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Contest criterias

I tried to post this earlier but either something went went wrong or I was too blonde to find it, so if i is adouble plese ignoreand delete! My intention was to enter the Make it Glow contest with a better and more complete version of my forever Light. But after checking some entries I decided against it. There are a lot of totally unrelated entries in the contest and I fail to see the point in entering if obviously noone cares about what goes into a contest. For example a hovercraft, cordless screwdriver, fingerprint scanners, remote controlled robots, space doors or cmputer controlled flower pots..... I though the reason for a contest would be to have stuff in there that fits th contest.... I know some standards are not that high but isn't it a bit too low to allow totally unrelated entries into a contest??? Me, I simply don't see how a contest can be fair if the entry rules are already being completely ignored and obviously noone here cares to remove those entries... For that simple reason I won't support a contest with my entry.

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Wizarding contest criteria

Hey, i'm wondering what are the requirements for entering the Wizarding contest. Yes, yes, i was reading those lines below but i still can not figure out :) Made earrings instructable (actually two) that should be eligible to enter but in says it isn't. Can somebody help please?  instructable:

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Shopbot contest criteria unclear

Having read the criteria for the shopbot competition, it has made me wonder some things? The competition will be judged on the following... Originality Usefulness Simplicity Clarity of instructions. Personally I think this will exclude many worthy entries that would otherwise rate highly. Originality......What if the idea is not original, and yet, there are no known  instructions to make the idea. Surely if the entrant goes to the effort to create instructions for such an idea, and there are no known instructions anywhere else, then this is what the spirit of instructables is all about. Instructing, not neccesarily inventing. Usefulness...... Is a game less useful than an an automatic clothes ironer ?  By what standards is "usefulness" guaged Simplicity....... Building  a CNC machine is far more complicated than making a decorative frame around a mirror. Based on "Simplicity" does this mean the CNC machine will rate poorly? Is the competition aiming for the lowest common denominator with simplicity. Would I be wasting my time writing an instructable for something that is complicated? Clarity of instruction....... I guess I cant question this one. I would love to enter the comp and put in a huge ammount of effort with pictures videos etc, but based on the criteria, I feel that my "complicated", "non original (Yet no known public plans)" Not very "useful" toy, would recieve equal treatment. Anyones thoughts? Regards Benny

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What criteria does insructables use to decide if a project will be featured?

Is it based on productivity, usefullness, novelty, or just random coolness?

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Clay Contest Criteria

I have a question about the Clay contest criteria....debating whether to do an instructable for a DIY downdraft kiln vent for under $50 (cf $450-600 to buy) that I built. I've actually been waiting for the clay contest before publishing, however the contest criteria says:  "For the purpose of this contest, any project that uses a moldable, malleable, clay-like product will be eligible." So question is, would a kiln vent be eligible? Previous contest criteria has been "all things" related to said topic, but this seems more narrow in scope. Obviously a kiln vent is not made with clay, but it certainly fits the pottery topic. What to the contest gurus say?

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What does it takes to have my instructable in the newsletter?

What are the criteria for the choice of the instructables that will appear in the newsletter? I have four instructables published that never appeared there. There are a lot of others instructables that appear repeatedly. Please, let us know the criteria used to elect them. Thanks.

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New Front Page For Instructables

I love the 'new' instructables' front page with the large search leader - arduino - which disappears when you highlight it and type in your criteria.  Well done guys - love it!

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Contest Judging?

It seems that all contests have the same "Criteria"  originality, usefulness, simplicity, and clarity of instructions. I have looked at some of the past contest winners and wonder how these "Criteria" were applied. Some of the past winners have been anything but simple, and the instructable may have many questions in the comments about what is meant  in the instructions or asking for clarifications. Also the "usefulness" of some of the winners is very questionable. It looks like the more complicated and outlandish the instructable the better chance it has to win.

