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Credit Building?

I'm 19, and have no credit history. I was considering getting a Wells Fargo Secured Credit card, and securing it with the $300 minimum collateral. What would be the best way to build credit with it? I was going to treat it like my debit card, only paying for things like gas, coffee here and there, and maybe a night out or two a month; then paying back the full amount I owe every month. Would that be a wise choice?  And how quickly could I improve my score?

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Collaboration Credit

I’ve recently collaborated on a few projects. Although the function works, it doesn't allow the co-author to get any credit. It seems like a simple solution would be to place the project on both author's pages. I see the question has been asked before without a decent response.

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Credit Card Offers and Free Credit Score Reports: Help RocketScientist2015 go to college by doing something you were gona do anyway!

Well, I've fallen from from the ranks of mostly unemployed to be an affiliate marketer:Next time you are looking for a credit card, or a credit report, mosey on over to and browse my selection of offers from major credit institutions. It's secure because I don't take your info, you just tell me what you are after and I show you offers from financial institutions (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, HSCB, the works). All you gota do is find the credit card that you need, and click to the issuer's site. I don't cost you anything, I get a commission for hooking you and the financial institution up. Also I've got links/offers for financial counseling, debit cards, pay day loans, credit repair, and all sortsa junk like that. Don't worry about them to much, they don't pay me as much so screw 'em. So yah, that's the scoop. And yes I'd appreciate it if you mentioned my website to friends and family, 'cuz I've got college to pay for in a year or two. And they say what goes around comes around. I don't know how that applies here so... err... Live Long and Prosper Y'all.... and recklessly apply for credit cards brought to you by:'d really appreciate it!!RocketScientist2015,not a spam'in robot, but in fact the real him

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Giving Credit for a Recipe

I have a recipe that I really like and on which I would like to do an instructable.  My question is about giving proper credit.  I looked around at some recipes on here and didn't see anything about giving credit.  So the recipe I want to use is a common basic one, but the one I use, I found on a blog.  So do I reference the blog in my instructable?  Is it different because I'm just teaching how to make the recipe?

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In a recipe instructable how do I give proper credit?

I have a recipe that I really like and on which I would like to do an instructable.  My question is about giving proper credit.  I looked around at some recipes on here and didn't see anything about giving credit.  So the recipe I want to use is a common basic one, but the one I use, I found on a blog.  So do I reference the blog in my instructable?  Is it different because I'm just teaching how to make the recipe?

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I'D First like to say hello to you all. So- HELLO!! Secondly  I just bought a pro membership for 1 yr. I'd like administration to know that I had to re-enter my info 3 times before it was accepted and giving public notice that I hope I will only be charged once on my bill for the card. Thank you. Also, Browsing thru the forums I see so many having trouble with the PDF service that we are entitled to. I hope this is all resolved and I didn't make a bad choice. Hope fully looking ahead to learn and share.  Thanks,  TOMMY TFP....??////&%

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Someone's using my work

I've been a member for a while, but so far have only made comments.  This morning, there was a featured article on building a mason bee house that is obviously using an article that I published in 2006, with no credits for my original work.  I'd like to make some comments, politely of course, to place credit where it belongs (original idea was passed to me by an extension agent), and add some meaningful background and tips.  My original work is currently available as a Word document of about 4 pages, including illustrations.  I also have a PowerPoint show that shows more intermediate steps, although the process is pretty straightforward.  I don't have time to construct the fresh Instructable I've been considering for quite some time, but I could post the documents if there is a good way to do so.  I'm concerned that my response may be lengthy, and I don't want to accuse the author of overt plagiarism, as he did add some nice design ideas to the basic process.  I would really like to know where he saw the info, as it may have traveled through several hands before he saw it.  It would be interesting to try to trace the progress of the initial idea.  So 1) Any good tips?  2) Is there a way to "attach" source documents like the Word and PPT files?  I'm attaching one photo from my original work so you can see the clear similarity.  Thanks,  Randy Person

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Created Instructable Draft and want to transfer author credit

A fellow member was working on a project he was talking to me about. I encouraged him to write it up as an instructable but he's still in the thick of it. I created an instructable draft outlining his project adding links he'd sent me. The text is all pretty much directly from our conversations and I just wanted to help him get started since his work should really be out there. I've added him as a collaborator on the project, so he can edit it but I want to give him full control to publish it and show up as the author since I figure he'll be taking over at this point. Is there a way to do this?

