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posting diagrams?

I have lots of designs i have not gotten around to building can i post the diagrams as an instructable?

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electronic diagram to pcb

Hi i need anyone that can help me with this diagram,i think its okay,at least thats how i have it in a breadboard and it works,basically its a 555 timer delay on (5secs) and then the buzzers beeps reallly fast,seems simple but one bad conection and it wont work when the pcb arrives,(it happened already,)the not conected pins seems crazy maybe but it works i have everything in breadboard,i hope someone can help me please thankss have a great day :)))

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wiring diagram website?

What is a good wiring diagram website. i knew one before but i forgot the link. you would give it information and it would give you a diagram.

Question by diy guy    |  last reply

Unreadable electronics diagrams?

I see only unreadable blurred electronics diagrams on this site. I can not read component values​​, not even when I enlarged the pictures, not very useful. Is there a way to fix that ?

Question by louis.m    |  last reply

usb port diagram? Answered

Could someone pease give me the usb connections? i only want to know where the +5 and -5 are but you can give it all. thanks everyone!

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circuit diagram requst

I am making a life sized 'operation' game for a fund raising event. I am fine with construction and artwork, but need a circuit diagram for the electronics, can anyone help please? Doyou recall the kids operation game where you have to remove bones without causing the buzzer to sound or the red nose to flash? I want a circuit (battery powered) which when tripped by some one touching the probe against the metal edge will make the nose flash for about three seconds and also trip the buzzer to sound for about the same time. Any one know how to do this please?

Topic by batjonesy    |  last reply

Stud Finder Circuit Diagram

I am looking for a circuit diagram for an electronic stud finder (the type of finder that measures the density of the wall rather than a metal detector).  Can anyone point me in the right direction? Christopher

Topic by willowtaylor    |  last reply

What is this wiring diagram symbol? Answered

It's part of the power supply circuit and probably has something to do with the wall wart power supply, but I'm not confident enough in that explanation to move ahead with it.

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ps2 battery wiring diagram?

I am making a ps2 portable and I have some questions with it. First of all I need to know how to wire the batteries to the motherboard so could somebody give me a wiring diagram for my ps2? I want to remove the power board btw. also what batteries should I get (preferably li-ion). One more thing, can I remove the heatsink in turn for some thermal paste or extra fans? I have an scph-30001 model of ps2. Pease help I cant find anything for this anywhere else.

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i need help with this diagram. Answered

Just the diagram...

Question by xxInSAniACxx    |  last reply

bios wiring diagram pls?

Question by DELETED_jacques3    |  last reply

walkie talkie circuit diagram?

Pls I need a simple circuit diagram of walkie talkie that I can use for my project with detail information. details and circuit can be send to my mail: Tanks

Question by Jiya Adama    |  last reply

Star diagram and 3phase wiring?

We are wiring a windgenerator, 3phase? using the star diagram where the 3 coils are wired together, the next 3, and the next three as well. What I do not know is what to do after that. 3 wires tied into 2?? to go to the Batt bank. I am missing something and I do not know what that is or where to get it. Any ideas??

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Wood bench sizes&diagram

Hi! I want to built a bench like the following:  someone can send me sizes or diagram of something similar or even link to toturial that made something like this?  thanks!

Topic by sgamil    |  last reply

Need help with the wiring diagram

I have 2 Limit switches, 1 6v DPDT relay, and a motor.  By using a timer, I would like to reverse the direction of the motor when it reaches the respective limit switches.  Can someone help me with my connections.  I numbered all the terminals so you can just tell me 3-5, 6-2, etc.  Thank you so much in advance. 

Question by uamusa    |  last reply

diagram/information for wind turbine

Can any one point me in the right direction please. i'm building a mini wind turbine but i'm not sure what do do with the electronics side of things. for example: 1, how to charge a battery - (when i connect the battery it powers the motor! i dont want this,) 2, how to prevent over charging thanks zac

Topic by bede123    |  last reply

Looking for a website with diagrams of superclusters and globular clusters of stars.

