Slideshow Delay

When I edit a slide show it takes about a day to show the new pictures. Is this normal?

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Delayed again!!!

I have been working on my plasma speaker for a long time, after I got everything working, I was about to take a good video of it working. But just then, the MOSFET exploded, and made a huge puff of smoke... Dang! Delayed again! I made and completed the instructable on making a plasma speaker (some of you might had seen it as you are subscribed to me), but I just need a video to prove that the plasma speaker is working. I was going to post the instructable today, but the MOSFET delayed it... :-( It may be a few more days before the instructable is published...

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Delay in Login

Again I'm experiencing 2 - 3 minute delays in logging on (and this when my browser remembers my ID and password).  What's going on (or not going on)?

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DC time delay? Answered

Here's the situation-I close a switch completing a circuit,providing DC power to a load(6 volt,0.1 A).But I do not need the load to start functioning as soon as the switch is closed i.e,only after a delay of say..30 seconds.I googled for "Time delay circuits" but the ones I got were either dealing with AC or the transistor -capacitor(Time Constant) based circuits that makes a load function for a preset time after the circuit switch is opened.I think I could achieve this "pre-delay"  with elements such as transistors,resistors,capacitors etc. but I can't figure out how.Please suggest possible circuits that can be used to achieve my purpose.

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I love baseball.  I want to watch the World Series on TV, but I don't want to listen to the TV announcers.  I want to listen to the radio broadcast instead.*  Problem is, the "live" TV arrives 1-2 seconds after the radio.  Which means I hear about the deep flyball to left before I see it. And that takes the fun out of watching the game. So, I'm wondering if I can add an adjustable delay to the sound from my radio, to sync up with the picture.  I can sacrifice a boom box or other radio for this if nec. Or some other solution? (I can record both and sync 'em up later using video editing software, but that's not practical). * for baseball fans:  it's the choice between the Buck/McCarver team (perfectly boring & perfectly obnoxious) and Jon Miller/Joe Morgan radio team (passionate and fun).

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Prize Shipment Delays

Hi everyone! If you have won a contest in the past month or will win a contest in the next month or so, there might be a slight delay in shipping your prizes out.  You might have noticed that we are hiring a shipping clerk, that's because we need one!  We are a little understaffed at the moment and we are shipping out for prizes as fast as we can, but unfortunately we are only human! Thanks for understanding!

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Delay for a timed switch?

Hi, I wont explain my purposes(maybe in an instructible if i get a good answer) but I need a simple(as in, requiring very few parts) schematic for a 555 timer. I need a setup where i have a battery, connected to a switch(the kind that you push, and it closes the circuit, then you push again, and it opens the circuit. I forget what its called) that goes to a 555 set to delay for 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds is up, it allows the electricity to go through. Anyone understand? If needed, I can upload a pic of what I need.

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Time delay LED

I have something I want to make, but I don't know what I need, how to make it, or what it would be called. Essentially I would like to have a few LEDs on a programmable/resettable timer. I.E. One LED would be programmed to say 3 minutes, 30 seconds from the 3 minute mark it would slowly start to light up then flash when it hits the mark. I would also like to be able to start/stop and reset the timer. I need a couple of them, and wiring the LEDs are simple enough, it's the time delay that's throwing me. Any assistance would be great.

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Fireworks time delay?

I want to set off a few fireworks on the night of my wedding aniversary, and rather than run off and light the fuse, or rely on my dopey brother, I was after a time delay with, say, a watch? So I could set it for 10pm and bamoo.. 10pm we outside enjoying drinks, and a few fireworks go up! I have seen somewhere a guy light a match with a cheap electronic watch using a strand from a ball of steel wool, but I forget exactly what he did and where I saw the video now.. If I could copy that I could use the match to light the fireworks! Any ideas like that would be great.

