iPod Nano 3rd gen haz DIED please help!

Yes, that's right. I'm unhappy about it. I turned it on, and it worked, turned it off, then 45 minutes later, it wouldn't turn on. IT wasn't dropped, banged, or touched. It wasn't EMP'ed or anything. IT won't turn on, it won't synch to my computer, and no the lock isn't on. It's about 18 months old. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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My fave LED just DIED!! Please help!!

My latest work involves one of those LED's that change color as they glow. I'm using a battery pack i ripped off of something because it has a switch pre installed. It holds 4 AA batteries. I've tried it with the LED in question before, and it worked just fine. I was testing it again after some assembly and BAM, twas dysfunctional. It glows very feebly. So I switched with my one back up LED. That one won't even light. What did I do wrong? Did I over power it? Where can I go to purchase a new LED of the color-changing type? How do I not kill this one?

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Ivan Dixon - A diverse actor of merit - age 76 died

Ivan Dixon: a short biographyAnd another more detailed accountLongtime friend and colleague Sidney Poitier said Dixon has left his mark on American film, television and theater.Ivan Dixon was an prolific television and film actor, who starred in Hogan's Heroes, and The Fugitive, in several episodes of The Twilight Zone including "I Am the Night” Color Me Black", "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", & "The Big Tall Wish", and the film Nothing But a Man; to mention but a few.The film -- depicted a railroad worker who fell in love with a minister's daughter and fought against racism in their Alabama town -- was his most meaningful role, Dixon said."That was me," Dixon said, "I had lived every moment. ... I was reliving my whole life on film."Dixon died on Sunday in Charlotte, N.C. He was 76.

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My dog died...

(sob) (cry) (sob) My dog died. My mom ran him over. He survived the accident but the surgery and other stuff would of been $4000. And there was a chance he wouldn't make it through. So me my mom and sister and dad (my dads away in California for my uncles wedding) decided to put him down. So it was a hard good by to my dog Sandy.Sorry no pictures.

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KITEMAN has died...

RANDOFO has exhaustion, NACHO has drowned, and GMJHOWE has dysentery (and measles. And cholera. Idk why it has a hate on for him, but it sure does...)>_<When I first saw that Nacho and Kiteman had died, I started to freak, then remembered it was just a cruddy little simulation.I gotta stop naming my trail buddies after people I know. It's too traumatic.You remember the ORIGINAL Oregon Trail, yes? Not the sissy versions with their fancy-pants "gui"s and "icons" - I mean the Real Gamer's OT. It's baaack! You can play it online and relive all those wonderful memories! Linky You probably already know about this one, but I'm sharing it anyway! :DWhether you name your people after enemies and drive them to the brink (as cameron says - Tiny meals, Grueling pace, and NO REST. MAN UP.), or name them after friends and loved ones and pamper them, there's just something about playing Oregon Trail...Which way do you play? Bataan death march, or 4 month exclusive get-away mobile spa for pioneers?There are a couple things I don't get about the game, however. Like what's with the "peperony and cheese"? And how come all the names are in all caps? You clicked on 992 lbs of this forum topic, but can only carry 100 lbs back to the wagon.

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R.I.P. Michael Jackson =(

Wow. The king has died. 50 years of excellent, ground breaking music has come to an end. Here, I am paying tribute to him as a mediocre fan. Discuss the life and times of MJ here, not sadly but in celebration of his life. Rest in peace, we will miss you!

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R.I.P Les Paul =(

Les Paul died today, August 13th. The legendary guitarist reached 94 years old before he passed away from respiratory faliure. The guitar, the best gibson guitar and the one that made the rock and roll sound all possible is his namesake, and yet he doesn't get nearly as much media coverage as Michael Jackson. Why? Michael Jackson didn't write most of his material, and Les Paul has revolutionised modern music as it is today. Quincy Jones made it all possible for the singer, and the one with talent who is much older and more talented barely gets a mention on the morning radio. Here, I pay homage to a fellow guitarist, and inspiration.R.I.P Les Paul! =(

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Mr Super Glue dies.

Harry Coover, accidental discoverer of Super Glue, has died in Tennessee, aged 94. Coover realised the adhesive potential of cyanoacrylate in 1951, when an assistant noticed that a piece of the material had firmly stuck two optical prisms together.

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Ray Bradbury has died.

Ray Bradbury, prolific and influential SF author, has died aged 91. His keynote book was "Fahrenheit 451", which portrayed a future world in which books are illegal, and for many years Bradbury refused to allow his books to be published in anything but paper formats (although he was eventually bullied into giving permission for digital publishing, Amazon UK does not currently sell any of his works for the Kindle). But, if you've never read any of his work, I'd start with Something Wicked This Way Comes*.  It's not SF, but it is powerful and disturbing (especially to a ten year old voracious reader). (*Other retailers are available.)

