Discussions pane? Answered

What governs if comments appear in your discussions pane - I have been watching but can't see a pattern - Not all comments appear there are they only replies to my comments??

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Discussions not updating

For the last week or so, my discussions tab hasn't been updating properly. I'm recieving emails alerting me to new comments, but they don't all show up in my discussions tab. It may be only forum commets that aren't showing up. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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general discussion

This is for whatever you guys wanna talk about.

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Contest discussion

Hi everyone,This is a discussion that started on the list of Laser Cutter Contest Finalists that I wanted to make its own forum topic.I am really happy with the entries to the Laser Cutter Contest. The quality, depth, scope, and professionalism of all of the entries is simply amazing. I am also really happy with how the contest brought out the best of the Instructables community, and how it encouraged a bunch of new members to make the jump and post their first project. However, it seems we screwed up, as many of you are unhappy with the list of finalists. Since there's no quantitative way to rank projects in a contest that spans two months (ranking by pageviews and ratings alone give a huge advantage to projects entered early, and in some ways just turns the problem over to the editors and readers of sites that link to us such as Digg, Boingboing, and Make), we ranked them qualitatively. Everyone has their own opinion, and coming to a consensus is very difficult, which is why we increased the number of finalists from 10 to 15. When the contest accepts entries on any subject, judging becomes nearly impossible. In the end, we only have one laser cutter to give away. So, we will choose one winner, and this may be the root of the problem. I thought that a single, high-end prize would make for a better contest than a large number of lower-end prizes, like many of our previous contests. The number of entries, the quality of the entries, and the number of people encouraged to make their first post all support my theory that quality of prizes yields better results then quantity, but if the community is genuinely unhappy, than I am wrong. Perhaps this feeling is simply being expressed by a small but vocal group, and the community as a whole thinks the Laser Cutter Contest was great and will be happy for the finalists and the winner. Getting a community to express itself is tough, but we're here listening and we take what each of you has to say very seriously. To me, the value of posting an Instructable is not in the chance to win a laser cutter, it's when someone makes a comment saying that I taught them something new, changed the way they looked at things, or inspired them to make something themselves (even if it's something totally different than my Instructable). That's why I am so passionate about Instructables, and why I see contests as just a small part of the reason to post. We're always trying new things, and if they don't work, we try to make corrections, learn from our mistakes, and try something else. I think contests, if done properly, can invigorate, excite, and build community. So, I'm listening- what can we learn from this experience? Should we run more focused contests? Would you prefer lots of prizes to a single high-value prize? Do you have any other suggestions? We want to run the best contests we can, and work with our community to ensure their success. Please tell me what you think.

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Discussion page not displaying

When I login and click on the 'Discussions' tab it comes up empty. This just started within the last day or two since I check this regularly.

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General Discussion for Discussion

(In a musical gameshow like voice) It's time for the General Discussion for Discussion Blog. This is a blog where from week to week the owner will post something new and exciting to discuss and he and the audience discuss it in a general discussion matter With your host Mysterious Ninja Of Fire. Each week within the last post I will be giving a hint as to next week. This week is ninjas. next week will be democians.

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General Batch Discussion

The Official Batch Homies Discussion Forum

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Guerilla Ganja Discussion

Photohippie wanted us to continue our discussion, but Grandpiper made a good point that the comments would be irrelevant to the Instructable and would clutter it all up. I figure that in a forum we can get more ideas on the matter, and I think it's something worth discussing. What was said so far...GrandPiper says:I always wanted to do this with marijuana seeds. They grow fast and can survive under pretty harsh conditions. Im sure they would get pulled up eventually but if you hit enough spots with them and planted close to 20 or whatever a spot, i think it would really send a statement to your city. I wanted to do it preferably in the downtown area, add some green life to the dead concrete jungle. Valche says:Usually I try to leave positive comments, but that's a stupid idea. I'm all for legalization, but planting pot isn't going to make any statement other than "Wow, some pothead thinks they're cool."GrandPiper says:Hmm what's your idea then? Writing your politicians so they can blow us off for lobbyists? How is my idea much more different then marching in the streets? The guerrilla growing is a way to say "hey i dont think smoking marijuana is as bad as other legal drugs" and it also doesnt expose yourself to the police as a marijuana smoker. This can be done in the cover of the night and you could carry a lot of seeds without being noticed.Sorry for posting a response irrelevant to the instructable! and Valche if you want to discuss this further, send me a pm.

