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Datasheet help? Answered

Does anyone know where i can get the datasheet for the following IC's: ha118019nt hd49756nt cd8081n I CAN NOT find them and it's starting to really tick me off.

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LED Datasheets

   Whenever I'm working on circuit, I often find it helpful to view the datasheet for a certain component. This is especially helpful with transistors and IC's that I pull out of old electronic devices. Finding datasheets for those kinds of components is easy because the ID number is written right on it, but what I'd like to know is how to find datasheets for LED's. Obviously, they aren't going to have any numbers printed on them and most of the time, I don't remember the circuit board or store I got them from so how would I find the datasheet for one. You might wonder why I need a datasheet, but it's often important and/or useful to know the max voltage or current needed, as well as the lens type, amount of light emitted, etc. , especially on infrared or RGB leds. Any help would be appreciated.

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How to find datasheet for Sony camera LCD display?

Hello all. I have two broken Sony W5 cameras here and would like to use their displays in my microcontrolled projects. It seems, however, that it is impossible to find out anything in the internet about the controller inside it or the pinout of the device. Is there any way of finding such info? Please, point me to it. Thank you.

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The different between this two thermistor and where to find their datasheet?

Hi Instructables members', Can anyone tell me the different between this two thermistor and it application circuit: 1 - Thermistor_50s (see attached picture) 2 - Ptc_thermistor_500-800r_hmz13-05m650rn (see attached picture) Thank you in advance

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What does SU means at the beginning of a transistor code? Answered

I have a SU165 transistor ,if you have any information about it please tell me.

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Can someone help me find the data sheet for this transistor? Answered

I recently purchased a few grab bags from Jameco and I can't seem to identify one of the transistors that came with one of the grab bags. So far I have figured out it's a Motorola brand possibly a FET. I attached a picture of it with the part number which reads M9943 m828. The m before the 828 is the Motorola logo letter M.  I've tried searching Google, JameCo, and the Motorola website for this part number; but I have not had any success at finding a datasheet for it.

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Kronos 4500 LCD

Well, I'll get right to the point. I bought a LCD from and it came in today. i have no expirence with lcd screens, and cannot find the pins required. the screen goes in a Kronos 4500 time clock, and has the following marking on the board. 9600009-002 REV.B 3601021 - 001 AVLOT # 48723-0201 EDT EW50107FLYU Please, anyone with more expirince, anyone have any idea how to interface this with arduino? TIA!

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Electronic parts without datasheet?

Taking parts off electronic junk collected over time: Now ready to demolish a huge LCD TV (matsui) with the power supply circuit board missing (origin: dumpster).  Quite some mean looking 'transistors' on large heatsinks. Before turning the heat gun on it, I tried to look up the serial numbers on them, but found nothing. Does this happen often? If not found, is there a way to measure, or otherwise find out what the components can do? (I still have a steep learning curve ahead, right now I mostly want to know if it's worth the trouble stripping them off) The LCD/ backlight part: Is there anything this can be used for (without working control electronics)?

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Microwave generator...... any datasheet for DAIHEN

Hi.I have a microwave generator from DAIHEN. It is a 3kW magnetron that makes 2450MHz wave.The model is ATP-30B(high voltage unit) and SMA-30DI(magnetron unit).This devices made in Japan and I need DATASHEET.If there is any clue that can help me plz inform me. thx

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component recognition software? Answered

Finding datasheets for stuff i have lying around is a PITA!!! i also can't find datasheets for some stuff i scavenge because i don't know what they are. is there a sort of "facial recognition software" but for electronic components? also is there a program that indexes the characteristics of components i have, kind of like mouser's or digi-key's website?

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i found some audio amp chips. how do i wire them? Answered

Here is the datasheet: i get pins 2-6, but i dont know how to wire the last three (pins 1,8 and 7) help?

