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Bluetooth dongle connecting to another bluetooth dongle?

Hello, I'm working on a project that requires bluetooth connectivity between two  devices over 3.5mm ports. I was planning on ordering this transmitter and pairing that with this dongle question is will these two pair with each other of would i have to get something like an arduino with a bluetooth transceiver?  I need to use the transmitter but i can replace the receiver if needed. 

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creating a bluetooth dongle...?

ive been waiting for my dongle i ordered from for far to long and i am a very impatient man. ive set out to make a dongle, or try until it finally gets here. ive considered many options but its looking like this will be the most promising. my friend gave me a slightly damaged ipod touch (2nd gen?), which i found out has a broadcom bluetooth chip in it. i ripped up the ipod, found the chip, and the datasheet. ive messed with some circuitry before, but i am lost on this. im actually pretty novice with this sort of thing, but ive experimented and learned a lot on my own. i am eager to learn. my goal is to make this into a usb bluetooth adapter. i have all the ipod parts (may need some?), usb cables are abundant, and i have a soldering gun and i am able to use it. could someone please help guide me in the right direction? i am sorry if this doesnt belong here.. this is my first post here, but ive been enjoying the site for a while now. i am a big do it yourself kind of guy and will most definitely be uploading some of my ideas when i get around to it.

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which wiifi dongle to purchase?

I plan to purchase usb wifi dongle but iam confuse that the term 802.11n/a/b/g ,i searched on net that most wifi dongle is 802.11g ,so is that meaning they will only catch 802.11g network,please also notify me weather wifi dongle supports packet capture and packet sending capabilities?

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What to do with an old 3G dongle?

Hi guys - This is my first post.   Basically I have a ton of IT gear lying around from disassembled laptops etc but I stumbled across an old 3G dongle from the 3 Wireless Network (UK). I think I can unlock it with but I wondered what else I migh be able to repurpose it into? Could I stream media to it via a USB enabled TV? Any suggestions for projects welcome. Steve 

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Hii what is the different btn sp flashtool and cm2 dongle??

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Covert bluetooth dongle to mini USB?

Having purchased an android tablet with mini USB ports I have finally got my tiny USB bluetooth dongle to work with it using the provided OTG USB to mini USB cable. I was wondering if anyone has dismantled a bluetooth dongle and fitted it with a mini USB connector? I think it would be so much better to have it sitting directly flush to the tablet rather than having it hanging out at the end of a cable. Would this be easy to do or should I leave well alone? Thanks Gaz.

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help with wireless broadband dongle make for external antenna

Two pics attached show the circut board of the zte mf626 wireless broadband dongle last is a sma cable antenna need 2 know how attach a sma plug cable to this dongle and which wire to connect to what brass (gold) tab? as seen the dongle only uses 1 tab for the antenna and another tab is not bieng used so i recon that this dongle can do more than have a small aerial to use a external antenna like the one seen in the third  picture can anyone help with this?

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crc9 and uhf does it 3g and couple other questions?

First whats stronger rg-58 or rg-174 when going long length say 5 meters for 3g crc9 3g dongles? (mainly huawei dongle e160e) crc9 to uhf antenna work for 3g dongles? crc9 socket has two soldered tabs on back what is that about, is it when the crc9 is plugged in the middle crc9 male pin crosses these somehow?  oh and 1 more question what is the crc9 socket on the huawei pcb called? cant find replacement socket due to no-knowledge

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old xbox dongle usb flash drive

 got bored last night

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Rechargable Wireless Mouse

I had this idea a while back and have yet to see one made. Unfortunately I don't have the means to try it myself. What I thought was a wireless mouse which would be recharged with its own dongle. When the dongle is plugged into the computer the batteries inside would be charged up then when it is put into the mouse for storage those batteries would charge up the mouse. I don't really know a whole lot about electronics - despite perusing instructables now and then ;) - so I don't know if this is even possible. But I don't see why it couldn't be done, or why it hasn't been done yet {unless I just haven't found it}. Peace to you and yours, Matthew "Dra'Gon" Stohler

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Wireless or bluetooth rechargeable button attached to PC with a dongle

Hi, I am trying to find details of a cheap wireless/bluetooth largish 3 or 4 inch single button that uses a dongle connected to a Windows PC via USB.  It'll be used for push-to-talk type stuff. It should be rechargeable via USB (a mini connector, or some such thing).  While the button is held down it should send some kind of signal to the PC, and any advice on how I can detect that in C# would be appreciated.  There should also be a status light that will show green when the unit has sufficient charge, red when the button is pressed and blinking yellow when the battery is running low. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks reaxion

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Bluetooth Hack Needed For USB-Pendrive/ Modem!

