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Plot a diagonal line? Answered

PD17200,11600; i am sure I should know this. I need to plot a diagonal line from 17200 to 11600  Obviously there are more X points than Y points. Is there a handy algorithm to work out how may X points to ploy against Y? My current solution is to extract the difference - 5600 and divide the Y by that  11600/5600 = 2.1 So you plot 2.1 Y points for every X point. Somehow this seems wrong? i am sure I should know this.

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Diagonally cutting across a plywood cylinder?

I want to make a couple of identical circular wedged speaker enclosures by cutting a large drum shell (16in by 16in floor tom) in half diagonally and then capping the open sides with discs, what would be the best/easiest method of holding the shell in place and making an accurate straight diagonal cut?i have access to a maker space but i haven't been in since their recent refit so i'm not sure what cutting machines they now have...

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Im making a huge Cardboard etched model , which kind off wallhanger should I choose?

I`m making this model out of laser etched carboard, it will be 5 meters in diagonal. what kind of wallhangers" are the best to put this on the wall and remove it the prettiest??


How to search on for folders with a bunch of instructables inside?

Sometimes they popup on the search, but i want to specifically search only for folders or amalgamations of instructables!

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Giant paper popup.What Strong material to use other than Carboard?

What material could you use to make strong seats out of this?

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Best website for custom Fullprint shirts

Do you know the best website for fullprinting shirts? the ones who ºdo the best job

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Arch:How can I make the inner shell so it resists stepping on and it's curved?

To do a low poly covering of this is easy, but what could I do to make it curved?


small serial high resolution display?

Is there a 720p or 1080p display that is about  .75" -1.5" diagonally, this would be used for an Arduino project so if it has pins rather than a type of ribbon cable connector that would be helpful.

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What's the cheapest company to print custom T-shirts, only front and full t-shirt?

What's the cheapest company to print custom T-shirts, only front and full t-shirt?

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Can I make a 3d scan using a dslr

Can I make a dslr to scan multiple people at the same time?what do I have to do?  if so, what are the precaucions I have to do?

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Sewing:Any other way to do the tailor's tack?

I suck at sewing, is there another way I can make the Tailor's tacks? Maybe by stickglue? any type of material that would temporarily glue the parts i want and wash off?

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How to make an animated aquarel world map?

I want to make an animated aquarell world map with changing flowing colors, not on photoshop... how can I do this? And then The color would blend in to the Ocean, for a website like this

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123D make: "Number of sheet generated is 0" How to fix this problem?

I got this problem when  I want to print stacked slices. What Do yI do? I CANT CLICK IN SETTINGS "GEAR" BUTTON!

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Help Needed: How would i make a 3-Section Floating Computer Desk (horizontal-diagonal-vertical)

I recently came upon the idea to build a floating or wall-mounted desk/workstation. I  am a graphic artist and use my computer area for computer research, drawing on my computer, drawing in sketchpads, printing/scanning, etc. its essentially my art-station.... So the idea came to give myself more room to get my work done, while at the same time not "crowding" my room, which isnt huge to begin with, since I don't have access to a separate office space. This idea could potentially give me enough space to draw and use my computer without having to constantly move things around to fit my materials. It would also allow for more leg room, as i could use my computer chair to roll through my entire area with no interference. I have a rough idea of how this might be able to work, but as i have never done any DIY projects, i figured i'd ask the more experienced people on here for their advice or opinions on the concept itself. and maybe if i am lucky i can get some recommendations on materials. i am VERY new to this and am running just on concept and basic logic; So the concept here is to have 3 pieces of wood, two of them will be 4' x 1' 6" ((48in x 18in)) and the center piece would be 4' 6" x 1' 7.5" ((54in x 19.5in)) however i would need to actually measure it out to make sure on that last one as i just did some quick math to scale of my drawings...  i have a diagonal wall in my room that connects to a horizontal and a vertical wall, which i plan to build the floating desk on. i included a diagram of how i plan to cut and connect the pieces (cutting off triangular pieces from each board should allow them to fit like a puzzle, to which i have to then find a way to attach them). Now, my question is, does this plan look doable. i feel it will be alot less expensive then buying a desk and i will have much more room for what i need. what would i need to support the desk? i would like to make this without legs if possible. while making it as sturdy as possible of course.... and i plan to add a sliding keyboard holder....i will not have many heavy things on top of the desk as shown on my diagrams, the heaviest thing would be an iMac which doesnt weigh much. i would also most likely stain the word a mahogany/reddish toned wood color. so i am looking for a sturdy would that can be stained fairly easily.... ((i will also cut a semi-circle hole on one of the boars for wires to go through, although i will have minimal wiring. I was thinking of using those L-shaped bracket things they sell at Home Depot to support the wood to the wall... they come at a maximum size of about 12 inches i believe....  Does anyone foresee any problems i might run into? any suggestions? is there some materials i should purchase. i have access to a power drill, and materials/machines to cut the diagonal/triangular cuts off of the wood. so yea, did i miss anything.. again sorry, this is my first DIY idea ever...!