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Sensor Help with Arduino

Hi all! I need help with trying to figure out datasheets. I was digging through my electronics when I found and LM35 sensor. So I looked up the datasheet but I couldn't find out how to convert the analog output to a temperature. I found an i'ble on how to do it but I want to know how to find that information in the datasheet so that next time I get something I'll be able to do it myself. I looked at all the curves and none of them seemed to be temperature vs. voltage. I also looked through the whole first part and couldn't find the multiplier. Also does that multiplier change with the amount of voltage you supply the LM35 with? Say I use 5 volts. Will it give a different reading over 4.5 volts? There's so much technical and complicated data that I don't know what to look for. Here is the link to the datasheet Thanks!

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Need help finding a datasheet for a camera? Answered

I scavenged a camera from a cellphone and thought it might be usefull for somthing with a arduino. The problem is that I can't find any datasheets on this part. The part number is... A6J925 3471933     3 If any one has this camera, a datasheet, or knows anything about this part any help would be helpfull. Thanks, David.

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How to understand electronic part datasheets??

As a winter chore I'm taking electronic components of circuit boards from salvaged power supplies, printers etc (The toxic work which is usually outsourced to Bangladesh etc....). The purpose is to end up with nicely sorted parts, to be used for future projects. I google the numbers on the 'transistors', but the info on datasheets is almost completely meaningless to me. (I rather would find a short description what one can do with it...)

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Somebody tell that how to know the datasheet of an unknown thermoresister

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Question about using a L298N motor driver with arduino ? Answered

I was looking at making a small rc tank with the lawnbots code. i have tryed small home built motorcontrollers and had seccus but thought It may be tine to build somthing better. I was looking at the L298N motor driver b ut dont have any idea what the EN_1 and EN_2 connections are for. Can someone please tell me? (Datasheet) Thanks, David.

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Intel PIII processor GND and voltage pins?

 I am making the hot plate found at: I want to find the 'voltage' and 'gnd' pins for my Pentium 3 SL4MF processor. The datasheet at: the pinout, but I can't figure out which pins to connect the wires to. Please Help. Kabir

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Audio signal help? Answered

I was going to build Amplifier with Gain = 20 Minimum Parts From this datasheet But I have no Idea how to put the signal on. I think that the signal is Vin (pin 3)  but that is one cable when a headphone has three cables. I know the red wire is right and the blue is left and the other is comm so I onley need 2. Because there is one input I need to make it one cable. Would this work (I will test what resistor I need with a voltmeter later). If I am wrong about there olny being one input can someone explane to me how to wire it.

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VFD voltage and current needed

I've a Futaba 4-LT-16 9L big VFD display. Unfortunately I'm not able to find the datasheet or exact details about it. Maybe I could contact Futaba... The only informations I found are these two schematics (but it doesn't match with the 4-LT-16 display) (not very useful to me) from this page and this video from the same page. Could someone help me? Are there typical voltage and current for the filament (I think it depends from the length and the display dimension)? What about the grid voltage? Thanks!

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lcd TD030WHEA1 3" LCD. i need the datasheet Answered

I need the datasheet. i want to connect it to an avr thanks Rendy

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cassette/tape deck sensors/readers; what can I do with them?

So, I was at my girlfriend's apartment when I came across a busted tape/cd deck underneath the porch and immediately though "FREE parts!" like any self respecting modder would. The circuit board, in pieces, has been subject to the elements for quite some time, the device made in 2002, I've no idea though how long it has actually been under there.  ("new" place) So two questions. 1) Are any of the components (capacitors, diodes, resistors) safe to use, assuming they were not short circuited by rain/humidity and rust hasn't set in?  (On some parts it has, the motor turning the tape deck being the main and most unfortunate one.) 2) WHAT could I possibly use the sensors/readers that read the tape of the tape deck besides reading the magnetic tape inside cassettes?!  I came to the conclusion that reconstructing a tapedeck with these sensors would be impractical, if not stupid.  Can they sense any magnetic field?  Would it be hard to write an arduino library? I tried looking up a datasheet and get nothing that resembles these, much less something that might belong inside a tape deck. 15RSA0 J2 K1520 Is how it appears on the side of the part, the 0s might be Os.  But the rest is pretty clear (I love a nice font).

