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Silver Dip pendant. Answered

Hi Everyone!! I am trying to make a few silver dip pendants from some beautiful rocks that I got on a trip. But I don´t know where to start. Is there any silversmith around here or someone with experience to tell me if this can be made at home with the right tools? Thank you very, very much.

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Dip Pen Wands

Hey guys and girls. I have been developing indestructible for a while and think some of the projects have had the potential to make cash but the dip pen wand stood out as something which really doesn't exist anywhere else. I wanted to learn more about kickstarter (the crowd funding platform) so decided to launch the project with the small goal of the cost of materials.  It has been doing really well so far. I wondered if anyone from the fantastic instructables community would like to check it out. If you like it it would help me out if you backed it or shared the project whilst its still running. and if you would like to know how to make your own dip pen wands then instructables is defiantly the place to be. .. Just a little while after the kickstarter has run.

Topic by world of woodcraft  

Cheapest DIP glue logic?

I am looking to by some glue logic chips to prototype in so they must be in dip packages. I also want them to be cmos chips and not ttl. I am looking for which family of logic is the cheapest and for a good place to by them on the cheap. I don't care about the specs that much in terms of speed by I would hope for 5V and the ability to supply 15mA or more. The reason I am asking instead of finding the answers for myself is that I have already tried looking but there seem to be so many families that are very similar and I cant come to a conclusion. Ii was hoping that somebody who had some experience working with them would have some insight into me question.

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dip (chewing tobacco tin table

 so a big part of the population of my school uses dip and they come in tins.  i was thinking of making a table made of these tins as a way to recycle them and also show how mutch use there is at our school.  what do people think of it??

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Dipped spoon recipe (to stir in coffee).

I would like to find a flavorful dipped spoon recipe for Christmas gift giving.  I have seen the chocolate dipped spoons (with only chocolate and a sprinkling of mint candy or nuts).  I would prefer something with a bit more flavor.  I would add an extract (rum, orange, vanilla, etc.) but I think the chocolate has to harden and adding anything may prevent this from happening.  Any ideas?

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ESP8266 version 13 DIP switch

Hi, I bought a kit that uses an ESP8266 Arduino expansion board (shield) that has a version 13 ESP8266 module on it. That expansion board is not a standard ESP8266 board. It has an unusual 2-pole DIP switch on it that can be set to "ON" or "1-2". I need to understand what the 2-pole DP switch does and I need to understand the electrical connections it is connected to. There are many instructables about the standard ESP8266, but I cannot find any details about that DIP switch in a version 13 ESP8266 arduino expansion board. Can you please tell me where the DIP switch connects to and why it is needed. Thank you

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Does an European alternative to Plasti-Dip exist?

A single can of imported Plasti-Dip in my country (Bosnia) sets me back way more than I'd like it to. Does anyone know any alternatives to it? Appreciate it.

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Artist wants to build giant dip pen

Comic book artist Jim Woodring is proposing to engineer and build a giant steel-nibbed dip pen to be used for public drawing instruction and demonstration which will also be performance art.  He's soliciting donations to make this quixotic project a reality.  Pretty cool, I think. I can't get the video to embed here.  You can view it at I'm amazed at how well he's thought this out and how passionate he is about pen-and-ink drawing.

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Wanted: OpAmp IC's (those with 8 pins and two OpAmps inside)

Hello, Would it be possible for someone to send me some OpAmp IC's (8-pin DIP) with two OpAmps inside? (for free? :) ) They don't have to be power OpAmps, but just regular OpAmps with a Vccmax of at least 20V. I need them for some PWM projects I have. If you are interested or if you want some more information, please send me a PM :) Thanks in advance, Electorials

Topic by DELETED_Electorials  

I made con queso it's way too hot how do I make it not so hot to eat?

Its made with jalapenos onions chilies and tomatoes  and velveta cheese the jalapenos made it way to hot this time how or what should I use to cool it down already added more cheese didn't help 

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How does one make a liquid plastic dip?

It is no longer sold in craft stores except in England and Europe. It was used to make plastic flowers. Dip in a wire form and it makes a minimum surface like a soap bubble.

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snuff can project? any ideas?

Im a dipper of moist snuff and all ways have these little cardboard, plastic, and metal tins id like to do something creative with them any suggestions?

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alternatives to MAX756?

hello im writing the best english i have ,cause its not my natural language can u say me alternatives for the MAX756 that have this caracteristics imput voltage: 1.5vDC ( an AA battery) output voltage: 5vDC @ more than 100mA the IC needs to be DIP ( no SMD please! im very noob soldering)

Question by Delta25  

Rain Barrel question - Why can't I just dip the water out?