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How to make a dress like this?

I have tis awesome white fabric that has blue ribbon stripes on it! the stripes go diagonally. I want to make a dress resembeling this:;=1998 any ideas? thanks! :0)

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How to make a cHAllenge? 0g Spacial Arch with clay concept

How do i sign in for a challenge? you know other websites were I could advertise this? like meetups events , other? I want to start a cloud for design concepts for 0 gravity Architecture - no straight walls


Hydrographic printing question

I want to submerge a 2 meter tall face, what kind of material plays the nicest with Hydrographic printing? is this technique fine? is the 2 meter thing a problem? if I stay on step 4, is it subergible? I want to look at all the possibilities

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Soldering Copper Round Bar

I plan on making a backdrop (pictured) out of copper. I have a little bit of experience soldering copper pipe. I have an idea of how to build the backdrop but would appreciate some feedback/tips.Dimensions:- 5' W x 7' H x 3' DMaterials: - Diagonal members: 0.1875" round bar- Circular votive holders: 0.125" round bar- Rectangular border, kickers, and base: 1/4" x 1" rectangular barI'm thinking that I will solder the diagonal members at each intersection and where the ends meet the rectangular bar frame. The base will be a 3' rectangular bar on the left and on the right. There will be a kicker on each side, connected to the base and about halfway up the vertical members of the frame.Does this seem feasible? Will the structure be stable? How can I form the circular votive holders?

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what Materials are the best to make tiny human models like Wood Artist's Model?

I was thinking Wire and Fimo but Fimo is too much expensive... WHat kind of wire is the best? im thinking about twisting them quite often What Kind of thing can I replace for fimo and cheap?

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How to make a GIANT rotating tray (lady susan) for 3Dscanning people?

What materials do I need?Can I do this with a trucks's bearing ?what thing Should I use to make it rotate, strong enough to sustain a person?What Things do I have to take precaution on?

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My APPLE IPOD 3rd gen 1gb(DUPLICATE STUFF) broke. imagei DEsoldered all the parts. I want the PINOUT of the LCD. It has a non standard (20 pins) number of pins. PLEASE help. i know 16 pin connection but not this. Its size is 2inches(diagonal)thank u in advance

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KinectV2 stops working with KinectFusion (URGENT!)

I asked someone  and he said:"If I'm not mistaken, the Kinect scanner has a fairly low maximum polygon limit. Maybe you're running out and it's stalling?" so how can I get the polygon count higher? everyone seems to do it easily, but mine stops working after the initial scan.

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How to make a GIANT rotating tray (lady susan) for 3Dscanning people?

What materials do I need?Can I do this with a trucks's bearing ?what thing do I use to make it rotate, strong enough to sustain a person?what Things do I have to take precaution on?

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PCB design?

Why do modern PCBs always use straight tracks and 45-degree diagonal tracks? I know it is good practice and design all my boards to this standard, but is there a reason behind it other than it looks visually appealing. It appears only relatively modern boards took this into account, I was looking at some 1970's electronics and quite a lot of them have rounded tracks of no definite thickness.

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Please Identify Weird Component.