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Oodammo Pistols Discussion

Well, I just have finals this week and then I'm done with school. Long story short, I got into classes at the college and they finish earlier than the high school does so I pretty much will be graduated but without a diploma for a couple weeks. Fun! Anyways, I'm not in the mood for making anything big. However, I did want to put this to rest if need be. Do we need another oodammo pistol? Let's just take a quick poll. What's everyone's favorite oodammo pistol and why? No, I don't need ego food so be honest. Next, what don't you like about your favorite? What could be improved with it? If I do find enough valid suggestions, I'll make a 4th oodassault pistol. If I find that it's mostly just a matter of preference between features (i.e. size/pieces/looks vs durability, clips vs magazines, etc.) then I'll leave it at that. Others will be welcome to leach off this thread and try their hand at one too as long as they announce that they are doing so.

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Immersive HMD Discussion

Some of you may have already read my Instructable for the Immersive HMD (Head Mounted Display,) for those who haven't, it is here. I want to share more information about the build, and also get peoples ideas and opinions so lets see what people come up with! I am also happy to answer any questions about how it works, or what I am planning on doing with it. Currently in the works: I have a friend who is "flash savvy" helping me make the HUD interface. We will be streaming the feed from the webcam as the bottom layer of a flash file. We can then overlay well animated and styled objects over top of the feed. This allows the user to access whatever applications they find useful without having to change perspectives. The camera that I am waiting on has a far higher resolution that the screens are capable of outputting, so by selecting areas of the screen to "zoom in on" (expanding the selected area to fit the screen) you essentially have digital zoom. I will upload sketches of the adjustable screen mounts soon. ... and remember kids, the future is now! (for real! look around you)

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Photography Challenge Discussion

It seems the Instructables topic cannot handle so many replies and comments, and so I am proposing that those who would like to participate in the January Photography Challenge join the 365 Project and follow one another.  Honestly, I really don't like asking anyone to join another site because it's a pain, but the 365 Project is geared specifically to taking a photograph everyday. Some more advantages: It's very easy to sign up and really isn't so painful. Everyone can follow each other and post comments on individual photographs. It's incredibly easy to submit a photo, and you can submit previous images on past dates. You can view entire calendars of photographs. It would take some of the burden off Instructables and make the challenge less frustrating. You can link to your Instructable's account on your profile there and potentially encourage some outsiders to check out your stuff. All in all, it's going to be a bit of a trade-off.  I signed up for an account on January 2nd, submitted a photo for the day and the previous day, and have really enjoyed how easy it is to use, but I know not everyone's going to be down with it because I'm sure we're all signed up on different things all over the place which gets a little hard to manage.  For anyone who doesn't want to join the 365 Project, please start a forum topic dedicated to sharing your daily photography throughout the month of January. Patches will still be awarded to those who complete the challenge.  It will be easier for me to account for participation through the 365 Project, but I'll be able to take account of a forum topic as well. If you join the 365 Project, please let me know so I can follow you on the site.  You can find my member page here. I'm really sorry for asking this because I know the topic has been frustrating people, including me, but I think the best solution is to either join 365 or start individual forum topics.  I'm fine with either when it comes to awarding patches.

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Questions tab under discussions shows I have no answers on page 2++

On my 'me' page, under answers, it shows I have 2 questions, and 38 answers. If I use the 'next page' button to show the next 10 'answers' I've given, that page, and all subsequent pages show I have no questions. Hypothesis: (the same offset of +10 is being applied to both the questions and answers, and seeing there are no questions 10+ it shows none)

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How has one of my comments disappeared? Answered

I posted a comment on somebody's question a few days ago, and that comment has disappeared, as did his reply. It was there for some time. The reply has also disappeared from the discussion tab on my personal "you' pages. The question has about 10 comments on it and hasn't been "best answered' yet. How does this happen?

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Discussion Pge Doesn't Work

WHen clicking on "Discussions" tab it opens my prophile page instead of discussions. Tied on Oper and Chrome - the same.

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Discussion-link @ profile is dead

- i go to my own profile- Click on my "Discussions" (Link = https://www.instructables.com/member/Orngrimm/disc...- it takes me back to https://www.instructables.com/Please fix

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A friend to discuss the ideas of inventions

I used to think more innovative so i want to share and take advice from you as everyone has their own ideas.