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See data on credit card with rust

Want to see the information on the magnetic strip in your credit card? Just take some fine rust powder and blow it onto the card to see the magnetic bands that get picked up by card readers. This won't help you read the information any better, but it does show you the hidden world in magnetic cards and that's pretty sweet. Another Science Experiment via boingboing

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Credit card crystal radio

What do you think about the feasibility of a credit card sized crystal radio? (Fits inside a wallet) Some possible i though so far are... A simple pcb with a diode, and a capacitor and a coil wrapped(protected by duct tape) around it. The antenna has to be tied to a hole on a corner. Or it is coiled to the card, ready to be unwrapped. The ear piece can either be external... Or can be glued to the card itself, but you must put the card near you ear... Instead of a winded coil, maybe it can be part of the pcb design itself... and to tune it, you unhook a beady wire and place it in the holes placed in a interval. What do you think? Any more ideas? In fact. a competition can be made for this idea.

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How does the economy "grow"? Answered

How does the economy "grow"? I've asked this question to a lot of people and never got a real answer. The news is always talking about the economy "growing" and that credit is the answer, but I don't understand the question. I understand the idea that you want more wealth to be flowing around and that means there is more out there to grab but what is making the economy bigger?

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Pro Membership/Credit Card

My pro membership is supposed to rollover today but my credit card number has changed. What do I do?

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Credit Card Reader Alarm

Does anyone know of a way to wire a MAGTEK 21080148 credit card reader in anyway to generate an on or off signal when using a credit card with a certain code on it? It uses a ps/2 plug. Does anyone see a way which it is possible to set up? Please post any ideas you have for it.

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collaboration authors not credited in Instructable

Hi- I recently collaborated with a friend on an instructable, and while it recognizes the collaboration enough to allow me to edit, it never credits me on the instructable page. How can we fix that?

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Article Fails To Credit Instructables

To: Ginny Mies, PC World Staff Editor, and Nick Mediati, PC World Assistant EditorCC: Kimberly Brinson, PC World Managing Editor, Ed Albro, PC World Editor, and Eric Wilhelm, Instructables CEOWho is this guy?I can't find his name on your staff list, so I hope you are the right people to talk to about this.I was reading the article in the above link and realized that I had just read most of that stuff (almost in that order) already on a web site called Instructables. While I don't care so much about the actual copyrights (Instructables is largely based on "Attribution non-commercial share-alike" legality), I do believe that at least a formal nod is in order. It might look (to those unfamiliar with Instructables) like he did some fancy research to gather those neat tips together, but to me it is practically undeniable that he was surfing Instructables. (I am not exaggerating, I read at least half of those tips on Instructables within the same hour!)Perhaps the best tip Zack Stern could have given was the only obvious one he left out: Visit Instructables for more of these user-enabling tips!Sincerely,Ricky RatzlaffAvid Instructables readerP.S. If you need links to the relevant projects on Instructables, feel free to ask. They're just a search engine away!

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$600 Shapeways Printing Credit for $300

Hello all, I have acquired $600 in printing vouchers to Shapeways from a couple contests, they are actually divided into three separate vouchers of $100, $250, and $250. I'm sure I can find something awesome to use the money to print but as I'm in college now I could better spend this towards something else (books!!). I'd be willing to do %40 percent off for an individual voucher (so 60 for 100 or 150 for 250) or %50 percent off for all 3 together. Feel free to message me if interested. Thanks!

