Doorbell Issues

I have a problem with my doorbell, and it's driving me insane. A couple of weeks ago I decided to fix our doorbell, one that has not worked for a very long time (decades). I replaced the grommets that go on the tone bars. I cleaned the plungers and everything. It worked just fine, until about a week ago. Sometimes it will ring, sometimes it's very quiet, sometimes it doesn't ring at all, and sometimes it will do a short ring (the ring doesn't last very long, like it used to). Also, it is about 40 years old. Another thing, the switch is rated at 16V, and I'm using an 18V doorbell, could this cause the circuit to not complete properly? Here is a picture of it (cover removed) I thought by putting hot glue on the grommets would help, but it didn't. The pic shows the glue, but now it is removed.

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Mp3 doorbell

I'm trying to hook up a relay to the wires leading to a broken door chime in a way that when the button is pressed it causes the mp3 player to play an audio clip. what I need help on is the speaker, what I would like, is to have the speaker turn on when the button is pressed and to stay on for 5 or so seconds after the button is released. How would I do that?

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Wireless doorbell + ipod = awesome

I have a wireless doorbell kit (plugs in to a 120v outlet) from Home Depot and an old 4th gen ipod (ipod photo).  Does anyone have any ideas how to wire these two items together so it they could play custom noises when the button is pressed?

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wireless doorbell to wireless light switch?

Perhaps some have expereiance with these, id like to change the led light in my wireless doorbell to toggle rather than go off after a coulpe of seconds,  is there a way to bypass or remove or add components to achieve this what should i be looking for,  if no-one knows right off the bat i'll post a picture and go from there?  im not interested in the sound, ill remove the speaker.

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i wanna make a touch screen doorbell.

Working should be like this : Der shud be a touchscreen outside and the person who comes has to entr his name..when he does so his name flashes with a beep on another placed inside the house.

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Circuit help

So, my brother tasked me with making him a customizable doorbell for his house for Christmas (of course he didn't tell me till last week, but whatever). looked around at a bunch of stuff online and found a few decent items. some of them use those voice recorder modules from radio shack...which  might work, but I've used them before and they're pretty quiet. also, not the best sound in general from the mic used to record to them. so I found this thing;=1 which is a riff on this thing  which uses an ATTINY85 to play audio via the PWM output from an SD card. I like this guy because it's gives more options for sound and is generally more "gee whiz". however, the guy built it from scrap parts and has some admitted flaws in it, notably the power supply and the audio amplifier. so, I'd like some help figuring out how to build the same thing, but with a more "correct" power supply and amplifier. also, not exactly an electronics wizard so the fact that there are a billion different chips listed as ATTINY85, I wouldn't mind if someone can make a more sensible parts list (there aren't that many parts). I plan to trigger the thing with an off the shelf wireless doorbell type thing.

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Wireless Doorbell - Chime from Phone

Is there a way of modifying a wireless doorbell, so i can make it chime from my phone..?

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Personal fingerprint recognition doorbell

Anybody fancy making a fingerprint-reading doorbell, that gives out different rings/does different things depending on who it is? Maybe even with an option to ignore anybody whose print is not registered for the days when one is too murderous to deal with the general public? From scratch(ish), would be a waste to destroy an expensive security system just for this (maybe).

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help with installing a doorbell transformer?

I just bought a doorbell transformer and i know how to do everything but install the transformer.. i know it could be hooked up to a junction box i just dont know how. it has three wires on the back, and a junction box i looked at had four different colors of wires in it. i do not know how to install it. please help me.. thanks

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Doorbell- bypass jumper? Help!

Hi all, I have a wireless Heath/Zenith doorbell. It has a wireless button (battery) and plug in doorbell chime. It is model SL-6166, very common design. It works fine with the wireless button, but I am working on a different project, and need to figure out how to "manually" use a jumper wire on the circuit board of the chime itself to make it go off. I need to know how to trigger this chime with a jumper so that I can connect 2 wires to the chime from one of my home automation devices (an I/O Linc) so that the home automation can trigger the chime by sending a "closed" or jumper the two points on the chime, to make it go off. For this project, I can't use the wireless doorbell button to trigger the chime. There is a good picture of this board at: That is someone else's post with a different question, but it is the exact unit I am trying to figure out. I don't have enough technical knowledge to know where to jump this circuit board to make this door chime go off manually. I hope one of you can please help me do this? Thanks in advance!