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Delayed Enlistment Program

No, I'm not hear to recruit.... A friend of mine recently signed Delayed Enlistment paperwork (Army)... The final decision is all him (he's 26 - capable of decision making) - I'd appreciate not having the negative sentiment at the moment (I'd rather not get into the personal story and such).What I would like to know... Does anyone know of specific details to look at on his contract? I know a few vets that have been screwed over in benefits after getting out (especially in the money for school details). I've already found one lovely "gotcha" that locks his GI Bill rates at the time in which he signs - NOT the time in which he is discharged or when he begins to use those funds (the GI bill is what gives vets money for school for those wondering).So does anyone know specific details to look out for? This is a 3+3 DEP contract (3 years active - 3 years army reserve). He's scored very well on all of his tests, and is going in as an E3 rank (he'll be a turbo machinery mechanic).

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ps2 delay in robot control

Hi, im a robotics enthusiast. i have managed to integrate a ps2 controller to control a 2 wheel drive motor. im using Atmega8535 microC. however one problem that i encounter is that the robot has delayed response. ie: when a button is pressed on the ps2 controller, the robot needs some time before it reacts to the command. please gv some suggestions and advice. thnx.

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how to make an RC delay to led (not flashing) ? Answered

How to make an RC delay to led (not flashing) ? i have 3 leds and i want them to light up in sequence once they are powered and they keep lighting without flashing for example second 0 > 1 0 0 second 1 > 1 1 0 second 2 > 1 1 1

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Something is causing a delay when I switch pages

When I switch pages in answers there is a 7 second delay.  I'm using Firefox 3.62 and it does this on two systems running on different providers. If I go to a question page the page comes up and I don't have control of the cursor for 7 seconds.  The only error message I've been able to see said there was a script that was not finished.  I've checked for virus and malware.  When I go back to the main questions page the same thing happens. Does instructables have a broken script?

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Which delay should I get boss DD-7 or MXR Carbon Copy?

The cost the same. The Carbon Copy is analog, and the dd-7 is digital.

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premium membership

How long to activate after purchase?

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instructable not posted

I tried to post an instructable over a week ago and its still not showing up anywhere on instructables.

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In a dark corner

What do you do when you publish an Instructable that would be helpful to many, but its posting is delayed several days. When it finally appears, there are five pages of newer Instructables and no one ever finds yours in the "Recent" listings? Do you unpublish and republish it, hoping it will get moved to the front of the pile? Does that even work? Do you shamelessly make comments leading others to it in previously published Instructables that are still gathering some hits? Do you just wait until people discover it somehow through using Randomizer and a link or two on Google?

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setting a delay on an Arduino code for a servo? Answered

I want to set a delay on a servo to take a couple seconds to run 180 degrees. it is probably really easy but i can't seem to figure it out. Please write a code or any advise would be great!

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Ible delayed posting no longer new.

If you have an ible delayed of being posted for who knows what reason. When it gets posted it gets posted in the spot that it would of been  originally. Example, on 6/1 i published 3 ibles in one day. One posted in 10 minutes. The other 2 posted on 6/4. Now the two late posts do not get put at the top with the new ibles, no it gets put in at the date it was first submitted. My variable voltage supply took 6 days to post. So to find it you have to go through many pages of ibles to locate it. IT does not get posted as the newest ible. I had sent a msg to service@instructables but never did get a real person.    If peoples ibles are delayed for some flagging issue or what ever it would be nice to know what to avoid in the future. I have gotten a tip on some issues that may trip the filters, short keywords, not common or unrecognizable keywords. Such as eek. In msg or forums delays maybe from short question with active links.. These are tips are from someone that has been observing these things and are not a locked in rule.   Altho these are somewhat of gripes it is not anything that will stop me from posting ibles. I realy gain from Instructables. Before i joined here i never heard of Arduino now i am writing small sketches and manipulating larger ones.

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One shot delay timer switch without a microcontroller?

How do you output a single short pulse in an electronic  circuit after a specific period of time has elapsed after the circuit is powered on such that when the circuit is powered on, the output remains zero for x seconds then it becomes +5 V just once for y seconds then again back to zero for the remaining time much like monostable mode of 555 timer except that the pulse here is output in the middle i.e. 0v-5v-0v. Can this be done without a microcontroller?

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Long (ten hour) delay between writing an answer and seeing "Answer: 1" in list

Yesterday evening (at 10:42) I answered the question shown below. This morning at 8:20 the list of questions still claims the question is unanswered. The database usually isn't this slow to update.