I set up a plastic (?) garbage can, well cleaned, under a downspout.  It's well covered.  Why can't I just dip the water out with a big ole dipper when I need it?  My veggie garden is tiny.  Thanks in advance for any advise!

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system that takes BCD inputs from DIP Switches and display Decimal on 7-Segment display, without using any BCD Decoder?

Hi i want to make system that takes BCD inputs from DIP Switches and display Decimal on two 7-Segment display, without using any BCD Decoder.what ic should i choose??and circuit.

Question by szafar2    |  last reply

Can I dip a cured resin object into more resin to gradually bulk it out?

I'm making resin icicles, but I feel it may be more realistic to dip the completed smooth shapes into resin to bulk them out and give them some water-like imperfections on the shape. Will this work or will uncured resin affect the cured resin?

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Thick Rubber Coating

Ive been disapointed in products marketed for dipping tool handles. in my experience, they do a very thin coat. storebought tools with dipped handles have a nice thick coat. how can i do that at home?

Topic by Toga_Dan    |  last reply

I need to find a DIP USB keyboard controller IC. Do you know of any? Answered

Google isn't helping much, and the keyboards I have are all PS2, or their chip is covered with epoxy.

Question by -henry-    |  last reply

How does the 2-Pole DIP switch on version 13 ESP82266 Arduino expansion board work ?

Hi, I bought a kit that uses a version 13 ESP8266 Arduino expansion board (shield). That version 13 is not a standard ESP8266 board. It has an unusual 2-pole DIP switch on it that can be set to "ON" or "1-2". I need to understand what the 2-pole DP switch does and I need to understand the electrical connections it is connected to. The information on the makers web-site is not very clear.  ( see ) There are many instructables about the standard ESP8266, but I cannot find any details about that DIP switch in a version 13 ESP8266 arduino expansion board. Can you please tell me where the DIP switch on the version 13 board connects to  - the pin connections - and why it is needed. Thank you

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does anyone know the plastic-like stuff that you dip a wire shape into then it dries like a plastic film help please

The stuff I'm thinking about , I've seen as a kids craft thing, abit like stained glass effect,like bubbles liquid but then it dries like a plastic film?? help please!!!?

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Diy Vibram-like Fivefingers? Answered

I was looking at Vibrams a bit, as I enjoy doing things barefoot, but I don't like the price they run. So I was thinking of maybe making my own minimalist "barefoot" shoes that had the toes like vibrams do. I was thinking maybe like toe socks dipped in rubber tool-dip. Well, not exactly like that, but something slightly similar. And obviously cheaper. Any Ideas would be appreciated :D Thanks! ~RogueLeadR

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After dipping paper in vinegar which I needed to do for an art project, I would now like to prevent it from deteriorating. How can I neutralize the paper so it lasts,

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CMOS vs TTL? Which Is Better? Answered

What are the main differences between CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) and TTL (Transistor-Transistor-Logic). The things I want to know: Which type do you use? Which kind do you prefer? Which type do today's computers use? Are CMOS and TTL compatible? These are the few things I know about them: CMOS ICs (overall) will draw less current compared to TTL CMOS are less picky in regard to their voltage supply. It seems like most people like CMOS more than TTL. Thanks! Comments, answers, and everything else is appreciated!

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Game pieces for life size Operation game

This is for a halloween carnival and will be used over and over again, so I would like for it to be fairly sturdy.  I thought of cutting insulating foam and using it, but it would probably break easily.  Other ideas I have had: bondo plastic styrene sheeting (yard sign material) cardboard plastic dip (dip foam pieces in it?) great stuff foam I would like for the pieces to be white, fairly sturdy, about 1" thick or so.  Nothing is jumping out at me as inexpensive and durable. Thanks for any help!

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Is it safe to solder a PICAXE microcontroller directly? Answered

I wanted to use a PICAXE 08M2 in LED Throwie application so i wanted to know is it safe to solder it directly or i have to use a 8 Pin DIP socket              ?

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Clean pen nibs in nail polish remover? Answered

Is it possible to clean dip pen nibs (speedball) in nail polish remover? Gratias, josh1324 PS. ink is pigmented acrylic

Question by josh1324    |  last reply

Tattoo yourself with a pin and pigmented acrylic ink? Answered

I am wondering if you can tattoo yourself with a sterilized sewing pin and pigmented acrylic dip pen ink. Is the ink ok for tattoos? How for does the needle need to go?

