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How do I add steps? Answered

I am working on my first instructable, and I am having a difficult time finding how to add a next step.  I have the title and first page with a photo saved, but I do not see any option for "next step" or "add a step". any help?

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What rubber to use as a diaphragm?

Hello, I am in need of some help, I want to try and replace the springs on a tennis racket with a diaphragm for an experiment, can anyone tell me the kind of rubber that I can use to make this diaphragm, I will be screwig it to the outside of the tennis racket, the diaphragm will be about 3mm in thickness and 330mm in diameter, it will need to be strong to hit the ball, also have some kind of elasticity Any help will be most greatful

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need help creating an instrument. my issue is how to keep the string tight and on the tube. Answered

Im creating a whamola didgeridoo cross,  i was hoping for some ideas and posative flow.  I have an ABS tube and a used bass string  practicly no money and imagination.  i needt to create a hinge and something to hold the bottom of the cord.  simple enough so it can be easy to replace the string when it breaks.  then on the top part where the hinge is i need something to put the string in i can tighten and losen.  P.S. i need the cord touching the tube so the vibration goes inside of it.  Any answers will be muchly thanked!

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Photo file size for Instructables? Answered

When uploading photos for a new Instructable, should we first reduce the file size? Or does the site automatically do this? Have not seen this mentioned. Thanks.

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how do i add files to an instructable so that the viewer can download them? thnx for your answer and time! Answered

 say if i wanted to download a .txt file for a command promt for a prank would i put that in the 'ible?

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robot create

Where would one find this machine?

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Creating patches

I see we can upload our own patches to send to other people. What makes a "patch"? What are the size and format limits? Are there any style guidelines (the current patches all have a square border with rounded corners).

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Creating Database

Hi All, To be honest, I don't know if my inquiry fits within this forum, but I really had no idea where to post what I need. I am currently interning at a non-profit nature center which relies heavily on volunteers. As art of my internship, my supervisor would like several databases created. I don't know what program would work best for my needs and I was hoping somebody could give me a few ideas for what I need to create. Here is what she would like: 1. A volunteer database that is searchable by the training and expertise each volunteer has received. Let's say for instance, that we are having an insect program and only those who have been trained for the program can volunteer. I need to be able to search a keyword or from a drop down menu individuals who have received this training. A spreadsheet would suffice, but some individuals have so many training sessions that it would get a bit long. We also have over a hundred volunteers. 2. A teacher database that shows the grades and classes each teacher in our system teaches. We have school groups come out, and if their is a fourth grade program, there is no reason to contact every other grade teacher. 3. This is the really challenging one. We have rental programs, and all users must complete rental information which includes name, contact information, type of rental, and emergency contact. I would like to go paperless with this and if somebody rents more than once they have to fill in the information every time. I would like to be able to search their name and have all of their information come up, then input their rental type and time, which would give me a list of how many rentals we have had per day/week/year and how much money we have made. As I said, I could just make a spreadsheet for the first two but I would like something a bit more sophisticated. If I was not clear about anything, please let me know.

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I can't see what I'm editing

I am trying to create a new instructable, but when I try to type instructions, I can't see what I'm editing. All I see is the blank text box, but when I hit preview, I can see what I've typed. I've tryed editing my instructable through firefox, safari, and explorer and haven't had any luck on any of them. Please help! Should I just type the instructions in a word document and then copy and paste it into my instructable? 

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Creating a design team

Hello I am mrmimosizer  I am starting a group to make games with as it has always been a passion for me to do so. I already have 5 story ideas written down and am starting to learn programming and could use people to help make the dream a reality. To contact me  skype: mrmimosizer

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Everytime I add a new step, it mimics the previous step.

Hi Everytime I try to add a step in my instructable, the new step shows up, but it is not empty.  It shows the same data that is in my introduction.  If I add several steps, the same things happens.  if I try to delete any information from any of these steps, all of the steps show the same change....