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How do I add a delay start to my 555 chip in astable mode?

Hi all, My goal is to turn 3 bulbs on in a series. i.e. 0 min - B1 on 3 min - B1 still on, B2 on 5 min - B1 off, B2 on 7 min - B1 on, B2 off, B3 on I have decided to use 3 555 chips. May I know how can I add a delay such that their switching on and off are staggered? thanks!

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Arduino seeing only one button input and ingoring the rest without delay?

Heya! I'm making a project that involves precision timing but I ran into a problem. I when I press a button the Arduino registers many '1's'. But in my code I want it to only see the first input and ignore the rest until the pin goes low again. I'm not trying to debounce or anything. Thanks!

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Just submitted an Instructable....Where is it?

Hi there,  I just submitted my first instructable and I can't find it when I search.   Is there a delay until it becomes available?

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What is the best way to add latency to audio? Answered

Hey all. I am doing a small project where I need to take the input of a microphone and play the audio back out again after a 10ms delay. I was thinking of using an Arduino, but then stumbled upon the PT2399, but it seems more for reverb and echo, not just adding latency. I do not want any kind of guitar effects or anything like that, just a delayed output. What is my best option? I'm also looking for suggestions other than the PT2399 and Arduino. Thanks

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Spamming Filters plugged.

Seems the spamming filters have been turned up pretty high and more that usual is getting caught causing that DELAY in posting weather it be an ible of post ect. Filtering spam is good of course but geez, i made a comment in the forums of a current bug problem and guess what my comment is not there . I can only say it is because of the filters. Maybe my comment will appear after the relevance of the topic is over. There needs to be a filter list added that puts the known non spammers into. The people that are submitting ibles and or comments that are not spam. You go ahead and make this secret like it is now so people won't complain about who's on it or not. The people that are your supporters should be in the Good Filter, let there ibles and comments submit without delay. So i am in favor of a GOOD FILTER list. I hope my forum topic gets published in time so as to still be relevant.   

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I won a contest more than a month ago. Is my prize on its way?

Hello I won the Sodastream party food contest one month ago, and received my instructables prize pack shortly after, but the main prize (a Sodastream Penguin) has not arrived. Is it still coming? :sniffle Thanks

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Slideshow still not showing up

So, it's been over a day and I'm still not seeing my slideshow. It's not my cache. My question is, how long does this normally take? I was hoping it would be up by the time it was approved, but obviously it wasn't. I've had over 500 views but I'm afraid none have actually seen anything.

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off relay with delay on timer

Hello smart people! I need to pick your collective brain. The project that I am working on is on my car. I am replacing the front turn signals on my car with an LED strip. The led strip has three wires. One for ground, one for white LEDs, and one for the amber LEDs. If it is just directly connected to the current incandescent bulbs, the white comes on as a running light. When the turn signal comes on, the lights flash white, amber, white, amber..... (not what I want) What I want it to do is turn off the white while the amber flashes, then turn the white back on. I have a delay on relay, but that won't quite work for what I am trying to do. Isn't there a way to just throw a cap and resistor to keep the voltage on a relay to keep the white off till the amber is done flashing?

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Delay washing machine start!

Hello, I love this place and I love making things and living cheaply. However Im stuck. I have just moved into a rented property with a brand new standard Bosh washing machine. I have a baby and lots of laundry! The house is on Economy 7, so electricty is waaaay cheaper from midnight till 6am. I need to delay the start on the washing machine until say 3am so that I can bring the bills down. Please note: The machine has no memory so I cant use a timer plug (tried) To start the program you have to touch (press & release - blu tack didnt work!) the start button No I cant stay up that late every night! Help! Basically I need a simple, discreet, failsafe idea for something to touch the start button at a preset time or say 3 hours after I ask it. Ideas extremely welcome. Dean.

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Delay Power To a Solenoid Valve

I am making a pneumatic cannon with a solenoid valve which is turned on by a switch. However, I am wondering how I could delay the switch. So, when I flick the switch the cannon doesn't instantly fire, instead it would be delayed by maybe a half a second or so for effect. Would I use a 555 timer? I'm really new to this, so could you tell me how I would go about doing this? Thanks Guys

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Password Security:Time delay lock

I've been reading about how easy it is for a computer to try 1000 passwords per second to get into your account. A human being could probably only try 1 every 10 seconds.  So why not put a timer on the gate?  If you enter the wrong password, you have to wait 10 seconds before trying another.

