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Disposable camera

I have a disposable camera and I am trying to decide what  to do with it.  I know many of you would suggest a stun gun but that does not interest me.  I like other high voltage stuff like teslacoils and stuff though.   Oh on a side note ...(you should find this funny)...after I took it apart I was looking at the way it worked and I saw the leads going to the flash.  I thought it was odd that it was not insulated and I accidentally touched it without the battery even being in (yes I know this does not matter).  So in other words I already know what it would feel like as a stun gun. Give me some ideas.  :)

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Disposable camera hack? Answered

Hi, im building a capacitor bank for my coilgun, and I have 17 disposable camera capacitors in them. (wired in parallel (or whatever one means + is atached to +, and - is atached to -)) But for some reason wenever I start chrging it, after a little wile, it makes a huge spark across one of the capacitors. That probobly means its arcing right? but its only 300 volts (there wired in parelell so only the amperage goes up, not the volts). I then tryed to charge the caps to a point before they arced, wich took about 1 min (the battery is full) and my ammo only shot 3 inches! 17 capacitors, charging for 1 min, and it slid across the floor 3 inches! I have no idea what im doing wrong. Im using wire from a microwave motor (wich is realy small) for the coil, and its 5 layers thick, wrapped around a hollowed out pen. So, to sum it all up, here are the main problems: 1) the caps arc when charging 2) the ammo only goes 3 @#%!ing INCHES!!!!!! arg! Ps, i heard someware, that if you have enought amps, it will arc even with lower voltages. Maby thats whats happening? PLEASE HELP!!!!!! :(

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Replacing a garbage disposal?

Our In-Sinkerator disposal is shot (15 years old) and I want to place it with the same model. Is this something I'd be better off having a plumber do? I'm pretty handy myself.

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Disposable camera innards

I was taking apart a disposable camera today and found this thing. It looks like it is probably a coil of some sort, and it has a little brother hanging out on another part of the circuitboard. The big one is about 1 cm across, and the little one is about 5mm. What, precisely is it, what does it do, how does it do it, and if I replaced it with a bigger one, what would happen? In idiot-english, please, I'm not well-versed on electrical devices. The little one, especially, reminds me of an ultra-small high-tension coil. Is that what it is? Does it perform precisely the same duty in this circuit?

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Disposable Camera Hack?

Hi, im building a capacitor bank for my coilgun, and I have 17 disposable camera capacitors in them. (wired in parallel (or whatever one means + is atached to +, and - is atached to -)) But for some reason wenever I start chrging it, after a little wile, it makes a huge spark across one  of the capacitors. That probobly means its arcing right? but its only 300 volts (there wired in parelell so only the amperage goes up, not the volts).  I then tryed to charge the caps to a point before they arced, wich took about 1 min (the battery is full) and my ammo only shot 3 inches! 17 capacitors, charging for 1 min, and it slid across the floor 3 inches! I have no idea what im doing wrong. Im using wire from a microwave motor  (wich is realy small) for the coil, and its 5 layers thick, wrapped around a hollowed out pen. So, to sum it all up, here are the main problems: 1) the caps arc when charging 2) the ammo only goes 3 @#%!ing INCHES!!!!!! arg! Ps, i heard someware, that if you have enought amps, it will arc even with lower voltages. Maby thats whats happening?

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disposable camera charging circuit

Why doesn't the transistor in the inverter circuit of the disposable camera ever heat up? dont they need heat sinks? can anybody pls show me a schematic of a simple disposable camera charging circuit? pls show the transistor number and type

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Regulator for disposable oxygen tanks? Answered

Does anyone know how I can get (or make) one of the regulator / valve things that screws on to a disposable oxygen tank? I would use the regulator from a propane torch but it has to have left hand threads. All the ones on Google shopping and Ebay cost like $40 and I realy don't want to pay that much, I'm thinking more like $10 or $15. I could use a Nitrous Oxide dispenser like the ones used for making whipped cream instead if anyone knows how to get or make one for the same price.

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Quick and cheap disposable receivers?

I want to make a lot of them for very cheap.. i want them to be small and simple and im not worried about security or anything between transmitter and receiver just want to make it able to work from about 100 feet or less.. They only need to be a one-channel momentary type.  i also want to be able to use different transmitters (*not worried about size of transmitter, but i want it to be portable*) to control them.. basically i want a bunch of clones of receivers.  Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.. PS: I CAN solder

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Kodak disposable camera questions... Answered

Hello all, I have many Kodak disposable cameras with flash , the ones with led indicator. I want to use them to charge a capacitor bank of 8 capacitors, all removed from the same type of camera. The questions are: 1) If I remove the flash lamp from PCB , the indicator led will still function correctly ? 2) What is the maximum voltage I could use for this circuit to function normally and not burn any transistor, led etc? Thanks in advance.

