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maverick (done)

Video here go to my home page then click on maverick final video. it's a forum topic. check it out check it out! this took around 4 months to build >:) and now I'm sad that I finished. it rely works I will have a nice video soon maverick from cedar point "ride on" the last pic is what maverick now looks like. it took two days to do that probably 6 hrs.

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Nicely Done

Great idea and execution.

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We've Done It

The Kinno-1, by Kinetic and Innovanna. Enjoy!

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Can this be done?

Can I wire these lights so i can plug them into a outlet in the house?;=mtr&hash;=item41552fb4a3 

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How was this done? So, I was looking to double the range of my TV B Gone, but all the tutorials on how to do it are outdated with Gen 4. Can anyone make a clear explanation of the video? (For example, where to solder wires, what types of batteries, etc.)

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I'm Done

Hey everyone in the knex community, I have come to say that this message isn't pleasant. I am done with building knex guns now. I have focused more on real life and I am planning to join the military. I want to serve my country for a few years after 1 year of college. I don't want to play with knex or toys anymore, and I will focus on more important things.  So, thank you all for your consideration, especially my subscribers. You are all great people. After some time, you won't see new CODawesome knex guns. i know that I am not a popular instructables user, and I know that many people will be like "ugh, no one cares!"  This is a message for all to those who supported me in the past. Well, goodbye knex guns.

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This account will no longer be active, but will be preserved for those who wish to build my creations.

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Major Kudos

Lots of people point out mistakes or what they don't like.  I'd like to take a moment to say, Thanks and Kudos for everything.  I love this site.  I personally feel its the best on the net for how to.  I don't know a lot about your business plan but I can't think that much change would be needed.  You are already the best, you just need for people to find this out.  Thanks for all you do. Fuzvulf

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Instructables Gets an Embroidering Machine

We borrowed an embroidering machine from Craft Magazine for a few days so that we could finish up the prizes for our Fake It Don't Make It Contest. Matt got it set up today and we finished our first few test prints - all in all, it works pretty well. It's going to make some sweet embroidered aprons for our winners! Full Instructable with operational directions coming soon...for now, images of robot love poems, oranges, and laser cut micro flatware.

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What is done to this iron? Answered

There is a "rust movement" that seems to be in fashion these days.  I understand that iron will rust but it seems to be made to happen a bit faster than normal in the dry Arizona desert. One picture is of a fence that has been finished for some time.  The other is of a mail box that was just finished.

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Jonas done different?

So I was looking for a few alternatives to the Jonas secretary desk when I realized that there's a possible hack here for something thats MUCH stronger and modular.  Should be perfect if you ensure that the measurement is correct for someone sitting at it... Has anyone tried to do a foldout shelf from a effektiv?  If not, maybe I'll have to attempt this from the as-is section...

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My FAQ is done!

My FAQ is done. Please take a quick look and tell me if its good, if its bad, what is correct, what should be changed...etc... If anyone has a question that should be added, please tell me!If its good enough, would anyone mind adding it to their greetings? (Hello and welcome to ibles, I realized you didn't receive....blahblah....) You would just have to add: also, check out Keith-Kid's FAQ to answer any other questions you might have.....I'm hoping that if its good enough, it can be made in to a sticky in the FAQ section.I'd like to thank Nachomahma, Kiteman, and Brenn10 for helping me get answers

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Has anyone done this?!?

If you don't have it set up like this already, then try it. If you have a smallish room, try putting your subwoofer in the corner. In my room the bass lights up like the 4th of july compared to when the box is sitting in the middle of my room. I'm listening to it right now and it just sounds wicked. You the bass more than you hear the subwoofer itself moving and groaning at the low notes.

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Ibles game (COMPLEAT)

The game is done give it a try post your high scores its free try it today AHHH TRY IT!

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I have received several emails saying I canceled my pro account when I did not. Please reinstate me..!?

If I am provided an email address I will be able to forward the emails that say I am cancelled.

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guns that have not been done

Title says it all what guns have not been done before on Instructables comment please

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my crossbow done to scale

Check this out, am almost finished instructible.

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haven't some of these been done?

I am pretty sure a few of the burning questions from round seven have been done. Do we still do them?

