Digital Patches

You may be asking yourself (or everyone else around you), what are these "digital patches" I hear so much about? The answer is quite simple, digital patches are online greeting cards that you can send to other users which will show up on their profile page as a small picture icon. When you click on these little icons, it will display a larger sized image with a personal message explaining why the patch was awarded. There are a number of default images you can choose from, or you can upload your own.For instance, if you really like a project someone has posted, you can send them a digital patch to let them know how awesome it is.Or if someone subscribes to your feed, you can thank them by sending them a digital patch.Or perhaps you just want to send lots of people virtual cookies for a good time. You can use digital patches to do that too!Or if you want to start a club to honor everyone who has ever posted how to make a pocket protector, you can do that!Or you can use it as a way to say hello to old friends by sending them a patch with their two favorite things.Or perhaps you just want to brighten someone's day with some flowers.Whatever is your impetus, by signing up for a pro account, you can receive a number of digital patches to distribute as you see necessary.

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Laser Cutting Digitally Printed Images?

Is it possible to laser cut full color, digitally printed images from fabric? For example, a full color image of a butterfly? Say, if I printed a series of butterflies onto white fabric and then want to have each butterfly laser cut individually from the fabric, is that possible? Can the laser be set up to cut on the outline of the butterfly and leave the colors in tact? Or is my only option to do digital printing after laser cutting the basic shape? Finally, is there anyone willing to help with a prototype that would use the described technique?

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adobe illustrator cc 2015? Answered

I was drawing my .ai image during some hours and I got an error: Can’t open the illustration. The illustration contains an illegal operand. I opened it in another version of Adobe Illustrator, but it didn't aid. I suppose my adobe illustrator file corrupt. Any variants, please...

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coreldraw x8 image? Answered

Some of my cdr images were corrupted by unknown reason. I don't know an exact reason of corruption. But if someone knows the solution which could assist me, please say me about it. I got error - Error Reading CorelDraw file. How to repair cdr file?

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Cool Digital Camera?

I'm looking for a nice, sleek, and thin, and affordable digital camera. I just need the NAME of the camera along with a PICTURE from like, google images, or include it in answer. Thanks guys.

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Digital pictures merged to holographic - like image?

A souvenir vendor took two digital pictures of me and my husband, merged them on a computer, printed the interleaved (?) image, then adhered a piece of acrylic with vertical lines (scratches?) to it.  The result is like a hologram in that you see the two different images as you tilt the (acrylic overlaid) photo. How can I make those?

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Help With Film to Digital Conversion

Could someone tell me how to photograph negatives, and then process them into positive images? This is the best I can do, and when I invert the colors, it does not look right. (Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-8 on a mac) Any help would be appreciated, preferably with camera settings rather than computer adjustments. Second image is original print, I would prefer not to have to get expensive prints.

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Removing Watermarks from Images?

Is it considered acceptable to have a post that shows people how to remove a watermark from an image? Is this not an illegal thing to do? One would think that the watermark is there because the Artist considers his/her image their exclusive right unless paid for. see here.....

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Image Processing Tutorial : What you do for your images?