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Time & space: A dimensional discussion

Would anyone care to discuss the forth dimension of space? I have included a little Paint drawing I made. The "box" drawn as we would see a 3-D glass blox. and a 2-D world of Flatland. In this world, we demonstrate that the inability to turn their heads (left or right) prevents them from seeing the 3rd dimension directly, but that a shadow cast by the dimension, would be seen, either on the box itself or on the ground. A number of illustrations of how we might see a four dimensional cube are included. The last one is how it might appear if it was unfolded from itself. If this is indicative of reality, what conclusions might we draw from this?

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Is Instructables about to explode? Discuss

Ok, now, here is what i seemassive sponsorsibles projects on practically every blog, dailyMahusive amount of media coverage on tv, radio, and the netsGreat potentialNow, i know were pretty big atm, but, as you all know, ive been to the future.Its going to happen, and its going to happen soon.Instructables will explode. Its gonna be big, and us, the faithful few, are slap bang in the center.Let me know what you think, and how we will survive what i am coming to call, The Ibleoclypse

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Is there a way to clear an orangeboard? Answered

Just lookin' for a way to clear my orangeboard if it becomes cluttered with really old discussions.

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Chinese marathon cheats hire impostors


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You page and discussions tab won't load

Hello everyone, I've been having trouble over the past few days trying to load the You page and discussions tab. The problem still occurs when browser add-ons are disabled. The picture is what comes up when trying to load it. I use Google Chrome and Windows 8. Thanks in advance for the help! Edit (11/1/13): The discussions tab works now, and the you page loads sometimes but doesn't load other times. Edit (8/13/14): The you page is loading for me now! Yay!

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Can Forums and Answers link be added to the mobile App? Answered

I frequent Instructuables daily through android app on phone and tablet.  Would it be possible to add links to the Answers and Forums areas of the site to the app?  Hate that I need to tether myself to a desktop browser or struggle through a phone browser to use these great features of the site.

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2 months delay in discussion notifications

My "Discussions" tab showed no changes for about two months, and then yesterday it dumped about two months of replies that people had made on my various comments I made on the forums here. I think that qualifies as a bug. I mean, ideally my "Discussions" tab would notifiy me of replies in a matter of hours, so I could reply to those replies in a timely fashion, if it was the sort of thing where someone was expecting a reply from me.I am guessing this problem was maybe related to the recent big "improvements" to the site, to make it more readable for mobile lusers, and other changes to make the site more comment-able, question-able, tip-able, by everyone.Just wondering: Has anyone else experienced this same problem, i.e. a several weeks, or months, delay in notifications of replies to your comments?

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Open Discussion of Chatroom Moderation Techniques

As chatroom mods, we try to keep the chatroom up to snuff. Sifting out the bad, making the room presentable to new members. So, speaking for all of the moderators in the Instructables Chatroom, how well/bad/mediocre are we doing our jobs? Is there anything we can improve on, would you like to join us, and be a mod? Make your voice heard!

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unidirectional audio speaker. Design discussion

I was thinking of designing a unidirectional speaker driver circuit. As far as I know ,I need to drive the speakers with audio signal with ultrasound carrier wave... I thought of making a circuit that generates 20/16 Mhz (1.25mhz) square wave? using 4060 ic and 20 mhz crystal and using optocouplers to torn on and off the speakers at same frequency. do you think it is going to work?

Topic by Suraj Grewal 

Electrically Conductive Plastic: a general discussion.

I find i have an odd set of interests. Specially with regards to this forum.  I'm interested in electrically conducting plastics. I've been hitting the Wikipedia pretty hard looking for information on the topic.  I've found a couple of interesting articles:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polythiophene http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyaniline My main reason for pursuing this as of late is because I think electrically conductive plastics offer a way to create high efficiency photovoltaic cells on the cheap (least relative to growing pure Silicon crystal without oxygen contamination).  Azodyes, which are popular doping agents for current thin film photovoltaic cells  can be linked directly to the organic back bones of the polymers, and i think this will make the conversion of photons into electrons more efficient. There's other organic compounds (specifically i'm thinking of metallocenes which can be used to generate positive valences, also known as "holes" within the molecular structure of the plastics) which can be used to dope an organic solar cell, but azodyes are the most obvious. Anyway... gonna hit up google. if any y'all have ideas post em up.

