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tech deck

Some one needs to post wayyyyy more stuff on tech deck seriously because whats fun without variety

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deck baluster

We finally have to finish a deck rail - I need an inexpensive idea for balusters or something that won't completely obstruct my view. I don't like the 2x2's, or lattice. I do like the look of aluminum/metal in plain black - either square or flat - but hate the thought of spending $250 just for the balusters. I love the look of balcony panels - but getting a plasma cut piece of metal for each section is way way more than I want to spend. I'm looking for the dirt cheap alternative.

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yugioh deck help

Hi I have a light and fairy theme deck it's an ok deck but I think it needs something As you can see I lack monsters but I think my lockdown cards take care of that, any thoughts on what I should pull out or add? MONSTERS (10) 1 darklord asmodeus  1 mystical elf 1 hourglass of courage  1 worm jetelkpse 1 interplanetary invader A 1 marshmallont 1 servant of catabolism  1 darklord superbia 1 prime material dragon 1 the calculator SPELLS (20) 1 emergency provisions 1 unstable evolution  1 attraffic control 3 mystical space typhoon 1 monster reborn 1 scapegoat 2 swords of revealing light 1 photon sanctuary  1 crashbug road 1 mirage tube 1 giant trunade  2 lightning vortex 1 nobleman of crossount 1 fissure 1 heavy storm 1 megamorph TRAPS (17) 1 waboku 1 curse of royal 1 just desserts 1 trap jammer 1 half or nothing 2 draining shield  1 spell shield type 8 2 divine wrath 1 shadow spell 1 needle wall 1 gravity bind 1 call of the haunted 1 magic jammer 1 minor goblin official 1 solemn wishes

Topic by snozzle1  

MAGIC the gathering decks

Anyone play magic? show your Deck(s) and tell what cards it has. You can also tell how it plays.

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wooden deck lift system?

Is there a simple method for making a pulley/lift mechanism for hauling up groceries, firewood, deck furniture, etc. from ground to 2nd story? needs to be off-set from deck rail by 2 feet. hand cranked? thanks.

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attaching hammock to a roofed deck?

Would it be safe to attach a hammock to a deck with a roof. it looks like the one in the picture below. the hammock would go where the green circles are drawn. about how many pounds can something attached to those posts hold . thanks and also where would be the worst place to attach it.

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Tech Deck Work Shop

this is a group for people who want to make obtacles for finger boards/ tech deck.

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Hommade quad tape deck

I love quad as an audio format. I've been recording in quad a lot recently on my tape multitracker. It uses regular cassette tape, and the regular track widths, but uses all four at once instead of two each way. Trouble is, it only has stereo mixdown, and it records at twice speed, so I would need to modify any potential quad tape deck that I build to play at twice normal speed. I've figured out a way to use a 4-part RCA signal, if ran to two stereo amps, to get quad sound to my speakers. Therefore, I would need to modify my homebrew quad tape deck to have 4-part RCA out. I'm still a little fuzzy on the particulars of that. In order to read all four tracks, I'm considering just taking two stereo heads and putting them next to each other, but due to width constraints, that would probably mean being unable to sync their output, let alone record anything. I suppose I could yank the quad head out of a junk Tascam, but good luck finding a junk Tascam! Any ideas on solving this issue? Perhaps work in an output lag somehow on the forward head's output so that they are synced again? One idea that I have, if I can get the outputs synced, is to just pull the head out of one tape deck and make the wires long enough that I can install it in the other deck, still attached to its own electronics, though. Then there would be four RCA jacks out (two from eah machine) and it would require the minimum amount of hacking things up. Then I'd connect the two cases in to uber case (duct tape, porbably), and go on my merry four-channel way. Anyway, is anybody else a fan of this format, and have you thought about making a quad tape deck? If someone has ever ripped up analog tape decks (or knows the nitty-girtty of how they work), please don't hesitate to give some input to this project!