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How do you connect the wiring for a new doorbell to the home's nearest electrical outlet? Answered

I want to connect a new doorbell's wiring to the nearest electrical outlet, but there is a stud that blocks a direct connection to any outlet. Do you make a small hole in the stud to thread the wiring through to the other side so that you can connect the doorbell wires to the wiring leading to an electrical outlet?

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Need help with using a wireless doorbell ? Answered

I am looking for a way to use a wireless doorbell such that when I press the button a small 6volt motor will go on and stay on until I pressed the button again.   Seems I need a latch relay but the more I research the more confused I get.  Thanks?

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Need help with mp3 player doorbell?

I'm trying to hook up a relay to the wires leading to a broken door chime in a way that when the button is pressed it causes the mp3 player to play an audio clip. what I need help on is the speaker, what I would like, is to have the speaker turn on when the button is pressed and to stay on for 5 or so seconds after the button is released. How would I do that?

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I need a wireless device that signals a light

I'm new to instructables, I ran across your web-site researching this project. I need to have a push button at one location in a warehouse that signals a light to come on when its pushed in another area of the warehouse A light would emit at the forktruck drivers station. I would also like a  buzzer to sound also. The distance is less than 200 ft. I would also like three buttons at alternate locations that when pushed would a light a different colored light.  This would signal the driver as to who wanted him. I was told we could not use the walkie talkie device and it needed to be wireless. I would like the buttons mounted on a magnet so I can hang on a metal machine.I was thinking maybe a wireless doorbell

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I need a way for 8 different people to be able to call for service, somewhat like a stewardess call button.

I run a small community acupuncture clinic, where I treat 8 people in a single room.  I am often out of the room for 10-20 minutes at a time, and would like to have anyone in there be able to press a button and have a chime/pager/light go off in the reception area so that I know it's time to go and get someone's needles out. I am not much of a wiring/soldering type person, but if someone had a cheap and easy way for me to do this I would be eternally grateful. Thank you in advance!

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Programmable / USB doorbell with IR or laserbeam sensor?

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone here has ever made or come across a programmable doorbell with motion sensor, either IR or laser. Like the ones in shops, but with uploadable WAV or MP3 audio. Preferably to build myself (with a little help) or if there is already a product similar to buy in the shops.Thanks in advance

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Modifying doorbell to register a SmartThings device connection?

I'm hoping someone can help me here. I've got a Byron BY601 Wireless doorbell which comes in 2 parts - the chime and the doorbell. The Chime takes 3x AA batteries, and the doorbell takes 1X CR2032 battery. What I'm trying to do, if figure out a way that when the doorbell is pressed, it activates the connection on a SmartThings device. I have a SmartThings multiswitch which can acts as a Reed Switch for an Open/Closed signal to SmartThings, this however, takes a  CR2450 battery. I've attached some images, but I'm wondering if anyone reckons they might be able to figure out just by looking where I could make some connections to trigger the device to activate?

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Doorbell - press button and make an explosion sound

I'm thinking of making a prank doorbell where you press the button and an explosion sound goes off. I seem to be a little stuck on choosing a simple audio input that I can put an explosion sound on. Any suggestions? thanks!

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radio shack 3 channel doorbell/intercom wireless signal doesn't reach inside home, how can I rig it?

Radio shack 3 channel doorbell/intercom wireless signal doesn't reach inside home, how can I rig it?

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Anyone know how to modify an annoying doorbell 'buzzer'? Answered

Right now it's DING DONG, DING DONG, DING DONG. Three times and piercingly loud. I can't imagine the speaker is controlling the dinging and the donging - I think it must be steered by a chip on the PCB. How could I swap out either the speaker or the chip to have a still clearly audible but less repetitive and annoying alert?

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Boy inventor re-imagines doorbell, gets VERY rich!