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Approval for Furniture Contest...delayed?

I submitted my instructable "Folding Bed Bench (Hidden Cot)" last week but it is still "Pending Approval". But it seems as though its still pending approval, what I can't tell is if the fact that it was submitted Thursday/Friday if it still requires the business days to be accepted or not. The reason I am concerned is the fact that the contest closes today and I don't know if I need to modify my instructable to comply with contest rules or if it just simply hasn't been reviewed yet.  I've noticed that not very many entries have been added to the contest in the last few days. So maybe it's a delay in approval process?

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auto delay off indicators ?

I have an old car (1930) with a 6 volts positve earth electrical system. Although it has semaphore arm type turn indicators, I have installed a modern flasher type system . It works fine . The problem is , I often forget to cancel the idicators , I need a simple way to to auto cancel the signal after say 20 seconds. I have tried using electronic devices  based on the 555 timer. These work fine until the engins is started, causing the circuit to become un balanced, so its real hit and miss as to reliabilty. mainly due to the fact that the working voltage of the 555 is 5 -- 18 volts. Can anyone suggest a way around this problem. Thanks Gasper1

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Unavoidable delay to international contest.

This is Kiteman posting, borrowing his son's account. Sorry folks, due to the recent vandalism of the site, I cannot publish the full details of the International Challenge at the moment. However, if you are waiting to see what you need to Make to enter, I can reveal that it needs to be something with a (very) vaguely "international" theme, whether that is the cuisine of another country, a device to make foreign travel more bearable, or some other Make you can fit into the definition or concept of "international". Prizes will be: > One first prize of a full 12 month pro membership > One second prize of a six month membership > Two runners-up of single 3-month memberships. > Various patches Entrance will be open to all members, regardless of location, but the pro memberships will only be awarded to entrants currently excluded from official contests.

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Delay before each led lights ?

I'm using: 12V supply, 3mm or maybe 5mm blue leds 3.1v (20mA) (288 pcs) 470ohm(?) resistors(288pcs) I want one led to light and stay lit, then I need a 6 hundredths of a second delay before 2nd led lights and stays lit then delay and  third light, and so on, and so on. All lights to remain on  as it goes... and until completed... then all off in order to begin a new cycle. (Approximate cycle time is 20 sec to light all 288 leds) Trying to create the illusion of handwriting with leds.What capacitors and other resistors do I need to cause the delays?  Wiring diagram plz. I'm a newbie. What size Fuse and its location? Thanks for not slapping me around to much. And thanks for helping.

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delay when posting new instructable

I was just wondering since this has happened quite a few times recently (and didn't occur in the past): when posting a new instructable, it can now take up to a day or so, until it shows up in the "recent instructables" list and gets any views. why is that? is that some kind of new spam-prevention engine or something similar? oddly, it doesn't happen with all the instructables and also the delay isn't always the same....

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I need to make a 7-12 second delay timer, how?!?

For my delay timer, i will need to be able to turn the POWER on/off and activate the timer with a button press. i only dont wanna have to turn the power on/off to reset it. So, i'd have a power switch, and a timer activate/reactivate button. It will activate a reed relay. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Light circuit that flashes an LED once when a light is detected? Answered

I'm kinda a new to circuits and i would really like your help guys! I'm trying to create a circuit that flashes an LED once if light is detected. I also want it with a 2-3secs delay which means after the LED flashes once the circuit turns off for 2-3secs (even if light was detected after the led flashes it will not flash again until after 2-3secs). Can i use a 555 timer to do so...and if yes how is the setup.