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Contest Moderation Criteria

I have entered several contests and put a lot of work into my Instructables. After the project is done it takes me 4 or 5 hours to put together the photos, write out the steps, proof read etc. I am proud of the work I have done and want to share not just the end result but my thought process and the steps for others to inpsire them give them the head start I did not have... So this being said when I see a contest that is moderated and then when it sometimes takes a week for my entry to be "Approved" I would think that there is some criteria that must be met and that they review each instructable in detail to ensure only the quality ones get the honor of entering the contest.. But then I look at some of the other contest entries.. (a small number but still usually more then a couple in each contest) and these instructables do not seem to have any thought behind them, do not show anything new and in some cases seem to be faked. I am not going to point to exact ones but one I saw had a picture of a product and the instructable had like five lines of text: Go to store buy product open box follow instructions on box use product as it was intended  and that was it!!! What do others think? Should the moderators for the contest be "Pickier" about what gets "Approved"? I think it would help the people who are submitting to create a better Instructable if these would get rejected with an explaination. And motivate the others to raise the bar a bit. I also feel sorry for the judges as some contest are now getting over 600 entries and there seems to be 1 or 2 being judged every week or two that they have to read through every single entry. Just my 2 cents... :-)

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Judging Criteria concern...

I was just looking at the Finalist in the Coded Creations Contest sponsored by Microsoft. There are very few where the main part of the project they built was "programming" based, One I read even stated right in the instructable that they just "copied the code from somewhere online which they could not remember were". Another showed how to install software which did involve programming... While the finalists chosen were definately cool and Great instructables were they really "Coded Creations"? Of the entries submitted there were several that did not make the finals that took advantage of thing specifically mentioned in the contest description:  "use of Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, Kinect/Xbox, Windows Phone apps, or any Windows app". One entry did a phone app that even had voice control.. it was super cool and showed great programming tecniques and cool features but again did not make the finals.  Should the judging not have looked closer at the theme of the contest when picking the best to be finalists? It is like if I build an awsome Jet car from scratch and as part of it I programmed the clock by using code I found online... would that deserve to be in the finals? Sure a Jet Car is awsome but copying code for a non integeral clock while technically it is "coding" but it is not what makes the jet car awsome. I bet if it was stricktly a team from Microsoft doing the judging it would be a totaly different list. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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Design criteria for Ibles....

I just noticed that we have now standards that need to be followed if you want to publish an Instructable.Standards are good but not so much if the editing options for an Ible are at a standard from the year 2000.If I had fun designing something as simple as whistle that shall be created in a 3D printer: Then why would I need images showing how I designed it?Or why would I need images for the print settings or idea behind it?A community goes both ways!The editing tools are still sub standard and the images handling is a bad joke.If I need to explain something complex with the aid of images then of course I want the images in the right spot with the text - ever thought about this or visited website that offer similar after the year 2000?Usability is not just a means to provide the same look on all browsers and devices or to be able to use the most basic way to convert a website into a PDF.Usability is also for those who create it but that part seems to be lost for years now no matter how many times people ask, suggest or comment on the problem.I have no problem making my creations available elsewhere if that is the only way out here.If you want people to create proper Instructables then for crying out loud give them the means to do so!And fix the damn category selection bogus when posting in the community section.Has no use for years but why bother to fix it....Before you guys force people doing things your way only you should consider in what times we are and how proper usability would benefit this site....

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If my Instructable is not featured, then does that mean that I don't have the chance of winning a contest I entered in? Answered

This is my instructable: I entered for the "MAKE ENERGY: A US-MEXICO INNOVATION CHALLENGE" contest. I see that few of the entries were featured and most of them were not (including mine). So, does that mean that I don't have a chance of winning? What criteria are considered for featuring/ not featuring an instructable. I'm pretty new to this site (in fact the above one is my first instructable) so can some one please explain? Thank you in advance.

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Standards for being featured dropped?