A 13-year-old boy from Croydon is set to make hundreds of thousands of pounds after inventing a doorbell that calls the householder if no-one answers the door. The boy entered a school "Dragons' Den" type contest, and ended up with his idea in production.  Orders made so far should earn him £250,000 ($411,000).  Three of his fellow contestants ended up with full patents on their ideas, and one other is negotiating with a Chinese manufacturer to get his idea on the shelves.  That boy is only twelve! Dubbed Smart Bell, the device came about in response to a competition hosted by Rook's London school. The contest, however, necessitated a working prototype. Rook's parents passed the plans along to a family friend, Paula Ward (crowned world's top female inventor of 2004 at INPEX), who sent the plans to China. Less than a year after its development, major U.K. retailers have signed up to sell the Smart Bell, which will retail for £40, or about $66. The Smart Bell has a built-in SIM card and other cellular technology that will call the owner's phone. The unit also produces some subtle white noise that mimics the effect of an intercom.

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Ring doorbell n/o quick short button press activate a push and hold buzzer for wharehouse

Existing buzzer in wharehouse need to connect to new ring type doorbell but I need to keep the buzzer tryed a new chime box wired inline, but it's not loud enough was hoping to be able to a circuit or device in line to run the buzzer for ten seconds or so when the short in the normally open bell button was pressed

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Any suggestions on creating a "doorbell" for my cat to use?

My cat comes to our (glass) sliding door or window several times a day and either sits outside and waits or scratches on the glass to be let in. For the most part, we see him at the door/window or hear him banging on the door, but sometimes he waits out in the cold. I thought it might be cool to design a "doorbell" he can use so that even if we're in another part of the house, we can still hear when he needs to come in. Right now, I'm thinking something that will register his weight, either outside the window or the door (he usually goes to the door first and then the window if no one comes right away), and that will ring a bell -- maybe a regular doorbell set-up, just messing with how the "button" is pushed? It would be cool to design a little button/pad that he actually has to press (he's smart; he can figure it out), but placing something where he likes to stand/sit would probably work just as well. Right now I'm going to start by looking into how doorbells work, and then whether I need to make a weight-sensing device or if I can jerry-rig an actual doorbell to respond to some kind of pad for him to sit on. I don't know how much doorbell's cost, but I'm assuming they're pretty cheap. I could probably pick one (or two, if I need to do multiple trials) up at my local hardware store, but if anyone knows of online suppliers who provide free samples of doorbells or doorbell-like devices, or things that I could use for my pad, that would be nice. I think my main qualifications for the pad/button are that it be easy for him to sit on/push, sensitive enough to read his weight (probably 10 pounds), and sturdy and weatherproof, since it will be outdoors in all seasons.

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Need to know when someone is at my front door when I'm working out in my shop that's in my back yard?

I work often in my shop that is in my back yard, which is approximately 100 feet away from the house. I am looking for a way to be notified when someone rings the front doorbell. What is the simplest, most accurate, most cost effective way of doing this. Thank you all for any answers you may have.

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Home automation: doorbell analog door phone intercom?

Answer doorbell with home phone: I would like to create a setup in which a visitor rings the front doorbell that rings our home phones.  When we answer a phone it will act as an intercom so we can communicate with the people outside the front door.  There is no doorbell system in place so I am essentially starting from scratch.  I'd prefer doing this in an "analog" fashion since we are in a rural environment with unreliable power and no cell reception.   Basically, I want to know if there's an easy/affordable DIY alternative to the several hundred dollar door phone systems I see available for sale. I would also like to install a remote electric door strike so I can lock/unlock the front door via our landline. New phone shopping: I need to buy a new home phone system anyway, since my mom only uses the speakerphone on the handsets and callers complain they can't hear her well.  Features I'd like: --Power back-up operation (handsets work even in a power-outage) --"Eco-Mode" where it consumes less power when you use it closer to the base --Excellent speakerphone on handset --Long battery life out of charger --Lightweight, easy to hold/grip handsets with large easy to press buttons and clear display There's several Panasonic models I've looked at that seem to fit the bill.  I'll admit I was initially tempted by the new Vtech video doorbell phone, but there's many characteristics about the actual phone/handsets that would make it difficult to use. I wondered if getting a Bluetooth-enabled phone would be advantageous if a handsfree calling device could be connected, just like in the car but for the home phone.  But I don't know how to do that, if it's possible. Just thought I'd mention the new phone shopping in case someone has any advice on best selections based on current home automation desires.  

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is it possible to make a remote control on and off switch from junks rc toys, walky talky and wireless doorbells?

I would to ask if it is possible to make a remote control switch just on and off function from the components of junk  remote control toys, walky-talky, wireless doorbells, junk cordless phone. sound activated toys. i would like to utilized those junks cause some components are still functioning. they just get junks because of broken casings.

