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Knex dock

Greetings people. I'm T-Nod. I just joined this group, even though I have been active on Instructables for many years now. You might or might not have noticed me, for even though I've been here for so long I have only posted 17 instructables (almost all of them Knex related), with most of them being 'average' to say the least, and most of them were slideshows with incomplete instructions. One of the few things of my that did recieve a lot of positive criticism though, was my Knex dock, designed for my DS. It wasn't all that special, but it sure was one of the best Knex docks out there. And I did win the third place in the Knex contest with it, along with a nice patch. And today I saw it has reached 4.95 stars, which is an amazing rating! Looking at how good the dock was, I decided to design another dock. But not for a DS this time. I was thinking of a dock for a book. I like reading a lot, and I figured out it would be easier to read if I had a dock with it. No need to put your finger on the pages, easier holding, reading handsfree. Plus, Knex docks have in my opinion a very high coolness-factor. :-D But before I start, I want to know; is it worth trying? Is there anyone who is interested in this? Would anyone want to build it? Are there many book readers and knexers on Instructables? tl;dr, I'm making a knex dock. Interesting, yes or no?

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IDE dock?

Anyone have ideas on how to make a hard drive swapping dock for IDE drives? The only ones I've been able to find are all for SATA, except a Sharkoon SATA with an IDE port, and that seems to be available only in the UK.

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iPod super dock

What can you do with the iPod super dock? The only things that I've seen is the audio out and the USB and FireWire sync. Is there a way to control the iPod throgh the super dock?

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Cell phone dock

Check it out: I'm a major Android fan. Sure, Mac makes some incredible machines, but I just hate how shut off they are. That's why I love Android. You're able to change the battery if you, you can expand your memory, you can even make your own apps without hoping to gain someone's permission.  However, the one thing that iPhones have over Android phones is the fact that they have the ability to be placed on a dock. My question is, why can't Android phones do this? Now, instead of making docks for these phones, maybe it's possible to use the ones for iPhones that are already there. What if there was a little plastic piece that snaps on to the iPhone dock and has a mini or micro USB male end on the other side? Of course, there are all kinds of sizes and shapes to Android phones, but I'm sure once this piece is perfected, one could make different shaped ones for different phones to fit neatly. Most of you are much smarter than me (or maybe have more ambition), so I'm sure you can figure out how to do this sooner than I can. If you have and idea on how to make this work, good luck and let me know how it turns out. P.S. If you make this and market it, be sure to credit me for the idea, yeah? ;)

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Bicycle iPod dock

So here's my idea: I'm restoring an old bike and there's a spot for a fake gas tank to go. I will build this tank, but one side will open up and hold within it an iPod dock. At least, I'd like it to.  I'm thinking of using the pedals as a dynamo crank which would power the iPod and play music through speakers mounted on the handlebars. I've been doing a lot of research and it seems possible, however, I've not done something like this before and I was wondering if anyone would have any pointers on how to make this work well. P.S. A separate USB port would be cool as well, so that a phone could be charged while riding the bike.  Thanks for your suggestions!

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Ipod Dock connector accessories: USB or Serial?

Is there any easy way to tell whether a given ipod/iphone accessory is controlled from the serial pins or the usb pins in the dock connector? Or is it as simple as all the accessories use the serial pins? Thanks. Brian

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55 gallon barrels

Where can I purchase barrels for a floating dock that are priced reasonable?  I live in the country and don't have or know anyone to try to pick up barrels for free.  The prices are all over the place for plastic ones, so I thought someone who purchased them might give me a heads up where to purchase them.

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ipod dock with fisher speakers

So i was wondering  if any one would be able to help me out i have a pair of fisher STV-862 speakers and was wondering  if i could use them to make a ipod dock  with either a regular line in connection or a dock built in or possibly both, i have some electrical knowledge but not enough to get me through this and help would be greatly appreciated 

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Awsome lego "Ihome" mp3 dock! (nano)

I was messing around with LEGOs.

