Paper gun Challenge

OK i have 1 quite simple challenge and the winner will have a sneak peek of a new impossible paper gun that i am trying to make and its like !@#$@ CRAZY HARD TO MAKE but the winner will see wath i am trying to do and by winning that person makes me feel happy :D so the evant is make any gun i made (just 1) and it haves to be 1 of my totorials. Make a vid on youtube and the name haves to be Undermigs paper gun evant and your name after it. if you invent you lose points thats all cause its not that contess. things i WILL judge is the following; 1 How far you gun goes and plz tell me exacly how many feet it whent. How buitifull or how well done and has to say Undermig is the coolest! i will give a coment on your youtube vid and tell you how many stars on 10 i rate it. plz put your youtube link on this comment area. ty you have 2weeks for this competition

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Looking for craft projects for 6 to 10 yr old craft coop. Something that is cool, quick and super fun!

These kids are all over the place.  Seriously there are ten of them both boys and girls.  Other than my two who are used to using materials independently they ask for a lot of help.  Also things that I think will keep them busy for a while they just blow through to be finished without really enjoying or experimenting with materials.  I am looking for construction projects, textile projects, simple machines, anything to keep these guys busy for the two hours they are with me.  You guys will be saving my sanity!!

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