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Crazy things you've done?

One of the crazy things I did was take nails out of the door hinges to a shed with my friend. Not too long ago the door fell down.... One of the not so smart things I have done is when we had a storm this winter I went bike riding. We probably shouldn't have done that but oh well...

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Now I've gone and done it.

Gave notice at work today, strangely the boss was super enthusiastic about my leaving, oh well. So last day is officially the 26th, but I'll take a personal day and make the 22nd my last day. It feels really really strange. I'll be a full time student now, praise be to student loans. Spring 2008 Chem for eng solid mech dynamcs thermo.

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Looking for some help with a mod.   I need the guts of a bluetooth receiver or headphones(just the bluetooth module) installed into the housing of a hearing aid.  Basically just the receiving module I dont need to talk on it, it is just for audio.  I don't need or want the hearing aid parts to work or anything else inside it other then the bluetooth receiver.  obviously I need the audio from the bluetooth to come out of it though. I just need it to be rechargeable.  I will provide all the materials.   That's all I am looking for and am willing to pay for the time.

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Just about done with this site

This site has jumped the shark.  It used to be a good place to find DIY projects of all kinds for all skill levels.  Over the past few years, it has changed in the following ways. - The majority of new instructables on the site involve elite technology - 3D printers, laser cutters, etc - that are too expensive or require a membership to Techshop or similar to have access to them.  In other words, they are mildly interesting to see what's possible, but of no use to the average person. - Many instructables are just implementations of things that can be commonly found on Pinterest and are being passed off as original ideas. - Drug content has started showing up as instructables.  While I understand that some states have legalized cannabis, not all have, and I don't want my family to be exposed to it. - "Collections" may be useful in some cases to pull together instructables on a common theme, such as photography or boat building, but they are overused so much that they clog up everything else on the site.  Again, it's an example of people posting without creating any new content. - I'm a non-paying member of the site and the ads and other "recommended links" have started taking over everywhere. For years I've been following the site and checking the recent instructables posts almost daily to see what's new.  The site continues to meet other's needs, and that's what's important, but I'm sorry to say that it's no longer worth my time.

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knex guns that have not been done

Hi there have been a few knex guns witch have not been done before and their are knex guns witch have been done many times before e.g the ak47. here are some knex guns witch have not been done before. l1a1 slr , gpmg , m249 saw ,sa809has been done but not the most acurate ) colt 45(m1911) , bren gun and the g36c the list is almost endless. these are just a few sugestions im not saying the knex guns witch have been done before are bad i just think people should put their minds to difrent guns.

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Anodizing cooper tubing, can it be done?

Is it possible to to color pain houper tube by anodizing?

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effects done by adobe photoshop cs4

I need pictures and tutorials on how to make them using adobe hotoshop cs4

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Possible things not yet done with a GameBoy

From Chiptunes to an LED addon for the screen, there have been numerous creative things done to Nintendo's GameBoy line of handheld consoles. Given the capabilities of these sturdy, nostalgic devices, what kind of things could be made or done to them to increase their awesomeness? Apart from making Chiptunes, MP3 player casings, and some of the usual mods for any kind of GameBoy, is there anything else that a Maker could do to it?

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oh dear what can be done ................

Hello people i have a CPU cooling unit and 2 tv remote and radio and cassete player set a liilt old version. is there anythign that can be done with them???????????????? please ppl give ideas and help me

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Messing with bismuth. Can it be done easily? Answered

Is there any inexpensive (eg. <$100 US) way to make complex shapes with bismuth? I'm hoping something along the lines electroplating will work. I'm kind of hoping for input from Lemonie

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Embedding metal into glass, can it be done?

Hello everyone im here looking for some answers on how to embed metal into glass. The end game is to embed a steel bearing into glass. I would say no more then the thickness of a mechanical pencil led

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Portal Theme Done on 8080 and C64

If you've played Portal then seeing this video brings everything full circle. The retro computers inspired the closing song "Still Alive" which has then inspired someone to recreate the song on retro computers. It's geektastic and was done on an Intel 8080 with a C64 sound chip.If you haven't played Portal yet and you're even remotely into games, then beg, borrow, or steal a few hours on a machine to play it. It's lovely. via bbgadgets

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Wild Thing hat prototype is done!