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Help with an Electronic Sabacc deck

I think an electronic sabacc deck would be epic but so far have not found any that exsist. I understand this as LCD tech is still fairly expensive and there are complications of networking the screens but I think its doable. What is really needed is "cards" that are networked with a small randomization program running that displays pictures. The hardest part would be figuring out how to network the devices so that no two cards can display the same face value at one time.  I think it could be possible to use old cell phones to do this. A semi-modded razor form factor would work really well if we could find some for about 2-5$ each. I am good with graphics and have some programming knowledge but I don't have enough to figure out how to run the program on the device or how to get them to talk to each other. I think that people in this community would have the know how if this is possible and it would be rock star if we could figure it out.

Topic by legendary42  

Tech deck vs. Z shred

 ok... i want a z shred but for a complete its like buying a real deck... i want to no if theres much of a difference with performance,because a tech deck is only 4$. btw z shred is made of wood      check out the z shred site there pretty sick!!!                              -M

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Tech Deck Skate Park (WIP)

I've recently started to build a tech deck skate park. The base is mdf (solid stuff, very heavy), and all the features will be made from wood with metal coping. The base is 36"x16" to fit on my desk. You can track my progress here: Let me know what you think, what you might change, and what you like/don't like. Also if you need any closeups of anything, I've got it saved in CAD and can post any screenshots you guys want. Also, here are a few questions I have for you guys: -The flat rails were easy because they were handles, but how could I make the rail on the stair set? -How should I cut the profiles (out of 1/2" plywood) that will be the shape of the quarter pipe? I need to accurately cut that radius, but I only have a crappy band saw, 1" belt sander, drill press, dremel, and various hand tools.

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Deck with no concrete footings, how could I fix it?

So I recently bought a house with a beautiful new composite deck but there are no concrete footings (I'm in the northeast and typically concrete footing are typically 24' deep). How can I fix this. The deck is about 20 inches off the ground. Any ideas??

Topic by mt_ski    |  last reply

What would be a good, CHEAP covering for a slightly inclined sunroom roof, so we can use it as a deck?

I have a sunroom roof with access. When we moved in, this 'deck' had steel pipe railing that caused a roof leak where it was screwed into the floor. We had to recover it with 'ice and snow' and the contractor cut the pipe off. So now we have a roof but would like to use it as a deck again. Last year we covered part of it with cheap, and loose indoor outdoor carpet and put some of our veggies in plant pots there to keep them away from deer and woodchucks. We'd like to cover it but can't afford Trex or a contractor! Any suggestions? Is there any reason we couldn't cover it with vinyl flooring? I saw a guy on HGTV use scrap lino to make 'rugs' by painting the other side. Would that work outside? Would I have to put something under it?

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How do you do some good tricks?

Fakey impossible kickflip

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Apartment deck child-proofing and screening in ideas?

Have an apartment desk, with 3 foot railing around it but too much space between the "rungs" for my 3 year old. Anyone have experience circumventing this and/or screening in apartment decks? Anyone know of or have experience with pre-fabricated kits for this purpose? Essentially what I'm looking for is a way to barricade the railing so that my toddler and his toys can't slip between the rails.  Also would like to screen in the porch to ward off pests and make it somewhat rain proof. Primary requirement is that the system must be removable with minimal damage to the existing infrastructure. Thanks for any help!

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what skateboard deck should i get?

Im in quite a pickle. i am wondering  whether i should get a crooked or a minilogo and if you have any other ideas of a good cheap deck fill me in so ya but try and stay within the lines

Question by misterlister    |  last reply

Snaped Skate Deck New board Ideas

Hey, I flipped out yesterday and snapped my skateboard In half (I got it for free too!). Now I need a new board, I was thinking any other online skate shops that you guys know of. If someone even thinks CCS I'll eat you children, lol. Oh yeah my price range is like cheap, lol

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Could a light weight deck be built with large pvc as supports and a light weight material for the deck top? Ideas? Answered

I am looking for light weight deck building ideas. It would be used next to my above ground pool in summer and then moved or taken down when the pool is stored for the winter. The deck would be  approximately 6-8 ft X 10 ft. and would be about 54" high.

