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Post cool crossbow im having a contest if u make the coolest,themostpowerful,range or the most compact you will get a $1000. dead line 3 weeks from to day. rules must be a crossbow cant be a peice of crap and has to look cool and shoot good MOST POST or i does not count. winner will get a check from mail

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Which is better for a lego gun slingshot or rachet? Answered

I'm making a new lego gun but i don't no which is better please answer.

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gorkem's crossbow

Ok im just putting it out there i have made gorkems crossbow

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revoler crossbow

I'm currently making a knex crossbow witch will use the technique from Semi-automatic 7 Shot Knex Rifle by knexagon, but in a revolver.(I'll post pics soon).

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Crossbow Material? Answered

What kind of metal is very springy and springs back to place for the part that holds the string?  

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Crossbow bolts

Crossbow bolts are considerably expensive. I just invested in a crossbow and I'm looking for a cheap way to make practice bolts. Given many tutorials out there that explains how to melt aluminum and how to cast things from aluminum, I was wondering if someone instruct us on how to properly create a crossbow bolt (and arrow)

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"scale" crossbow

It hasn't been done before and i intend to be the first! Im working on an instructible for a wooden crossbow that can fire either pencile or a special bolt with a nail tip. cost me under $5:00. Is my first but it is written well, any first thoughts?

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pistol crossbow

Ok i made this crossbow its realy cool and very powerfull i shot it and i measured it out and it went 67.2 feet and it peirced a shoe box wihout a sharpend rod and is sturdy ill post more pix and a vid mabey ltr details: it has a sight in the bak for improved accuracy im working on the thing infront i forgot wat its called ill post ltr working on it to be a repeating ccrossbow o yeah and it was inspired by jaymes crossbow but i moded it alot so thx jayme more details and clearer pics comming sooooon! :D

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Siege crossbow

Im currently building a siege bow out of knex and have the main parts ready but have still got to do a base to keep it from bending around. also, any ideas for triggers?

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Should I build the Sipriani Rifle 2.0 or the H.A.W.C (highly accurate war crossbow)? Answered

I want something that would be good for shooting at targets from like 50 feet.

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Should all crossbows have handles? Answered

Should all crossbows have handles? DJRADIO NO VOTING =)

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A Few Random Crossbows

I was bored so I made a few small crossbows, the ones with rails are more like indoor toys...they shoot everything and tend to keep it in one piece (most of the time) xD That little crossbow without rails still packs a punch, so don't try and shoot it at someone o.o' And uh that also counts for the other 'little' crossbow.

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Big knex crossbow

Have a look at my very powerful knex crossbow: fires +-150 feet!!

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Crossbow of craft sticks

As in my previous forum topic, I like to build things. things that destroy other things. I've moved on from paper and am trying to build a crossbow made out of popsicle sticks. If you have any Ideas, Please send them to me, or post up a comment.

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Crossbow V5 "Reaper"

This is the may not have great look, but it sure is effective.This one uses 4 strings of rubberbands and has a really sturdy trigger which also may be a new design.Sorry for the bad pictures...all i had at the moment to make a picture was an ps2 Eyetoy. is finished!

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Van Helsing Crossbow

I just finished watching van helsing for the umpteenth time and the crossbow that carl gives him is one of the only cool things in the movie, apparantly its steam driven works like a machine gun and uses magazines of crossbow bolts. So my question is, is it possible to make something of the sort using technology from that time? Unfortuately I havent had any ideas on its useage or working as yet.

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Huge working crossbow!

In art class in school the other day, I took a bunch of random things - this metal thing, some yard sticks, a ruler, fishing line, a plastic thing, and this wooden bit, and made a giant working cross bow. The trigger system consists of two chip clips. With a bad piece of fishing line, the rnage is 40 feet.

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Huge working Crossbow!

