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How to send a gift to another kid in school without actually giving it to them? Answered

OK. So I have a box, a little bigger than a piece of paper. I want to give said box to somebody in 6th period on the last day of school. I have 5th period with said somebody, and they are usually pretty much last out of class. I want to give this box to them, but not actually be there, and I want it to be the end of the day. My original idea was to stuff it in their band locker... But... We won't be using those for the rest of the year. Then I thought, what if I was to beat said somebody out of class, run to their sixth period, and tell the teacher they left it in another class, all in time to make it out without them seeing me? I would probably have a timeframe of less than a minute to talk to this teacher, but I don't know... That would be cutting it pretty close, and what if they were the first out of the class then? Then I would be screwed. I may be able to convince a teacher to help me out, like maybe hold said somebody back on the last day to give me more time. I don't know. Any ideas?

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Delivering a won price to europe

Hi im form Czech Republic - Europe. If i win some price in contest will i get it ? thanks for answering me.. your Kutil

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Finally got my print delivered

I've attached all the photos to my make it real challenge instructable.

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Glowforge - Anyone got their laser delivered?

I was playing with the tought of getting one of these fance Glowforge lasers on day... So I was watching their Kickstarter campaign and some related forums for the development and what's happening. Right now it seems Glowforge overestimated their capabilities in several areas. Supporters from the first days are still waiting for their machines, those few claiming that they already got one complain about ongoing issues and a lack of support. Since they also sponsored a contest here not so long ago I was wondering if anyone actually got their machines delivered and would be able to provide some first hand feedback?

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Father follows YouTube video to deliver baby

An engineer in Cornwall delivered his baby son after watching an instructional video on YouTube.Marc Stephens watched the videos as a precaution when his wife Jo started to feel some discomfort.Four hours later, his wife went into labour and started giving birth before an ambulance could arrive at their home in Redruth. Mr Stephens said his wife was on all fours when he saw the head starting to come out."This is our fourth child now and while for our first I spent most of the time at my wife's head, now I'm not afraid to go down to the business end. BBC story

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How to configure LM317T to deliver 5 amps?

Hi guys, I'm new to the site. I wonder if someone could help me resolve my problem. Well, I'm trying to build a Laptop AC Adapter, but I can't get these components right now: -A Transformer -A voltage regulator other than LM317T and I have no experience with other ICs. So I'm using a DC to DC converter. The input power supply is a Z12 Lexmark printer AC adapter. It gives a DC output current of 830mA under 30 volts (actually it's 37.5 volts, I've checked this with my multimeter). However, the output I would like to get is 4-5 amps under 19.5 volts. I would like to mention that I've already given it a try. But the output current I've got wasn't enough to feed the laptop. I've used an LM317T and adjusted the voltage with a 6.6k resistor and a 47k potentiometer down to 19.5 volts. If there is a way to boost up the current with a joulethief or using a set of transistors or parallels LM317Ts, please tell me. Also, I hope that you give me the part number of all the components to match up with the LM317T because I must use this type of regulator. Thanks for your help and please consider my situation.

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Cookie jar is closed! Cookie patches delivered!

The cookie jar is open for the next day and a half. If you want a cookie, just follow these instructions: - Make a new comment - In 10 words or less write what your dream project is - Submit it before 4:30 pm PST, July 21.You don't need to ask for a cookie, you just need to put out your idea with 10 words or less.So... what's your dream project?UPDATE: The cookie jar is cloooooooosed! Thanks to everyone who posted a comment of their dream projects. It's always fun to dream and dream big. All of the cookie patches have been given out. I said 10 words and I meant it. I'm a stickler, I know, but I will be giving patches out again in the future 'cuz you're all awesome and it's fun.

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If Filipino Instructabler is win in contest,the prizes can deliver in Phillipines?

When the filipino instructabler is win in a contest, the prizzzes can deliver to its home in phillipines? i ask this question to know that their is possibility to have a problem in claiming the prizes! Asker: Wareneutron (WN)

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Any ideas on how to REUSE the plastic bags that newspapers are delivered in?

