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"Cracking" a game

Can someone please tell me how to "crack" a game torrent. Is there a certain type of software that I can download for free? If so please list it and can you give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this(cracking). What exactly does it mean to crack a game? Remember I am dealing with streaming torrents that have been downloaded from the internet! Thanks

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Instructables = crack

Click here for an interesting forum topic

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Chlorella Cracking?

I have recently begun looking at algae as a dietary supplement and I would like to grow it on my own.  I am aware that spirulina doesn't require cell cracking; however I already have a high protein diet and I prefer chlorella.  Chlorella's cell wall is indigestable and this prevents our bodies from getting any more than 40% of the nutrients.  I would like to know if that figure sounds right.  The biggest problem I see with growing my own Chlorella is cracking it.  I wondered about pulverizing it in a blender or using the hot to cold method, but it seems all methods other than ultrasonic waves will destroy most of the nutrients.  Is it still better to use one of these methods to get the nutrients out, or would it be best to go uncracked.  Or is there a practical way to use the sound to do it.

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how to crack a wepkey?

I some how locked my self out of my router and i dont know wat the wep key or net work security key is there a way to crack the wep key? and i tried to reset the router and it still asks for a key

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Bike Messengers Are on Crack

I came across this on youtube while looking for a certain HPV video.... Holy Crap....

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plaster of paris cracked?

Hii my plaster of paris cracked. i want to turn a 250x500 cylinder of plaster of paris on a lathe for a positive for slipcasting. its mounted onto the faceplate with a pine plank in the middle to help with the support of the plaster we made that last week thursday and all was fine but this morning it had a big crack in the length of it. what might cause it 

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Cracked Marbles menagerie

How do I find instructions for making cracked marble animals? I used to do it and had a little design book of critters but can't find it now. You started by heating marbles on a cookie sheet at a high temp. I think it was 450 for 15? minutes? Then pour them into cold water in the sink to make them crack. Then you used some awfully smelly glue and other small pieces of arts and crafts to make critters such as a worm, dog, cat, mouse, etc. They were really cute and I would love to do them again.

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Learn how to safe crack!

A great little book that will take you all the way through your first succesful safe cracking! This is the shorter version of the full book but still enough to crack your first safe.

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Help! My concrete is cracking!

I constructed 4" triangular molds out of cardboard (I am making coasters).I poured quikrete mortar mix into a cup, mixed with some water and poured into the molds until the depth was roughly .5".About 1 hour into drying I realized that huge cracks were forming!How do I eliminate or reduce cracking?

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how to crack audio manager ?

I wanna see the images 

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Who can crack this safe...

I was wondering if anyone in here is good at opening safes. Its one of my new hobbies and feels great when i can get into them. I am having trouble with a Masterlock Portable Combination Safe 5900. If anyone has any ideas to help me out or knows exactly how to please dont be shy and share your ideas. Thanks for reading everyone and hope someone can help me with this challenging safe Under is a link to the safe and specifics. Message back asap. Thanks everyone

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bluetooth hack/crack/help.

If anyone here knows the ins and outs of bluetooth, i would like some help with my current instructable. mainly rewiring, range extention, key codes, frequency changes, advanced stuff, not for the weak at heart.

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How can I turn an air conditioner on/off without remote.

How can I can I modify an air conditioner so that it can be turned on/off without the remote as soon as I turn on the power switch? I however want to use the remote to regulate the temperature.?

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how to crack my bitdefender antivirus to full version?

I have a trial bitdefender antivirus which ends after 30 days i want to make it a fullversion without buying(very costly) what should i do?

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Locked out of Vista laptop Answered

Sony Vaio running Windows Vista Home. I bought a mac and didnt use the Sony for almost a year. Tried to log on and password is not accepted. This is the ADMIN user account. There are no other users. Please help. I own it, It's not stolen.

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Crack the code, and win a patch! :EDIT:

Below is a picture of a phrase in a code, which I hope you don't know. There are several steps to cracking the code. The rules of winning the patch is simple. -Figure out what the coded phrase is. -Post it. -Win a patch from myself. Enjoy. :EDIT: Willard2.0 figured out the code. Expect an other (harder) code soon.

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repairing large cracks in an outdoor table

I have a large outdoor wooden table, approx 2.4m long by 1m wide, made of spalted beech. Over time it has dried out and in places there are now large cracks in the surface, about as wide as a finger, all the way through the table top (about 10cm deep). What would you advise as best way to repair these ?

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Can a cracked guitar neck be fixed?

