What's the difference? Answered

I looked at the Loopin' Lizard instructions and it said not to use standard k'nex ball, what gives?

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Something different...

I've decided to try something different, and document a project as I go along.Constructive comments and suggestions (here or in the Instructable's comments) would be welcome.https://www.instructables.com/id/EKFXGCQF4JLEE6Z/?ALLSTEPS

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Guides are different!

I've just released a new version of the site. The main difference is in how Guides are handled. We've changed them so the Instructables referenced in them are linked directly, where previously the Guide simply contained links in the text. Aside from allowing any updates made, or changes of picture, to be immediately picked up, this change also lets Guides be created more easily.  It's also a prerequisite for another feature we're preparing… which I can't tell you about quite yet!

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whats the difference between all the 8pin attinys? Answered

I just cant find it, and yet i see  "attiny45" "attiny85" "attiny13" "attiny25" and some others all over the net, theyr all 8pin. what exactly is the difference? and can i use a C++ program for an attiny45 on a attiny13 without modifications? and if not, what do i need to alter? couse i want to make a stealth USB caps lockers (macetech.com/blog/node/46#comment-834) but i only have attiny13 lying around. i also like the blinking, singing, marioman (www.instructables.com/id/Marioman/)  but that also uses a different attiny...

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What is the work done in shifting a charge of 2 Coulombs from pt A having potential +10V to pt B having a potential -5V? Answered

How will we calculate the potential difference? I'm not sure but I think the potential difference across AB is 5V.

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Arduino help

Hi guys! So, i saw the LED cube experiment and decided that i would try one myself. Although i can definitely say i am a newbie when it comes to microcontrollers, i still would like to try and understand them. I am planning on making a 4*4*4 or 5*5*5 cube, and dump the programs that the various users have submitted.  Now, most of the instructables have not specified which arduino board they used, few have, and those who did, each his own. My questions are: What are the differences between them? I mean, i saw a Due, Fio, Leonardo, Uno, Duemilanove etc etc.  Are they interchangeable?  Secondly, which one is better to use for the cube project? Or all the one and the same? Personally, in my area, Duemilanove is pretty cheap. Third, i would really love to understand the basics of arduino, and also learn to program it. So, if anyone have any good site or tutorial or other resources for a COMPLETE newbie like me, please do point out!  Thanks! :)

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What Is the Difference Between a Challenge and a Contest?

Does anybody know the difference between a contest and a challenge? It has been driving me crazy! I saw a forum that said they wanted to create a challenge. Is it possible to create a challenge?

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Contests vs. Challenges - what the what??

Hey gang! It has come to my attention that there is confusion about the difference between contests and challenges.  And believe me, we understand - we're still hammering out the details ourselves!  So I'm going to be super candid, and give you a glimpse "behind the curtain." The main difference as we see it is: Contests are pre-determined and often sponsored by awesome folks like Radio Shack or Singer.  They take more planning, and are usually open for longer periods of time.  Typically the amount of prizes given away is much greater than in challenges. Challenges are determined by the editors who run them, often on a whim, or you know, for fun.  Challenges are completely built and managed by said editors, so sometimes the html looks funky or things don't always go as smoothly as the well-constructed architecture we have in place for contests.  (I'm still learning html!)  They're meant to be smaller in scope, faster, and have a different prize structure (the more entries, the better the swag) than contests. Challenges started as an experiment.  They are labor intensive to run and maintain (I'm still working on building a system for tracking old challenges and winners).  Everything happens by hand.  Sometimes the rules change, and sometimes the pages look different.  We're still experimenting with the best way to do these so we can set standards for them. And once we know that this "experiment" has been successful, we can try and lean on the development team for some support to make it all look (and run) much better! The distinction between the phrases "Contest" and "Challenge" is new.  You may notice that some of our Contest banners still say Challenge on them.  We were originally calling contests "Challenges," and the editorial experiments "Speed Challenges."  But then there seemed to be some confusion about whether or not the projects submitted to "Speed Challenges" had to be speedy themselves, and then some of the challenges needed to run for a month or more due to their theme (hard to build a robot in a week!), so we scrapped the "Speed" part.  Eventually we settled on differentiating the two simply as "Contest" and "Challenge."  There's even more debate about identifying the challenges with the editors running them, vs calling them "Weekly" challenges (which we know can be a misnomer), and lots more.  You probably didn't need to know all that. Anyway. Please do feel free to use this space to vent your frustrations, offer your suggestions, and ask for clarification.  Just today I mistakenly swapped the terms challenge and contest in our daily meeting, so I feel your pain.  And really, we just want to make you guys happy.