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how would one make a light that turns on when it is dark? Answered

I am making my sister a doorbell for her room for her birthday and need help with the circuit

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Home Automation Instructables!

Home automation is the reserve of those with actual money. How about some instructables that do home tasks for you, maybe a doorbell-to-USB hack, or others? what are your ideas? Paradox Detected.

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Mini RF Remote

I would like to build a RF remote controlled candle but I am having a hard time finding a remote to do the job. My question is does anyone know where I can get a Cheap! Remote and receiver to work a single led? I found This: Wireless DoorbellI was thinking of pulling the speaker out and attaching a Led, My thought is if it turns on/off a doorbell noise if should do the same for a led? right?Thanks for your time and help.oh, I should say it needs to be small enough to fit in a candle like this: FlickerCell REMOTE™ Battery Operated LED Candle

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(HELP) Linking Wireless Pir Sensor To Wireless Chime

Hi, trying to get a wireless PIR sensor to activate a wireless door chime... Given up trying to get the PIR to transmit the same frequency as the chime so now trying to get the PIR to switch on the wireless doorbell chime.  So in theory, motion activates sensor, signal from sensor goes to door bell button, signal from door bell button goes to chime. I've attached wires to the bell switch, but don't know where to attach them onto the PIR:   experiments so far have activated the chime but it stays on so I think I'm just shorting something out. Also, should both power sources (for PIR and doorbell ringer) remain as PIR is 9v and bell ringer 12v? Hi res pics below, thanks to anyone for their help and advice! Greg PIR transmitter Front Back Doorbell Button/transmitter (wires tied on switch contacts) Front Back:

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Happy Hallowe'en!

Hallowe'en has started in the UK, and, as the night progresses, the trick-or-treaters are getting older and and uglier - around dusk, we get the fairies and wizards who need their parents to reach the doorbell, as it gets later, we get the small gangs of friends, later it will be the teens who are pretending they are trick-or-treating ironically, but really they like the candy just as much... A new twist this year - our candy has small sticky rubber rats and spiders mixed in, or you might get a plastic skull-ring around the stick of a lollypop. As the darkness reaches your part of the globe, tell us; what's the best or weirdest costume you've had to your door this year?  Got to go, there's the doorbell again!

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how we can adjust the frequency between remote and receiver of a door bell ?

Http:// how we can adjust the frequency between remote and receiver of a door bell???

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Wireless water alarm

Hi all. Hoping I can get some suggestions. I have a water alarm in my basement, when it's sensor gets wet, it beeps. This does me no good since I can't hear it. What I'd like to do, it hack it so that instead of beeping, it lights a led I can hide somewhere in the house. Maybe in one of the wifes stupid knick knacks in the living room. If I just needed to wire the led to the beeper, I could figure that out. But I want it wireless. Any suggestions? Mechanically, I'm good. I know how to assemble, disassemble, solder, etc, but I don't know much about the electronics involved. I'm thinking I can use an inexpensive wireless doorbell as my transmitter and receiver. So, I guess what I need to do, is figure out how to incorporate the doorbell button into the alarm so when the alarm triggers, it activates the doorbell. Then, install an led in place of the chime and hide the whole shebang in something. (If it could also send me a text, that would rule, but it's way outside of my current skill level.) Will it work? How do I do it?

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custom sound chips? Answered

I've always wondered how these doorbells and other such devices play a particular recorded jingle or a song.I think its possible to make  circuits which can play custom tunes set by us(maybe using a PC).Could you please give me a brief idea on how this is done?

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small and quiet air compressor for a single pipe organ pipe?

I've got a 2m long pipe (that I can blow with my lungs). I want to make it into a doorbell but don't have a compressor. I tried a car horn compressor but it is so loud that it totally drowns out the pipe! Any other ideas?

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How to connect a bulb to a video door phone?

The video door phone uses four wires and it is connected with an 8 core cable, that leaves me with 4 free wires. What I want to do is connect a bulb somewhere in the middle of the cable so that when the doorbell is pressed the bulb is swiched on and off again when the screen switches off after about 8 seconds. Thanks in advance

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How to order parts for this circuit?