Yay! I will hopefully have an instructable and pattern up for this pretty soon! The hat is ready to go, but the shape of the ears and their placement is going to be fixed. I want them to be a little smaller and a little further back on the head! The finished product is going to be made out a polar fleece, so it'll fit better and won't be as stiff as this one. It's made out of old curtains. :P

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USB "charging done LED" circuit?

Does anyone have a very simple circuit (newb here) that can be used to indicate that a USB-based "charging is complete" or "is charging" (whichever is easiest). In other words, say if it's taking 200ma or more, light up an LED. Not a full charger btw, just something that I can plug in between anything - computer/car/ac-charger - and the device. This would be useful on devices that have no indicator at all or on things like phones that have their LCDs dimmed when charging. Thanks!

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have i done anything wrong?

Today with my friend, i made a saturated solution of hydrogen sulfide by boiling aqeous hydrogen sulfide solution made by reacting hydrochloric acid with calcium sulfide. then what we did was we mixed the solution with ammonium hydroxide with hopes that as simply logic would predict, that we would get ammonium sulfide. now, the end result was nothing like ammonium sulfide, and was actually almost completely scentless, aside from the strong odor of exess ammonia, though we have not yet removed any of the mixed solution from its sealed container yet. i would like to ask, did we make ammonium sulfide suitable for use in a stink bomb? and if not, what did we do wrong? in multiple previous questions i have asked if hydrogen sulfide and ammonium hydroxide will mak ammonium sulfide, however, in all questions lemonie and others change the subject and spam the questions with warnings about the dangers of hydrogen sulfide, but refuse to actually answer the question, and so have forced me to go trial and error in the practical rather than the theoretical first. we do not plan on re-attempting the experiment until we know exactly what our outcome will be, which is , if we either mix a solution of hydrogen sulfide and ammonium hydroxide, or bubble hydrogen sulfide gas through ammonium hydroxide solution, will we get ammonium sulfide! also whoever best answers the question will recieve a best answer, also if you know any other ways to make ammonium sulfide, please do tell

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can the kettlecorn be done in the microwave in a brown sack

Can this be converted to a microwave recipe ? Pat

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Living Wall, anyone ever done one?

Has anyone ever done one of these? I'm looking for a cheap and green way to make one of these planters shown here: I was thinking this could be done with an old hardware organizer and some pvc, but I don't think I'd be able to find any large enough to put any decent plants in. Any help would be awesome...Thanks,J

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has anyone done the DIY solar progam

Just wanted to see if someone has bought the diy solar program offered by greendiysolar or 4earthsolar or something like that was the program worth the money ?

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cooking with nitrogen....ever done it.....have video??

Wishing to incorporate molecular gastronomy into my catering biz..... suggestions,?....thoughts, of hands? how to use... step by step instructions with recipes are needed please thanks chefpeter

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Has anyone done a Tofu instructable yet?

Has anyone done an instructable on how to make tofu? I found a bunch on recipes using tofu but nothing on making it from scratch. I make tofu from dried soy beans at least twice a week. The only other ingredient is epsom salt and water. Half way through you can stop and you've got yourself soy milk. It would take me some time to put one together as I would want to make sure it was perfect with nice photos. Unless of course this has been done. Is there anyway to check for sure?

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Home Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer)...can it be done?

I love freeze dried fruits. However, they are super expensive. Does anyone know how to make a freeze dryer at home? I have no idea if it would even be possible or cost effective.

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Making a mold of a fresh flower can this be done?

I dipped a rose in a low temp candle wax in hopes that i will be able to do this project without purchasing the online silicone/rubber at $160.00 please help if its will someone please tell me how cause a rose mold I found was also over a hundred

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Is there anything useful to be done with a Kodak Disc Camera? Answered

,,,and no, I'm not talking Compact Disc, Hard Disc, or Floppy Disc.  I'm talking about a disc of film. I understand that film can still be obtained for this camera, but is almost impossible to get processed, and the images are pretty awful. So, what fun stuff might be in the guts of that funky plastic case?

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Deleting instructables... have you done it? Why?