The metal disk is a component, physically broken in an RCA f32450 tv.  The blue capacitor was sent by sears as a replacement.  Yeah, I don't think that's the right part, guys.  The component was near the  built in fuse, has very low resistance ~  3 ohms from 1 face to the other,  and used to have it's leads soldered directly to it's surface where the diagonal mark is. My theory is that it is designed to break if the tv is jarred.  Sort of a mechanical impact sensor. Does anyone else know with any certainty?

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Smoking machine Specs, for hot smoky girl interactive sculpture ? (and ventilator)

Hi I want a smoke machine that pumps low cubic meters or that imitates this picture. It`s for a huge 123dmaker face sculpture Can i get this sort of effect? And can I get a ventilator that "inhales" the smoke  and makes it disapear?;=vg%2bScmVq&id;=153762409D14BE46E36C32C4027CD224EF895C32&thid;;=inhaling+smoke+girl&simid;=608020036307845272&selectedIndex;=2&ajaxhist;=0

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Cardboard prize wheel on the video but wear it as a necklace,What can i make it stronger?

I'm trying to make a prize wheel like the one in this video;;=326 , 1-but i want to make it something strong to wear it, what material will definitely be of good use for it instead of cardboard? I'm using the fidget spinner and I hollowed out the cardboard 2- It tilts a little with gravity on a vertical position, so it's good to be close to the axis, what can I do?

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Wearable laptop computer sling for stand-up use?

I want to stand up while using my laptop, but instead of putting the laptop on a stand, I want to WEAR it like a sling in front of me while I'm using it.  Maybe something strappy that would hold the laptop securely while I type etc. It's a 15" (diagonal) screen laptop, and not especially lightweight, so I'd prefer not to support its weight entirely by my neck. I'd appreciate any ideas for how to make something like that!

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Knexgunner's Sidearm

I have a new Pistol I just finished building. The problem is, that my camera broke and I need to use MLCAD and I don't know how to put a rod so it connects to a connector diagonal from it. Another problem is that I don't know how to put Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. I know of a way, but it doesn't work and I need an idea on how to get the Black "Y" shaped connectors in the program. Please help me on how I can do this. Sorry for the boxes in other boxes I cant get rid of them.

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What kind of repetitive elements can you use on a surface with a gluing material inbetween to decorate it and look luxurious?

What kind of materials/repetitive elements/items can you use on a surface with a gluing material inbetween to decorate it and look luxurious?Check my pinterest folder, I want to make a parametric/curved wall ( ) and put plaster on it and some bounding agent to attach the repetitive elements what can I use?

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Nylon through Jelly question

Hi, I wanted to make some eatable jelly balls and put them dangling from the ceiling on a nylon string that crosses them trough the center. I was thinking about using these double spherical mold for it;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B001AS44KI&linkCode;=as2&tag;=mcme-equipment-20 , but im pretty sure if I put a nylon string inbetween the molds the water would leak through it. If I can't in one consistent cast, what kind of eatable material can I use to glue the two half spheres?

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Android Password Saver

The result of boredom. Numbers layer tells you what each dot is labeled. The x-y layers represent the paths. X is the first dot, y is the one you move to after that. Just make the layers visible. I didn't bother making any long diagonals because I didn't feel like it and they're hard to use anyways. I find it useful to load a jpg on my miniSD so if I forget, I can go back and see what it was before I unlocked it. (I know it's overdone, but if I'm going to be using it all the time, I might as well make it pretty)

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Keyboard problems

When I was cleaning my PC keyboard buttons G(because typing "G" character letter got some lags) and F(now it's not working I was cleaning Windows logo button and it's still working properly and in opposite side of this button is down when I loosen it, it skews diagonally.[img][/img][img][/img][img][/img] It was when I was cleaning my keyboard with ear sticks slightly soaked in spirit(alcohol based liquid with transparent colour)[img][/img] can you help solve me this problem?How can I fix it?Should I buy new PC keyboard guys?

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How Was This Bench Upholstered?

