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Designing a diffuser?

Hello everyone; actually i want to build a micro jet engine,i'm going to use double vane diffuser (one set of radial vanes and one set of axial) but i need some calculations ,can anybody help me?

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Diffusing LEDs

Hi, I am currently building an LED matrix, and would ideally like to diffuse the light from the LED into maybe a square or rectangle shape(using some sort of border). What would be the best way to do this? I've tried using tracing paper, normal paper, fabric etc. to try and spread out the light, but it always seems to create the 'circle' which comes from the top point of the LED rather than spreading it out. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks :).

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Designing a diffuser?

Hello everyone; actually i want to build a micro jet engine,i'm going to use double vane diffuser (one set of radial vanes and one set of axial) but i need some calculations ,can anybody help me?

Question by mkahrobaei  

LED Diffusion

I am using a flexible LED strip to illuminate some leaves on a lotus leaf for our art car. The leaves are made out of bent tubing which is then covered in fabric. The issue I am having is getting the light diffused across the surface. These photos show the issue and in actuality it's not as bad as the photo make it look. I'm wondering what tricks people have for getting diffusion. I have use backlight film in the past when having a panel of LEDs but this strip follows the contour of my shape. Any thoughts? Cheers. Phil

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Diffused LED

Hello, I am working on a lighting project. Right now I have a typical yellow LED (like so mounted in a 5" tube. It is shining through a frosted acrylic sheet at the end of the tube, 2" away from the LED. it creates a circle of intense light on the acrylic that is about 3" in diameter and then some ambient light around it. Are there any LEDs that are designed to diffuse light more so that the circle of intense light would widen and be a bit less bright? Thanks, Ben

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Large LED diffusers

I'm working on a project where I need large rectangular LED diffusers, about 2" x 0.5". I don't have much depth (about 0.5") to work with. Is there something I can buy, or something I can make that will act as a large enough diffuser? Thanks

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Diffusing led strip

I'm making my girlfriend's Christmas present. and part of it is using amber led strips wrapped around an oval to cast light out behind the object. What would be the best way to diffuse the leds to make a nice even light. I was thinking about embedding them in a slight groove, and then covering them with silicone caulk. Would that block too much light? what else could i put on top to diffuse them?

Topic by frdmrckr  

How to Diffuse LED??

Hello. I'm new to LEDs. Does anyone have advice on how to diffuse the light from an LED (or group of LEDs) so that it might illuminate a clear sheet of plexiglass. Backlighting the glass is not a possibility with this particular project. Thank you.

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Refills for Reed Diffusers

My girlfriend buys reed diffusers from a company called West Elm for about twenty bucks apiece. When the scented oil eventually evaporates, she buys a complete new diffuser because the company does not sell refills. It would be great (and economical!) to be able to make our own scented oils to refill the bottles. I have seen cooking recipes on Instructables so maybe someone out there has a recipe for making scented oils. Thanks!

Topic by DanDiego  

DIffusing LED with water and chemicals?

I've been thinking about the best way to diffuse LED lighting over a large space, something like a wall. Standard way of doing it would be to lightly sandpaper acrylic glass and backlight it, or edgelight. I have been thinking about filling the space between two sheets of acrylic glass with water to diffuse the light but that would need some additives, so on to the question. Q: Is there any chemical that one could mix with water to make the solution more diffuse/milky that helps the transmission of light in the fluid and also helps the diffusion? Since a fluid being backlit would change in temperature there might be some cool things one could do with that, a light panel that changes visual properties over time?

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Diffuse or direct bulb light for an area.

Http:// Say that you had a 5W led and you wanted to light a small room, would it be better to use a bulb with a clear / no dome or one with a diffuse / frosted dome? Would there be a big difference between the two?

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Questions about diffusing LED light. Answered

I've just built a replica arc reactor for Halloween (iron man/Tony Stark) and the light does not display as I would like. I took the diodes from a flashlight so the light is powerful enough to show through my plastic housing. I cut out the pattern to match the lights on the movie, but instead the light shows exactly where the LEDs are placed. I need all of the light I can get to show through a t-shirt, but I need more of a flood effect inside the housing than a beam. First, has anyone tried clipping or sanding the ends of an LED? Do you believe this would adequately diffuse my light without losing too much intensity? Second, can you recommend a better material to diffuse the light such as a specific type of foam? This is my first project to use LEDs so I have no experience. Thanks for your thoughts.

Question by travisttt    |  last reply

Homemade electric oil diffuser for a popular feline pheromone... Is this option possible?

