Account Delete?

Can anyone tell me how to delete ur account?

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Deleting Registry

How do you delete things in your computer's registry so you can redownload trials?

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Deleting a Draft

Ok, how do you delete a draft in the new editor? 

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Deleting a draft?

How do I delete a Collection draft?

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Delete a picture?

How do delete photos off instructables? I have some unneeded pictures that are cluttering my workspace. How do I get rid of them?

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Deleted messages?

How come when I delete a message (for instance, just to clean up my orangeboard area) it doesn't actually delete the comment- instead it just hides the comment behind something that says it's been deleted, but it's still there cluttering up my orangeboard? This also seems to happen in the instructables themselves. If I make an error in a comment, delete it and then re-write it correctly - there I am with my message, and another one below it saying it's been deleted or removed etc. Why don't these things just go away when we delete them?

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delete account???

My friend signed me up and I want to delete the account how do i do it?

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Accidental deletion

I had almost finished writing an instructable just now and I added another step. I didn't need that step so I wanted to delete it. I went to the drop down menu and hit the delete button only to find that I deleted my entire instructable. If I hit back on my browser it just came up that I didn't have permission to edit that page.  There is also no confirmation of deleting the whole thing either?  I am trying to suppress my anger at the moment, but is there anyway of recovering this?

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Questions are Not Deleted

A couple of times, I have tried to delete a question, and I will find out later that somebody had replied to it (and it will still appear in the QA section).  My operating system is Windows 7, browser is Firefox (I think it is the second latest version; I am not positive).  Thank you!

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Comment deleting? Answered

I am new but I have posted many comments.  When people reply I get a notice under my user name page.  I like this feature but I have like 12 replied comments now and I want to get rid of the old notices I have read.  How?

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Delete forum topic

How do you delete a forum topic ?

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How to delete a question? Answered

Just wondering how to delete a question from instructables!

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Delete 'ible Bug?

Some of my Instructables I want to delete will not let me, giving me an error that it's in a contest. However, none of them are.... So could an admin please delete them? (The titles have been changed to: "Can an Admin Delete This?")

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Problem deleting an instructable.

I cant delete an instructable because it says It cant be deleted because it is entered in a contest, when i know that it isnt in a contest. What should I do?

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How to delete an Instructable? Answered

I published an instructable 1 year ago , and now I want delete that . That was in a contest 1 year ago , so I see this error when I want delete that : ERROR 401: Not authorized to delete this Instructable, as it is entered in at least one Contest. How I can get it out of contest (That contest is for 1 year ago) , then delete it ?

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Cannot delete instructable

I have an instructable with a viedeo that I cannot delete.  I cannot find a delete button anywhere.  I read a forum that said to publish it and then I could delete it.  No dice.  I am a pro member.  I would appreciate some help with this.  Thank you. 

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Intructable deleted itself

Hey, Recently i made an instructable called Codz30's Guide to Sparkler fun, I published it and was given a link for it asweel, like normal. After a few days i noticed it hadn't been index'd yet and when i checked just today, it wasn't under my published instructables nor my unpublished. I still have all the pictures etc in my library Any ideas?

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Can't Delete Files

Hello, I am having some problems deleting images from my image library. Once any image is uploaded, they cannot be deleted, even if they are not assigned to an Instructable, or have ever been. No matter how many times I click on the delete button at the top-right corner of an image, the image disappears for about half a second, and pops right back up. Thanks! 1John310

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can't delete instructable

I can't seem to delete a certain instructable. when ever i try it says that it is entered in a contest although i am currently not entered in any contest.  what should i do?

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Can't delete steps

I'm working on updating some of my instructables, ( ( and one of the things I'm doing is removing some of the steps. In Chrome, in the editor I click the X to delete a step, and confirm that I am sure, and it pulls up a "Confirm Navigation" dialogue from Chrome which says "You have pending form responses. These form responses will not be saved if you leave this page. Are you sure you want to leave this page?" and I can click stay or leave. If I stay it will pull up a dialogue from Instructables saying "We hit an unexpected Problem. If this problem persists, please contact us about what happened." So here we are. The same thing happens in Safari, but the first dialogue is "From '" instead of "Confirm Navigation" I sent a message to a month ago and have heard nothing back. Does anyone know what's going on?

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how to delete profile?

Question by eason boy   |  last reply

Deleting comments as author?

If i am the author of an instructable, shouldnt i be able to delete comments? i can delete my own but not those posted my others.. hope fully i wont have to resort to my other option....(making 30 accounts and flagging it with every single one of them lol)

Question by A.C.E.   |  last reply

Can't delete collection

[Win 7 - Chrome] Like the title says I can't delete a (draft) collection for a long time now. There is no option to do so, only edit and there is nothing there to delete. or am I missing something?

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Unable to Delete Instructable

My TicTac and Bubblegum instructable is locked from a contest. Can an admin remove it or tell me how to delete it?

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Deleting a draft collection?

I accidentally created a copy of one of my draft collections, anyone know how to get rid of it?