I picked up this bench for $20 at Salvation Army. It's nothing special, seems to have been built relatively recently but it was in decent shape and I thought I could salvage it. The thing is I can't figure out how the seats were attached to the frame. When I bought it there was a border of old material that was stapled and glued to the top of the frame. I pulled out the staples and removed most of the material but you can see the stray threads where there's still some glue. There was also a plywood square in each recess in the frame but it seems a bit flimsy to support one's weight. There doesn't appear to be any diagonal supports for a seat to screw into like I've seen in most chairs. Any idea how this was originally constructed?? Thanks for your help! -Carl

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3D etching on Carboard questions:What sorts of finishing can I make on top of interlocked carboard (123dmaker) to look professional?

 I want to make a 2 meter tall sculpture of a face but  I need to know what are the possible finishings for this sculpture,  and can I put the borders on stacked carboard and the interior on interlocked carboard.? how do I do that? is there a finishing that looks as good as this? maybe crazy textures finishings, do you know any? this technique is massive in terms of carboard usage, can I use grided technique on the interior? How would I do that?  


how do I make juice bag strips for weaving?

I want to make a medium size bag from recycled juice by weaving it in the diagonal fashion (I think it is called plaiting), and I know that I will need weavers that are at least 25" long! So how do the weavers in the Philippines use small juice bags (recycled) to make the long weavers: I have a bag here from the Philippines and cant see any sign of overlapping or sewing!!! I have found photos on the internet of women weaving these bags and the weavers are LONG. I have practised on newspaper so the technique is there and my fingers are just ITCHING to weave with something a little more attractive!

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KenKen - Another great Japanese puzzle

KenKen is a new kind of logic puzzle from Japan by Tetsuya Miyamoto, who thought people were being failed by conventional methods of teaching. This is set to be the next sudoku The instructions are simple. These are for the puzzle in the second picture. All digits from 1 to 4 must be used in every row and column (no diagonals). The thick lined box has the target number for the values to reach in the thick box - one digit for a normal box. the symbol next to the value required is the only mathematical function you can use. Thick boxes that take up one normal box and have a a value - well, that value goes in that box. rules may differ slightly answers in picture 3

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Featured I'ble not showing on front page or withthe snazzy banner?

Hullo all... I received the email telling me that I am awesome... and indeed that my I'ble on Trebuchets is also of the same calibre... BUT... It doesnt appear to be showing up on the home page... nor does it have the little white diagonal banner that says 'Featured'... that my other featured I'bles have... I assumed that it was just due to updates and filters and such... but the time stamp on the email shows that I was featured at: 17 April 2010 00:17:43GMT   I show up in this link: Decided to take this to the forum as I was unsure who to email... or If its part of the new site re-vamp? Let me know Jay did no one ever learn that its not wise to mess with the person holding the siege weapon??? ;)

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I want to make an instructables challenge! Clay foundation for 0g Space Architecture!

How do I do it? I was thinking to do it on meetups but I can modulate to be on this site, how would I do this? (I need microfunding of 5 dollars on the site so I can post events around the world looking like this:)  “Colab Clay Games for making the World's First 0GSpace Architecture Modules! ”    where: Clay Sculptor Co-organizors around the world choose a good place with clay. There are  “Chefs” that would cut the clay in different shapes to give to the Artists/Creators  to make 0gravity modules of rooms and living spaces, with some sort of tech or texture built in it, colab or solo, at the end of the event gets uploaded to the cloud.   People are Welcome to bring good vibes, wine and make clay massages to each other, because God knows working with Clay is tough.


crt monitor image distortion

I have huge 21 inch crt monitor which i found yesterday in the trash i plugged it in now. it works but the image has some distortions the color that should be black is bright gray and all other colors are like addition to it. the image looks very bright and with bright gray tint. setting brightness and contrast to minimum does not help much there are some kinda scratch lines across the display. the lines form a shape of a 'lightning' with horizontal lines and diagonal that connect them. the density of lines is higher when i switch to higher resolution the image size is severely affected by the brightness of what is displayed. it grows larger about 1 cm on each side when i open a window with white background other than that the monitor works ok in all resolutions from the bios screen and up to 1600x1200 what can be the problem ?

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Instead of setting small gemstones by drilling holes on the metal, can I just mark them on a clay piece and glue them on the final metal piece?

