A Give-A-Damn box

I want to make a give-a-damn box. A small box with a 3 way switch that accomplishes absolutely nothing... the switch will simply display a green LED in one direction, red LED if flipped in the other direction, and breaks the circuit entirely if the switch is in the middle. The downside is I know virtually nothing about which resistors I need for which LEDs for which batteries I use. I'd like a single AA or AAA. I know overkill for powering a single LED, but I'm ok with that. The premise behind it is there is an inside joke that a handful of us at work have. Our give-a-damn is broken. So if they see this with the red LED, they know at that moment, I don't really give-a-damn.

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Here is a pic of me firin mah MP5K! LMFAO

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Linux help damn small linux?

Hi, dont know if anyone can help me out here but maybe someone can. i really enjoy using linux i currently have puppy linux on my laptop and ubuntu on my pc, i have just got a very old laptop and i am hoping to run damn small linux on it, i have installed damn small linux onto the machine and it boots up perfect but what i want to know is how do i install apps on to it from the damn small linux repository, i have downloaded over 50 files from the repository but have only managed to get 2 working can anyone help me out, also is there any way to get wine running on dsl. Thanks in advance. Connor.

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Why is Instructables so damn awesome? Answered


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Damn you service pack three!

Well I finally gave in to the little pop-up box in the corner of the screen and installed Xp service pack three and it messed me about something shocking... A list of issues: - The quazi-vista theme I was running wet itself completely, now replaced with Zune theme - Firefox three got very upset and now has a mint theme because it had a bog standard theme that looked similar - The startup screen (login bit) and the login screen for password protection on knocking off screensaver is going mad, both do work but have some bizarre half breed theme on the go - The computer ticked and banged for ages - Multiple other weird ones - Oh startup programs decided to appear, suddenly I was inundated by FF, messenger, skype, media player and photoshop all opening on startup rather than just wireless G-utility... The odd three are on my taskbar list, some connection... Skype, I have no clue. Before the restart everything worked really oddly, I caught on that it was time because it refused me the ability to install programs and generally messed around. On the upside I hit a couple of sites and the combination of a less heavyweight theme and a ram optimiser majigger have got the computer running faster, now I'm just clawing back all my old settings. Slowly.

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Well I'm pushing back the release of my new instructables because of school but don't worry they will be published in a month or so

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Cant even make an Instructable

I cant even start one because the damned title bar dosnt detect any text. I would write it all out, and it woulnt let me continue to the next step, because the damned site dosnt see any text there. How can I fix this, or has anyone else had a problem with this?

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Dr. Who - Voyage of the Da**ed - dedication

I know this is old news, but it is NEW to me.   I just finished viewing The Voyage of the Damned, episode of Dr. Who and at the end, there was a dedication to Verity Lambert, OBE  (27 November 1935 – 22 November 2007), She is best known as the founding producer of the science fiction series Dr. Who.

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Alternative-future at SXSW

This event at SXSW on Monday the 12th looks pretty damn awesome.If anyone attends, please post pictures or links to pictures to the SteamPunk group.

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Gaming in school

Does anyone know of games websites/ links that are not blocked by a schools filtration system? I get so damn bored in ICT lessons

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Alternative-future at SXSW

This event at SXSW on Monday the 12th looks pretty damn awesome.If anyone attends, please post pictures or links to pictures to the SteamPunk group.

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What is the ethernet port on the side of guitar hero controllers for?

Pretty damn curious as of several years ago. anybody know?

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Soda / Pop / Fizzy drinks...whatever you call it, It's bloody damn GOOD!

LOL.Yeah, so there are many words to call the "drink" but it all boils down to one fact :I'ts Lovely!Soda / Pop, ( gets called different in the U.k than U.S.A), I'ts lovely isn't it.Whats your top 3 favourite flavours or brands?Mine are: Fanta - Fruit twist ( So refreshing! )Dr Pepper - Normal ( Very nice stress reliever! )Sprite - Normal ( A bit of a kick )Anyways just asking different people, when / if you buy six packs of Pop / Soda how much does it cost for you?Cause for me it is *1pound and 22 pence*. Is that a good deal? ( comparing to other places).Also don't you think Pop / Soda is addictive. I always feel like having another can after the one I had! My parents always nagg me about drinking to much!{ Remember we are talking about NON alcaholic drinks!); D

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Amateur Chemistry is Dead. :-(

You're now restricted to one pound of fertilizer (or other chemicals that might be usedto make illegal fireworks) per year.Judge's Final OpinionDamn.Background info for Firefox vs CPSC

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How can I make an old-school Sonovox?

 Not the one with the tube- I mean the one with the speakers on the throat. Haven't found anything on the net, other than that damn commercial.

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Wooden Vespa

Vespas are pretty damn cool, but remake one entirely in wood? That's just amazing. What to do with a wooden Vespa? Ride it right along with a wooden motorcycle. Wooden Vespa Wooden Motorcyclevia bbgadgets

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Enough already!!