Anybody know of a website with diagrams (as opposed to photographs) of superclusters and globular clusters? In particular I'm trying to find a map of M68, M30, and M5.

Topic by royalestel    |  last reply

E coli incubator

I am building an incubator for ecoli.  Any comments or improvements?

Topic by drystreams    |  last reply

Driver circuit for coil over plug

I want to use a COP ignition coil to create a spark for a single cyl antique engine

Topic by molddave    |  last reply

How would I set up a trigger on one relay with multiple pushbutton inputs?

I'm looking to set up a 12 volt system that has approximately 12 buttons that will each trigger an individual relay and a shared relay.  So I will have 13 relays (numbered 1-13) and 12 buttons (1 -12) - Button 1 will trigger relay #1 and #13, Button 2 will trigger relay #2 and #13, etc.  Wiring up a single relay circuit is easy enough, and I think I can set it up with an arduino or similar IC, but I'm looking for a discrete circuit design.  Would a simple diode on each circuit leg be enough?  If not, what would I need?

Question by chrispaccord    |  last reply

Would this work? (simple circuit diagram)

Well, i'm pretty much clueless about electronics, so I was just wondering whether or not this diagram would work, and if not, why? Thanks =]

Topic by Weissensteinburg    |  last reply

what is the schematic diagram of inductive sensor?

It is being used in a magnetic pick and place machine using four bar linkage. The inductive switch is being used in such a way that if the metal ball will be detected in the detection area. the four bar linkage will move towards the ball where the inductive switch is located, and carry and transfer it to the desired area.

Question by belovebluesky    |  last reply

Circuit Diagram Experts Needed. Thanks. Answered

Hi, (I posted an image)I found this circuit in an book of mine because I wanted to build a VU meter. I only want to simplify this circuit. I don't need sound coming out of the VU meter; so I could have just remove the speaker and be done with it. But... is there anything else in the diagram that is only related to the speaker in which I could remove? All I need from this circuit is the led reacting to the audio input like a VU meter. Eliminating unnecessary parts will help me make it smaller. Thanks! Helpful things to know about diagram: Ignore R1, C5, U2.... those are just references to another diagram. 324 is an Operation Amplifier IC (there is only 1)546 is an Audio Power Amplifier IC (there is only 1)the Si is a silicon diodethe VR is a 50k ohm control volume (potentiometer?)6 volts going inIgnore the funny looking earphone, thats the audio input instead.I posted one General Image and 4 close up Images. Any other question about the diagram feel free to ask.Once Again Thank you for helping a newbie.

Question by Dmxspider    |  last reply

Wiring diagram for connecting alternator to vehicle.

How do I connect my alternator to my vehicle?

Question by HoltsclawB    |  last reply

Fluorescent light wiring diagram wanted

Fluorecent light wiring diagram:Could anyone help me with a wiring diagram for a fluorescent light, double tube, tube have 2 ins each side, two starters a capacitor and a ballast with two wires. I have all the parts but don't know how to join them together?

Question by Sa Wolf    |  last reply

subwoofer SB-WA342 wiring diagram

Looking to use my panasonic subwoofer SB-WA342 as a subwoofer - but there's a special cord. Just looking to see if anyone has the wire schematic?

Question by sfine  

555 Am Transmitter Circuit Diagrams?

I have two ICM7555 CMOS 555 timers, and I was wondering if anyone has any good am radio transmitter circuits that incorporate two (or one!) 555 timers.?

Question by BurningSandman    |  last reply

Elta 8915 equalizer wiring diagram

Hi guys, I'm having a problem with Elta 8915 equalizer and I need help. When I hook it up on a radio and turn the power on, the lights on equalizer are on but not a single sound from it. When turned off the speakers are having a good quality tone from the radio and I can use fader on the equalizer. So, I either don't hook it up properly or it is broken. All the contacts seem fine to me. I do not have wiring diagram, and I've tried my best to do the proper wiring (there was no smoke so I guess I did a good job,haha). Is there any suggestion or the wiring diagram?