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DIY Blender / Garbage Disposal

I bought myself a used blender with a spigot to make a Garbage Disposal. I was thinking, hook pipping to the blender from the top of the sink, add a pipe going out & bingo a DIY Blender / Garbage Disposal. But, the hole was too small for the stringy parts of the blended garbage & clogged. So I need help on a building plan on how to attach the blade of a blender & put in a small bucket or jug. It hast to be small to fill with sink water & blend. I need to know what to use, were to get it,( the best place is E-Bay), & how to put it together. I need a big spout, angeled to spin the water & refuse out thew the outlet pipe.

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Disposable Camera Flash Circuit? Answered

I was making a coilgun through the flash circuit of a fujifilm disposable camera and multiple other capacitors I had laying around and I wanted to have the capacitors in a separate spot from the charging circuit.  However, I accidentally nudged the capacitor that was already on the circuit a bit too hard and ripped up some of the copper connections underneath.  Typically I can usually find another place to solder the ends of the component back to the circuit by looking at the circuit board and connecting the leads to something that is also connected to where the part is supposed to be. But there happened to be some sort of blue plastic film covering that specific part of the circuit board which i cannot take off and is preventing me from seeing where else I can place the leads of the capacitor.  If someone is familiar with this could you please tell me where I can solder them on?  The flash circuit is from a QUICKSNAP-FLASH400 model fujifilm disposable camera. Thanks! 

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Free disposable camera's or their capacitors

I want to try my hand at making a very powerful coilgun but I live in a small town and our photography store doesn't sell used cameras for less than $3 each! Which means $30-40 or more for the coilgun I want and I don't have that much to spare :( So I'm hoping someone in Australia can possibly send me as many used cameras or capacitors as they can spare, I'd be willing to pay for them as well as shipping

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Plasma Arc Waste Disposal

I was watching the local news earlier... and they started talking about a new waste plant being built in Ft. Pierce, Florida.Basically, they vaporize the trash and sewage sludge under a vacuum, and use the by product gases as fuel for the plant and power turbines. Steam is going to power a local juice plant. Solid by product (rocks and such) can be used for construction etc.On top of that, the by product gas - when burned - is cleaner than burning natural gas or garbage. Even if you think climate change is a myth, I think you can appreciate cleaner air to breath :P This plant is going to eat up the local landfills too :)I just thought it was pretty cool. This is the first plant in the United States and the third in the world (other two are in Japan and are much smaller).Comments?

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Disposable rounds for knex pistols, rifles,crossbows and other weapons?

Is there a possible way of making disposable rounds for knex guns? The advantages are: 1.YOu do not have to pick them up after a knex war somewhere not in your house because they would biodegrade if made of paper? 2.You do not have to worry about losing pieces everywhere (doesn't it bother you people that when you shoot the knex, you don't know where it went and you lost a piece?) And the bullets have to fit in a mag loading, i have started making bullets for the okp and it worked, i used those rods from balloons you get from supermarkets. But is there a disposable bullet made for these: (you may request as a comment for other pieces if you wish):grey connectors, green rods, white rods, yellow rods,yellow connectors?

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how to make a railgun at home?

I would like to make a railgun at home, but i need to know how many capacitors, how to make the rail, etc. i was hoping to be able to do it with disposable camera parts. there is a tutorial on here on how to do it but i cannot get enough information from it to be able to build one. It would also be nice if it was considerably powerful. any help? 

Question by hawking8662    |  last reply

I charged a capacitor about 3 months ago, would it be lethal if I discharged it again and used for another project? Answered

I built one of those disposable camera tazers where if you made contact between 2 wires soldered to the capacitor it would create a medium sized spark. Well I remember charging the capacitor for the camera about maybe 3-4 months ago, but I never made contact between the 2 wires. My question is would it be a bad idea if I discharged the capacitor again and used the camera for another project, I'm just going to be doing the same thing, except the camera will be in a different housing and a High Voltage switch mounted next to the momentary switch already mounted on just for safety. Would It be safe to solder aswell? I'm a little paranoid about electronics because of what I've heard from people dying by these shocks. Better to be safe than sorry. The disposable camera is on my workbench as I type this.

