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card dispenser

I was thinking of making a gift card dispensing machine, activated by a magnetic switch. Any suggestions would be greatly apriciated.

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Soda Dispenser

Hi does any1 know how to make a soda dispencer

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Automatic condom dispenser?!

Ok folks, am trying to make a nifty dispenser for condoms (what can I say, we're newly weds and getting through them!) - should be pretty easy as they're a nice predictable size. Can anyone point to similar things or come up with ideas for a solution that might be spring-loaded, elastic banded etc to 'push' them when one's removed?  Am struggling to work out how a spring might work as there's no hole in them like a staple.  Elastic bands will probably wear out over time. Any smart ideas? (ideally I'd like it to work horizontally, so gravity fed's out) - Currently have a square tube of wood about 1 1/2 ft long. Many thanks in advance!

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Coffee Filter Dispenser

Awhile back I bought a box of basket coffee filters that the top had a tab with some kind of sticky tape on it that when you pushed it against the filters it would pull one filter out at a time.  Cannot find these boxed filters anymore and mine has worn out.  Anyone have an idea on how to make one of these or something like it. Thanks

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laundry soap dispenser

I have racked my brain trying to create a laundry soap dispenser from my large tide bottle that lays on its side, it has a spout. my thinking was if i hook up a clear tube to the spout push the button and get the correct measurement for a small or large load. but the problems i keep running into is that there is a leek from zip ties or the soap drips also i cant get the soap to go into the hole where its sposed to go rather then all over everything else....

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Electronic coin dispenser

I'm trying to build an electrically controlled coin dispenser (all the coins will be the same type). I have a metal tube -just the right diameter for the coins - mounted vertically, with a piece of wood horizontally at the bottom. There is a gap between them of approx 1mm, just enough for a single coin to be visible. I've been experimenting with using a solenoid to swipe a coin from the bottom. Rather like the image here: Solenoids aren't cheap, and I was aware that the weight of the pile of coins (I'd like to be able to hold around 100) would mean it needed to be fairly powerful. In the end I bought some cheapo solenoids from ebay (around $7 each). They are rated 2A and have a hold force of 20N - this seemed a lot more powerful than I could find elsewhere for even 10 times the price. Given how cheap they are, I could even use two in parallel if I still need more power. I'm using coins with a 20mm diameter, but after the solenoids arrived I realised they only had a 10mm stroke - obviously not enough to fully push the coin away. I've tried using the solenoid to pull a lever, but this doesn't seem to work very well. Previously I'd also tried a stepper motor linked up to a disk with a coin-sized hold cut on it, rather like this: That worked pretty well but was very slow - it would take 3 or 4 seconds to dispense each coin. So, I'm looking for a bit of advice. Would I be better off splashing out on a more expensive solenoid with a 20mm+ stroke? Am I approaching it the wrong way?

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Looking for a Sugar Dispenser or valve

Im looking for a dispenser or valve that can start and stop the flow of sugar. Please post any suggestions, I'm trying to build something and this final piece has been by far the most difficult to find.

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Help! -I need a timed cigarette dispenser - seriously

Have tried everything to give up smoking and failed, so a neighbor offered to give me 1 cigarette every 4 hours so I can cut back. Now she is going out of town and I really need a machine to do this job. Can anyone come up with a relatively inexpensive machine that can be built by an amateur like me? I would be grateful for any help.

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Single Bottle wine tap

Hi Everyone.  I'm looking for help with finding the pieces I need to build a wine dispenser that uses inert gas (typically nitrogen).  I'm fairly certain I can come up with fittings and tubing, but the real piece I'm missing is a dispenser spout and a way to connect it to the bottle, without it spewing the wine while under pressure.  Once I get that, I'll have no problem building a box to mount it in.  Thanks for your help.

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Cigar Box Tape Dispenser

Cigar Box Tape Dispenser -> Hide your tape and ribbon in this polished tape dispenser.  Cathy at Just Something I Made re-used an old cigar box to help organize her Japanese rice paper tape.  This setup would look great in any craft corner.

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PVC Coin Dispenser Belt

Anyone know how to make a PVC pipe Coin Dispenser Belt? Push a button & out pops a coin from one of fore tubes hanging on your belt.    I need to know what size pipe to use, how the triggers work to spit the coins out & how to put it all together.

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How to make a milk dispenser?