Question by josh1324    |  last reply

More Halloween Party Pictures!

Check out Arwen's pictures from the Halloween party!You may notice that we nabbed zieak's ideas for the doll serving dish (we used spinach dip) and a variant on his toddler toddy for our sangria and sherbet punch.

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Help identify small IC chip

- Found in LED light assembly  - DIP package with 5 gull wing leads in the 1,2,3,4 & 6 positions, as referenced below 6____5____4 |                      | |__________| 1         2         3 - Top says "TF98" - Bottom says "S354" - Small, about 1mm X 2mm

Question by shuo888    |  last reply

Making a mold of a fresh flower can this be done?

I dipped a rose in a low temp candle wax in hopes that i will be able to do this project without purchasing the online silicone/rubber at $160.00 please help if its will someone please tell me how cause a rose mold I found was also over a hundred

Question by G8ttinby    |  last reply

Transformer-winding wire

I am going to be hand-wiring up a large lot of transformers. Someone has told me there is an enameled wire (magnet wire) whose coating melts when you dip it in solder (also tinning the copper tip at the same time). What is this type of wire called? I am having a hard time searching for it. Thanks!

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How to remove Candle Wax from Eye Glasses?? Answered

My wife dropped her eye glasses in a candle with melted wax. She attempted to scratch it off but can’t remove all of it and probably scratched them somewhat. I was thinking maybe dipping them in some boiling water to melt the wax. Anyone have any other ideas?

Question by keydogstony    |  last reply

(HELP) Linking Wireless Pir Sensor To Wireless Chime

Hi, I'm trying to use a wireless PIR sensor to activate a wireless MP3 door bell for an art project I'm doing so that when people walk by a particular spot, sound I've uploaded to the doorbell chime will play.  It has to be wireless i'm afraid... If anyone is bored this Sunday afternoon and feels like helping me out I'd be very grateful as I need this to be operational by Tuesday and i'm no electronics expert. To say thanks I'd definitely paypal you some beer money! The wireless PIR is this one: The wireless door bell is this one: Both operate on 433mhz and in my head, this meant it should have been easy to get them to work together. Since then I've been reading a lot about DIP switches that was previously unknown to my technically ignorant mind. So, I've taken a pic of the guts in the PIR and I guess the frequency ID is determined by the pins on the top left that read A0-A7? and the wireless doorbell has 6 DIP switches in the battery compartment like so: as well as the door bell button (also wireless). Is it possible to get these to work together, and if so, how would I do this with a minimum of hassle that someone with little electronics expertise like myself can understand? A very large thanks to anyone who can help my befuddled mind get around this!

Topic by gregoire500  

Help with old parts identification

I need some help identifying some old parts... Google didn't find anything that I could tell. They are: 1) AMI 8029vi C11262 (Some sort of old dip style IC chip) 2) DIS1283 8004 (This is some type of display but I can't seem to find anything on it. Wanted to see if I could hook it to an Arduino??) Thanks for any help. Mike C.

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adding seasoning & dry rub/sauce & Marinade sections to food page

I like the food page layout, but I would like to see extra sections for seasonings & dry rubs, as well one for sauces, marinades, & dips.    If you like this idea, add a comment, maybe we can get our awesome instructables crew to make this sight even cooler than it already is. Thanks for your time!

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i am new to computer science world my teacher has asked us to design a project with following requirements.. ?

You have to interface one memory device (2816/2716), one input port (DIP Switches) and one output port (LEDs) with 8088 microprocessor. Input and Output devices will be interfaced through 8255 PPI. these are the requirements please guide me through it and it would be lot more if you describe in detail thnku ..

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what dye/ how much do I use to tie-dye 50 t-shirts ????

I need to tie dye 50 shirts at a cub scout camp out. does anyone have any awesome ideas as to what dye / the best way / best tie, is it wise to concentrate dyes , since we can't dip fabric for too long etc. Camping you know. 50 little boys.

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After the vast amount of time that i had been going down in Instructables, Slowly dipping under the so-called radar.. I come back here and find that my guns are still on the front pages. This i find incredible. I just want you guys to know, even though i'm not online as much as usual.. big shoutout to you guys for not letting my spirit of Kne'xing die. Peace -Vic-.

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What to do with an old A/C unit?