Hi, I finally signed to Instructables. :) My colleague is a big DIY guy and that's how I came across Instructables. Today, while searching for something I came across homemade recipes for musical instruments and that really hooked me on. Especially the one on turning an 6-string acoustic to bass acc. :) I had tried learning the guitar but didn't want to spend too much on the instrument, so I bought a second hand one from a garage sale (proceeds were for the city's stray dogs - so for me it was a bit of a win-win...almost :) ) What I realised much later is that: 1) The wood under two of the tuners (on the under/ventral side of the guitar) has splinters 2) One of these tuners has lost a fastening screw because the hole in the wood has widened and splintered a bit 3) the base of neck, just before the curve block that connects to the box, has a 1-2mm crack running across it (horizontally) Question is, can these issues be fixed so that a beginner like myself or someone who really doesnt have the money to own a guitar but wants to learn can still use it for some time? I never found the time to go to a music shop to have it checked. I also feel they will probably turn me away because they are more interested in selling guitars than fixing them. I really dont want to just throw it away. Second hand it may be, it just doesn't feel right... Your inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! P.S.: Am at work right now but I will try and post images of the guitar as soon as I can. I had taken photographs of it a looong time ago. As a result, tuning goes off every now and again. On a colder day, tension increases and the crack widens. Update: Terribly sorry for the delay in uploading the pictures. I had a set that I had taken a year or so ago but I seem to have deleted them. Just got some time off work, here are the pictures. The crack, which I had earlier described as horizontal, is in fact, vertical. So much for my memory...

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can i repair a cracked touch screen?

Its a odd size, so finding a replacement would be difficult, so i was wondering if its possible to repair the crack in the touch layer and make it work again? i doubt its possible but its worth a shot to ask i guess. and if i cant repair a cracked touch screen, can i cut one to te right size? its a pressure sensitive resistive touch screen.

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Passwords opening Rar Files

Could someone please help me crack the password for this uploaded file?

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Crack in Olympus EPM-2 touch screen?

Can I fix this crack in my Olympus EPM-2 touch screen? It has not affected the cameras performance so far.

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How can I fix a gas tank crack?

I have an old chainsaw that has a little crack in the gas tank (plastic), it's not very big, but it will drain the entire tank in a few days, messing everything nearby. So, I had enough of the gas smell in my workshop and decided to repair it, but I don't know how. Can somebody tell me how?

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Kitty Crack, Steampunk Keyboard, Raising Chickens

Kitty Crack Steampunk Keyboard Raising Chickens LEDs for Beginners Frozen Fruit Pop Tetris Bookshelf Gooey Chocolate Cake Make a Fire Piston Commodore 64 Laptop LED Glowing Shoes USB Contest Winners Elderflower Cordial Make a Toy Catamaran Multi-Fuzz Guitar Pedal 6 Vaseline Tricks

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What is the best way to repair a small leak in a non-pressurized PVC drain pipe?

I have a slow (approximately 10 mL per 10 minute) leak in a PVC drain pipe. Cutting out and repairing the entire section would be extremely annoying, and I'd undoubtedly introduce another leak. Has anyone had success repairing a non-pressurized leak in PVC with caulk, or a specialty product such as ? Specifically, could I just fill up the space between the reducing bushing and the coupling shown in the picture?

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Crack the Code 2.0 (Another Patch Winning Opportunity!)

For this code, the rules are the same, but the setup is different. The letters are not mixed up, so if you get the word (for example) "Blue" it's "Blue", not "luBe". The words are still mixed up, but are on the correct line, so if the first line reads "Sky Blue The" and the second line reads "Cat Hat In The" it would be "The Blue Sky," and "Cat in the Hat." Oh, and I may, or may not have mixed up the alphabet. Oops ;-) From your's Truly, Rock Soldier

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Safecracking for Everyone! New book on how to safe crack!

I just wrote and published a book on how to safe crack. It's a 48 page full color, concise and detailed book on everything you need to know to crack your first safe! Don't know anything at all about this art? That's ok! This starts from the very beginning! All you need is the desire to learn :) It's available for $15 here:

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i have a toshiba sattelite that i need to crack

I have a toshiba sattelite and i am locked out besides one limited account the default admin account is password protected it cant boot from a usb or a disc and i need to get on that freakin laptop......please help?

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How would I fix a cracked laptop lid?

Hello. I have a laptop that's several years old. During its service, the lid has cracked near the hinges. The hinges themselves are intact, but the bottom of the lid is almost completely cracked along the length. The question is: how would I fix it, without causing permanent damage, cheaply and make it last at least 2 years? I can work with wood, but not metal (no equipment for that). I'm on tight budget so I cannot afford to spend more than 10 GBP. I'm located in London. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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what is the reason for crack development in cultured marble block? Answered

What should be the mix of cobalt and resin and catalyst in the marble aggregates ?

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can i fix a crack in my touchsmart computer?

I have a rock crack in my touchscreen it is very small about the size of a small screwdriver head (Phillips), i can use the touch screen in certain areas of my HP but cant use it near damage made when the computer slid off my box while moving

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Cracked Guitar Hero World Tour Cymbal (Wii)?

My Wii Guitar Hero World Tour cymbal broke. It is not wiring, it is where the rubber part meets the plastic that mounts it to the pole. I tried super glue (bad idea), but it will not hold up to the shock. The cymbal is still hanging there and sort of works, but it keeps me from getting any multipliers because it bounces around too much. I have played drums my whole life and know how to hold the sticks properly, so I am not overly beating on these things. I just got them this xmas. Played on them quite a bit but not enough for this to break so easily. Suggestions?