Im looking to build something like a milk dispenser where the milk can be sent through a tube and opened with either a spigot or a handle. It could also be something similar to a box of wine, where the wine is in a bottle, and flows when the spigot is opened, but I would like to know how I can have it so that it comes through a tube when opened. Is it possible to create something that will pull the milk when exposed to air? thanks for any ideas! If these plans are already made or something similar, can someone send me a link? thanks again! Anthony

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card game dispenser / shoe

Hi, i play this card game "Mtg" and my fun decks are huge! (100-900 cards). Ive been tring to make my own card shoe / dispenser (a bit like those Casino Poker holders) which can hold lots of cards, but also be flexible enough to accomodate lots of cards, or less as the deck gets played out etc. I tried with a bottle of wine Cardboard box container, but am not sure how to make it stronger, or what do do. I could just go out and buy a plastic casino one but thought it would be cool to try and make one :) all advise and help and comments etc welcome. thanks, Pabloman (btw when i get my digital camera back i'll post some decks so you can see what i mean.) :)

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Hi everyone, Well I saw our old and broken water dispenser just today and I'm wondering of some ways to recycle this one. Any idea?

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Motion sensor treat dispenser.

I would like to build a dispenser to give my dog a treat automatically when she drops a toy in a box. I have a treat dispenser that moves easily and can be attached to a pulley. I don't have the electronic know-how to make the rest. I am thinking a motion sensor light or driveway warning unit that sends a signal when a beam is broken could be used, but don't know how to connect it to a small motor that will only run for a couple of seconds and then stop. Any thoughts on how to do this and where I might get the equipment?

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Sealed gravity liquid dispenser

I am looking to build a sealed gravity dispenser similar to this one.... I'm trying to figure out the best route to take, I have a beer tap I will be using. My problem arises with running plumbing in a solid piece of wood without cutting it in half. I plan to use pvc and but that means I need a 90 degree angle in the block of wood or log. Is it possible? My best idea is to drill my holes and cut a chunk out of the back that can be glued back. My next question is. How to attach a bottle? Obviously I have to have the bottle upright and place the dispenser on the bottle and flip it. But how to get a seal on the bottle that will work with different bourbon or whiskeys. Thanks on advance for any help.

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How would i make a can dispenser?

I just bought a stock pile of pepsi cans, 330 ml.  And i'm bored of them just lying on the floor, and also need something to do.... I have masses of lego, and have seen many working, vending machines that dispense cans. Such as;  I would like to make something very similar to that, And really want to know how to make a simple pepsi can dispenser. Any help appreciated, (:

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Convert freezer ice maker into cold water dispenser

I'm wondering if anyone has ever converted an ice maker to dispense filtered tap water into the refrigerator.  I'm thinking a water line is already run into the ice maker so it could be split off and a hose could be run down into the refrigerator where you could push button dispense water or have it automatically fill a filtered water jug.  Let me know what you think.

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A custom timed release liquid dispenser....

Hi everybody! How are we all? I'm working on my latest project sending a weather balloon to around 100,000 feet and capturing the journey on camera. I've done it before as you may see on my blog Anyway, my newest project involves making art at around 100,000 feet and this is where you could help! I know this could be done fairly easily but I do not have the knowledge to do it. I need a container that dispenses a small solution of liquid every 15 minutes. Now I've done a lot of research and this is the best I can come up with: It's gravity action, many compartments, on a rotary basis, at timed intervals BUT it will only allow for a few rotations over several hours. I'm looking for 8 rotations over 2 hours. I also checked out water timers but they seem a bit more complex. Maybe you have an alternative idea? Maybe it's 5 minutes of fiddling for you? It feels like to the right person, this should be fairly easy to overcome. I'm based in the UK and if you would like to help me with this project, I'd love it and be really appreciative! It's all good fun and you could see your device hovering at 100,000 feet.... Many thanks, Josh Update- Another vital thing I forgot to add is that this device needs to weigh under 200 grams.

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How would I build a Packing Peanuts Dispenser (ceiling mounted) for my home office (7' Ceiling)? Answered

I have looked all over the internet for a few days trying to find some DIY plans for building this and I haven't come across even one building plan for it. I know this is something a large number of people would love to find. I have a home business and I pack a ton of things at home for shipping. Commercial Packing Peanut (Loose Fill) Dispensers (Ceiling Mounted) are entirely too expensive for our small budget and I want to build my own. I have 7' ceilings and my packing station (table) is approx.  28.5" high. I would like the bottom of the dispenser opening (valve) to be approx. 20"-24" above the table so that I have some room to put boxes underneath it.  I would like the holding area (bag) to be able to hold between 10-15 cubic feet of packing peanuts so I don't mind if it takes up a lot of ceiling space. It wouldn't have to hang very far down from the ceiling as I can reach up that high to unhook/release it to refill it when I need to. The closer I could mount the top to the ceiling the better. I could either mount the dispenser to the ceiling from each corner of the bag or centrally mounted with a chain coming off each corner and meeting in the middle. It wouldn't matter to me either way. Here's a link to what I'm looking to build. Of course, it needs to be not as deep as I have limited vertical space to work with. Anyone with any ideas with be greatly appreciated!