In art class in school today, I took a bunch of random things - this metal thing, some yard sticks, a ruler, fishing line, a plastic thing, and this wooden bit, and made a giant working cross bow. The trigger system consists of two chip clips. I haven't tested the range yet, but when I do I will post the stats!

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Knex Bows(Not Crossbows)

I was looking for a design for a knex bow.(for a play at school)lol I made a rubber band bow, but I want to try to make a real string bow for school and battle bow for home. Any ideas?

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DragonflY Assault Crossbow

Pictures have been taken, Instructable will have the Y-shaped bow and a normal shaped one. Stock and scope will be optional. And uh...yes these things actually hurt...I shot a few arrows into my own leg..just so I could feel how much it would hurt xD Instructable will up soon, need to find some time to write it.

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crossbows vs. slingshots

' Hi everyone, I'm chopstx, the creator of this group. today I want to start a discussion about which one is better: a slingshot mechanism, or a cross bow mechanism? do you think they're the same? please explain your 'answer thoroughly and carefully. bye

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Paper crossbow Ideas

I need Ideas for paper crossbows.Not as complexed as seen on Myth busters, but something nice. Please respond!! I Have Ideas for the barrel- a rolled up piece of paper but the rest isn't creative enough. Or at least could you help me get a barrel strong enough to with stand 5 elastics. If you could, please post up some designs. Or E-mail Them To Me At

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Decimator Crossbow (v7)

Well I finally got some more pieces, more still coming; this enabled me to build something bigger =dThis crossbow(more like cannon, now) has the following specs:Ammo: 1 Standard arrow, which needs to be ductaped other wise torn to shreds.Weight: 4,5 kilo's (9,92 pounds)Range: Not tested outside, will beat the Reaper and the Blockhead for sure.Rubberbands: 32, 8 strings of 4 ( these may still be increased as it shows no bending yet.)Power: Just look at 2nd picture....should explain a lot.Trigger: Same as on the Blockhead, some big improvements on it though.(Surprised about how power much it can take...)Sturdiness: Seems close to unbreakable lol...Without realizing..I also made a very good scope on it o.oI had a purple+blue 3d connector as arrow tip and when I fired on my cardboard box, it made a huge tear...and my ears were ringing like from an explosion O.o'Well this monster has bad points:Need a long/strong left arm if you are right-handed, because this thing is heavy as hell.Cannot fire without trigger.Every arrow needs ductape otherwise connector gets torn off.Also I gonna try and say...:I think this may very well be the most powerful ranged k'nex weapon on this site at the moment.

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Freekiller Crossbow Review

Well, i wanted to do a review, so i did this! Let's go right into the review!!! Piece use- This thing uses so many pieces! And it's really small too! But the high piece count does make it a lot stronger. I give it a 6/10 in this category Strength- This gun is really strong! You can drop it, and it most likely won't break; But there are a few weak points. I give it a 9/10 in this category ROF- this thing has a good rate of fire if you have small bands, but if you are going for power with big bands, you have to load just one bullet in at a time. I give it a 7/10 in this category Power- well, it's a slingshot, that shoots gray connectors, so it's gotta be powerful! I give it a 9/10 in this category Accuracy- This thing is not the most accurate gun ever, but if you are using rapid fire, it doesn't matter about accuracy! I give it an 8/10 in this category  Mag- the mag (which i have never seen before) holds those grey connectors perfectly, but it is a weak point in the gun. I give it an 8/10 Comfort- This handle is comfy! The pull-back thing is also really comfy! I give it a 10/10! Size- This thing is small! You can fit this powerful little gun in any back pack, perfect for hiding it! I give it a 9/10 in this category Pull-backer- What else do i call it? Well, it is really comfy, and it makes pulling back bands super duper easy! I have three strings of two #64's on it and it's just simple to pull back! I give it a 10/10! Looks- This thing looks deadly! The super filled in bow, the awesome looking handles, everything! I give it a 9/10 (it's missing a little something...) Elastics- This thing holds as many elastics as any old ratchet, making it powerful! I give it a 9/10! Bow- the bow is really strong, and it looks super deadly, but for bigger elastics, the small wheel just isn't very good... I give it an 8/10 Sound- this thing sounds sweet when shooting, but if you are trying to be quiet, this isn't the gun, unless you use one of those things that i have on the ratchet of my ASCB, sooo. I give it a 7/10 Big review, eh? well this gun gets.... An 8.5!!!! Great gun from Knexfreek and Killer~Safecracker! Go subscribe to them!!! Images coming soon!

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Giant knex crossbow to combat wicky's

I created a big crossbow to combat Wicky's decimator

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knex seige weapons and crossbows

Post ideas of seige weapons and crossbows here. and can som one post that crossbow thats on the avatar of the group. o and take a look at my catapolt i posted it.

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Should I post My Crossbow

This is a crossbow that I made. Should I post?

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Cobra pistol crossbow, good or bad?

Hey there, I am really keen to buy a pistol crossbow and i was wondering if the Aluminium Cobra pistol crossbow is good? will it stand up to normal use? will it last? etc.

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which is better the reaper crossbow or the nano cannon? Answered

I am thinking of building  the nano cannon or the reaper crossbow which should I build and why

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knex 9mm (conversion crossbow)

Should i post this?( its a conversion crossbow) cc for short to convert it into a pistol all you have to do is a orange connector and put a rubber bang through the hole heres some pics

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What should I use for crossbow limbs?

I'm thinking of making a small crossbow, but I'm not sure what to make to limbs out of. Right now I'm either thinking some sort of wood, not sure what type, or fibreglass. Any ideas?

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Fun with Djradio's SR-L crossbow (mods)

This crossbow is prob my favorite...Its very easily modified!! Check out my mods and post your mods YAY With just about any mod.... THIS HAS POWER!

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my crossbow done to scale

Check this out, am almost finished instructible.

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Knex bullpup crossbow pistol.

This is a pretty intresting gun i made. its a 3 layer bullpup crossbow pistol. it fires about 50ft with some nice power and accuaracy behind it. the trigger is the intresting part. its inside the gun, and when you pull it, it pulls the lock out of the white connector (ratchet) tell me what you think!

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My Knex Crossbow History

I first had this up as slideshow, but the forums seem to be a better place for it.1st picture (Crossbow V1) This is a picture from the first crossbow i made and if you look at the other crossbow you can see that this one is a predecessor of it.This one however is a bit harder to fire with, since you need to lower your crossbow right after firing, or get smacked in the face by an arrow bouncing back :PIt can get about 80 to 100 feet(if fired well ofcourse) and it could be seen as a light version ofthe other crossbow. It can make a hole in a piece of cardboard (from a box)If instructions are needed, I will post an Instructable.2nd picture(Crossbow V2) already has instructions posted. Actually won a prize with it too :DIt fires 120-150 feet, also depending on wind like most arrows would do. Goes through straight through cardboard.Instructions: picture (Crossbow V3 aka Ballista ) No instructions posted, because there was not enough difference between V2 and V3 and is a bit on the heavy side :PIt has enormous power, but due to having a trigger it didn't fire further then V2.Explodes small plastic boxes, CD's, obliterates red connector of the arrow if fired straight into a wall.4th picture (Crossbow V4) never got finished because it was way too heavy and therefore it was nearly impossible to find a good handle for it. Had a good time dismanteling it....Not much to mention about this one, since it never fired.5th picture (Crossbow V5 "Reaper") is nearly complete and is fully functioning.It uses 4 rubberband strings to do the damage. It also has a new trigger system so that it can hold the full power of the 4 rubberband strings.Its topic is here: are here: picture A smaller, more piece efficient crossbow, although not as powerful as the Reaper, it is compact and easier to use.