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Noise filter on iPod dock

I recently completed a project where i made my own iPod Touch charging dock for a set of PC speakers. While testing it out i noticed there is some background noise/feedback coming through the speakers any time the iTouch is actually charging. Is there any way i can shield against this interference? Or is the proximity of the headphone jack to the iPod connecter to much of a problem to overcome without alterations to the iTouch itself? I've notice this problem before while listening to my iTouch through it's speaker or headphones when it was plugged into a wall charger or PC.

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How can I make this old radio new with an Ipod? Answered

I have a 1930's tabletop radio that is in excellent condition. I also have a 1st generation Iphone. The iphone has some screen damage but works fine none the less.. I have a shop Im always in and want to turn the old radio into a dock that will dock with the ipod as well as give audio out. should I pick up a cheap ipod dock radio for the guts? or are there any better ideas?

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Converting HP laptop harman/kardon speakers to external speakers?

Hey, I just tore apart an old HP Pavilion zd7000 for the speakers (nicest laptop, nay, compact speakers I have set ears upon) and was wondering how I'd go about hooking them up as an external speaker (3.5mm input) with the option of either battery or wall power. I suppose I'd need the input voltage, a variable resistor for volume, and a switch for power. I'd also need to change the red/black and blue/black wires into an 3.5mm female audio jack (red is left channel, blue is right, and black are ground). Of course, it can't be as simple as that... help me out, please! I apologize for poor photo quality. All I have is this iPod, and the camera's not quite the best in the world. The big black panel is attached to the right channel for resonation reasons, I believe, and the small tube (not seen) on the left is for bass boosting. Update: I've tried hooking them directly to a 3.5mm jack, as user Re-Design suggested (thanks!), but there's a lot of clipping, and it drains my iPod's battery like crazy, so an amp is a must. Would the amplifier out of some old PC speakers work?

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The new i pod speaker docks

The Griffen Amplifi, The parrot, The i luv, The Gear 4 street party size zero, Shaun the sheep and the heculesAll i pod speaker docks, all different in style, size and performancePrice ranging from £30 - £160Take a look, If you can

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K'nex Wireless Charging Phone Dock

I had this wireless charger for my phone so I decided to incorporate it into a phone dock. I tried to make it look nice and used some creativity to get the angle I wanted for the back. The wire for the charger comes nicely out of the back of the base.

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Is there a way to add another docking station or update the dock for the iHome to play from both the iPod and iPhone??

I have an OLD iHome for my old 1st generation iPod, and it doesn't work for my iPhone.  Is there a way to add another docking station or update the dock to play from both the iPod and iPhone??  The iHome sounds great... and I really can't afford a new one just so that I can play my iPhone on my iHome.  Just seems like it should be pretty easy to switch out the dock.  Has anyone done this yet?  I would love to know how.  My iHome is so old that I can't find one like it online to show you.  So I am not sure how far I will get with this request...  

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Custom Ipod dock - who can manufacture for me?

Hi there, I need to get around 250 custom ipod docs manufactured I recently saw a custom made 'Jim Beam' ipod dock with inbuilt speakers. It was basically a large version of their drink can laying on its side, with a dock for the ipod at the top and speaks at the ends. Do you know of any company that would be able to produce something similar for me? Obviously not Jim Beam but a similar can shape and my client's branding to suit? They would need to be shipped to Australia if manufactured elsewhere. Cheers!

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Is it possible to convert a headphone amp into a speaker amp?

I bought a cheap replica of Apple's Universal Ipod Dock, which has a line out (includes an LM4811 amp chip). My goal is to convert the headphone amp to a decent speaker amp -- similar to the Altoids Tin Speaker (, but without the battery or switch. I want all of the power to go through the dock's PCB, so I'm trying to avoid as much as I can an extra power source just to power the amp.This is part of a larger project that I've been working on for a while (and learning as I go)I can provide pictures later on of the dock's PCB if anyone wants to take a look.

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Creative repurposing old earbuds?

