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Buried at 45 degrees...

As I type, Sir Jimmy Saville is lying in "state" in a golden* coffin in a Leeds hotel. According to his wishes, he will be buried at an angle of 45 in Scarborough, "so that he see the sea". What odd burial wishes do you have? Mine are simple - a cardboard box under an oak or horse-chestnut sapling. BBC Story. Just in case you don't know who Sir Jimmy was. *Golden, but not gold.

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Is thr any difference between a degree in astrophysics and a degree in physics ?

If yes then i would like to know which 1 of these would provide me with a better job opportunity.Also i want to know what kind of jobs will i be offered ? And will they help me to become a scientist in future ? If no thn what study should i master in order to accomplish my aim ?

Question by Gopal Dey  

How to get 300 degrees?

 The Makezine Weekend Project on the portable heater said that 3 volts (two AA batteries) with 30 feet of 30 gauge wire will give 100 degrees F. Will the same setup with only 10 feet give 300 degrees? If not, is there a way to do this with minimal changes? Either way, will the setup do anything annoying like the wire stop heating and the batteries start heating up or the whole thing melting? Thanks!

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Pentium 4 CPU hitting 75+ Degrees C (167 Degrees F)

Hi It's the good old Aussie summer and my computer doesn't like it one bit. Does anyone think a Pentium 4 CPU getting up to 75+ Degrees C (167 Degrees F) is a bit hot? The case only has only one case fan (in the power supply) Any suggestions to get it to run cooler? More fans? Water cooling?

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Hoe to 180 degrees servos, when they go only 160 !?

Hello instructables people! I have been trying for hours & hours, to solve a problem i have, with a couple of servos, and i hope that you will be able to help me understand how to solve that problem!   I have this robot, that i am trying to build, with an Arduino and 2 of the following servos:   When i move the mouse, i need both servos to move exactly the same direction and speed. This already works for me great, using a code i got here on Instructables! (   The problem is, that 180 degrees, is critical for my robot, and i get only ~160 degrees...   I tried to use the same servos model, but converted to continuous rotation, but could not get the absolute movement and position sync accuracy, of both servos, in relation to one another, that i got with the non-continuous rotation servos.   So, i returned to the regular, unconverted servos, and purchased the following servo stretchers:;=11_15&products;_id=171   But, when i connected these stretchers, between the Arduino signal and the servos, things did not get better, but worse, and the servos started jerking and hardly reacting to mouse movements.   I have been spending hours & hours, with no success and am quite desperate...   Can you please help me!   Thanks a lot!

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how do i rotate a 3 v dc motor 90 degrees at a time?

I would like to use a limit switch to stop the motor and a push button switch to start it again and move it to the next stop. There will be a mechanical arm at each 90 degree position to trigger the limit switch.

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I WANT a ten DEGREE KEYBOARD ON MY LAPTOP please help, thanks

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how to factor a 4 degree polynomial?

How would I solve an equation similar to this purely by using algebra, no graphing as I want exact answers. For those people that don't like helping people on homework, I have to say this. I have like 20 problems like this, and I just want to get down how to solve them.x3 -3x>x2 + 7btw the class is pre-calc

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Debevec 360 degree light field display

I know some of you may have seen this already, but it's still pretty spiffy.You gotta love Debevec's projects. I do, anyway.

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90 degree turn of a line follower robot

I want a line follower to follow this track and when it comes back to the start point i want it to take the path of the starting point again not the forward path and so on . ONLY BY USING LOGIC GATES ( no micro-controller, Arduino..etc )

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Six degees of separation from Eric Wilhelm

Caitlainsdad says I have 3 degrees of separation: Eric walks the Streets of San Francisco. Karl Malden and Michael Douglas star as detectives in the "Streets of San Francisco". Adrian monk is a detective in San Francisco... How many do you have?

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i need help designing a coal furnace to reach tempuratures over 1300 celcius