Question by b red    |  last reply

Custom skateboard graphics? Answered

Anyone know a printing method, professional or at home, that could produce a print for a custom deck on a skateboard? I would have to be hard wearing but i am stuck on what to do. I want to build a Matell Hoverboard look a like skateboard. any ideas are most welcome! thanks

Question by joearkay    |  last reply

What kind of tech deck do you have?

What company is your deck?????????????

Topic by Xander da gr8    |  last reply

Roof deck over synthetic membrane: water intrusion?

Oops, so I posted this in Outdoors before I found Home. Double posting is irritating but it's kind of relevant to both... I'm new to the forums here (long time reader, infrequent poster), if I just committed a major faux pas, gimme a heads up and I'll take one of these down! Anyway, so the back door of my 3rd floor apartment opens on to what amounts to a raised back yard; the only problem is that this "back yard" is the roof of a 2 story addition to the brownstone I live in, and I'd rather not put my foot through a very expensive roof. I've been looking into decking, and right now my plan is a contact-only solid frame all the way around the perimeter of the roof, with a lip extending over the edge of the roof (to supply stability without puncturing the membrane) connecting to the actual frame of the deck which would of course be placed over the top of the brick walls of the building. From there I was going to face the deck with synthetics, probably with struts placed along the horizontal struts of the roof connected to both the upper deck and sub-deck cross bracing (depending on what materials I use/can afford and their relative strength). My hope is to find a way to make the deck in modular pieces that can be removed for when the roof inevitably needs to be resurfaced. So basically it would be large squares (or irregular shapes, whatever) that would sit on top of the struts/cross bracing with the help of a few screws and provide the deck surface. What I'm worried about is water intrusion at the contact points, such as around the edge of the roof and on top of the studs in the middle of the roof. I know synthetics are much more resistant to this type of failure than older materials, but are they impervious? Where do the pros put contacts so water doesn't leak into the floor below? Even if you minimalize it, the deck will have to come into contact with the roof at some point, or you've found some fancy new way of building I'd love to hear about. A few other thoughts are footprint: the building is an 1890 Richmond row house, could this be done with a small enough profile to increase the value of the property without damaging the "drive by" value? (I was picturing an iron railing to keep the project semi period, and this roof actually connects to the big hulking wooden fire escape, so it wouldn't be marring a virgin landscape) Also, do you think any building codes in the country would allow L bracing and big old bolts to hold the structure of the deck together instead of end-nailing the boards? It would make removal for roof work a lot easier. For the corners, would it be better to miter the ends at 45 and run a bolt through the two of them, end nail an L joint or use a thick metal l bracket and a few bolts to hold the joint together? That was kind of an intense post, I'm just looking to shoot the breeze a little bit with anyone who has any thoughts. Everybody always has their perfect way of doing things, on such a big, high pressure job (if this goes south I'd be poor AND homeless!) I want to really chew on the idea a little bit first. Thanks to anyone who actually read this far!

Topic by Macadaciouse    |  last reply

what electronics do I need for push solenoid to extend and retract once with 5 sec delay after power on from 110 timer?

Trying to automate cassette tape deck for my church. deck & amp power on from external power interrupt timer. need to build device with push solenoid to extend & retract once on a 5 sec. delay after power comes on to push play button on tape deck. timer turns on for 10 min. Mon-Sat. & for 20 min. on Sun. what electronics do I need for this and a simple schematic would help.

Question by mackdriver    |  last reply

what the best place to buy tech decks and ramps.

Where target walmart toys r us were?

Question by nathanreynolds34    |  last reply

How do i make the perfect mtg deck?

Well i just got into mtg and i need help

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how do you date tech deck toys?

