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On diesel and gasoline automobiles.

I will get a new used car soon, and am torn on an old diesel 1973 Mercedes and a gasoline 1985 Volvo sedan. A diesel to me is obviously better: more torque, easier to repair, lasts long, but I live in Vermont. And in Vermont, diesel turns to jelly, but I am prepared to deal with it. A gasoline engine, on the other hand, is faster, not what I need, and has less torque. It also stays good in the cold. I would turn the diesel into a veggie, to me that is a great benefit. The thing that keeps me from the diesel Mercedes is the law, you can't by a new diesel, and I can't find where it says I can't by a used diesel. Also, how hard would it be for me to convert to veggie, to get veggie fuel, clean it, and to heat the fuel for winter? There are many diesel stations just sitting around where I live, so that is always an option. Why do I even ask? Because a gasoline would be so much more convenient for me. A Volvo is a perfect choice if I want an easy to use, get up and go car. A Diesel would make me wait for a couple of minutes before I go anywhere. Of course, the final decision of the car I will buy will be totally remodeled into a newly painted, shnaztastic, car with all the means to repair on the road. When I start this summer, I will keep you posted, every step of the way. Post a comment or email me at

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Petrol/diesel still separator

Ok so is any one game to make a basic still that will evaporate petrol into vapor and then reform via cooling into petrol? Where a vehicle that runs on diesel has been filled with petrol, this device could save $1000's. No spark or naked flame to a 100 degree max temp will be safe. there's a challenge! PS garages will give you this stuff for free.

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A source for a small Diesel engine?

I'm doing a science fair project about algae biofuels, and was looking for a small, tabletop, less then 70 lb diesel engine. Oh, and cheap would be nice too :D.

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veg oil as diesel fuel? Answered

With th' price of diesel fixin' to skyrocket in th' forseeable future ,  what would need to be done in order to use cookin' oil (brand new ,  straight from th' supermarket) in my cars tank ? I don't think it makes a difference ,  but I need to be sure I wont damage th' injectors or fuej pump or anything else by dumpin' a few bottles of rape seed oil in and runnin' it !!

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How can you convert small diesel engine to run on vegatable oil?

I am just starting to learn this so I need the basics. Thank you.

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Can diesel be separated from petrol?

​this is a reply to my last question as for some strange reason I can't reply and leave a comment to the thread. ok thanks to those replies,  I am in oz and the reason I've asked is due to free diesel that has been contaminated with petrol being offered to myself. So, given I have free fuel I am prepared to treat, separate, spend some $ on in trying to produce diesel and petrol separate. I have looked at a continuous separation distill unit but I don't know how it works and the safety factor, don't want to make a bomb! Other ideas are leave the diesel out in sun and evaporate petrol(not so good for environment and water getting in diesel) or add oil to mix. Most of the fuel mix is majority petrol and minority diesel, although exact ratios are unknown. I have run my lawn mower on it quite well so given that it is mostly petrol, can I either;1. Add more petrol pure to further dilute the diesel. 2. Add an octane booster to over come the diesel influence. And specific comments and answers appreciated

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DIY Diesel Motorcyle, "Die-Moto"

This was built by a bay area group just a bridge away from Instructables HQ. It's the world's fastest diesel motorcycle.  Sounds like it's time for us to establish Instructables Racing! Anyone got a spare engine? Die Moto

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Diesel/petrol mix in old engine?

I can't seem to respond to messages on answers? Help admin?  ​thanks cyber for you comprehensive answers. I have since put in hi octane fuel as my car started running bad and then stopped due to, I believe, the diesel sitting in the bottom of the tank and now being the majority fuel source. The hi octane fuel got me going but only at idle speed, no acceleration. I got home. It's like it floods when I try to accelerate from un burnt diesel. According to your post above, hi octane fuel makes it worse. I will drain and leve for lawn mower, which works well. That bring me to another possible use. An old engine,carby with not cat converter and 10percent diesel? Yeah I know, give it up. I guess what I would really be happy with is, what can I use a diesel/ petrol mix fuel for?