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1 hp garbage disposal working or not.

Looking for a 1hp garbage disposal working or not, for tinkering.

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Washing Machine drain water disposal

Having had a washing machine drain line problem this weekend, I began wondering about ways of disposing of the drain water. With the soap and bleach I'm not sure of just pumping in to the lawn. This time of the year (Summer) the ground around the house slab get very dry and separates from the slab and I was thinking drain water might help but again not sure of yard and flower effects. Seem like a huge waster of reusable water. Any ideas?

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DIY about wiring a garbage disposal? Answered

I have a situation in which I have a receptacle under the kitchen sink that my dishwasher is plugged into.  This receptacle is then operated by a switch on the backsplash on top of kitchen counter.  We leave the switch in the on position so that we do not have to flip the switch each time we want to operate our dishwasher.  I now want to install a garbage disposal and place a switch under the sink.  I would like to come off of the receptacle described above. Could someone inform me how to connect to the receptacle so that the switch will operate but not interfere with leaving the switch on at the backsplash.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Using the flash from a disposable camera?

I recentaly took apart a digital camera hoping to be able to find a way to use the plain old flash when ever I wanted to to flash it at night at my friends. I acidently bridged and shocked my self owwie. But i still cant figure out how to use the flash once its out of the camera ofcourse with the circuit board and that still attchaed. Any help would be nice.

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Student arrested for making disposable camera Taser

The capacitors inside disposable cameras pack a pretty big wallop and it's recommended that you act very carefully around them. If you don't you'll get zapped. And if you set it up so that someone else could get zapped you might even get arrested like this 14-year-old kid from Connecticut. linkvia boingboing

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What about a waterproof disposable camera piggybank?

OK, so i got this used waterproof kodak 1 use camera and removed the camera thing and said "wow this would be cool for a piggybank" and it is, cause it is hard to open but is possible, it is shockproof because of the rubber and abs and it is cool looking. What do you think if i make an instructable on that PD: if someone makes an instructable about that i will kill him LOL

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Can I refill a disposable lighter with something besides lighter fluid?

I found an old empty lighter. Can I refill it with something besides lighter fluid? Like axe or something?

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How do you make a panoramic camera hat from disposable cameras?

I am interested in replicating the panoramic camera hat from the music video for Darwin Deez Radar Detector (  I know that the shutters are triggered remotely, but am unsure where to begin.  Any and all help is appreciated!

Question by abassman    |  last reply

What can I do with all of those?

Okay, I am basically asking you what projects can I do with my disposable cameras, I have so many, maybe too many... (About 50 to 100 cameras) What can I do with all of those cameras?The projects I had made using those cameras are:Coil gunHow to build a Taser for free!How To Build Your Own Shock Flashlight!How to build the World's Smallest Electronic Shocker!!!How to make an awesome Electronic Dazer!Hack a flash camera into a emergency strobe lightI am wondering if you know more...

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do disposable camera's run out of battery? Answered

 I've recently made a taser out of a disposable camera and was wondering does the camera run out of charge over time? or does the charge get less or something?

Question by pete54321    |  last reply

Having trouble with a disposable camera Answered

I shorted out the capacitor and hooked up the wires and installed the battery but it didnt work... help?

Question by ductapedemon12    |  last reply

What is the usual ratings for a capacitor in a disposable camera? Answered

I am wondering so that I can calculate the output power of my small capacitor bank-in amps and joules.

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I remember a very clever RODENT DISPOSER.

Not too long ago, I saw a WONDERFUL RODENT "TRAP" from not too long ago.... It used a 5-gallon bucket with anti-freeze (coolant) at the bottom, and a ROD going through close to the to to of the bucket. A ROD ran through the two top holes, and a small "coke" bottle was hung OVER the bucket (how attached) and the bottle was 'GREASED' or baited with peanut butter, or other stuff RATS like. A stick (ramp) board led to the top of the bucket - turns out, the creature in question would go for bait, the center rod would spin, dumping him in the fatal coolant. Here in Florida, we have a screen porch that has entries and exits for our FRIENDLY critters (birds, squirrels) but I think this guy (BIG ONE) lives in our foliage. WE DON'T like him... Can you direct me to it? Thanks - Brian

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Have you ever found a disposable camera that old?

