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Cursoring down

When I cursor down some distance on an Instructable, before I've even finished the presentation, it automatically jumps back to the top and starts all over. Could it be AutoPager, do you think? If not, what else?

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KI is down.

Well, it happened again. Knex innovation is down. 404 down. I was going to the one and only place where i knew a link was for Kichat, and BLAM it's down. Who knew?

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Put That Down!

"They" have chosen the top 25 "put downs" from American and British TV of the last 40 years.The list is hereHave you any of your own to add to the list?This class is from the shallow end of the gene pool, and somebody' peed in it.

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KI is down.

I have been trying to get to K'nex Innovation, but it doesn't allow me to go to the site. It just says, "Oops! Google Chrome could not find". Can some of the people who manage the site (oodalumps, mepain, and crestind) please help?

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You is down

Whenever I go to my You page, I get the "Instructables is down, watch this video, at least it's not velociraptors" page. This only happens on my You page, all other pages (including editing) are working fine). Happened last night using FireFox, and right now using IE.

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hotmail is DOWN!!!

Hotmail does not work today. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. i cant check my email or receive robot comment notifications. its amazing how little you appreciat somthing till it breaks. hopefully hotmail will kick back in soon.

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are we slowing down?

It seems like lately we have only been getting 4 instructables a day. is it just me or have we ran out of projects?

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Down Syndrome Awareness PSA

Check out the latest PSA for Down Syndrome Awareness!

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Twitter has gone all, er, twittery

Somebody broke something. It wasn't me! See~> Twitter is currently down for <%= reason %>. We expect to be back in <%= deadline %>. For more information, check out Twitter Status. Thanks for your patience! It's bizarre that even their error message was broken!

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am i the only person who can't connect to hackaday?

Just as the title says I can't connect to hackaday, and I can't Google up anything from after the 7th of September from that site. dose anyone know whats going on?

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Lead-acid 12V-DC to 5V-DC for ATmega328 (SAFELY)

Hi all! I am currently designing a simple electronic device which uses Arduino-software. It needs to be connected to a car (Lead-Acid) battery of 12V and be stepped down to 5V for my ATmega328 to be powered. I read that I must use a "Standard 7805 5V regulator" for this. My question is, will it be able to cope with the heat? Must I put a heat-sink on it and/or is the regulator even "big" enough for this? I figured that using two regulators in parallel, might halve the current and help prevent over-heating. ( Another thing is, how could I go ahead and setup a small NiMH battery charger for this device which works like this: It runs of the car battery at all times and keeps the backup NiMH battery fully charged - as soon as the car battery gets disconnected, it switches over to the NiMH cells. (I will be using 4 of these for my backup-battery-pack See my attached schematic of what I have in mind, please tell me what you think about it. I have too little knowledge of electronics to solve this problem myself, but if you can point me in the right direction at least, I will try and figure it out from there. Thank you for your time!

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Upside Down Planters

This tutorial over on design*sponge shows you how to make some upside down planters for cheap, using supplies from around the house. I've seen some conflicting reports (mostly negative) about hanging plants upside down, but for such an easy and low-cost project it's certainly worth an experiment. Has anyone tried upside-down gardening? If so, how did it go? diy project: recycled upside down planters

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Down loweing photos

How come when I try to down lowed an Instructables I don't get the Photos?Thanks

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Knex innovations is down.

Just tried getting on there and it's down. maybe forgotten to pay for the site. btw check out my site: it's for video tutorials

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Brasgoggles down again?

Is it just me from Romania, or is down again? it just tells you you are going to be redirected to the site, but then it never loads. nor are the bookmarks i have set in firefox loading. anybody? help?

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PDF Down load

Hi I am a premium subscriber joined January 2nd 2018. When I want download a pdf I get sent to the subscibe page and to subscribe again I already have a two year premium subscription. Cant find a page to help with this . Thank you BruceP54!