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Should I Create a Facebook? Answered

I have been debating whether or not I should get a Facebook... I am 14, and my parents wouldn't let me get a Facebook until I started highschool, and of course I am entering highschool this year.  I am trying to weigh the positives and negatives and stuff like that.  I am just thinking that if someone needs to contact me, I can just call, email, or text them.  I can text or email multimedia, and chat by texting, and play games at  If there is any good reason that I should join Facebook, just let me know.  If there are any reasons NOT to join Facebook, also let me know.

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Creating a digital video camera from scratch?

As challenging as this sounds, I know it is entirely possible. Using spare parts of cameras, with circuit boards, image sensors, lenses, etc... how would one even begin approaching this task? I would imagine there'd be some programming involved thereafter as well.

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iPhone app For Making an Instructable

An idea I have is for an app, for iPhone or Android or both, which is used to make an Instructable. This would mean using the built-in phone camera to take the necessary photos, in order, for each step of the Instructable. Then the user would be able to add text, photo tags, and other things included in the Instructable-making process, without having to transfer their photos to a computer and upload them to Instructables. They would simply upload the finished product directly to the site. I would make this myself, but my knowledge of the required software is very basic. I might be able to do it, as long as I had some help, and information on the formatting used on this site i.e colors, logos, basic layout, etc

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Creating batchfile with batchfile

Hi. I wanna make a batchfile that creates another batchfile with text. I've tried to use the echo command like this: "echo echo off > something.bat" and that do work but I need to use it like this:" echo ( echo off color a cls echo welcome etc. ) > something.bat somebody help! thanks in advance.

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What the right material for me?

Hey Community! What type of material is best for making robots, small boxes, and platforms? What inexpensive tools can I buy for cutting them? 1/4 or 1/8 inch acrylic would be perfect, but I don't have a laser cutter. Can you cut small pieces of acrylic with a handsaw? Same thing with wood, I have no idea how to make cut small pieces properly. Metal? Is that even an option? Wood seems to be my only option but I don't know where to get it or how to cut it. If I buy 1/8 inch ply I cutting plywood is annoying, since it's made up of layers. Is 1/8 plywood what I want to use? Is there some other type of thin wood I should use? Basswood is OK but most of the time it's too thin and very expensive. I have a good dremel but trying to cut along a strait line with those dumb grinding wheels is very difficult. Where can I buy really small nuts, bolts, and washers to use with wood/acrylic?

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how to create a favicon.ico

HOw can I create favicon.ico for my website

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Cannot Create Instructable

I cannot create a instructable the site only show me a grey block and I cannot select any thing

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who created the universe?

I was thinking it was god but everyone is telling me otherwise, I still belive god created it, but what are your awnsers

Question by gordonfreemanisalive 23    |  last reply

how to create virus ?

Question by vina mild    |  last reply

how to creat a game ?

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Creating an inscrutable error ? Answered

I am ready to create my first inscrutable but when i try the creation page is masked with a dark gray color and i am unable to do anything on the page why is that?

Question by Lord Of Flames    |  last reply

Cannot Create Instructable

Using Google chrome i try to open the create window on the Instructables website, But when i do a dark gray color overlays the entire webpage (picture below) and i am unable to edit/create anything. Anyone else have the same problem? what is the solution to fixing it?

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Help creating a counter

Hi all, I'm new to creating circuits and to instructables Here is my problem. I'm trying to create a Circuit that will count to 30 as fast a LED flashes that uses a 555 IC, once it gets to 30 you will need to press a button to reset it or the LED will stop flashing. Thanks in advance.

Topic by spike314  

Create a farm category

Many of the instructables I submit are related to farming issues and solutions.  Usually I choose Outdoors or Gardening as the category to assign it to but I wish there was a farming category.  Farming is bigger than gardening and a faint subset of Outdoors.  Can we create a Farming category?

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Time money and creating

I am new to intractable.  I am inspired by the community.  I found it because I had made a creation and I wanted an outlet the share it.  For me creating is one of the most satisfying experiences.  Most other things only get in the way.  I always wish I had unlimited resources and enough free time to create to my heart’s desire.  Today I had a realization that made me feel much better about all of life’s other obligations.  It is the problems in daily life that inspire me to create.  My most recent creation that I shared was a tool box I made for work.  Only because I have work bogging me down did I need this creation.  I am now very happy with the box.  I wish I had more time and money to create but if I did I am afraid I may not have the desire to create.

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"Ferropaper" created for microelectronics

Researchers at Purdue have impregnated paper with iron particles, creating "ferropaper." ------------------------------------------ Researchers at Purdue University have created a magnetic "ferropaper" that might be used to make low-cost "micromotors" for surgical instruments, tiny tweezers to study cells and miniature speakers. The material is made by impregnating ordinary paper -- even newsprint -- with a mixture of mineral oil and "magnetic nanoparticles" of iron oxide. The nanoparticle-laden paper can then be moved using a magnetic field. ------------------------------------------ The article later mentions that "newspaper and soft tissue paper are especially suitable." This sounds to me like a startlingly simple DIY project that could create some fun kinetic sculpture, if nothing else. Via ScienceDaily

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Creating and Registering a Trademark

Does anyone know and understand the process of creating a trademark? As best as I can gather creating a trademark is as easy as putting TM after what ever you would like trademarked. However, if you wish to register your trademark so you can have the R behind it that is where the line starts to blur and become a little more fuzzy. There are some fairly expensive fees as well as quite of bit of research that you first must do or face losing your $300+ fees.  So if anyone has had anything registered with the Us Copyright and Trademark office please share your experience. 

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Ok so i have made a bunch of critical error messages that i am interested in putting into a shortcut so that when the victim opens the shortcut all the error messages will show up!! is there a way i can open multiple programs with a shortcut??

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How to Create

Here's an idea - an Instructable about how came to be Made by the Instructables Staff in their spare time. The first step would be the original idea. Then how some of the staff came to be a part of Instructables, how scripting started, how Instructables has changed and so on..... Oh Oh! And how the Instructables Robot came to be!!!!

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creating a surface in Invesalius?

Hi there! We want to produce an stl of a heelbone from DICOM files to print and use in an operation. The edible Chocolate Brain was the inspiration to use Invesalius - meshlab I already know so this seemed like a good option. there are, however, limited manuals in english and infos to figure out certain steps in the Program ... like creating the surface for the stl - the mask has already been taken care of and everything else looks right, just this one step isn't yielding the expected result. a link of the document in question to look at - I would appreciate any help a great deal. thank you & snowy regards from Vienna, Eva Tucek

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Creating a USB program

Hello forums, I was wondering if anybody knew of a program that could do the following via USB. I have pet chickens that need feeding multiple times a day. I wanted to make a USB device that I could plug into my computer, and when I push a button in the program, it activates the USB port which is connected to my feeder. I don't need any help with making the feeder, it's just being able to run it on demand. Thanks in advance.

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Create a Floating Moon

Hi there, i need help, It's almost my wedding aniversary, and me and my wife have this agreement that we gonna surprise each other every year, well there is one thing that i'm doing this year, been thinking about it since we got married, but never got the gear to do it, well now it's diferent, there's only one thing left, i'm going to steel the moon for her (a moon done in machê paper) theres only one thing, what can i put inside it to make it float? I've tought about making it with a beach ball filled with helium but it seems that the ball leaks, does anybody have any idea???? Glad for the Help, Nuno

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creating a bluetooth dongle...?

ive been waiting for my dongle i ordered from for far to long and i am a very impatient man. ive set out to make a dongle, or try until it finally gets here. ive considered many options but its looking like this will be the most promising. my friend gave me a slightly damaged ipod touch (2nd gen?), which i found out has a broadcom bluetooth chip in it. i ripped up the ipod, found the chip, and the datasheet. ive messed with some circuitry before, but i am lost on this. im actually pretty novice with this sort of thing, but ive experimented and learned a lot on my own. i am eager to learn. my goal is to make this into a usb bluetooth adapter. i have all the ipod parts (may need some?), usb cables are abundant, and i have a soldering gun and i am able to use it. could someone please help guide me in the right direction? i am sorry if this doesnt belong here.. this is my first post here, but ive been enjoying the site for a while now. i am a big do it yourself kind of guy and will most definitely be uploading some of my ideas when i get around to it.

