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l96a1 dimensions? Answered

I need to know the dimensions of the l96a1 as i am building a model one that i hope will fire bb pellets but i cant build it without dimensions or a firing mechanism. i may post an instructable if the gun is any good but the most important thing is the firing mechanism with a trigger. if you have any ideas please tell me  

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M1014 dimensions

Sorry couldn't find a better place for this, does anyone own an airsoft M1014 ( heck or even a real one!) if so could someone please give me the exact dimensions ( length, width, thickness , and most importantly the lengh and diamater of the magizene tube ( tube under the barrle) and the deminisons of the shells (diamater lengh ect.) thanks in advanced, this is all for a project im gona do where i convert a spring m1014 into a semi auto GBB)

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Typo on real board dimensions

On the page it states:Did you know that 1X10 lumber's actual dimension is 3/4"X 9 3/4"?A 1x10 is actually 3/4" by 9 1/4" not 9 3/4"

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Youtube Channel Dimensions

EDIT: How to design a youtube channel. Like a background with the right dimensions so that certain things are in certain places.Example: If the dimensions are different from browser to browser then I suggest firefox because it has the most users.

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Trombone Mouthpiece Dimensions

So for a local science competition a couple of my friends and I are making a trombone out of copper pipe for a music event. In the rules it says the mouthpiece for the brass instrument cannot be store-bought or commercially made, so we are going to print our own with a 3D printer. The problem is, I can't find my 12C trombone mouthpiece to make the model from. So what I want to know is can someone measure every dimension of their 12C trombone mouthpiece with some calipers? I would greatly appreciate your help!

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Experience Other Dimensions

Has anyone ever experienced the fourth dimension. Sure this is a topic for science fiction novels, new age conspiracy theories and the new Indiana Jones movie. But dimensions past our own experience are having a big impact in theoretical physics. Flat Land and it's unofficial sequel Flatterland are good books to get a mathematical yet whimsical look into alternative dimensions. The Tesseract from A Wrinkle in Time was a hyper cube as well.So we go from 0D (a point) to 1D (a line) to 2D (planes) to 3D (solid objects) and then what happens when you pull that plane into an unseen dimension? Well, use your imagination and watch this video: 6d-Hypercube from Tobby Lang on Vimeo.Why Bother With 4D?Yours_BG*(Corrected, thanks n8mansays)

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What're the Dimensions of a Typical Altoids Tin? Answered

I'm wanting to enter one of the contests, I don't have an Altoids tin at the moment, and I'll be pushing it to get it done in time. If anyone has the dimensions handy, that'd be great. Thank you.

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What should I set the dimensions to in Sykz for hi-quality YouTube videos?

I think this might be for pixels. But I'm not sure.

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theo jansen

Does anybody know the exact dimensions of theo jansen kinetic sculpture's legs? On a video theo jansen said that 11 different dimensions would work, but 1 was the best. Does anybody know the dimensions? I'm going to build a solar version just to impress people in this solar contest.

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What are the dimensions of pallet wood? Answered

Yes, I've searched. Also, I don't mean what are the dimensions of the pallets in general, I mean the wooden planks they're made of. PS: I realize it may vary. Estimates are OK. I'm mainly worried about thickness. Thanks for any help.

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The main image picture dimensions?

Hi, there friends i have some projects going on here and i was wondering the first image of an instructable what are the dimension, because i tried many sizes and all get shopped and they don't look nice.Thanks 

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dell dimension 2400 help?

Hi I recently brought a dell dimension 2400 for $20 from a garage sale. There was nothing wrong with it but now i want to set it back to stock settings. How do i do this. I contacted the origanal owner he said he does not have the disk anymore. What should i do.

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Sidewalk Chalk in the 4th Dimension

A group of artists have made an animated sidewalk chalk drawing. Apparently, rumor has it, they made this in about 3 hours time. Pretty sweet.

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Optimum dimensions of a Rubens Tube? Answered

There are several Instructables posted for Rubens Tubes, and I have seen a few elsewhere. I'd like to make one myself, for demonstration purposes, but I'm wondering if there is an optimum set of dimensions? I have seen diameters from about 2-10cm, and lengths from about 80cm to 2m. And what diameter holes should I drill? If it makes a difference, I'll be fuelling it with mains natural gas (methane) in a school lab. (And, while I'm here, what would be a good rescued speaker to drive it?  An old PC speaker?)