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From Coin Slot to Coin Segregation to Coin Dispensing, Help?

Hey Guys... don't know if I posted with the right category, so i'm open to corrections. ... Need advice in the process from Coin Slot to Coin Segregation to Coin Dispensing, especially Coin Segregation and Coin Dispensing. ... From insertion of coin, Coin Segregation will take place, which will then put individual coins to separate casings. ... and from there Coin Dispensing should be available for each casing. The logic for dispensing would be "1 click to 1 coin dispensed" . ... already have an idea on separating each coin from one another upon insertion in coin slot and then to coin casings. ... the problem would be is on the Coin Dispensing, need help and ideas. Thanks if replied/answered.

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Arduino-Driven Multiple Liquid Dispenser

Hi all! I'm looking to find an Instructable for an Arduino-driven multiple liquid dispenser.  So for example, let's say I wanted to test 100 different combinations out of 20+ liquids (juices?).  I want to be able to push a button, and that dispenses x-liquid of a-volume, and then I push another button that dispenses y-liquid of b-volume using an electric dosing/metering pump into a main mixing reservoir. Something like the Bartendro, except on a semi-precised millileter scale? Thanks!  - Bryan

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Voltage question - 4 battery operated soap dispenser to AC powered awesomeness

Alright, so first time post here, I have been interested in converting my automatic soap dispenser from DC power to AC power using an old 5V cellphone charger. Last night I did the deed, actually really simple, I followed the general idea of this instructible, though my mod didn't include a double pole double through switch, I just took the batteries out and connected the AC charger's wires directly to the battery terminals. Here's my question though: While it works, its not quite as powerful as I though it would be, its actually a little weaker than it used to be when I had batteries with a fresh charge. It originally had 4 batteries, so I used a 5V charger. I have another charger setting around, but its a 7V, do you guys think thats too much of a jump? Should I wait till I can find a 6V charger? Am I going about this the wrong way? I really don't know anything about voltage, but the concept of converting this stationary item to AC seemed like a good idea and I'll really enjoy not having to replace the batteries all the time. Thanks for any help!

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how should automatic paper towel dispenser work?

Sir, i want full details off automatic paper towel dispenser, how the sensor board will work automatily, how we get a paper in few sec

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Ultimate Bathroom Alarm Clock...

I have a Burning question on building the ultimate bathroom alarm clock.  I like to have a nice LED clock.  But also be able to alarm out saying BRUSH your TEETH. But also. for the OLDER folks.  to take your medications...  and maybe even take that second one ONE step further.  how about to be able to Dispense your medication for you...   So multiple alarms for multiple people...     and design it however you think would look and feel the best.  But this is MY ultimate WANT and Desire!!!!

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Is there a way to put have a button push in a set of time (arduino)? Answered

I want to make a treat disperser for my dog that he can just push a button and get one, but only allowed one within a set amount of time so he doesn't just sit there hitting the button all day.

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Liquid dispenser wireless pour control

Hi guys, anyone knows the concept behind this It is a wireless drink pourer, that can control the liquid flow. Can't find if something like this can be made with Arduino. Does some one have an idea if this can be done?

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Water dispenser or cooler Pump system ? Answered

Hi everybody, i am searching to pump the water from the 5 gallon water dispenser bottle but this time from the ground level, to a small water (2 liters ) tank above the water cooler (maybe  2 meters height from the ground level) . So can anybody help me  to find the ideal pump to do the best job ? and there  is any pump that stops just after the small tank is full? I need an electronic trick to make the pump works on 2 different modes _ the first continuous mod that stops only when the small tank is fully filled _ the second mode is the button mode, so if i pushed down the button the pump will work and if released it will stops ! So can anybody help me how to make the small electronic panel or just guide to a similar one ! !!Pls community help me urgently Pls !!

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Petty Coin Bank Design - Coin Dispenser. What should i use?