Hello Friends! I may sound a little insane and I don't know if it can be done or not but however here it is- Is there any hack with which we can turn our Pendrive OR USB Modem into a Bluetooth Dongle/Adapter OR Is there any way from which we can make our home-made Bluetooth Dongle/Adapter Thank You

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Make any pair of headphones wireless.

I need to reduce cords on my device, as much as possible, for a project I am working on. I really would like to convert this device from wired to wireless. First I will explain the images, then the 2 ideas I have.First image "before" = A device with a long headphone cord.Second image "after" = Idea of solution #1.Third image "better" = Idea of better solution #2.---Idea #1 - The less-preferred method.For this idea, I'll need to cut the cord with a pair of scissors and rewire the ends to eliminate the excess cord, to achieve the results in the middle image. So How do I go about doing this? And is there a better way?---OR---Idea #2 - The more preferred, long-term method.Observe the third image (idea #2). Is there any way possible on this earth to achieve this? I think it is absolutely crazy that I cannot find this kind of device anywhere on the market yet, in our day of technology.Thanks for your comments!

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Web server hosting on Raspberry pi using usb Dongle

I need to host a webpage on Raspberry pi but for internet connection i can't use a router or wifi card. I need to know that can usb Dongle be used to provide public ip to a server running on raspberry pi so that it can be accessible over internet.

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How to hack Bluetooth Dongle to work with a headset = Bluetooth headset.

Hello, I need help, I have a Bluetooth audio dongle the kind that you plug into a USB port of a speaker to transform it into a Bluetooth speaker. But I was wondering if I can use it with a regular headset/headphones and a regular cellphone battery for power supply,. THank you

Topic by Toyanster  

raspberry pi 2, can i setup with WiFi dongle?

I have just purchased a raspberry pi 2 and where i live i don't have direct access to the Ethernet hub.  so, from the box and installing Os (i.e raspbian ) can i just plug the 802.11n WiFi dongle and search for my network and crack on without driver software?

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How can you transmit audio using a Bluetooth Dongle?

Hey Everyone,I'm just a beginner with Arduino and what I'm trying to do is take an incoming audio signal and then transmitted through a Bluetooth dongle. I am using a USB Host shield that is connected to a Sennheiser BTD 800 USB Bluetooth Network Card. I've currently just been messing about with this SPP sketch from the USB Host shield library 2.0. What I'm wanting to do is to display the incoming audio signal in the plotter window. Pictures of the sketch are down below. If anyone has any ideas on how to program it to do this, it would be much appreciated.

Question by MCsugar43  

my query is that, i have a usb bluetooth dongle, is it posible to play song through it with a bluetooth enable laptop

Hi every one, few days ago i made a usb mp3 player and is working fine........... my query is that, i have a usb bluetooth dongle, is it posible to play song through it with a bluetooth enable laptop. when i m trying to connect bluetooth dongle with usb mp3 player the LED of bluetooth dongle doesn't blink

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Make a Bluetooth USB Dongle out of a bluetooth enabled Cell Phone?

Is this possible, for my to hack a bluetooth phone and use it as a USB dongle for my laptop? If so, someone should make an instructable out of it and it will get a butt load of views.

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How to make a new Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard work with a USB dongle from your old keyboard?

I have my Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard ALT key fail from extensive use. I got my hands on an almost new keyboard which is missing a USB dongle. The USB dongle and keyboard & mouse are a set and you cannot get a replacement. So the new keyboard did not work with the USB dongle from the old keyboard.

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Can this be used with arduino

I opened up a Bluetooth dongle so i thought that if it can be used with arduino or not. The bluetooth  dongle was like this so plese help fast!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys I use the USB720 dongle from Verizon for my internet connection. It picks up a signal from cell towers.x

Hey guys, I use the USB720 dongle from Verizon for my internet connection. Lots of time the signal is poor. Would one of thesehelp me get a stronger signal? Thanx, Bob V.