Topic by Izzy Panzer  

would this Infrared extender diagram work? Answered

I am wondering if this diagram would work or not. i am needing it to run off of 3(ish)volts and it needs to be small so i can put it on my palm zire 31 as a ir extender running off of sd card slot power. would this work? or would the other IR detector work? please help, anyone! thanks in advance, z247 ps: i didn't boher with + and -, but i do know how to hook it up

Question by zack247    |  last reply

Wireless circuit diagram needed for an Electromagnet.

Hey guys, i urgently need to build a wireless circuit using a simple on/off electromagnetic circuit that would drop a metal object when the circuit is switched off. i have a 12V dc powered electromagnet as well as RF receiver and transmitter pair. the receiver needs to be fitted with the electromagnet and i would be using 4.5v dc power supply for the receiver using 3x1.5V button cells. Kindly help me with circuit diagrams and/or a list of other components such as generic IC/ timer 555/ resistors, capacitors, etc. which would be needed for me to build the circuit. Thanks a lot.

Question by him1703    |  last reply

S.O.S. LED Flasher Schematic Diagram

'Hello everyone,I looking to find an electronic schematic of a small LED flasher circuit thatflashes an S.O.S. light code. 3 short flashes, 3 long flashes, and 3 short flashes, than a 5 or so second delay, than repeats.Hoping to us a 555 timer IC.This is for a science project for my 14 year old.HELP! Thanks.Anyone?'

Topic by mark liles    |  last reply

Help with an old circuit diagram, please?

Remember my inductor thread?Well, I'm getting closer to my project. The bulk of the device is to be based around an old transistor radio. I've got hold of one (a Phillips D1018/05, if it helps).Wonderfully, I opened the radio to find it has the circuit diagram stuck inside the back cover.Unfortunately, it's only half an inch high, so, I've scanned it.Now, I have a problem:The directions I am working with are vague:Try removing the Ferrite tuning coil and then replacing it with (another detecting component which I have, but if I name it the surprise will be lost) with a 12mH inductor connected in parralel.Spelling aside, I was happy with this, until I opened the radio and found that the antenna has four wires connected to it.So, I need a few answers:In the circuit diagram, which part is the ferrite tuning coil / antenna? I think it's part of the bottom-left corner of the diagram, but I need to confirm this.The four wires all disappear through the same hole, but one is stained blue and one red - which ones should I be dealing with?The component I am replacing the coil with is polarity-sensitive. The vendor was very careful to indicate the negative electrode - which way round should I connect it? I think I need to connect the negative of the component towards the bottom lead of the circuit diagram, but I want to make sure before I kill the component.I know these are potentially-noob questions, but this is my most expensive project so far, and some of the parts required subversion to acquire, so I don't want to mess it up.(If there's anything I've forgotten to ask / say, please let me know that as well. I'd rather not reveal the nature of the final project; it's not for a contest, but there's nothing like it on the site yet. If useful advice depends on knowing what the component is, then I will reveal it, but I'd prefer not to spoil the big unveiling.)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

Require wiring diagram for a usb mouse?

Hi, i have a genius usb mouse(Model "GM-03023U Made in china), its cable near the usb male end got cut off and i could'nt trace the connections back to the circuit board. It has 5 wires from the circuit board. the cable can be plugged off from the circuit borad and can be replaced with a new cable. but i can't find such a cable. so can any one help me how to solder the wires to a usb connector?

Question by jaga0692    |  last reply

quick release

   i am planning on making a quick release (like the one below). only one problem..... i don't know exactly how it works. can some one make a diagram showing how it works or make an instructable. i would like and appreciate any type of help but a diagram would be most helpful. thanks and well see what happens.

Topic by m5industriesinc    |  last reply

What is this circuit symbol? Answered

I'm wondering what Q22 is, I have never seen that before.

Question by T_T_    |  last reply

Wiring a 3 bulb lamp

I know this is basic, but I'm not familiar with wiring anything that could potentially burn the house down so I feel its better to ask. I'm wanting to wire up three lights to go over my basement workbench to all work on the same switch. The image shows what I planned to do, was just wondering if there an expert out there who could tell me if this is going to be safe? Would 60 watt bulbs ok?