Hey Guys, need your advise on this... Going straight ahead to the point, What can you suggest i can use for the movement of the Plate in the Coin Dispenser Design in the image? I need a component that does a push-pull action based on the design inspired from this video: Need your advise. :)

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push button precise timed Syrup dispenser

Hello all i have a "Burning Question" i have very little electrical experience and i suppose therein lies my problem, in the past Instructables have helped me out of a lot of binds, so here goes... i wish to make a liquid dispenser with adjustable settings eg: 1 sec; 2 sec; 3 sec up to 12 seconds i suppose now in this i know a potentiometer would enable this function, coupled with a 555 timer and a solenoid .( gravity feed ) now here is the real challenge ( for me at least) the circuitry and connections elude me a lot. would any of you smart people take pity upon a noob and guide me through this project? any and all help very welcome and appreciated Regards Joe pixie

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Need to make a ticket dispenser be able to have four press able buttons! Help please

The two files there are what i am using i am trying to create a device that i can use a solar panel to run a ticket dispenser. The buttons need to do the following Button 1= 1 ticket Button 2= 2 tickets Button 3 = 3 tickets Button 4 = 4 tickets There is an attached diagram of the ticket dispenser i am order. I can order any type of buttons. If you have any suggestions please feel free to help. Thanks!

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Automatic Pill Dispenser, 3D Settlers of Catan Board, The Nutella Cheesecake

  Automatic Pill Dispenser 3D Settlers of Catan Board The Nutella Cheesecake Ketchup Recipe Healthy Chocolate Cake Cheap Sanitizer Magic Tricks Easy Screen Printing Outdoor TIki Speaker Basic Moisuturizer Stereo Photography Beehive in a Bucket Concrete Tree Rings Make a Tealight Spider Simple Storage Box  

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Motion Sensor Toilet paper Dispenser project

I have a project for school where i have to create a motion sensor toilet tissue dispenser kind of like a tiny paper towel dispenser i could put on a counter. I dont know anything about how motion sensors work or how i would make it work. I just need to figure out the price it would be to set up the motion sensors, gears and everything. Any help, such as links to parts or anything that would give me a better understanding of how to set up motion sensors and connecting them to gears and such, would be appreciated.

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How do i make an auto cat food dispenser for 3 cats?

Capacity - say 1 week?  Prefer something simple, not using electronics as I am no good with that.

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Is it possible to create a filter for a water-dispensing refrigerator?

We have a refrigerator that dispenses chilled water. However, our landlord failed to equip any sort of filter, and the tap where I live tastes gross. Does anyone have a suggestion on how we can make a water filter for our refrigerator for less than $30?

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Convert a sink hose to filtered water dispenser

I don't use the hose mounted in my sink for rinsing dishes, or anything at all... but I do drink a lot of water! What if the spray head was removed and a water filter was installed? I'd definitely use it over my bulky Pur filter that leaks. Who's up for the challenge?!? :D

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how to make an automatic paper towel dispenser? Answered

I'm trying to build my own, but I'm not exactly sure how it works. I currently have a 12v power source, a PIR sensor, and a 12v motor. I've read online to try to figure some things out and a came across a set reset flip flop. i figured this will make the motor run then stop and reset the circuit. but when i try to connect everything nothing happens. in its simplest form i want it to dispense for probably about 3-5 seconds then turn off. is there an easier way to achieve this?

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Is a DIY easy(wish) automated dispenser on a timer possible?

Hi all! My 11yo son is determined to make an automated medicine dispenser that releases medication at set times as his science project for school. (Inspired by 2 of his grandparents who are doing it tough with cancer). His idea is to basically automate the pill dispense so that the carer can load up each dose, and it will be released at the predetermined time, hopefully with an alarm or similar, to notify the patient... It's a intermediate school science project so doesn't need to be commercially ready, but he's struggling to work out how to automate it and attach the timer/clock function. Any ideas? I'm decidedly more mechanically minded than his dad, but that's not saying much, and whilst our son is definitely mechanically minded, up to this point he hasn't really had any circuitry etc or motors to work with, beyond lego technics etc. Is anyone able to point me in the direction of what might do the trick, without breaking the bank? Thanks so much!!

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Auto Catfeeder

I am in need of an Auto Catfeeder for my cat. She gorges on food until she gets sick and the auto feeders that you can buy dispense too much food at once. I need to make one that dispenses small amounts at several intervals per day. Someone help me. I could make it if someone could help me design it. Thanks. Amy

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PETTY COIN BANK- initial stage. Can anyone help?