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Total Views Count - 12/08/2010

Firstly, sorry about the lack of updates to this group of late. I accepted a job working for steveastrouk and lizzyastro and started 2 months ago. After moving house I was slow to get my internet set up again. Anyway, it's working now, so now I'm back I should be around a lot more. You can have a look at a few of the things I've been up to since moving on my blog. Group-wise, since the last update I posted to this group HQ have rolled out the baseball card update so you can see your total views instantly on your profile. While that makes this group less useful I hope people will still want to pop by each update to see how much their total has increased since the last run. This update also means that my Perl script to fetch the stats now takes 30 seconds instead of 3 hours as it has to load less than 100 pages instead of 1000s, so I can run it more often! I will be running it weekly now, every Thursday after work. Expect the patches to keep coming! So here are the results for this run. Interestingly Scoochmaroo and DJRadio have negative gains, I'm guessing from changes to the way guides work. Instructabler 15/05/2010 01/06/2010 15/06/2010 12/08/2010 Gain canida 3,196,243 3,255,943 3,296,740 3,454,290 157,550 scoochmaroo - - 4,009,488 2,471,778 -1,537,710 Kiteman 1,455,778 1,477,354 1,495,148 1,578,967 83,819 Tool Using Animal 1,339,055 1,366,778 1,382,570 1,442,084 59,514 Plasmana       1,438,782   killerjackalope 721,763 734,416 763,652 852,333 88,681 gmjhowe 743,801 753,871 763,151 836,079 72,928 SaskView - - 655,899 725,035 69,136 lemonie 591,001 601,737 614,045 660,515 46,470 PKM 648,766 656,805 663,391 465,407 -197,984 mikey77       432,017   ChrysN - 379,842 388,125 428,234 40,109 laxap 275,235 283,047 305,706 366,018 60,312 Spl1nt3rC3ll - 242,954 246,237 258,207 11,970 depotdevoid - 222,694 229,477 251,503 22,026 KentsOkay 207,042 209,715 212,097 221,594 9,497 ModMischief - - 179,266 191,480 12,214 Doctor What 175,023 177,233 179,116 189,010 9,894 Jayefuu 148,468 153,747 157,237 187,432 30,195 reukpower 61,096 74,363 85,426 183,884 98,458 AngryRedhead 124,911 131,186 134,771 149,075 14,304 comodore     138,196   Lithium Rain 195,250 198,986 203,001 127,511 -75,490 yokozuna 119,854 121,104 122,166 127,209 5,043 Lynne Bruning 101,396 103,489 104,773 112,837 8,064 Kaelessin       111,887   Ninzerbean 70,748 73,330 78,394 104,910 26,516 bertus52x11 - - 75,894 92,053 16,159 Hiyadudez 66,425 69,878 73,804 90,361 16,557 thermoelectric 70,675 72,733 74,462 82,008 7,546 BrittLiv - 50,922 68,817 78,850 10,033 Goodhart 67,133 68,296 69,342 75,368 6,026 DJ Radio 113,960 116,022 117,654 73,557 -44,097 janw - - 52,517 64,739 12,222 RavingMadStudios - 29,226 30,355 47,866 17,511 Killer%7ESafeCracker - 35,014 36,196 44,124 7,928 MichelMoermans - 19,027 19,679 42,124 22,445 TNEN - - 37,578 40,483 2,905 kelseymh 36,354 36,950 37,559 39,605 2,046 Sunkicked     37,666   Berkin - 32,683 33,520 34,999 1,479 knuckel - 15,725 16,927 22,273 5,346 m6233555m     21,831   Shadowman39 16,442 17,524 18,292 21,815 3,523 The Ideanator     20,964   artificialintelligence - - 15,821 17,557 1,736 plane phanatic 227,946 230,853 233,167 17,044 -216,123 Rsbarr96       16,765   Derin - 14,927 15,203 16,709 1,506 zascecs 13,110 13,564 13,857 14,864 1,007 MotaBoi - 9,180 9,990 14,595 4,605 steveastrouk - - 11,793 14,121 2,328 tombuckey - - 12,350 13,751 1,401 knexsuperbulderfreak - - 11,039 12,026 987 nickodemus - 8,378 9,812 11,780 1,968 TSC       11,494   uberdum05     10,386   NachoMahma 9,329 9,405 9,472 9,823 351 kcls - 5,144 5,709 9,500 3,791 masterochicken 7,764 7,941 8,085 8,864 779 peguiono       8,484   Legofanatic     8,227   acidbass - 4,721 5,076 6,545 1,469 qazwsx755 - - 2,155 6,063 3,908 Kryptonite 3,319 3,888 4,099 4,876 777 lizzyastro - - 1,464 4,192 2,728 zero.gx       4,009   megametal8 - 1,395 1,597 2,603 1,006 moocowdog     2,337   Jimmy Proton     819   RNB - - 345 542 197 dombeef       360   shadon       186   randomguy65     91   tbcross 0 0 0 0 0 yo man 0 0 0 0 0 NachoTest01 0 0 0 0 0 hempnecklacestore 0 0 0 0 0 leafydave     0   Sketch98       0 0 daniel benny     0 0 SteveastroUK - 10,535 11,793    

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different to wear a scarf?