Question by DerDok   |  last reply

delete draft collection

I hate it to start a new forumtopic when there is already one open with this topic, but that one wasn't helpful so i accidentally made a draft collection twice and have no idea how to delete this. ps: sorry for my bad english it is not my native language

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Deleting Competition Entry

I have entered my Arduino Word Clock Mini the Woodworking Competition by mistake. How to I remove it so I can add it to the correct one?Thanks.oliverb

Question by oliverb 

Drafts can't be deleted

It's been a few days since I've started to have problems with the drafts. After the last update I can't see the preview anymore, the same problem it's been reported by other users in  the bug report "Drafts messed up". The problem cannot be solved by changing the browser and refreshing the page after removing the cookies, and since then every new drafts (only step by step) ends up messed up in the same way. As if it wasn't enough I found the drafts cannot be reliably deleted. I first noticed it as I was making new drafts; after I saw they were still messed I deleted them just to find them again in the Draft page; apparently they disappeared on their own after some days. Are the problems related? I noticed that as I press "Delete"  for a split second a message appears: "sorry, there's been a problem updating your instructable", I tried to take a picture of it but it is too fast. I am waiting for theese problems to be solved since I would like to take part in some contests.  Thanks in advance

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Write Up Deleted

I just spent 4 hours writing up a really kick butt guide using the new editor.  I went to publish.  Published it.   I had something like 15 steps written out, and then I had three.  Just three.  The rest were gone.  No idea why or how. What happened is that I started writing in the "old" editor, but stopped three steps in before switching to the new editor.  Seems as if the system didn't like that. Oh well.  Looks like I wasted four hours of my time.

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I wanna delete my account!? Answered

How do I do that?

Question by DELETED_jonashufen   |  last reply

how do i delete my acount

Question by --Cody--   |  last reply

why can't I delete my instructable?

I can not delete my instructable and it is driving me crazy!!! somebody please help me.

Topic by tesla coil   |  last reply

Can't delete a video instructable

I have an empty video instructable and i can't delete it, there is no delete button on the edit tab. Anyway around this? or a means of switching it back to a step-by-step instructable that can be deleted? EDIT: You can see from the screen shot there is no extra "more" tab to delete it

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How to Delete Instructable Drafts?

Hello is there anyone who knows how to delete a instructable draft on IPad?

Topic by Easter Egg Hack   |  last reply

Can't Delete Published Collection

Hi all! I tried to delete a draft collection, 'cause I accidentally created two of them, but I couldn't. So I published it and tried to delete it now, but I still can't and now I can't unpublish it. Can you fix this and delete all my collections? Thanks!

Topic by MyCoolNickname   |  last reply

does it makes sense to delete an instructable

Does it makes sense to delete an instructable because it isn't a succes or popular?

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How you you delete this account?

Hello. Sorry, I made (my cousin) made this account. How do I delete it??

Question by DELETED_chipmunk_chub   |  last reply

Should I delete this instructable?

Do you think I ought to delete my ible on how to get six pack abs? They haven't accepted it into the burning questions contest, and people seem to HATE it, although it saying about the same thing as the six pack ible that was accepted (pure coincidence, I didn't read the other one beforehand, promise!)...on the other hand, I have gotten a ton of view (over 1000 in a couple of days).

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group empty, keep it open or delete? Answered

I created a group over two weeks ago, but as no one has joined it, what should i do? should i leave it open or just give up on it and delete it? thanks bye

Question by AussieAnglerGal   |  last reply

How do you delete a group? Answered

I have two groups i want to junk, i didn't make them right.  Help please!

Question by TheChemiker   |  last reply

How do you delete draft collections?? Answered

Is there any way to delete draft collections? I made 4 of the same collection because of a clicking error and now I can't delete them.

Question by JM1999   |  last reply

Why do people delete their questions? Answered

More than once I've taken a lot of time to answer a question, done research, drawn a diagram, double checked my math and triple checked my spelling, etc, etc, only to have the asker later delete the question. (And all the answers.)Not a word of thanks or anything, just taking all of that work that I did for them and for everyone else who might have a similar question and delete it.I don't even get to keep a copy of it!  Which stinks because there are a few that I'd like to refer to again.  I know my answer isn't always the best so I often go back to questions that I've answered and see what good ideas other people have.  But it's impossible to do if it's deleted.*sigh*  So what's up?  Why delete your question?

Question by Grathio   |  last reply

I can't delete my own instructable?

I'm trying to delete an Instructable I wrote about a year ago, which was published once by accident (its been unpublishes for about a year) but it wont let me, because apparently its entered in a contest! Help?

Topic by Keith-Kid   |  last reply

How do you delete an instructable that was entered in a contest? Answered

How do you delete an instructable that was entered in a contest? Thanks!!

Question by camping crazy   |  last reply

how do you delete your acounti woul?

I would like to delete my acoount but i do not know how to

Question by 123Productions   |  last reply

How do you delete unfinished or draft Instructables?

TSIA. I have some old drafts that are no longer relevant, so I'd like to delete them. Mr. A

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How do you delete your account? PLEASE HELP

I want to delete my account, but I can't figure out where to go or what to do. Please help me.

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