Homepage header mods using Adobe CS5

Psst:  we're doing something fun with the Homepage header this week!  Adobe gave us a sneak peek at their Creative Suite 5 package, so we've used some of the new tools in CS5 to create five new themed headers and make some snazzy mods to some of our house ads.  It's a great way to have fun with our header, and celebrate the release of our new categories! As a bonus for all you Photoshop artists out there, fungus amungus will be posting an Instructable documenting how he made the header images.  How did he get the laser-cut logo to float?  There are some neat new tricks that made the process super-easy. Check out How to Make an Instructables Header for full instructions! Check back on the homepage every day this week to see what's new, and let us know what you think! Note:  the rest of the site is normal; any changes are the result of our new categories and updated header.  The homepage header will revert to its normal orange on Saturday.

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How do I make Android apps in Flash CS5?

This videos show that it's possible, but how? I have Adobe Master Collection CS5 and a decent knowledge of Flash. www.youtube.com/watch www.youtube.com/watch

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How to make a person appear to walk in Adobe Flash cs5?

I was wondering what would be the best way to make a stick figure appear to walk in flash? and it would move using key presses? If anything i figure id make a movie clip of said person walking and then use the key press code snippet and delete the up/down keys and then have it play the movie clip when its pressed and stop when its released? So would that work? if not what would be the best way to do this?

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How do i get the app that i made in adobe cs5 on my ipod?

When i try itunes it says that it isn't compatible and on installous it says invalid ipa. i used the certificate method described in this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-use-Adobes-iPhone-Packager-without-an-Appl/. the only strange thing is that it says "air for ios" rather than "iphone" in cs5. is this why it wont work? my ipod is a 2nd gen mc 8 gig. I just found out that cs5.5 (actionscript 3.0) isn't compatible with 2nd gen ipods, so how do i get cs5 rather than cs5.5 or how do i make a compatible ipod app in cs5.5?

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Is there a tutorial for making iphone apps with flash cs5?

I can make a very basic app and add it to my iphone but i'm searching a tutorial that could help me to make, in the future, a real game.

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i want to make a small website using adobe dreamweaver with a user account system Answered

I am using adobe dream weaver cs5 and want to make a small website with a user account system

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Chips [video]

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An Intro to Photoshop: My Tutorial List and Suggestions

Edit: I have moved this from photography to Tech because you have to have a computer, which is tech, and Photoshop or Gimp (not tech, but software). If you think I've put this in the wrong catagory, please suggest the correct one in the comments. I would put this under a software tab if there were any. Would any one be interested if I made photoshop tutorials based on ideas given in the comments? Ex: Make a retro background for (insert college of choice). Ex: Make a B&W; poster for an upcoming event, grungy I would then (possibly, depending on feedback) make a tutorial of how I made your suggestion as well as post a high resolution finished product. I'm self taught in the art of photoshop so I am by no means a professional. I've added a few of my recent works just to give you an idea (I got the second idea from a tutorial...) Also, if you feel you have or know of a good photoshop/gimp instructable, feel free to suggest it and I may add a link to it in the main thread. CURRENT INSTRUCTABLE TUTORIALS -Photoshop 101: What You Need to Know! (goes over the basics of Photoshop, includes the use and description of many tools) -Photoshop Basics: A Building Banner (goes over the basics of photo manipulation and techniques, includes detailed instructions on how to use more complicated tools)

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Photoshop not using all RAM?

G'day, Photoshop CS5 is only using 1.5gb RAM out of 4gb, does anyone know how to get it to use all of the RAM? Thanks I am using windows 7 ultimate 32bit

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Help with an Adobe Flash Template

I'm building a website and I'm using a flash template.  I'm using Adobe Flash CS5 to edit the flash content, in this case a menu.  There's some text that I'm unsure of how to change.  Leave a comment if you think you can help me, and I'll PM you a link so you can download that flash file I'm trying to edit, along with the specifics.  I'd love if someone to do this for me, or preferably tell/teach me how to do it. Thanks, MotaBoi

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Where can I (legally) get Photoshop CS2 for OSX?

My sister has a four-year-old MacBook (OSX, PS CS2 installed) with cracked hinges, and she's looking at getting a new computer before this piece of plastic crap falls apart completely. Currently looking at a low-end MacBook Pro, but that's not the question. She's a part-time professional photographer, and needs Photoshop. She currently has CS2 but due to certain circumstances can't install it on another computer. Is there still a place to buy CS2 at an appropriate old-software discount? CS5 is way out of price range, and she's familiar with and likes CS2, so no reason for anything else. Oh, and no GIMP. I've asked.

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