I am wondering if it is possible to construct an electric oil diffuser for a popular feline pheromone that creates a calm environment for cats. The current price on one of the those dispensers is upwards of $35, but the pheromone oil itself is much cheaper. I am in need of at least two more, which will end up being pretty pricey.  I am at a complete loss on how to construct one, as well as knowing about the inner mechanics of an electric (plug-in) oil diffuser. I can however, follow any advice or instruction on how to build one.  I have heard of using reeds with essential oils, but could it work with the cat pheromone? Would this even be logical considering my cats will probably knock it over? Anything helps, thanks!

Question by datchitinkerton    |  last reply

What is this thing called? (3 leds with a diffuser)?

I acquired a bag of these a while ago, they had no markings and the bag was just a generic clear plastic one.  I've been taking out the leds to use on various other projects, but I found a decent use for them as is, and wanted to know if there's a specific name for them, if I need to go and buy some.  

Question by chrispaccord    |  last reply

Does anybody have any suggestions for something to use as an LED diffuser?

Needs to be bigger than a ping pong ball (ideally would be around 3-4 times the size) , but still be and light.... as I have a lot of individual leds to diffuse for a display... cheers.

Question by davivid    |  last reply

Trying to figure out how ultrasonic humidifier detects low water level

Hello all, I'm currently working on a home automation system and have decided I want to throw my fragrance diffuser into the mix. What I'm trying to accomplish is I'd like the diffuser to come on whenever the unit has power so I can simply control it with a Sonoff SV. I was originally planning on just replacing the guts with an Arduino Nano or something until I tore into it and realized I have absolutely no clue how this thing detects when the water level is low! There's no sort of float switch or resistive fluid detection. In fact, the only part that has contact with the fluid is the ultrasonic transducer. I'm curious if anyone can look at the PCB and give me some more insight as to what's going on. On the far left the five pins coming into the board is the cable connector for the buttons and LEDs, the two large pins beneath that are the buzzer for making beeping noises when buttons are pressed, The SMD IC towards the middle is from what I can tell the brains of the operation. The three large pins (two with solder) near the top center are where 24vdc comes in. The two large pins on the upper right are for the fan and the two large pins on the bottom right are for the transducer. If anyone has any insight as to how this thing reads a low water level it'd be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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Do I need diffuser for SAD light box?

Most of light boxes I've seen does not seem to have diffuser on them. I guess using UVless leds won't cause problem without diffuser, but doesn't looking at LEDs without diffuser still cause eye problems? IF I do need one, what kind of diffusing method should I use? ALso, does diffusing decrease light intensity? I would like to create 10,000 lux.

Question by hyoo    |  last reply

LED, bipolar diffused common-cathode ultra wha?!

I was browsing through one of my local supplier's LED catalogue..Literally overwhelmed by the types of LED out there.. Diffused, non-diffused, super flux, super bright, ultra bright, common anode, common cathode, flashing, bipolar, etc..Anyone care to enlight this electronics noob? Plus some of the LED spec says something like 630nm, 1800mcd, what do they mean? Thanks..

Topic by gyromild    |  last reply

[Question about diffusing light] ... Making a Tron costume. How can I diffuse the LED lights to look more smooth? Answered

Alright, so I'm making a Tron Legacy outfit for NY Comic Con in a few days. It's a spin-off of Kevin Flynn's black robe, which is basically a robe with a light on the borders of it. Pic below. Now, for many reasons, I'm using LED strips instead of EL wire. The problem is that the LEDs are so bright that each individual light shines clearly through the white shower curtain that I'm using. Do you guys know of any really good ways to diffuse this light so that it looks smoother? When I lift the curtain higher from the strip, maybe about an inch, it becomes more diffused. But since I will be sewing this to my garment, I'm not 100% sure how to keep the shower curtain higher above the LEDs at all times. Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Question by jamesdavis86    |  last reply

How can I make a homemade flash diffuser for a fuji finepix s8100?

Keep in mind the flash is a pop-up and there is no hot shoe.

Question by memerie    |  last reply

led throwies (need a large amount of 10mm diffused leds from the uk)

Hey guys i just baught 100 batteries from ebay and 20 or so magnets to make some throwies, but now i need a large amount of 10mm diffused leds (varying colours) anyone know where i can get them cheap?

Topic by Cew27    |  last reply

Is it possible to make a solar powered diffuser jewelry that emits steam with miniLED light

I have come across instructables that I wanted to combine: the homemade solar cell using household materials which can be found here, the LED jewelry that can also be found here, and lastly, doing the diffuser procedure which is actually just adding the essential oil on the boiling water. it's like making a ministeam boiler but worn as accessory. I need help with this? Thanks! I think it would involve calculating volts converting the equivalent solar cell measurements to the most smaller measurements as possible. And also how long would the solar cell can be able to sustain and how many volts do I need to reach boiling point? Thanks! I will be updating as soon as I can gather and connect these things. Accdg. To my research, to water to reach boiling point, a 1kg water = 1,200 joules/min. Or 1,600 watts. I wanna know how many watts or volts in order to boil a 1ml water?

Question by Sleemakes    |  last reply

Diffusing white LED's. I need high intensity white light but with little or no projection.

I am trying to have as bright a light as possible from 2 white LED's but with as little light projection as possible. So far I have found a small bit of a plastic shopping bag does well but the light isn't bright enough. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Question by LED Maestro    |  last reply

Opacity of Wonderflex?

I am looking into doing some sculpture work, internally lit with LEDs, and I was wondering if anyone knows the opacity / light diffusion of Wonderflex? I have a good feeling another thermoplasic... Instamorph... has fairly good light diffusion for what I want to do, but if I can save myself the trouble of getting the rolling machine and rolling out sheets myself, that would be awesome. Dying to know! Thanks a billion!

Question by bicycle_samurai    |  last reply

motorbike engine tuning

Just download and start reading

Topic by axeman.99    |  last reply

DIY Lighting / diffusion solution to get the most even lighting for 18"X24" ultra-thin and portable light panel?

I'm building a thin and portable, 18"X24" lightbox that needs to have super-evenly diffused light: as if it was a flat panel lcd (which I would use had I the money, though it's heavier than I would like). What technique do you suggest I use? Will CCFL or led lights along the sides of white plexiglass work? If so does anyone have an idea how to aquire & assemble them (I've seen tutorials for laptop sized panels but not for one this large- don't know if the light will reach the central area of the panel) Or should I just use led strips along the bottom and sides of the box under the diffuser? If so how do you suggest I spread them? Thanks!

Question by nadvass    |  last reply

What are good materials and/or techniques I can use to diffuse or "spread" a LED's Light? Answered

I wanted to do some cool things with LEDs but i want to diffuse the LED's light in order to light up the biggest amount of area while using the least possible amount of LEDs and electricity.

Question by Mrpnut    |  last reply

HAL 9000

I am Planning to build a HAL 9000 Panel for the outside of my room, but I am having a problem with the lense. I was wondering if anyone knows how they diffused the light so well, without blurring the lense. (In case you didn't know I am talking about the Movie Space Odyssey)

Topic by Jordo    |  last reply

Any ideas of how to change the colour of diffused LEDs, can they be painted or dyed in any way?

I'm currently doing a project involving LEDs and want to be able to get the colour of them to match into my colour pallette, which is quite metallic and pastel, so I was wondering if there is any way of taking white LEDs and then changing the colour. Would something like glass paint be ok, or any kinds of dye that people could suggest? Any hints, tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

Question by misfitforhim    |  last reply

Things to do with LCD backlight guide plate and polarisation films?

I received about 15 damaged laptop screens and took them apart to get the CCFLs and inverters which I'll combine into a modest spotlight for video recording. From each laptop I also gained some films and the light guide panel. I believe one of the films from each is just a simple diffuser whilst the other two appear to also be blurry polarisers. Finally, each screen has an acrylic light guide which refracts the light 90° and does so evenly by having some kind of bumps or dots spaced out according to the "diffusion equation" so there are more further away from the source of light (which comes from the side).  Any ideas for what I might use these films and plates? I do have a lamp project for which I can use the diffusion film but the polarising films would probably absorb too much of the light.

Topic by THX 1138    |  last reply

Spray painting over chrome

There is this chair I've always wanted but it had chrome feet. I do not like chrome. Could I spray paint it and if so what are the steps? Or could I diffuse it so it is duller? Thanks

Topic by MajesticDoge    |  last reply

Is corrugated plastic (the type commonly used for signs) a good covering for a greenhouse?

I'm in the planning phase of a greenhouse next spring and I'm wondering if the corrugated plastic that you usually see election signs made of would be good for a greenhouse covering. Has anybody tried this? If so, could you post your results? Here's some information I've come up with already: 1) Corrugated plastic is relatively cheap as dirt compared to glass and corrugated polycarbonate panels marketed under "Palruf" and "Suntuf". 2) There is a greenhouse covering marketed as "Solexx" that appears to be nothing more than corrugated plastic and is claimed to be superior to glass and polycarbonate panels. It's also very very expensive. 3) Solexx panels are claimed to diffuse the light coming into the greenhouse. This is supposed to be better for the plants than direct light from glass or polycarbonate. Below is an excerpt from the Solexx website: "How does light diffusion affect plant growth? Plants create food from light so the type of light they receive is important. Plants exposed to direct light (no diffusion) produce a majority of their food from the top leaves facing the sun. The select leaves absorbing the sun energy do most of the work while the shaded leaves do very little. Direct light also creates excessive heat which causes plant stress. When a plant is immersed in diffused light, all the leaves can photosynthesize resulting in more food production and healthier, fuller plant development. In addition, the upper leaves of the plant receive less intense light which means they will not suffer from plant stress caused by sun burn and excessive transpiration. " Again ,if anyone has tried using corrugated plastic as a covering for a greenhouse could you please share your results? If anyone has their own comment or prediction please share it. If not, I plan on conducting an experiment to test the performance of different greenhouse materials on plant growth. I may have to use artificial light instead of sunlight however, since the growing season here is coming to an end.

Question by EcoMotive    |  last reply

I Need Some Lighting Help

I've hit a little speed bump. I need a bright, preferably diffused, soft white light for high speed videography. It cannot be florescent or a CFL (see why below). I can't seem to find any lights that fit these standards that aren't florescent, but I know they exist. Can you help me find a suitable light?

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Has anyone tried using a hair dryer to make an herbal vaporizer?

If so, then please let me in on any details, like was it better to use the low or the high setting. Did you have to use something to diffuse the air flow or did you design some sort of containment system to keep the herb inside and intact?

Question by AcerRock  

Convert antique fireplace to simulated.?

I have a wall-mounted porcelain coal fireplace from a French chateau.  It has isinglass windows, so is amenable to diffused light. BUT, all the electric simulators are too wide to fit.  I tried using candles, BAD idea. Then I tried flickering Christmas lights, too constant and not enough color variation. Any ideas? Thank you! -D

Question by Doc Holliday    |  last reply

Where to start on a custom LED stand? Answered

I have this awesome globe. The continents are transparent, and the water is translucent. The south is flat and translucent. When I shine a light through the bottom, it gets partially diffused at the base and lights up the translucent surface.I want to make a small stand to hold the globe, plus an arduino nano and some LED. I'm lacking in shop skills, so I'm looking for resources on useful materials and similar projects.

Question by leaf26    |  last reply

Help with wiring a rgb light strip please!!

Mokungit 50pcs WS2811 12mm DC5V Input Diffused Digital RGB Wire Cable LED Pixels Module String Light WS2811 IP68 Waterproof Addressable Dream Color Pixels Exposed Light String This is the strip I got, and the controller has different colors!! I just want to know the correct way to wire this so I don't mess it up! Thank you!

Topic by jwolf2655    |  last reply

LED advice

I'm trying to source some LEDs, preferably from a supplier in the UK I'm going to mount them on a power kite, so they need to be bright as possible, ideally with a wide viewing angle and low forward voltage - to keep the weight of power supply down. Also, I'm considering options of mounting LEDs in clusters or using a small diffuser (like a ping pong ball, but smaller) to achieve a 360deg viewing angle. Any suggested products or ingenious solutions would be welcome

Question by davidhw  

Has anyone modified an lcd display to use sun light for the backlight?

I'd like to use a 4" lcd display outdoors. Would it work to remove the backlight and use a mirror to direct sunlight to the back of the lcd (in conjunction with a shade for the front)? Would a sheet of white plastic work for a diffuser?Something similar to this old pocket tv system: in advance for comments and suggestions.-Bob

Question by BobChiang    |  last reply

Published Instructable nowhere to be found in any cateogary

I published an instructable today morning : Im not able to locate it anywhere by searching for it in the recent category in the Tech : LEDs sub-category so its not coming up by even searching the exact name in the search bar in explore, so Im not sure if it has been published or not. Should I republish it or what to do now? Thanks!

