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What kind of dances can you do? Why? Are you up to the challenge of creating an 'ible on how to do it? I see a lot of breakdance 'ibles, but nobody has posted how to waltz, for example. I can: -- Do a synchonized chicken dance, on a snowboard, while riding a terrain park with five friends. Got my 15 minutes of fame on the local news for that one. -- Break something while dancing, but not breakdance -- Linedance, but I can never find enough people to come up with the rest of the line -- Squaredance (on a good day)

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The Salmon Dance

Music vid for the weekend (I like bleeps)

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Dance of the Scientists

So you think you can defend your research in front of a panel of experts? How about if you had to do it... with interpretive dance.No, this is not a joke. This is the first annual Dance Your Ph.D. Contest. Read this description and hit the link for videos of the dances....the diversity of the dancers was nothing compared with the diversity of their output. The graduate student category is a case in point. The first dance, Gruetzbauch's 30-second galactic tango, focused on one phenomenon: the capture of a galaxy by a larger one. Schraffl gave us raw data—a small scene from Il pittore parigino by Domenico Cimarosa—without analysis or metaphor. Sven Ramelow did a bit of both. His quantum physics Ph.D. title allowed him to make a play on words: The acronym SPUC is a homophone of a German word for ghost, and hence the scary sheet dance. Meanwhile, he used a laser light attached to his head to illustrate the strangely behaving photons he studies. (Very clever.) But then came Brian Stewart.No one was surprised when he scooped the prize. For one thing, Stewart wore nothing but a shimmering, translucent loin cloth. (That's worth a few bonus points in my book.) But the judges told me afterward that his dance stood out because it accomplished two things at once. Most importantly, "he connected with the audience," said Pastorini. "That is the purpose of dance: to create emotions." A big help was his choice of music a jazz interpretation of African Pygmy tribal music by Herbie Hancock which created an atmosphere of funky ancientness. Dance Your Ph.D. Contestvia Neatorama

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Dancing With The Stars

Well, my sister watches Dancing with the Stars all the time. Personally I don't like the show and think it is boring. I mean it just seems boring to watch these people dance. But i know a lot of people like the show too. So do you like or dislike Dancing With The Stars??

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Robot Dance

It's little known but robots were first invented by timid engineers who didn't want to dance at parties and also didn't want to seem socially inept. This is a video of a new breed of social robots created for companionship and dancing. This is also is why you should build this robot suit. LED robot suit

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I have a new job! Starting in January, I will be teaching Science at a local high-school. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I ought to say, Instructables featured heavily in my panel interview, and in between the panel and the decision, the Head of Science went and had a browse on the site to see what the fuss was about - the site was a definite count in my favour - thanks folks!

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Dancing/singing robot

Hi guys, I'm thinking of building a dancing/singing robot for a close friend of mine. I want it to be similar to one of those electronic santa toys that dance and sing carols when you turn them on. Except, I would change the body and make it look like the singer of my friend's favourite band, and make it sing her favourite songs. How would I go about starting this project? Any suggestions? Thanks

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contra dancing skirt

I love to contra dance and like to wear skirts that gave great swing. I have a couple that I found at the thrift store, but they're just not perfect. I see some women wearing perfect, just-below-the-knee-length skirts and I want to make one! There's a catch: I'm not much of a sewer. I can run a machine, and stitch a straight line. And I can use my common sense. So it must be possible. So...can you suggest a design for a simple swing-friendly skirt for contra dancing? Perhaps most important, can you tell me what fabrics are and aren't ideal for this kind of skirt? Obviously, static is bad. As is something that will wrinkle. As is something too hot. So there must be ideal fabrics for active dancing. (Also, I'm thinking of buying the "Sew What! Skirts: 16 Simple Styles..." book, and if you have it maybe you can recommend a design for this that's in the book?) Thanks!

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Water dancing in a Speaker

At 6 volts,* the speaker cone filled with water produces standing waves. at 10 v,  maxing out the speaker, water droplets splash up.  i coated the paper cone of 1 speaker with liquid electrical tape to waterproof it.   an identical speaker went unmodified.  water doesnt seem to harm the paper cone. both speakers work with water. when directed down into a bucket of water,  sound stirs the water. * chopped dc voltage from an ordinary ac to dc transformer

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dancing konta download help?

I was wondering where i could download the dancing konta in the background of this image.