(Besides using them to clean up dog poo-poo, of course:])

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can a voltage regulator deliver an output higher than its input? Answered

Can a voltage regulator deliver an output higher than its input? for instance if i had a 12v power supply would a 15v voltage regulator be able to output 15v? i am thinking of making a variable power supply and wanted to know if a 12 DC adaptor would be enough for larger voltages

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How can I get vinyl bumper stickers ready to be delivered within just one week? Answered

How can I get vinyl bumper stickers ready to be delivered within just one week?

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Raspberry pi Portable: One battery for screen and rasp? How?

I'm trying to make a Portable Raspberry with an old laptop screen. My doubt is if I should rearrange the battery to deliver ~5V to the raspberry and use a boost converter (XL6009E1) to deliver ~9V to the LCD driver, or if I should make the battery pack deliver between 9 and 12V, and power the LCD driver directly, and use the boost converter to step down the voltage to the raspberry. Thanks Guys ;)

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Mailbox alert ?

I would like to know when my mail is delivered.

Question by robin10  

Can you enter from the uk?

 will you still recieve the prizes delivered?

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Thank you to Robot and his minions

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to the Instructables team. The final part of my Halloween Contest prize was delivered yesterday evening, and I love it all. The sewing machine will come in very handy, and I will wear the t-shirt with pride. Thanks for running such a great site and sponsoring such a great contest. You guys rock!

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Electricity over IP

This is not really a new concept (first published in 2002), but one to mull over :-) Electricity over IP (EoIP, pronounced "yoyp") is a proposed scheme for delivering electric power via IP (Internet protocol). EoIP was developed to eliminate the unnecessary redundancy inherent in maintaining separate distribution networks for electricity and the Internet. The technology could be especially beneficial in remote areas with Internet kiosks but without electricity.The architecture for delivering EoIP is known as MPLampS (Mostly Pointless Lamp Switching). Electricity is digitized and encapsulated in discrete packets. According to the IETF's marketing segment, "MPLampS has the potential to dramatically lower the price, ease the distribution and usage, and improve the manageability of delivering electricity." Electricity over IPThe IETF Network Working Group described EoIP in RFC 3251, published on April 1, 2002. April 1 is also sometimes known as "April Fools' Day."

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Small, Secret script or utility to force or track a "delivered"or "read" response for an email recipient.

Good day! I am SO fed up for bad service and people that clam they "have not received your email enquiry, instruction etc" i am looking for some pointers to write a script, utility using some common event handler that will run automatically when a remote user (recipient) receives, scroll past or preferably mark a message as unread and deliberately saying "no" to a request for a delivery or read receipt message to be send back to me (sender address). It is just dishonest and I hate it with all my being. I have a little basic programming  knowledge in C++ and can help myself in most things, maybe even VB. I just need some pointers how to go about, what and how to use a remote event on the target computer or even better track the mail from server to server and maybe give the most recent "status" to show as prove if someone pulls scumbag on me again. Please, please, please... Deon  :)

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Speech for class

Got to deliver a sweet but managable demonstration speech for Public speaking class 2maro. any awsome instructables i need to check out? thanks

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circuit board

 Hi guys, I am looking for a high quality circuit board manufacturing  that can deliver high quality  circuit board ASAP and with fairly reasonable cost .  any suggestion?

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where to get chemicals, or can I even get them..?

I wanted to make some glow stick material at home for a holiday party, but Alfa Aesar will not sell the chemicals to me or deliver to a residence.  my work sure isn't going to let me walk out the door with chemicals, even if I pay for them, but have them delivered to my work place.  Are the chemicals needed for this restricted by the feds or something?  Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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Can an SD card port provide USB power?

I have a device that's designed to get its power from a USB port, but where it mounts there is no port available.  However, there is a fullsize SD card slot.  From what I can tell it *appears* I could rig up an adapter that delivers power to the device through that card slot, but am I reading this correctly?  And more importantly, would this deliver as much power as a USB port? Thanks!