Good day all, I have four pairs of old earphones that I could like to creatively repurpose.  All pairs are functional and all are Nokia branded.  I received these earphones over the ages along with cellphones.  Their connectors however have proprietary jacks, not even the same types, with one having a 3.5 mm jack, they also include mics for answering calls. Thoughts I had so far:  trying to create a dock/speaker box using it all simultaneously - concern, will probably be soft. Any advice? Thanks! Xaveos

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Why is my ipod creating parasitic signals on the speakers?

I'm currently trying to build an ipod dock out of these speakers (,305.html — they use an usb plug as alimentation) and since i'd like my station to be able to charge the ipod, I decided to use a double usb charger:;_cat=60&ref;=85-8984 When and only when both speakers and ipod are connected to the charger and the speakers' jack is connected to the ipod, I get a parasitic signal on the speakers. I tried all the other configuration (using one or two power sources, using a different audio input), but none present the same issue. Would you know why I have this problem ? Do you know how I could solve it ?

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Car Sterio, without the stereo

So here is a question that I'm sure somebody knows how to make this work. I have a Jeep, and I never listen to the radio or have a need to play CDs. So what I want to do is rip out the stereo and mod in a female headphone jack so I can plug in my iPod. I don't see the need for a stereo anymore, so if I could just have the ipod and speakers I'd be happy. I know there is going to be at least one issue, which is the iPod wont be able to drive all the speakers, so some sort of homebrew amplifier will need to be built. Anybody already done this or at least know how to do this?

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is there a way to make a DIY zune car dock station so that the head unit would control the zune?

I currently use a 3.5mm jack. i would like the song to appear on the head unit as well.

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how do i use my mp3 player on an i-pod dock?

My car stereo has an i-pod dock attached to it, which is great... but my i-pod broke. I have a cheaper MP3 player that is still working and uses a USB port for connectivity that I would like to use in my car instead. Is there a way to convert the I-pod dock interface to a USB interface?

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Ipod Control via Dock connector?? Answered

Does anyone know if you can control ipods functions (play/pause, fast fw, rewind, scroll, possibly vol up/down?) via the dock connector? Is there any way to do this other than taking apart ipod? Trying to make ipod controller Edit: Does anyone know a cheap way to send specific signals to an ipod? im thinking arduino is a good choice

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Where to get OEM ipod dock connectors?

Hi Everyone, I'm hoping to make some doo-dads based off of the ipod dock connector, but I don't want to spend $15 on a cable just for thius purpose. Does anyone know where to score the connectors OEM style? Thanks in advance, -Max

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Launch a specific iphone app when docking in home made dock? How doable is this?

I'm doing a project to build myself a quality ipad speaker cabinet dock (because the ones to buy are aither not good enough or too costly), and had an idea for a feature that would be cool, but I have no idea how I could implement it. I want to incorporate and old school 80s/90s type LED spectrum analyser in it for display, ie this sort of thing:;=e9kApA2UbBk Now I could buy the one shown in that video for about $130 plus postage but I can't really afford to pay out money like that for a bit of bling. I've got an iphone app called Audio LED which gives the same kind of display based on sound through the mic, and I'm wondering if I added a second dock for the phone (the dock is for the ipad but could easily have room for the phone too. It'd make sense if this project could actually house and charge them both) if there's a way of linking this app to audio output from the dock? Probably sounds confusing sorry, but to clarify, if the ipad and iphone are both in the dock cabinet then playing music from the dock would automatically launch the spectrum analyser app on the phone.  That's what I want but it it probably well beyond my means without a lot of advice. I know that docks can trigger certain behaviour in the phones, so they clearly are sending a message to the phone when it docks (eg with the "iLuv" branded docks you get a message on the phone asking if you want to download their app when you dock the phone). So this certainly seems doable because to do this the phone must 'know' it is attached to a specific brand of dock in order to prompt the download.  That means the dock is sending info to the phone to tell it this, and that's what I want to somehow replicate, but with commands instead that tell it to launch this Audio LED app. Ie logic something along the lines of: if       Phonestatus == Docked &       Musicplaying == Yes then       Telliphonetostartthedisplayapp Probably pie in the sky really, but I'm certain in theory it's doable - it's just whether it's realistically doable for me. There's a much easier alternative that involves the likes of one of these really cool and cheap LCD displays:;=GBP You program them via a parallel cable I think using software like LCDsmartie, and people have used them for exactly what I want, but the problem is that means it being connected to a PC, and that kind of rules these out in this case alas.  Anyone savvy with the sort of stuff that'd be needed to do this please pipe up now, or if it's really dreaming then by all means say so. I've got some basics electronics knowledge and even used to make my own PCBs and stuff when I was a kid but only really know a few basics.  I've got stuff like breadboard and a various components etc and am happy to meddle but I'm guessing this would require programming of some kind of chip to store the commands, and knowledge of how the code distinguishes one app from another to identify the right one. Alternative suggestions welcome on how I could have a pretty looking spectrum analyser without spending tons of cash. If money was no object I'd just buy one of those ones I linked to at the top, but that's far from being the case!!! Cheers!