I have various scarves but not sure how they should be worn? Looking for different ways to wear a scarf.

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LEGO Difference Engine

 Babbage never got a chance to build his difference engine. Ironically it is considered one of the most advanced and is arguably the most famous of these old mechanical computers. One was eventually made in 1991  for the Science Museum in London. Don't live in London? Too far to drive? Well, no worries, Andrew Carol has built a working difference engine from LEGO's and with a kind donation of server space from Steve Wozniak, he's posted a very detailed explanation of his project so you can build one too! acarol.woz.org/

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A different kind of Turbine

Check out this new design for a wind turbine.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7827044.stm

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Different Name for the contest

They should call the contest the "What can you make out of an altoids tin contest." Anybody have any other ideas for alternate names?

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Different Modes and Arduino?

Hello! I had a question.  I want to have like 5 buttons and every time I press one button it runs a certain block of code over and over until I press another button. This way I can have different modes etc. mode 1, mode 2. . . Can somebody help me with the code please? Thanks

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Woah, everything's different

Well, I've been gone for about 5 days (family vacation) without internet and a bunch of stuff is different... what all has changed? if someone asked this before, soory, it's just that I don't feel like sifting though 5 days worth of forums... Oh, and neat thing! My cousin, Eric G (don't feel like spelling his last name) knows someone here! He saw me wearing an instructables shirt and he says he has a friend who is on here. He says that his screen name is muffin or something... possibly T3h_Muffinator?

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What's the difference between these two....?

What's the difference betwen these teo types of LED christmas lights? What effect would the "flat head" versus the "dome" head have?

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Same Same...but Different

Two years ago I spent my fall semester in Vietnam.  While shopping in the markets I often heard the phrase "Same Same...but Different".  This usually referred the knock-off North Face bags (mine fell apart after a month) and designer sunglasses that were, according to the vendors, just as good as the real thing, but a little different.  Although knock-off often has a bad connotation associated with it, it really just means same same but different. What types of things have you encountered in your everyday life that you've thought, "hey this is just like this other thing I tried"? examples... - the perfume I wear smells just like this designer perfume that is 3x more expensive - this bands has a similar sound to this band; they're a little less known but their music is just as awesome! - the city I live is a smaller/larger version than this other city I visited you got the idea

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Fish Cams with a difference

I've just posted my 1st instructable :) which is a Fish speed trap I've installed in my aquarium. I'm tempted to install a Speed camera as well but that will take some time to figure out lol.The interactive site is called Burp the Frog (for obvious reasons lol)

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Jonas done different?

So I was looking for a few alternatives to the Jonas secretary desk when I realized that there's a possible hack here for something thats MUCH stronger and modular.  Should be perfect if you ensure that the measurement is correct for someone sitting at it... Has anyone tried to do a foldout shelf from a effektiv?  If not, maybe I'll have to attempt this from the as-is section...

Topic by falconers 

different voltages for leds?

Leds on ebay,at different online shops and,found in old electronics.can any led work with say, 12 volt car power,[dc, with the appropiate resistors]disconnect it and hook it up to ac house[again,with the appropiate resistors]current?should i look for certain voltages sources when buying or just strive for the voltage the led calls for?also,is 12 volt dc car power the same as 12 volt computer power?the fans and such on computers [as far as i can tell]run on 12 volts.might seem like a silly question,but then i'm REALLY not very conversant with all this led tech.in other words,can i run an led off any[ac or dc]current as long as i use the correct resistor?thanks for schooling me on this.i'll be forever gratefull

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Babbage difference engine No. 2 now operational

Moon-mad steampunk engineers have constructed Charles Babbage's Difference Engine No. 2 from the master's original plans. It is now on display at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., after being completed last month. "The first complete Babbage Engine was completed in London in 2002, 153 years after it was designed. Difference Engine No. 2, built faithfully to the original drawings, consists of 8,000 parts, weighs five tons, and measures 11 feet long. We invite you to learn more about this extraordinary object, its designer Charles Babbage and the team of people who undertook to build it. Discover the wonder of a future already passed. A sight no Victorian ever saw."Online Exhibit

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solar panels of different voltage (.5 off)

made a usb charger and have 3 solar panels to use. 1x   5.5v 320ma 2x  6v 250ma right now i have them in parallel charging my usb device.  do the 6v panels draw current away from the 5.5v? would it be more efficient to just use the 6v's?