This is anecdotal, since obviously I don't review every single featured Instructable. I just happened to notice two recently that have some nice photos but otherwise seem kind of "incomplete". Absolutely no offense meant to the authors, I'm sure they put a lot of effort into these projects, but the documentation seems lacking and not up to the standards of "someone should be able to reproduce the work": The latter especially has nice photos of what is obviously a really nice build, but totally lacks a materials list, wiring diagram, cut instructions for the wood - all information that's essential to actually do the build. There are a couple (nice) comments pointing this out. Just wanted to point this out - not sure if there's someone new on the community team who might be featuring things just because they have nice photos, without checking the text, or if there's been a change in the standards for featuring that I'm unaware of.

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What is the criteria for being featured?

I have just uploaded my first instructable and i wonder why it can not be seen at the first page as featured.... What is the criteria for being featured? I can see that the instructable is uploaded when i search for it (using eskimohut as a search word), so it seems to be uploaded correctly.

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What are the criteria for judging in instructables contests?

I have an instructable entered in the pocket sized contest and I was wondering , is your instructable judged by views, rating or just on the quality of the instructable in general?

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Brennn10's Gift Exchange Criteria

My skills include: Altoids tin electronics, Tinkering, Numismatics, Entrepreneurial Help What I'd like to make for someone: Altoids LED Flashlight, Minty LED Tester, Wooden Helping Hands I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): S (Most of my items are small) I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Definitely What I like: Mini Headphone Amps, Cool Gizmos or Gadgets, Salvaged Vintage/Antique stuff (No Steampunk!) Knitted Hats.....Try Me. What I don't like: Women's Jewelry, Earbud Headphones, I absolutely can't have: There is nothing that I absolutely cannot have. Type of thing I'd love to receive: Something that catches the eye, A useful gizmo/device.  I sorta need a mini headphone amp.  It would be neat to receive an antique that has been salvaged and made to be something useful.  I'm not a picky person. Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? I can only ship small items internationally. Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: Yes, I have parental approval.

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Project views as judging criteria!!!!! Should this be so????

OK, I was reading the contest rules and it states that the number of view your instructable has gotten will be a factor in the judging. Should this be criteria for judging? I personally do not think so!!!!! The deadline is June 17th........Right!!! So what if I (or anyone) submitted their project late in the night on the 16th. It will still be a qualifying entry, correct!!! If I did submit late in the night on the 16th the chances of getting the views of a project submitted a month earlier are very slim. Even though my instrucatable may be the most amazing yet and a hands down winner, does this mean since I only have a view ratio of 100000 to 20, that my project will not win. I personally do not believe number of views should be included in the judging criteria. This simply is not fair to people who get their entries in at the last minute, as they would still qualify 100% if it were in fact before the deadline!!! Edit: Now that I think about it the rating given by users should not be a factor also for the same reason above. However, the only way this would be fair is if the deadline was only for entry, THEN there would be a certain amount of time for users to rate the project, say a month, AFTER the deadline for submittal. The page views and rating should only be counted during this time. This would make it fair all across the board. The only way to make the current way fair would be to do it based on judging by the actual judges based on the project only.

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Where do the class suggestions go and what is the criteria?

I want to know who sees the class requests and what the criteria is to make one a thing. I also want to know how long they take to make.

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how can i run dc motor with specific criterias as per detail?

1) the motor should move forward for cirtain RPM then STOP when supply is on. 2) the motor should move reverse with exact same RPM then STOP when supply CUT OFF. the supply volage is 230V the motor is 12V DC.

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What are judges looking for?

I'm curious about the judging process for contests. Most contests seem to have pretty loose rules and are judged without clear criteria. I put a lot of time and effort into my entries, and many of my instructables get featured, but I've only been a finalist once. If I knew better what judges were looking for, I could target my efforts better. Any suggestions, or could judging criteria be posted somewhere? Like are they looking for the most off-the-wall ideas, best photos, clearest explanations, etc.?

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How do you post a guide on instructables?

In the Submit section, there are options for submitting instructables, videos, or slideshows, but nothing for guides. Do you need to be an instructables bigwig to post a guide? Is there some sort of criteria you have to fulfill?