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Two DPDT switches with timing for one motor Answered

Hi, I have a motor (12V DC) that I need to be able to operate both backwards and forwards from two locations. The simple way is to connect it with two DPDT switches with momentary on in each end and off in the middle, i.e. also called (on)-off-(on). The reason for using momentary switches is that there would otherwise be a risk of short circuiting if one of the switches are left in on-position. However, I almost always need the motor to go to preset limits in both directions which takes a couple of minutes (the limits are built-in functions in the motor, so no need to set those). So I was wondering if there was a cheap and easy way of inserting a kind of timer or similar that would only leave the connection on for a couple of minutes only (and yes, there would still be a risk of short circuiting within those two minutes, but it would be unlikely to happen)? Or perhaps there is an even simpler way of doing it? Any ideas would be welcome. In (the likely) case the above is not clear, perhaps this will help: I need it to operate a curtain, i.e. moving the curtain up and down, but I need to be able to do that from two different locations. Preferably it would be good if I could also stop the engine somewhere in the middle - as I would be able to do with a switch simply be releasing it. The best/cheapest/easiest way would, I think, be to have two DPDT switches with a spring or something with a couple of minutes delay, i.e. if it is left in the on-position for more than two minutes it would automatically spring back. But such a thing seems not to exist... or? Would be grateful for any inputs. Erik

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Converting delay to millis.? need help !!!! Answered

/* * Hi Everyone.  I am just starting with Arduino uno. I was wondering if you could help me? I would like to replace "delay" with  "millis()"   My Project Out Line. *  "LED Light" On/Off with delay using "Relay Module" and "Bluetooth Hc-05" *   working fine with "delay sketch" but I cannot schedule 2 Events at the same time. *   So remodifing sketch using "Millis" *   original sketch link:   what will happen is when I send a command A to H the relay will be switched on and if I send a to h the relay will be switched off.   I have programmed it so that   A is relay one on (latched)   B is relay two on (latched)   C is relay one on for 30 Minutes   D is relay two on for 1 Hr   E is relay one on for 2 Hrs   F is relay two on for 5 Hrs   G is relay one on for 1 second, then relay two on then both off   H will switch relay one on and off for 1000 times   the relays switch on when the digital pin is grounded. and the relay switches off when the digital pin goes high   here is the code */ //========================================== // On and Off Times (as int, max=32secs) const unsigned int onTime = 1000; const unsigned int offTime = 500; // Tracks the last time event fired unsigned long previousMillis = 0; // Interval is how long we wait int interval = onTime; // Used to track if LED should be on or off boolean LED2state = true; //========================================== char val;         // variable to receive data from the serial port int ledpin = 2;  // LED connected to pin 2 (on-board LED) const int LED = 13; //  ####### Setup ####### void setup() {   pinMode(ledpin = 2, OUTPUT); // pin 2 (on-board LED) as OUTPUT   pinMode(ledpin = 3, OUTPUT); // pin 3 (on-board LED) as OUTPUT   Serial.begin(9600);       // start serial communication at 115200bps   pinMode(LED, OUTPUT); } //  ####### loop ####### void loop() {   if ( Serial.available() )      // if data is available to read   {     ;   }   val =;         // read it and store it in 'val'   //  #####  Simple LED ON/OFF with out Delay #####   if ( val == 'a' )              // if 'a' was received led 2 is switched off   {     digitalWrite(ledpin = 2, HIGH);    // turn Off pin 2   }   if ( val == 'A' )              // if 'A' was received led 2 on   {     digitalWrite(ledpin = 2, LOW);  // turn ON pin 2   }   if ( val == 'b' )              // if 'b' was received led 3 is switched off   {     digitalWrite(ledpin = 3, HIGH);    // turn Off pin 3   }   if ( val == 'B' )              // if 'B' was received led 3 on   {     digitalWrite(ledpin = 3, LOW);  // turn ON pin 3   } //else (ledpin = 3, LOW)        //set led pin 3 to low state   // Need Help   //  #####  Simple LED ON/OFF with Delay using Millis #####   if ( val == 'C' )              // if 'C' was received led 2 on for 30 Minutes   {     digitalWrite(ledpin = 2, LOW);  // turn ON pin 2     // Grab snapshot of current time, this keeps all timing     // consistent, regardless of how much code is inside the next if-statement     unsigned long currentMillis = millis();     // Compare to previous capture to see if enough time has passed     ((unsigned long)(currentMillis - previousMillis) >= interval); {       // Change wait interval, based on current LED state       if (LED2state) {         // LED is currently on, set time to stay off         interval = offTime;       } else {         // LED is currently off, set time to stay on         interval = onTime;       }       // Toggle the LED's state, Fancy, eh!?       LED2state = !(LED2state);       // Save the current time to compare "later"       previousMillis = currentMillis;       // wait 30 Minutes       digitalWrite(ledpin, HIGH);      // turn Off pin 2     }   } } //Thanks in advance  //Krish

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Arduino Coding Question: How do I blink one LED 8 times and then another LED 8 times then repeat?

