I need a simple curcuit ?

I need to turn on a 24vdc relay (apply gnd ) with a transistor. I have a 5v signal as the sourse from an industrial computer

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dave spencer- Finalist

Dave spencer is a finalist in the Laser Cutter Challenge for:erupting Volcano Birthday CakeThis is a forum post created by Instructables on behalf of the finalist. Help us judge the contest by rating this forum post! Check out all the finalists in the master list or in the Laser Cutter Finalists Group! Thanks for the opportunity, I am honored to be included amongst the other 14 finalists. I am not going to be upset for losing to any of the other great projects here.Please take the time to scroll down the comments here and read my "laser" proposal. I know it is not part of the contest anymore but I put a fair bit of thought into it.Also check out my other instructables which show that I am not a one hit wonder.

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What is Dave Canterbury's clothing brand that he always wears? Answered

On every episode of Dual Survival, Dave wears a shirt or something with a little man with a bow on it. I belive that is the brand, but can somebody tell me what it's called?

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does any one like Dave Matthews band? Answered

Im afraid im the only one!!!

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Programming XMC1100 from Windows10 on a MacBook Pro doesn't work ?

Hello, I'm trying to get a connection between my Microcomputer XMC1100 and my Windows10 Partition on a MacBook Pro. I've installed the recommended development environment Dave from Infineon and everything works fine except the connection to the microcomputer. Is this connection maybe due to hardware not possible?  What else could be the reason ? Please help, regards 

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My plastic extrusion

Hi I've made this little extrusion as a prototype: http://www.preciousplastic.com/little-extrusion/ It's for my graduation project at my school...(still in progress) However, This is small..I want to make it big! Does any of you guys have an idea where I can get a serious screw for inside the plastic extrusion? Are where to get them second hand? New price is around $2500...way to much for me...

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I wanna make some works like Dave Mckean... cuting and pasting paper... somebody can help me? Answered

Here is an examplehttp://www.jgytf.u-szeged.hu/tanszek/matematika/speckoll/1999/balu/sfam_art.jpg

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i was watching daveyard shift with dave chappelle (EXPLICIT)

A few lines from chappelles show well, see you later oh yeah, and Dave..... POP! WAYNE BRADY BITCH! is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch? "White people like Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X" - Dave Chappelle, "my mother in law is never gonna believe i met Wayne Brady.." yeah, because she's never gonna know!" -snaps the cops neck- lmao ah, good times with Wayne Brady, lmao

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Where can I find White Merlot in a box in the Auburn, Ca. area?Dave Ballenger<ballenger2@suddenlink.net>?

Where can I find White Merlot in a box in the Auburn, Ca. area? Dave Ballenger ?

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Where do you live?

What country and state do you live in?

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Camera Lucida ?

Hi has anybody made a Camera Lucida or Camera Oscura to aid with drawing Cheers Dave

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Should I build a portable livewell or a permanent one?

What is the best way to build a portable or permanent one?

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Tesla Coil Workshop

Instructables member Phenoptix put me onto a fun event this weekend - two chaps from the Extreme Electronics (Derek and Dave) website led an informal workshop on how to build a classic Tesla coil, from power supply through to topload and breakout. They also brought along a few of their toys to demonstrate what they were talking about, and I grabbed a few (shaky) videos. Thanks to Derek & Dave, it was a grand night, and thanks to the "Lone Scout" for the supply of coffee.

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Who plays airsoft

If you play airsoft (and own an airsoft gun)please comment and tell what kind of airsoft gun you have. (Or just comment something : )

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Remote control 12 volt drivable BBQ? Answered

As a BBQ competitor, I want to build a remote control drivable smoker for amusment at competitions. My problem is how to find and size the 12 volt motor for the drive wheels (3" to 4" diameter).  Smoker weighs about 15 pounds (stand up Brinkman type) plus I have 12v 7ah surplus batteries from  my work that I want to use for power source. Dave Q

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contest schedual

I looked in the rules but I did not see when the prizes will be awarded. I assume there will be a little time for people to look at cakes that were submitted close to the deadline.

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Can I use an old laptop screen for a computor monitor or TV? Answered

I have an old laptop screen and I was wondering if I could reuse it for anything.