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Will this LCD work on any 40-pin LVDS driver board? Answered

Take a look at this datasheet, particularly the intput/output description. If I were to use a different LVDS driver board with a 40 pin connector, do you think it will work with this display? Is there any kind of standard among all 40-pin LVDS displays and driver boards? E.g. This driver board

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Is Lm386L is the same LM386 or LM386N-1? Answered

Are these the same, from the datasheet it looks identical to the LM386N-1 and I read the L is just a certain manufacturers way of saying it is lead free. So does anybody know if they are the same and if so which it is comparable to? I.e just the 386 or the N-1, N-2...etc. Can I use this directly in the same circuits as LM386N-1s.. I can't see why not from looking at the datasheets. datasheet for the 'L' chip LM386N-1 datasheet:

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Can anyone help me make sense of a ferrite core datasheet? Answered

I need help understanding a datasheet for some ferrite cores I bought to wind transformers on.  This is the datasheet:  The main thing I need to know is the inductance per turn of wire on the core so I can design the transformers to minimize inductive reactance and such.

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motor control with TDA1085 circuit scemtics please?

As above looking for help designing a circuit around this chip I have plenty of datasheets but can't find any schematics besides those in said datasheet

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How to drive a Graphik LCD Optrex DMF6104NF-FW?

Hi I happend to get hold of an 256x128(dots) LCD (Optrex  DMF6104NF-FW), and want to controll it with an arduino or an PC. My proble is: -I'm new to LCDs and -I'm new to the arduino I got the datasheet of the display and managed to power it up and regulate the contrast, but now I stuck. I don't know how to go on and get grafiks on the display. what do i need or what should I look for ? can someone help me ?? thx EDIT: here is the link to the datasheet :

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what does this chip do? Answered

I have a atmlh812 smd chip here, but i cant find any datasheets on it. it also says 02B(or 8) 1 (.)Z8F1056C is it made by atmel? can someone help me find a datasheet for it?

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what does this cd4011be chip do?

On the datasheet it says its a CMOS NAND GATE, what does it do and what do i use it for?  <<Datasheet

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Could I use BC547 instead of BC548?

When building this instructable I relised I had no BC548 transistors. Could I use BC547 insted. Here is a link to both datasheets. BC548 BC547

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Replacement for this FET?

Okay... so long story short, i have this little transistor that i need the non-surface mounted version of. The part # is PHD3055E. I can only find the datasheet, And can't find it anywhere for sale. So i thought i'd come here and ask, Any ideas on what could replace this? Here's the datasheet in the google docs viewer.;;=en&gl;=us&pid;=bl&srcid;=ADGEESg3724yaKjv666t2rqjyyXVjvQp5HpfKIXr3723cJt4Y_bqPXypg_oySVo3Q9eOgiMBHIG4zDYsHVk73N0whYfHI3PTtv8kTeA_FzIxSWhNnkzgniEWSIQLls8aeQVgmyBDhZyI&sig;=AHIEtbRm4XdPQEc-wzTiPkqsGwSO1qblnA

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audio amp help needed

Hi people i'm trying to make an audio amp using a salvaged IC, but i need help with the "what goes where".i'm using a BA15218.Datasheet here

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I need help in " Police Light " circuit ? Answered

Hi everyone  I'm working now on this circuit and I really need its datasheet so does anyone have the datasheet or any helpful information for "police light " circuit ?  < the link below is a video for the circuit > any help is appreciated   dreams,;=player_embedded

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Is there a way to reset this counter? Answered


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help with (possibly) programmable chips? Answered

Hey eveyone, i want help figuring out if  can use either of these 2 chips for programming. the datasheets are below: atmel at29c512-90jc  \/ or mosel vitelic v29c51002t   \/' any help is appreciated

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Amplify 1.5v DC to 5+v DC?

Hi, Anyone know if I can amplify 1.5v DC to 5+v DC (pretty much any value over 5 works) using the LM358 IC ( The datasheet ( specifies the power supply range as 3V to 32V however the input voltage range is -0.3V to 32V (top of datasheet page 2). I've done some googling but I'm still not sure about the difference between these two.  Any tips or links on wiring this guy up would be awesome, Thanks!