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From ipod dock to normal speaker, Please help me.

Hello there, i have a old ipod dock an i want to make a normal speaker of it. Can someone please send me a instructable link or tell me how to do it. it will be appreciated. Thx allready. Greetings from the netherlands.

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idea for iPod dock that can control lights

I'm working on integrating a dock for an iPod/iPhone into my shelve/nightstand. The trick here being that I'm looking for a way to turn my speakers on/off automatically when placing/removing the iPhone from the dock (to preserve power). Additionally, I thought it would be cool if I could adjust the light level of a nearby reading light by tilting the angle of the iPhone, including turning the light completely off in one of the outer positions. (so I could actually use the iPod/iPhone to turn the lights on/off). Currently though, I have no idea how to achieve this, which is where I'm hoping you can help me. Which mechanisms/electronics/gadgetry do I need and what would be the best way to assemble it all to achieve the desired result?

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Knex DS lite docking station

Do you guys think I should make this instructable? It took me a really long time to finish this to put up on here. If you want me to make this please comment and rate. If 50 people say they want me to make this then I will put it up. Guys it does have a DS game holder. I forgot to take a picture of it its in the back of the DS.  thank you guys remember rate and comment. Guys please comment I really want to know what you guys think. Or send me a message and please follow me . please give me suggestions if you have any questions please just message me i will message you back as soon as i can

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Ipod connector pin out and function?

Hello! I was hoping some one could point me in the direction of an Ipod (5g preferred) connector pin out, and some info about it. I'm looking to pick up audio out, power in, possible video in the future. Thank you.

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Any tips on winterizing a boon-docking travel trailer with no electricity?

We've bubble wrapped our windows, covered vents, need a trailer skirt, but what else to keep warm?

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(ipod dock) i cant find the pins that conect to the ipod so i can play and charge the ipod at the same time!!

Im building a ipod dock for my first instructable so im using a female usb plug for the ipod cable that conects to the ipod that mounts on the dock, so i need to know the output audio pins for the "L" & "R" speekers i have the 5v and the ground pins any recommendations are welcomed im using a 9V board with 2 bass inputs and center left and right speakers on a compact eficient case with 2 female usb chargers that i also want to use them to play ipods with

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Laptop hard drive docking station for desktop comp.

I have a Sony Vaio laptop that the hard drive has failed on. I want to make a docking station for the hard drive so that I may retrieve the data from this hard drive to my desktop. Would it be possible to do this and what parts would you think I would need.

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how can i put speakers/iphone dock with this led music box?

How can i put speakers in this  and an iphone dock . i would be very gratefull in every means of help (more detailed means much more helpfull. im just a tech noob. so be very nice to me hehe thanks

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Floating Dock/Pontoon/Cabin Hybrid. Please Help!? Answered

So i have this idea for a vessel i would like to construct. First, imagine a 10' by 20' floating dock. It floats using steel or plastic drums arranged in a line and possibly attached to make two parallel pontoons. After the "dock" part is constructed, a 10' by 10' cube will be constructed on top, around 3/4 of the way back on the dock. The rest of the space in the front of the cabin will used for a mast and pirate-like (:)) steering assembly managing a rudder or two on the aft. Propulsion can be sorted later and may not even be necessary. I would also like pointers on how and where to construct this and possible costs parameters. I am on a lake, Lake Cushman if you've heard of it, and have little dock space. The lake level will go down and provide an inclined beach where i can begin construction over the winter. The lake level will rise after winter, but it can be completed by then i believe. Assume i have the cabin idea figured out, all i need advice on is the above stated. Thanks! Any advice is much appreciated!

