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Divide by 8? Answered

What is the purpose of using divide by 8 in avr programming? Without knowing more about this is seems like the long way around.

Question by WWC    |  last reply

Voltage Divider?

I will need to convert 5v to 1.2v... I chose 10k and 2k because 10k/(10k+2k)=1.2v. Would these resistors work for this?

Question by lorogan    |  last reply

Frequency divider Answered

Hello, I am currently building a large set of speakers, and have just discovered the annoying "frequency dividers". Is there any good guide on how to make one at home, as everything that is sold online is too expensive for me. As a 13-year-old, earning $20.00 can be tough. (Don't say I'm lazy, I'm not. I literally get $20 every $%@!# time I complete a hard piano piece. So far, I haven't completed one "hard piece". It's... been... 4 MONTHS!)

Question by Cheesey125    |  last reply

Dividing a laser beam

I'm working on a project that utilizes a series of laser beams, about 8. Instead of having 8 separate laser pointers/diodes, I think it would be easier if I were to find a way of splitting the beam of light from one into 8 beams of light. Does anyone have any ideas? Something like shining it through angled Plexiglas or some kind of prism?

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Infinity divided by 0?

Does infinity divided by zero theoretically equal any number other than 0 or infinity? I heard something about ohm's law applied to a circuit with an ideal voltage source (which is only theoretically possible) and having the terminals shorted out and at 0 ohms, resulting in the current going up to infinity? 

Question by .Unknown.    |  last reply

Transformer vs Potential divider

Hi guys! I got bored and decided to make a study table light using LED's. My setup consists of 4 LED's in an arm and 10 such arms in parallel. I actually designed it in view that the transformer i used converts 230v - 15v. But after it all finished, i found out that all my transformers are used up for other circuits. I was wondering,  Can i use a potential divider for such simple circuits? I approximated that if i place a 46K and a 3K resistor in series and take the voltage across the 3k resistor, i will have about 15 v. What are the disadvantages of using such potential divider? 

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how to make a divider for a timbuk2 bag? Answered

How can i make a divider for my dividerless timbuk2 messenger bag?  I'd use the divider for a laptop, or camelback... if details help. o and a large! Could i do it with velcro? 

Question by Houdinipeter    |  last reply

How to make a calculator that divides by zero?

Hi New to the forum so not sure how it works here but basically asking a request for a instructable for any shop brought calculator that when asked to divide something by zero returns a number, maybe a  random number, but hopefully 42 everytime. Is this possible and if so could someone post the instructable? Cheers

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Why not use a potential divider in power adaptor?

I thought I could put a bridge rectifier directly after the mains and then pass this through two high value and high(ish) wattage of resistor to act as a potential divider and bring it down to 5v. Why would this not be possible?

Question by versos-tk    |  last reply

Room Dividers and Other Space Sharing Devices

There are few instructables about residential space dividers.  These might permit folks to live more comfortably and economically. They could be temporary as well as permanent . Could they rolll up to the ceiling ? Could they be flat against a permanent  wall until needed ? How important is acustic l privacy ?  Beauty ?  Fire resistance and safety ? If there are people who have thought about these issues or who have solved a space sharing problem, with some device or other, please post them. They are of no immediate concern to me or mine, but who knows in the future ?

Topic by Wilmette  

Why can't I use a voltage divider?

I am working on building my own firework controller. the whole thing will be powered by 6v dc, with the exception of the test circuit this going to run on 1.5v (I am using an optocoupler to separate it from the 6v). I was just going to use 2 resistors to make a voltage divdered to get the volatge down to 1.5. I just read however that "voltage dividers should not be used to supply power to a load". My question is why cant I use this method? When do you actually use this method? and what should I use to properly reduce the voltage? 

Question by Mpc1055    |  last reply

How do you make interlocking dividers for boxes?

I am trying to make a slotted divider section for a recycled box. The divider I am making should look like the ones you get in say, canning jar cases.

Question by owlsquest    |  last reply

Help on a divide and blend circuit - wet and dry - tl072

Hello,i want to build a "divide and blend" circuit with one potentiometer to blend between a dry and wet signal, the source will only be audio and the wet signal will be a clone of the MS-20 knowledge of electronic is almost zero... so i looked on different circuits and tried to adapt to what i want, but i need you guys to confirm if what i've designed works? do you see any problem? to you have any suggestions? thank you very much

Question by FilipeB21    |  last reply

Double a power source's output ports? Will this divide the amperage? Answered

If I hooked a 4v 4amp battery up to 2 devices which each require 4v and 4amps, will the amperage supplied to each device be equal divided? Or will it just not work?