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dimensions for displacer on a Stirling engine? Answered

I want to make a low temperature Stirling engine. I was looking at some different designs for them and none really have a set dimension for the displacer. All the ones I see must just be guesswork. I  have a glass tube that I was going to use for the power cylinder about 16mm diameter I will build it like this. I have no idea what size the displacer cylinder and displacer will need to be for it to be effective. can anyone guess for me? I also need to know how much the piston should move for it to be effective. Thanks, David.

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Dimensions of a Xacto knife(the handle part)? Answered

Can some one let me know the dimensions of the handle of the xacto knife? & what material is it made up of?(my guess is aluminium) Well i live in india they are not available here,only way to get them is by importing them(which makes them hell lot costlier). I have a couple of surgical blades and handles that i usually use for my need's but the handle of the surgical blade is a bit flimsy for heavy work's. I am hoping to make a couple of handles with the help of a Lathe(and some other tools) , which should last a good period of time.I intenf to use the surgical blade with the xacto handle(surgical blade no 11)

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1980 fiat spyder transmission dimensions?

Does anyone have or know where to find dimensioned drawings of the engine mount on a 80 fiat spyder? I'm converting it to electric and a good accurate adapter plate would really help Thanks

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What are the dimensions of the Altoid Gum tin?

I'm looking for the Length x Width x Height in inches. They have been discontinued and I'm trying to order up blank, empty tins from a supplier for an electronics workshop. I've been scouring the interwebs, but no luck...

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Dell Dimension 4700 cpu heatsink removal?

Hi! I am having a really hard time removing my cpu heatsink. The computer is a Dell Dimension 4700 and dell's site didnt help at all. WHAT TO DO???

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What are the dimensions of a Les Paul neck pocket?

I am building a guitar and I need to know what the dimensions for the neck pocket should be. I will be using a Les Paul style neck from Warmoth, 24 3/4" scale. While your at it, could you tell me the dimensions for an EDS-1275 neck pocket?

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I vaguely remember there is a way to dimension a drawing? Answered

Say you have a drawing or picture of a chest of drawers. It tells you the height, width, depth. There's a way to get the drawer dimension and such other needed measurements. I just cant recall how this was done, ie, a drafting ruler?

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Can someone help me with the dimensions for drawers?

I am super new at woodworking, but I am trying to build a set of drawers similar to this: Two questions I was hoping to get help on... 1) When making the actual drawers, how much space do I want to leave on the sides so it is able to catch the track? Is half an inch the correct amount?  2) I know it is really hard to tell from the picture, but does the inside drawer track connect to a side wall? Or most likely a bottom board that uses ball bearings?

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Dimension Engineering needs an intern or fulltime thingermajiggerbuilder

Lets pretend that you, intrepid reader-of-postings, have won the lottery. What are you going to blow it on? Beer? Collections of earwaxes from around the world? Bottle-feeding orphan baby whales? Heck no. You're gonna buy you some welders and a CNC machine and a whole slew of electronic bits and bobs. You'll have laser cutters and plasma cutters and nail cutters and cutters to put a cutting edge on your other cutters. You're gonna have goddamn robots that make MORE robots. A drill? _singular_??? I'll take nine, thank you very much! If not, then this isn't really a job posting for you. Still here? Here's the deal. We're desperately dull people. Wretched, really. All we want in life is to make electronic components. No no, not flying electric cars. Just the parts, thank you very much. Our CUSTOMERS, on the other hand, won't stop taking our parts and doing progressively sillier things with them.  They couldn't be content to make a house. They want a WALKING house. "Hello, yes, I have this robot cow that we use to train for rodeo. Its been on the shelf for ten years since the robo-goring..." they say. My poor children get launched into orbit, sunk to the bottom of the ocean, dragged across antarctica. They've powered chairs, couches, bomb disposal robots and bomberman replicas. I shudder to think what ill-advised schemes we'll be helping to perpetrate when my top secret new (and entirely wholesome) projects are done. It fills me with apoplexy just to consider it. Obviously uninteresting people like we lot can't test products for interesting circumstances. What we need is someone who would salivate at the directive of "Find some new way to use these shelves full of robot parts. Make it dramatic. Make it a great writeup. The machine shop is to the left. CNCs on the right. Welding is down the hall, electronics is in the middle. Woodworking shop is at the end of the building. Climbing wall is by the bathroom if you get bored. Here's some budget. Do crazier mechatronic things than our customers do. Report back immediately if you accidentally make a roller coaster or a doomsday device." We certainly do not already have bumper cars, go kart tanks, flame throwers, radio control office chairs, orbotrons and/or backyard roller coasters here. Because those might be interesting. Which we are not.  Anyway, that is a real job posting. For a real job. For which you could be paid. An intern would be okay, a full time creator-of-things would be even better. You could submit a resume, but afor real consideration I'd need to see a portfolio of projects. We don't really have every tool ever made, but that's just because I took some of them home for the weekend and haven't brought them back. Honestly. We're an electronics manufacturer with a mortising machine. Um, because mortises are good, solid, red blooded American woodworking joints. Very boring. Yup. Downsides? We're in beautiful Ohio, home of the low cost of living and, um, did I mention the cost of living is low? Anyway, company website is It is a very boring website. Because, you know, very boring people. jobs@ to send portfolios, resumes, or well wishes.