I was considering getting rid of a few of mine. There are some that I'm not happy with - the workmanship is not the best, or they're basically pointless, really. I'd like to re-do one of them. Have you ever gotten rid of an instructable?I've scrapped ones that I was editing before, but deleting published ones seems almost... wrong.

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What is the coolest thing you've ever done?

What is the coolest thing you've ever done? Try to not make it up but if you do, make it believable and beast-mode. I'll go first.... one day, i was at my uncles house for thanksgiving, and he has a 1961 Corvette Makoshark Convertible (fourth picture). i had just turned sixteen and he knew that that car was the coolest thing i had ever seen. so, on the first day of the new school year (high school, sophomore) he let me drive it to school for a full week. it was so awesome, i don't even think sex is better than driving that car. (well, maybe sex while driving it). that was the coolest thing in my life.

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IVE DONE IT 1500 of each knex peice

Today i bought the following peice 5946584442 x2 6053440294 x2 5984772116 6053048799 x2 and i have finally reached my 1500 of each peice goal. thats right i have 1500 of each knex peice.. the only problem is i cant get 1500 of those little Y peices so i geuss this is false celebration XD but its still pretty awsome

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What V.Smile hacks have been done?

I would like to develop games for the V.Smile, but I don't know how I should do it. However, upon disassembling a V.Smile Plus controller (which had labeled communication pins), I found the V.Smile controller pinout: 1=VCC (3V) 2=RTR (to request a report from the controller) 3=RX 4=GND 5=TX 6=RTS (to prepare the controller to change the state of an LED) Also, if you want to make your own controller, make sure that it is polarity-protected, because the power-down voltage can be as much as -1V.

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Recycling fabric into fillingmaterial. Can it be done? And how?

Hi there, This is something I've been wondering about and maybe you'd like to share any ideas on the topic. Thing is this: There's two things I use a lot: Fabric and fillingmaterial. I mostly use Fiberfill for the best results. It's smooth, springy, soft and light. Great stuff. However for big projects it's costly. Now I also use A LOT of cheap fabric. After cutting it a lot of spare pieces remain. The bigger ones I can still use but the tiny bits (like in the picture) I throw away because I have no use for them. And I feel bad about it, because it seems so wastefull. I hate wasting things. So what I'm thinking is this: is there a way to grind the spare pieces of fabric into filling material? Offcourse, I could just take all those spare pieces and use them as filling materials as they are, but as they lack the springyness (not sure if this is an actual word, sorry if not :) of Fiberfill, the result is bumpy and heavy and you'll need a LOT. Now there is a cheaper alternative for fiberfill, I think they take foam matresses and pulverize them. It's a bit springy but still heavy and extremely messy to work with. Now for those spare bits of fabric: - What would be used to grind them? - Is there a way to somehow bind them, so it becomes a substance simmilar to fiberfill? Like gelatine, but for non-edible purposes? (grind'em, bind'em) I have no idea if this can be done (at home) but if you have any ideas I'd be happy to hear them. I think a lot of people would be happy with an inexpensive, recyclable filling material!! Material for a great instructable if you ask me :D

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Pardon?? (Update: some have been done)

A brief exchange between myself and Whatsisface utterly confused Keith-Kid, the poor bairn.That reminded me that, as well as the language confusion between English and American (we walk on pavements, you drive on them), there is a deeper, older division.I am from Cumberland. It's "Cumbria" now, but it's old - many of the town names are Icelandic and Viking in origin. Parts of the county were so insular that neighbouring valleys had different languages. The town of my birth is Workington - the name translates as "The town of the people of Worca" - the town, and the land around it, were a small tribal state, ruled by King Worca.So, I thought I'd lay down a little challenge.What do you think these traditional Cumbrian dialect words mean?Google if you must, but you're probably wasting your time...Thissen - yourself, youSneckShilliesHag wormSegsScruntTuppingUppies and downies - Traditional precursor to football. Played at Easter.Whisht - Quiet, be quiet - "Haud your whisht", Be quiet.Tod - Fox. You can also be "on your tod" = alone.

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What can be done with a broken point and shoot camera?

Any ideas for what a point and shoot whose lens got pushed to the side and stuck when extended could be re-made into? Too expensive to repair!

Question by susie