I have recently purchased a new window-mount air conditioner, and now I am looking at the crappy old one saying "I can't just throw this away after having read the Dumpster Dipping instructable!" Any ideas on how to reuse/recycle this horribly used (purchased ca. 1988) A/C unit that hardly puts out cold air anymore?

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How could one finish off a paper construct? Answered

I require some method of covering and finishing geometric paper constructs in a durable (can survive the average jean pocket's wear and tear) and aesthetically pleasing manner. Some work with wide sticky tape can produce a fair finish, but the look is not necessarily desirable. I'm thinking melt on contacts, dipping in glue, cutting up book covering paper... that sort of thing. Any ideas? Thanks, ~K

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First solar project. How do i connect a small solar panel to a batter to then supply power for a outlet?

So this is my first time taking a dip into small electrical work. I would like to take a small solar panel and use it to charge a small battery that could supply 5 watts of power for about 4-5 hrs through a standard outlet plug. what would i need to do so and any other guidance would be appreciated.

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Fun Halloween pics to share.

A few Halloween pics from this year..The image note making function isn't working, so I'll just explain here..1: A spooky spread on a bloodsoaked (99cent) tablecloth2: Haunted Gingerbread house. I hate it when people say these things are 'too pretty to eat'.. That's what we made it for!!3: Crunchy Cats! Tortillas cut out with cookie cutters, spread with sunflower oil and crisped in an oven.. Dip in a selection of goopy dips, and enjoy! (These felines are sooooo addicting!)4: Spooky Orange flavoured cupcakes!! Oops, I took the photo after I ate one. whoops.5: Witch's Broom PB Cookies with pretzel broomsticks. The salt and sweet flavours together are divine.6: The ice Queen and the Monkey. We should have taken photos for an indestructible on that hair and makeup. It was great!7: My wife's ice queen makeup close up8: "Phantom of the Paradise".. No helmet pics just yet.. They're at work.9: Phantom and Monkey10 & 11: Two Shots of a Mr. Tumnus costume I made for my friend Dave. It's been a fun Halloween. I have tons more fun photos!!

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Happy ThanksGiving everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving.  On the 25th I made an apple pie with a crumb top and on the 26th I'll make a green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. My dad will make the turkey and he also made Crab Dip-it and a Pumpkin pie. The day a lot of the fat americans gorge themselves half to death, and the rest also gorge themselves, just not as much. Remember: "Don't panic! It's organic." And, "Make your Plastic Fantastic."

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Teeny Weeny TSSOP

Recieved my samples from today, expecting DIP or at least SOIC packages. The parcel was a thick 9x9 inches with loads of padding and each chip was in a tiny plastic case inside a folded bag, inside enother bag inside an antistatic bag and wrapped in padding and card. Bit unnecessary when you see the size of these chips, as you can see in the pictures, the chips are 4-5mm squared. Has anyone here soldered one of these packages? I don't think I stand a chance, bad eyesight and a crap soldering iron :/

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Request: An Internal UPS or battery for a PC

My town has been experiencing power dips and short outages. i bought a cheap ups but it doesn't really do the job (the PC still cuts out) but i noticed that my laptop carries on just fine (obviously because it has an internal battery) so that got me wondering. Inside the pc it's just 12v and 5v isn't it? surely you could set up a battery inside the case that works just like the one in a laptop. anyone fancy giving it a go?

Topic by the.dwarfer    |  last reply

How to make newspaper pencils? Answered

I recently bought newspaper pencils here in the Philippines and ever since i bought that, i wondered how you make those. the treesmart(R) website showed them slicing newspapers, dipping them in a "secret" solution, wrapping them and oven drying the pencils. i was wondering what is the solution that i can make (is it just glue with water) and can i just leave it out to dry. P.S. the best question is actually lemonie's reply to my reply to his post. kthx

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make your own black light ideas

So in order to make a black light i (the stupid half of me) would think to dip a lightbulb in black paint. i (the smart half of me) would assume there is more to it than that here is some random 2 facts about the blacklight (wood's light) it is not black its a deep-bluish-purple what a blacklight emits is: lamp emitting electromagnetic radiation my question is how could i make one and would it be cheaper to make it or buy it...

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Mini fuse box question?

My headlights have stopped working - main beam is OK, sidelights are OK, normal dipped beam is out. Since both sides went at once, I'm assuming its a fuse. However, there are 24 fuses in the fuse box, none labelled with what they serve, and the Haynes manual simply gives them numbers. I'm being lazy - to save me going through them one by one, does anybody know which fuse is the one I need to change? (Rover Mini Mayfair, 1275cc, 1995)

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