Geeks, Nerds and Dorks.

Here we are boys and girls (and others) . How about a lively discussion about the differences and similarities between the above groups. What about examples and even names of celebrities who fit a category. Whoops that was an oxymorone. A celebrity who is a geek, nerd or dork. Anyway I look forward to your lively remarks.

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Dorkbot on the Beeb.

Before there were makers there were dorks, many of whom went to Dorkbot meetings to watch people do strange things with electricity.The Dorkbot movement was started by New York artist Douglas Repetto but they have grown far beyond the original idea of "dorks in New York" that he conceived. Now the world is dotted with Dorkbot chapters and the regular London gathering is one of the busiest.BBC story, with video of high-voltage music machines.

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Me and this guys are dating but everyone keeps making fun of him. Any help??

They ask stuff like "How do you like him?" or "He's such a dork, what are you thinking?" I'm trying to ignore it but it's getting hard. And I'm shy so I don't just go up to people and tell them what I'm feeling. help please!

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Please help me solve this led thought

Hey every one I'm a tinker'er and well a dork lol . I am trying to make a device and I have 90% OF IT finalized .I wont fully explain what I am trying to build but i will give you a break down . enclosure box that holds 9 volt battery , brought down to 6 volts send through sound sensor  release 6 volts out . 2    3.3 leds   under powered at 3.0 each here's wjhat im trying to do = get leds to be independtly lit . I was thinking of using 2 sound sensors at different "levels" so it would throw the leds at different times . leds would be on oposite sides of the project box ... But wondering if there is a better way to use one sensor and allow both leds to alternate / also possible alternate duration . the effect im trying to get is lets say your in a 0 lite room turn this on and based on sound levels it would throw leds almost like lightning ??? it would have to alternate sides and alternate extend of liting times . Hope this is making sense :/ 

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