Hello, after remembering my trip to sovereighn hill when i was 10, and remembering learning how gold bars were made during the gold rush, seeing that a small wood / coal powerd furnace( 1 Metre high 0.7 metres wide) made from clay , was capable of melting gold (melting point 1060 celcius), and having long discusions with my friend as to what method we were to take , in building a sodium furnace, i sugested we build a furnace and make our sodium metal using the deville process involving boiling sodium carbonate and carbon together then passing the metal and monoxide gas through oil. and we agreed on this as we could smelt metals with it also, make grinding media ect, and it would be cheaper than using propane. now that i have decided to make this furnace, based on what i saw when i was 10, i need help designing it correctly, so that it acheives tempuratures in exess of 1300C, the one at sovereigh hill i was told could reach 1500C. at the moment, my idea is that i can build the furnace 1M high and 50cm wide (roughly ), out of bricks and mortar, then fuel it with coal, eventually after being pre ignited by wood. at the base, i plan on having a small vent which i will pump air into using a small inflatable matress inflator, to supp,y the furnace with air. at the top it will have a small round hole in which i will insert things to smelt, which lie inside a ceramic pot .in the case of making sodium via deville proccess, it would have a steel pipe sealed off at the base, reduced at the top running nto a deep cooled oil bath also at the top, there would be two small vents to allow air flow as there air must go somewhere being pumped in. what i need to know, is if htis will work, and if i need to place my ceramic pot right inside the furnace, or just partially in it, as in the diagram of my design. i am asking all this as i have no idea if it will work at this small size, and because i have little experience or knowledge of the potential tempuratures that can be acheived.

Question by oldmanbeefjerky  

How to laser cut 90 degree interlocking gears? Answered

I am working on a project that involves laser cutting wooden gears, and I would like some of these gears to be at 90 degrees to each other. Ideally, a beveled gear would be the best for this, but I doubt I could make one with a laser (I could possibly modify this method, or make one with interlocking parts but...) So to do that do I need to make a special type of gear, or could I just use this and mount them at 90 degrees?

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90 degrees gyro: which sensor to do it with arduino?

I would like to make the movement attached in the picture with a vehicle powered by two dc motors on the wheels. I need to sense the angle from starting position and stop the motors when it has reached 90 degrees. Any ideas and which sensor to use? I will use Arduino Thank you!!

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what's do special about 4 degrees water? Answered

Hi everyone! I have this question related to water and its lowest temperature when it's liquid. Our professor told us that 4 is the lowest degree water can reach before coming ice, not 0, 1, 2, or even 3. Could anyone please tell me what's so special about this temperature and how did scientists reach this conclusion and based on what. I really appreciate your help!

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marble disorder v2: a 45 degree paradigm shift

I've upgraded my Marble Disorder instructable to v2 (see last step) and it's now way cooler than before (with a new video too). Not sure where I should announce such a thing, and I hope it's OK to do it here. Cheers, @TheRealDod

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PC USB steering wheel 180 degrees 1080?

I've got a GEMBIRD STR-SHOCKFORCE-M Multi Interface steering wheel which I bought new about a month ago. It is pretty much "you get what you pay for" as far as it goes, and its not nearly as good (nor did I expect it to be) as, lets say a G27. Now, I have never used a G27 but I saw some videos, and it seems that it can do a full turn, while this one only does 90 degrees to each side - 180 in total. I'd like to modify it somehow so it can be rotated 1080 degrees like in a real car, or atleast somewhat more than 180. I found it useful in some racing games where turning needed to be quick and sharp, but in some simulation games it just jerked the ingame steering wheel like it were out of cardboard and ultimately I end up parked inside a wall or on top of a tree.(adjusting the steering wheel AND ingame sensitivity setting to lowest didn't help) If anyone needs pictures I'll post them later today.

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Active mixer and 180 degrees out of phase question? Answered

Hello , i want to make a simple active mixer to place in front of the power amp. I read some documents about active op-amp mixer.And they said : "Any signal entering the inverting input of the op-amp will appear at the output but it will be 180 degrees out of phase.If the output of the first op-amp were recombined with one of the other signals at a later stage it would cancel out rather than mix. So we have to re-invert the phase with yet another op-amp." and the schematic should like figure 1 to re-invert the signal . But if i use the the mixer to direct feed input of power amp , can i use the schematic like figure 2(w/o re-invert the signal) ??? Thanks in advance! Sorry for my bad English!

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Need help driving a wheel with a 180 degree servo

So for a Electrical Engineering class I have we were given a challenge, to design a robot that can go a certain distance on carpet using only servos and 3d printing (and any sensors we would like to use). I want to know if anyone could tell me if it would be possible to drive a wheel using only a servo. Maybe the same type of drive that trains use? If someone has any ideas that could help I would appreciate it. 

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looking for digital read out in degrees for tilt sensor 0-90 degrees ( tilt table left and right tilts)

Small tilt sensor  shown on this website or other sensor  ..want to try to use on small tilt table ..would be nice to have digital readout in degree,s ( the more accurate  the better .. battery operation ok, or input volt 115vac, 60hz  ok ,,small is good thks ...sille

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Most efficient way to recover heat from 130 degree F water and transfer this heat to 140 degree F water?