Topic by REDnumber5    |  last reply

How do I read a circuit diagram?

I've been learning about robots and electronics for a while and can almost duplicate a circuit board if i see a regular picture of it, but I still have no idea how to read a daigram for a circuit.Anyone know of any legends that show how, or can tell me what all of the things stand for?

Question by INVADER SCOOGE    |  last reply

schematic diagram for e200 razor electric scooter

I have one diagram for my scooter but it is not like the wiring . Is there more than one diagram if so would like to have a copy or find out where i can obtain one

Question by halfstep    |  last reply

need circuit diagram for a sin wave inverter?

Good day honorable members pls can anyone help me i want to build an inverter and i need a circuit diagram for an 50Hz 24v to 220v sinwave inverter. Pls can anyone suply me with an circuit diagram for an 2KVA and a 5KVA inverter pls pls help me thank you in advance

Question by rahvin1223    |  last reply

Adding pink 5mm LED to Fritzing diagram?

Trying to make a diagram of my circuit I made for a Star wars model using Fritzing, but I can't figure out how to add a pink LED. Thanks.

Question by lifeofB    |  last reply

We're do wires go at in a diagram on a radio

We're do the yellow red and black wires go it's a jvc radio

Topic by Stormie6969    |  last reply

Application Diagrams for HHO Generator, Carborated Vehicles

Hi everyone. I'm new and don't know anything about these type forums. I am looking for Diagrams on how to hook up a Hydrogen Generator on my older Carborated Vehicle. If anyone has some or can direct me to where I can find some I would appreciate it. I'm trying to avoid paying for something that might not help me or that I can find without costs. Pylgram

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Please i need a circuit diagram for a project

I want a circuit diagram for a project. It was a YouTube video and he actually did a very quick connection part which was not clear to me. Well i don't know more about the circuits (i am 14) so i wanted somebody to design a clear diagram for me to make the connections. Contact me on my gmail id

Question by Nithin Umesh Anchan    |  last reply

are there any circuit diagrams for the laser trip mine??

I really need the circuit diagram for the laser trip mine because we're going to have it as our project. can you help me??? i don't have much knowledge about electronics, i'm just currently learning about it now. please.. thanks a lot...

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Help with an led circuit diagram for a lighting system

Hey Guys                   Im a technology  A-level student and i require help with the circuit side of my project as i am completely at a loss with respect to designing the diagrams and how they should function i am making a simple lighting system with three sets of 10 led boards could someone help me please Ps - in the uk its difficult to get some small components as i believe there is no uk  radio shack equivalent Thanks Oclane

Topic by oclane    |  last reply

i need an electronic circuit timer diagram

1.It must be electronic needs to have the ability to set somthing off like an alarm. must be small does not need a display needs seconds and hundreths of seconds must be programed electronically. like by a computer or somthing smaller.

Question by playpep    |  last reply

Can somebody draw me a diagram for a circuit? Answered

 I'm new to this and don't want  to burn down the house so here's the details the power source is 5v (USB) and it going to be power a led thats about the size of Abraham Lincoln's head on the Pennie just tell me what to insert from there that would be great!

Question by RelientOwl    |  last reply

Internal Schematic diagram of a flyback transformer(LOPT)

I am simulating the following model but i could not find the schematic of the flyback transformer what is actually inside the LOPT.. can anyone please provide me the same...

Question by kanni1303    |  last reply

n00b-Style Diagram for Stereo Headphones Circuit

Hey doods. A pair of headphones I have has a kinda short cord, and I want to make an extender for it. I have the 3.5 mm jack and the thing you plug it into, I just don't know how to connect everything up. The "thing you plug it into" I have has four little points on it, two being connect to the same thing. I suppose that's normal.I don't know really how to read circuits, so just make it look like "connect this wire to this terminal".Crap "Diagram":*stereo headphone jack*-----------*cord*---------*thing you plug it into*Thanks doods :D

Topic by Aeshir    |  last reply