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Can you make a masterkey out of a change-key? Answered

I was wondering if you can turn a change-key into a masterkey. ( A change-key is a key that works only one lock in a masterkey system)

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Homestuck Albums

I know this is not something that I usually do, but I have decided to create albums for the original kids from Homestuck: John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley.  Explanations of the songs picked will be noted, and I will try and get the running times of each album.  Each album has six tracks, with extended versions of songs when possible, so I'd say these are Deluxe EP (extended playtime) Singles.  I may try to cut down the running time and make LP (limited playtime) singles another time, and also, don't hold me to it, do soundtracks for some of my favorite trolls. (Note: you don't have to appreciate, understand, or have read Homestuck to enjoy this; as all the songs center around a character, to some extent, they center around a theme.  Enjoy!) Without further ado, DarkOwlKnex productions proudly presents its first four Deluxe EP singles. (Disclaimer: I don't own any of these songs; these are just some of my favorites that I feel fit the lives of the characters.  All rights go to the original artist and record company.) The Windy Thing: The Tale of John Egbert 1. Blue Monday (12" Version) - New Order (John's Home Life Theme) 2. Procession (12" Version) - New Order (John's 'Physical' Death Theme) 3. Ride The Wild Wind (Hybrid Extended Version; Fan Made Mix) - Queen (John, The Heir of Breath) 4. Hammer To Fall (Headbangers 12" Mix) - Queen (John's Strife Specibus: The Hammer)  5. Lullaby - The Cure (John and Vriska's Theme) 6. High (Extended Version) - The Cure (John's Ascent to God Tier; John and Jade's Brotherly/Sisterly Love Theme) GrimDark: The Tale of Rose Lalonde 1. Vicious Streak - New Order (Rose's Home Life Theme; The One-Upping-War Against Her 'Mother.') 2. Procession - Queen/Traditional Arrangement (Rose's 'Physical' Death Theme) 3. The Prophet's Song - Queen (Rose, The Seer of Light; Rose and Doc Scratch's Theme) 4. Twenty Four Hours - Joy Division (Rose's Destiny) 5.  The March Of The Black Queen (Deep Cuts Version) -  Queen (Rose's Rampage) 6. She's Lost Control (12" Version) - Joy Division (Rose Goes GrimDark) Cool Kid: The Tale of Dave Strider 1. Airheads - Roger Taylor (Dave, The Cool Kid; Dave's Home Life Theme) 2. Ceremony (Original Version) - New Order (Dave's 'Physical' Death Theme) 3. Time - Freddie Mercury (Dave, The Knight Of Time) 4. Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad) - Roger Taylor (Dave's Ironic Humor; Dave and Terezi's Theme) 5. Synchronicity (Part One) - The Police (Dave's Time Hijinks) 6. Synchronicity (Part Two) - The Police (Dave's Time Hijinks... Revisited) Squiddles: The Tale of Jade Harley 1. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da - The Police (Jade's Home Life Theme; Jade, The Silly, Creative Girl) 2. Ceremony (Alternate Version) - New Order (Jade's 'Physical' Death Theme) 3. Killing Time - Roger Taylor (Jade, The Witch Of Space) 4. Dreams Never End - New Order (Jade's Dreams) 5. A Winter's Tale (Fickle Mix; Fan Made Extended Version) - Queen (Jade's World In The Medium) 6. Beautiful Dreams - Roger Taylor (Jade's Dreams... Revisited) That's it!  Again, all rights go to the original artist and their record company/copyright holder. I hope that you enjoyed, and since I'm assuming that you didn't listen to all of the Deluxe EP's, I encourage you to come back and listen to them all when you have the time. -DarkOwlKnex

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LED Flasher Relay

Can anyone help me build a LED flasher replay capable of running approximately 100 LED's. I would like it to alternately flash and have a strobe like effect, similar to what most emergency vehicles have!!! Thanks Dave

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What is the best version of Linux? Answered

I am going to be running a computor on a 8GB flashdrive and I was wondering which version of Linux would be the best to use. I will be using the computor for photo editing, typing documents, and surfing the web.

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Can I use a laptop mouse for a computor mouse? Answered

I have an old laptop mouse (a little pad thing that I took out of an old laptop) and I was wondering if I could wire it up to use it for a computor mouse.