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dancing paper dolls with magnets

When in Europe, I saw a street vender that stood near his little boom box and had 2 dancing paper dolls next to it. I bought the paper dolls and now need to figure out what he did to his speakers or magnets in his speaker to create this illusion of dancing dolls that can dance next to a boom box. The dolls had magnets on the backs of them, so it had something to do with a magnet inside his boombox. Can you help? Thank you.

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Coolest geek at teh dance!

I am in 7th grade and we have dumb all school dances, and i want to pimp out meh outifts, and to show off all my (or lack there of) LED knowledge. ALso , im just bored and want ideas, soo....yea..

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how do i dance tektonik?

Its a kind of dance, very cool

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how do you moonwalk?

Like micheal jackson

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Looking to make a Dance Dance Revolution pad but for fingers, any suggestions on the materials?

Hi, as the title says I'm trying to build a finger pad for a custom DDR game I'm doing for a school project. I've already made the game software and connected it through serial to the Arduino Mega 2560. At the moment I'm using a 4x4 matrix keypad for testing purposes, but I'm looking forward to a more presentable, pretty and functional way to do it. I've thought about pressure sensors, but I think someone more specialized could give me some advices on how to do it and what materials to use. Any suggestions? fedloan

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Flash Mob Dance Party in Shibuya

Shibuya is an awesome neighborhood in Japan with loads of shops and cafes to hang out in. It is also home to the Busiest Intersection in the World. That's exactly where this video takes place. Fun to see the sudden-choreographed-dance-party-in-the-street pop up in different places.

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"random dancing" icarly set up

I despratly want a set up like they have in icarly, with the press of a button the main lights go out and on come the colored lights plus music! but i don't even know where to start? can anyone give me an idea of how to get going on this?

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Building a Slinky Man Dance Outfit

Http:// ^ dancing rainbow slinky costume This is a video of what I'm hoping to create. Possible?

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how to make Water Dancing to music

How to make Water Dancing to music like here: /watch?v=V__gXW8lSAw?

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does anyone here dance on this sight

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo i was wondering if anyone else on this sight dances. anykind of dance. i feel all alone. so if u dance post a comment here saying so. and in the picture im doing a freeze. im sooooooooooooooooooooo good at it, trust me. and i can hold for about 5 minutes. i might sound braggy, but it's true!!!!!!!!

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How do I make a support that can absorb as much noise as possible from playing with the DDR dance mat?

I live in a multi-story apartment complex which makes it extremely difficult not to disturb the neighbors.

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how ro make a horse head mask?

I need a 3-d horse head that stays on because the person has to dance in it and see where she is going

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What are some good dance moves to do at a party?

I will take any dance move that you think is cool but i do not want a link i want the video to be posted on the page or if not a video not on youtube

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help building a led lighting system that dances to music?

I am currently working on my portfolio to get into undergrad. I am trying to build this lava monster sculpture and work like the lava to be led lights that dance to music.  I know nothing about eletronics and would like to talk to someone about this so i can figure out my options.

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How to dance like Michael Jackson and/or usher.

I would like to see an instructable instructing me how to dance like michael jackson or usher!

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Show your moves!

Okay so I was just wondering what your moves are, you can post videos, comments, and pics of you doing awesome stuff

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Laser or LED go go dancing Cage

Hi There, Im tryin to build a laser go go dancing cage for a big theatre production. Iv done basic wiring of LED's but never worked with lasers before. After  lot of scanning the net it seems it might be easiest to just buy a bulk load of laser pointers off aliexpress (or somewhere else?) and try to wire them into a circuit so i can turn them all on at the same time. I want the effect of the bars of light as seen in the pics below. I have been asking around with electricians and they don't seem to either want or know how to help me.... I would LOVE any help or direction anyone can give me!!! if anyone can help answer any of the following questions id GREATLY appreciate it! 1. from what iv read it seems 5mW might be best for this purpose as more powerful lasers may burn the skin (i definitely don't want to be responsible for burning the building down!) Does anyone have any thoughts on what mW i should be using for this? 2. Ideally i would like the laser cage to be able to be seen without the use of a fog machine (i will use this for effect in certain parts of the show- but would like it to still be visible when its not there) Is this possible, or would i need a stronger laser that would be too dangerous? 3. i don't really know anything about calculating the voltage or what power battery i would need once i had say 50 lasers together in a circuit. Does anyone have any links for working this out? I'm not sure if it is specific or different for lasers? 4. I read that i would need a driver, is that true? any links for that would be great! 5. are there insanely high powered LED's that could have a strong focussed beam that would be better/easier to use and i should forget about lasers all together? 6. do you have a totally different idea of how i should go about this that would be a lot easier?? Thanks!!! Andea Darling ****it won't seem to upload the reference pics so heres a couple of links to give you the idea -