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anyone with a guide or tips on fixing a bose dock? it charges, but no sound. i feel it can be reborn...?

Bose dock, has remote and charges ipods/Phones. decent sound. it still charges a phone, but no sound on it. even tried the speciality $40 Aux cable to attempt sound from laptop, etc...which was working not long seems the power cables plastic has fused itself to the receving end of the main, internal board......?? anyone w/ experience can keep this thing out of the landfill, perhaps? thanks?

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Wanting to design a cree led powered dock rechargeable torch running on 18650 cells

Hi all, I had an idea the other day that it would be very useful to have a powerful torch in my van that is kept charging in a dock all the time (as required at least) when the engine is running.I know I can get similar torches that charge via a USB cable, and that I could plug the cable into a cigarette lighter socket etc, but what I would like to do is as follows:Power from a 12v (ignition switched) source in vehicle, to a charging dock.Torch must be powered by 18650 lithium-ion cells (2 ideally).Torch would run a cree (or cree style) powerful LED chip/diode (maybe up to 10w arbitrary power).Torch does not need to have a wire plugged into it, but can be simply placed into the dock after use in order to resume charging. The connector for charging is not important but likely a jackplug type arrangement, or else spring terminals.Housing will be 3D printed, and using a lens from an existing torch (probably).So mostly I'm happy about making and designing this, except that I'm not certain about what setup (either the circuit design if bespoke or what off the shelf module etc) I should use for taking 12v to charge 2x 18650 cells in situ.I have got small USB charging modules already, and I have things like voltage boosters/reducers, and tons of electronic components, but the USB charge module is no use for using with a 12v supply etc, so I'm not sure how to best address this part of the project.If anyone has suggestions on good ways to accomplish this I'd be really grateful, thanks!

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How can I attach my speakers to my ipod data-cable? (building an ipod speaker dock) Answered

So I'm trying to build an ipod speakerdock. And as you may or may not know all the speaker docks use the data transfer thingie on the ipod (so not the hole you plug your earphones in). I know there are some speakerdocks where you plug it into the earphonesocket but I find the loose wire annoying. I'm attempting to build one of these myself and have speakers available and I have an extra datacable. So my question is, how can i connect the data-cable to my speakers so that if I put it in the dock and I press play you can hear the music coming out of the speaker? I suspect that the part of the cable that goes in the usb should be removed and some wires need to be connected but I'm wondering which. And for all the people who will go with the "just plug it in the earphone socket" answer. That is plan B in case nobody here knows the answer. thanks in advance

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Need pin connections and source of connectors for Sony 8GB Walkman MP3 player and Ipod

My girlfriend's Sony Walkman 8GB MP3 player is a Model NWZ-E430. It is difficult to find docking stations and accessories for Sony units in retail stores, and few options exist even online. I'd like to build a docking station with high-quality amp / speakers for her. I am an electronics and computer tech by trade, but this is my girlfriend's player. I don't own one, and have not experimented with them. I need to know the pinouts (connections out of the Walkman) to connect it to the docking station... polarity of power connections, speaker outputs, etc. I also need a source for the Sony connector to fit into the Walkman. Finally, I need to know what the pinouts are for an Ipod docking station, in case I find one that I want to buy and hack, so it will work for the Walkman. Not having an Ipod, I do not know if they are the same type of connector as the Sony, but I assume they are different.

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I can't hear music through my ipod? Answered

My 5th generation ipod classic isn't playing any music through the head phones or my dock. I know my head phones and dock work fine but the ipod itself isn't playing music through the headphones.

