CTK-4000 and computer?

I have a computer with really soft speakers that are up all the way and i want to play all of the sound from my computer out of my ctk-5000 keyboard, how could i do so?

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What is the cheapest way to sound dampen a closet?

My girlfriend has an amazing voice, but we live in a packed apartment complex. Luckily, we live in a corner room, and the master bedroom has a closet which does not face any other apartments. The Closet is:   Length: 8 1/3ft Width: 5 ft Height: 8 ft I bought her The "M-Audio Delta 1010 LT". She has "Pro Tools" and a nice condenser Mic (Samson C01) on a shock mount with a pop filter. She also has a midi keyboard Casio CTK 573 and an acoustic guitar (Ibanez EW20ZWENT)  W/ midi output. I figure the only thing were missing for decent recording is sound acoustical dampening or the likes. Any suggestions? Note: I am not looking to spend lots of money, as the card was already above my price range :/ I am not not very musically literate, so i really appreciate in advance your patience, knowledge, creativity, and time!    -Please Please Please Instructables Community, I will forever be in your debt if you can help me with this!              -Kyle

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Can i Convert a 5 DIN ( MIDI Cable ) to PS/2 Port ?

Hi Guyz ,  i've tried many ways to get this done but ended up with the same result .... no connection what so ever to the computer ... 1 - i went all over the country for a MIDI to USB converter but they are all expensive and hard to find 2 - i tried making a MIDI to Serial/MIDI Port cable which exists in a sound card i have ,, also didnt work because am not so into the electronic stuff and making my own DIY electronics ... 3 - now i have an idea that came to my mind 2 days ago ... PS/2 cables are some how ( Mini Midi ) .. if i may say .. i bought a 5 DIN to PS/2 Extension which looks like this ( http://www.cablesnmor.com/ProductImages/k23642.jpg ) and i bought a MIDI Cable that Looks like this  ( http://www.sweetwater.com/shop/computer-audio/images/midi-cable.jpg ) then i bought a PS/2 to USB Converter !!!!! which looks like this .. ( http://www.jovinet.es/images/USB%20to%20PS2%20Converter%20(12).jpg ) i connected the MIDI Cable to my Piano Keyboard " MIDI OUT " port and plugged the other end of the cable to the MIDI to PS/2 Extension .... then i connected the PS/2 end of the extension to the ( PS/2 to USB converter ....  i plugged the usb end of the converter to my computer and started a software called FL STUDIO which can receive MIDI input from external devices such as midi controllers .. the whole thing didnt work ... and i still need help on what to do with this issue and how can i convert a MIDI cable to PS/2 ..... is it possible ??? thank you in advance :)   

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