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Step down transformer

Hi I would like to build my own power supply. i am a noob at electronics but hopefully this project will improve my skills... This is what I want to build The problem I am not sure on is the 1st initial step of the step down transformer. I have only found a 24 volts 4.16 amps with 100va. I want to keep the project as exact as possible and was currious whether if the current rating is higher than 3 amps for that particular circuit I want to build can it blow any of the circuitry. The transformer I found was 24 volts 100 va and has an output current of 4.16 amps. Is that a problem or will it only draw as much current as needed?  

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Counting Down to the 19th...

I hope you all remembered that Setember 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day?(I hadn't - thanks to _SEF_ for reminding me!)I know the Instructables team jumped the gun slightly, but at least they've given us all inspiration.You can...Go on a raidBake a cakeWear the scarfSteer your courseWear any number of hatsPatch your eyePut up a posterChat up a pirateBut above all, you have to Talk Like a Pirate!

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shut down cameras?

I am a single woman that has been broken in at home many times. I put $6,000 on a credit card to protected my home. They stole the tapes in the VCRs and my house would steal be locked up. I heard a lock smith was invoked. They have taken all my Christmas items, tools, dishes, blankets , what they did not take, the tore up. My cameras was burned up. all of them! This was put in 2003. They steal everything outside also or tear it up. this has been going on since 1995. I just put three more cameras in 1 month ago. (June 2009) I went to Kansas City to visit my Mother in Hospital and Ask my daughter to watch my cameras on computer. She said they was off a lot on Saturday. On Sunday I went to my daughter house to spend the night. I looked at cameras that night. In morning I had no cameras on computer. Just black screen. I went home to check and rerun them from 7amto 12 noon and did not have no cameras. It did not even show me driving in and parking. I have a neighbor that moved in 1994 and that is when it all started. he retired from the service as a high officer in securities. My friend is in coast guard and he said neighbor brags on disarming cameras. Please help me to catch them. the more I try to protect my home , the more they tear it up.

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Knocking Down 30,000 Dominoes

Massive walls of colorful dominoes take a tumble in this video. The most amazing thing of it all is that the creator plopped his cat right in the middle of it before knocking it down. That's nuts. My cat would've destroyed it as fast as possible. via Neatorama

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With the upside down tomatoes in bucket does it need full sun?

 With the upside down tomatoes in bucket, does it need to be in full sun ? Wanted to hang buckets on porch, it would get the morning sun only.

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New drop-down menu doesn't work on touch screens

The new drop-down menu, pretty though it is, does not work fully on touch screens (Android tablet and phone). The main menu works fine, but the sub-menu that pops out from shortcuts (circled in image) does not stay visible long enough to actually use - it disappears in a fraction of a second. Not a debilitating bug, but mildly annoying.

Topic by Kiteman  

SparkFun - oh joy

SparkFun Electronics is Temporarily Closed! SparkFun Electronics has been temporarily closed while necessary upgrades are installed and configured. Please be patient and check back soon. We're working tirelessly to make this down time as brief as possible.   'nuf said.

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where can you find stepper motors?

Iam having a lot of c car motors and iam planning to make a robotic arm but there are no simple ways to slow it down, so where can i find stepper motors which can rotate slowly??

Question by DELETED_zerofreak    |  last reply

Who did this to knex????

All knex rating that were 5, are now 4!!!!!! Why , who, when??? It is so annoying!!!!

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Can some one create for me the plans to make this table from crate and barrel?

The table can be viewed at...

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Gmjhowe - 5 | Fungus Amungus - 5

The showdown of the century!A deal has been made between the titans of teach! The sultans of social networking! The thrilla in Mozilla!Starting today, Monday September 29, 2008, Gmjhowe and Fungus Amungus have set a deal; Five instructables, in Five days. The Standings:Gmjhowe - 5:Leather Book BindingAdjustable Vesa Arm Laptop StandFriendly Papercraft FriendsThe Egg of TimeLeather Covered Pendulum ClockFungus Amungus - 5:Iced CoffeeInverted BookshelfMirror Ball ClockGinger Molasses CookiesGhost Shoes

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Detect Down, using arduino?

The desired result is a pretty simple one in this case.  I am curious how you can tell where "down" is, using electronics.  I'm sure It could be done by initializing gyroscopes in an initial, level position, but my friend has as small quad copter, that can take off at an angle, and be turned on at an angle, and still level itself perfectly. It doesn't have to have an initial reference to find what down is.  The other option is to use accelerators, but if you are making a device to control a rocket or multirotor it is unlikely to impossible that you will be able to isolate the 9.8 m/s^2 due to gravity from the linear and vertical accelerations,  I assume your everyday gyroscope outputs data in the form of change in degrees, so if it just sitting perfectly still it would just output 0 on all axis, but if it actually gives the current angle I would be surprised, and curious how this is done.  So in conclusion, how could an arduino accurately know where down is?

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automatic water drop down / automatic syring

I want to make one automatic water drop down instrument , and i need help. i need it for water surface angle determining

Topic by ksd71  

How can I do that

Hi I have a simple question for one of you guys but it is difficult one for me since I'm not exactly into electronics. I want to build an apparatus into my car to move a small monitor up and down - in principal like a DVD drive in a computer that opens (when the ignition is turned on) and close (when ignition is turned off). What do I need to do that?? Stepper motor - Servo motor- do I need a controller ? Or can I do this with relays ? Anything helpful -ideas- let me know.

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Help with Instructables

Hello! A couple months ago, I posted an Instructable on how to build an electric ukulele and I entered it in a contest. everything was going great until recently. Now, whenever I click to view my instructable, I get an error message saying instructables is down. The weird thing is, I only get this error  message when I click on that particular instructable; i can still view my other instructables as well as other people's instructables. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Thanks in advance for any help. I really appreciate it!

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Discrimination is rampant

I saw this article in the paper the other day and it really ticked me off. it seems we've worked so hard to battle discrimination that now we discriminate only against atheists and white people.why is it that every religion in the world is safe from discrimination by law but if your an atheist you fair game? you can wear a turban instead of a hard hat at work, you can't wear a hat in school....unless your jewish or Muslim...... if its in your religion to wear a certain kinda pants or get your uniform altered....... but you were shorts instead of pants when its 100 degrees out you get written can openly wear religious apparel or pray in public places but if I wear a T-shirt that says I pray to the temple of labatt blue I get kicked out of the mall?we strive for equality, my question is how unequal in the opposite direction does it have to get before everyone ELSE is happy?

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Brassgoggles steampunk site is down?

I know they many people who visit this site also visit and the accompanying forum, and i know there's quite a lot of overlap between these two sites, with members migrating here, to show off their work, for example; Heresyoftruth and aintmicheal. For the past few days, i've not been able to access the site, nor its forum from any of the computers i've tried with. All i get is a screen that tells me: "Error establishing a database connection This either means that the username and password information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can't contact the database server at This could mean your host's database server is down." Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Has anyone heard from a moderator, or do they know where i can contact a mod? I'm starting to get worried about this.

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Tring to down load the weldin

Trying to down load the class's there system says there is an issues on your site.

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active x will not down load.

Active x will not down load I need this to use the updates for xp ie7.

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Slow down a DC motor?

Here is another basic electronics question for all of you: What is the easiest way to slow down the RPM of a small DC motor? Much appreciated!

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Site's been down a bit

The site was down for a bit huh? I kept getting a message saying 503 error No server available to handle this request. Anyone know what happened?

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Information portal shut down...

The USA portion of WikiLeaks is being asked to shut down ( WikiLeaks ), what do you think? Have you heard about this and what is claimed they "got themselves into"? Whistle-blower site dismantled in the news

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Firing a Gun Upside-Down?

I was wondering about the kickback from a gun, i know that fired normally a gun kicks up but i thought what if you hold it upside down? will it kick upwards like usual or will it kick towards the ground? Thanks in advance for your answers. O and is the effect the same with handguns and pistols?

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batteries in my down tube

I'm thinking I would like to fill my down tube with a battery so that I could run lights and satnav and maybe even a heated saddle for cycling in the lovely Scottish winters.  Does anybody know where I could source suitable batteries?  Thanks

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What calms you down?

These are things in life which you don't do with an intention to help calm you down, yet they have a calming effect on you. For example I water my plants and it is very calming to me. Someone mentioned weaving or crocheting is very calming for them. Please share your thoughts.

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Slowing down an electric motor? Answered

I am on radio shacks website looking at a 1.5-3VCD hobby motor.   The specs say up to 8,300 RPM at no load.   If I added resistors to this, would it slow it down?  I want it very slow, like 1 rotation every 3 seconds. lol   Thanks

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step down voltage with a resistor?

Hey i used a 1 mega ohm resistor instead of transformer before bridge recifier and it works the led glow but the glow of led is very much less why???

Question by taylorsane  

tearing down roof advice

I plan on tearing down my roof with a gas torch cutter, i have included the link to my photo bucket gallery for community advice and input; how does asphalt and concrete react to a high temp torch cutter? will i be cutting through metal plates as well? Edit: thanks all great responses, since i shouldn't be cutting huge amounts of concrete just the paste binding the shingles together it should be feasible?

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Layout and page down function

The banner or top frame is enormous.  Why?  When I'm reading the instructable I admit I have the zoom enlarged.  the problem is the banner enlarges.  Now it occupies about 25-35% of the vertical space.  Why am I seeing this thing when I hit page down?  There's absolutely nothing of value on that banner.  Most of us (unless we have zero short term memory) don't need to see this space wasting thing.  Why not have an "opt out" option for it?  Give your readers a choice.  Readers like choices.  When I use Page Down using Firefox on Win7 it doesn't work accurately.  It goes too far so I'm missing a line or 2.  This has been like this for years.  Its because of that banner.  This happens often on many websites.  ----------------------- PDF downloads are nice but an HTML download would be far more useful as then the line could have an adjustable wrap width.  With the PDF the image size is locked.  This is very restricting and so last century.  Consider an HTML download  (minus that space wasting banner...duh) and that would preserve formatting and allow good user control.  ----------------------- You have one of the most informative and useful websites on the planet.  You should be proud of it.  I hope you are because its well deserved.  So now lets get it functioning more logically!

Topic by SpencerW  

Slow down cars with trees.

Traffic calming schemes are frequently unpopular with drivers; speed bumps and oddly-placed bollards make life uncomfortable. In Norfolk, England, a new scheme is being presented that slows traffic without even touching the road or obstructing the driver. Two hundred trees have been planted at the boundaries of villages suffering from speeding drivers, and it is the trees that fool drivers into slowing; they are in rows down each side of the road, and as they approach the village, they get slightly closer together, and slightly closer to the road. Seen only in the driver's peripheral vision, the trees give the same subliminal visual clues as increasing speed would, and drivers respond by unconsciously slowing down.  The illusion has slowed traffic by an average of about 3km per hour. The illusion has been used before (rumble strips on the approaches to roundabouts are spaced more and more closely together to create an audible illusion of acceleration), but the more subtle nature of the tree-planting makes it less obvious, and thus harder to resist.  Provisionally seen as a success, more detailed, longer-term results are to be presented to the Department of Transport in the Autumn, with a view to rolling it out on B-roads nationally. The Independent Autoblog

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Upside Down Heart Earrings

Hey guys! Just like to share something new I learned :) Obviously, it's a heart shape earring but what's interesting is how to create it and how to slide in the bead at the center of the heart. I had fun creating this cute thing from watching the video by Ross Barbera. I can't share the steps here as it's not my own, but if you like to find out how to do it you can watch it HERE. Cheers!

Topic by diylesson  

How to cut down the Voltage???

Hello guys it's electricnewbie again, I have another newbie question that I think you can help me out with. OK so go easy with me since I'm a beginner. . . So, I have a laser/light (from walmart) that takes three 1.5 volt batteries that gives it a total of 4.5 volts. So, I want to hook it up to USB cable. Now, a USB cable supplies about 5.1 volts. How do I drop the current from 5.1 volts down the 4.5? How could I use the same principle in my other projects? Say I have a 9v battery and a 3.4v buzzer. I know how to use resistors with an LED. [R=V1-V2/mAH] Since I know the mAH of the LED, then I know what resistor to use. But how use that equation if at all on other things?? Thanks guys,

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