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Make the best of what you've got

Sometimes life deals you a bad card and you have to make the best of it. My father got polio in his right hand at a young age. It got him out of the army, but he had to learn to become left-handed in the process.This guy suffers from polio as well, but has been able to do this cool dance that's earned him a living entertaining tourists in Uganda. And up in Canada there's Lazy Legs who has a muscle disorder in his legs.

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Ayre and Dance. The most awesome orchestra song ever!

       My school band is playing Ayre and Dance, and I think it is awesome!  I really like the beggining. It really brings out thoughts of ancient times. Its also kind of that awesome creepy.  The mood change is pretty weird and awesome too.

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on you dancing lights, doe it go through a computer?

I would like to control christmas light out side that would dance to music.

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How would you make a dancing hula doll?

I want to make a set of dancing hula dolls for each of the people in my polynesian dance group.  Might scavenge the torsos/legs of used dolls in a used shop, but don't know how they make the shaking hips.  Actually, I've never seen one in real life, so no chance to look under the grass skirt, lol.  Some sort of spring?  And ideas on how to make the hips shake on this little doll?  Thanks!!!

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Need help building a portable outdoor dance floor

Wanted: plans on how to build a portable outdoor dance floor I've been looking online, and I can't find any actual plans for a portable outdoor dance floor. I'd prefer to make it out of plywood with either parquet or laminate flooring on top. Anyone ever built something like this and would like to share plans? Thanks

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Little magical dancing toys... how do they work?? Answered

I was in Italy, and I saw a few street vendors selling these little paper figures in the form of Disney cartoon characters that would dance when music was played. They had little strings for legs, and they seemed to hover magically in the air and bounce around in time to the music. When the vendor turned down the volume, the little thing stopped dancing. I looked at the back of it, and all I saw was a little strip that looked magnetic. I am mystified. Does anyone what these things are called or how they work?

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How to make a Color/Light Organ for a dance on Friday?

I need to make it for a dance on Thursday.... i would like it to be able to power about 5-6 small Christmas light strands total and it needs to be easy to build though i can solder ect. i just need to be able to get the parts and supplies buy Wednesday

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I need help making an LED dance floor?

I was thinking about making it in 2' x 2' sections of steel 1" square tubing and screwing down the plexiglass or if not that, just using the plexiglass only and drilling out little spaces to glue the LED's underneath them and securing the sheets of plexiglass together.  But I would like to ask here where I can get a better idea of some possible do's and don'ts so I won't have to waste alot of money on doing it the wrong way.  Thanks for any information that you can give me.  I know there are alot of instruction on the LED part but I cant seem to find the construction part of it.

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How do i make these leds dance to music? Answered

I want to hook the three led's i have up to my PC sound jack, i have parts, i may need more, but my question is how do i hook them up? please leave comments and or diagrams thank you What I have (for now) 3 Leds: 1 WATT ULTRA BRIGHT LED GREEN 45/ 73 Lumens @ 350/ 700 mA 100 degree viewing angle Maximum forward voltage: 4 Vdc Maximum forward current: 350/ 700 mA 1 WATT ULTRA BRIGHT LED BLUE 19/ 31 Lumens @ 350/ 700 mA 100 degree viewing angle Maximum forward voltage: 4 Vdc Maximum forward current: 350/ 700 mA 1 WATT ULTRA BRIGHT LED RED 34/ 55 Lumens @ 350/ 700 mA 100 degree viewing angle Maximum forward voltage: 4 Vdc Maximum forward current: 350/ 700 mA   TIP31 80V TO-220 Transistor (is this the correct one?) i have 3 i also have 24g hook up wire, 3.5 splitter, 3.5 cable with plugs, many battery options as well as wall adapters OK do i have what i need, do i need resistors, what ohm rating, and watt rating, what volt source?  i dont need it to be portable, will be on desk, a wall power supply would be best, please try to make me a diagram with parts i have, but if more are needed i have plenty of resistors to choose from Ty. and a store right down road :)

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How do I make a microphone based light organ that can makes christmas lights dance to highs, mids, or lows?