I am making a solar still and I need to recover as much heat as I can from the 130 degree F water (bringing the water temp down to near ambient, 72 degrees F) and then transfer this heat to 140 degree F seawater. I have a limited amount of solar collectors to heat brackish water, send it through an evaporator tower and then a condenser tower to make fresh water. As the fresh water goes through the condenser it gains a great deal of latent heat, thus the 130 degree F water. In order to increase production and regain otherwise lost energy I am trying to recapture a portion of this heat to further warm up the brackish water (currently at 140 degrees after exiting the evaporator tower) before being further heated with the solar collectors. I am operating off grid, so the solution must utilize solar heat or PV panels as the power source.  Does anyone know of a heat pump that operates best in this temp range? What about using TEC (aka TEG, TEP or TEHP) to perform this task? Is there a better or more obvious solution that I am oblivious to? Any advice would be much appreciated. 

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Navigation lights for boats? 112.5 degree - Port/Starboard (red/green) side lights & 360 degree white stern lights

Small boats under power are required to have a 112.5 degree lighting on the sides and an all-round white light on the stern. The light on the left or port side is red, while the right or starboard sidelight is green. At night, these lights must be visible for 1 mile, while the stern (rear) white light must be visible for 2 miles (minimum). These lights indicate direction... course. Led navigation lights are very expensive. LEDs are very cheap... So, why not build 'um yourself? My small craft uses a 12 volt battery operated trolling motor for power, and therefore, the idea low power consumption LEDS is very appealing. I've never built and LED lights, but I'd love to see some ides for small electric (or gas powered) powered water craft. Thanks

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SUPER accurate servo?

I need to make a device that can move two small servos within 0.01 or less degree rotation (yes, degrees, not radians!).  Currently, everthing I've seen comes up greater than half a degree.  It must have position feedback (stepper without encoder won't work), and the whole thing must fit in a 1/2"x6" tube.  It only needs to move maybe 30-40oz-in, but will always have that load (so backlash isn't a huge issue, but still should be minimal).  A COTS device is best, but it can be homemade, preferably under $50 or so, maybe up to $100 max.  It doesn't need to move fast or continuously, maybe 90 in 0.5 seconds.  It will be run by a microcontroller with a lot of IO pins, and PID control.  Any ideas, products or anything would be great, Thanks in advance. 

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Do you have any experience with using cheap eBay combination squares? Are they that awful?

I've heard that cheap combination squares are pretty awful. I don't need a square that's 90.00 degrees. I don't need it to be that accurate. Does anyone have any experience with something like this:;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT ? Have you used these squares? Are they THAT bad? 

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How can I turn rotational motion 90 degrees?

I want to connect a horizontal, spinning shaft to a vertical shaft so that the first shaft will spin the second. Does anyone have any suggestions other than a gearbox or pulley/belt arrangement?

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Keeping our troops in Iraq cool in the 104 degree weather

Any idea's of keeping our troops cool in Iraq? Temperature rises to 100's during the day. Seems our government only has more cumbersome vests with (the lightest) cooling motors of 6 pounds and from what I gather can only be used in a vehicle.

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"Fly Eye" Goggles design concept - 360 Degree vision?

I've been doing some reading recently on how the mind can adapt and change it's perception of reality to accommodate new sensory inputs - like the glasses for the blind that turn visual data into sound patterns and the compass belt that helped give people an innate sense of direction.  My idea was to take a series of small webcams and arrange them on a headband so that they cover a 360 degree panorama around the wearer, then join all the images together and feed it to a set of video goggles. Initially I imagine it would be very disorientating, but hopefully after a while the wearer's mind would start to compensate for the distortion, giving them panoramic vision. I assume the various feeds from the webcams would have to be routed through a computer to process them into a single image, but I'm not sure how that could be done on a software level. Thoughts? Ideas? Help? Warnings? All appreciated. Thanks once again.