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Plastic origami earth puzzle. Template and instructions needed.? Answered

Template and Instructions needed for The Dave Swart earth puzzle. Plastic tesselations rather like the IQ Light. Goemetery models and slide together are similar

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voltage measurements

I need to make several voltage measurements simultaneously.  I am looking to troubleshoot a intermittent problem with my truck. Has anyone any experience with this challenge ?   I would like to be able to store these measurements to be analyzed at a later time. Thanks, Dave Sender.  

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the adventurs of our gerbils there cool.

Here are some pictures of my gerbils they had a litter of 4 about 2 months ago they killed the other three named bill, socratice he was cool because he was white, abrahm lincoln, one we have left is Dave. thees are the gerbils in the pics. Palpatien the dad, A.J. the mom she has a boy name lol ,and Dave the baby. On August /1/ 07 they had another litter of 3 once they get there fur we will name them, this topic is getting big. well in the next few pictures the babys have now had there fur for about three weeks ,but I was to lazy to post some pics for a while. pic 17 the two white ones are named ed because we cant tell them apart lol I haven't rely tried yet though pic 18 same pic 19 same pic 20 I want it pic 21 I'm a cute one pic 22 this is my card board tube pic 23 never give a girble toilet paper tubes they will burn them.......not its fake. pic 24 a new power dave used last night.

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Replies in Instructables

Today I posted replies to comments to my instructable. My replies show up when I'm logged in but when I just access my instructable without logging in, I only can view the comments but not my replies. Will my replies eventually be visible to an unlogged in reader???

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I need some copper disks

I need several copper disks 2 inches in diameter with a 3/4 inch hole in the center. They can be cut, stamped, or otherwise constructed but it needs to be out of 1/16 inch copper.  several means 5-10

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Not able to login to email launched instructables?

Why when I try to login while looking at instructables launched from email that, even though they require a Pro Membership, which I do have, they won't allow me to log into them? I noticed that https://www.instructables.com/id/... leads their path.?

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Robot-Mower Project need 10" dia. 4 bolt wheels

  I did a quick search for upgraded Jazzy select wheels. In my short search I seen way more than I wanted to who would have thought that typing "Jazzy Upgrade" would return pictures of people weighing 300 lbs+  wearing speed O's...What I would like to find is a pair of 10" 4 bolt rims with tires. Don't know the size of the bolt pattern yet, I doubt I will be lucky enough to find a direct bolt on. I will update this cry for help when I return to the wood shed and take the wheels off and measure them. Till then any suggestions would be appreciated   Thanks and Happy New Year Dave

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Can you jailbreak an iphone to use Verizon Wireless cell phone service? Answered

Someone once told me that you can jailbreak an iphone to use Verizon but I wasn't sure if they were right, and I didn't want to find out after I had bought one that you could not.

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Knex filter

Knex is nice and all, but is there a way to never see another Knex project while still seeing the other projects on Instructables. It just takes too much time to load the Knex thumbnails when there are other projects of interest.I'm sure others would filter out other project types. Such a filter would be most appreciated.Dave

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Car light dimmer

Hi all, Can someone show me how to make a car dimmer or point me in the right direction to make one. Just to recap this is like the new cars when you open the car the light fades up and when the car door is closed the light will take 5 to 10 seconds to dim out. Thanks in advance.

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"Where can I learn Electronics?" ?

People are always asking the same question. How can I tell them the best place without getting cut down for self promotion. (text published by mcgraw hill)? I'm currently working on a set of videos to support the book. They'll  be posted on "instructables" and YouTube. Dave C

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my new laptop

My uncle dave gave me his old laptop, its a toshiba satellite pentium 4 2ghz 256mb ram and the works, nothing wrong with it it has windows XP which is great, 2 usb ports, its fast and he gave me a wireless G wifi adapter with it, im using it right now, good thing we got WiFi at our house

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Biological hackerspace in NYC

Yay! There's finally a hackerspace dedicated to biotech research...in New York City. I'm kind of sad I can't drop by to visit any time soon, but I hope (fingers crossed) I can get the ever so popular caitlinsdad to go and report on it. There's even a promising $12 usb microscope (with 170x magnification) project going on! (Photo: Dave Mosher of Wired.com)

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looking for help fabricating a mechanical arm for use in the construction industry?