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Reclaimed Wood in NYC?

Does anyone have information on getting reclaimed wood in NYC? I'm looking to do some projects with old wood but it seems like you have to order a lot of it to get it delivered. Are there any places that will let you just get a couple of pieces? If there are other people in the city that are also interested what about pooling our resources and ordering a bunch of reclaimed wood? I may be able to supply some storage space for it to be delivered and for while we sort it out amongst ourselves. Thanks!

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Leatherman Juice

HI. :) How many people won a Leatherman Juice last month as a gift for the Top International Authors? And has it been delivered yet?

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New Teachings

Let's assume for a moment that Jesus and Mohammad legitimate prophets. What new teachings did each bring forth - teachings that had never been delivered on this planet before?

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Poison darts

I am working on a dart that goes with a half inch cpvc blow gun that can deliver a lethal amount of poison. I am working on a poison as well but being 12 it is hard to get the right stuff.

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tow hitch reciever

I want to get a robotic hand to pop out of a box to deliver different messages from the birdy to thank you. I would also be a great prank just sitting anywhere else. Good luck! Jason

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Instructables in the Sydney Morning Herald

Instructables got a nice write up in the Sydney morning Herald as part of the December 4-10, 2006 "the guide" section. I got a copy hand delivered by a friend who happened to be flying across at the just the right time.

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How to replace the small, round plug that goes into the 12", G4 Powerbook that delivers power to recharge the battery?

I simply want to cut off the original plug on the charger and replace it. My kid broke off the inner shaft of the plug so that the battery no longer charges. Where does one get the plug? Does one REALLY have to pay $129 for a whole new charger?

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I want to build a multi-voltage power supply?

I want to either build or buy a multi voltage power supply.  One that will deliver 12V to one device while simultaneously supplying 6V to another.  Any suggestions on where to go?

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I live in India and im 15 years old , is it legal for me to participate in a contest? Answered

I live in India and im 15 years old , is it legal for me to participate in a contest...and if I win a prize will it be delivered to here and should i pay extra money ?

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Is there any site that i can order some arduino stuff that ships out APO/FPO? Answered

Well I'm currently deployed and I want to start working with Arduino so I was wondering if there are any sites that will deliver APO/FPO?

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Not receiving email digests anymore

Up until January I was receiving twice weekly digests of featured instructables delivered to my inbox. I'm not getting them anymore and can't find out how to reinstate that. They were the high points of my week. Any ideas how that can happen again?

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what i need to create AI controlled Drone?

Hey guys i am trying to create a drone that can pick up thing and deliver it to their destination indoor . i want indoor positioning system and AI for drone . can anyone of you tell me how to do it .

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how emergency call works (technically) ?

Need to know more about how the emergency call happened because even if you have not a SIM card in your mobile phone the call will delivered . how the nearest antennas deals with the request from your mobile phone  that's all . thanks for concerning ......

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How do I repair my Philips Sonicare toothbrush? ? Answered

I can see inside but, cannot figure out how the vibrations were generated, before the thing broke. Now, it only delivers a sonic whine, and doesn't jiggle the brush head.?

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What lead-acid battery to use (12v, 5-10A, min. 1h) ? Answered

I want a battery that is capable of delivering 12V for a minimum period of an hour. My circuit will take 5-10A. And what loader should I use with it?

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how can i give chocolate covered strawberries without making chocolate sweat?

I want to give them as gifts for the holidays, they will be hand delivered, if I make it the night before giving them, how can i prevent the chocolate covered fruit from sweating or melting during the day.

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Build a camcorder battery, cheap. Or a power plug for an existing battery pack, like a cordless drill.

I need a battery, hacked or built, that delivers between 12-15v, for a camcorder that uses 18W then running. The longer the battery delivers the power, the better. Big thing? The battery has to be cheap - I'm putting the kit together on NO money - and easy. My electronics skills are limited to soldering wires on speakers and phone plugs. Did I mention, the battery should be cheap? I mean, really cheap? Oh, and suggestions can include jury-rigging a plug for a power-tool battery that I can then wire into a cable terminating in a 4-pin XLR power plug. As long as everything is free or cheap. Yeah, I know. It ain't easy being a movie maker. Potentially. Ideas can be sent to

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Only Half of my Prize arrived?