Hey Guys... need some advise and help on the initial idea and components of this project. PETTY COIN BANK: PURPOSE: - To electronically segregate coins, display the total number of coins per each case and the total monetary amount inside, with dispensing and security capability. FUNCTION: - Individual coins inserted in the coin slot will be segregated to go to the corresponding individual coin cases and each case will count and display the number of coins dropped in them and a general display for the total amount of money inserted in the device. With a security lock, the device is capable of dispensing coins. so What do you think? Some advise on how i can make this possible... I do have some ideas on the segregation and dispensing mechanisms of the project, and how to identify each of the coins from each other when inserted in the coin slot.My concern would be the Displays for the each NUMBER OF COINS that falls per case (3 displays in total), and the TOTAL MONETARY AMOUNT display that counts per inserted coin in the system. Of course when dispensing, the number of coins should be decremented and the TOTAL MONETARY AMOUNT would change as well depending on the coin and number of coins dispensed. And as you might have read from the purpose and function, this project intends to have a security lock for the dispensing mechanism. Anyone can put coins but only someone that knows the code can dispense coins. I plan on putting a keypad for that. but here is the thing... I DON'T KNOW WHAT MICRO-CONTROLLER I SHOULD USE. I plan on using ARDUINO, but what arduino should i use? and if someone can help i'd like a count of the inputs and outputs so i can decide on what to use. Thanks if someone helps on this...

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I want to make my own air freshener dispenser

The finsihed product has to be in 2 parts because it has to open and close so I can take the air fresheners in and out. I'm using moldmax to create the mold. My challenge is that once the 2 parts are completed i dont have  a way to connect them together. Any suggestions?

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$ to build and ship a project

Greetings, everyone! I am in a bit of a bind. I love the idea behind the "Awesomest Jelly Bean Dispenser" project, but lack the tools and time to craft it myself. Would anyone be willing to build one and ship it? I am located in Modesto, California. Pride in your work is a must. I am willing to pay the (reasonable) price you name. Thank you.

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HOW TO Basic electric wiring ? Answered

Hi community , i need help to wire my small project  and its about a water dispenser, but with the big water bottle(22liters) is on the floor, so there is : a water  pump(to pump water to a small tank on the water dispenser or cooler),rocker 3 position switch, floatswitch, electric transformer 220-12v.  WHY? a 3 positon switch  the pump works on 2 different modes _ the first continuous mod that stops only when the small tank is fully filled ( wired with the  floatswitch ) _ the second mode is : just a simple working pump with no stop ( not wired to the floatswitch ) So TAKE A LOOK ON THE ATTACHED PHOTOS PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO WIRE THE ROCKER 3 POS SWITCH , And if there is a wiring diagram that will be the best of the best !!!     Thank you, ""HELPFUL community""                      

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Embedding Youtube

Anyone having issues embedding TWO youtube videos in an Instructable? "An error occurred, Please try again"?

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How to Make a Milk and Tea Vending Machine?

I am thinking of building a DIY tea vending machine. On a one Press the machine should dispense a hot milk tea

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How to construct a giant garbage-can-based feed dispenser?

Hi all, So we just got some pigs, and they eat A LOT. For our chickens and ducks, we have a feeder that is a large version of a standard cat food dispenser -- a big gravity-fed bucket that keeps a bowl/trough at the bottom full of feed. We're thinking of trying to construct a giant version of the same thing, using a big garbage can (like a Rubbermaid Brute -- they'll hold about 100lbs at a time) as the storage tank and rigging up some sort of cutout/door/bowl scenario for food dispensing at the bottom. Ideally we want to be able to move the can (when it is closer to empty) every couple of weeks as we rotate the pigs around the property, and they are pretty rambunctious so we need to make sure it won't all fall apart with their roughhousing. Has anyone done anything similar to this? Have any thoughts? Pitfalls I should look out for? Thanks for any ideas! Eileen

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What's a simple way to make a remote controlled candy dispenser?

Halloween is coming up and I'd like to hand out candy without being outside. What's a simple way to hand out a small candy bar to someone with the push of a button, without being there in person?

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what to put in a matchbox?

I want to know what could go in a match box so far i have made a chest of drawers, ipod holder, flashlight and a dental floss dispenser!

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I have to make a technology project- I am thinking a dispenser with a sensor Maybe? But I am CLUELESS. Help?

I am not fixed on anything particular, Just need a project, that involves a sensor or circuit or something:)

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