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Creative Commons Salon: July 6th

Our friends at Creative Commons are running a salon this Tuesday, July 6th in San Francisco.  The discussion centers around online sharing and collaboration that spills over into the physical world, something we're especially excited about at Instructables.  Details below. Creative Commons Salon: We Love to Share At Creative Commons, we love to share. And while CC is primarily known for its work enabling openness and collaboration in the digital world, we're interested in how the culture of sharing is changing offline life as well. Join us at the next CC Salon in San Francisco, where we'll present three projects focused on how sharing ideas, knowledge, and even physical space can revolutionize the way people create, work, and play. The evening's presenters are Jack Herrick, founder of the collaborative how-to manual wikiHow; Clément Alteresco, COO of innovation/strategic development agency faberNovel, which founded collaborative workspace pariSoma; and Neal Gorenflo, founder of Shareable, a new magazine and online community dedicated to sharing. Date & Time • Tuesday, July 6, 2010 • 7:00-9:00 PM • $5-10 suggested donation (no one turned away) • Beverages provided • Plenty of street parking available • pariSoma is located up two steep flights of stairs, and unfortunately does not have wheelchair access at this time pariSoma Innovation Loft 
1436 Howard St. San Francisco, CA 94103
 About Creative Commons: Creative Commons’ mission is to provide everyone in the world with easy, free, and legal access to knowledge and culture. Our signature tools are called Creative Commons licenses, which are free copyright licenses that creators can use to offer certain usage rights to the public, while reserving other rights. Millions of people, companies, and institutions throughout the world have used CC licenses to make their work – everything from academic coursework and scientific data to art, music, and journalism – available for free and legal sharing, use, and adaptation. http://creativecommons.org/

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Lets discuss our project interest here

Hello everyone, share your thoughts & ideas here..

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How to find topics of discussion I've responded to?

There was a topic I responded to perhaps years ago that I'd like to find again. How?

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A Discussion and Breakdown of Opinions and Controversy Within The Community

So I had this dumb idea that a few of us "KI"ers, as you call us, could have a fruitful and interesting discussion based on several topics through an audio AMA-type format.  The idea is that you guys post a bunch of questions below, and we answer and elaborate as we see fit after a week or so, putting all the discussion in a nice, short 30-ish minute podcast.  If you're interested in hearing us talk about whatever, whether it be our taste in mechanics, or what happened with KI, or even how you guys feel about us, let us know below and we'll see how this goes.  Again, I aim to approach this with a semi-serious and thoughtful tone, so it's not just going to be 30 minutes of us saying "lol those ibles guys are so silly" and such nonsense. I don't expect much to come out of this, but if we have some fun or start a fluid conversation, it'll be worth it.

Topic by Mepain 

The Social Problems That Plague Instructables - A Discussion for Everyone

Disclaimer: Nothing I say relegates to any sort of EULA/terms of service instructables may have. This is strictly concerning a matter of taste and public interest. I don't really know anything about the "legal" matters here, in fact, I could care less - I'm just seeking a practical solution. Before I begin my ranting and raving, I'd like to begin with these few questions. I don't expect you to respond tit-for-tat in list answer form - these are broad questions that you may choose to answer in your response I suppose, but the purpose of them is to get you thinking a bit: 1. Do you feel as though the quality of an instructable is important? 2. Does it bother you when you read an instructable that is very sloppy and appears as though no effort was put into making it appealing to the reader? 3. Does it bother you when you see instructables that tell you how to create things that appear to be ostensibly simple, as if you are being instructed on doing some menial thing? 4. Do you ever feel as though people post instructables in order to gain attention and don't seem to care about the instructable itself? If so, does that bother you? It appears to me that many people feel as though the content of Instructables.com is crummy at times. It looks as though more often than not as of late, people are posting a lot of negative comments on certain instructables. The populace is simply becoming frustrated with the amount of poorly-written, lame duck, perhaps "half-assed" instructables that are popping up on the site. Allow me to purge a bit before I create a storm: I am a man who preaches "For each, his own." I usually fall towards a laissez-faire policymaking attitude and I seek to just "let it lie" if necessary. I find that things work better uninterrupted. This is why I think I have held back here for a while about my thoughts on Instructables I didn't appreciate. Usually I would just mark it with a "-", leave a comment about what could be improved, and flag it if it was inappropriate. The problem is, I started to do this too much over time. Maybe I just became too acquainted with the functions, but it feels to me as though it is the quality of the instructables that have waned. I am evidently not alone with this feeling. I have remained as reserved as I can, but I think it is time to speak out about something because other people are starting to shed light on it. Perhaps we should be a little more conscientious about what we post. As the site grows, I think it is important we keep it tidy and nifty looking. There will be tons of new instructables every day, but I think we should reduce the number of them that many of us find pretty crummy. Perhaps a more overt ranking system. Instructables is a really awesome site that has a very strong backbone - it was founded by people who really cared about it's potential. They actively upgrade the website to our whims and make it as best as they can make it. At the least, we owe it to these people to post our best and brighest works and make instructables look like a decent site. My personal opinion: I hate to sound like an elitist jerk, but there are a lot of trashy instructables... they're not worthy of being labelled as instructables. It seems like every day the number of atrocious posts increases. At times, it seems as though instructables is no longer treated as a decent site, rather, it's just a landfill for people to post their junk. I won't name anyone or any specific instructables, but honestly, there are some that are just there to garner attention and get our juices flowing. It's not fun. Tear this to shreds, gents. G'nite ;).