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Copyright violation

This instructable is for a knex sight. However, the exact same sight to the last knex piece was used on my gun a couple of months before. This person has said he created it, not given me credit, and the annoying thing is that i think he left the site. Has anyone got advice or views on this?

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100$ Shapeways credit for 55$ for a limited time ! save 45$ JUST FOR TWO DAYS!

I have 100$  credit for shapeways to sell for 55$ , because I need money for something different than printing in 3D ;) Send me PM message if you are interested in buying it. Here is an screen capture just to prove that i have it. Nobody was interested in this topic when it was in marketplace section so i post it here. TWO DAY SPECIAL OFFER !  55$ FOR 100$  3D PRINTING VOUCHER!  JUST TWO DAYS OF SPECIAL OFFER!

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some one is asking for me to give credit on my instructable what do i do? Answered

He said that he made it before me on an old account but i dont believe him what do i do? its on my shotgun shells for slingshots

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Gaining free game credits with Jackpot Credit Device?!? (Hack or Smokin Crack?)

I was surfing the web and came across these cheating 'devices.' The claim is that somehow these black boxes manipulate the system into giving additional free credits as you're feeding the machine and/or causing the machine to more likely pay out. I am 99.5% sure this is total BS. Still the chance to play TimeCrisis 3 for hours and hours at a deep discount sounds awesome. ;-)Here is the descriptions on the website: Third and Fourth Items downThis device was developed through years of research on machines and by beta testers. It has potential to jackpot or give credits in gambling machines and fruit machines. When put in a small box and powered by 1 or 2 (9VDC) batteries, it will fit in your pocket or up your sleeve. This unit can be used as a contact induction device (soundless arc system) or EMP induction device via magnetic induction pulses which are also soundless. This device uses in excess of 1000volts so use caution. There are two ways to use this device in either mode: as you are inserting coins, adding credits or adding money to the machine you activate the device and it will cause the credits to jump higher. The other way to use the device is to use it while you are playing and you have great odds of hitting a jackpot or winning. Kit includes all parts to build a complete unit to operate in either mode.The completed kit can be used in two modes: vacuum arc induction or magnetic induction coil mode. The device is so small you will need to coat it with epoxy and electrical tape, as a box would take up too much space. It is powered by one 9v battery, it will fit in your pocket, up your sleeve or in the palm of your hand. This unit is a contact induction device (soundless arc system) or can be converted into an EMP induction device via magnetic induction pulses which are also soundless and generated by connecting a small pinwheel coil to the output probes. This device generates around 500volts so use caution. There are two ways to use this device: as you are inserting coins, adding credits or adding money to the machine, you activate the device and it will cause the credits to jump. The other way to use the device is to activate it while you are playing and you have great odds of hitting a jackpot or winning. Kit includes all parts to build one complete unit, epoxy and tape not included.

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I have seen RFID wallets, sleeves, and cards.  I like the IDEA of RFID blocking cards that you sandwich your credit cards between. So, my question is thus... If I had two cards made of 21 gauge aluminum and placed them on in the last pocket on both sides of my wallet, would this block the RFID scanners?  If not, then what would it take? What just programming some RFID chips and put them in my wallet to eff with the scanners?  I know there are things like this in the market, but very over priced.  I have contacts in the RFID scanning and deployment world, so it would not be hard for my to get my hands on this stuff. What do you all think!?