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Help? with arduino code for controlling 2 servos sweeping at different degrees? Answered

//Sweep #include "Servo.h"   Servo myservo;  // create servo object to control a servo Servo mysecondservo;              // a maximum of eight servo objects can be created   int pos = 0;    // variable to store the servo position void setup() {   myservo.attach(9);  // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object   mysecondservo.attach(10); }     void loop() {   for(pos = 0; pos < 140; pos += 1)  // goes from 0 degrees to 140 degrees   {                                  // in steps of 1 degree     myservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                       // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position {  for(pos = 0; pos < 140; pos += 1)  // goes from 0 degrees to 140 degrees   {                                  // in steps of 1 degree     mysecondservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                      }     for(pos = 150; pos>=1; pos-=1)     // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees   {                                    myservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                       // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position   for(pos = 150; pos>=1; pos-=1)     // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees   {                                    mysecondservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                  } } #include "Servo.h" Servo mysecondservo; void loop() {   for(pos = 0; pos < 140; pos += 1)  // goes from 0 degrees to 180 degrees   {                                  // in steps of 1 degree     mysecondservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                       // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position   }   for(pos = 150; pos>=1; pos-=1)     // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees   {                                    mysecondservo.write(pos);              // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'     delay(15);                       // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position   } }

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How do I make an elastic powered vehicle which will transport and egg 2 metres up a ramp with a 35 degree angle?

Basically, we must use an elastic band and there is no catapult allowed. The ramp is very steep and we can't use batteries or anything. We were thinking something to do with weights. Please help! We tried knex, but it ended up being too light. And it needs to go against gravity!

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How does sweat evaporate? Answered

 Water turns from liquid to gas at 100ºC. Salt water at an even higher temperature.. Sweat absorbs thermic energy from our skin, which cools the skin and allows the sweat to evaporate.. But how does it reach over 100ºC just from the skin and how comes that we can't feel it?

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Electric Vehicle (electronics/components) question. What would be the best tool for the job? Answered

I am starting an electric vehicle project. For this project I have two motors, each powering to 2 fixed wheels. I will have a computer (Arduino-ish) supply power to these motors based on the graph of cos 2x (1 being 100% power ratio). The the steering wheel is the input of the degrees/radians. (Now comes my question) I will need some way for the computer to know what degree the steering wheel is currently at, (0 degrees= strait,  -90 degrees=90 degrees left, 90 degrees of course being 90 degrees right.) what would be the most efficient way of doing this?

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9 Volt battery powered heating element that is small and can reaches 380 degrees F

I would like the heating element along with the battery to fit into an Altoids tin. I have copper wire (.064 gage), nichrome wire (low gage), stainless steel wire (.064 gage), 304 stainless steel wire mesh, and many tools including a soldering iron. I would be willing to use a smaller battery as well which would be even better. Ideally it would be able to power a LED light as well. Hope you guys can help, feel free to email me if there are any further questions.  

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Controlling degree of multiple Stepper motors using one push button as a counter Answered

Hello everyone,I am having 3x 28BYJ48 stepper motors and ULN2003 driver equally.I want to control the stepper motors to a pre-defined degree based on the number of pushbutton has been pressed.For an example,i have motor x, y and z.1) When the button is pressed zero time, all the motors need to be in zero degree.2) when the button is pressed for the first time, motor x need to move to 90 degree, motor y to 120 degree and motor z to 180 degree.3) when the button is pressed for the second time, motor x need to move to 110 degree, motor y to 150 degree and motor z move to 210 degree.4) when the button is pressed for the third and last time, all the motors need to move back to zero degrees.Can anyone guide me on this control?Advance thanks to all

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Can a glass, vacuum insulated container withstand temperatures in the -180 degree celsius range?

Is it possible to store liquid nitrogen and oxygen in a vacuum insulated container for a short period of time? i have a thermos that i though might work, but i want to be sure that im not going to have the thermos explode in my face when i try it. this is an old beefy thermos that can take at least 190 degrees celsius, but im not sure about the other direction.  

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What would be the easiest way to make my security camera rotate 180 degrees?

The cheapest or easiest way to make my security camera rotate?

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Paper glue that can withstand outdoor temps from -15 to +100 degrees F.

I have an interpretive pavilion and the thing in question is out of the sun and water, however it gets full temperature range for Northern Illinois. From as low as negative 15 up to 100 degree Fahrenheit.I have a poster to attach to poster board and then it sits against plexiglass. The glue squares that are spongy plastic didn't hold photos to plastic last year, so I am trying to have photos printed on poster and need to make it stiff by either laminating or gluing to poster board (paper).What glue can handle such extreme temperatures during the year and hold paper to paper essentially?

Question by Doowhop  

How do I join 2 neoprene sheets in a sharp 90 degree angle?

I'm creating a neoprene casing to a small product and I'd like it to have a rather straight and stiff appearance, almost like a molded detail. For that reason I don't want to use normal seams (flatlock, overlock) to join the sides of the casing as it would cause bulgy surfaces or a too wide radius. How is this done in the industry? Could it be done either like alternative 1 or 2 in the picture? Which one is to prefer and which joining method is preferable (sewing, glueing, tapeing)? All ideas are welcome!

