype=course.newsession.signup&utm;_notid=1166&utm;_linknum=1 "This is a course aimed at making you a better designer. The course marries theory and practice, as both are valuable in improving design performance. Lectures and readings will lay out the fundamental concepts that underpin design as a human activity. Weekly design challenges test your ability to apply those ideas to solve real problems. The course is deliberately broad - spanning all domains of design, including architecture, graphics, services, apparel, engineered goods, and products"

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Machine shop training course.

I am thinking of running machine shop training courses in the UK for those interested in learning how to really use lathes and other big shop equipment. The idea is subject to insurance company permission etc. but I wanted to gauge if there was any potential interest from people here (obviously only those based in the UK, unless you really want to commute) I'd expect costs to be something like 50 GBP per day + materials, and no more than two or three people per session, keeping the ratio of machines to people as 1:1. We'll probably try and do "group projects" as well as bring your own. The idea of group projects is that every ones gets to make more than one of something, to get techniques sorted out, and then we combine everyones work into assemblies - collaboration at its finest. Steve

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Do elective courses matter in universities? Answered

I am going to university this fall and my major is economics. I have a lot of options for elective courses for the first year, like geography, math and psychology. I wonder does it really matter what elective course I take in university? Will companies focus on elective courses when they interview people? Or they only look at your major?  

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Omniversity : Advanced Arduino Course in Manchester

We're launching the Omniversity, housed at the Manchester Digital Laboratory. The MadLab has been one of the country's most successful hack and creative digital culture spaces, attracting thousands of visitors to the region and bringing in national and international talent to lead free workshops and events. Every evening is double-booked with free community-driven events around open platforms and professional development. Building off the back of this success, and the huge network we've built, we're offering the Omniversity - an expert-lead series of training programmes, designed to be affordable and lead by industry veterans and in-the-trenches professionals, rather than full-time tutors. We'll be teaching people platforms from the near-future, without the cost overheads that more formalised training providers impose. This brings us nicely to the course of the Internet of Things... The Arduino boards have become the de facto choice for physical computing projects and, with the addition of an Ethernet shield, make an excellent platform on which to explore the Internet of Things. Want your letterbox to email you whenever the postman has been? Need a clock to show you where your loved ones are? Or a glowing multi-coloured ambient orb to show your energy usage? This course will get you started on the road to realising your own Internet-connected projects. The course is on Friday, 25th February 2011 and costs £132.00 - included in this is an Ethernet shield, selection of components, wires and cables. All you'll need on the day is your laptop and and Arduino Uno or Duemilanove. Lunch and hardcopy course materials are also included. The course is lead by Adrian McEwan, creator of the family. To find out more & book onto the course please see here. Hope to see you soon! MadLab 

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Mechaniical vs Electronics special course?

I am not going to take a whole college course as I have finished Bs in Computer Science already I just want to explore more and create things that are physical or hardware that I can program, I just wanna explore the possibilities I have and be able to create, what courses should I take? I am willing to study anything just not the whole college semesters again I just need the major subjects or workshop that I can attend with hands on.  I am more of a self study person so a very good fundamentals of basics of gears circuits that works well with a program should do so Ill have a smooth start.

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The course for 3D printing pen and arduino

Hi,everyone:I am a teacher in primaly school in china,work as teaching 3D and arduino . Do you knowing of the course for 3D printing pen and arduino for primaly school student, where can I to get it? I would like to make friends with someone who works as a maker education. if you do so,please pencil your contact method to me.Thank you!

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Says "no courses found" even when I am enrolled to 9 courses/classes

Hello Instructables, I am enrolled into 9 classes and when I go to my profile and click to see a list of all the class I am enrolled into, it says "no classes". I am using firefox v50.0.2 on mac osx sierra and logged in using google Please refer to the attached screenshot. Thanks, Kiran

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Batch Coding

I need an interactive advanced batch and visual basic scripts course.

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Has anyone here taken a Coursera course.

I am curious, has anyone taken a Coursera course (  They are free online courses.  I was interested in trying it out but wanted to see if anyone else has had any experience with them.  I have never taken an online course before so this is pretty new for me.  I would love to hear from anyone who has tried it.

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How would someone offer college courses?

How would a group of people offer collage courses. We have a few certified teachers with degrees. Who would be able teach the classes. Just wondering what would be the first steps. I have thought of request some local collages to sponsor us but really have no clue where to start.

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Earthship/eco home building courses in the uk?

Hey gurus of instructable, I have wanted to build an earthship or eco home all my life and now I have final decided to go for it. I have been looking for courses and classes but I can only find one and that is down south in brighton. I have heard many shinning reviews of the course but as I live in Yorkshire brighton is a little impractical. Does anyone know of any courses up north? Also how does one get involved with helping people build their earthships and eco masterpieces?

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Pyrotechnics in crash course (abc tv show)?

I'm a pyro myself and I was wondering if anybody who has seen crash course on abc, knows how they do the explosions whenever they crash through something (like when they flip over and see who can slide on their roofs for the longest or smash through a brick wall?) and it explodes in this big fiery explosion .... just mostly how it works.

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Free undergraduate EE course from MIT

MIT is starting up a free online courses  program called MITx.  The first one they're doing is their basic Circuits & Electronics course, 6.002x.  It is being presented in an "experimental prototype form".  It starts March 5, 2012, and runs through June 12. What an opportunity!  I'm taking this for sure.  It requires a lot of math that I don't know, but either I will muddle through without it, or learn as much as I can and then drop out when it gets too far beyond my level.  Either way it's a huge win.  I'm also trying to organize or join a study group at my local hackerspace.

