Dont answer 4

Doing it for practice

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Dont answer 2

Still didnt work. i hope it works now

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camera dont work?

Hi, i have a pentax Optio S, when i turn it on the display just shows- A9 -is this a code for a service repair, how can i fix it cheers

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I have 2 hdmi ports, just one of them that works. I can not find the other I've searched online but did not find out what's wrong.

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Some of the hyperlink in the last couple of newsletter is not working.

Some of the hyperlink in the last couple of newsletter is not working. From Editors Picks down to Contests

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The K.F.S.Ascraped knex fan side armversion-1.07 the first working model. to do list: Compact the trigger mech. Add a auto loading system. Talk to thedunkis for some more tips. Post on and instructables.comI have no date on when it will be done because i have to much to do.This is only so i can update the list and tell people how im doing on this project but you may discuss your upcoming knex builds and projects.

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youtube dont work on computer?

Hi everyone, on my computer, youtube, google, and maybe a few other sites dont work. they used to but now it says that the webpage cannot be displayed. they used to work... HOW DO I FIX?!?!?!?!?

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my instructable dont publish? Answered

Ok so I have published an instructabe about a week ago and its still not published I know it takes time but I think thats too long.

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reply links dont work

Hello i have a netbook computer and i am using safari i asked a question not to long ago and someone answered and i cant reply to them. it was never like that before. 

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wait i dont get this

So the new feature is out that you can delete comments on your orange board but it says (removed by community request) is this bad because like how you get banned and stuff will you get banned for this?

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weapons that dont exist but should

I was looking at the Uncyclopedia article called ''Weapons that don't exist, but should''. I was thinking if any of you guys can think of new  ones that are not in the article.It could be any thing from suicide sheep to landmines that explode into attack dogs.

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Dont you DARE laugh

Meh...i got some love problems. Well, not love, relationship... stuff with a girl lol. But...theres this girl i like in school AND she has to come to my house every wednesday-friday of every school week cause her mom is a teacher and we gotta bring her to school. And when i get up every morning, shes there in the conservatory or living room watching tv. I want to know how to approach her, cuz i dont know anyone who is as good looking as her, except my friends half girlfriend (i wont go there...flirtatious lol). Help?

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rules. (dont worry not alot)

Here are the only rules of this group. 1. Forums are not moderated, post whatever you feel like. 2. instructables are: must be somthing that shoots out of, and or, shoots somthing out of a barrel, (i have made a few exceptions here and there, just have a good reason (pm me) 3. invite others! 4. have fun and be kind!:(i will not tolerate any insults, if you have a problem then kindly and curtiously discuss it with the objector) 5. Thats it! post intructables!

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Cant write code on arduino help!

I want to know how to program an arduino uno but i dont know how theres always and error please reply

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Supreme Trevon!

This was from one of my friends. He wanted me to post one of his sites here because I told him quite a few people read these forums. Anyway, here's the link. It was kind of a joke he made up ( he's a bit odd) and he carried it on and made a site. I've looked at it... it's weird. Let me tell you again I did not make this site. He did. The only good thing about it would be the forums...

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I have a question, how come every time it says a contests ends, for example "wear it contest, judging ends Oct 28, 2014"   You guys never actually show the winners until much later? Its Oct 31 and still no sign. I really want to see if the instructable I voted for won! Is my computer just late to get the results or does it take a long time to show the winners? No offense but you guys really should follow your deadlines better. (Please don't think im rude, Im really just wondering why its delayed so much) Anyway, Thanks for listening to my feedback

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Next knex gun to build? Answered

I dont know what i should build next. I have already built the knexsayer and the TR and need a suggestion for the next best gun to build? P.S. I can build almost any gun on this site so don't think about the amount of pieces that it uses.

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New members thing dont work

Https:// I want to greet new members but this wont work.

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what will happen if i dont prime......

What will happen if i don't prime the pvc and instead use only pvc cement. it will be used for an air gun so will it be dangerous?

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why dont my groups work?

Ok i have made some groups annd no one can enter them and i cant edit themis there some thing wrong or do i have to many?

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i dont know what to build!!

Ok so i have just gone through all my electronics and i have no idea what to build i have tons of stuff from aux inputs to motors and i have an arduino to control the hole thing any suggestions on what i might be able to make i have searched the site and found lots of projects that look fun but i really need to not spend money unless its something i can reuse  i would like something that serves a purpose and not some thing that just blinks and stuff like that and if possible make it be useful (does something that most people could find hard to do or does something humans cant do and no i dont want to measure somethings speed)? i also have a laptop (dell latitude d510 its about 10 years old) to use if the arduino isnt good enough although i will not destroy the computer to use it

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PNG pictures dont show up

I just published a new instructable and when I click on some of the pictures its just a black square, and some of them shows a black background with white lines when it should be vise versa. 

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i was on gizmodo the otherday

And saw this kool samsung 256gb solid state drive, its suppost to be the smallest, fastest, and largest space SSD, thats pretty kool, but, $4k is a little steep for me. especially if it costs more than 2 of my new laptops.

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I Dont think KipKays should be allowed in?

I dont think kipkays should be in this contest because it was submitted before the contest started. Am I wrong? Thanks joe

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You dont need a small wheel pully

If you are planning on making a knex car, and you dont have enough small pully things(the ones found in small tires). You can just jam a white connector into the black tire part of the wheel. It fits great.

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Why dont wall transformers have holes?