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K'nex Challenge 1: 13th Aug - 4th Sept - RESULTS ANNOUNCED

As likers of knex and engineering, Gmjhowe, =SMART= and myself decided we'd start a little knex competition. Each month we will pick three items that we'd like to see redesigned in knex and invite you to have a crack at remaking them, with added functionality if you can!To start with the prizes will be patches, designed by gmjhowe and awarded by him, =SMART= and myself. If it takes off, who knows there may be better prizes in months to come. The patches that will be awarded for 1st - 5th place are below.Here are this months challenges, we've included a smaller project for those of you with less pieces available.Monitor Stand: A stand to replace the base of a monitor. It should be able to twist from left to right, tilt the screen up and down and allow the user to turn from portrait to landscape. Adjustable height would be a bonus!Knex Chess Set: An 8 x 8 chess board with knex pieces.Sellotape Holder: A Knex sellotape holder, for you knexers with less pieces. It should hold the reel and allow the user to pull and cut sellotape one handed. (some suggestions to expand this option: make a large reel tape holder for bigger sellotape rolls, make a wider one for parcel or duct tape, make an adjustable width holder for different tapes, make a hand held tape gun like those they use for packaging - link.)Dock: Somwhere to dock any kind of gadget from phones and ipods, to laptops and external harddrives. It can dock one kind, or all if you're a genius.If this becomes popular and we get a few of each of the above designs submitted, we might add some more challenges to this competition. Rules:- To enter, write up a full instructable of your construction process with clear pictures and descriptions. Post the link here.- Starting and closing dates are GMT.- What the judges say goes!- Have fun!- Judging - 5th Sept - 12th SeptAccepted Entries:Mini Tape Dispenser by jollexPSP Dock by jollex2 in 1 Knex Chess/Checkers Set by knexsuperbulderfreakUniversal iPod Dock by lioneaterUniversal iPod Dock by Killer~SafeCrackerNano K'nex Ipod Dock by BartboyKnex Chess Set by I_Am_CanadianDS Lite Docking Station by TigerNodUniversal Ipod Dock by knexsniper1Fold up phone dock by smileeKnex Tape Dispenser by knex gun builderUPDATE: This is now closed. We will announce the winners when we've had a look through the entries and judged them.RESULTS:1) Knex Chess Set by I_Am_Canadian2) Mini Tape Dispenser by jollex3) DS Lite Docking Station by TigerNod4) 2 in 1 Knex Chess/Checkers Set by knexsuperbulderfreak5) Universal Ipod Dock by knexsniper1Patches for the winners will be awarded soon and we'll be having a think about what to post for our next competition!

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my ipod 5th gen video will not produce sound from dock or earphone jack?

My ipod 5th gen video. it connects to computer. it loads music its also been restored a few times successfully but i get no sound from the dock or the earphone jack. it shows music playing and the menu comes up fine.. appreciate the help?

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Any ideas on how to build a floating vegetable garden for the cottage?

I'd really like to grow veggies at the cottage, but our wee little island is covered with trees and hence, too shady. I don't want to clear any trees so I was thinking a floating vegetable garden would be great! Here are some of my ideas: -some sort of floating dock-like structure holding/attached to garden beds -some kind of earth-box style planters -some sort of string/osmosis type system that could suck water out of the lake to keep the soil moist (okay, I know this is really pushing it. Maybe a pump would be more realistic). -NOT hydroponics: I'd like to grow veggies in regular soil, just out floating on the water instead of on the land! Some inspiration: Like the pic in the link above, but something a wee bit tidier and smaller? Any ideas how to do this on the cheap? All notions welcome! Sarah

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How would one make an Ipod shuffle (2nd gen) charger?

Hello 'iblers :o) I'm sick of my bulky shuffle dock (shame on you, Apple!), and want to make something like the shufflebud or this homemade one*. I have plenty of parts but the problem is that I cannot find an 'ible or anything telling me what to do - I'd make one myself but don't know the details of usb wiring. The dock alternatives shown in these pictures transfer song files like the standard dock - this functionality would be a bonus and I know that one of you has the knowledge! *The link on the Engaget page to instructions (in German) is broken. Here is a translation of the page.

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