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1)Meaning of 'Star' tag on the project? Answered

1) What is meaning of 'Star ' symbol on project, who gives this, what is the criteria, Is there Reward ? 2) What do you mean by 'Editors pick', 'Popular', 'Rating', 'Views', Zeitgeist',      Who selects it, what is the criteria 3) If some one copies idea and take patent on that idea, Does the Author gets something?      What is the cross check if some one manufactures and sell as a product in the market? 4) I am a Retired person, Is there any way to get Pro Membership freely ? 5) Is there any booklet or Guidelines of Instructables, and is there any flow chart how the system works once the Project is published by the Author

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Home page most pop? Answered

What are the criteria to get into the most popukllar box on the home page - my post - geodesic green house rated 4.3 and over 100 views the top of the mort pop box no rating and 311 views ??  Don't get it.

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No Search..

Wow, instructables is great when I enter from a link but useless when I can't search.. Windows 8.1, Chrome.. Just nothing happens when I enter search criteria and hit go..!! Please!! I joined, donated etc. and need it.. Thanks, Alan

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How to enter?

I entered the converse back-to-school contest last night, but my instructable hasn't appeared in the recent entry area in the converse back to school contest. Is there some kind of criteria or set of rules that I missed? Is it just waiting to be checked by a moderator? Can entries get rejected?

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Toilet-humour competition

Simple: download the blank image, upload with an amusing caption. The theme is "Famous people on the toilet", so the criteria are: someone we've heard of, and something amusing. Examples attached. Thanks to everyone who has contributed, this has gone very well so far. L

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Some Featured Instructables are not worthy of Featuring

Instructables is great. I frequently view Featured entries. However, I have reviewed the criteria in a number of staff posts regarding what gets a members Instructable featured, I think the idea is good but the implementation is flawed. Some of the featured Instructables might meet those criteria but the Instructable itself may not be worthy, one recently had to be removed by staff for plagiarism after it was featured! The breech of Instructables Guidlines was clearly indicated in comments prior to the featuring. Instructables, please remember that just because an Instructable gets lots of views or comments, these may be for all the wrong reasons and each Featured Instructable and its comments should be reviewed before featuring. Thanks, and I really do think Instructables makes the world a better place :-)

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Forbes Contest- trouble having my entry accepted.

Hello, I've to entered one of my videos three times in the last month but after sitting in the "pending moderators approval section" it is always returned. It seems to fit all the criteria i.e. length and logo. Is anyone else having problems?

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Geodesic Dome Materials

My friends and I plan on building a geodesic dome at a small park, but we're not sure what materials to use. Our criteria are:it needs to go up fastit would be nice if it was semi-portableit needs to be cheapit needs to be secure enough that it can't be vandalized/removedSuggestions, please? Thank you!

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What does Sponsor's Instructables staff mean?

I was looking at the rules for the tech contest and saw this, what does it mean ? Does it mean that the finalist will be picked by the sponsor? """""Two Judges from Sponsor's Instructables staff will choose 18 finalists from the pool of all eligible entries based on their preliminary assessment of whether the entries meet the Criteria"""

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immediate contest entry?

Is it possible to change the moderated contest entry process? I think it would be better if we could enter a contest on a probationary basis when we post an instructable. That way viewers can vote on recent instructables. If the instructable doesn't meet the contest criteria then the entry is cancelled, no harm, no foul. It seems that there are times when contest acceptance is slower (weekends).

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Antivirus Recommendations?

I'm sick and tired of Dad's McAffee that he's got set up on most of our PCs, and I really want to try something different on my computers.I'm looking for an "all-in-one", so to speak, that can handle all or most of this criteria:AntivirusAntispywareFirewallSpam BlockerFree of CostSo, let me know what you use, have used, do like, and don't like!

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Can you recommend an LED to me? Answered

I'm looking for a white LED that is 5mm or smaller.  My problem is that there is such a great selection of LED's on the internet, I can't determine which of the many options are best!  Here's my criteria: *5mm or smaller (cannot have a heatsink) *white (preferably without a bluish tint; a pure white) *wide viewing angle *bright (high mcd) † this is the order of priority for the criteria as well I understand that there's a trade off between viewing angle and mcd; ideally I would like to find a happy medium. Through the research I've done, I've heard names like Nichia GS, Cree 503D, and Jeled.  I'm not sure if these have a large enough viewing angle but regardless I wasn't able to find anywhere to buy these.  It would be great if you could include a link to a place to buy your suggested LED or at least insure that they are available for sale before posting a suggestion, after all it's not useful for me to know the name of a product I can't obtain.  As always, Thank you!

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Instructables Design Comp

Hi.  I would appreciate clarification regarding the entry criteria to this comp, please.  It talks about things made of wood, and being related to that recent wood care competition.  I feel sure this is just a temporary glitch. If I feel the proper details match the sort of thing I want to enter, I will jump in with both feet, but at the moment my entry would not necessarily be wood related. thanks for running such fabulous competitions

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Multiple entries

Hello all! I am sorry if this has been answered already, but i coldn't find an answer by looking around the site. I want to enter the "Make it glow" Contest and have two instructables that i feel could be good contenders. I'd like to know if it is allowed or OK to add two entries in the contest? What would be the judgment criteria? Would the two entries be valuated independently ? What about winner decisions?

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Any recomendations for a small sailboat plans? Answered

I'v been searching for sailboat plans and have had a hard time fitting my criteria. I want simplicity and cheapness over everything. Iv built a small wooden boat once but no other marine building experience. I'm looking for under 10 feet and one person. Im a teenager whose doesn't have much money. Thank you very much.

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What amp to use???

I recently made an amplifier based on a TDA2004 chip i salvaged from a car radio but i wanted to get more power and so i planned on making a 20w or more version. Problem is, i don't know what chip to use. Can you guys help me? Criteria: 20w or more (just give me the max wattage the chip can carry) non-SMD chip, preferably on those chips that are on a multiwatt-like package min voltage lower than 6v (around 5v or less) and higher than 6v (obviously) load the chip can carry must be 4-8 ohms About the wattage, just give me the max wattage. I've been running the tda2004 for  some time now on 6v only and it's pretty loud, just not loud enough on open areas (rave party, anyone?) Anyways, just tell me the power amps you know of that'll satisfy the criteria or at least close to it. I need answers in 4 days or so, so please tell me ASAP. Thanks in advance!

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Adding a new category for the ESP8266

Hey Instructables, Not sure what your criteria are for adding a new category? I'm suggesting you consider a category for the ESP8266. I'm a real Arduino and Raspberry Pi fan and I can see that the ESP8266 is coming on gangbusters. I understand if you added a new category in Technology for every piece of hardware that came along the categories would loose their effectiveness, so I'll leave my suggestion in your capable hands. Cheers, Steve

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Will you please help me to design a power supply of 12v and 1amp with calculations for selection of right components ?

           As above mentioned i would like to have the basic knowledge regarding the designing power supply. Here i want the selection criteria for all components of power supply .I would like to have basics of the calculations or formula regarding selection of values of capacitors used in design.          Kindly help me please!!!!

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Entries from romania

Two years ago, the contests said that entries are accepted from any country That was all nice until i noticed that lately the contest policy has changed and there is only a small list of countries now. I've always hated the idea of country-exclusive stuff going on on the internet. Will it be possible in the future to submit entries from Romania too?  Also, based on what criteria do the admins here choose what countries can participate?

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Building an electromagnet. Help anyone?

Hi all. I'm looking to mess with ferro fluid but I'm wondering exactly what kind of magnet I'm going to want.  From what I've looked up anything under 3000 gauss and I might as well get a rare earth magnet.  So obviously we move to electromagnets.  Basically what I'm looking for is help to create an electro magnet with these three criteria maximum gauss, minimum effort, and moderate safety.  I'd rather not have it get hot and burn myself.?