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Wanted: Diesel Mercedes, east coast

I'm looking for an old diesel Mercedes that someone will sell to me for under $2k. It needs to be working and drivable. I live in North Carolina, but am willing to drive for a decent car. There are a few I'm looking at, but I thought I'd ask here. If any of you know of someone selling anything decent let me know. Thanks! -DMC

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Bio-Diesel production by products, what do you do with them?

I have seen some folks hawking their books for DIY Home Made Bio-Diesel.  Ok, it can be done but what do you do with the byproducts, i.e. the initial sluge produced when titrating the primary oil with lye, then washing the resulting oil with water to titrate out the soap?  It seems to me a lot of work and mess to deal with.

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Belarus Tractors-cold weather starting information?

Thank you for taking my question.  I purchased a Belarus tractor model 525 (65 hp. 4wd) new in 1990.  Although the tractor came equipped with glow plugs, they burned out shortly after I purchased the tractor.  I replaced the glow plugs again and they also didn't last long.  I then installed a block heater which heats the water and also a small heater from Wolverine company which actually glues on externally to the bottom of the oil pan.  Now although these products help somewhat, I was wondering if any of my good Instructable friends have had similar problems with these types of tractors and how they eliminated the problem.  The two heater items while they help, require several hours if not overnight to work.  Other than the cold weather starting problem this has been a good solid tractor.  In closing, I know these tractors are made in Belarus/Russia where the temps are far more severe than here in Southeast Missouri so I know there must be a solution.  One last thought, cold weather for these tractors is defined as any temp. below 60 degrees F.  Thanks, Debra Kay  

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Common problems with 1985 VW golf diesels? Answered

Hello Instructables community! The time has come for me to terrorize the streets with my driving skillz! (I say "Skillz" jokingly) I'm looking for a car, and found a good condition 1985 VW Golf Diesel on Craigslist. The owner says it gets 42-47mpg, and, being an old diesel I believe it. But I was wondering if there are any common problems with Golfs of that age? Anything I should be worried about when buying one? Thank you in advance!

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how to make your own diesel engine?

 i want to know how do we construct a diesel engine and what is its working

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where to get e book for diesel engine installation and repair?

I want some download able books or manuals which can clarify or describe the installation or assembly of a truck diesel engine especially for Mercedes trucks. 

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Could i convert an air compressor into a Diesel Engine ??

I've heard its possible to convert a small compressor into a diesel engine ?? could someone post some info on how to do this or point me in any direction ??

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Mini heather-stove-combustion chamber for diesel fuel droplet

Hi word! I like to find if there is a project, or  it is made already, a mini  stove, gravity filled diesel fuel, droplet, which burn with blue flame. Not bigger than a alcohol stove made out from pepsi - bier can. Appreciated any answer about this topic. Kresimir Pregernik

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Cost of living? Answered

We drive a Jetta Diesel. TDI. Fuel here in Canada is now over $5.00 a gal. and although we get 50 + miles per gal. we are wondering what cooking oil we can directly pour into the fuel tank. We have heard that someone in England is doing it, as gas over there is $12. + a gal. Has anyone had any experience. Many years ago the VW company said that if not able to get diesel, get some peanut oil. Any thoughts?

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Can a diesel run on 2stroke fuel/be supplemented with 2 stroke fuel mix? Answered

Hi all can a diesel run on 2stroke fuel mix if the 2stroke oil was added to the petrol in heavy enough quantities so that 1. It off set the octane rating of the petrol so that it acted like diesel? 2. It was blended with diesel to supplement the mix?  The reason I ask is that there is a lot of mistakes made at the fuel pump with people putting fuel in diesel and I was wondering if the petrol was know, that a measured amount of 2stroke oil was added that this would solve the problem, rather than the expensive issue of towing, draining and repairs? I have had this experience and drained most of the petrol and then added motor oil to the new diesel to help lubricate and no dramas. Positive comments please.

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can a 25hp diesel engine power a 25kw alternator to power a 15kw motor?

I have a 25hp china single cylinder diesel engine and a 25kw alternator of 80% power efficiency.  I have a 15kw electric motor attached to a vegetables oil expeller that I want to power. Can I use the 25hp diesel engine to power the 25kw alternator to get 15kw out of it to power the 15kw motor?