When i was making my homebrew hot wire for foam cutting, i noticed my 17V low amp transformer ((wall-mount) was getting really hot. So I question to my self, why the heck don't these things have holes? Would it be safe to get a project box from radioshack, Cut out the transformer, and if i want install a fan to keep it cool? or does dust wreck it? Also, theres no way to do hotwires and keep the transformers down right.. i mean its basically a short circuit, as why you try to make the wire hot to cut foam...

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why dont I have a Partition table? Answered

OK so a week or so ago I decided to give ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx a spin, just to see how it runs.  I've installed linux before, both with wubi and off of a disc, but this time I ran into a problem, I have no partition table : This is a HUGE problem for me because I need windows, and with no partition table ubuntu dosnt know I have windows, if it did I could install them using the "install side by side" option, but i can't.  I have even reinstalled windows and i still have no partition table.  Its not incredibly imprtant that this works but I really want to dual boot linux.  I'm in a love-hate relationship with linux; I like the idea but usually uninstall after a little while of using it :P.  I dont want to re install windows again, so does anyone know how I can set up a partition table?  If it hepls my computer's specifications are: 1.7Ghz Intel celeron 256 mb Intel GMA X3100 graphics card 128GB SSD 1GB ram 32bit Windows 7 professional

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I Finally got Glasses

I finally got glasses and can finally see, it's pretty nice. I can now sit in the back of the classroom, goof off, and finish all my assignments at the last minute. Sweet!!

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Instructable wont publish "We dont understand request?"?

Everytime I click publish it says failed dont understand your request.

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woofer connection in a car mp3 player. ? Dos & Donts

I have a car amp with 4 speaker outlets(2L & 2R) can i connect just one woofer to it? if yes then what is the max limit of woofer specification? thanks in advance

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my earphones wires dont have any colors? Answered

I was trying to repair my earphones but i couldnt beacause when ii tried to stick it with another jack from an old one i found out that it doesnt have any colors on it and the old jack have the regular colors 

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dont know which gun to get? (airsoft guns that is)

So your beginning airsoft but you dont know which gun to get? i had the same question and i got a crossman stinger p9 (in black) for 24 bucks at dicks sporting goods it came with 500 bbs and a holster. its easy to use accurate and the best part about it is the way it loads, you fill the 90bb reserve in back of mag, pull down the slider thing turn it over and gravity loads it in 10 sec so you can get back in the game before your buddies.if you have a gun you think is better let us know wikipedia has great info on arisoft in general update 2/22/08WHen you want a gun you can use in actual airsofting but dont want to spend $150+ get a $80 crossman pulse r72 i got one and its has great rate of fire and accuracy

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Best Oodammo Pistol Nominations *read or dont' reply*

Alright so I wanted to settle this very simply. Our good buddy Knex lover is willing to build quite a few oodammo pistols, test them personally, and then do a quick, short review of all of them. The process is simple. The MeZak is pretty much a given so I'm going to just put that on the list right away. The next few guns will be chosen by you, the knexers. Nominate any oodammo pistol you wish as long as you give a fair reason for why. You may choose a couple if you wish. Anyone who nominates their own weapon must also pick another as well. They do not have to be posted yet as long as they will be eventually. 3 nominations are required to get on the list. The 5 with the most nominations will be selected. 1. MeZak 2. TBOS (5) 3. OodAst 3.6 (3) 4. Jamoodassault (3) 5. EAP (3)

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halo guns? Answered

Ok i dont play halo but i have seen halo guns what halo gun should i make

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my ipod is broken the censors or the buttons dont work!!!can anyone plz help me?

So my ipod is broken the button click but dont do anything & the censors dont work idk what to do:/

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what the...

I just dont know....

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How to Survive middle (or high, i dont know) school

That is it, the period from 13 year and ---year. i need a survival guide!

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Would anyone want a Portable Nes that they dont have to build?

Hello i am currently undergoing a project to mass produce nes handhelds but before i start making them i will need to know who wants to buy one and what kind they want. for further information email me at or go to Thank you 

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"I dont know but iv been told":Calling Cadence

My soccer team dose lots of running and we'v been trying to find some of the: I dono what iv been told lines, the ones the armed forces sing when they run in a group (at least i think they do but i have no exspirance). the lead runner says "I dont but iv been told" a response from the rest of the group would be "the sun shines bright but im still cold" so if you know one or two lines please just comment and ill put them up for me and any one elce that needs verses. or if you find a websight that has lists of lines please post a link (yes i have googled it and no didnt find any)

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i realy need this part dont know where to look! Answered

To make it less vague lets start at the beginning. i was looking around for a affordable night vision. after a long time searching i found nothing under a 100 dollars. but i started to understand how it works. the IR can be seen on camera. and now it comes : (with bad english) on a camera (usualy the old ones) there is this "looking hole" where you put your eye on. there is a little screen in there that is watchable from very small distance. i gues that part alone is just a tiny part no bigger then a square inch if i took that part and the real "eye" of the camera, so you see directly what the camera sees without recording or any other useless parts and mount some IR LED's on there you have nightvision! are these parts available ? here's my idea in paint. and most inportant is it affordable ?

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Airsoft grenades that dont used explosives, Vinegar or baking soda, or balloons filled with water and bbs?

Sorry about the pickiness of the nade but i dont have access to that stuff and Balloons just dont work ( unless if u can find a good idea of how to use balloon nades).

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