I'm a new to building circuits and trying to help my son with a school project.  Here is the circuit to hack the wireless doorbell into snail mail notifier (  I'm lost here though it appears to be a simple circiut.  (attached the circuit as image file) Please help me with ordering parts and the proper sequence to solder them. Thanks in advance. - Al

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Wireless activated buzzer/alarm

Can someone help me with this? I need a wireless activated buzzer or alarm. Similar to the cheap wireless doorbells where you push the button on the remote and the bell rings. Release the button, and it stops. But it needs to be a loud sounding buzzer or alarm, fairly high decibels, and did I mention very inexpensive? Also, the buzzer/alarm part needs to be as small as possible. I appreciate all your help!

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Can I connect a bulb to a video door phone?

The video door phone uses four wires and it is connected with an 8 cord cable, that leaves me with 4 free wires. What I want to do is connect a bulb somewhere in the middle of the cable so that when the doorbell is pressed the bulb is swiched on and off again when the screen switches off after about 8 seconds. Thanks in advance

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How to tune a bell ?

I'm building a doorbell-operated carillon of bells, which will play the "Westminster Chimes" on a set of real brass bells (the sort with a wooden handle that you would normally shake). They will be hammered either by solenoid mechanisms, or by mechanical triggers, driven from a pinned rotating drum. My question is - Is it possible to change the pitch of a bell, either by removing metal, or adding metal (with a weld), without ruining the resonance or the tone of the bell ? - And upon what part of the bell would you perform this action ?

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Create door opening wireless notifier? Reed switches? Answered

Hi, I have a Vellerman K8055 USB experimental board that I have hooked up to one of my machines. Yesterday, I took our wireless doorbell apart and with a multimeter found the signal that sparks the 'ding-dong' sound when the remote bell is pressed. I wired that into the K8055 and then to cut a long story short, when the bell is pressed, it pops up on my TV and tells me that someone has pressed the bell (using MythTVOSD multicast if anyone is interested). A link to the card:⟨=en&id;=351346 What I'd like to do is to extend this mechanism to my doors. When a door is opened in the house, then I need a signal to be sent to a receiver device also wired into the K8055 so that I can capture that event in my program. I have thought about using magnetic reed switches on each door with hacked wireless doorbells (around 3-5 GBP on ebay from China). One problem I have is that I can only find 'normally open' reed switches, meaning that when the door is closed so will the reed switch contacts - this in turn means that I will be constantly notified (should I be able to make this work) that the door is closed. If I could find 'normally closed' reed switches, I could have one of each on each door, What is the cheapest/most elegant solution to this problem? Is using hacked wireless doorbells the way to go, or is there a better way. I'm a relative novice with electronics - I'm a dot net developer by day with experience of data capture cards, and have toyed with the Arduino, Lm386s, 555s, 4017s etc... some with instructions from this site, so whilst not a complete beginner, I am what I would call, "an enthusiastic amateur'.

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How do I wire LEDs?

I am trying to wire some LED lights for a set of iron pipe and distressed wood bookshelves.  From other questions I've read regarding LEDs, I conclude that I can use 18 gauge wire from the transformer to the fixture.  Can I run regular wire to the transformer from the outlet, and can I go approximately 15' from the transformer to the fixtures?  Also, can I just wire the transformer and tuck it away under the bottom shelves, and will something like a doorbell transformer work?

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Ring a bell? (Special event for British members)

The Olympics are coming, and although I will miss most of it, it would be cool if I could take part in some way. It turns out I can, and so can every other Brit reading this, in an event called All the Bells. The short version is, on Friday 27th July, at 08:12am, UK time, as many bells as possible, from doorbells and bike bells, all the way up to full cathedral bell-towers will ring, all across the United Kingdom. Taking part is easy - just stand on your doorstep and press your doorbell - but why not go the full hog?  Are you in a cycling club?  Get them all out in the street, ringing their bike bells. Live near a church?  Even if you're not religious, get in touch and get them involved. Go to school?  Talk to the music teacher, borrow the hand bells or the tubular bells. Are you an engineer?  Hang up the biggest lump of steel on the site, and beat it with a hammer. Heck, just get all your friends to set an alarm on their phones and iPods with a bell-tone at 08:12, or turn up your PC speakers and play with sound effects. Pass the website around your friends and contacts by Facebook or Twitter, put a poster up at work, add graphics and links to your blog, and generally spread the word. [BLOGGED]