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how to get JP-8 or diesel fuel off clothing? Answered

I got a rucksack that has JP-8 spilled on it. It wont fit in a washer and im not breaking it apart to make it fit.  Any suggestions. I have heard that coke will take it off, but i dont want it to be sticky.

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Eco-Tax in SADC and the economic gain of Bio-diesel engines

I am assuming we are all aware of what is ongoing with the whether. I propose we put our minds and resources together to switch every car and auto-mechanic in SADC into renewable energy. I have not yet worked out what would happen to all the fossil fuels that may be left untouched because of this probably send everything into orbit or outer-space with all of the Landfills. Then terra-forming it into a Tropical Jungle.

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what are the various possible design to use an old diesel car engine to generate power to power a load?

What are the various possible design to use an old diesel car engine to generate power to power a load?

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What are some good designs for a go-kart that has a diesel engine?

Frame, body, lights, brush gaurd, and anything else i got ideas but i want some more to make a really cool go-kart

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With a VW Golf CL TDi, what does the CL stand for?

With a VW Golf CL TDi, what does the CL stand for?

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My Appleseed Processor (for making biodiesel)

I just built my first appleseed prototype. What d'you guys think?So, for the sake of discussion... What's the general attitude in the instructables community towards biofuels in general? Who here's boycotting ethanol? If so, are you boycotting all ethanol, or just ethanol made from food-crops? Who else on i'Bles makes biodiesel? -DMC

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algae+ chicken manure how to get rid of parasites and bugs, and bio diesel?

Ok so i was wondering if any of you algae growers out there have ever tried fertilizing with chicken manure and if you have found the gross bugs/ parasites/ oil crap on top/gross things, and how you got around that i tried boiling the manure in water for ten minutes to kill the stuff but it didnt seem to work? ok so ive heard of the chemical way of making bio diesel but is there any way to make bio diesel or bio gasoline or bio ethonal without nasty chemicals from the oil straight from the algae press. Im 16 and my parents dont want me to have harsh chemicals nor do i have the money to go buy them. thanks

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Hello I am looking for the most accessible, cheapest, hottest burning, most efficient fuel and maybe even environmentally friendly. And what would be already in my house(and NO I AM NOT MODIFYING MY NATURAL GAS PIPES).So post what you think. I usually burn fuels in those little pop can stoves, and in my pyrotechnics. Thats Not My Stove. But Its VERY similar.

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Scottish Island Stays off Grid - replaces diesels with 95% Green resources.

The Scottish island of Eigg (pronounced "Egg") has never had mains electricity, and has had to rely in expensive diesel generators for the power they do use.Devices that require 24/7 supplies, such as fridges, have been an unknown luxury.Today, though, that all changes:A renewable energy supply giving the Isle of Eigg power 24-hours-a-day has come online for the first time.The £1.6m system for the island in the Small Isles between Skye and the Ardnamurchan peninsula uses a mix of hydro, wind and solar power.It has been designed to generate more than 95% of Eigg's annual energy demand and is backed up by a battery storage system and two diesel generators.Residents have previously relied on diesel generators and hydro schemes.The dream of green power has taken 10 years to realise. A total of 45 households, 20 businesses and six community buildings on the island are linked together by six miles of buried cable that forms a high voltage network.The whole project was organised by the community themselves - at the switch-on ceremony (in the local tea shop), the island's children gathered round a candle-lit map of the island and blew the candles out as the power came on.Before the switch-on:homes were powered by diesel, wind or hydro-generatorselectricity was unreliable and restricted to certain hourssome residents went without washing machines and vacuum cleanersthe noise from the generators could be heard for milesDiesel was delivered by boat but services sometimes cancelledBBC News storyBBC Magazine article, with comments.

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How to obtain used cooking oil from a fast food restaurant.

With today's rising fuel costs, and the promise of homemade or readily available "biodiesel" for diesel engines, I was wondering if someone could make an instructable on how to get used cooking oil from a restaurant- most likely of the fast food variety. Used cooking oil is in excess in these restaurants yet it is a valuable resource to be recycled in diesel engines.

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My Biodiesel Blog

For anyone who might be interested I have started a blog about my biodiesel projects, hereFor anyone interested in my biodiesel instructables:Make an appleseed processor.Make biodiesel.