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What would be a good alloy/ dimensions for an aluminum blowgun?

I would like to order an aluminum tube from but I'm not sure of what kind I should get for a blowgun.  If you could put in the dimensions you would get for a blowgun at that would be great, thank you.  The only set thing I need for the tube is for it to be less than a .50 cal blowgun... If you could tell me if this would be good for a blowgun that would be great:                                                                                                                       Thanks,                                                                                                                         Wafflicious

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123D Design tutorial for technical parts with accurate dimensions?

I'm an engineer with ~7 years of experience using Solidworks (professional CAD software). After hearing about Autodesk 123D Design here on Instructables, I tried to start using it to design and print things with my home 3D printer. However, I'm initially finding it very frustrating to use (more detail on that in a minute) - and I'm not sure if this is just because I'm stuck in my ways with the software I'm used to, or if I'm just trying to use 123D for something it wasn't really intended for. To try and give some concrete examples - I understand that you can create 3D shape primitives (rectangular prisms, cylinders etc) and assign them dimensions when you create them. I also understand that you can create 2D sketch objects and define their dimensions. What I don't find intuitive at all is how you can assign the dimensions of objects relative to each other. For example, say I want to make a 10x10x1mm bracket, with two 2mm diameter circular holes that have their positions on the face defined by the distance from their centers to the edge of the bracket. In a parametric CAD program, that is very easy to do in a 2D sketch and then extrude to a 3D solid. In 123D, I understand that I can create a rectangle primitive and then put holes in it using cylinder primitives - but it seems impossible to define the exact location of those cylinders relative to the edges of the rectangle; also impossible to create a sketch with two circles in it and a dimension defining the distance between their centers. To give another concrete example: at the 4:20 mark in this video (from this Instructable), he draws a circle on top of an existing rectangular part, and then "centers" it by just dragging it around freehand and eyeballing it. Would it be possible to define the center of that circle relative to an edge, corner, or center of that existing rectangle? Or can 123D just not do that? What I'd like to see, if anyone is up for it, is a step-by-step tutorial (preferably in video format) for making some sort of "technical" part where the dimensions matter and it isn't sufficient to just eyeball it and drag things around. e.g. a bracket like this (exact dimensions don't have to be what I drew here, but you get the idea). All of the tutorials I've seen so far - including the official Autodesk ones - seem to just focus on eyeballing it/free-handing dragging parts around.

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Looking for instructable to place RAM in Dell Dimensions 2400:}?

What type of RAM do I use as well as how much? I currently Have 256 mb in my computer.

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Measuring device wich read the dimensions of an object in 1 time?

I want catalog my collection of inkwells, including the dimensions of each object (length, width, height, diameter). The largest size is 50 cm. I wonder if there is a device that measures all the dimensions in one time, whether or not electronically. If not, do you have suggestions so I can make it myself? All ideas are welcome.

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Dimensioned drawing for three-hole mount on A-frame trailer hitch?

I am trying to find the technical specs for the mounting hole that a powered tongue jack goes through on a A-frame trailer hitch. There's a big hole in the center for the tongue jack post, and three bolt-hole in a triangle around it. But what are the hole diameters and positions? P.S. I've gone through an hour or so of Google searching, and called three different "manufacturers." There are lots of trailer plans on the Web, but they're for-sale.

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Casing dimension to install Chilled Water Coil sizes for cooling

I need help on dimensions please. I need to build a box (casing) to install Chilled Water Coils and a squirrel fan to run well water thru for cooling a work shop. In short, I have very cold well water and want to take advantage of it. My shop is 50’ x 29’ x 10’ height. I’m figuring 14,500 cubic feet to cool. What I need to know is if a casing of 24” square that is about 5’ long would be enough to have one coil in front, fan in the middle and a 2nd coil on the other end? I will have a return vent and include at least 4 vents for air out flow. What I’m not sure of is how to calculate if I need to use bigger coils other than 24”? Do I need to give more information to get an answer? Thanks

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does anyone know the dimensions or have a template for the lee-enfield; no.4 , mk IV?