I have received half of my 2nd price for the Green Tech Contest in the form of a Cool T-Shirt, stickers, Sugru  etc, but have not yet received my Solio® Bolt Solar Charger. does anybody know what is happening, as this is one prize i will really use.

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Have a way to get 17 V from an PC psu? Answered

I need 17 V for a project, I have a few of old PC psus that delivers the common 5V and 12 V. Have a way to get 17V from it? I'm a newbie in electronics, a weblink with pictures is welcome. Thanks

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set up a small-range radio station ?

I want to set up something like a radio station in my college for my department so that we can deliver the messages through that and my fellow mates can listen to it in a FM receiver (in their mobile). How can i do it in the cheapest way possible?

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Cannot get recent instructables on all subjects

I used to like looking at what people had done, whatever the topic, but the last couple of weeks it has not been available, the bookmark that used to do it for me just delivers a 404 error. Can this be brought back? I don't want to just browse one subject area.

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Looking for a double pendulum and/or material to make one?

Where do I get the material to make a chaotic double pendulum. In fact I have a very tight time schedule - need this for delivering a lecture - so was wondering if someone has a double pendulum that they can provide (I tried but its all sold out). Thanks.?

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How can I create a two-way internet video connection with remote control of an arduino controlled single servo motor?

Hi! I'm trying to develop a project idea that will enable me to connect to my home while I'm away to feed my saltwater fish. I want to be able to establish a two way live video connection and also be able to control a remote device using an arduino controlled servo motor that will deliver the food with a push of a button or click of a mouse. I'd like to be able to use my smart phone or PC to view and control the device. I have a Nexus 7 tablet at home that I plan to use to connect to the arduino to deliver the food and to see the fish tank. Any detailed input on how I can pursue this would be really appreciated. I am a newbie and need some expert advice. :-) Thanks for your help!

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The rennet I ordered sat outside in the Alabama heat, and got pretty warm. Is it going to be OK?

 I ordered a cheese making kit and it was shipped USPS to my home and I didn't realize it had been delivered and was exposed the Alabama summer heat. Do you think the Vegetable Rennet will be Ok? Is there a way to test it? Thanks, Rusty

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Man Bellyflops from 35 Feet into 12 Inches of Water

A man jumps 35 feet onto a kiddie pool with a foot of water in front of dozens of kids and delivers a thrilling show instead of a tragic occasion to haunt them the rest of their lives. Future plans include a jump from 40 feet. Stay tuned. via Neatorama

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telephone books are being left by the hundreds in my area , are they of any use for crafts? Answered

 i am thinking of using them to make a bathroom toilet squat platform.  better for the body,  i am sure paper m ache is also a good use/ seeing hundreds in the area , hate to see them just recycled after all that energy to make and deliver  them.

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Christmas Ornament Patch: Ho Ho Ho!

'Tis the season to be decorating with ornaments! If you want an ornament patch, leave a new comment below saying "Ho Ho Ho!" This is open until noon PST. I'll be giving out patches when it closes. UPDATE: This is closed! Purple ornaments have been delivered! Stay tuned for more ornaments.

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How can I make a solar charger for extended battery/capacitor life?

I want to build a solar charger that could keep a rechargeable, say, CR2032 battery always trickle charged without damaging anything. I want to make this circuit as simple as possible. I want to just hook up a solar panel, with an operating voltage of 3V that delivers 1mA, to a rechargeable CR2032 that was in-use. Assuming the solar cell was delivering power for 12 hours in the day, would what could go wrong? I'm sure there could be some danger, but I don't know enough. Do I need a charge regulator? Can I charge the cell and also consume power from it? If it's forgotten about for a year, will the battery explode? Can this be done with a capacitor? Can I keep trickle charging a capacitor that is attached to say a heat sensor which uses very little power?

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