Instead of setting small gemstones by drilling holes on the final metal piece, can I just lay out the grid of the stones and mark them by pressing them on a clay prototype basepiece with the typical stone "spike" or base of the gem pressed on the clay gently (maybe taking some clay off because the excess would go off to the sides) and then when I make the final metal piece from the mold I just glue the gemstones on the mold? Does this technique have a name?I think it will be more beautiful like that, can I do it this way?Instead of doing like this Youtube video, I press them on the clay prototype for gluing the jewels after on the respective fitting place on the metal mold.

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I really like to get into beads, but I don't like grid-like sprites and organized beads, I like naturally layered stuff (Questions)

I fell in love with this piece is it sort of looks naturaly layered and with desorganized beads, do you know if they where glued on or just stiched?If I want to glue stuff like this to look good and last forever, with fake diamonds and stuff, what should I use?what kind of precautions should I use?I want to make different kind of gangsta blings and pendants with brooch like pendants and male chains out of naturally layered beads instead of stiched beads,but I don't know whether I should use mixed techiques on them like stiching and glueing!I'm really exited!

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Speaker (single) Volume Control

I have a Panasonic home theatre system, standard set up. ( 2 front, 2 rear,1 centre and 1 Sub woofer). Unfortunately, because of the room layout, I'm not able to site any of the speakers in an ideal location. So, I have to make do with the best poss. One of the rear speakers is close to where I sit, the other 3mtrs diagonally opposite. I want to insert some form of volume control into the feed of the adjacent speaker. So that when set the rear speaker volume level there is a better balance between the near and distant speaker. I am unable to access any other wiring or components apart from the speaker feed wire, so it has to be something in line. I tried a dimmer switch (dont laugh) but that attenuated the signal too much, and was barely audible. The speaker is 6 ohm imp and 60wat power input. Any suggestions appreciated, apart from buying a new house!

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I'm going to Construct a rigged dragon in a GIANT SIZE "flying in and out" inside a room, ANY WAY TO MAKE IT CHEAPER AND DETAILED?

I'm going to rigg this model of a dragon around a room, with the head coming from a corner, measuring 1.8m wide. It's gonna be huge.made of cardboard cut with a cnc machine.Is there a cheaper/better way to do this other than using 123dmaker with interlocked sliced and still make it look good?im gonna do this , should I do it differently?I will use this method for finishing will use a lot of cardboard sheets and cnc time.Any way to make the model like this? seems cheapershould I use this method and how will I make it look good?

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How To Make an Oregami Swan

Step 1: Take a square shaped piece of paper and fold it in half so that their is one diagonal from one corner to its opposing corner and then open it flat. Step 2: Without turning the paper over fold the lower edges of the paper to the center so that it makes a kite shape. Step 3: Turn the paper over then fold the lower edges again except this time fold the edges over so that each one fits along the crease of the other. Step 4: fold back the edges that were folded in step 3 so that they crease down the center of the narrow kite shape. Step 5: Fold the Bottom up so that it comes just below the top of the paper. Step 6: With the part that was just folded up take a small section and fold it down for the head. Step 7: Fold the paper in half length wise. Step 8: Lastly pull the head and neck of the swan up and there you have it...TADA!!

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How can I get a ventilator to suck air from a smoke machine and trap the smoke?

 Hi, I`m making a 2meter laser etched cardboard dinamic sculpture face of a girl inhaling smoke with a smoke machine on the mouth, and I want to imitate this inhaling effect!:  2 Q> what can I use to get the "nose" to absorb the smoke? :  {"A fan or blower can be used to suck the vapor in. Then if you have a long enough duct or large enough chamber let the vapor evaporate/dissipate. You can also run it through a furnace filter to help condense the water vapor faster. "} I got the fog machine 2.1 Q> -I am looking for a strong fan or blower that sucks the air in like a nose (and some machine that traps the smoke particles coming from the smoke machine), but What am I looking for more specifically?  