Why oh Why does the damn site go to some stupid profile page when I sign in ???? It means that I have lost my place along with my mind.......................OR am I missing something? Jesus!                                                                       Biffo

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Quote of The week

Well its monday so that means I can post annother quote, this week I am posting two: Life is much easier when you dont give a damn. Everything is possible, the Impossible just takes longer. -logic boy

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How to silence the buzzer on my microwave oven?

No visible mechanical buzzer. Seems to be one of the little boxes that is attached to the circuit board. I know nothing about electronics. Don't want to kill myself or ruin the microwave, but that damn buzzer is driving everybody crazy! Help!

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 Damn site, can't get rid of it. It's sending continuously emails. I even changed email in settings but it keeps sending messages. No "Delete account" button not updating settings...what can I do to get off of it? I do not need all these messages any more in my mail.

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os in samsung netbook

Just wanna ask.... can i change my os in my samsung netbook???? for windows is bugging a damn sh** in my head... i thought that this os is easy to use and user friendly... but there are programs that i can't use and run and customize in this os... pls help me.... looking forward for your help...

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Which music should go with this video?

So the servers are wonky and I can't put up my instructable.  But here is the video that goes with the instructable for your previewing pleasure.  It is the same video with different songs selected to go with it.  Please tell me what you think( no, this is not an IQ test). or this:  

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This is how to blow an amp

Try hooking a 1200 watt sub up to a 75 watt POS amp. It lasted for like 20 seconds and something blew and it all shut off. The sub is still fine though but damn now I need a new amp :( Any ideas? I wonder if I could build myself one?

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Mouse driver must be messed up, Can someone help? I cant use my mouse!!!?

I tried to install mouse driver onto my vista laptop, which messed the pad's driver up. Damn. So now I cant log on, can someone help?

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The Nintendo DS Lite

I am absoloutly thinkin' the DS look so damn fun! I just wanna hear your veiws on the cool looking handheld. Have you got one? Do you like it/ why? Best game? Why is it good? Best color to get it in? P.S - I so wanna get one!!!!

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How do it open a ROM in a emulator? Answered

I'm really new to emulators, and i successfully used a SEGA Genesis one, but i found a NES emulator (FCEUX) and i can't open a single damn file! I've followed the instructions, just click "file" and open the file, but WHAT is the file, WHERE is the file. -NYPA

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Are the videos from Catchword really instructional, or just pitches?

Has anyone bothered to watch any of the videos which user Catchword has been uploading today?  They're long enough that they could actually be instructional, not spam.  I'm having trouble with high-bandwidth downloads today (damn you, AT&T;!), so I can't check for myself.

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How do I stop cell phone use in the college classroom?

Assume that I cannot confiscate them, and that I have already asked in polite ways. I have also tried logic (cell phones rot your brain) and religion (have damned them to Hell, etc.). Many thanks in advance!?

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this is some messed up crap right here

My art teacher gave me damn detetion because she wanted me to do it her way. ain't art about expressing your self how can i do that if i have to follow a specific way and not express my self. what do you guys think?

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I'm poor, have no special tools or skills, but I love steampunk. Anything cool I can make without denting my wallet? :/

I have loved steampunk style for a while now, as well as costume design (since I am an anime fan too), but I've only recently decided to jump in on all the fun. However, despite my age and interest, I have no skills in design, save for plushies I make for spare change, and I have no special tools or equipment. On top of that, I'm seriously pretty damn poor--as in I pay no tuition at college at ALL, because they pity me that damn much...So, is there anything out there I can make that won't leave my family starving on the street, requires no special tools or equipment, little experience, but still looks completely amazing? The only thing I've seen like this before are Greensteam's goggles... :/

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 IM TIRED OF WAITING FOR SANTA!!! IM BUILDING MY OWN DREMMEL NOW . . . . . . MAYBE NEXT WEEK (damn exams) Ok, thats all I wanted to say, just wanted to let you know. Oh and any ideas are welcome, k-thx-bi

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Can you make a Van De Graaf WITHOUT having the belt be in a tube? Answered

 I've noticed that most Van De Graaf machines have their belt assembly in a tube/pipe. But wouldn't it be possible to just have a frame holding the rollers instead of having them be enclosed? Sure, the belt won't be protected, but I don't really give a damn.

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The 7 pound bike

The wheels are barely over 700 grams for the pair and weight has been shaved off of every possible spot to create a ride that weighs in at 3,195 grams or just over 7 pounds. Damn. I used to have a beast of a cruiser that was easily over 50 pounds. This bike isn't just for show either. The owner has ridden 1,000 kilometers a week on it! link

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Flamethrower vs. fire extinguisher

The video for "Ritalin" by Dancing Pigeons features some lovely slo-mo footage of a battle between a flamethrower and a fire extinguisher. Well, the battle itself isn't as intense as it sounds, really, but the footage is pretty damn cool. The footage was shot with a Vision Research Phantom, a camera I truly wish was affordable. I would be shooting everything in slo-mo. via engadget alt

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I'm... back?