While I was taking apart some disposable cameras, I found this "strange looking" camera's circuit, it looks like a old type of camera's circuit, it is probably used in the first disposable cameras. They are no SMD components, a large capacitance capacitor (160uF), three transistors, and a funny looking trigger transformer on the circuit. Have any of you ever found this kind of camera's circuit?

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How can I use a disposable camera flash to light continuesly?

I would like the scamatics of this. does anybody have any ideas. thanks

Question by dociledragons    |  last reply

Is there any way to make a high voltage supply from a disposable camera? Answered

I want to make a high voltage supply with a camera.It needs to produce more than 380 volts.

Question by bylerfamily    |  last reply

i have like 50 old disposable cameras what should i make with them? Answered

 i have a bunch of used disposable cameras that i got for free from wallgreens what should i make with them?

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What can be done with an old worn out shoe, some disposable razor blades and/or lots of rubber bands? Answered

Old worn out shoe- anything that might be practical or artistic. Rubber bands, disposable razors or any other household items as well. Thanks

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Adding a 2nd transformer to a disposable camera stun gun?

I was thinking about adding an additional transformer(or 2) from a separate disposable camera to an existing one modified as a stun gun.  I'm getting about 300 volts with a dead AA battery but i want much more so it can arc.  Do you think this will work?  Thanks in advance for your answers..

Question by jules15  

How do I dispose of batteries the green way???

I've always heard that batteries are really bad to put in a landfill... But I was wondering how/where to throw them away or recycle them.

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Disposable camera flash and a EL sheet or wire - Will this work?

If we replace the capacitor of a disposable flash with a EL sheet or wire, will it glow? (this is since EL wires can be hooked up straight to the main voltage, which tend to use over 200volts. A camera flash that uses a capacitor that charges at a high enough voltage might be good enough for powering a EL sheet.) anybody willing to give this a shot?

Topic by akimbo m    |  last reply

is there a way to make an ac arc using a disposable camera? Answered

I am currently searching for a way to mod a disposable camera so it will make an ac current and in extension an arc (continious or regularily pulsing , either one is fine) for my potato launchers ignition. i have seen that a decent spark can be made by connecting to wires together connected to the capasitor, but i want it to work electronicaly , not manualy aka with a trigger what i want to know is how (if its possible) to create an arc from the disposable caremas transformer that will work straight away, or converted from the capasitors dicharge into ac current which can jump to cause ignition.

Question by oldmanbeefjerky    |  last reply

Pinout for disposable SpO2 monitor (Masimo LNCS Adtx)? Answered

When I was in the hospital recently, they used a "disposable" blood oxygenation (SpO2) fingertip monitor. They let me take it home with me afterward (otherwise they'd just discard it!). I would like to find a pinout for it and see what else I can do with a paired LED/photodiode.The model is Masimo LNCS Adtx. The connector is rectangular, but with a "9-pin D" style of pins -- top row five, bottom row 4, and with the second pin in each row removed for keyed insertion.I've been able to find operator's manuals and user guides on the Web, but nothing technical. Anyone out there with medical equipment experience who can point me toward a spec?

Question by kelseymh    |  last reply

Can you take the lcd screen out of a CVS Disposable Digital Camera? Answered

And take out other parts and use it for projects or would it not be compatible with an Arduino setup or other? The camera is only $18.00 so the parts could come in handy. Do they take the camera back? Ive never used it.

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Is there a way to modify the hot-shoe cap to make it into a connector for a DIY flash?

More details: I mean modifying the hotshoe cap ( to become a connector for the camera to send a signal to light a DIY flash recycled from a disposable camera?

Question    |  last reply

Connecting two or more disposable camera flash circuits together?

I was wondering if i could connect 2 or more disposable camera flash circuits together to charge the capacitors on my coil gun faster ? and how id do so?  i know that i could do this but i dont want to take apart my circuits because there not all the same. thanks

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Is AC or DC used inside disposable camera capacitor chargers?

Hello, Was wondering if AC or DC is used inside disposable camera capacitor chargers. The input is 1.5v DC and AC is needed to power a transformer. What is used to charge the capacitor? Does the circuit convert DC to AC? If so, what kind of frequency is it? Thanks, Tom

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hot glue damaging any part on a disposable camera circuit?

Such as the transistor or other devices it is a small hot glue gun

Question by xproplayer    |  last reply

How Can I Make A Simple Detonator Out Of A Disposeable Camera? Answered

Could I Have A Link Or A Video

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