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What's like a big hose clamp?

I need to squeeze a 3" pipe tightly. A hose clamp would be ideal except it won't grab tightly enough without popping loose. A bicycle seatpost clamp would be good but those are too small. I'm trying to repair a bit of bamboo that has two cracks. I'm planning to put epoxy in the crack and squeeze it shut. Is there some sort of pipe clamp that would do this? Ideally the tool would be gentle on the bamboo's surface so I wouldn't have to pad it much. Much obliged.

Question by snotty    |  last reply

Does Plaster of Paris shrink? Answered

Does Plaster of Paris shrink as it dries? I would like to make a mask out of it but I don't wan't it to shrink and crack. Gratias agimus tibi, josh1324

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Where is the best place to find a replacement screen for an old discontinued Hitachi 65 inch back projection?

I need to find a replacement screen for our 65" Hitachi back projection TV model number 65T500. Just the outer most screen layer is cracked, you can still see everything fine with the TV on, just there's a crack in the way... I've searched on Google, but no luck. I've also searched on the Hitachi website, but I can't find that model number at all... Links would be great! Thanks! -Shadow Ops

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Am I using this guitar humidifier correctly? Answered

I recently acquired this Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier, and on the package it says no leaks because the holes are on the side. I can only store my guitar (in its case) on its side, so one side is facing downwards. I am putting in the minimum recommended water amount, but i am still worried it will leak. Will it leak? Will I have to store the case laying flat? I really don't want my new acoustic to crack or warp, but i also don't want it to collect water, as this will mess up the wood. Please help!!!

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Is it possible to wipe built in phone memory by shorting it out? Answered

I have a Samsung phone, model SPH-M510, for 30$ It was given to me so for me to find out the forgotten password.. ( you know this story ) rather than trying 17 000 passwords, I was curious as to wether the built in memory could possibly be shorted and wiped, or if there was some way to access built in memory. ( not stuff on the card ) If anybody knows any ways to get in, please enlighten me. Thanks in advance.

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This is a grody white DSL with a broken top screen and cracked hinge?

Crack hinge and loose ds

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can a cracked plasma tv screen be fixed? or replaced economicely?

My lovely children chucked a toy at my new 3D plasma!

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What's a good air dry clay that will not crack when it dries?

 I am looking for a clay that I can use to make small cars with.  Since I am embedding plastic wheels and legos, and other plastic items, I don't think polymer clay will work because of the baking.  So I want to try air dry clay but the ones I've tested crack really bad, maybe I am not using the right brand. Thanks

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I need a skin-safe body paint that cracks. Any ideas?

I have an idea for a cool makeup effect (for Halloween, movie, etc.) but I can't find out what exactly I need.  I need some kind of body paint that tends to crack (not fall off, just crack), that I can pain on my face and move around to crack it up a bit.  I haven't a clue what kind of paint that would be.  Any ideas?  Thank you for any help!

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how can i fix a crack in my Kicker cvr subs?

There is a dime sized hole and crack in the hard cone. of my 12in kicker cvr subwoofer.

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How to repair (rehydrate) wooden wringer section..........its cracked in places? Answered

Found the top section of a wringer washer made mostly of wood.  The rollers has some cracks in it and would like to know if it can be repaired (rehydrated) to use again on clothes (fabrics)?

Question by Snooze2978    |  last reply

Will calcium silicate building stone work as a foundation for a forge or will they crack with the heat?

I'm looking to build a forge, and I was hoping to use the same bricks that are on the outside of my house. They're Calcium Silicate stones, I don't know if they're meant for fire, because they're primarily decorative on houses these days. Will these crack/ explode in a charcoal fired forge?

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how to prevent cracking when cutting a glass wine bottle in half?

I was attempting to cut a glass wine bottle in half to make some vases & other stuff.  I bought a bottle scoring kit (i think armour brand from Micheals Crafts)  The scoring worked OK, i don't think it scored well in a few places, but the tapping portion the kit said to do to seperate the halves didnt work at all.  I looked up online & it said about filling the bottle with boiling water then running an ice cube around the score line . . . this worked & split the bottle into 2 pieces as i wanted - only problem is it left a few cracks running vertically from the score line =( I can't use either piece now.  Is it just luck & practice makes perfect or is there a way to acheive this without cracking the bottle halves?  Any help is much apprecaited!

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what is the quickest way to stop thin log slices from cracking ? Answered

I want to make and then sell various images printed onto log slices about 20 cm thick. I am happy with the printing method i have settled on but am aware that they do shrink and crack. I have ordered some polyethylene glycol but understand that i may have to soak the log slices for up to a week. Can anyone tell me if this is correct or have any other methods that i could try ?  Thank you for you help, Kevin... 

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