I am looking for person or persons that posses the ability to help me build a mechanical arm. I need help with the computer hardware/ software end.  The arm will be used to hold a power washer hose.  Many applications I want to use it for. Endless possibilities.   Are you up for a challenge?  I live in NY but will travel. Dave S.

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Glueing Plastic Syringes

Hi. Most of you know the plastic medical syringes  (Terumo is a popular brand).  They are made of a plastic that I have not yet found a glue to work on. Can anyone offer some suggestions? A list I have tried includes Contact cement,  Super glue, Bostic Vinyl cement,  Sil-poxy, Epoxy-Resin 2 part (Araldite) So we are moving into the area of the exotics Many thanks Dave 

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Useless Machine Kits are now available

Solarbotics.com has just come out with a complete parts kit for the Useless Machine: http://www.solarbotics.com/products/60005/ It's only $25 and includes a very cool acrylic case as seen in the photos.  Dave Hrynkiw at solarbotics really did a fantastic job with the design. Keep in mind this is an even lower price than if you bought just the electronics parts at digikey!!!

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Instructable missing from its category - https://www.instructables.com/id/Cleaning-up-your-PCB/

An Instructable I published last night is not showing up in its category. I cannot pull it up under "Technology" or using recent under "Soldering" where I had published it. The link I have for it is - https://www.instructables.com/id/Cleaning-up-your-PCB/. Is there something I need to do to try to republish it?

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Where to salvage/find an External Gear Pump?

Hello, Have a great idea for an instructable but need to find a small external gear pump for water/hydraulic use, it doesn't even need to work! Help would be in the way of what uses these, I think some cars have them but cant find anything on the web so any ideas about where to salvage one would be awesome. Thanks loads Dave

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Verify my account? Answered

A little box keeps popping up saying "Hey DCA, you still need to verify your account".  I do as it says and a box pops up with an old but still active email address, I send it but it never shows in my mailbox. Nothing wrong with the address, I still get other mails.  What's up? Also, I don't see anyplace to ask a question of the Instructable staff. Thanks,  Dave

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14.4v Milwaukee cordless drill using 18v battery packs?

Have an excellent drill from Milwaukee with tons of life left but having trouble getting the 14.4v batteries AND getting them to last. Anyone adapted the 18v batteries to a 14.4v tool. Is it possible. I figure it won't come recommended. I just hate to trash this tool. Thanks. Dave

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what transformer to power my 24v drill with 240v mains power? Answered

I use a dewalt 24volt allday at work and every now and then it would be handy to be able to use 240volt mains mainly when i forget to charge the batterys.i have a collection of old unuseable batterys to use as a body but cant work out what transformer and or circuitry it would need. any ideas? cheers dave

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New Editor Fixes Relased!

Hi! So we released some fixes to the new editor that should prevent the "forever updating" error. Also you should be able to click images attached to each step to add image notes to them, view them in a larger size, etc. without re-ordering them. This is specifically because Kiteman and rachel asked for it, so thank them. Please let me know if there's any more bugs. - Dave

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my pumpkins for photo contest

I did 8 pumpkins this year and tried some really ambitious stuff that seemed to work out pretty well. I have included 2 videos because it adds to the photos. I will not do an instructable on the flaming pumpkin because it is already all over the net and is not my idea.The sculpting techniques are inspired by pumpkingutter.com I thought the techniques would be way out of my league but I just tried it for fun and it worked well.

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Virus Alert after opening Instructables site

After opening the Instructable home page (and each page after) I received an alert from Norton 360 of a Virus on each page of the Instructables site (see included image). The virus name is Hacktool.WFPOff and its location is https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FR7/KVOR/FIQ727SF/FR7KVORFIQ727SF.tmp I'm curious if this is a false alarm, or if it is in fact a virus on your site. Thank you, Dave

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new blog requesting ideas on what to do with stuff

Hey - I've just put up a blog to help me deal with some of the useless stuff at my place. http://whatdoidowiththisstuff.blogspot.com/ If any of you have the time, and could offer suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. The first item up is an old freezer that I have no idea what to do with. Are there any uses, other than tossing it in the trash, that I'm missing? Thanks, Dave

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