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Why flashing Laser Died?

I have a laser pointer from the dollar store which I have hacked to fit a usb cord. 3 button batteries came with the laser, so, I figure 4.5v is right. Then I was hacking a magnetic door alarm (siren when the magnet is away from it) Again- 3 batteries, so 4.5 v plus or minus x. The alarm hack is to provide pulsing DC when the magnet is spun in a drill past the reed switch in the alarm. So, I plugged the laser into the pulsing DC, and it worked for a while, then crapped out.Why did it die? slightly different v from different chemistry in the batteries?or from flashing?

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Little Gem MkII may have fried my ipod?

I`ve built and was testing a Little Gem Mk II amp on a breadboard and for audio signal input i used my ipod shuffle 2nd generation. What happened was that the output sounded very distorted ( probably too large of pin 1-8 bypass capacitors) before the ipod stoped working. For the first two times i pluged it to the pc the orange light came on steady, not blinking as expected. From the third time on i got no response at all. So, is the amp - and me - guilt of killing the ipod? (considering that it was 4~5 years old and may have died of natural causes)

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Lenovo laptop died!? Any ideas? Answered

I've got a "Lenovo Flex 2-15 Laptop" that recently just randomly shut down and died as if the battery and power was disconnected. I think this might have been caused by a faulty USB device drawing too much current. (specifically, a arduino-based gimbaled motor controller for camera stabilization on my quadcopter) When it was plugged in, the second I clicked to 'connect' to it via a GUI software interface for it, my computer instantly shut down. Since then it shows no signs of life. Any ideas what could have happened and why it does not boot? It appears to still be under warranty so I'll see what I can do. I really hope that bad things didn't happen. My gimbal still works, but I guess a glitch in the software on the gimbal caused a transient voltage spike or overload on the USB port and either tripped some sort of safety protection or even worse, the mobo failed. Maybe the 5V regulator in the laptop and the one in the gimbal didn't agree with eachother and got into a bit of a voltage war!?!?!? IDK. I have a sneaking suspicion that it is a faulty polyfuse between the battery and MoBo that's failed. The gimbal has a simple 5V 78m05 SMD regulator between the 12V lipo and 5V logic stuff. However the USB and 5V regulator share the same common connection. I think if something really bad happened, like the voltage regulator failing and dumping 12V into the USB port even for a short time, then I would expect the magic smoke to have escaped from the gimbal and the computer. From my experience, common AVR microcontrollers tend to fail pretty spectacularly with 12V. Since the gimbal still works, I am pretty confident that a low impedance 12V transient had not occurred. I think maybe the gimbal took too big a gulp of current and set off some sort of USB overcurrent protection. But I cannot open the thing, damn modern laptops don't even have removable batteries anymore GRRR! I'll file a warranty claim and see what happens, but does anyone have a better idea what could have gone wrong?

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My AXT died! What can I do? Answered

I was just experimenting with a 555 timer project connected to the 12V rail, i then hooked it up to the -12 and 3.3V rail, which worked for about 2 seconds then died. I checked the fuses and looked inside for any obvious signes of dammage but NOUTHING! Iwas only drawing 1/2 an Amp MAX. this is my 2nd PSU that died this way, and i'm looking for an aulturnitive, any ideas?

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Metals Used in the Manufacturing of Dies, and Craft Punches?

Does anyone happen to know, what metals are typically used in the craft punches, and dies, that are available through most craft retailers. These are most often used for paper crafts. Thanks in advance!

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My toshiba wont turn on, the battery died Answered

 i plugged the adapter in, and now the adapter is like making a tiny but high pitched whine. any clues smart masses??? thanks a ton!

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how di you make a deadmau5 led helmet?

Question by Dubbystepper 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

if an iPod battery dies, can it still be used in a charging base?

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kid died from drinking too much soda

Last day i read in an artical that this kid died from drinking too much soda. do you think is true or fulse?

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How can be back in bussiness all my died Versa Pak batteries?

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devo costruire un modellino di una torre a caduta libera come quella dei parchi di divertimento , come posso fare ?

Utilizzando un pic dei sensori e un motore, come posso fare ? help

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test a monitor power supply?

Hey there, My monitor just died and I do not know whether the monitor died or the power supply died. does anyone know how I can plug the monitor in and see ifi it still works? Westinghouse/ PTRANS(?) model:UP06511190 input 100-240v outout 19v/3.42a Jeff

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'02 pt cruiser engine died will not restart why?

While driving the engine made a clunk sound the car jerked then the engine died. it will not restart. it trys to turn over but will not fire. checked all fluids. everything was good. not sure what it is or where to go from here. any help would be appreciated

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So, a girl from our school died yesterday...