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May the Fourth - Theme 3-course dinner

Last weekend I finally watched Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. So with May Fourth coming our way I decided I would cook a nice Star Wars themed 3-course dinner for me and my wife this Friday. The idea is just simple food, but made it looking like something linked to Star Wars. I've come up with some ideas, but more ideas are always welcome. Here's whats on the menu up to now:Appetizer - Galaxy carpaccio:Purple beetroot 'empty space' carpaccio with sesame seeds 'stars' and drops of balsamico 'black holes'Main course - Star Wars Episode IX: The Fast-Food Hero:Sweet 'C3PO'-tatoes / 'BB'-pot-'8'-oes'Han'-burger 'Solo'Grilled green asparagus 'light-sabers'Dessert - Cheese platter:May the Roquefort be with youRevenge of the SwissMozzarella Death StarBabybell star wars smileysSo what are your suggestions?

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how should i learn python online course???

Please suggest to me which is best source to learn python online course??

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What are the courses required to do so as to make a Robot?????

(Note Dat i'm just a 1st yr student in VIT ECE branch.......Plz sought me sum help.....)!!!!!!!

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can anyone tell me how to actually start an e learning course i.e long distance education course?

My mum wants to start teaching dance over the internet to students abroad... i need to know how to exactly go about it starting right from web design, advertising, registration(if there is any) and actually start teaching... something like a video chat room... instead of chatting, we'll be taking classes. i have absolutely no idea how to go aout it so any help would be greatly appreciated... thanx

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One Year Anniversary of the Instructables Chatroom. (Be-lated of course :P)

Well, I was trying to remind myself to post a topic about the one year anniversary of the -ibles chatroom, and, I just remembered, a little late..March 9th of last year, the Instructables Robot published a forum topic, debuting the new chatroom for the website. It was a great hit with the community, and made the interaction with other members more 'fun', for lack of a better term. Although, a few of us know that it kinda went downhill for a while, so bad infact, that Moderators were assigned, and rules were set. Since then, we've had a few mix-ups, and whoopses..Anyway, how about an anniversary party for the chatroom?Any ideas?Could we establish a date for such an occasion?Regular Chatroom LinkThe Uber Chatroom LinkI pardon myself for forgetting to remember the date sooner.. :/

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How can I make a durable outdoor mini golf course?

I have a low budget and a lot of extra cement. I'm just wondering what other materials I would need other than putters and balls.

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Trap ideas for Minecraft death course also Mineraft mini-games ideas?

I am building a death course in minecraft and it is turning out well so far but now i need more ideas please watch the video first so you can see what i allready have for traps and stuff also i would like somme ideas for some simplish mini games in minecraft VIDEO CLICK HERE

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I'm a TA for an Intro to Biology course. Are there any small scale, simple experiments I could do to get them excited?

I'm a TA for an Intro to Biology course. I always make Oobleck to get them excited on the first day. Are there any other small scale, simple experiments I could do to get them excited? Thanks!

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At least, there is free e-learning authoring tool

Of course, it is not "ready-to-use" library. But anybody can make your own e-learning courses using that tool. Because it is free and quite easy-to-use. Here it is: CourseLab 2.2

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About free songwriting lessons

I have a website it is all about Free songwriting courses. Please visit our site . You are very welcome. make your own song.

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Can anyone give me tips for Game Art? Answered

I am enrolling in a course called Game Art at TAFE SA and I know nothing about 3D modeling which, as far as I can tell, is the main part of the course. I am good at (and enjoy) both art and games so I figured this would be a good course/career path to choose. I have to submit a portfolio of original artworks including drawing, observational and digital work. Is 3D modeling difficult? Is anyone on instructables a game artist or similar profession? What works should i do for my portfolio to get the best chance of getting into the course? Do i need to know programing or difficult mathematics?  Any help will be appreciated

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Lifting form?

Garage plates water damage; need refresher course on plate raising with threaded rod & concrete.

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Chat Room!

Just talk! Talk about anything! Just of course, nothing inappropriate. Have fun!

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Has anyone else an Interest in the R.I. Steel Yard courses, ceramics, jewelry, blacksmithing, etc.

Since not much else happens on my end of the States, I thought I'd post this. The Infor can be found here.

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Arduino instructor wanted

Arduino instructor needed for summer course in NYC.      Contact  Include resume & experience.

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how to make an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) ?

i want to make an EMP without (transformers , high voltage capacitors , and of course not nuclear)

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Popular Mechanics Takes a Tour of Pier 9

"Inside Instructables' Kooky, Creative Warehouse Wondershop" "There's a place where artists can create whatever they want, using the most advanced equipment on the planet. It's in San Francisco (of course). In a warehouse (of course)." Come read the article to hear more about the Pier and what some of the Artist in Residence are up to!

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Instructables on YouTube.

Have you noticed how many YouTubers are showing off stuff they copied from this site? And, of course, there had to be an Altoid 'ible...

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Arduino instructor wanted in NYC

  I'm looking for someone to teach an Arduino course in NYC this summer. Contact me at Thanks. David

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Green Barbeque

For the eco-grillmaster: charcoal or gas? Slate explores this issue. The result, of course, depends--but surprisingly enough, charcoal may be the better option for the environment. Link

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