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call for ideas and projects for a new publication

The Wild Pansy Press Book of Rainy Day Activities A Call for Works The Wild Pansy Press will be producing a publication in which a range of artists, designers, activists make concrete suggestions for new cultural activities in a Post-Credit-Crunch society, with an emphasis on the practical, the sustainable, the challenging and the subversive... The book will be a collection of templates, instructions and recipes which can be used to make or to generate Art works in the widest sense. The book will include some pieces about ideas raised by the projects as well as the "instructions" and templates, parts lists, supplier contacts, artists' information and plenty of visual material. Everything will be copyright-free and we will encourage readers to get back to us with their own ideas or adaptations of the pieces The book will be our contribution to the exhibition CRUNCHTIME: artists' responses to the global credit crisis and its timetable of associated events and will be available free at the main exhibition venue in York for the duration of the 8-day event in February 2010 and will then be on sale through various distributors, independent bookshops and galleries worldwide and from our own website. In addition, larger-format supporting items such as detailed plans, circuit diagrams and motivational posters will be also available as free downloads from the Wild Pansy site. The publication will be a squared-off A4 format (210 x 210 mm) and its design will reflect the contents. We are currently negotiating funding to cover the costs of making selected "prototypes" by contributors. So we invite you to submit your ideas, proposals and plans for things to make, things to perform, things to read, models for organisation, models for action, recipes for (avoiding) disaster, recipes for big dinners... to:

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Changing Membership To Another Credit Card

How do you go about paying for current membership with another credit card????

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credit card readerin today's newsletter

In today's newsletter there's an advert for a credit card reader.  Is this the one that fraudsters use to read credit card details from ATMs?  If it is, please don't advertise how to do it. regards Deb Morrow

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Monopoly DIY Credit Card Bank?

Ok, so we have the Monopoly electronic banking board game, we have everything the credit cards and board.  But we lost the credit card banking thing, we also do not have the receipt.  Is there any way we can do a DIY bank, even something over the computer.  I heard of Excel but, you would have to type in your money, the whole point of having credit cards is to make the money system faster than just handing out bills.  is there any ideas what we could do?

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instructables mirror site? credit to author? do it

was doing a bing vs google test and found this.  what is it?  its my photos and text from my instructable on another website , my identity or username are not there? being brief because it written it 4 times now and it keeps being glitchy and loosing what i just wrote. 

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How can I best remove an RFID chip and antenna out of a card? Answered

I've got a GE Proxlite card that I use to unlock the doors to my office. The card appears to have a seam in it, where I suspect the antenna and chip to be molded in between the two layers of plastic. What I want to do is remove the antenna array from my card, and place the intact array on the inside of my iPhone 4, whose flat removable back panel is perfect for it.  A clever alternative would be to get another RFID chip and antenna and implant it in the iPhone, and then somehow copy the ID of the Proxlite Card. That would be much simpler, and Im not above spending a few $$$.

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Which credit cards have the lowest fees for international purchases or currency conversions?

Many credit cards have started raising their fees for international purchases and currency conversions. What issuer has the lowest overall fees for traveling, particularly for US travelers in Portugal and Spain?International and Foreign Conversion Fees: Credit Card Company Comparisons claims that Capital One cards have the lowest fees, followed by American Express. Does anyone recent personal experience traveling and avoiding fees?

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I am in need of cd for a credit card camera.

It's one of those China credit card size cameras.Model NO, W10913002 Camera Model, CD-130BT Anntone have any ideas, or a copy of this CD E-Mail Thank'st

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Is there an instructable for modding a Credit card reader into a Usb card reader? or is this impossible without adruno? Answered

I have a VeriFone Omni 396 Credit Card terminal, I want to Mod it so i can use it as a Usb card reader and if possible, use the keypad but the keypad is only an option. So can i turn the reader into a USB reader without adruno or do i have to have it?

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Mistakenly pay

Hello. Today I paid the account by credit card. But mistakenly pressed the "pay" for the second time. Money withdrawn from your credit card a second time?

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I want to share credit on an instructable I published, can I add a collaborator after the fact or did I mess up?

I wrote the instructable for a project that I did with my friend, I want to add him as a co creator because he deserves credit, Can I do that now that  its already up on the site an featured?

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where can i get smallish but loud cheap speakersabout say 2cm in diameter? Answered

I need some small speakers for a portable speaker project, i no yes it does sound like every other portable speaker project but it is slightly different. So the speakers need to be smallish about 2 cm across but still quite loud, any easy places to get them from?