A girl from my school was hit by a car on friday. She was grievously injured and passed away after being in a coma on Monday night. Rest in peace.

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Macho Man Randy Savage Died - ooooooh noooooooo

Sad news , arguably one of the best pro wrestlers has died. no matter what you think about American pro wrestling (it is in fact "fake") Macho Man Randy Savage was a real entertainer. he new how to get a crowd going.  plus, if you grew up in the U.S. during the 80's/90's he was pretty much a pop culture icon that you couldn't ignore

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Creator of Bagpuss, Ivor, Clangers dies aged 83.

Oliver, dear Oliver,Creator of fat furry cat-pussWake up and look at this thing that we bringWake up, be brightBe golden and lightOliver, Oh hear what we singhttp://www.smallfilms.co.uk/http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7772620.stm

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Free energy from air ckt......Would this work?

I have to seen dis video on youtube... Wud dis work? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y_EotqAn1M&feature;=related

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Roger Boisjoly dies at 73; engineer tried to halt Challenger launch

The death of an Engineer of the highest calibre. http://www.latimes.com/news/obituaries/la-me-roger-boisjoly-20120207,0,2248999.story

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My car charger for my iphone died. Does anyone have plans for a homemade one.

All the ones sold in stores are made in china and i don't buy communist. i know the phone was made there.....?

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Build a Nintendo NES PC author hatsuli dies of cancer

It is with great sadness that I share the news of hatsuli, author of the Build a Nintendo NES PC, dying this August. He suffered from cancer for almost two years. His mother wrote to tell me that he was a great fan of the site and visited it everyday. hatsuli was a runner-up in the Use It Again! contest for his Nintendo PC, which is currently rated among the top 1% of all Instructables.

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Bob Pease is dead

Bob Pease, the Analog design engineer who, while working for National Semiconductors,  developed devices like the LM317 regulator amongst many others, died yesterday in a car crash in Silicon Valley. Bob was a legendary figure to any engineer working in the analog domain. He died leaving the memorial service for another legend, Jim WIlliams of Linear technology, who died of a massive stroke last week. Bob was one of the nicest guys in the business, and mentored dozens of engineers in his long career.

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Y Answered


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Lawn mower starts but dies right away did some carb work on it help?

this lawn mower is a American yard Power Pro 5 hp Quantum the mower starts fine but dies right away I did have the carb off and it looked fine I checked all the holes in it and they seemed open and fine,            I put it back together and still it does the same thing,  Help please this is my first time getting in to it to this degree. I am a electricain soI'm  not completely  unknolageable thank you

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New mower keeps dying

I bought a new 2 cycle lawn mower in the spring. It worked fine, then it starting dying. I unscrewed the gas cap screwed it back on. It worked fine for a few turns. Died again. Figured cap needed to be vented. Now it dies continuously. Need some suggestions.

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lawn mower keeps dying

Bought a new 2 cycle lawn mower in the spring. It worked fine, then it starting dying. I unscrewed the gas cap screwed it back on. It worked fine for a few turns. Died again. Figured cap needed to be vented. Now it dies continuously. Need some suggestions.

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RIP Mr. Wizard

Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, died of bone cancer in LA at age 89.

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Cucinare con Myra : materiale bikini Non più

In The Sound of Music , Julie Andrews ha cantato i versi di " Queste sono alcune delle mie cose preferite ", che comprendeva elementi come gocce di pioggia su rose e fasce di raso blu.Penso che quelli sono davvero gentile, sconto Costumi Bikini ma non sono le mie cose preferite. Per me include andare in spiaggia , alla ricerca di conchiglie e fare castelli di sabbia , soprattutto se il cielo è blu e il tempo non è troppo caldo. Sabato scorso è stato molto vicino alla perfezione , tranne che non era quella la costruzione dei castelli di sabbia . prezzo basso Costumi Bikini Taylor e ho guidato verso il SandFest annuale sulla spiaggia di Port Aransas .Ci sono stati incredibili scultori di sabbia provenienti da ogni parte degli Stati Uniti e anche altri paesi come il Canada , Paesi Bassi e California. Ci sono stati alcuni artisti incredibilmente talentuosi creando opere d'arte dal nulla , ma sabbia.Queste sculture erano di cose come draghi , ingrosso Costumi Bikini un ragazzo che somigliava a Bob Marley seduto su un bufalo , un elefante di grandi dimensioni e molto dettagliato , una sirena e anche un po castelli di sabbia . Questi progetti sono voluti almeno ogni due giorni per fare ed erano fino a 10 metri di altezza . E 'stato un po' difficile immaginare che questi capolavori sarebbero andati in pochi giorni , cadendo preda al vento o le onde o forse solo bulli locali che trovano gioia nel calciare sopra castelli di sabbia .Mentre camminavo lungo la spiaggia vedere in bikini donne di tutte le forme e dimensioni , ho chiesto a Taylor se avesse pensato che avrei potuto mai indossare un bikini di nuovo. sconto Costumi Bikini I suoi occhi leggermente allargata , ma non cambiare la sua espressione del viso o addirittura parlare. Io non mi considero in sovrappeso, ma io sono 51. Forse negli anni hanno preso un tributo leggera sul mio fisico . Taylor non sembrano in grado o disposti a rispondere alla mia domanda , ma semplicemente guardando fuori attraverso la vasta distesa dell'oceano , come se non avesse sentito me a causa del suono delle onde che si infrangono , nonostante il fatto che è stata una giornata abbastanza calma.Ci sono alcune cose che dovrebbero accadere se dovessi indossare un bikini. prezzo basso Costumi Bikini Il primo e più importante, vorrei essere da qualche parte lontano, così ho potuto avere la certezza che non avrei visto nessuno che conoscevo.Il mio amico , Janet , non poteva esserci perché è come un Fashion Police che dice che le donne della nostra età non dovrebbe nemmeno indossare camicette senza maniche, perché le nostre braccia non sono più le parti più lusinghieri del nostro corpo .