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HELP ME ::: want to interface ps/2 mouse using uno to pc

Hi friends, i am new to arduino board. Trying to make a arduino uno based PS/2 mouse by using ps2dev.h... From the example from that the mouse move diagonally only. how to set that in other direction left,right,top,bottom.. // move the mouse diagonally     delta_x = 1;     delta_y = 1;     write_packet() Anyone guide me, how to move right or left or up or down...plz help me #include "ps2dev.h" PS2dev mouse(3,2); // 2 data 3clock char buttons[3] = {0,0,0}; int delta_x = 0; int delta_y = 0; //we start off not enabled int enabled =0; //ack a host command void ack() {   while(mouse.write(0xFA)); } void write_packet() {   char overflowx =0;   char overflowy =0;   char data[3];   int x,y;     if (delta_x > 255) {     overflowx =1;     x=255;   }   if (delta_x < -255) {     overflowx = 1;     x=-255;   }    if (delta_y > 255) {     overflowy =1;     y=255;   }   if (delta_y < -255) {     overflowy = 1;     y=-255;   }     data[0] = ((overflowy & 1) << 7) |     ( (overflowx & 1) << 6) |     ( (((delta_y &0x100)>>8) & 1) << 5) |     ( ( ((delta_x &0x100)>>8)& 1) << 4) |     ( ( 1) << 3) |     ( ( buttons[1] & 1) << 2) |     ( ( buttons[2] & 1) << 1) |     ( ( buttons[0] & 1) << 0) ;       data[1] = delta_x & 0xff;   data[2] = delta_y & 0xff;     mouse.write(data[0]);   mouse.write(data[1]);   mouse.write(data[2]);   delta_x = 0;   delta_y = 0; } int mousecommand(int command) {   unsigned char val;   //This implements enough mouse commands to get by, most of them are   //just acked without really doing anything   switch (command) {   case 0xFF: //reset     ack();     //the while loop lets us wait for the host to be ready     while(mouse.write(0xAA)!=0);      while(mouse.write(0x00)!=0);       break;   case 0xFE: //resend     ack();     break;   case 0xF6: //set defaults     //enter stream mode       ack();     break;   case 0xF5:  //disable data reporting     //FM     ack();     break;   case 0xF4: //enable data reporting     //FM     enabled = 1;     ack();     break;   case 0xF3: //set sample rate     ack();;); // for now drop the new rate on the floor     //      Serial.println(val,HEX);     ack();     break;   case 0xF2: //get device id     ack();     mouse.write(00);     break;   case 0xF0: //set remote mode     ack();      break;   case 0xEE: //set wrap mode     ack();     break;   case 0xEC: //reset wrap mode     ack();     break;   case 0xEB: //read data     ack();     write_packet();     break;   case 0xEA: //set stream mode     ack();     break;   case 0xE9: //status request     ack();     //      send_status();     break;   case 0xE8: //set resolution     ack();;);     //    Serial.println(val,HEX);     ack();     break;   case 0xE7: //set scaling 2:1     ack();     break;   case 0xE6: //set scaling 1:1     ack();     break;   }   } int xcenter ; int ycenter; int xsum = 0; int ysum = 0; void setup() {   unsigned char val;   // send the mouse start up   while(mouse.write(0xAA)!=0);    while(mouse.write(0x00)!=0); } void loop() {   unsigned char  c;   if( (digitalRead(3)==LOW) || (digitalRead(2) == LOW)) {     while(;)) ;     mousecommand(c);   } if (enabled) {     // move the mouse diagonally     delta_x = 1;     delta_y = 1;     write_packet()    }   delay(50); }

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Can I have permission to get rid of my TV? Answered

+ It's analog, with a 13" (no, really, 13 inches diagonally) screen. + I haven't plugged it in since I moved a year ago: I rely on Hulu and Netflix on my (bigger-screened) iMac. + If I really wanted to watch broadcast TV in the future, I could get a TV-tuner-thingo for the iMac (for perhaps not too much more than the cost of a digital-to-analog converter). + My apartment is sub-dinky, and I need to get rid of anything extraneous. + The thrift store down the street is actually taking donations of crt-based analog TV's for free (i.e., no disposal charge). So, what's stopping me? ...I'm not sure: - Some nagging fear that I'm forgetting some vitally important function that only a 1996-model Toshiba Shrimpscreen can perform? - Or maybe just a perception that it'd be Un-American not to have a TV set somewhere in the house? I think I just need someone to say "Oh, fer the love of Pete - just give the darned thing the old heave-ho already" - anyone out there willing to oblige?

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