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Using piezo buzzers from birthday cards and muiscal ties as mp3 speakers. How to wire 2 in series and amplify etc?

Ok so i want to make this instructable: i look around for a musical card but i can't find one. But i do find some miscal things taken out of christmans ties n such and also some old piezo buzzers. I figured these would work the same after tryin for a while with some headphone wires i gave up trying to wire them up as my headphone wires had 2 brown, 1 red and 1 green wire and in the instructable it only had 2; 1 brown and 1 red. After a while i tried a new wire and i got it to work, but it's very quiet. So i thought i would try and wire up the 2nd one to see if it would make it louder, but i couldn't get any sound out of it.THis is what the 1st speaker wired up looks like: first question is can i simply wire the other speaker onto the same wire as this one is currently or do i have to add another set of wires( split them) so there is 2 set of wires (1xred and 1xbrown)?secondly before i cut off the speaker (in it's original christmas song buzzer circuit thing) it was considerably louder, is this because there is an amplification part to this circuit- if so can i take it out?Im guessing not looking at it: this is the original circuit: know that was long winded but thanks to anyone hwo gives their time to try and helpMdog

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My instructable was posted on a website and I wasn't given credit

I hope I am in the right area to post this... I am a newbie to the art of step-by-step instruction and instructables as a whole.  I have really enjoyed being a part of this community and sharing ideas with all of you.  However, I just had an experience where I found my instructable on this website. She did not give me any type of credit and made it appear that she had created it herself.  I am awaiting a response from her as I write this.  I saw a great deal of other instructable "family" on the site as well.  They too were not given credit.  So i ask...what do you do with this type of situation?

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Now I'm being credited for Ibles I didn't make??

This isn't really a big deal:An Instructable has only been rated by one person, which gives it a 2.68 rating. I wanted to see who that person was, so I clicked on "They Like it" and it said: No one has rated your instructable yet.That's not my instructable.Secret Hoodie Stash

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Should speakers be connected in series or parallel? Answered

So I'm following an instructable for making credit card speakers using piezo speakers . In their instructable they only use one speaker so there's no need to wire it in series or parallel. I have 3 speakers. Will the speakers work in both series and parallel? What are the pros and cons of both?

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Having trouble renewing Pro membership

I got a message indicating you were having trouble renewing my subscription. I went to Paypal to update my (expired) credit card, but can't get Paypal's accursed interface to work. (Neither the Debit nor Credit Card selector buttons is active, and I can't find the "payment methods section" they reference in the instructions -- See attached screen shot.) How can I renew my subscription if Paypal won't let me update the credit card payment information?

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K'NEX Guns or K'NEX Ball Machines? You Decide.

Which is more popular on K'NEX guns, or K'NEX ball machines? Please post your opinions below. (Note: Credit for the ball machine picture goes to sandroknexmaster, and partial credit goes to dr. richtofen for the gun)

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new sik gun

Works hella nice, bolt action sikness. #yolo

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If you modify another person's creation and publish it, should you give partial credit to the original maker? Answered

I decided to create a pistol that was different than, but somewhat similar to the el diablo assault pistol. It was smaller & had a different reloading mechanism. Should I give partial credit to whoever originally made the el diablo pistol?

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Photoshop random doodling..

This is a random thing i made with photoshop, this is the original, credits to sony for the wallpaper.

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Ok thanks to lemonie and andy helped a lot they well get credit thanks to all! and andy i well trie your method

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in creating my apple id the none option is not coming up on the credit card option?

I have tried many time to create my apple Id but is not working as the none option is not coming out on the credit card option,Please it hidden somewhere? This is making me go mad pls . my email id is please help me and make one apple id

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External postings and attribution

Did somebody from the Instructables staff post a version of my instructable on Sustain Lane without attribution or credit to the author? It certainly looks like it here where it says "Instructables - Premier Partner" while the content is clearly my instructable with no author attribution or credit to be found.

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