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This girl recently died at my school, You may have heard.

It is Really bad when you feel you have to carry a weapon. This girl and her two younger siblings and father recently died, by her father, and people started a rumor that i was making fun of her and her family after the tragedy, i wasn't, that is just messed up, it is even more messed up how you cannot walk around and feel safe at school, and people want to kick your ass for something you didn't do. I didn't even know the girl or her family and i felt bad. People are mean.You may have heard about it on the news. http://www.q13fox.com/pages/news_story_landing_page/?Memorial-Service-Thursday-For-Slain-Chil=1&blockID;=258526&feedID;=144

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How do i remove write protection from a microsd disk?

Question by Adriana15 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

what HD videocam is best for zooming up to long distances?


Question by cons11 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago


WAZZUP yo's! Dis is da place ta just hang out an annoy peeps!

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why is it possible to collect oxygen by upward displacement of air?

Preparation and properties of oxygen lab questions 

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help my kinroad sahara has died how to i fix it?

Hi everyone ive got a 2006 kinroad sahara 250cc. i was driving it today and all of a sudden it misfired a couple of times and started dying on me. i pulled over to the side of the road and then the engine conked out. i got it home and put in a brand new spark plug and tried to start her up but it sounds as if theres no petrol getting to the engine the fuel filter is nice and clear but im out of ideas can anyone help me ???

Question by phil3012 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

My actuator died after just 2 months. Was the relay the villain?

I set up a linear actuator on a timer with a relay and 12 Volt 5 Amp battery exactly like to project you show on your site. It worked like a champ for about 2 months the stopped. I thought maybe the battery need a recharge but that wasn't the issue. When the switch opens and remains open the red light on top of the relay remains on. I keep the door open for about 4 hours in the morning then it closes. It opens again for about 4 hours before dusk then closes again until the next morning. My concern is that the red light on the relay is indicating that the switch is on continuously sending electricity to the actuator. After 2 months it just fried the actuator.  I took apart the actuator and it looks like its brand new with no black spots on the copper wires. I'm hoping I just have a bad actuator.

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How can I find out whether there was a flu epidemic in Philadelphia in 1935-37? Answered

My grandmother died *way* before I was born, and I know very little about her. She's said to have died in a flu epidemic in Philadelphia sometime around 1936, but I haven't been able to find any information on a flu epidemic there at that time. Any thoughts or ideas on how I could chase it down?Thanks.(Note: I have plenty of information on the Great Flu Epidemic of 1918. Since my father was born in 1926, I'm pretty sure that the 1918 epidemic is not the one my grandmother died in.)

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Long Live the Thriller R.I.P Michael Jackson

Unfortunately, today famous 80's pop star Michael Jackson, famous for songs "Beat it", "Bad," and "Thriller" died today of cardiac arrest. He was found in his home not breathing. There was a failed attempt at CPR, where was was soon announced dead. R.I.P. 1958 - 2009

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Buon Giorno Sono istruttore di tico con l'arco volevo applicare questo esempio sul raiser ma purtroppo non riesco a farlo funzionare unllego PDF per verificare i punti di controlloSpero in una vostra risposta Luigi Andreoni

Question by LuigiA12 7 months ago

My Xbox hard drive died! I need help digging me out of this pit! Answered

I have the eeprom, I have copies of the E and C drives, I just need help starting over!  Please, if this doesn't get fixed my brother is going to hate me for ruining our xbox!  (Original xbox)

Question by furrysalamander 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Will this work? Answered

My electric scooter batteries died and they are two twelve volt batteries, can i use three nine volts instead or will the batteries die to fast?  

Question by D5quar3 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago