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Computer screen with dots?

Acer T232HL. I dusted the screen. Then it was electrostatically loaded. Now the screen is fulll of dots. How can the screen be discharged so that the dots disappear ?

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can we made led dotmatrix diplay up to the knowledge of 3rd B.Tech student and how(clue)?

Myself is a B.Tech student in ECE I'd like to show to my juniors how can use our knowledege till this day in implementing projects if possible products. For I have planed for a led dot matrix display in my campus and that display must cross the knowledge of my juniors standard even if it cost more than as it is in market Because as a first year student I have studied some much only for marks but I want to see those in practicles. no one is guided me. Myself want to be a gudie to my juniors those who have faced problems like me Pease send your valuable suggestions to move further in this thank you

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help code problems i want to pause each word after is scrolls in for about half a sec or so

I believe this is the section of code that needs to be altered? // Plot each character of the message one column at a time, updated the display, shift bitmap left. void AlphabetSoup1() {   char msg[] = "  Enjoy the Vittles  ";   for (int charIndex=0; charIndex < (sizeof(msg)-1); charIndex++)   {     int alphabetIndex = msg[charIndex] - ' ';     if (alphabetIndex < 0) alphabetIndex=0;         //-- Draw one character of the message --     // Each character is only 5 columns wide, but I loop two more times to create 2 pixel space betwen characters     for (int col = 0; col < 6; col++)     {       for (int row = 0; row < 8; row++)       {         // Set the pixel to what the alphabet say for columns 0 thru 4, but always leave columns 5 and 6 blank.         bool isOn = 0;         if (col<5) isOn = bitRead( alphabets[alphabetIndex][col], 7-row ) == 1;         Plot( numCols-1, row, isOn); // We ALWAYS draw on the rightmost column, the shift loop below will scroll it leftward.       }            //-- The more times you repeat this loop, the slower we would scroll --       for (int refreshCount=0; refreshCount < 10; refreshCount++)         RefreshDisplay();       //-- Shift the bitmap one column to left --       for (int row=0; row<8; row++)       {         for (int zone=0; zone < numZones; zone++)         {           // This right shift would show as a left scroll on display because leftmost column is represented by least significant bit of the byte.           bitmap[row][zone] = bitmap[row][zone] >> 1;                     // Roll over lowest bit from the next zone as highest bit of this zone.           if (zone < maxZoneIndex) bitWrite(bitmap[row][zone], 4, bitRead(bitmap[row][zone+1],0));                   }       }     }   } }

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5x7 dot matrix display

Hi, I have a lot of dot matrix display 5x7 model LTP-2157AE i want use it but i don't know how do it, the product is this: Can youhelp me??

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Idea for a new prop red dot sight...

   I really liked the red dot sight from CoD MW and MW2, so I thought that it may be possible to make one in real life.    If you got some thin acrylic, only ~4mm thick (the clear colourless plastic kind) and a small laser pen inside the gun, you could have the laser shine up to a small point upon the acrylic. Or, you could adapt on this and have a very small laser unit on the base of the RDS (where it would clip onto the rails) hidden of course,and have it shine on to the acrylic.    The one thing that I hate about the RDS is that you only have one bearing point. I don't see how it would aid you in any way, because one dot isn't enough to aim with. You would have to line it up with some other sight. Something which could work is an ACOG (advanced combat optical gunsight) where on each of the lenses is a bearing point which you could line up.

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i need to simply run a dot matrix printer motor with a 5v battery?

I ve got a motor of printer with 5v rating and 50 mh  i need to simply run it using 5v dc battery can i do so. it has 5 wires of different colours, please tell me how to do so?

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What is the little brown dot on an ipod touch?

Yep that's pretty much it. My friend and I have been wondering what the heck it's purpose is for quite a while. If you have any idea what it might be please leave a comment below. Thanks!!!!!

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World's smallest stop-motion animation.

Professor Fletcher's invention of the CellScope, which is a Nokia device with a microscope attachment, was the inspiration for a teeny-tiny film created by Sumo Science at Aardman. It stars a 9mm girl called Dot as she struggles through a microscopic world. All the minuscule detail was shot using CellScope technology and a Nokia N8, with its 12 megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss optics. More cool stuff - the film's heroine, is printed.  Too small to be positioned by hand for each frame, multiple versions of Dot were created in different poses with a 3D printer (so, presumably, files exist for you to print out your own authentic film starlet?) See more projects and how the 'Dot' film was made at Nokia or Facebook. Yet another video that won't embed

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Laser beam oscillating from low to high power?

Hello, i have a green laser pointer, that i love to use. I put new batteries in it, but the beam was oscillating, mean when i pressed the switch and holding it, the dot was high-low-low-high etc.. and now its not tuning on!! when i watch trough the hole, while pressing the button, a tiny red square is in the centre of it, but no green beam. what could it be?

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Size of one twister "dot"? Answered

I am planning a disco style floor for my basement, modeled after the one shown here:  I had the idea of installing a "twister" mat inside the floor.  Unfortunately, my own map ripped a couple of years ago and I need some measurements including: circumference of dot and space in between the dots both horizontal and vertical.  I'll be sure to thank whomever posts the measurements in my instructable of the build.

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code vision programming in dot matrix...... a-z alphabet

Help me in the programming of dot matrix in code vision avr

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I'm replacing my rusting out brake lines on my &quot;93 Toyota 4x4. Is there such a thing as flexible copper brake lines ? Answered

My 1993 Toyota 4x4 is rusting out under the frame area! Flaking everywhere. Now my fuel and brake lines are rotting out too. I am slowly replacing the leaky lines, but its messy and time consuming. The standard steel lines don't bend easily, unless you have a bending tool. Is there such a thing as flexible copper brake line tubing? If so where can I get some?

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I have a 16x32 dot-matrix board and need help with the Arduino code?

I recently pulled this display off of a slot machine and I wanted to hook it up to my Arduino. It is a 16x32 red dot-matrix driven by three LC7932 16-bit LED drivers. I've found the pin-outs for the board but to my dismay I can't find any Arduino code that supports: (3)SIN (I think this is signal) CLOCK, LATCH, STROBE. I know a lot about electronics but not so much on the coding. Also the board data sheet is in Taiwanese (go figure) so there's minimal English any help is greatly appreciated :-)

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Knexwise, do you prefer decent iron sights or a decent dot sight?

So which do you prefer... which do you think would be more popular... This should have really been a poll... but oh well. I meant in terms of looks... because knex guns are so inacurate that it barely makes a difference...

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my websites cookies are being disabled by my domain extension, do the same thing?

Hello, currently i am making an online store for which i require cookies , soon i plan on giving my site a .com domain name, but for now im keeping it as .tk. however, after finnaly learning how to use cookies, i found my .tk extension somehow blocks cookies from being used by the website! is there a way to fix this? and when i buy a .com extension, will it do the same thing? heres a link to my testing site, without the .tk extension and here is a link to the site with the extension click on the "testing site " link at the bottom of the page. the .tk url remains the same all throughout the site odly! all javascript used is on the pages themselves, and can be viewed via view page source in your web browser. i am not using any .js files for this, and do not wish to either.

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Missing Guitar Inlays?

I inhereted an old acoustic guitar from my uncle that missing a inlay dot, it's like it just fell out one day. :( Any suggestions on filling in the hole or somthing?

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i was melting some salt and some of it turned flurescent red? Answered

I was melting some salt using a pencil butane torch to test how hotsalt needs to be to melt in practical, and i noticed something odd as i was melting it, and that thing was that there were some flurenscent red dots appearing on the molten salt, what were these? was it metal sodium? or sodium oxide?

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How can i build a red dot sight? Answered

I would like to know how to build a high quality (not a red dot drawn on cling wrap) red dot sight for an air rifle

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Crafts to make from dot matrix printer paper edges?

I used to have instructions on how to make Christmas ornaments from the edges torn from dot matrix printer paper.  I can't find them, anyone ever heard of these?

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Homemade tattoo gun and tattoo?

Hi, well i've researched a bit about homemade tattoo guns and that stuff, and I sudenly remembered that my brother has a Crayola Cutter (just like the one below LOOK FOR IT IN YOUTUBE SO YOU CAN SEE IT WORKING) and I have some Asian ink I think (the bottle is in spanish so it says "TINTA CHINA" so I thinkk it is the same stuff. well, I but some alcohol in a little part of my leg so I could try making a little dot with te cutter and the ink, and for my surpise, it didnt hurt that much and a little black dot remained in my leg BUT! I really want some recomendations of people that might already made their own tattoos, plus, i need ALL the information about this, I mean, care, what should I do if I decide to make a small tattoo in my leg, all of that stuff PLEASE I REALLY NEED THE INFORMATION everything you know about this will be so helpfull and, should I do it with the crayola cutter and that ink??? THANKS GUYS I'LL REALLY APRECIATE YOUR ANSWERS

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I want to make a gear indicator with a 5x7 dot led matrix display

Hello everybody, like the title said, I'd like to make my own gear indicator with a 5 X 7 dot led matrix display. I know that I need a 5x7 dot led matrix display but I don't know what to use to control it, what to use between the transmission signal and the display module. Dose someone can tell me what hardware that I need please. Thank you for your time,  Rick.

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Does Anyone Have A Red dot / holographic sight for a k'nex gun! TY!?

 The Mounting Doesn't Matter, i can attach that! But If You Feel Like Helping Me A Ton Please Post A Link!!! TY!

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Red dot scopes: I cant quite chose Answered

I am looking to buy a red dot scope, nothing too pricey, but nothing too crappy either. I am buying it off of amazon along with my vest, and i am stuck between 2. the first one is a barska on the following link:;=UTF8&qid;=1286397649&sr;=1-236 the other one is also a barska, and is on this link:;_rd_s=center-2&pf;_rd_t=1501&pf;_rd_i=ybh&pf;_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf;_rd_r=0EQE4AP7X4QRM4CRR1SF If you could look at both and help me chose, or suggest another red dot scope between $30 - 40.  If you own either of them, please tell me what you think of it. If possible, i would like to know if either of them need a riser mount to clear the m4 front sights

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i have had a small red dot on the white of my eye for almost 2 months now what is it? Answered

 it doesnt hurt or affect my vision at all i would just like to know if it is bad and what it is?

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DIY LED Sign with MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module STM8S003F3 MCU for AVR PIC MSP430 Arduino ARM STM32

To satisfy electronic DIY hobbyists, ICStation has developed MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module. It uses the Max7219 chip which do a great job on saving of MCU I/O. It can not only control each point individually, but also can be extended without limitation to meet your requirements on LED Sign, Team Logo and so on. What's more, it's controlled by the STM8S003F3 MCU with 1K data storge space which is low cost, low power consumption, very powerful. Major Building Portions of Electronic DIY Kits: 1. The 16pcs of MAX7219 Dot Matrix Kits are ready 2. Decomposition the pin header 3. Welding the SMD and max7219 Chip 4. Welding the electrolytic capacitor 5. Welding the pin header 6. Assembling the PCB 7. Setup the Dot Matrix 8. Wire Connection 9. Power the Dot Matrix and testing with our Code Follow the steps:

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XBOX 360 Slim red dot with E82 error on screen?

We have had our xbox 360 slim for a good few months now and within the last month or so, a red dot has been appearing on the power ring in place of the green power light after about 10 seconds of being powered up. The error code that is displayed is E82 and we have it connected through HDMI and when we did some research on the problem, it looks like it is a HDMI error and we have it feeding through a Onkyo amp. The link is to an image of what it looks like ( ). All help appreciated, Uberdum05

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how does a monarch butterfly chrysalis have gold dots on it? Answered

It looks metallic but I cant see how an insect could produce it?

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Projecting a 'target' dot from the barrel of a toy Sherman tank

I would like to modify a 1:35 scale model tank (it's about 6-7 inches long) so that the barrel projects a dot on the wall and I can determine whether or not 'firing' the tank hits a target.A low-power laser would obviously project the dot, but there are two big problems: the risk of it getting pointed at someone's eye, and the logistics of mounting it in the chassis. Regarding the safety issue, that danger could be lowered by limiting the laser to a 0.1 second burst each time. That's still not safe enough for my tastes, so I don't know whether I'm willing to go that route. And as for the logistics, the turret of the tank will be full of servos, gears, etc., so the laser unit would have to be in the hull of the tank, with the beam channeled to the barrel somehow. Would a length of fiber optics do the trick? Does anyone have other suggestions for channeling the laser?It would be easier from an engineering standpoint to mount an ultra-bright LED in the barrel, but is there any way to focus that into a dot?And finally the target would have to be big enough that there's some chance of actually hitting it - I'm thinking the size of a quarter. I haven't found any laser/visible light receptors that big - any ideas?As an aside, I don't like posting questions without having done some legwork first - I have actually researched this, but haven't found useful info...Thanks!

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What makes your tv start having little white dots all over the picture on the screen, and how to fix?

I have a samsung flatscreen tv and about a month ago i noticed a couple white dots showing up in the picture, and every day more shows up. Any idea what this could be? i was thinking something with the pixels, but not sure.  Any advice would be helpful.

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how can i make a picaxe 20x2 8x8 led dot matrix?

I want to make an 8x8 led matrix with the new picaxe 20x2 and i want to know if anyone has done this before with a similar picaxe chip!!!

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cnc milling or routing setup from old dot matrix printer?

Many years ago  I purchased a radio shack 9 pin dot matrix printer.  The thing is huge and built like a tank.  Packrat that I am, I haven't disposed of it although it has pretty much outlived its usefulness as a printer.  I was wondering if there might be a quick and/or dirty way of attatching a battery operated tool like a dremel to where the printing head is currently?

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What shading techniques are used in the funnies?

If you open up the newspaper to the comics section, and the strip is in black and white, you will most likely see a bunch of dots used to shade the strip. For some time I have been trying to find out information about these dots, and have so far learned that they might be called Benday dots, or as I recently learned from a FoxTrot book (Camp FoxTrot), self-adhesive shading film. If anyone knows anything about this, I would like to know (if possible) three things, what are they, how do you use them, and where can you buy them? Thanks Instructables community, because I know if someone has an answer, it would be you guys. Thanks! -Splazem

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Pushbutton Question Answered

I have been taking apart Gameboys and keyboards. These devices have buttons or keys that you push to play a note. When I take it apart, I dont see pushbotton switches like id expect. Instead I see a rubber form with a little black dot on it, and when you press it, the black dot touches a black surface on a PCB. Anyone know how this works?

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My family's Samsung TV keeps on coming up with random purple dots?

Please help. I don't know if we should call the repair shop but I don't want it to end up like my teacher's projecter.

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Can you make a home-made laser?

A laser that shows a dot of red or green light where it lands?

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I have a clone!

If you get a OB post by "Axiys."(see the dot) My name has no dot. He is a clone!! I'm not leaving! I think it's someone  I know (I don't think anyone else knows I have 120LBS of knex). Well I'm not leaving! And a side note to everyone who gets a comment from this clone: DELETE IT!! Axiys Grand Ultimaytum Of Everiyan.

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Hi. Someone will undertake any instructables on how to transform a old dotmatrix printer into a puncher to punch holes in the paper? Thanks in advance.

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what should i do about my teacher's projecter?

It has a lot of black and white dots on the sides.

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Hey all I saw the dot matrix and the led but I want to build a colored screen like the advertising in a football game with multi colore then who can help me ?

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Site not accepting new instructables

It appears the function to create a new instructable is down.  Just get the animated dots running across top of page.

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How to make a simple cheep music note generator

I teach music in Elementary school(s) and have a class with several special needs students. I'd like to make a music note generator like a simple keyboard but I want to use buttons they already have. Example. While the rest of the class is playing recorder. These students have a large piece of black poster board with several round dots with note names. While the group plays these students push on the round dots. I would really like to be able to make those dots play the same pitch as the recorders. Just one simple sound with about 6 or 7 different notes. i.e. from D to low D or C. Did I mention that this should be cheep too? (- Thanks, Carmine

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Do you see what I see?

Here's a very cool illusion I have taken from this BBC article. First notice that the two desert scenes have exactly the same colour composition. The skies are both blue-ish and the deserts are both yellow-ish. Stare at the dot between the red and green squares for 60 seconds, and then look back at the dot between the two desert scenes. The more focused you are in staring at the dot between the green and red squares the better the subsequent illusion will be. The illusion was created by neuroscientist Beau Lotto (website here, with more illusions). (Are you colour blind?  Do you see any effect from this illusion?) I have a feeling that this effect could be used in some sort of cool Instructable, but I have no idea what...

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I'm thinking of re-donig my room and covering one wall in blank CDs. How should i make them stick?

I'm thinking of re-donig my room and covering one wall in blank CDs. So that the CDs make kind of like a mirror on the wall opposite my window. I was thinking glue dots but i don't know if that would come off of an unpainted wooden wall. How should i make them stick?

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Noise Maker

What makes this thing tick, is it the black dot in the pic and if so where can a person by this or at least make it louder on 9volts.

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What Airsoft gun is better for a fun battle in the woods?

I'm going to be having several airsoft battles with my friends. About six people total, myself included. I narrowed down my choices down to a JG G36C with a vertical foregrip and red/green dot, or a JG AUG A3 with a red/green dot and vertical foregrip. I know the AUG is more accurate, but is it reliable? Which one should I choose?

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