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Question About the Etsy Contest

Hello Jeff, I was just wondering if the Etsy contest is only for sewing. I am not a huge sewer, but I have a few ideas that are "useful" and can make humans' lives easier. Also, I do not really understand one thing. Are you saying that we have to enter 3 instructables into this group that are corespond to the contest criteria? Do we need to make an account on the Etsy site? If so, what do we need to do with this account? Thanks! -Brennn10

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Make It @ Your Library

Fantastic news! Instructables collaborated with the American Library Association to build a new how-to website especially for libraries:  Make it @ Your Library This website is tailored to librarians interested in implementing makerspace projects in their libraries.  Fully searchable, Make it @ your library connects users to projects, based on library-specific search criteria: age, price, project time, etc. You can read more about the details here, and if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to leave them below in the comments.

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I need help finding a mini water pump with DC motor

I've been trying aliexpress, Amazon, ebay, etc., but I'm not sure what to look for really. I just need a water pump with an attached low voltage DC motor that can shoot a jet of water. Everything I see looks like low flow stuff for fish tanks etc... perhaps I'm not using the right search criteria or am not able to recognize the right motor and pump when I see it. 

Topic by tsaltzman  

Copper and magnet electricity generator

For a project in school we are designing a simple electric generator using copper wire and a magnet. The output i'm aiming for is 15V .The fixed criteria for Faraday's law as followsE =( NBA ) / T T= 3 seconds N = adjustable A = adjustable B = Neodymium 1.32 T so how do i chose my copper wire? what diameter? what kind? how do i keep the design not so BIG . How do i increase my voltage output by using a double coil system?

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MacOSX: Any suggestions for good and secure IRC client for Tiger/Leopard?

This is a question for the Mac experts out there (Jake, this means you!). Can anyone recommend a good quality, secure IRC client for Macs running Tiger (10.4) and Leopard (10.5)? The obvious Google search gave me four or five options, but I don't have any criteria from which to choose. If there's one that comes with MacOSX, that'd be great, just tell me. Mac Help gave me a big fat goose egg when I asked :-(

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HELP - Tacky Fabric?

I'm trying to find out the best method to make a cotton fabric somewhat sticky or tacky ... perhaps the best example of what I am trying to achieve are the identical properties of a 'Football Receiver Gloves'. Criteria:1. Should wash ok without losing its tacky quality. 2. Adhere to itself while avoiding picking up lint or dust. 3. Allow a fabric such as soft cotton to remain soft and pliable.Any help / direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance."In a sticky situation"

Question by masotomagic  

gotta admit, kinda bummed by contest results

I recently entered a contest with what I thought was a good project. I'm no wizz and surely expect there to be strong competitors out there all with different projects. I have no idea what criteria is used in judging but to have several versions of the same thing (a bluetooth speaker) win several slots in the contest left me both bummed and scratching my head. What's done is done but I feel like this is akin to running a contest of car repair and having 3 entries on How to Change a Tire win.

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Does use of a sponsor's products affect contest judging/winner selection?

Hi, My understanding of contests (from the few that I've entered) is that how exactly judging occurs and winners are selected can vary a bit. The judging panel can be make up of Instructables staff, respected members of the community, and/or staff from the sponsor - with the ultimate decision about winners being up to either Instructables or the Sponsor (please correct me if that understanding is misguided). My question, then, is whether use of a sponsor's products in the Instructable being entered in the contest affects any stage of the judging process (selection of finalist, judges' scoring criteria, selection of winners). To give a concrete example - I have a current entry in the Microcontroller Contest, which is sponsored by Radio Shack; but my entry almost exclusively uses parts from SparkFun. It seems like this would create a conflict of interest and make it difficult for a Radio Shack employee to be an objective judge - ideally they'd want to promote their own products and not a competitor's. I tried to dig through the rules and small print for the contest but couldn't find anything definitive either way - nothing saying that this is included as a judging criteria, but also nothing saying that it isn't. Any and all straightforward answers would be appreciated - not speculating about conspiracy theories here or accusing the site of selling out - just curious how this process works!

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