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Wireless, Wireless, WIRELESS! Help with circuits

Heyall, I just have a seemingly easy problem, but apparently it's not. Everything out there is wireless, doorbells, your electric car key, the fan control, garages, my bike speedometer. With so many wireless circuits, why is it so difficult to find a cheap, inexpensive circuit that a hobbyist can make? No, I didn't mean buy a circuit then mod it. I've searched all over and it's so hard to find a simple wireless solution that includes both a RX and a TX. I've seen Xbee but that's something I would have to use with my Arduino. It's also not exactly 'cheap'. So that get's crossed off the list. Are there any schematics for simple wireless RX/TX button or two that works up to 50 feet? What about schematics for a wireless circuit that works up to 100 feet? For my RC plane I have this TINY receiver that has six channels. The transmitter isn't that big either and it works up to 1 mile! But instead of paying 25 bucks for 1 mile and 6 channels, what about 1 or 2 channels for a 10 dollar circuit? See what I'm jabbing at? I don't want to by a doorbell then start unsoldering stuff from board to mod it! With so many wireless applications out there this should be a walk in the park! If you can give help me I would GREATLY appreciate that! Thanks!

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(HELP) Linking Wireless Pir Sensor To Wireless Chime

Hi, I'm trying to use a wireless PIR sensor to activate a wireless MP3 door bell for an art project I'm doing so that when people walk by a particular spot, sound I've uploaded to the doorbell chime will play.  It has to be wireless i'm afraid... If anyone is bored this Sunday afternoon and feels like helping me out I'd be very grateful as I need this to be operational by Tuesday and i'm no electronics expert. To say thanks I'd definitely paypal you some beer money! The wireless PIR is this one: The wireless door bell is this one: Both operate on 433mhz and in my head, this meant it should have been easy to get them to work together. Since then I've been reading a lot about DIP switches that was previously unknown to my technically ignorant mind. So, I've taken a pic of the guts in the PIR and I guess the frequency ID is determined by the pins on the top left that read A0-A7? and the wireless doorbell has 6 DIP switches in the battery compartment like so: as well as the door bell button (also wireless). Is it possible to get these to work together, and if so, how would I do this with a minimum of hassle that someone with little electronics expertise like myself can understand? A very large thanks to anyone who can help my befuddled mind get around this!

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remote control light

I'm working on a sort of a scavenger hunt thing. Night time on an outdoor trail. For one station I would like to have a set-up where a seeker would press a button (like a doorbell) which would light an LED, telling them where to look. I know that I could connect a battery, a button, and some sort of a light using actual wire, but it would be great if I could do this wirelessly. It would only have to work over a short distance (a few dozen feet at most) and only for one evening. I'm not especially electronics-savvy, but I work well with instructions. I'd appreciate any leads!!!

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Car fob for house doors?

I've seen a couple different examples of re-purposing things like wireless doorbell ringers or other devices to activate a door look solenoid but i don't want to carry any more stuff in my pockets.Ii was wondering if it's possible to use a car fob to do the same thing? i would love to map the door lock button on my car fob to unlock my front door and vice versa for the lock button.  I know for garage door openers in your car you can hold down the OEM remote and it syncs the signal not sure if there is a way to do this with my car fob.

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Some things to do with pressure sensors

Two projects I'm thinking of will use pressure sensors. The first is a device that would sit under coffee air pots.  There have been countless times when I've gone to get coffee at a self-serve place and there are five pots, but no one tells the counter person they are running dry and I then I have to wait for them to brew.  A pressure plate under the pots would control set of red/yellow/green LEDs to indicate how full the pots are. The second is to use a pressure plate outside the door where your pet comes in and out of the house.  It would trigger a doorbell when your pet wants in before it gets a chance to start scratching up the woodwork.

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How to control a momentary switch from the web via a smartphone?

So we have an electronic gate that uses a push button momentary switch for opening and closing. The button itself is not unlike a doorbell or garage door button. I've been trying to figure out a way to remotely control this button from the web via a smartphone. I've looked around and found all number of light switches and power outlets that can be web controlled, but can't seem to locate a momentary relay for my purposes. I was hoping to be able to patch into or replace the existing button with something that would give me the capability, but without breaking the bank.  Is there a momentary relay out there that can easily be connected to my home network?  Thanks.

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