Image Processing Tutorial : What you do for your images? Are you in possession of images you want to convert in to digital form? Or simply you would like to perform some operations to enhance their outlook?  Similarly if you just want to extract some useful information from them, all you need is a photo house that carries out image processing. This is where you can have a photo you want manipulated made  the input as you give  specified characteristics you want included. To do image processing, you may have to apply a set of signals that can give you   the desired results. There are three distinct steps to follow in any image processing. They include: Importing images using a scanner or a photography Analyzing and manipulating images using enhancement and compression methods Altering the results we obtain at the output level There are plenty of reasons for carrying out image processing; the reasons and purposes are as follows: So that you can easily observe the parts that are not visible Restoration and sharpening the images for the purpose of making them look better Image retrieval – if you are interested in any particular image, you can have it retrieved. Identify the number of elements making up a pattern Distinguish the object and its image. There are   two methods that can be used in processing any images. Digital Analog If you are analyzing hard copies and printouts, this is what is referred to as visual techniques.  It involves use of various fundamentals and image processing techniques. You need to make use of technicians who are vast in image processing. They may use visual techniques and apply a combination of individual knowledge and experience in image processing. If your pictures are in a digital form, you may employ digital processing techniques to manipulate those using computers. Images collected from sensors and satellites can be manipulated to get the real images or data.  To do this, you need experts who can take the images collected into a number of phases before coming up with the required images.  They must have the latest skills to help them get over flaws and get original information. The data or images collected may be taken through the following phases; Pre-processing, Information extraction, Enhancement and display. Other than image processing service, you may need team   to deal with computer graphics. This is where any desired image is manually made using physical models. It could include lighting, environment and natural scenes. This graphics can be used in animated movies, computer vision and plays. It can be used to create moving images to depict a story. Generally, imaging is key in image processing. The designers should consider a number of factors including; Human visual – where the designers consider the psychophysical process that takes place in human beings as they make sense out of information they see and receive. Lastly in all these, ensure that you get a clipping path company that is vast in imaging and which can work hand in hand with you to ensure that you get the required results.

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Can I use a digital camera to capture still images from a video source ?

Can a digital camera be used to capture still images from any video source since most cameras have an AV output in place.

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Detecting digital screens (PC and Mobile)

Hi everyone, I have a project which is based on detecting the screen of PC or Mobile. Are there any common properties in digital screens? what is the best sensor or the best way to detect digital screens? I'm doing image processing, but I want to add quality by using sensors.  Thanks in advance

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Is there any way to convert film negatives to digital images without a special scanner? Answered

I do quite a bit of black and white photography, but have fairly limited access to a darkroom and limited funds for photo paper. I know certain scanners can scan slides and negatives, but I don't have one. I also know that many photo-processing services will give you a CD when you bring them film to develop, but A) will they convert negatives that have already been developed and B) who does the best job?

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how to make the photo diode that detect light , to convert it to image?

I want to know how to use a photodiode to detect a light and converting it to an image

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Thin lines distorting my images in my Digital camera?

When I use an external power source in my Canon Digital Camera the Image taken by flash is full of  thin Gery horizontal lines. These lines do not come when photo is taken in daylight. Only the Flash Photo is effected. WHY?

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How can I make a stamp (or casting mold) from a design I made in Illustrator?

I am trying to make an intricate casting mold of an image I designed in Illustrator.  I do not want to carve it and I do have the ability to print a transparency of it.

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I need help selecting a small camera.

I am gathering the materials for a project, and I need a small digital camera.The lens must not move, images must be downloadable via usb, batteries must be charged via the same usb.This camera is ideal, except it is way too expensive, and is a video camera (and it's from China, but that's another issue).This camera is ideal, except that the batteries are not charged via the USB, which makes my project much trickier (I'm going to be building the digital camera into another object).Can anybody recommend (or at least find online) a "happy medium" between the two?

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Digital cameras with manual shutter lock?

Can anyone (here in Photography) recommend a good quality digital camera that has a manual shutter lock? Or even one where you can set the exposure time to minutes or longer? I'm putting together an Instructable that involves single-photon counting (few Hz rate), so I need a device that can accumulate hits for the order of an hour to get a recognizable image.

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Adapting a digital camera to a reflex one

¡Hola! I´ve mounted an obsolete digital camera (Digmax of Famsung, 4 Mp)in the rear part of an old reflex and in this process, I lost the IR filter. The image in the LCD is fine and infrared ligth is not visible, but when I take a picture, then you can appreciate the effect. Why does it happen? I think that IR effect must be visible always, not only in the picture. I´m sorry very much for my bad english. I´m spanish ant it is not easy for me to communicate in this language. Other question: Is there IR filters for the reflex camera? I am thinking to buy one to adapt it to reflex´s lenses and not put it in the digital objetive. Thanks in advance

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Making a digital picture frame without a working motherboard :-( iBook G4 died a couple of months ago. At first, We Fix Macs thought it was a (known) logic board problem, but it turns out the motherboard is dead. I've recovered my hard drive, and have the carcass at home. Everything works fine except that it won't boot, or won't stay running once booted.Is there a reasonably inexpensive way to hook up an image player (like an MP3 or other thumb-drive type of thing) directly to an LCD display? Most of the digital photo-frame projects involve restructuring the components of a functioning laptop.I'm not about to try to get this done in time for Christmas, but for my wife's birthday (March) it'd be kind of cool.

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transform 1 rotating axis into digital counting system?

Hi i have a rotating axis which i want to transform into a digital system. With this i mean it has a disc attached to it with numbers on it, which rotates with the axis. After the first disc there is another disc, which turns only a little bit, and only if the first disc has rotated 360 degrees(so that after 9 comes 10) This way i should be able to make a third, and fourth disc, which work the same way as the second. Then it is a counting system. I have thought about how i could do it, my ideas were all so complicated i could impossible make the discs a little close to eachother. Is there an "official" technique for this or does anyone of you have an idea how i could do this? thanks ps: here is a simplified image of it for if you didn't understand what i meant

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Creating a digital video camera from scratch?

As challenging as this sounds, I know it is entirely possible. Using spare parts of cameras, with circuit boards, image sensors, lenses, etc... how would one even begin approaching this task? I would imagine there'd be some programming involved thereafter as well.

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how can i link a cctv cam to a digital camera ?

I have a mini cctv cam with DIY connectors and a cheap old digital camera (which cant focus b.t.w) what i want to be able todo is get the image from the cctv camera on the screen of the digital camera, being able to record the image is not a concern, i also have absolutely no experience with wiring circuits and ive tried and failed (many times) to read / understand circuit diagrams if you can help it would be appreciated

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Help for a digital camera based scanner

Hello, It's the first time I post in this site, but I guess someone might be able to help me. I would like to build a scanner that uses a digital camera to get the images. Basically a board with a vertical stand that would hold the camera pointing downwards, with lights on the sides to have the surface evenly illuminated. Unluckily my digital camera (a canon powershoot sd800) does not have remote controlling through computer, which would ease the process a lot, so I was interested in building also a mechanism, that would be attached either to the camera or to the part of the stand where the camera goes, that would press the shutter at regular intervals (lets's say 5seconds) so that i would have the time to turn the page and not waste any. Thank you very much for any suggestion, help, reference, link. All the best, Clemente

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Is there a way to rotoscope an image in Jasc Paint Shop Pro?

Can I easily rotoscope an image taken from my digital camera in Jasc Paint Shop Pro?  If you only know how to in Photoshop, that help would be appreciated as well.  I know most companies used special software to achieve this effect, but is there a cheaper way to pull it off without buying that software?

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Can I make an LCD screen show me what an Image Sensor is viewing? Answered

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I could wire up an Image Sensor and a small LCD screen to show me what the Image Sensor is viewing - I know that this is done in Digital Cameras, Camcorders by the viewfinder (I'm looking to make something a bit like that), but I was wondering how I could make a circuit that only showed me how to view what the image sensor was viewing without the extras of taking photos/recording videos.

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modifying a usb web cam to view images through my telescope on my computer?

I'm looking for a cheap way to view images and the sky through a telescope on my computer or take pics with my digital camera. any ideas? al2009

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What to do with an old digital camera? Answered

Hello guys. I have a Fujifilm MV-1 camera lying on my shelf. My grandma gave it to me, she probably also had no use for it. It eats 4 AA batteries, takes 1600*1200 JPGs  and  320*240 video, has a tiny LCD and a flash. It has a 2-phase shutter release switch, so probably it does not have fixed focus. I have found something that looks like a memory card slot (about 4cm long) , and read something about 16MB built-in memory. ( ow ) Also, it feels cheap. So now I was thinking, what to do with it? Things I was thinking about:     -converting it to an IR camera, but I don´t know whether I have a real use for IR images of such low quality.     -using it to make time-lapses ( I don´t want to waste my D3100´s shutter for that ) - that would mean at least some modification to the electronics.     -removing unneccessary components ( like the flash )     -some kind of a case-mod, because it is fugly right now.     -some kind of power source mod, maybe add a cable adapter, or something like that Any ideas? No limits - all ideas welcome - from simple hacks to total conversions and anything. Thanks, guys UPDATE: I already took it apart, so a case mod is neccessary now. I´ve had some new ideas:  -A body in the "classic film camera" style, but made from wood, with a better lens ( or possibly switchable lenses? ) and an additional cable release -A water and weather proof camera, tough construction, for shooting time lapses at any time ( probably also a better lens ) What do you guys say?   ( I probably should have made this a discussion )

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Official Instructables Logos

Occasionally Instructables authors ask for images of the robot to use in their projects. Here are some images, which are available for non-commercial use. If you have questions about image use off of the site, please contact us at

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Tethered SD card

I would like to tether a cheap digital camera. The problem is I don't know which one - I'm watching on ebay for a madly cheap camera (I've seen loads go where they're fine except for a stuck zoom - like 6Mp cameras for about £3 - when every time I've looked at a stuck zoom a bit of twisting and brute force will get it back in to the body - and the project I want it for doesn't need to zoom!). Problem with doing this is that by the time I've found a cheap camera with 2 minutes to go, it tends to take a lot longer to that to figure out whether you can tether it. And even then you're normally limited to the provided software, I'd like to be able to write my own. So - can anyone think of a way to take an old SD card and somehow - I don't know - solder wires to the insides of the contacts maybe - and then somehow get those wires into another old SD card and plug it into the card-reader attached to a PC so that you can read the images without unplugging the "card" from the camera?

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I am looking to find out how to convert any letter or image to look like a cut stencil for marketing purposes.

Does anyone know how to convert any letter or image to look like a cut stencil for marketing purposes. I have attached what it is I am trying to do. I have cricut designspace and inkscape.Any help would be appreciated.

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Arduino connect 6 Digit 7 Segment LED Display

Hey guys, so I have been looking at various photo booths on Instructables and would love to create my own one using a Arduino and a Raspberry Pi. To get this in place i would like to know which Arduino can run this "rig". I will have 7 x 7 segment LEDs, Camera Remote to trigger camera, Raspberry Pi to receive, process print and show the images, printer to print the images(well this will be connected to the rPi, and a lcd to preview camera view before picture is taken. 2 Big buttons to trigger sequence and to print the last 4 photos onto 1 jumbo print. *NOTES* 6 of the 7 segments will be multiplexed for the top display. 1 x 7 segment will only count the amount of photos left (4-3-2-1-0) for every "session" LCD will be connected to the camera only for before snap preview. The press off a button will start the "session" The count down on the main display (6x7Segment) will go like 5 - 4 - 3 - Pose - Smile then the picture is taken. the single 7  segment will then go from 4 to 3 and the main display will start again from 5..... While this is running the LED in the button need to be off After all 4 photos has been taken the rPi need to get a signal to get the images (not sure how to do this either) process them en make them print ready. If the print button is pressed within 10 - 15 seconds the image will print out. ONLY WHEN THE BUTTON IS PRESSED.(This button will light up for this 10-15 seconds while the start button if off) All images need to stay on the device for later printing and saving on a disc. After the 10-15 seconds the first light need to come on again for next "session" I have no idea how to start this. Any help in this would be great. I am a wedding photographer with little to no knowledge in electronic circuits. But i know from reading (a lot this week) that i might need some extra parts to not damage the Arduino etc. Thanks in advance.

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How to make a simple wireless digital communication circuit?

Hey, i want to make a simple wireless digital communication circuit. This is not exactly what i'm going to do, but this is the easiest way to explain it: watch the image below. What should i build inside "box ?(1)" and " box ?(2)", to make the 2 LEDs turn on when i push the button? The first circuit should be like a transmitter and the seconds one a receiver, but i just don't have any idea how to make this simple circuit. I don't really know what frequency it should be at.. What's the easiest to make and works for the longest distance without problems with background radiation? (I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but i really a noob in hardware development... :p ) Thanks for helping! Evert

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Making a Micro Film Camera / Burner Answered

I'd like to get a roll of 16mm silver emulsion camera film and then transfer a HEAP of digitised documents to it for storage in hard copy, in the micro film format. I know how to do it, but doing it is a different thing. In fact I'd like to make the whole system, from scanning on a desk top scanner, and or, perhaps photographing documents directly. I'd like to be able to record digitised documents onto film and film to digitised documents. But the real need is to convert scanned in documents to microfilm - so we can forget the rest for the time being. I'd like to do just the conversion of digital documents to microfilm - but on the cheap, and I'd be prepared to compromise a bit of speed and other factors as long as the imagry was up to a reasonably high standard for documents. I will read up and contact these people and Kodak etc.. but I am also looking to improvise as I am on a limited budget and I guess it's really a case of finding a USB type projector with the lighting and the lensing that instead of putting it up on the big screen, shrinks the image to fit in a frame on 16mm film. That may require specialist imaging equipment, parts and very accurate adjustment. So if anyone knows how to do this on the cheap, it would be appreciated. Here is the more or less cashed up way of getting it all done, this covers it in a nutshell: Digital Document Archival to Microfilm    The Digital Revolution Digital imaging has revolutionized document management. Imaged documents occupy almost no physical space, can be easily secured, searched for content, or made centrally accessible to an office PC. With a proper backup schedule, digital documents can be safely stored for years. Digital Memory Loss Digital documents also introduce a number of new problems. Hardware, encoding and software obsolescence loom over any digital collection. Obsolete hardware can prevent access to the data itself. Digital document also require software to read, interpret and render documents in a meaningful way. Your ability to manipulate your documents could be tied to a proprietary file encoding which leave you few options if the software company goes out of business. Even migrating from one system to another creates the possibility of data loss. Digital Archival to Microfilm How do you save your digital documents from potential oblivion? Simple; convert them to microfilm. Microfilm has been a mainstay of librarians for the last century. Documents are eye-readable and have a shelf life of at least 500 years. Compare that to CD's which degrade after as few as 5 years or hard drives and DAT tapes that can degauss after only 20 years. With our digital archival services, you can have the best of both worlds; Instant access and long-term storage. Benefits of Digital Archival:     Eye readable with simple magnification     Archival longevity     Easily re-digitized

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Blue-ish tint to my projector?

I recently bought a digital lcd data projector from garage sale , i saw the projected image before buying and was happy with it , but alas once getting it home and setting it up the image now has a blue tint it. the projector model is,  Sony VPL-351QM  lcd data projector . i think it was made in about 1994 , and it weighs about 25 kgs, to be honest when i saw it i thought it was some sort of old digital cinema projector, like they use for the Ad's before a film. any help would be much appreciated.

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Anyone able to help suggest parts for a digital dogtag?

Hey all, I'm a first timer on the site and had a question that I was wondering if people could help me solve.I am trying to make a digital dogtag to display some text (3 or four lines in blue) and be hung around my neck. I figure I was looking at a screen about business card size in width and trying to not get much larger than a centimeter if I can for all the components and cover. I was thinking just a simple plastic or latext shell for it would work. My main problem has been sourcing the screen, controller and batteries to run it. Ideally I'd want a black screen that can render crisp, coloured text (or maybe even images if it can). It's also like to keep the whole package thin as mentioned above. Also, if I don't have to burn an EPROM and can interface with it in another manner that would be super awesome. Does anyone have any experience with this or can suggest some components? I've tried looking but I have to admit my knowledge of proper components and where to look is limited. Thanks all in advance.

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Using a webcam to do digital video from a microscope.

I don't have windows set up for the net so it was nice to buy a cheap webcam that works right away in linux  and skype with my sister and brothers in different parts of the world.  It has a focus ring and I tried it with my microscope and prepared slide.  And then later with greeny water from plant pots in the back garden. It is actually pretty good.  I had to use 2 software programs. I used cheese to open the webcam but it misses frames when it records its own video!  I found that opening recordmydesktop and recording the cheese window or cheese area of the desktop solves the problem. I got the microscope second hand in a thrift store. Next step will be to find a pond and grab some really nice samples. I will grab pics of how I set it up in a while, but for now here is a video of a prepared slide, and focusing through it. <br> I did some other videos too with live specimens from the back garden but nothing really exciting. I still have to work on lighting and making the mount a bit more rigid but for a first attempt it is pretty good. Brian

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I need help with a Cannon sd500 lcd replacement. The new LCD is not working. ?

I have a cannon SD 500 digital camera. I replaced a broken LCD. It worked at first for a few minutes. Now only the back-light is working and I cant get an image to show up. Any suggestions?

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eh, bug nutz. can any1 help?

Hey, me, i was just wondering, does anyone know how to make a good sword that fits on your hand??? oh, and i don't have a digital camera, so i hafta (have to) use images from others............... like this 1 "master sword image that u will see now! also i gots a hylian shield!

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Camcorder Restoration?

So I have this old VHS camcorder that is sitting around my house. I want to make it into a decent filmmaking camera. however, I think the imager is bad, and the industry has moved away from VHS. So what I want to do is replace the bad Imager with a HD Imager, maybe a 35mm digital Imager. I also want to replace the VHS deck with a removable portable hard drive, set up to record in an industry standard file format. How much do you think this would cost? Can I be directed to a store that has these parts? Any other thoughts?

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How can I convert my 35mm Film SLR Camera to a Digital SLR camera? Answered

I Have an old SLR camera in excellant condition. It requires 35mm film. I want to convert in into a Digital camera. How Can I do that? Can I use sort of CMOS sensor at the place of film? Please help me!

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Can a photo finish image produce a false result in a race or other circumstance?

Whether a 100m dash, a cycling race, or boats, cars or motorcycles going in excess of 200mph many times these close finishes are determined by high speed photo finish cameras or even less accurate low speed digital video. My question relates primarily to alignment of the camera in relation to the finish line but also other variable such as the surface of the finish line which could be either crowned or banked. Racers crossing over the line a few mm above another just because they are on either side of the centerline of the racing surface. Water finishes produce even more variables. Using a simple bike race where bunch sprint finishes are common with speeds approaching 40+mph I would place a bank of 9 (or 3) cameras on opposite sides of the finish line. Each camera should in theory produce a slightly different image of the finish with variable determinations of outcomes and results based on the resulting images. How would a judge or anyone determine the "correct" image and true result having only the digital picture? Second - of the photo finish images I have seen it seems the finish line is rather subjective? Is the actual finish on or more frames before or after the determined finish? If photo finish and photos in general admissable in court (myth???) how often is the perpective of the camera being judged considered? i.e. Someone who is significantly off the perpendicular snaps a photo producing an image that is quite different from another person's who is at a different angle in relation to the finish. Thank you!

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to turn a digital picture frame into an e-book reader?

I've been looking around  for an affordable e-book reader but they all seem to be north of $200. While at the store the other day I passed some digital picture frames that were under $100 that were the right size and shape. The digital picture frame looks like it has all the hardware you'd need: lcd screen, media port, etc, problem is getting them to read pdf files and the like. I thought about finding a way to convert pdf files to jpeg files but that seems like a hassle to do every time I want to read something. Has anyone out there attempted to hack one of those digital frames so that it reads more than just image files?

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Limited Time Offer

Alright mis amigos, I'm feeling kind of generous and very bored. As such, I'm going to personally hand draw and scan digital patches for people until I get tired of doing it and give up. This offer may go on for an hour, a day or even a week. It is hard to say right now. If you want a digital patch, tell me the following: 1) What you would like me to draw for you. 2) Why you think you deserve this digital patch. All custom drawn digital patches will be awarded at my discretion, so think carefully before you answer these two questions (seriously). Also, please keep in mind, drawing things with a Sharpie, scanning them and (sometimes) coloring these images takes time. Please be patient. UPDATE: Drawings coming along nicely. I will start scanning and distributing them tomorrow.

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Wiring NES Controller to NIX Digital picture frame. HELP!

Hello All, I am a new member to hack-a-day and was wondering if people had input into a project that I am working on. Basically what I want to make is a portable portfolio viewer that is a bit more quirky than what I have seen thus far. A lot of people are presenting on Ipads and the like... not fun enough. I want to wire an NES (original nintendo) controller to a digital picture frame and add a rechargeable battery to make it portable. As for the frame the most cost effective that I have found so far is Nix Digital 10" there are cheap battery packs available on amazon but they seem kind of wimpy...only 2 hours.;=askville-20&linkCode;=xm2&camp;=2025&creative;=165953&creativeASIN;=B00145CUJY And the NES Controller I have a bunch of. Also a battery indicator would be a nice plus! if any one has a successful nixie (or other lower voltage numerical tube) tube battery indicator method I would be very interested in reading about that. I attached an image of the wiring I would like to accomplish Any input about this project would be awesome. I am not as experienced in these kind of things as a lot of the cats around here just enthusiastic about figuring this out. Any help is appreciated! Cheers!

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Casting a REALLY complex HOLLOW shape with metal!?

Exactly like casting a 3D print out of metal; I have a airsoft upper receiver which I want to cast out of aluminium cheaply. Made of polymer and quite complex.

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Oldest Computer Music Surfaces

The oldest known computer music has recently surfaced on the magical entitiy sometimes referred to by village elders as " the internet." Prepare yourself for an ancient digitally generated version of "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and a short sampling of "In the Mood." (image courtesy, UT News and Information Archive, the Center for American History)

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How can I create a shirt clip for my digital voice recorder? Answered

Hello, Instructables community! I have a digital voice recorder. It doesn't come with a shirt clip. Thus, if if I put the DVR in my pocket, it will be sliding and may fall to its side (the item is not very tall). How can I create a shirt clip so that I can keep the recorder standing up in my pocket? See first image. The silver device on the right has the shirt clip. The size of the device on the left (Sony) is 4.5 x 1.5 x 0.8 inches. Unfortunately, the device that I bought does not have a shirt clip.  My device is 4.3 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches. I've attached four photos of my device. It's the one with a face that is black on top and silver on the bottom. Preferably, I want a shirt-clip that won't leave any marks on the recorder. Thank you!!!

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Can I turn my digital SLR into a large format grid scanner?

I am an artist and want to make prints of my large paintings. I have been using a flat bed scanner to scan artwork in multiple chunks and "stich" them together in photoshop thus far with success. However, using over 2 separate chunks, it is hard to get lines and shapes to line up. Also, the larger the image, the more akward it is to try to get the work on the scanner. So i was thinking of some way to use a digital camera to create the same affect. Ideally, the camera would be mounted to a rig floating over the painting and scan it into chunks. I can manually do the "stitching" but it would be sweet if some software would do it for me ;) Anyone know of anything like this? I have a very low tech version in mind, but would love a sort of automated plotter setup.

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Need to resolve this issue

Please see the attached photo. I use a Canon EOS M3 digital camera, lens removed and C-mount used. Then, an adopter tube is used to connect to the eye lens of my microscope with a LED ring light. In the center of the image, an annoying purple blub always shows up. Tried to change light and microscope. The problem is not resolved. Please help.

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Edgar Allan Poe Paper Sculpture Hanging

This Edgar Allan Poe hanging mixed media sculpture was created from a cereal box and paper. The art piece measures 6.5 inches long by 6.5 inches wide (wingspan). The images are digital stamps from Smeared Ink. See my blog for more information about this paper crafted dangle.

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