Ok I have the following Tech Deck boards new in package with all the trimmings. What I want to know is how do you tell when they were produced or made. I have the ones as follows, Baker, Blind Dark Star, Finesse, Flip, Foundation, Plan B, Powell and toymaker. I dont know what to do with them. over 200 packages.

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where can you get really cheap tech decks??

I want to know which store sells tech decks the cheapest. right now im getting them for almost 4 dollars at target and walmart.

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Cheap Under Deck Ceiling - Looking for details, anyone done this?

I'm 'fixing to get ready' to build this under my deck  to cover a 16' wide x 12' long space under my deck.  It looks simple enough, and there are a couple of YouTube videos of the same thing, but they all leave out some detail.Has anyone here done one of these? I think it needs flashing at the house end so water isn't weeping down the siding. Any other tips or tricks you found ? Thank you. ! Terry, Council Bluffs, Iowa 

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Instructables I might post

Hi. I wanted to know, how many people have TECH DECKS and want to learn how to do tricks on them? Because I was gonna post some tech deck instructables and I just wanted to know if you instructaneers would want those instructables. So, if you do, please tell me. Thanks.

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shooting cards from one hand to another?

Heya. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to shoot a deck of cards out of one hand and into the know...successfully. Because I would really appreciate an instructable on that. Thanks!

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Does anyone know how to make these skateboard deck stools?

I just recently came across this linkhttp://www.deckstool.comand love these stools, but since I have several old skate decks laying around I figure I can try to make one instead of paying for an expensive one from the site. Can anyone help me out with some instructions?Thanks!

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How do I build a roof over my deck? Answered

I would like it to be up to code, able to withstand harsh winds and heavy snow, and still look good on the house. I also thought it would be nice to have a ceiling fan underneath possibly?

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Do the flatface g11 and g12 decks usually have concave?

I just got my g12 in the mail and it has pretty good concave. It has about as much as my berlinwood elias assmuth. The reason im asking is because my fiend has a g12 and it has little or no concave at all. So i want to know if the g12's usually come with concave?.

Question by GianniMora  

is my tech deck rare i have looked all over the internet i have not found a single trace of it. ithe ghost board?

If you can tell me if it is rare that would be great! any way it is a Creature and friends board and i need someone to evalueate it from the pic

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i want to scan a deck of playing cards using a wireless sensor ?

i want to scan a deck of playing cards using a wireless small sensor,i want to know which sensor i can use

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Belt replacment on Sony tape deck TCWR535 resulted in auto-reverse and one direction not working. Any ideas??

I just replaced both sets of belts on my Sony TCWR535 tape decks, per the excellent Instructables directions. Getting the belts on was a bit tricky, but I think I did it correctly. But now both decks only run in one direction, and won't auto-stop/auto reverse. At the end of the tape, they just sit and clunk. Any suggestions on what I did wrong?

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Can I tie a hammock (with a rope) to deck posts instead of a tree???

I just built a deck and I dont want to damage it, and I dont have large enough trees....but I have a hammock! I wanna use it (please dont tell me to buy a stand....)...any tips????

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Installing LED strip lights under deck railing using batteries.

Hello! I would like to install roughly 5.5' Of LED strip lights beneath my deck railing for nightime use. Can anyone recommend an LED strip lighting system with the appropriate specs to light the deck beneath and the battery set up needed for such a system (preferably using C batteries or smaller)? I am completely new to this, but am excited to try it out!

Question by Kashmerem    |  last reply

Vinyl media cabinet inbuilt speaker help

Hello everyone I'm a complete newbie I'm afraid so sorry for asking for such help so early on! Im renovating an old vinyl cabinet I found in the salvos and turning into a dj deck for my new Vestax Typhoon. I need space for my laptop and midi mixer and would love to still have the original vinyl player on show somehow! Any ideas from the creative community I ideally want to dj from behind the speakers. Also I have plugged it in and I get some sound from the speakers and the volume knob still works but the radio does not. What is the best way to have the midi mixer hooked up to the speakers so I can play out of them? Im not sure of their quality and if they are rubbish when hooked up I can also replace them. Any electrical knowledge would be amazing and can just about wield a soldering iron! Much thanks in advance any ideas on colour schemes or extra add ons would be very welcome!! Sophie

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What would you rather see a instructable as my fisrt project.