Question by the hoof  

What is the best route to adding a USB power source to a guitar amplifier?

My girlfriend has a Fishman Loudbox Mini amp which has a 3.5mm auxiliary input on the back. She bought a cheapo bluetooth audio receiver that is powered by USB and outputs through its own 3.5mm jack. It works great but it takes up two wall outlets, and drastically reduces the distance it can be from the wall due to a short audio cable. So I need an easier power source for the USB dongle. I had imagined a coupler that would sit between the amp and its power cable. I could frankenstein a USB-wall-outlet connector into this coupler to provide a USB power source close to the aux input. However it may be easier to find a 5V source inside the amp and just add a usb port. I'm not sure, which is why I'm creating this post.

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how do I add bluetooth to my simple usb keyboard?

Is it possible to make a self powered solar/battery usb bluetooth dongle? Would a solar collector from a solar calculator provide enough power to energize the bluetooth dongle? I have a simple flexible usb keyboard that I would like to use with my htc smartphone. How do I add a usb bluetooth dongle to the keyboard.

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Bluetooth boost question?

I want to boost my bluetooth dongle. On some Instructables there are mentions of getting an exactly correct length.  On others the length and shape seem to be arbitrary.  If I want to add more antenna to my bluetooth dongle, do I have to make it an exact length or shape?

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Can someone help me wire this? Answered

I took apart a speaker and I want to lengthen the wire and add a bluetooth dongle. I already took apart the dongle and the parts appear to fit correctly. The biggest problem I see is the different size of the wire I would like to use as an extension.

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Bluetooth communication questions.

Hi all, I havent played with bluetooth before, so I wanted to ask a few questions before getting myself started. I want to create a simple robot that is controlled by bluetooth and make most of it from scratch. where there will be a transmitter and a receiver, followed by arduino that creates my PWM, the H-bridge and finally the motors.  I was wondering how exactly does the bluetooth work. I checked a little bit online for the prices.  the standard bluetooth dongle that connects to a PC are about 2-5$. but the arduino shields are 60-100$. I was wondering if I can get myself 2 bluetooth USB dongle and make them communicate between each other.  Is it because there are other 'modules' neccessary to properly communicate that the computer has so we cant use a dongle on the arduino which making us buy the expensive shield? So to recapitulate, my point is, can I use a standard cheap usb dongle to both send and receive information?

Topic by bjaii  

How would i go about making an RFID triggered beep/LED Flash?

Hello everyone, Ive bought a RFID dongle and tablet to work together for me as a loyalty data collector. The thing is, when the Milfare 1k card is scanned, it wont make a beep or LED flash to let the customer know its been scanned correctly. I need another reader which is connected nest to the dongle (all of this will be put together in a plastic compartment) so that when any Mifare 1k card is scanned the dongle and tablet will do its job but i want the other scanner to let off a beep and LD flash at the same time? How would i go about doing this?? Thankyouuuuu Josh

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Hacking ISP for free internet

I wanted to know if there is any way I can get free internet on my 3g dongle free.

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Does anyone know how to make a stereo mini to IR adapter?

 I want to use my iPod touch to control my home theatre, but I don't want to pay 50 bucks for an IR dongle. Seems like all you need is a stereo mini plug and an infrared LED anyway. Would really appreciate it if someone could show me how to make an IR dongle like RedEye's mini.

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D'oh! i mean Linux ok, so i have a live CD of linux, and i ran into a problem.. how do i install a wireless card? I have a Segam WL5061S usb dongle, can some one help?

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Wireless help in linux? Answered

Ok so, i plugged in ma netgear wg111...i goto connect on the desktop, goto the WAN option (the second icon down) load the module (ive tried both the defualt and the ndis) and put in my password and stuff, and no dice...i think its a problem w/ puppy to my actiontec gt704wg...the wired ethernet works, and i can connect to tinker arount with that (but not with my usb dongle) ....any suggestions...i would really like to use puppy for my sisters laptop and this dongle but this is the only thin stopping me.... :(

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does anyone know how to make an arduino recieve a feed/signal from a bluetooth dongle or other wireless device?