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Temperature sensor using LTC2984

Dear Sir, I am using following device to measure temperature accurately, According to datasheet, the eval board can show a virtual temperature output using built in thermocouple thermister, RTD etc in ADC mode ., I need to measure real temperature which they apply in Heat bath or temperature calibration set up. I dont have such set up now, could you kindly give me a way out that without those set up I could manage Thermistor ? Kindly go through the page 43-47 in this datasheet, Thanks in advance.

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Can someone tell me how to use MC33035?

I need a simple bldc driver, and i found MC33035 chip. In the datasheet there are some things that I don't understand. Can you give me an ACURATE schematic how to use it for hss motors or cd motors. Atleast help me with "output buffers" in Representative Schematic Diagram. Pease.this is datasheet

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is this usable as a sond amplifier? Answered

I have this lm324 chip from a old stud finder, i searched for a datasheet and found this: it says a op amp, so will it work as a audio amp? sorry. i have never used ics before, and i dont know how to really read datasheets much

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can i use the S-3530A RTC with an arduino (no luck for i2c address from datasheet)? Answered

I found this rtc in a printer and i am having trouble setting the time on it. i would like to use it in place of a DS1307 but i dont know the i2c address of it ir how to set the time on it,. ANY help would be appreciated. datasheet:

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Transistor Related Questions?

Hey Guys, I need some help, I need to choose a transistor and get to know how to wire it. I have the following transistors: 6822 ( 2N3904 ( 19001 2N2222A ( TIP42C ( And I need help to choose one that can run an Green LED Strip (16 in.). And also how to wire it. If you can give me the steps to wire it up to the output of a circuit and how to wire it up with the led strip it will be greatly appreciated. Oh and also the voltage at which the transistor turns on should be 2.8-9v ish. Thanks in advance. -Prickly Potato

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diode change

I'm building a picmicro programmer, and I'm fcollowing the schematics from this from sparkfun want a BZV55C5V1 diode, but the closest thing that I could find on mouser was a BZX55C5V1 diodehere's the link for the BZV55C5V1 datasheet, just click one, they're all the same's the link for the BZX55C5V1 datasheet SOLVED THANKS TO THE CITIZENS OF INSTRUCTABLES

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how to find flyback transformer pinout?

How to find flyback transformer pinout and i don't hav a datasheet i don't hav anything

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what is the diffirent between 1n4148 and 1n4448? Answered

Hello, i want to know what is the diffirent between 1n4148 and 1n4448 .I  checked the datasheet but i cant find the diffirent .. Thank in advance!

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how to drive NCR 5972 futaba M202DL08A over serial please help.

How would i drive this beast of a display over serial.  it is a NCR 5972 futaba M202DL08A 2x20 VFD. When i send it the command 0x1B 05 to bring it out of low power mode to display text it does not do anything. it runs on 12V and i do not have the cable for it. datasheet 1 datasheet 2

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how to drive NCR 5972 futaba M202DL08A over serial please help.

How would i drive this beast of a display over serial.  it is a NCR 5972 futaba M202DL08A. When i send it the command 0x1B 05 to bring it out of low power mode to display text it does not do anything. it runs on 12V and i do not have the cable for it. datasheet 1 datasheet 2

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Can anyone Identify this IR Receiver Component?

Hi, I have been doing some desoldering to get hold of components and I have got myself the IR Receiver pictured. This is labelled as the annotations show, 4524C, M and C, and on the reverse says F2. This component was taken from a water damaged Canon MVX30i, but I would like a datasheet for the component found. Can anyone help me find a datasheet for this, or suggest what the four connections would be? Thanks, AMouse197

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solid state relay information Answered

Do I need to apply voltage to pin 5 for it to switch on chip Vishay VO14642AABTR?

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What are the differences between the -AURCT vs -AUR versions of Atmega32u4 MCU? I can't find any info on AURCT from the datasheet of atmega32u4.

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