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Comments not showing :(

Is it me, or are comments, and the author tab and the related tab not showing up? Also, instead of white, only the top is white. The background is no longer white for the whole instructable. It is really bugging me

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I have built the Valve Caster circuit. I am having a horrible fuzz coming from my speakers. How can I fix this?

This is a question that adds on to a previous discussion that involved a custom tube circuit using a 12AU7 tube.  I have gotten the Valve Caster to have output sound. signal goes from the guitar to the Valve to the preamp then to the amp. The amplifier did not have the fuzz until the Valve was put in. now I have a fuzz that sounds similar to that of rushing water. how can I fix this? I was contemplating putting the Huminator circuit in to correct this but I didn't know if that would work for this. the amp layout that I have here is roughly the same layout as it is in in reality

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What is the most discussed/viewed instructable of all time?

What is the most discussed/viewed instructable of all time? Make nominations if you don't know and hopefully an answer will turn up.

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Any results and discussion about this project ? .. I need it badly ..?

Is there any results for the bottle rocket project ?

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Two links for Aspies to discuss. (non-Aspies are welcome too

Www.youtube.com/watch  http://www.psychdiagnosis.net/ Two links for Aspies

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My new instructable discussion - 3D printed Magnetic connector

Hello all! Made this topic to start a discussion about my latest project: 3D printed Magnetic Connector. Here is the link to my project: https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-printed-magnetic-connector/ What would you change? What would you add? I am waiting for your suggestions!

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Why is my list of Groups under "Settings"? Shouldn't it be in "Discussions"?

I just spent an unproductive five minutes trying to track down the list of groups which I have joined. It used to be on the consolidated "main page" of .../you/. Now it turns out to be tacked on as an afterthought as the very last sub-category link under Settings. Why? Doesn't it belong under Discussions, along with Forums, Questions, etc.?

Topic by kelseymh 

Discussion Regarding Search For Best Multi-Application 3D Printer

I should wish to have the input of the community regarding the best multi-application 3D printer. Some of the qualities that I'm looking for include the capacity to handle a variety of filaments (notably the Poro-Lay porous foam filament and a variety of carbon fiber reinforced filaments, in addition to the standard ABS and PLA filaments), an extremely high detail resolution capacity, and consistent, high-quality prints. I've seen a number of 3D printed items have sections "unwind" after printing, which is not something that I want to have happen. I'm also hoping to have something with a fine enough output that the printed item doesn't look horribly striped.  Naturally, I'm looking for a machine that's good quality and easy to maintain (relatively speaking), meaning that parts that wear out quickly, such as the filament feed head, should be replaceable by someone that's not been trained as an authorized service technician. While I am not overtly concerned with price, keep in mind that this is for medium-scale personal use (read that as NOT industrial use). I've done a bit of researching, and have found that the MakerBot systems are generally lauded in some circles, but when I've went to look at the reviews posted to a variety of retail sites that carry the item, I've found that they've gotten generally negative reviews. Granted, I'm not entirely sure how much of this negativity is the result of user error / ignorance, vs how much of it is legitimate. Similarly, the printers that have great reviews on the retail sites have very little mention elsewhere, such as in the number of 3D printing communities that I've been reading through.  That all having been said, I have been quite impressed by the work I've seen coming out of the 3D printing section of Instructables, and figured that this would likely be a good place to begin a discussion on this matter.