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ideas wanted: I need to build automatic 180 degree swivel chair for stage prop

I need to build an automatic (motorized) chair that can swivel 180 degrees for a stage prop on the cheap. It must be able to support at least 200 lbs (the chair and the person in the chair.) I found the swivel hardware that can support up to 750lbs. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can make it turn 180 degrees. (Kind of like the chairs on The Voice that comes on NBC. Thanks

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Very slow rotation (1rotation/hr) electric motor? Answered

I am  looking to build an electronically controlled time lapse pan device for my camera. I want to be able to rotate the camera for a specifically timed time lapse (e.g 90 degrees every 20 minutes of shooting). My problem is finding an electric motor that is slow enough RPM to create this slow of a motion... Right now I would need a motor capable of going down to about 1 rotation in 6 hours... at the very least 1 rotation/hr.  So, do those motors even exist? Right now I am thinking the best solution would be to have a stepper motor, connected to a gearbox (right now that would be the inside of a kitchen timer, somehow), that would allow a very slow rotation of 1 axis. However, as this is a mobile build, power constraints are really an issue. I would like to be able to shoot for 6 hours max continually, and I dont know if that could be done without a very low power motor.... If I did the stepper motor connected to a gearbox, do you think that would affect the linearity of the time lapses? E.g would the stepping motion of the motor create a choppy vid?  I have looked into the kitchen timer timelapse but have yet to find a timer that can hold up my relatively light Panasonic FZ-100 without locking up...

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Can I modify this Arduino program to make the servo stop and wait after the 180 degree turn?

I am trying to make a mechanical intervalometer using my Arduino and a Servo motor. I was wondering if anybody knows how to make a servo turn 180 degrees, wait several seconds, and turn 180 degrees in the opposite direction. I have been trying to modify this program ( but I have had no luck.

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Need help making a snow machine- Can I make it snow at 50-60 degrees F???

Hi. I've been thinking about making a snow machine ever since I saw a report on that 10 year old kid who built a snow machine (Although if you're smart, you'd know his grandfather had built it)Anyway, I thought I could make one, since I have the two main ingredients: A Pressure Washer and an air compressor.I haven't researched that much yet, but this is my main lead for now.Anyway, I would like to ask you people a few questions:Although I just found some info on this, how exactly does snowmaking work? My main question is if I need cold water. I just read that because the water moves so fast, it loses some of it's heat, but I don't think that would make it cold enough to create snow. I suppose I should use cooled water, like from a refrigerator.Can I create snow at 50-60 degrees Farenheit? If I could, would it at least last about half an hour?I appreciate any and all info you can give on the subjet. 'Any and all

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Does anyone know how I can learn electronics principles without enrolling in a degree program? Answered

I always seem to have a need to fix or troubleshoot an electronic device and I want to learn the basic principles of electricity and stuff so I can: 1) avoid shocking the life out of me. 2) replace simple components without blowing stuff up or burning out components. 3) make the decision to do my own repair or to send an item out for repair. (Making more intelligent decisions regarding electronics without being snowed over by some repairman).

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what is the c code for temperature indicator using lm35 pic18f uC for range o to 100 degree celcius?

I need a c code for temperature indicator using lm35 pic18f uC for range o to 100 degree Celsius..... As lm35 is for -55 to 150 degree to configure or code it for 0 to 100 degree Celsius.......?

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I bought a Haier wine cellar for $5 that no longer cools below 81 degrees, what would cause that? Answered

I know it's a thermoelectric cooler. When I got it home the inside temp read 101. I left it on for several hours and it went down to 81. But it's set to go down to 46 (there is no lower setting than that) but it won't get cooler than 81 degrees (not even after being on for days). When I removed the back, it looks pretty simple, there is a large fan on top of a large heat sink on the back. From the inside, there is a second large fan that blows into the cooling compartment. I'm trying to figure out how it works so I can either fix it or turn it into something else.

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What do you think about Electrochemical Engineering?

Hey there. I been doing some research on degree paths, and the Electrochemical Engineering degree seams relatively new. Not too new, but still, not many places in my country that seem to offer this degree.

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Help with steering wheel

Hi ! I need help to make my steering wheel Serioux SRXW-02V LightRacer to have 900 or 780 degrees... My steering wheel have only 180 degrees , 90 degrees in right , 90 degrees in left . Where i can find the ''lock'' of wheel ? (inside the wheel or inside the stand of wheel?) What can I do to modifi my wheel to have 780 or 900 degrees, to make a rotation as a normal car... I need this modification for ETS 2. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks!

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