Question by nepheron    |  last reply

How can i divide the output voltage of a simple marx generator?

How can i divide the output voltage of a simple marx generator (like this : for measurement or using a led?

Question by walex06    |  last reply

How can you divide an mp4 file into individual clips of mp4's?

I have an extremely long mp4 I need to use parts of for a project, but I don't know how to divide the clip into parts.

Question by RedneckAsian    |  last reply

Can't save text or divide text into seperate steps when writing an Instructable

Spent most of my 'free' time Saturday trying to write an instructable. I'm in step by step mode. I can add steps. I can title and add pictures to each individual step, but any text I add appears in all steps and doesn't save when I save the instructable. Sounds like maybe a problem with my Internet settings?

Topic by zerochance    |  last reply

Dog crate/protection/divider for boot of estate car - lower height to be covered by parcel shelf cover?

Hi there I'm looking to come up with a solution for the boot of my car so any suggestions you can come up with are welcome!  I have a Labrador and would like to have a divider/container for him in this boot, so effectively one side of it would be 'his'.  I would like to have the parcel shelf/cover able to be down as per the photo so that anything in the other section can be hidden from prying eyes.  The crate we have at home is too tall (26") and to get a crate with the right height (20") the crate would be much smaller in length and width and wouldn't be suitable for the dog especially when travelling long distances. We had a pen for the garden when he was a pup but it's too tall also. the dividers you can buy require a backseat grill effectively to be purchased alongside it so it attaches properly - adding cost and also losing my parcel shelf/cover capability. Any suggestions folks? Thanks in advance!  

Question by KirstyD3    |  last reply

would you throw an unemployed lazy sibling out of the inherited house that was left to be divided between 6 others?

I am the eldest of 7 siblings. I helped my parents and 5 younger siblings to purchase their first house, which they could not afford any other way at that time. I lent them the down payment with the agreement that my husband and I had half of the interest. I also wanted to help them with their financial stature. Owning a house and paying a mortgage will help their credits. My mother being the adult and saner when it comes to financial issues, so I thought, that I had a serious talk with her about the half interest between them and my husband and I. Three years later, they bartered the house for a new townhouse, without our knowledge, not being in the title.  I made a big issue about not getting my half interest upon knowing they purchased a new townhouse. They gave me and my husband our money back from the second mortgage loan of the new townhouse. To this day, according to them since we received our money back, my husband and I are no longer entitled to any more profit. Our parents passed away and left a Will that the town house be divided to us, 7 siblings. Our lazy sibling who is unemployed for years does not want to move out of the townhouse and does not want to follow what the Will said.  Our talks always ended in a screaming episode each time by my telling her to do right thing. To have a meeting and not hide the Will so she could stay in the rent free house that our mother left for all of us. Our mother who survived longer than our father made the mortgage payments for my two siblings left living with her are unemployed. The others moved out and god married and only sibling left who is unemployed and wanting to live forever as she can and refuses to discuss about what to do with the Will left by our mother. What shall I do? Please help and pardon my explanation if not so clear. Thank you.

Question by switik    |  last reply

what is the formula to figure out the air space in a boom box?

What times what divided bye

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Where to buy cubicle walls? Answered

I am looking for dividers for my knex/computer room (It's huge)The only ones I have seen have cost over 300$,and I was hoping for something much cheaper.Any ideas?EDIT *I found some at my local re-store,10$ each. 2 foot panels...

Question by Bartboy    |  last reply

Powering LEDS with mains power.

The idea is to use a voltage divider with high value resistors and then rectify the signal.  Is this dangerous?

Topic by flagrantfouler    |  last reply

Powering LEDS with mains power.

What if you made a voltage divider with high-value  resistors, and then rectify the signal?  Is that dangerous?

Topic by flagrantfouler    |  last reply

How to reduce voltage from 24V to 12V and 5V?

I have a power supply with output of 24V, 1A. I need to reduce the voltage to 12V to power a water pump and to 5V in order to power an Arduino and an air pump.  Can I just create a voltage divider using resistors for this? The water pump has an input of 12V, 5W.

Question by DavidC1165    |  last reply


Trigger happy gamers have organized, broken through the digital/analog divide, and have begun to play "real" games!Contestants in the StreetWars tournament dart through New York's alleyways with water guns in their hands. They're on a three week long, 24/7 assassination mission where the winner gets $500, the title of top squirter in town, and if all goes to plan, stays dry.Shadowy World of Squirt-Gun AssassinsThe New York Times

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12v 18650 battery with bms but no balance. Can we use 3.7v output from it for powering bluetooth module directly?