Ok for my first project i have two ideas that I would love to do. And i want y'all to pick which one I should do and i will have the pro and cons for each one. I will decide which one I will do once I hear what all you have to say by 15th of July.(Yes this year) Master Chief Halo 3 Helmet Computer. Yes, yes I know this seems some dumb idea, but I have to try it since I saw the NES PC. Pros:Something for me to get the hang of and something for me to sell on ebay when I am done. Cons: Take awhile to make and to buy the parts and might not be done till Dec. Will cost me around $500!(I have no job and am looking for one, so ya.) Sony TC-630 D Computer I have one but if I decide to do this one I will get the 2nd one I need so I can use the parts from it to fix this one and use the other for a Case. Pro:Have 90% of the parts.(Being a geek rules!) Have cool retro computer. It looks cool. Will end up with a Working on and a Computer one. Cons:Need a OS....(Possible Linux Server) Well you have seen the choices so please help me out!

Topic by Jran Sakarra    |  last reply

i put a tape deck on a power supply of a computer but after each unplug i loose the clock?

If i plug a motherboard with a battery cmos will it  work?

Question by dante900    |  last reply

what kind of tech deck fingerboard ramp or box can i make with:4 10" long and 2" wide peices of wood1 1/2 paint sticks?

What kind of tech deck fingerboard ramp or box can i make with: 4 10" long and 2" wide peices of wood 1 1/2 paint sticks

Question by rigidmaster    |  last reply

Blue/Black wasp under our pool deck. How do I get rid of them when I can't see the nest?

So we have an inground pool with a wooden wrap around deck.  These humongous black wasps with a bluish sheen fly around and are everywhere out there. We see them carrying grasshoppers and taking them between the wooden slats under the deck.  We abandoned our pool early in the season because they are very aggressive. Obviously if we are out there we are swimming, walking on the deck, jumping, playing music and what not.  This appears to annoy them.  I cannot see any nests but there must be several down there because they go in all over the place.  Help.  What can I do to get rid of them so they don't come back next year?

Question by Mikesgrl06    |  last reply

skating birds!?!?!

My bird has been ripping off some major air and I got some pics of them in action.1. big air2.dropping in3.180* FS grab 4 spine killer.

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Does anyone know where I can find plans to build a dirtsurfer or anything else related to one? Answered

I want to build a means of travel that is a little unique.

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cassette/tape deck sensors/readers; what can I do with them?

So, I was at my girlfriend's apartment when I came across a busted tape/cd deck underneath the porch and immediately though "FREE parts!" like any self respecting modder would. The circuit board, in pieces, has been subject to the elements for quite some time, the device made in 2002, I've no idea though how long it has actually been under there.  ("new" place) So two questions. 1) Are any of the components (capacitors, diodes, resistors) safe to use, assuming they were not short circuited by rain/humidity and rust hasn't set in?  (On some parts it has, the motor turning the tape deck being the main and most unfortunate one.) 2) WHAT could I possibly use the sensors/readers that read the tape of the tape deck besides reading the magnetic tape inside cassettes?!  I came to the conclusion that reconstructing a tapedeck with these sensors would be impractical, if not stupid.  Can they sense any magnetic field?  Would it be hard to write an arduino library? I tried looking up a datasheet and get nothing that resembles these, much less something that might belong inside a tape deck. 15RSA0 J2 K1520 Is how it appears on the side of the part, the 0s might be Os.  But the rest is pretty clear (I love a nice font).

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Are there any tech deck/fingerboarding clubs near lancster uk???

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I am trying to figure a good way to build a retractable awning for over the deck on my house?

y deck is 12 foot by 12 foot and the sun really heats up the house thruogh the sliding glass door.

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