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who likes dragonforce....nobody likes buckethead.

Who likes dragonforce, if not, what band do you like, rap? rock?

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What can i make with chicken?

Chicken Salad! Yes! was a thought...

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Which Guitar Hero song is harder?

My friends and I always argue about which song is harder on guitar hero. "Through the Fire and Flames" by Dragonforceor"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band.?Please tell me which one you think is harder. I vote for TDWDTGTDWDTG votes: 1TTFAF votes: 3

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HELP!!! minecraft

PLEASE HELP ME! MY BASE HAS BEEN ATTACKED! I NEED NEW RECRUITS! PLEASE HELP! the server is called / ip: NEED PEOPLE! Also if you join, know this: Faction Allies: Magnolia, Dragonforce, ForgottenCity Faction Enemies:???(enemy unknown, just known to be attacked)??? Neutral Factions: DO NOT ATTACK! MAKE PEACE! Please do not kill people that are our allies or in truce,PLEASE! Someone did that and died(i think he raided me). My username is Brusk101. Please comment below if you want to join the AceArmy!(that's my faction name) Also, the reason why I want you to comment is because I don't kill you by accident. PLEASE HELP!

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Frets On Fire

Ok, i have the frets on fire account and it won't let me sign in, and i want some songs on my gamecan someone download these for me, then PM me telling me that you have, then i'll replie giving my emailhere are the songs i want Dragonforce Through The Fire And Flames All GH3Deep Purple Smoke On The Water Medium (made bye) StreamRamones, The Blitzkrieg Bop Amazing (made by)PanakeBon Jovi It's my life ? converted by winniezKillswitch Engage Holy Diver All FrankieB, converted by dervampyreKiss God gave rock and roll to you ? 8300dvoEvanescence Bring me to life All kpChadR08you can find these at this link go to the letter needed for each band

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