I am trying to make Boombox Speaker. The amplifier is 12v and the bluetooth module is 3-5v input. I have a single 12v BMS module, ofcourse with 4.2v, 8.4v, 12.6v dividers. Now suppose I power the amplifier with total output, it works fine. But can I take the output of one single divider i.e. 0-4.2v for the bluetooth module sepeartely and keep using the 12v for the amplifier?

Question by SalilG2  

What's The Best Way to Organize Nuts / Bolts / Washers / Fastners? Answered

As a fairly capable "do-it-your-selfer" I still struggle with organizing my substantial collection of fastners of all types and sizes. I have a dedicated 14 drawer tool box with 41" W X 20"D X 2"H drawers in which I now just throw all of the fasterners of a given type, size or material in a zip lock bag.  When I need something I have always have to open all the drawers to "maybe" find what I'm sure I already have.  I know drawer dividers and lables are part of the solution but I'm not sure how best to make them nor how to "lay out" the various sizes, materials etc... Maybe you have had this problem and solved it.  All suggestions are welcome & thanks in advance.

Question by Baytonian    |  last reply

How to use an op-amp?

Hi, I've got an op-amp, the part number is OP07CP and I am trying to use it to amplify a voltage by around about 200 times. My set up is 6v going into a voltage divider with one resistor of 100ohm and a variable resistor of 10,000-50,000 ohm, so the output is 10mV-50mv. What I want to do is have the op-amp proportionally increase the voltage, so it goes to a voltage range of 1-5v, which an arduino can read. The power supply is  5v (from the arduino) and the powers both the voltage divider and the op-amp. For some reason, following the simple non-inverting op-amp configuration I just can't get it to work. Do I need a separate power source for the amp? I think it might have something to do with the fact that the amp's ground, input and negative are all just going to the arduino's ground. What can I do to fix it? If someone could help or even give me exact values and configurations of components that would be fantastic. I know that the amp and divider seem like a pointless complication if was just trying to measure the output of the variable resistor, but if you knew the greater extent of my project it would make more sense. Cheers

Question by makincoolstuff    |  last reply

Levelshifting 3->5V. Can I add a DC bias of 0.5v or so to the 5v input line to bring up the 3v signals?

Assuming it doesn't just line up correctly, eg: If my Vih is 3.6v on the 5v side, and my Voh is 3.3v on the 3v side. By DC bias I mean connecting up a voltage divider giving 0.5v to the line connecting the 3v->5v. I'm guessing this isn't done as it would drain power when the 3v line goes low, but if the divider is high enough resistance, that could be minimal?

Question by quatch    |  last reply

How much does float slow down arduino calculations, how do I avoid float values? Answered

I am writing a sketch with about 3 float numbers that go through some simple calculations such as divide and multiply. The calculations are very simple and only about 3 or four lines of code. I can't have this slowing down the reading of my interrupt pin. Can I store the numbers by multiplying until I have a whole number and store them as a int. Then divide them back out in the calculation? Thanks any help would be appreciated, David.

Question by David97    |  last reply

covert 3V battery source to 1.5 V

Hi Guys, I have a 3V battery source and want to convert it to 1,5V to run a device. How do I go about doing it? Will a voltage divider work accurately?

Topic by kurtselva  

What is the plastic that is used to make bathroom stall walls and where can I source it? Answered

It looks like ABS, untextured, about 2cm thick. Do you know where it can be purchased in sheets?

Question by JamesRPatrick    |  last reply

see below

I've been trying to find instructions to make acoustical room dividers. I looked in guidelines, explore, and step by step; additionally when I tried to print just to see instruction again, it only did 1st page? Can you give me guidance? Myra

Question by myelor7813    |  last reply

5v and -5v from 9v? Answered

How can I get +5v and -5v from a single 9v PP3? Not 4.5v, I could do that easily with a voltage divider. Preferably using only passives and discretes (Inc. voltage regulators)?

Question by andy70707    |  last reply

Small motor overheat

On HVAC evap fan motor at 120 Vac no load motor overheat then feedback pulse stop working 5178 pulses / min divided by 4 = 1294.5 rpm shall turn at 1350 + - 20 rpm what make the motor to overheat ? the unit had a power surge when lightning can it be saved ?