I am wondering if it is possible to send an arduino information wirelessly. Basically i want the wireless reciever to be the sensor and feed the arduino the information from my computer wirelessly. please any help at all of how this could work or other ways to make this possible would be awsome. cheers.

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Bluetooth relay to control water pumps, lights, etc

Is there an inexpensive way to control a water pump or light or other device needing only to turn on and off by using bluetooth?  What I see in my either a computer or tablet having a bluetooth sender - either built in or a usb dongle...and, for example, an aquarium water pump with a 3.7 or 5 v relay to turn it on and off coupled with a bluetooth receiver.  The computer or tablet would have an app to control the device - with timer software.  I have seen bt dongles that can be purchased for as little as $2 in bulk...low voltage relays also for cheap.  I envision a "box" about 1cm by 3 cm by 3 cm that a pump or a light could be wired into and costing about $US 5 to make.

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usb shield for ardunio Answered

I have a usb bluetooth dongle, and i want to be able to plug it into my arduino and controll my arduino with my iphone using touchOSC or some thing like that. i will preferably make the shield not buy it. what will i need? and where can i get the libraries?

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How do I connect these? Answered

I am trying to connect a bluetooth dongle to my Bose headphones because I saw it on instructables. The only problem is the number of wires. The instrucatble shows three wires while my bluetooth headset only had two. Should I try to connect these two to the corresponding colors on the other?

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how can i turn on bluetooth on a hp dv7-1245dx?

I have wireless or wifi. i also thought i had luetooth but i checked in device manager and there was nothing for bluetooth. the box said it was bluetooth capable. i was wandering if it was as simple as turning on something or do i have to add a bluetooth dongle?

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Can i use my USB wireless Keyboard-Mouse Connected to PC using inbuilt WiFi/BT ? (Not to connect Dongle internally

I repair Computers and take interest in getting new Hacks.! I get most of my queries solved from the Site...yet  I was wondering if we can Couple the keyboard/mouse to the inbuilt Bluetooth/ WiFi of Laptop.

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Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter Transmitter Transmitter Circuit Help

Hey All, I am currently working on a LiPo Battery Adjustable Voltage Battery Pack, that has a headphone amp and bluetooth transmitter built in. I want the user to be able to use any compatible BT Headphones or BT Receiver Dongle. It is for use with metal detectors.  Every time I Google Bluetooth Transmitter Module, I find a bunch. Upon closer inspection, I find they are all receivers (i.e. speaker left out, speaker right out). There are bluetooth dongles that plug into a 3.5mm jack and transmit, but there is a lag in the transmission that I believe stems from the module not being hardwired into the system. A lag in receiving the BEEP means the object is harder to pinpoint, more digging, bigger holes, and frustrated folks. Can anyone recommend a good available BT Transmitter Module that I can hardwire into my system as a test to see if the lag goes away? Any assistance y'all could give would be greatly appreciated! Mike

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Is there a way to connect a 360 Wireless controller to a PC without the Microsoft receiver?

What I was originally thinking was to use the Play and Charge kit wire along with maybe some drivers to do so, but that proved not to work. I have a dongle for my Logitec Wireless mouse and I was wondering if there was some way to hack that or use some program to get it to receive the signals, while using the Microsoft drivers to recognize the controller. Any help is greatly appreciated

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Can I connect a wireless adapter to a Blackberry phone (w/o wireless) so I can use internet from a wireless hot spot? Answered

I was gifted a Blackberry Curve 8330 and I noticed that it does not have wireless capability, but has Bluetooth. I don't have a cellphone provider and cannot afford one at the moment.  Is it possible to get a dongle -- the USB plug in for non wireless ready PCs -- so I can use the internet where wireless is available?

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Installing bluetooth driver for WiiMote?

I have purchased a Wii and generic Bluetooth dongle. I can not get the computer to recognize the Wii. I am running Win7 and the Device Manger sees Bluetooth Radios, with Generic Bluetooth Radio and Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator but I do not have any apparent software interface to recognition the Wii itself. I have spent hours and hours attempting to contruct IWB scenerios to no avail. Research shows that the bluetooth technology can be problematic. Are there any know issues with Win7? Amy

Question by Amy Peterson