I like the community here. I really do. I've obviously been gone for a long time. I've missed out on a lot of stuff. I want to come back, but things are so different now. With pro and everything. Damn. I want to come back. And I think this is my official return for now.  Yes, I'm serious. :) -GM  

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Post your best jokes here!!!

Whoever posts the best damn joke there is (judged by me) will win a free patch.(not a huge prize, but I hope you still try) Note: The jokes should be appropriate, with no bad language. (8+) The comp has been won! ilpug won with his hilarious panda joke! I hope you all enjoyed each others jokes!

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So TheDunkis gave me the idea to build the AN94... so here it is! It's pretty good but I fail so damn hard at (front) barrels. As you can see it don't look very great, and the worse it doesn't look like the front part of the real gun. I'll change it, and maybe post it when I chgned it, but it's such an annoying thing to build. Pictures: -To compare, compare picure 2 and 5.-

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XBOX 360

Hey well i wanted to know if anyone wanted to add me on xbox 360. My gamertag is sgt Mc MUFFIN55 and i mostly play MW2, gta4 Ballad of Gay Tony/Lost and Damned, Need For Speed Shift, well thats pretty much it. So send me a mesage of your gamertag and i will be happy to add you, and Also PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Thanks for your time:)

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Pro Membership

Ok, I have had one for a year now and it finally had expired, and I didn't know it so I went on the website and im like "When did they put up all these ads!?!?!?!?!?!?" and I realized oh, yeah. Damn I can't download anything anymore. Has anybody else have had that experience before?

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Sorry for the damn caps-lock! My sister bought a laptop- after many years of my urgings and advise...(Compaq CQ58). Nice machine, but the damn thing is loaded with windows 8. (no, not -pro!) Normally, I would format the drive, en subsequently install pirated Windows 7! But in this environment, nothing works, and nothing is what it seems! How to format the W8 Drive? I want to get rid of the W8 installation, wipe the drive clean, and install W7! Windows 8 has, for me, in 2 occasions, proven to be a burden, incompatible with performing any real work,. Many pirated programs, always performing fine, suddenly present huge problems-like deadlines of 30 days appearing: after years of use!!! It has a mind of its own: screens popping up (unable to click it away!). I never needed 'apps' and still have no idea what they are and why I would need them! After this very negative experience, there is only 1 desire: Get rid of windows 8!!!  How???

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My router is denying me access to the interwebs?

Check out the screenshot, when my connection suddenly stopped and then started back up for no reason. Apon checking the router log, apparently my router is denying me access to a slew of ip addresses. Does anyone have a bloody clue what is wrong with this damn thing? I've seen this before in the logs but thought nothing of it, btw that's 20 pages of denial to ip addresses.

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On wednesday i saw

An RX7 just barely parked on the side of 410 with the flashers on, and a girl by it, she was pretty cute actually, and a ford explorer behind it, and knew, by instinct, the engine probably blew, due to not changing the oil, not putting oil into it, and just not taking care of it. Damn, another RX7 OFF the road, just what we need. I am just glad i can think of Aaron Cake's RX7 sleeping in its home, safe.

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continuous shocker without capactior

I need help. i want to make a shocker without the capacitor. on the camera circuit board. do i just touch the two + and - sign where the capacitors ar charged?? i tried and it didnt work. i know plasma has one but it tried and i cant get those damn parts soldered. is it possible to do this> i have been shocked before doing this, but i dont remember how i did it.

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why won't my knitted wool hat? Answered

I knit a cloche for my sister out of Icelandic wool and felted it and it came out too small.  So I reknit it with the same damn yarn, though a bit bigger, but this one won't shrink even the tiniest bit.  I've washed it (front loader, dried it in the dryer, and now I've been boiling it for 20 minutes.  It's getting furry, but the stitch definition and the size are basically the same.

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Old RF (cordless) mouse/keyboard receiver device: some ideas to reuse it?

Cleaning my room, I've found an old (pc) iTek wireless mouse/keyboard set. So I think: "Damn, this is a radio input/output device... what can I do with it?". I'm not able to work with electronic (I've only a little soldier skill), but I don't want to throw away this object. Any idea to re-use it? Thanx.

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Restoring an old charcoal iron

Hi guys! I found a beautiful charcoal iron at a flea-market and grabbed it up without giving it much thought. Now I have no idea how to bring it back to it`s former glory. The base is iron, and pretty damn corroded iron at that. The good part is that it isn't chipping. The bad part is that the whole thing is orange... The handle is made of wood and there's no way that I can see to take it off. Any ideas?

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