Question by jma123    |  last reply

how to read power level of battery? Answered

Hello i have battery on helicopter and i need to read power of this battery to use it in pid gain ,i read voltage using voltage divider and calculate it and i sense current before motors and calculate power, but i dont think this is working, can you help me for that?

Question by britich    |  last reply

4,000 DVD Cases... Ideas?

I picked up 4,000 *free* used black 14mm DVD cases from a movie store that is no longer open. We have a large industrial unit so I was thinking of making a dividing wall. Any ideas on how I could do this, or any other possibilities?

Topic by caban    |  last reply

How do you determine the length of an antenna and the size of a fractal antenna? Answered

In an instructable, the formula for calculating antenna length was given as "length in meters =300 / frequency in MHz".  The example given was for a Bluetooth antenna with a frequency of 2450MHz.  The antenna length was calculated as 300/2450 = 0.1225m = 12cm.  The author then divided it by 4 to make a "quarter wave" antenna length of 30mm.  Why divide it by 4 and what is the benefit of a "quarter wave" antenna.  What is the effect of the conductor leading to the antenna?  If the 30mm antenna is soldered to a 4mm lead, does that result in a 34mm antenna?  For a fractal antenna, should the 30mm length of wire be folded into a fractal shape or should the total fractal antenna be 30mm in width?  I have read somewhere that one of the benefits of a fractal antenna is that they are able to receive signals of different wave lengths.

Question by fcampbell    |  last reply

Arduino Code?

I have a simple problem that I could not solve for days. I am trying to write a code that takes an input from Serial Communication port such as: "00aaaaaaa12dddddddd23vvvvvvvvvvvv" and divides into one string matrix and one array such as String[] = {"aaaaaaa","dddddddd","vvvvvvvvvvvv"} int Array[] = {0,12,23} //2-digit int numbers Thank you for you help

Question by giray123    |  last reply

EagleCAD Help

In Eagle, I'm trying to make a ring that is divided into 18 equal sections. However, I'm not sure how to do it. The only idea I can think of is manually creating each polygon, but there has to be an easier way. I've tried taking the ring and drawing lines through it in both the restrict & kepout layers, it doesn't work, though.

Topic by zachninme    |  last reply

LED 3 Watt Testing

I recently purchased 13- 3 watt LED's.  I'm trying to establish a high out put LED light.  I also purchased a LED Driver Transformer 48 Watt 120 Volt to 12v DC 4 Amp. First I would like to test each LED using the same divider.  I'm thinking that if I create a voltage divider two 330 ohms to limit the current and reduce the voltage to about 6 volts that would allow me to test with the driver that I purchased.  Secondly, will this driver be enough to drive all my LED's and would I have to reduce the voltage down too since it appears to push out enough wattage and amperage for the total number LED's I'm putting together?   I'm building my circuit based on this video.;=1   Assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Regards,

Topic by lancruz    |  last reply

how can i convert one 24v dc output into two 12v dc outputs? Answered

I am making a psu for my cctv system. i have a fairly new psu from a fire alarm panel which has battery terminals so it can still supply power even if the mains is out. my cameras can run on about 9-24v but my DVR needs exactly 12v 5a. The most logical thing to do i guess is convert the 24v output from the psu into 12v that i can then fuse off to go to different cameras and the dvr. trouble is i don't know how to. i thought of a voltage divider but it turns out they are bad if using more than a couple of Milli amps. would a voltage regulator do it? i'm abit stuck here so any help at all would be brilliant. thanks - luke

Question by ljarrald    |  last reply

96 by 286 LED Light strobe.

Hi I am Michael, and i want to make a Name board which will have 2 parts. it will have 382 in total divided in 2 parts leds96/286.  I want to make a strobe controller for these many leds.  it should blink 96 led at one time and the other 286 at other time. Please help with the circuit diagram or the schematics Thanks.

Question by michaelferns1    |  last reply

What is the significance of 4.7 in electronics? Answered

Why are most electronics components available in multiples of of 4.7?  I've been noticing this a lot recently when looking for components, and it seems like an odd choice to be a common division, seeing as it doesn't divide nicely, and isn't a particularly easy value to work with. If anyone knows why 4.7 is one of the most common values, I'd be interested to know. Thanks.

Question by The Skinnerz    |  last reply

How to make a brooder for a large number of chicks?

I am picking up my 100 meat chicks next week and any instructions I have found for homemade brooders are too small. I am also getting 14 layers and in an ideal world the brooder would be something I could divide to keep the 2 separate. Thanks in advance for any ideas

Question by sherripark    |  last reply