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My Instructable Birthday!

Today, while looking at my profile, I realized that the date under "member since" said "Dec 17 2012". So today is my first Instructable birthday!!! What a year! My first year as an instructabler has been amazing. Who would have thought that a website could change someone's life? It did to me, and I really mean it. If it wasn't for this site's push, I doubt that I would have made so many things. I am the kind of person who wants to do a million things but is too lazy to even start one.  But here I am, looking at all the projects I made in just one year and I can hardly believe it. They are more than the amount of projects I made in 20 years! Creating is the best thing in the world and this is what I want to do in my life. Thank you Instructables for helping me realize that. But most of all, I want to say a BIG thank you to the Instructables HQ because this great community wouldn't exist without you. You are wonderful! And another big thank you to all my new instructables friends. Your support and kindness means so much to me! I had never seen such a friendly community anywhere else. I am so happy and proud to be part of it! All of you inspire me to make more and more. I look forward to spending another great year in this creative place with you! :) Linda

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Addicted to Instructables

Why is Instructables so damn perfect??  Yes, I believe I am addicted to Instructables lol...after all it's very easy to get addicted to it. Especially for someone like me, who loves to create, this is a dream website! :D  Thanks to this site my creativity is finally challenged and it's so good to see so many people with my same passion. During these months I have been able to create more things than all the ones I had done in my life! And it feels so good. The last few years have been hard but now I feel alive again. Thank you Instructables! :) I love this community and one of my new dreams is to actually work for this website...the coolest job with the coolest people! :)

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Help with steering wheel

Hi ! I need help to make my steering wheel Serioux SRXW-02V LightRacer to have 900 or 780 degrees... My steering wheel have only 180 degrees , 90 degrees in right , 90 degrees in left . Where i can find the ''lock'' of wheel ? (inside the wheel or inside the stand of wheel?) What can I do to modifi my wheel to have 780 or 900 degrees, to make a rotation as a normal car... I need this modification for ETS 2. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks!

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It is still possible to create collections?

It is still possible for users to create collections? If yes, how? I can't find a way...

Topic by marcellahella    |  last reply

How to create a message box?

How to create a message box?

Question by alexman695    |  last reply

Create a $50.00 Money Lei

How can I create a $50.00 money lei

Question by msgranny    |  last reply

how to create gif images?

Without any tools how to create Gif images.

Question by maheshV    |  last reply

How and where to create a group?

Where do i create a group, is there a link?  cannot find groups in the menus, but i can see that other people are in groups... so how can i create one?

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Waiting for my iRobot Create ...

Log Entry 0001: I just purchased a Create and a BAM (but not received it yet). The plan is to use my Windows XP laptop as a bluetooth-tethered brain and write a C++ application that creates a virtual map of any room in which the Create finds itself; I'm not sure what the challenges are yet - I'm guessing there will be some latency in getting real-time information from the robot via the BAM module ... Step 1: read manuals on Bluthooth protocol, the Create command set; design the "brain" (a multi-threaded GUI windows app )... - Cheers.

Topic by Technophilia451  

How to create RFID antenna

Can you please guide me as how to create RFID Antenna and how it can be integrated with RFID reader ?

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Roomba vs iRobot Create

I see a lot of things about robots being built using the iRobot create platform, is it possible to use a roomba in a similar way? Would I need to replace the control system or jus make a hookup to the computer? Thanks in advance

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what is creating the vibration of vibrobot? Answered

           It the load of coin cell or uses the energy of lithium battery.

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Your own created melodies

I`m a beginner,it`s about 1 month I`m taking classes,I`ve created one,and remixed another.what about U? I will try to share them.

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Create Pages from JavaScript?

I was wondering if it is possible to create a text document from some JS embedded in a page. I know this may not be the perfect place to ask, but I might get some response : -) Thanks :-)

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Creating "in house" lenticular photos

Does anyone have information on what is needed to create lenticular photos in house? I am working for a company who would like to have this set up for their member events. Thank you!Anastasia

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