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Here is a public discussion board where we can discuss actuators.      -how they work.      -where you can buy them. etc.  

Topic by m5industriesinc   |  last reply

TWIT.TV: Make Mag, Maker Faire, Boing Boing, etc discussed.

The first podcast of the week is the last word in tech. Join Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, John C. Dvorak, and other tech luminaries in a roundtable discussion of the latest trends in high tech. Winner of "People's Choice Podcast" and "Best Technology Podcast" in the 2005 People's Choice Podcast Awards. Released every Sunday at midnight Pacific.The pod cast is at TWIT.TV - link - And the "death of.....(newspapers, radio, etc.)

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Orangeboard for groups

I was just looking at few groups and such and noticed that if members of the group wanted to discuss something about the group or comment on/about it the only way is to create a forum topic (or they could PM the group admin). If there was the option for groups to have comments on, but mainly for general discussion about the group, for example, a new group profile image might be in order the members of the group can just suggest or discuss images for it.

Topic by ll.13 

ninja armour

Discuss ninja armour

Topic by plasmaspy   |  last reply

Pie is not cake

Nor is cake pie. Discuss.

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Post the best instructables about airsoft here, discussions are encouraged.

Topic by cdillon5   |  last reply

Band Guitar songs, discussions on great songs with two decent guitar parts

So ive been playing quite a bit with my band recently. The problem i find is that with most songs the guitar parts are very dull, or there are few oppurtunties to play something interesting. I wondered if we could discuss songs that are generally quite interesting and varied throughout, rather than samey. Im not looking for anything particulary complicated just something fun to play. For example 'Nothing else matters' and the 'day that never comes' were fun to play throughout, although im not particularily worried about the genre.

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Psychic Abilities: Mumbo Jumbo or Something Else? Scientific Discussion Only Please!

Right first thing: any statements made by me in this forum topic are to my knowledge completly true and un-exagerated. Does anyone here believe that it is possible for someone to be psychic, or have "preminitions of the future"?I for one believe it is entirely possible, or more correctly is true.For I more or less have had preminitions of the future. Do't believe me? I will now describe one of the acourences and attempt to point out how it wasn't entirely a dreamRight, I'm in 4-H and one of the competions we have is called Food Show. All it is is that you have an interview with the judges and are asked questions about food and nutrition and the food item you have made.Anyways, about a month prior to one of these Food Shows, I woke up after having a dream about it. Since I already had had helpful preminitions before, I quickley jotted down everthing. Any ways I dreamed about my interview and the judges, I dreamed that I walked down a hall, to a room I've never seen in my life, yet was exactly how it looked when I saw it for real. I then proceded with my interview, who I could distinctly see, yet I'd never met or seen them before. I had my interview (boring details of my questions and answers left out), and I walked back out. I woke up at that moment, for I had sleep-walked into my doorframe (this is the only preminision that I woke up from, all the others I would only fully remember until briefly before the event was ging to happen), and I quickley jotted down the details. So ayway fast forward to the day of the contest, I see for the first time one of the judges, who I had never seen before yet she was the exact same one from the dream. Anyways a little later I found myself heading down the same hall to the same never-before-seen-yet-recognised room and the same judges one who I never had seen yet recognised, and the one I had seen previously. We proceded with the interview, that went exactly as I dreamed, I even cracked a joke that I woud never have done if I hadn't "foretold" it's success. I wound up winning, so I must have done a good job. Has anyone esle had similar experiences? Are there any scientific explanations? Your input is greatly desired.I AM NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP

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Lets discuss knex snipers

Topic by knex gun builder freak   |  last reply

ninja weapons

Discuss about the many different ninja weapons and gear!

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Hope Forum (concerning the Con.) - See what might be there, make suggestions on what should be there, etc.

Just wanted to add the link here that goes to the HOPE discussion forum, in case anyone is interested. HOPE forumThat is a link to the discussion forum for HOPE 2008

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