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Are the JY MCU and the HC 05 bluetooth module the same?

If not, how are they different? do they works with all android phones? what librabries or software do i use for controlling these with arduino???

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How can I use a 6 Volt power source to power a 5 Volt USB port and a 1 Volt LED? Answered

How can I use a 6 Volt power source to power a 5 Volt USB port and a 1 Volt LED?  I know I need a regulated voltage for USB, but how can I get the remaining power to go to the LED?

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Wi-Fi USB Adapter or PCI Wireless card

If i use a USB wifi adapter with a manual(hand made) antenna can it work like a PCI wireless card without and antenna.i want to connect to a wireless network (that provide wireless internet) that is in 350 meter distance to my home.i don't want to buy a PCI wireless card (because of it's cost).and want to use a manual antenna like this : Uni-Directional WIFI Range Extender that posted from tm36usa. thnaks very match.

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Can We Compare IT Sector with Public Sector Undertaking (PSU), Indian Engineering Services (IES)?

Now a days electronics engineering students have a big problem to select a job in private sector just like a IT SECTOR or in a government sector for example IES or PSU. In my point of view all the above job have good future and good respect and there are some limitation for every sector. If someone ask me this question and i don't have a any choice then my answer is ....... I think we can not compare government sector with IT sector at this stage. Because in govt sector for example IES . Indian Engineering services will give you a huge respect in every sector, promotion, good environment, peaceful life, safety of family etc. When we talk about Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) this will also give you more work experience than IES and promotion, good environment, peaceful life, safety of family etc. Now at last in IT sector this will give you a lot of its depend on your strength. In some cases if you have a potential then you can achieve in few years but in case you are a lazy person then IT sector or private sector will give you nothing and give you a lot of pressure. Finally i conclude this remove your confusion please select your future with your interest, every sector have good scope. Please improve my question and answer with your comment ?

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Different ways to cook chicken?

Different ways to make bake chicken

Question by rejoiice   |  last reply

what are the different grades of helium?

How do the different grades affect lift capacity?

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What are the different instuctable licences for? Answered

I'm not sure what licence to publish my instuctables under

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difference between these rotary shears? Answered

Hello, I want to buy some rotary shears. I can find two different designs. Is there any difference in the performance of these two types ( I know that one has a guide bar for cutting straight edges )  ? Thanks

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what are the different screens to print with? Answered

Would you use the same screen  for all type large and small ?

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Difference between star and delta?

Hi readers, I know something about star delta oil immersed motor starters working and construction but my doubt is how it ll make a difference in motors working in star and delta positions? because both star and delta positions in the starters using same type of conductors that is fixed and moving contacts and blades so how it making difference?

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Same thing different name

Is it me or has the same cheap ass projects being posted over and over and over and over and over and over.

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Time difference in comments section

Hello, There is a 10h gap in the comments section under my Instructables. Comments received now, show like 10h back. On the other hand they are Ok in my Discussions menu . See screenshot. Regards Ilian

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Charging capacitors with different currents? Answered

How does charging a big capacitor with a high current affect it rather than a low current? Certainly time taken decreased. What are other effects, and is it as safe as using a low current?

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Replacing capacitors with different rating? Answered

Hi! I am trying to repair a computer monitor....it has 2 capacitors that are blown. I have a replacement for the first one, but not for the second one.... My question: On the capacitor it says 330μF 25V, can I replace it with another type of capacitor? Wich number is important, the "μF" or the "V"?

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Replacing capacitors with different rating? Answered

Hi! I am trying to repair a computer monitor....it has 2 capacitors that are blown. I have a replacement for the first one, but not for the second one.... My question: On the capacitor it says 330μF 25V, can I replace it with another type of capacitor? Wich number is important, the "μF" or the "V"?

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different liquid detection sensor

I am building a biodiesel production system. at different points in the process, a tank will have different liquids in it (sometimes more than 1 type, separated out). for instance, there is a point where glycerol sinks to the bottom, while biodiesel floats on top. what i want to do is drain the glycerol from the bottom of the tank (via electronically controlled solenoid valve), then when a sensor detects a change in material (biodiesel), shuts off that valve and opens another (final product tank). for the life of me, i cannot find a sensor that will do this for less than $100. preferably, i'd like to spend less than $30. i can work with a resistive type or voltage type sensor. i just need to be able to make that distinction of material change... any ideas? THANKS!!!