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Need Crossbow Trigger Help

I need some help with this heavily modded Reaper, I need a sturdy trigger to fire the crossbow, but that has been proven too difficult for me as I don't have much trigger mech experience. At one point I had it fully working when not loaded, untill it snapped the trigger when I tried to fire an arrow. :P

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BLOCKHEAD: Precision Knex Crossbow

This is the latest crossbow I've made, the front bow is not that special, but holds a lot of power and is why I choose the name =pThe trigger however, took me about 2-3 hours to make and is a fully working true trigger.Here are Instructions: 2 video's:Part 1: Showing Trigger Mech and loading: Part 2: Showing destructive power:

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Long Range Hybrid Crossbow

HERE IT IS. The Brickster LDS is a hybrid crossbow. It doesn't have a bow. It has a range of 250 to 300 feet with 16 to 32 rubber bands. It is extremely strong and could hold about 80lbs of force. The arrows are smaller than an average crossbow arrow so they fly slightly faster. It has no track so it is a slingshot type crossbow. Will be posted in a month or 2. Amazingly powerful. Has over 800 pieces and a Ballista attachment that rolls and keeps it at a 30 degree agle with the ground. Low piece and a great gun, If only I could show you. . . . . . . . . . . WAIT, I CAN!!!!!!!!!!

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Crossbow V2 Ultimate Version

After weeks of waiting, I finally got my k'nex back after moving. One of the first things I did was solving a few problems with my crossbow trigger. It took me about 4 hours of thinking and building prototypes. The following things have changed: The friction has been reduced by a great amount. It became much more compact. Does not require ductape anymore. Does not need the exotic hinge piece. Is now very easy to fire. I decided to show the new trigger using a well-built V2 crossbow; which now can finally use it, due to lower friction. This trigger is ideal for people that want a trigger on the v2, it should be buildable from the pictures. (The coloured trigger is the first version, the same as the gray one though) Edit: Instructable:

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New Low-piece Crossbow

I was building crossbows all over the place this weekend, at one moment I had one that was twice as large as the Reaper, but I lacked pieces to make it sturdy. This started out as a low amount of pieces Reaper, but I eventually made it a small crossbow which has about 80-95% of the Reapers power. Although it has the power and probably also the distance, it doesn't have a double arrow trigger(only one arrow) and I don't think it is able to fire properly without trigger. It is however, compared to the Reaper very practical, light and easy to fire/load. Btw there are 4x3 rubberbands on it in pictures. I don't know if I am going to post this one though, maybe if its really needed :P

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Whats a good bow for knex crossbows? Answered

So, i have a crossbow in progress, and im asking you subscribers and knexers, what is the strongest bow out there that can hold alot of power?

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Pump action crossbow with a mag

Alright, I've had this idea for like forever and I finally got a working prototype yesterday. It has a pump with two prongs on the side which catch the rubber band bow as it is fired and then pulls it back. The trigger is a triangle shape so the rubber band can slide over the top, but still be caught on the back. The system has a few kinks, but mostly it just isn't that smooth. I hope to work them out and eventually be posting.

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New Knex Crossbow Idea

This new idea came from wickys crossbow, and I havnt got it working yet. The new idea is basically an autoload crossbow. You just rip the old handle off, and start on a new one, but on the new one you have red gears on the front and somewhere on the back of your new handle. The red gears need to be able to run black chain links across the handle. So you put black chainlinkson across the handle of your crossbow. On the chain links you could put a little hook, so that when the little hook meets up with the horizontal rubberband it hooks on to it and brings it back to the end of your handle. Not that it would be in any use whatsoever its just an auto load idea.If you didnt get this topic,tell me so I can make it a little more clearer. I have no camera that I can use right now ,so I cant show you what I have so far.

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Which type of trigger is best for a knex long-range crossbow? Answered

Which type of trigger is best for a knex long-range crossbow? Because im making a crossbow right now.

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How can i make a crossbow trigger?

The trigger needs to cheap and made out of materials anyone could have readily available or that can be bought from a hardware store

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