In the picture, it is the top one i'd like to know about.

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Time & space: A dimensional discussion

Would anyone care to discuss the forth dimension of space? I have included a little Paint drawing I made. The "box" drawn as we would see a 3-D glass blox. and a 2-D world of Flatland. In this world, we demonstrate that the inability to turn their heads (left or right) prevents them from seeing the 3rd dimension directly, but that a shadow cast by the dimension, would be seen, either on the box itself or on the ground. A number of illustrations of how we might see a four dimensional cube are included. The last one is how it might appear if it was unfolded from itself. If this is indicative of reality, what conclusions might we draw from this?

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im trying to build a joule theif but im not very experienced can somone help? i need dimensions aswell?

The only place i can get the components is maplins can somebody link to the right product or give me the dimensions? thx

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How to give the most/ free up ram to a program on the dell dimension 8200? Answered

I want to use a old dell for a small server but it lags horribly.  Is there some way to free up space.  Im using windows is there another free os I can use.

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Square water melon

How should I know to create the correct dimension of the case for a 7 (16 lbs), 8 (18 lbs) and 9 (20 lbs) Kgs of watermelon? In the instructables didn't mention the dimensions for each watermelon. Could you please send me your comments? Thanks

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Could somebody post a picture of a standard clip for a nerf gun system with the exact dimensions shown.

Could somebody post a picture of a standard clip for a nerf gun system with the exact dimensions shown (including the curved part just above the darts). In addition, how does the gun hold the clip in place?

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How can i get more precision in Proteus design area grid dimension for up to 0.01 mm or any custom value?

I am trying to implement a design with an IoT Gateway using CC3000 from TI in my PCB design and I am using Proteus as an EDA environment for this. The problem i am facing is with snap to grid precision which is only up to 0.1 mm available in Proteus and component footprint for CC3000 has many dimensions that requires 0.01 mm precision. How can i implement more precise snap to grid custom dimensions for my project?

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what is the time and temperature for hardening earth clay?

Earth clay is for doing tiles of dimension 15*15*2

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Ram not detected?

Ok, i recently removed some ram to check what kind it was. Then i put it back and turned pc on. It said memory was changed. I put the memoyr in right... I dont know what to do. I have a dell dimension 2400 with 4 sticks of DDR2 ram. Each being 512 MB.

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how can i be sure if the pieces I'll buy from eBay of Knex will have the dimensions I need for strandbeest?

Hello again. I went immediately to eBay site and I've put a bid for Knex 2000 pieces, 3 manuals and motors and I just want to be sure if all those will be useful for building a strandbeest, because I don't know the dimensions of pieces.

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How do you program yourself to receive transmissions from an external source? Is there a method of self hypnosis?

How do you enter a state of mind consistently where you are receiving transmissions so that you feel your inner ear vibrating with each download? I have experienced this randomly and want to pursue a deeper dialogue with the source. Is there a method of self hypnosis? What is this dimension i've experienced and why is it completely dark, yet can psychically communicate with a loved one or listen to a spirit guide singing? Is there an extra dimension where others with similar experiences go to meet? I've always felt that there is something out there i'm searching for...

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ATI Radeon Diablotek 9000 graphics card? - JUST EDITED

I recently recived my AIT Radeon Daiblotek 9000 graphics card. I fallowed the instructions for installation. It fit in great. When i boot my pc, i see black. I have connected the card to my monitor. So, i removed the card and tried to install the drivers. I think they installed correctly, but im not sure. I still see black wen i use the card. I have a dell dimension 2400 with windows xp and service pack 3. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------EDIT!--------------------------------------------------------------- I just switched to a Dell Dimension 4700. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Instructable wanted "How to build a Fish Tank"

I have been browsing through all the fish tank instructables and I thought that they were rather rubbish to be honest.... I want an instructable to build a decent tank in a rectangle shape with the dimensions of Height: 12" Length: 20" Depth:14" (Dimensions do not have to be followed but appreciated if they are and dimensions do not include lid space) If there is also any specific thicknesses needed for the tank to hold the capicity of water this would greatly appreciated if stated. I would also like the person who choses this project to use links to websites for the materials/tools (preferably English GBP currency) Any links to what types of fish are work well together would also be a bonus. Thanks in advance to anyone who will write the instructrable for this.

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I Need a Cool design? Answered

I need a design with a letter "B" in it Black and white please Dimensions 336x228 Please and thank you!

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