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Any difference between them?

I wanna buy a classical Controller for Nintendo Wii Video Game, however found two on some online stores. they seems like the same, but the price is a little bit, you know? so i donno which one to choose, maybe you can help me ,thx in advance. 1.the cheaper one 2.amazon one

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What is the difference between these screws? Answered

I am trying to fix my RRoD xbox and I can't figure out what kind of screw to use... It might help if I knew what the difference in them were.... I am american and metric makes no scene to me... 5x20MM Panhead Machine Screw 3/16" x 1/2" Panhead Machine Screws 12mm Cheese Head Screws Bonus points if you can find the kind of screw that Microsoft uses and the diameter and thread count, i know for the x-clamp fix it must be 1/2" in length.  Thanks...

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Different antennas on one mast

I have a standard vhf/uhf/fm antenna on my roof. I live about 45 miles + from the towers. I also would like to get in HD Radio and decent fm stations. Therefore, I bought an Antennacraft FM6 yagi antenna for the roof. Can I place this antenna on the same mast as the tv antenna? If placed too close would this cause interference for either? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Difference between NE555P and 555CN?

I'm working on a circuit that uses two 555 timers. At the electronics store, they gave me a handful of 555 chips, I only noticed the difference when I finished my circuit: the R1 value is shorted out, my R2 value is 150 Ohms, and the electrolytic cap is 10 uF. (see the schematic with R3, D1 and D2 replaced with a single piezo speaker). The thing is, if I put in the 555 chip marked LM555CN, it appears to be 'always on'. But, if I use the Texas Instruments chip marked NE555P, the circuit works as expected, that is, it generates an annoying screech on a piezo speaker. What is the difference between these two seemingly identical chips? Is it a quirk in the TI chip that it works when R1 is just shorted out? And lastly, is there a way around this problem other than me sitting at the electronics store picking out the TI chips? Here is the date sheet of ne555p Also note - the piezo speaker doesn't have any oscillator in it, that is, when you apply raw power to it, it just clicks once and sits there, that's why I have the second 555 timer, and it's not an option to change out the speakers at this point.

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And now, for something completely different.....

During my early morning walk today I came across the following creature - it was a huge, about 9 inches (23 cm) across. It was the most beautiful gigantic moth I have ever seen in these parts.It is a Giant Silkworm Moth also known as a Saturnid Moth. This one is (for whatever reasons) called the Cyclops. I just had to share some pictures of one (not my pictures....I didn't have my camera with me).' Isn't he just gorgeous?

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two different voltages in parallel?

I have two solar cells. one has an output of about 15-20v depending on the light. The other has an output of about 30-40v depending on the light. what will happen if I connect then in parallel? will the lower voltage one subtract voltage of the higher voltage one leaving me with about 15v? Will the amperage still double with both cells in parallel?

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Creating Polish/Different Recipes

Hello Everyone...I would like to introduce a forum for leather polishes. Please send in any recipes, ideas or ingredients that you deem worthy for polishes.

Topic by dfunct 

Two different you pages

When logged in theres the spot that shows your image and says you in the upper right corner. If you right click on it and select open link in new tab you get the good you page - https://www.instructables.com/you/ This one lets you see your favorites, New stuff from people you folllow and other good stuff. But now if you left click on it a drop down box appears and clicking the word you takes you to a worse page - https://www.instructables.com/member/keebie81/ <--- the last part would be your user id. This page doesnt let you see who you follow, your premium membership info, or a bunch of other info such as your image library

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A different water wheel design?

I posted this idea on the makezine forums recently and got 1 answer but it seems I did not explain what I meant too well so I thought I would try here to see what you think. See the diagram at http://www.nelliott.co.uk/maker/water-wheel.jpg Would this produce more power than a conventional water wheel? My theory is as follows: In the case of a normal wheel each bucket/segment when full of water has the turning power equal to weight of water x length of horizontal line such as the yellow one in the diagram. That is it's weight exerts a force to turn the wheel according to it's horizontal distance from the centre of the wheel. If instead of the normal wheel the 3 blue circles represent 3 sprockets.There would be a whole series of buckets attached to the red lines ( which represent a chain ).Water would pour into the buckets as shown, so it would simply propel the buckets vertically down.The turning power of each one of these would be equal to to weight of water x radius of large wheel. So each would have the turning power of the best one such as the line from H to the center of the wheel. As far as I can see this would mean a large increase in torque over conventional which I hope would easily offset the losses due to the chain drive. What do you think?

Question by buteman   |  last reply