Topic by vishalapr    |  last reply

Computer room keyboard light

   I want a dimmable low-wattage led lamp to mount to my computer desk shelf. It will sit above the keyboard, shining diffuse light down but not directly at me.    I could mount it underneath with screws, or have it sit on the shelf above, looking over it.    It'll be powered by 120V 60Hz, so no batteries required.    I have two design problems that I need to solve before I start.    First, I need a diffuse light source that will light up my entire keyboard without blinding me with a direct view. This should be a warm white rather than something bluish or cold, since I don't want to lose my night vision. (I watch movies and do graphics on the computer at night.)    I haven't been able to think of anything that will fit back far and high enough that my slouched posture won't cause a problem. I thought of an opaque diffuser that the light would shine up into, but the geometry seems a little tight.    Second, I would like recommendations for the dimmer control. I want to dim the light right down to nothing, and switch it off, easily and quickly for when I'm stumbling off to bed. It needs to be a bit sturdy to handle my fumble-fingered ways, and quick to find.    I appreciate any suggestions anyone can come up with, and I'll be glad to gab on more about what I want if you have any questions.    The shelf is 28" or more from my eyes when seated at the desk, and about 30 degrees of it is currently blind to me at maximum slouchiness. It sits 6.25" above the desk, and I can easily spare 4" of clearance under it; the only other thing that has to fit there is the keyboard itself with a little wiggle room.

Topic by Trelligan    |  last reply

How do I wire and power a simple LED circuit?

I'm trying to create a sign with letters made of 40 10mm LED bulbs. They come pre-wired with individual resistors and only say they require 9v-12v at 20mA. Here is a link: I would like to wire them in a parallel circuit. I'm also trying to power a single red LED of the same variety, but have read that because the draw can be different I shouldn't wire it to be the 41st bulb in the parallel circuit. It too comes with its own resistor: I'd like to be able to power these 41 bulbs with a single power source, and integrate a rocker switch to turn the fixture on and off, will I need to a specific switch for this? How should I wire the LEDs? Can I connect the series straight to a 12v power source because each bulb has a resistor? 

Question by JackR124    |  last reply

How can I build a structure that looks like the thruster cone on a robotic space probe?

I'm hoping to make something that looks like the thruster cones on a robotic space probe.  Something that looks similar to this cone. I'd rather it not be metal but something that can let some light through, like a lampshade.  Can anyone suggest something that looks similar to this?  It would be awesome if there's a solution that doesn't require much assembly. Thanks! Here's another example: Thruster

Question by wcmartin    |  last reply

Fix for my 2500 throwies...?

I ordered throwie kits from a supplier...turns out they were clueless and sent me 5mm clear (asked for diffuse 10mm), normal CR2032 battery, and 1/4" magnet (won't hold anything up, expected 1/2" diameter. No returns so I am stuck with this stuff. Ideas on how to make these work without having to spend another $1k? I'm on a time restriction so I need to solve in the next day or two. THANKS.

Question by ihatlen    |  last reply

Adult Light up shoes?

I want to add some LEDs to my shoe soles (like the ones in this video I don't need them to be able to flash, or blink every step, although if you know how i can do that, i would appreciate it. I have tried attaching an LED ribbon to the sole of the shoes and i didn't really like how it looked (I want a diffused light like the ones in the video and picture) Thanks in advance.

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Electrochromic polymers (color changing fabrics) help!!!

Hey guys, i just joined the forums. I have a question i really want to ask. Is there a type of fabric that can change color (a desired color) by running a current through it. Like i want it to be red and then blue then another color? Or is there a way you can make a coating on the fabric that can change color by diffusing a colored light through it? My ultimate project is to make shoes that change color to match you clothing. Something that fits every occasion. 

Topic by xredvortex    |  last reply

Old LCD Monitor converted to a light panel - how do I keep it lit?

I picked up an Acer LCD monitor that has a fault in the panel. I've stripped the panel off and want to use the remaining LED-lit screen and diffusers as an illumination panel. The panel turns on fine, but when the control board senses that there is no video source attached, it shuts the backlight down. Is there a way of 'spoofing' an input (it has VGA and HDMI ports) so that the control board thinks a monitor is connected and keeps the backlight on?

Question by Henmarsh    |  last reply

Multiple LED Flashlight Help

Hello all, I just ordered 10 blue and 10 green non-diffused LED's from They work great and are super bright. What I want to do is put them all together in a PVC pipe or something like that to make one super-bright flashlight. My question is, how do I attach all of these LED's together in a circular form in a series circuit? I dont know the best way to do this. If anyone has an answer or a link that will help, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot! Brennn10

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How do I get my male cat to quit spraying on the furniture?

We have tried everything. He is neutered. We have used the spray feliway, feliway diffusers and we have 2 in our living room where he sprays, he even has a feliway cat collar he wears. He is one of 4 cats we have. He has also been checked by the vet and he is perfectly healthy. He is 12 years old.

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