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DIY Plug-In Hybrid Pickup Truck

Hi everyone, For a while, I've had this as my "back-burner" project. I'm trying to really get going on it now. It's an Open Source, DIY, Plug-in Diesel/Electric Hybrid Pickup truck. That's really a mouthful, so I'm just calling it the "SuperTruck" project, until I can come up with a better name. The entire concept is that it is a parallel hybrid, which you can charge from the wall, and it has a diesel engine that can run on diesel, bio-diesel, and possibly veggie oil. Either the engine OR forklift motor will be able to propel the vehicle. (Meaning that it will have a dedicated EV mode.) The driver can manually decide to run it on diesel, electric, or both depending on the driving situation. The mechanicals are relatively simple. It uses a manual transmission (rather than a CVT or planetary gearing.) In theory, this will be a project than any advanced grease monkey will be able to duplicate. I'm not much of a car guy, but I have learned quite a bit working on my electric motorcycle, electric car, and experimenting with running my car as a hybrid. Here's a YouTube playlist of what I've got going so far. For the latest on this project, please visit the page for it on my blog: I'll definately need help on this project, so please tell all your friends about it!

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Does anyone know a cool design for a go-kart?

Frame designs that can hold a diesel engine and a paint job and cool accessories 

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TITLE- ALTERNATIVE FUELS can biodiesel and ethanol completely replace gasoline and diesel as alternative fuels?

What are the byproducts of combustion of ethanol and biodiesel? what are pros and cons of using biodiesel and ethanol as alternative fuels?

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What does a C02 Progam Engine Module do? Answered

I have a Dodge 2500 5.9 Six Cylinder Diesel and have a recall on C02 Reprogam Engine Module. What did this do?

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3D Scanning a Locomotive

I know nothing about 3D scanning so hope to find suggestions here. I have a large object I wish to scan and import into Rhino 3D and eventually cut (1:120 scale) on my tabletop CNC mill. The diesel locomotive upper nose has compound curves in its shape. The red rectangles in the illustration mark the area of the locomotive that is difficult to reproduce accurately in a drawing. It is this area I would like to scan. Is there a scanning system somewhere in instructables that is capable of scanning this large area of the diesel locomotive? If so, please point me to it. Thanks much.

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I am looking for a used open top life boat with a running diesel engine. I live in Central Texas.

Looking for something inside texas, ie Houston, gluf coast, etc.

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how we make a flying car?

I want to make a flying car .which is don,t powered by fule like petrol or diesel .i want to powered it by gases fule.and it must be able to substense my load .

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how do i do an easy dual battery for cold starts on a 1982 mercedes diesel (300sd turbo)?

I was hoping that the replacement battery would be charged by the alternator by wiring as if i was being jumped... is this possible

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How to limit the electromagnetic valve current?

I know that the current is given by the voltage divided by the resistance.The resistance of the coil in the solenoid valve should be very small.In that case, if the voltage is applied directly, will the current be very large? For example, the voltage of 12V, the coil resistance of the solenoid valve is 1 ohm, is the current of this solenoid valve 12A? I wanted to build a simple model similar to a single-cylinder diesel engine, with solenoid valves to simulate piston motion and provide a compression resistance and push out power.

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Why does an internal combustion engine have to run on liquid fuel?

I have a full knowledge of how petrol and diesel engines work so I know that it is far easier to get a liquid fuel into the combustion space than it would be a solid fuel. However this does not mean that that it would be impossible to introduce a solid chemical fuel broken down into a light powder. The problems would be to identify a suitable fuel and its costs. It would obviously be necessary to dispose of combustion by-products with minimal polluting effects. Does anyone have thoughts on this or do you think its a non starter? I would appreciate any thoughts. Bean

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Hydrogen Boosters for ICE's.

I've been reading quite a bit about hydrogen boosters for vehicle motors ( gas and diesel )on the internet. Seems like there's some debate about whether they are effective. They are a bit pricey. Does anyone know of any DIY plans to make such a booster?

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Jet Engine Help!!! how to make a safe jet engine that works on diesel ??? can it attain the speed of 90 kmph ????

I am planning to build a jet engine . i want it to be safe and powerfull  ... please do help me in suggesting a method!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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