I'm looking for an instructable that gives directions on how to make a light (color?) organ that I can plug christmas, rope, or any other light into and have them dance to either the Highs, mids, or lows of a song. Is it possible to have 3 plugs that can be independently adjusted to listen to highs, mids, or lows? Lastly, is it possible to switch between having the light always on and dim when it "hears" the music, and having the light off and turn on when it "hears" the music?  Where can I find such an instructable?  Thanks! 

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BUST Spring Fling Craftacular, NYC

This looks like fun: the BUST Spring Fling Craftacular.It's an indie craft fair + dance in Brooklyn, NY on April 27.From their website:You are cordially invited to BUST Magazine's first ever Spring Fling Craftacular in Brooklyn! Save a dance for us and 50 of the finest indie designers and crafters at our Spring time craft fair and 90s themed dance!While shopping, sip on spiked punch and strike a pose at our Spring Fling photo studio (crowns and corsages provided) while dancing to the hottest jams from the 90s. $2 admission enters you into the Craftacular raffle featuring over $2000 worth of prizes!DATE: Sunday, April 27 from 11 am to 9 pmLOCATION: The Warsaw in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 261 Driggs Avenue.

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Nick Cave's Soundsuits

Here is something really incredible. These Soundsuits are so Me I can hardly stand it. Eventually I will make something like one of them... I only hope it will turn out half as amazing.They are on display at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco through July 5 (exhibition titled "Meet Me at the Center of the Earth"). If you're in the area, or planning to be, they are absolutely worth a visit.This Nick Cave is a multidisciplinary artist, fashion designer, dancer, and teacher at the Chicago Art Institute. (He is not the singer Nick Cave.) He's made something like 50 of these, all different.More pictures:

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how to make a sound activated table top dancing fountain?

Hi , i am from Indonesia i just saw this on youtube i got interested and search for circuit sound control  in the problem is this circuit is with a 3volts battery  while i want to make a a table top fountain with a submersible pump and the voltage here is 220v ,  now for the question : how do i incorporate these two?  (my knowledge of circuits are very limited)   i was just wondering if anyone could help me in making table top dancing fountain? any help would be muccccchhh     appreciated  thanks 

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People refer to this type of teenage dancing all the time, but i still haven't caught what it is! Someone please, if u know.... tell me! haha thx

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Will tip31c work for music leds? Answered

I am interested in this: Will tip31c work rather than tip31 I'm hypothesize that it will just affect sensitivity. (more or less?)

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Tangible Sequencer Interfaces - Bubblegum and Ball Bearing Drum Machines

Bubblegum SequencerThe Bubblegum Sequencer is a physical step sequencer that lets you create drumloops by arranging colored balls on a tangible surface. It generates MIDI events and can be used as an input device to control audio hardware and software. Finally, people can't claim anymore that electronic music isn't handmade.Also, check out the similar BeatBearing. The BeatBearing project is a simple Tangible User Interface that uses ball bearings to program a sequencer.

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can someone help me learn Jumpstyle?

I want to learn how to dance jumpstyle because i want to get more stamina and that looked like a good idea

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Need some help getting started with a Blood On the Dance Floor Costume

Didn't know whre to post this, but it seemed like a "burning question" This band has some awesome outfits, and there is one that I would really like to do I couldn't find a picture of it, but there is one that might be able to shed some light, as well as the music video.!/photo.php?fbid=226611667349745&set;=a.212468962097349.59383.182866131724299&type;=3&theater; -not the head piece- He is the tall guy with the spiked out fit singing (Jayy Von Monroe);=related Thanks for taking the time, and I'd love to hear your ideas on making this costume

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Got any cool ideas for our Arduino run LED dance floor visualizer?

We have built a mobile ice cream/sound system/dance floor called the Booty Bump. We made a little video of it. What we would like to have help with is cool things we can do with our dance floor. We currently have an arduino uno and an SD card module. We have dreams of having: visual EQ video from an iphone plusing lights from sound peaks cool pre-made trippy things We can do some basic things already... can you think of and help us implement more ideas? Looking forward to hearing from you~ Tor

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