I'm using two 4017 decade counters to count to 16 and I figure two Arduino outputs would be a good way to go. I want one 4017 to receive 9 pulses then and then wait while the other 4017 receives 9 pulses. (one pulse is a holding position) For the moment I'm just trying to blink one LED 9 times and then another 9 times to represent two separate clock outputs. Here is a diagram: pin 13    1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1, pin 12    0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 0, 0, Start      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ then loop. This is for multiplexing a 16x16 led screen so I don't think I should use the  delay(1000);  command. Each counter needs 9 pulses with the last pulse to the first counter happening simultaneously with the first pulse to the second counter. And similarly the first counter getting its first pulse at the same time as the second counter gets its 9th pulse. Get it?

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220v led bulb array delay

I made a makeup mirror with 15 holes for lights, now iwouldlike to have a slight ON delay from one to the other. I was thinking maybe a capacitor after each bulb or just a relay? ( figured the relay kind of has a 0.1 second delay)

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Time Delay Without A 555 Timer ?

Hello, When it comes to electronic circuits I'm a mix between a newb and a novice. What I want to do here is make a circuit closed for 3 seconds (doesn't have to be exact) then open till the circuit is reset. Is there a possible way to do this without using a 555 timer? Thanks in advance.

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Streaming a video with a 20 minute delay?

I'm working on a project where I'd like to continuously record video from a camera and play it back on a projector, but the playback should have a 20 minute delay from the recording. Any thoughts on which tools to use? I'm considering writing something in OpenGL to take video input and play it back, but I suspect there may be an easier way. Thanks!

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ear bud case - delayed instructable

I posted an 'ible on creating ear bud cases out of a contact lens cases. However by the time it showed up on the recent-instructables list, it was already on page 7. If you are interested here is the link.

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Simple on/off delay switch circuit

Here's what I am trying to do. I am already controling 4 LEDs with a 9 volt zener regulator. I now want to control the source of the regulator (ie voltage from the battery on board my motorcycle) with an electronic switch. Not a big deal, but I also want the voltage to the LEDs to ramp up slowly so that when they initially turn on, they are dim, but get brighter and brighter until they reach their 9 volt regulated source. Then when I turn the motorcycle off, they fade slowly until all the way off. So I guess is what I want is a delay switch. Should I be switching the 9 volts regulated to the LEDs or should I switch the source to the regulator? What is the cheapest and easiest way to do this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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2 months delay in discussion notifications

My "Discussions" tab showed no changes for about two months, and then yesterday it dumped about two months of replies that people had made on my various comments I made on the forums here. I think that qualifies as a bug. I mean, ideally my "Discussions" tab would notifiy me of replies in a matter of hours, so I could reply to those replies in a timely fashion, if it was the sort of thing where someone was expecting a reply from me.I am guessing this problem was maybe related to the recent big "improvements" to the site, to make it more readable for mobile lusers, and other changes to make the site more comment-able, question-able, tip-able, by everyone.Just wondering: Has anyone else experienced this same problem, i.e. a several weeks, or months, delay in notifications of replies to your comments?

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Day/Night sensor with 3hour delay?

Hi! I need to build a circuit for a friend. He has a billboard that needs to be lighted every night, but it needs to be lighted only for about three hours (until he closes shop).  The only problem is, there is no way to get mains power to the billboard, so we figured that we'd set a small 12v battery, solar cells, and some led tape, that would be enough.  Now all i need is a 12v circuit that would detect low-light conditions (night) and would turn on a timer which would turn off the whole circuit after 3 hours. I searched the net and my local electronics stores, but couldn't find a circuit that would suit my needs...  So any help would be greatly appreciated!

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